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The Medicinal uses of Guaifenesin

Nov 22, 2003

Mark Konlee

Karen, HIV+, with a viral load of 6000 and a CD4 count or 1282 on August 21st (2003) was advised by her physician to stop using her drug cocktail due to seriously elevated liver enzymes. By September 19th, Karen's viral load increased to 160,000.

The following week Karen began using 400 mg of Guaifenesin twice daily and Neem Leaf Capsules (3 twice daily) to her regimen that also included 800 mcg daily of plant-based selenium (Phytosel) and 1 tsp daily of Lauricidin (Monolaurin) pellets.

On Oct 31st, about 5 weeks after starting this protocol and without resuming the use of the HIV drugs, Karen's viral load dropped to 26000. Her CD4's were at 947 and CD8s at 1098 in her latest test. Karen says the results are interesting and thinks the Neem and the Guaifenesin may have had something to do with reducing her viral load while her doctor says that sometimes the immune system kicks in to control the virus when a person stops using a drug cocktail over an extended period of time.

In the first case I reported on the use of Guaifenesin for HIV, Bill had used 400 mg daily for about 3 years but has now doubled his use of Guaifenesin as a monotherapy and now uses 400 mg 2X. He also takes Wellbutrin for depression. He wants to find out in a few weeks if the increased use of Guaifenesin will lower his current HIV viral load of 15000.

Update: the increased use of Guaifenesin did not decrease the viral load that stayed about the same, as did the CD4 cells.

While guaifenesin can be helpful in protecting the mucosal surfaces from various infections, its role in the treatment of HIV is yet to be more clearly defined. Further testing will help determine if the Neem has more therapeutic value than the Guaifenesin as an antiviral..

Kenya: Didi Ananda Rucira on Homeopathy and Guaifenesin

What Homeopathic research says about Guaiacum (the herbal equivalent of Guaifenesin)

HISTORY - Guaiacum, is best known as a remedy in gout and rheumatism and as a diuretic, but lately has also taken a place in old-school therapeutics as a remedy for tuberculosis.

PHARMACY - Guai. (Guai) Guaiacum officinale. Resin of Lignum Vitae.

HOMEOPATHIC - It acts on mucous membranes, muscles, joints and bones. Gouty nodosities on joints. Guaifenesins chief action is on fibrous tissue. It is especially adapted to the arthritic diathesis, rheumatism and tonsillitis. Guai. is very valuable in acute rheumatism and aggravation from local heat. Secondary syphilis. Contraction of limbs, stiffness and immobility. Feeling that he must stretch. Tonsillitis with rheumatism. Muscles seem too short or feel sore. Short tendons. Unclean odor from whole body. Promotes suppuration of abscesses. Free foul, secretions, expectoration, sweat, etc. Hastens suppuration in abscesses. Burning heat in affected part. Muscles and tendons are contracted resulting in painful, rigidity and swelling of the joints. Gnawing or sticking pains in chest.

CLINICAL - Bronchitis, Constipation, Contraction, Cough, Diarrhea, Diphtheria, Earache, Emaciation, Fever, Gout, Growing-pains, Headache, Hernia, Membranous dysmenorrhea, Mercury effects. Neuralgia, Osteomalacia, Otitis, Ovaries inflammation, Pleurisy, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Stomach disorders, Syphilis, Throat disorders, Tonsillitis, Toothaches, Torticollis, Tuberculosis and Vomiting.

Note: The above list of diseases mentions the sphere of activity of this herb. This does not mean that persons will be cured of all these conditions. It's interesting that to see the connection between "fibrous tissue" and sinus inflammations, etc.

Didi Ananda Rucira wishes to thank the people from outside Africa who have written her for information, but she suggests they contact Neem Foundation instead. Everyone is welcome to visit her web site at or write her at or PO Box 236-00515, Nairobi Kenya.

Didi Rucira on Neem Seed Oil

Neem oil can be applied inside the vagina and it will work as a spermicide! That is, it will prevent conception. For other questions, go to the Neem Foundation at

Didi on "GOOT"

(GOOT is Garlic Oil Ointment.) Add a teaspoon of TUMERIC (yellow powder) - the stuff that's used to make Indian curries yellow into the recipe. Turmeric's herbal value is as a skin antiseptic and blood purifier.

You can buy the powder from any spice rack - buy "Turmeric" not "Curry"! The fresh root - which is probably available at Indian-Asian markets in USA, looks something like ginger but yellowish in color. It can be ground, shredded or mashed and is more effective than the powder.

The root is used in India as a daily blood tonic to clear out many ailments -rheumatism, liver weakness and on and on. Traditionally whenever there is a social gathering like a wedding or religious festival, people will ritually bath then smear turmeric over their bodies. This ritual is the ancient way of preventing the spread of disease in circumstances where sanitation may be a problem (such as holy gatherings of thousands of people) . For that matter we add Neem powder into the Goot also.


Didi Ananda Rucira - Director,

Abha Light visit:

Sept 2003 - the Flu strikes

In a duplex where I live in West Allis, Dave who lives in the other apt and myself came down with a cold and muscle aches that resembled both a cold and the flu after a friend of Dave visited him early in September. The person later acknowledged that he had the Flu a few days earlier and did not realize it was still contagious.

It lasted more than 3 weeks and was quite stubborn in leaving. Possibly it was the same strain of flu that is now widespread in the United States and recently killed several children in Colorado. Here are a few pointers I learned in how to deal with it.

How I treated the Flu

Muscle cramps if they develop can be alleviated by taking 1/2 teaspoon of Epsom Salts (Magnesium Chloride) in a glass of water. This can be used once or twice daily. Along with this take a few spoonfuls of blackstrap molasses. If body temperature is unusually low, take cayenne capsules and kelp.

For respiratory congestion, pour 1/4th cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) on a towel and lay it over the chest area. The peroxide can be heated up before placing it on the towel. Regular over the counter H2O2, the kind that comes in a brown bottle, will work fine. This treatment with the H2O2 can be done every 4 to 8 hours.

About a half hour after the H2O2 treatment, you can eat some slices of a raw potato. An enzyme in the raw potato called "catalase" will break down the hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. The catalase will meet the peroxide in the blood stream and the breakdown will occur there. The result of this two-part approach will be increased oxygenation of the blood and the destruction of viruses without the oxidative stress of too much H2O2.

In the process of this slow acting flu, we also discovered that rosehips could increase and even help normalize body temperature. We discovered that only raw rosehips extract or powder, not cooked or heated, had this effect. In addition, I found Zinc and Echinacea lozenges as well as Olive leaf extract capsules to be helpful.

Items that helped me battle the flu

Raw garlic or GOOT

Zinc - 50 mg daily


3% H2O2 applied topically on the chest area or used sublingually.

Rose Hips powder (1/2 tsp every 4 to 8 hours) - raises body temperature.

Quaifenesin (400 mg 2x)

Olive Leaf Extract - 2 caps 2 X

Cayenne and Kelp capsules if body temp is low.

Sees-2000 (Lomatium Dissectum roots) - 1 twice daily

Magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salts - 1/2 tsp daily in water for muscle cramps) and lots of rest and water and

homemade chicken vegetable soup.

Rosehips powder increases body temperature

I mixed one part raw dried rosehips powder with 4 parts Agave Nectar (although honey could also be used). Eating a spoonful of this and measuring the body temperature, both Dave and I observed a 1-degree increase in temperature in about 30 minutes. In my case, body temperature actually returned to normal. The most cost effective way to buy rosehips powder is by the pound or half pound. The "seedless" powder is easier to use. Mix 1/2 teaspoon with water, a shake, fiber drink or mix with applesauce or yogurt or premix it with honey or Agave Nectar and eat a spoonful or two daily as needed.

Note: I tested canned rosehips preserves and found them to not have this effect in raising body temperature. The heat of canning must have destroyed the thermogenic properties of this fruit. This leaves us with the choice of using either raw rosehips powder or a cold-processed extract. It is of interest that a friend who has done research on the life of Nostradamus told me that he read the prophet had cured the Plague using Rose Hips.

Detoxi-pads remove toxins and heavy metals, improves well-being.

After 3 people wrote or called me this past fall to tell me the benefits they were getting from foot pads that pulls toxins out of their body I decided to investigate further. Interestingly, dried vinegar and bamboo wood are the two main ingredients in the products. The pads are made in various Asian countries including China and the Philippines.

They are taped to the bottom of one or both feet before going to bed and then taken off in the morning. Toxins from the body are absorbed into the pads changing the color from a light tan to a dark gray or other colors. The pads act like a poultice and draw poisons out of the body. After trying the pads, I am convinced in their effectiveness. I found the pads so powerful that I only use one at a time on one foot - not one on each foot.

The benefits I noticed are deeper and more restful sleep, better sense of well being the next day, joints feel more limber. Arthritic and rheumatic pains also totally disappear. I tend to get rheumatic pains in one or two fingers occasionally. (Note - turned 60 this past August) I have observed that one's health is not like a bottle of wine - it does not improve with age.

In doing an Internet search for these pads, I found mostly MLM companies marketing the products. There are a lot of fine, even extraordinary products sold through multi-level marketing, but they usually tend to cost more that direct marketed products. I opted to order the 10 pads from a source in the Philippines that sells the "Detoxi-Pad" product that costs about $25.00

Detoxi-Pad is a new product that detoxifies the body using a natural extract from certain trees called pyroligneous acid or wood vinegar. After many years of research inspired by the longevity and resilience of forest trees, it was discovered in Japan that wood and bamboo vinegar extracts have the unique property of adsorbing bodily toxins. Further research and the addition of other natural active ingredients produced the Detoxi-Pad Natural Toxin-Adsorbing Pads.

Detoxi-Pads are used by sticking it onto the soles of the feet just before bedtime. After 8-10 hours, results are immediately seen and felt. Detoxi-Pads turn from a dry yellowish-white powder to a damp, brownish-gray guck. This indicates the amount of toxins adsorbed from the body. A dark color means a large amount of toxins adsorbed. The user will feel energetic and relaxed and pains and aches related to bodily toxins are greatly eased-a great help to those suffering from arthritis, gout, and rheumatism! Indeed, Detoxi-Pad removes toxins while you sleep!

Effects of Detoxi-Pad

The primary effect of detoxification by Detoxi-Pad is improvement of blood circulation. As toxins are removed from the body, blood circulates more freely and bring with a host of health benefits such as easing of muscle and joint pains, improved immune system, and a more relaxed and restful sleep.

Ingredients of Detoxi-Pad

Each Detoxi-Pad contains the following natural ingredients and the corresponding percentage of the final blend: * Wood & bamboo vinegar (72%) * Chitin & Chitosan (1%) * Loquat leaf (1%) * Houttuynia Cordata (2%) * Vitamin C (1%) * Dextrin (23%)

Diabetic claims to have been helped with the foot pad

"My mother had an infection in her leg caused by an open wound that would not heal due to her diabetes. Her feet and ankles were extremely swollen. We made an appointment to see her doctor but the soonest she would be able to see my mother would be 2 weeks from the date the appointment was set. During those 2 weeks, I used up about 4 (of the 10 boxes I ordered last) boxes of detoxi. I would place the pads on her feet and behind her ankles. In the morning, the pads behind her ankles would have all sorts of colorful guck. Anyway, today when the doctor saw her foot, she diagnosed that an infection was present ..... an infection that had somehow been treated WITHOUT the use of antibiotics! The doctor told us, "I don't know how you did it to ease the swelling and to restore the blood circulation to the leg since the purplish color on the skin is returning to normal, but keep doing it!" Thank you! C. Zardinidis Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Note: I ordered my Detoxi-Pads online at or you could write to them at Blue Sierra Enterprises Mezzanine, 818 Building 169 Pasig Boulevard Pasig City, Philippines 1600 Telephones (+632) 746-6384 or 6385

The Miraculous Water from San Damiano arrived on Nov. 19th

The Miraculous water from San Damiano arrived before Thanksgiving on Nov. 19th. All requests for the water (close to 100) have now been filled. Our current contact lives in Rome, 600 miles from where the well is located and carries the jugs on a bus when he returns from visiting his relatives. There are two five-liter jugs in Rome waiting be sent over when we need more.

We have had so far an incredibly difficult time trying to find someone to ship us the water that lives closer to where the well is located in northern Italy. We are presently waiting to hear from a contact in Milan, Italy, who offered to obtain the water for us. Because so many unexpected obstacles have crossed our path (more details than I desire to publish here) in trying to obtain this water, we will believe it when it happens.

I have a local friend, Paul M, whose wife has used the water daily for 6 months and got rid of breast cancer as well as Papilloma virus infection in the cervix. She also said prayers daily while using the water.

For another local resident with a less serious condition, Asthma, I placed some of the water in a spray bottle (Nebulizer). Craig, who had used an inhaler daily for several years to treat the asthma, inhaled a mist of the Miraculous Water. Immediately, he felt a warm feeling in his lungs and bronchial tubes and then a great sense of relaxation as he could now breathe more easily. "The tension in my chest just left me," he said. Since then, he has also given up milk, cheese and ice cream and no longer needs the inhaler.

It is because I have seen what this water can do that I want to continue to make it available. I urge prayers from other "believers" that this water will somehow continue to reach us. I say "believers" because when it comes to Marian apparitions (appearances of the Virgin Mary) there are many more non-believers than believers.

Real Photographs of Jesus

For dozens of stunning photographs taken in the past 50 years by various persons from different parts of the world who know not each other, go to There are over 20 photographs of "Christ in the Clouds" taken by several different people from many countries. These photographs send us a signal that Christ is returning to the Earth in the not too distant future to fulfill the words written in prophecy. Surprisingly, many of these photographs of Jesus or those of Mary look the same while the background in the pictures vary from photo to photo. The locations where the pictures were taken are by persons in different continents, time zones and years. A

lso, a photograph of a statue of "Christ on the Cross" taken at a church in the Philippines was developed and it shows the real wounds of Jesus that are not visible on the statue in the church. It shows lacerations all over the body. The picture is very disturbing as it shows that Christ was both tortured and crucified. There are also many pictures of the Virgin Mary at Medijorie and elsewhere on this website.

From the Message Board Dr. Salvato's Regimen for CFS

Posted by PJ on December 31, 2003

"Hi Maxdel, Welcome to the Board! There are a lot of kind people here who will tell you about their experiences. I have learned a lot here. I am also a CFIDS patient for the past 14 years, and I have just recently seen some great progress in my condition. My first piece of advice to you (which Mark Konlee, the originator of this board, would also give to you) is to see an immunologist about your condition and treat him/her as your primary physician.

"Whatever may cause this disease; it becomes a disorder of the immune system. The dis-regulated immune system permits the body to be attacked by various invading organisms without giving a proper immune response. The only doctor who will have the tools to monitor your immune system is an immunologist. If you are close or can travel, I recommend Patricia Salvato in Houston, Texas. An infectious disease specialist will not be able to run the same tests or know what to do about them.

Here is a summary of what Dr. Salvato has used to treat me. Below I will describe why.

Products: Nitroplex / Immunocal/ ImmunePro whey supplement Glutathione intramuscular injections


Transfer Factor Plus

Now I will tell you what procedure my doctor follows and has followed with me. She begins by ruling out other causes for symptoms, causes such as heart disease, brain tumor, thyroid disease, EBV, CMV, lupus, Lyme disease, MS, HIV, etc. If all these can be ruled out or brought under control and the patient is still symptomatic, she would run a "cytolytic subset panel". This is a blood test which tells the count of your CD3, CD4, CD8, B cell, and Natural Killer cells. These are components of the immune system that ordinarily exist within normal ranges, and in normal proportions to one another. Of these, the most important would be the NK cells, which should be above 300. CFS patients typically present with low values for this range of cells.

She may also run a test for cyclic AMP. This is a urine test that measures the amount of adenosine triphosphate in your system. ATP is cellular energy. CFS patients are typically low in this value. If your values were abnormal, the doc's next goals would be:

1) raise the NK cell count to at least 300

2) raise the ATP

3) modulate the immune system so that the CD4:CD8 ratio would be somewhere close to 1.8.

Doctor Salvato has had success with improving NK cell count by improving glutathione through the use of whey supplementation. Glutathione is a liver anti-oxidant. Taking a glutathione pill will not raise glutathione levels. Taking whey supplements provides the precursors for glutathione, which work. She recommends Nitroplex, but okays the use of Immunocal or ImmunePro also. She also uses Transfer Factor Plus made by 4Life. This product has been shown in clinical trials to improve NK cell count up to 248%. I have been taking it this year and have seen dramatic improvement. Transfer factors are proteins that provide the immune system information on what it ought to attack. The proteins are ordinarily provided from mother to child in the mother's first milk, colostrum. Transfer Factor Plus is made from bovine colostrum.

Dr. Salvato also uses ATP-20, made by Douglas. ATP not only improves the patient's sense of energy, but also is used in critical metabolic pathways of all kinds. Of its many functions, one of the most significant for CFS patients is antigen presentation, which is dependent on having sufficient ATP. As part of its everyday functions, the immune system must decide which foreign proteins (e.g., viruses) to contain and mark for lysing or killing. These proteins must be "presented" by the cells that contain them, and they must have ATP to do it.

Additionally, Dr. Salvato recommends no aerobic exercise until the NK cell count rises, no sugar, caffeine, or alcohol, and no avoidable stress - adrenaline production lowers NK cell counts, so avoid it, even the adrenaline from watching a suspense story. Take a good multi-vitamin which will provide additional anti-oxidants such as vitamin C. Sleep at least eight hours a night if you are able. When I raised my NK cells recently, I was also taking the whole lemon/olive oil drink described on for one month and the following:

IP-6 - 4 capsules per day for 2 weeks

Olive leaf extract - 3 per day for 1 week

Compounded T3 for hypothyroidism

Heavy metal detox (naturopathic drops)

Magnesium - 400 mg. per day

Zinc - 100 mg per day

Evening primrose oil


Multi vitamin

Sublingual B12 - 1 per day

Cayenne capsules

Kyolic garlic

HiO Silver oxygenated water - 6 per day, 3 days per week

I took these supplements while eating a Mediterranean diet, 3 meals a day. Not everyone responds to the protocol Dr. Salvato has used with me. There are two other products that she would try if this combination does not work. But this is where she would start. Wishing you all the best in this New Year, PJ Note: Patricia Salvato MD, can be reached in Houston TX at 713-961-7100" PJ

"Eat right for your (Blood) Type"

Science or Fiction?

A popular book for several years, "Eat Right for Your Type" by D'Adamo discusses blood types and blood cell reactions to specific proteins in foods. There are 4 major blood types. They are Type A, Type B, Type AB and Type O.

The theory is that the blood cells of these 4 blood types react in a negative way to certain types of foods and a positive way to others. Blood types may have some individual differences in how they react to some specific foods but the rational to create a list of more than a 100 foods for each blood type to avoid needs a whole lot more research than I have seen thus far in this book.

Milk proteins are generally not well tolerated regardless of blood type although sour milk, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese and feta cheese are better tolerated for most persons. On this aspect of advice I would have to agree with the author. However, one could find information on the adverse effects of drinking milk, eating cheese and ice cream, especially for adults, from several sources, without any reference to blood types.

The book contains a few research cites for avoiding certain foods for certain blood types. However, the majority of foods listed by the author to be avoided are not supported by specific research or references to this research.

By some magic leap of faith the reader is expected to assume because the author cites research that support the need to avoid about a half-dozen foods, that we should automatically avoid a list of 100 of more foods that the author adds on without any scientific references to support the author's recommendations.

I found the book interesting and while I believe some of what is recommended, it is apparent that research supporting the long list of "do not eat items" simply does not exist in this book.

I used a test from "" and found my own blood type to be A negative. Except for the advice on milk, most of the other foods recommendations are not supported by any research and are not, in my opinion, credible, and should be ignored. If you are an avid reader and believer in this book and see foods listed that you have eaten and know from experience that you tolerate them well, then by all means, continue to enjoy them.

Many of the foods D'Adamo places on his avoid list are wholesome and nourishing. Anyone who attacks wholesome foods including many kinds of fish, legumes and even pumpkin seeds needs to put up the proof of their claims or stop frightening people unnecessarily. Good science will not support "voodoo medical advice" under the appearance of science. D'Adamo's book is, in my opinion, a mixture of both science and voodoo. D'Adamo divides the human race into 4 groups with around 100 foods for each group to avoid. Lab tests of food allergies do not support D'Adamo theories because there are literally millions of variations in food sensitivities that vary from person to person.

I would not recommend buying this book but I would recommend that individuals with food sensitivities get a blood test for food allergies and food sensitivities. In personal lab results you can place real confidence.

Frank Oski MD reports that drinking Cow's Milk is linked to over 30 illnesses.

My own personal experience is that hard cheese and ice cream contribute to bronchial congestion and rheumatism in my joints. When I avoid these milk proteins, the symptoms mostly go away. I know two people who used asthma inhalers daily who discontinued using them after they stopped consuming milk, cheese and ice cream.

A close friend tell me that 3 of his relatives have arthritis who are heavy users of milk products while other relatives who do not use milk and milk products have no arthritis or rheumatism.

While we all know the critical health and immunologic benefits of an infant drinking its mother's human milk, drinking cow's milk is not the same thing. Infants and small children can easily develop milk sensitivities and allergies. This will happen more frequently if the child has also received a lot of vaccinations and especially at an early age. Vaccinations in infants under 2 years of age have been linked to Autism in a number of cases and should be avoided. Rather, the mother who is breast-feeding should receive the vaccination. She can then safely transfer the immunity to her child via her milk. The child under 2 years of age should be spared the health risks of receiving vaccinations.

While the adverse effects of some vaccinations can last a lifetime, the drug makers of the vaccines are immune by acts of Congress from being sued. This is what big money can buy you - which is corrupt influence and special favors. Before you cast your next vote, ask your Senator, Congressman or presidential candidate how much PAC money they have received from pharmaceutical companies. Depending on their answers, choose wisely how you will cast your votes.

GOT MILK? GOT bronchitis, asthma and rheumatism yet?

In his book, "DON'T DRINK YOUR MILK'" Frank Oski MD writes and documents a litany of ailments directly attributed to the drinking of milk and milk products like cheese and ice cream. The list of adverse effects is supported by case reports as well as several articles from medical journals in his book and include the following -

1. Lactose intolerance (symptoms - bloating and gas) - especially affects persons of African descent and the elderly and immune compromised (auto immune, HIV, HHV-6, candidiasis, cancer, multiple sclerosis)

2. In infants with milk sensitivity side effects include colic, nasal congestion, chest infections, skin rash, diarrhea, anemia and vomiting.

3. Acne

4. Asthma

5. Arteriosclerosis

6. Bloated abdomen

7. Chest infections

8. Coronary Artery occlusion

9. Diabetes

10. Diarrhea

11. Eczema

12. Gas (flatulence)

13. Gastrointestinal bleeding

14. Hay Fever

15. Heart Attacks

16. Hemorrhage

17. High Blood Pressure

18. Hives

19. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

20. Leukemia

21. Lou Gehrig's disease

22. Low blood counts

23. Multiple Sclerosis

24. Myocardial infraction

25. Nasal congestion

26. Nephritis (kidney disease)

27. Plaque buildup in the arteries

28. Pyroderma

29. Rheumatoid arthritis

30. Stroke

31. Tooth decay.

In addition to this, add chronic sinusitis and excess mucus formation. Oski reports on a study of 8 American cities where infants fed cows milk was compared to infants fed human mothers milk. The results are that infants fed cow's milk had a 20 times greater chance of dying in the first 6 months of life than infants fed mother's milk.

Oski reports on the research of Agranoff and Goldberg who studied milk consumption and MS in 21 countries and found a direct link - the more milk that was consumed, the greater number of MS patients in the corresponding countries. How milk could cause MS was not explained but other factors were ruled out.

Osaki speaks more favorably of whey proteins, a byproduct of making cheese or fermentation and of yogurt. Other cultured milk products include Kefir and Buttermilk. In an Appendix, Osaki cites articles on the adverse effects of milk that were published in over 25 medical journals.

"Don't Drink your Milk" by Frank Oski MD is published by Teach Services, 254 Donovan Rd, Brushton, NY 12916 Price $7.95. The ISBN is 0-945383-34-7. Your local bookstore should be able to special order it for you or check with your local health food store.

Frank Oski received his M.D. degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1958. In 1985, he assumed the position of Director, Dept of Pediatrics, John Hopkins University and Physician in Chief, John Hopkins Children's Center.

While I am convinced beyond any shadow of a doubt there are multiple health problems with pasteurized milk, hard cheese and ice cream, I do believe organic cultured milk products like yogurt, kefir and cold processed whey proteins made though natural fermentation and not "rennet" have health benefits without the downside of the other milk products. Colostrum and transfer factors extracted from milk can also have specific therapeutic benefits. I agree with the author that cow's milk is for calves and that milk period is for the very young and not for adults. However, naturally fermented products from milk (yogurt, kefir, low-temp processed cottage cheese etc) are different in many ways and may have health benefits instead of the adverse effects reported here and in the medical literature.

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