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December 25, 2017

The Virgin Mary's Message to the World

 "Dear children! TodayI am bringing to you my Son Jesus for Him to give you His peace and blessing. I am calling all of you, little children, to live and witness the graces and the gifts which you have received. Do not be afraid. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you the strength to be joyful witnesses and people of peace and hope. Thank you for having responded to my call."

For all messages from 1981 to the present time go to

Dec 17 update - Case Reports

Garlic and The Singers Remedy

Case Report #1

Conrad LeBeau
The following formula was told to me recently by Jeff, a Milwaukee resident, who sets up music and entertainment equipment for events in the Milwaukee area. He called it the Singers Remedy for a hoarse throat. He said it works every time.

The formula is to take 6 cloves (toes) of raw garlic that are peeled and place them in a pot with about 2 or 3 cups of water. Bring it to a boil and cover the pot – reduce heat and simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes. Remove from heat and.... Read the rest of the article here and post your comments on our blog. This posting also discusses a second case on the use of aspirin that cured rheumatoid arthritis. Enjoy. Conrad

Support us with your prayers and a donation. Also do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. or the downloaded pdf version. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.


Dec 3 2017 Update

New blog - Is Raw Garlic the Missing Part of the AIDS Cure Puzzle?

Conrad LeBeau
This week I have set up a new blog for posting articles using Wordpress. This blog is easier to read and allows for reader comments or questions to be posted at the end. I suggest you bookmark the new link to the blog for future reference.

Go to my new Wordpress Blog to read this weeks entire article. Wordpress allows you to leave a message or post a comment at the end of each article. Also, a link at the end of the article will take you back to this page so you can explore and navigate the rest of this website.

After my computer crashed in September, the folks at Dreamweaver would not let me transfer my old CS3 version of Dreamweaver to the new computer without spending a lot of money on the latest version. I don't like being cornered by big corporations including Adobe, so I am returning to using Wordpress, a free software program for designing websites that I had used briefly several years ago.

I had to purchase a one year license to use Dreamweaver so I could access several files already set up in the Dreamweaver software. For now, two different styles of web pages will appear until I am able to make the complete transition to using Wordpress. Thanks for your patience.

Nov 17 Update - How to use Kratom - the herb that reduces pain, depression and opiate addiction

Kratom is grown and imported from southeast Asia. It is a natural pain reliever and is being increasingly used by heroin and cocaine addicts to help them break their addictions. It may also help with alcohol addiction. There are several strains of this herb. An online article explains how to use Kratom although the article does not state that heroin and fentanyl addicts can safely use it to overcome their addiction. If they did, the FDA and DEA gestapo would move in to seize the herbs and remove them from the market. The FDA and DEA actions are protecting the market monopolies of the pharmaceutical Corps. who manufacture narcotics and opiates that are directly contributing to the national health crisis that is taking 175 lives every day.

Conflicts of interest: A Congressional investigation into the link between FDA managers and supervisors and the drug companies that manufacture narcotics is long overdue. At a death rate of 175 victims per day (64,000 per year) from FDA narcotics as well as those smuggled into the US from Mexico, remedial action is overdue. It is obvious that the FDA and the DEA are working for financial benefit of the drug companies and against the public's best interest. To read more about Kratom and to locate sources to buy online, go to The DEA has already tried to stop the importation of Kratom into the United States.

Six states have made distribution of Kratom illegal according to some search engine web sites. These include my home state of Wisconsin and adjoining Illinois, but not Michigan or Minnesota where Kratom sales are legal. If you live in one of the states where sales of Kratom are illegal, you may not be able to purchase the herb online. You may have to travel to an adjoining state to obtain some for personal use. Although Kratom is an anti-depressant, it is not addictive and not one single death has been reported from its responsible use.

How the DEA could legally classify white sugar and table salt as Class 1 substances making them illegal without a prescription

Under the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) definition of an opiate, white sugar, corn syrup, and table salt could be all classified along with cocaine and heroin as a class 1 substance as these substances have no medical value and are addictive. While the American Medical Assn. has asked the FDA to regulate salt in food claiming nearly 500,000 deaths per year from excess salt consumption, the number of people developing diabetes, obesity and heart disease from white sugar and refined carbohydrates exceeds even that of table salt consumption. I could not think of a faster way to get a revolution started in the streets than to take away the most common addictive substances known to man - sodium chloride (table salt) and sugar.

The states that have made Kratom illegal are depriving their own residents of a herb that is a highly effective against pain, and is an antidepressant as well. There is no evidence that any person has ever died from using Kratom, but there is evidence that pain killers and other drugs approved by the FDA are directly responsible for over 100,000 deaths per year. Politicians and attorneys who side with the FDA and the big drug companies are rewarding major political campaign contributors and all of them have blood on hands. These are fighting words, and they should be fighting words, as government officials that harm people need to called to publicly explain their actions and their bad behavior. Their failure of leadership needs to be investigated and not sugar coated. Corrupt government officials and those with conflicts of interest need to be terminated and replaced with competent and honest public servants.

It has been written that while Nero fiddled, Rome burned. Today, politicians have inherited a mess with the national opioid epidemic that is claiming 175 lives every day. If the politicians along with the FDA, and the DEA continue to listen to the same people who created this mess for personal profit and to please political donors, the bodies will continue to stack up.

FDA protects Big Pharma's marketing monopolies by nixing Kratom

Note: You can read the FDA's latest post on Kratom here dated Nov 14, 2017. In this post the FDA stated that some Kratom products have been laced with hydrocodone. Another problem is that the alleged deaths they report have been associated with smoking Kratom to get high. That is not a responsible use for this valuable herb. See for how to use this herb safely and responsibly by making a herbal tea or taking a capsule. These guidelines warn against smoking the herb or buying them from a head shop where they may be contaminated with dangerous FDA approved narcotics or street drugs.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb offers the carrot of FDA approval and says no one has come forward to file an application for FDA approval of Kratom. He knows that Kratom like all other natural remedies are not patentable and the one billion dollar price tag for FDA approval of commercial speech for Kratom's therapeutic uses (including that of any other dietary supplement) are not a recoverable investment.

The FDA has never approved a single herb or plant based remedy in their entire history of approving drugs. They began recording such approvals in 1938 and you can find all of them in a publication called the "Orange Book." What you will not find in the Orange book are any plant based non-patentable natural remedies, not a one. To claim that the FDA drug application process is a remedy with a viable path to government approval for a natural remedy is a plain lie and is outright dishonest.

    You can also help us to pursue justice and create a better world with your prayers and a donation. For additional resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.

    Send us an email with your comments or to be placed on our email list for periodic mailings on a variety of health topics. Let walking, sunshine, rest, meditation and soothing music be part of your daily life. Peace.



    Nov 3 Update - Pres.Trump Declares a National Health Emergency

    Conrad LeBeau
    On Oct 26, President Trump declared a national health emergency due to the growing Opioid epidemic and a death toll from drug overdoses of heroin, fentanyl and other narcotics reaching over 175 per day or 64,000 per year. Every American knows one of more people who have died from either prescribed narcotics like Oxycontin or illegal heroin or synthetic fentanyl* smuggled into the United States from Mexico. Thousands of deaths have been reported from drug dealers on the street who spike heroin with fentanyl.

    *The original fentanyl was approved by the FDA on Sept 25, 2006. It was sold under the brand name Fentora. It was manufactured by Cephalon Inc and was used mainly for cancer patients that did not respond well to other opioids. See An overdose of fentanyl can cause breathing to stop and lead to death. Most deaths today are caused by synthetic fentanyl analogs smuggled into the United States from China. As little as 2 mg can kill an adult person.

    The President directed all federal agencies to prioritize resources to fight the epidemic. The Presidential Memorandum stated (in part):

    Section 1. Policy. It shall be the policy of the United States to use all lawful means to combat the drug demand and opioid crisis currently afflicting our country. Individuals, families, and communities across the United States continue to be devastated by an unprecedented epidemic of drug abuse and overdose, including of prescription opioids, heroin, and illicit synthetic opioids. Last year, we lost at least 64,000 of our fellow Americans to drug overdose, primarily from opioids. This is an increase of approximately 12,000 people over the year before and more than ever recorded in United States history. Drug overdoses now kill more Americans than motor vehicle crashes or gun-related incidents, and more than 300,000 Americans have died of an opioid overdose since 2000....

    Three factors are driving the opioid aspect of this crisis in particular. First, since the 1990s, there has been a dramatic rise in opioid pain medication prescriptions. Second, heroin from Mexico has flooded the country. Third, the illicit manufacture and illegal importation of fentanyl -- an extremely deadly synthetic opioid -- and its analogues and related compounds have proliferated. Fentanyl is currently manufactured almost exclusively in China, and it is either shipped into the United States or smuggled across the southern border by drug traffickers.

    Between 2013 and 2016, the amount of fentanyl seized by Customs and Border Protection at the border increased more than 200 times over. Dealers are increasingly lacing fentanyl into other drugs and pressing it into counterfeit opioid pills. Because fentanyl is lethal in even miniscule doses, this is an extremely deadly tactic, as it too often causes users to ingest a fatal amount unknowingly.

    Sec. 2. Agency Action. The Secretary of Health and Human Services shall, consistent with section 319 of the Public Health Service Act, 42 U.S.C. 247d, consider declaring that the drug demand and opioid crisis described in section 1 of this memorandum constitutes a Public Health Emergency. Additionally, the heads of executive departments and agencies, as appropriate and consistent with law, shall exercise all appropriate emergency authorities, as well as other relevant authorities, to reduce the number of deaths and minimize the devastation the drug demand and opioid crisis inflicts upon American communities.

    Trump - we need to develop non-addictive pain killers.

    In side remarks to reporters at the White House, Trump discussed the need to develop pain killers that are not addictive. The White House may not be aware that over the past several decades, many non-addictive pain killers derived from natural plant sources have been suppressed and removed from the market place by the Food and Drug Adm. because they were not approved through the drug approval process (NDA) and were not patented. If the definition of drug was modified to exclude natural and non-patented pain relievers, then it would immediately open the market place to dozens of new low cost non-addictive pain relieving remedies as viable alternatives to prescription narcotics. The drug company lobbyists will certainly oppose this.

    CNN reported on Kratom - a herbal remedy for pain relief

    Nadia Kounang and Aria Hangyu Chen of CNN recently reported that Kratom is a herbal remedy that is increasingly being used to stop heroin addiction and to also be an effective pain killer. CNN reports on Kratom:

    "Kratom is an opioid-like substance sought out by users to boost energy and manage pain. It's long been considered a supplement, loosely regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. In August, the Drug Enforcement Administration outlined plans to move it to the controlled substances list. However, after a public outcry, including letters from members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, the DEA withdrew its intent make it Schedule 1. Instead, it opened a pubic comment period to react to possible scheduling. The public comment period closes at 11:59 p.m. December 1.

    "Schedule I drugs are considered to have "no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse." Drugs considered Schedule I include LSD, marijuana, heroin and ecstasy. But what do we know about kratom? Native to Southeast Asia, the kratom tree's leaves have been used for centuries as an herbal drug by laborers and farmers. Today, kratom leaves are ground into pills and powders, and sold as a dietary supplement. It can be found in head shops and online. It's even made into drinks in some bars.

    "When taken at low dosages, kratom can act like a stimulant, heightening alertness. At higher doses, kratom is a sedative, producing opioid-like effects that dull pain. It has this effect because mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine -- the active ingredients in kratom -- bind to the opioid receptors in our body, said Dr. Ed Boyer, a professor of emergency medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, who has done a handful of studies on the substance. It's about as potent as morphine, Boyer said, and "dulls pain very well. ..."

    Gina Tron writes on an internet blog that Kratom Tea is the beverage of Recovering Heroin Addicts. She starts her blog with this statement:

    Kratom is a plant-based legal drug commonly ingested in the form of hot tea. Often used to aid recovering heroin addicts, kratom is gaining popularity at bars in North Carolina and Florida. Even though it's been around for some time, the media is calling kratom a "new legal drug." A tree native to Thailand, kratom leaves are harvested and dried to create the drug, which was banned there in 1943, after people had started to use it as an opium alternative and the government realized it wasn't being taxed.

    She goes on to share her experiences drinking Kratom tea at a bar called Kat 5 Kava. Kratom tea mellows people out, reduces anxiety and stress, and is a natural pain reliever. You can read her entire article at Kratom tea can be found online at many sources. Head shops and some health food stores carry it, even Walmart stocks Kratom.

    The public must be informed and let their elected leaders know that they not only want the right to have unrestricted access to medicinal hemp but also Kratom and all other natural plant based remedies for pain and disease. The FDA, FTC and DEA need to butt out and let people have access not only to these natural products, but no restrictions on the labeling their intended use as a natural medicine and analgesic. Freedom of the press and freedom of choice in medicine demands nothing less. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan: "inalienable rights come from God, not from government."

    You can also help us to pursue justice and create a better world with your prayers and a donation. For additional resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.

    Send us an email with your comments or to be placed on our email list for periodic mailings on a variety of health topics. Let walking, sunshine, rest, meditation and soothing music be part of your daily life. Peace.


    Oct 24 Update

    Federal Trade Commission (FTC) loses against Prevagen

    On Sept 28, 2017, U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton of the Southern Dist. of New York ruled for the defendants, Quincy Biosciences, a holding company for Prevagen Inc, a Wisconsin based corp. Prevagen Inc., does business as Sugar River Supplements, the manufacturer of Prevagen. The case brought by the FTC and New York's Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was dismissed on grounds related to part of the controlled study that supported the health claims for persons with mild memory impairment. The Constitutional issue of restraint of commercial speech was not addressed in the decision.

    Prevagen is a dietary supplement that contains a protein (apoaequorin) derived from jellyfish and marketed nationally on television to improve short term memory in an aging population. "Prevagen - the name to remember" is repeated in every ad for the supplement. The plaintiffs, FTC and N. Y. AG, claimed the ads were false and misleading. However Judge Stanton found that the plaintiffs failed to provide facts to support their arguments.

    While the clinical trial with Prevagen could not find a statistical improvement in persons with advanced memory loss or dementia, it did show an improvement in an aging populations with normal to mild memory loss. The court's decision also dismissed the case against Prevagens co-founder's - Mark Underwood and Michael Beaman. The 13 page decision can be read at 17Civ124 LLS.

    Oct 18, 2017 Update

Due to a hard drive failure on our computer on Oct 13 (last friday) our time and resources have been consumed to restore functionality to our "new" (refurbished) iMac computer and thus this website. Our next update will be Nov 3rd. Meanwhile, there is plenty of great reading in our last newsletter posted below and a vast resource of reading using our search box. Thanks for visiting and your patience. Conrad

    You can help us to pursue our goals with your prayers and a donation. For self-help resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.

    Send us an email with your comments or to be placed on our email list for periodic mailings on a variety of health topics. Let walking, sunshine, rest, meditation and soothing music be part of your daily life. Peace.


Oct 3 Update

The latest issue of the Journal of Immunity is now in the printers. Here are some featured stories -

    • Aloe Vera gel or juice stops, heals and reverses tooth decay.
    • Petition to Whitehouse to pardon Sam Girod, an Amish farmer who made his own herbal remedies and whose First Amendment rights to freedom of the press were deliberately violated by the FDA and DOJ with the blessings of a spineless federal judge who gave him an outrageous 6 yr prison sentence.
    • Update on Mary from Brooklyn and another case report
    • Edta Chelation is a viable alternative to bypass surgery and costs a whole lot less. Read the latest 8 page newsletter in searchable html format here or printable pdf format here. Also check out our other links and articles in the right side column.

      You can help us to pursue justice with your prayers plus a donation. For additional self-help resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.

      Send us an email with your comments or to be placed on our email list for periodic mailings on a variety of health topics. Let walking, sunshine, rest, meditation and soothing music be part of your daily life. Peace.


Sept 25, 2017 Special Report

Amish Farmer Samuel Girod jailed for marketing herbal formulas.

Conrad LeBeau
On June 30 2017, Federal Judge Danny Reeves from the Eastern District of Kentucky sentenced an Amish farmer to six years in prison for making and selling herbal health products with health claims not preapproved by the FDA. Girod defended himself pro se in the case of US V Girod (5:15-cr-00087) and claimed that his products were herbal supplements and not drugs.

Samuel Girod's Constitutional right to freedom of speech and press were violated by the Dept of Justice (DOJ), the Food and Drug Adm (FDA) and Judge Reeves. The First amendment violatons were based on commercial speech he used in the labeling of his health products. The DOJ/FDA classification of his products as “drugs” was not based on the composition of the substances in his formulas but solely on what he said (his speech) expressed in the labels and promotional literature.

Girod’s “intended use” for his products is opinion; his opinion is speech that is supposed to be protected under the First Amendment and not requiring preapproval from the government. Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), herbs, vitamins and mineral supplements are classified as foods per their composition. Girod’s products were not drugs but food-based herbal supplements based on their composition.

Under the FDCA (21 USC Sec 301 et seq), the FDA/DOJ and the courts have unfortunately misinterpreted the definition of “drug.” since 1906. A review of the Congressional Record of 1906 indicates the first legal definition of drug was intended to inform the public of the presence of narcotics and opiates (cocaine, heroin) in the labeling of patented medicines, and drugs. This over-reach of the law defining “drug” was never intended to include food, water, dietary and herbal supplements.

This over-reach of authority was done to please political donors from Wall St – big drug companies with deep pockets, who want the laws and regulations of the federal government to favor their medical monopolies and eliminate competition from low cost natural remedies. Amish farmer Samuel Girod’s “intended use” as expressed in the labeling of his products was “commercial speech.”

Girod never intended his speech to convert his products into drugs or controlled substance like cocaine. In the case of Central Hudson 447 US 562, (1980) J. Powell writing for the majority stated:

    “In applying the First Amendment to this area, we have rejected the highly paternalistic view that government has complete power to suppress or regulate commercial speech.”

J. Blackmun concurring with the majority in the same case wrote:

    ”If the First Amendment guarantee means anything, it means that, absent clear and present danger, government has no power to restrict expression because of the effect its message is likely to have on the public”

Unlike many FDA approved drugs, there is no cottage industry of lawyers today suing dietary supplement companies because of the adverse effects of herbal remedies. Unlike the many patented drugs and narcotics (FDA approved) that contribute to the death of over 100,000 people each year, no one died or claimed an injury from using Girod’s herbal remedies.

You can help this Amish farmer by going to to sign and petition to President Trump to free Sam Girod from prison.

Source for this article: Amish man slapped with six-year prison sentence for growing and selling his own herbal remedies

You can help us to pursue justice in this world with your prayers and a donation. For additional resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps fund our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.

Sept 15 Update

Health Care Reform Gridlock

Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, is trying to form a bipartisan consensus on health care and make it more affordable. However, the clock is ticking for a simple majority to pass such a bill. Under the Senate's parliamentary rules, the simple majority rule ends on Sept 30 this month.

It is highly unlikely that a consensus bill will be passed within the next 15 days. After Sept 30 the Senate rules will require 60 votes to pass any health care reform legislation. This will mean that only a bipartisan consensus will accomplish any thing of importance to the American people.

The wrong headed focus on health insurance premiums does not deal with the primary issue - the high cost of patented drugs, market exclusivity patents, and the lack of choice in the market place from low cost traditional natural food based remedies. The use of government regulations to create market monopolies for big drug companies is the result of a direct attack on freedom of speech and press under FDC policy and regulations.

They have made low cost natural medicine illegal by requiring government pre-approval of speech about the health benefits of food based remedies for preventing or mitigating illness, and may I add at a cost of over one billion dollars per health claim. Thus, thousands of natural remedies have been withheld from the American people not for their protection but to reward major Wall St political donors with continuing market monopolies. Regulations by FDA and FTC control freaks that require a hefty price for government approved speech bluntly violates the First Amendment.

Consider this email message I received a few days ago from
U.S. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson who wrote -

    Dear Conrad, Thank you for contacting me regarding health care reform. Obamacare has left our health care system in need of repair. In Wisconsin, premiums and deductibles have doubled or even tripled for individuals, and insurance carriers continue to leave the individual market. We need to repair this damage. But I don’t believe we should try to replace one dysfunctional “comprehensive” Washington-written plan with another. My priority is a bill that will stabilize the individual marketplace, will keep costs from skyrocketing further, and will repeal the market distortions that Obamacare created. We need to transition to a system that actually works – one that incorporates free-market reforms and patient-centered care, one that turns over more decision-making authority to individuals and states. This process is not going to be simple. Obamacare has been in place for several years, and it will take time to repair the damage. I am committed to representing Wisconsinites’ concerns – which is why I’am grateful for the input I hear at forums around the state, including my telephone town halls.

    As chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, I am using my Committee to gather information on the root causes of soaring health care costs and to continue discussing potential solutions. As long as my colleagues work with me in good faith, we can move America toward better access to affordable and quality health care. Thank you again for contacting my office. It is very helpful to hear the views of the constituents I serve. Please see my website at for additional information. It is an honor representing you and all the people of Wisconsin.

    Sincerely, Ron Johnson United States Senator


    My Reply to Senator Johnson email is the following-

    Dear Senator Ron Johnson,
    The dysfunction in our health care system did not start with Obamacare. It started over 100 years ago when Congress created the Food and Drug Administration and defined a "drug" for the first time in 1906 as substances intended for the prevention or treatment of disease. The original definition passed in June of 1906 sought to define "drug" to protect the public from opiates and narcotics including cocaine and heroin. The definition was never intended to cover every substance under the sun include spices, herbs, fruit, vegetables and water under the drug definition. However, lawyers for big drug companies who marketed patented drugs invested in the federal courts to expand the definition of drug to include all low cost natural remedies. These mostly plant based remedies competed in the market place with patented drugs. For the most part, natural non-patented remedies were very low cost, and had few if any side effects.

    It took hundreds of millions of dollars in donations to politicians who along with lobbyists rewrote the laws to create a market monopoly for the big drug companies where competition in the marketplace no longer exists between natural remedies and patented drug holders. Distributors of natural remedies are barred under the current FDC Act from stating in the labeling of their products an intended use to prevent or mitigate a disease. The First Amendment rights of distributors of natural remedies are denied under the continuous threat of civil or criminal litigation. I know as I have personally been a victim of this over reach of federal powers under the Obama Adm.

    I am not asking for any favors - only justice and a fair and balanced marketing field for all manufacturers of natural remedies. I have attached the 2 page 3 part proposal again and ask that you again review it, as your comments suggest you did not read the proposed changes to the definition of "new drug" and "drug" or understand why this is absolutely necessary to lower the cost of drugs and and make available to the public low cost natural remedies. I would also like you to set up a meeting between us so I can explain and make my case to you in person for the proposals I wrote.

    I would also like to testify before the Senate Committee in Washington DC chaired by Sen Lamar Alexander that is considering drafting Health Care legislation, or I would like to address the entire U.S. Senate on this topic, if it is possible for you to arrange this. Thank you for your attention to this important matter. Conrad LeBeau. 414-231-9817

    Time is of Essence
    Join the battle for health freedom rights

    I attached the following 3 page proposal. I urge everyone who reads this, to reprint it and pass it on to our elected leaders in both political parties. Adding your own hand written notes to this printout may help as is attending local town hall meetings. The link is here

    You can also help us to pursue justice and create a better world with your prayers and a donation. For additional resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.

    Send us an email with your comments or to be placed on our email list for periodic mailings on a variety of health topics. Let walking, sunshine, rest, meditation and soothing music be part of your daily life. Peace.



Sept 2, 2017

Pain and Love
Our Lady's Message to the world

    "Dear children, who could speak to you about the love and the pain of my Son better than I? I lived with Him; I suffered with Him. Living the earthly life I felt pain because I was a mother. My Son loved the thoughts and the works of the Heavenly Father, the true God. And, as He said to me, He came to redeem you. I hid my pain through love, but you, my children, you have numerous questions. You do not comprehend pain. You do not comprehend that through the love of God you need to accept pain and endure it. Every human being will experience it to a lesser or greater measure. But with peace in the soul and in a state of grace, hope exists; this is my Son, God, born of God. His words are the seed of eternal life. Sown in good souls they bring numerous fruits. My Son bore the pain because He took your sins upon Himself. Therefore, you, my children, apostles of my love, you who suffer, know that your pain will become light and glory. My children, while you are enduring pain, while you are suffering, Heaven enters in you and you give a piece of Heaven and much hope to all those around you. Thank you. " 09/02/2017

August 15 Update

Congressman Trey Gowdy Asks a Question About Weed and Accidentally Exposes Tyrannical Drug War

Posted on August 10, 2017 at Natural Health News

(This article contains excerpts from Natural Blaze....Also, you can read the entire article with links to the Congressional hearings here. )

By Matt Agorist
During a meeting with the ONDCP, a Republican congressman asked a question that set off a conversation exposing the tyrannical nature of the drug war. The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) met with members of Congress this week to discuss multiple issues when a Republican congressman asked a question that would expose the state’s immoral and tyrannical war on drugs in an accidental stroke of logic. Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy III is a member of the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party and serves as a congressman from South Carolina. He is also the chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

During the meeting with the ONDCP this week, Gowdy asked why marijuana was a schedule I drug. Schedule I “drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse,” the DEA claims. Given the mountains of evidence showing the beneficial nature of the cannabis plant, the DEA’s claims are nothing short of asinine and tyrannical. However, marijuana continues to be categorized as such, paving the way for the police state to lay waste to rights and fill prisons for profit.

When Gowdy asks Richard Baum, the acting director of Trump’s ONDCP, why marijuana is a schedule one, Baum immediately skirts the question. He then digresses into support for big pharma’s version of synthetic marijuana by saying that the FDA-approved versions of marijuana components can help people.

While Gowdy didn’t go so far as to call for the legalization of cannabis — because it would likely mean political suicide among his staunchly conservative base — his line of questioning set off a conversation that would eventually expose the war on drugs. Cannabis has never killed anyone — ever. That being said, however, cocaine and meth kill thousands every year. Yet, as Baum concedes, the DEA considers them safer than this amazing plant.

When Gowdy brings this up, Baum is unable to respond and uncomfortably squirms in his chair — likely knowing the real reason marijuana remains a schedule one drug. Gowdy then turns over the floor to Gerald Connolly, who continued the accidental exposé of the American drug war. “We’ve put people in jail…It’s had huge consequences based on little to no scientific evidence,” said congressman Gerald Connolly, who bluntly hit the nail on the head. The reality of the war on drugs is that it is not based on scientific evidence. Instead, it is based on a dark history of oppression, racism, and political corruption.

In spite of some form of cannabis being legal in some fashion in 29 states and Washington D.C., the government still violently and with extreme prejudice continues to seek out those who dare possess it. If the CDC calculated the number of deaths inflicted by police while enforcing marijuana laws, that number would certainly be shocking and could even be deemed a risk to public health. Marijuana is, indeed, dangerous, but only because of what can happen to you if the police catch you with it.

Nothing highlights the hypocrisy, immorality, and sheer idiocy of the drug war quite like marijuana prohibition. Here we have a medicine that kills cancer cells, saves the lives of countless epileptic children, heals broken bones, relieves pain, treats PTSD, is not dangerous, and exhibits a variety of other incredible benefits – yet the state will kill you over it. So why do these tyrants keep it illegal? If you want to know who profits from ruining lives and throwing marijuana users in cages, we need only look at who bribes (also known as lobbies) the politicians to keep the war on drugs alive. Below is a list of the top five industries who need you locked in a cage for possessing a plant in order to ensure their job security.

1. Police Unions: Coming in as the number one contributor to politicians for their votes to lock you in a cage for a plant are the police themselves. They risk taking massive pay cuts and losing all their expensive militarized toys without the war on drugs.

2. Private Prison Corporations: No surprise here. The corporatist prison lobby is constantly pushing for stricter laws to keep their stream of tax dollars flowing.

3. Alcohol and Beer Companies: These giant corporations hate competition, so why not pay millions to keep a cheaper and far safer alcohol alternative off the market?

4. Pharmaceutical Corporations: The hypocrisy of marijuana remaining a Schedule 1 drug, “No Medical Use Whatsoever,” seems criminal when considering that pharmaceutical companies reproduce a chemical version of THC and can market and sell it as such. Ever hear of Marinol? Big pharma simply uses the force of the state to legislate out their competition; that happens to be nature.

5. Prison Guard Unions: The prison guard unions are another group, so scared of losing their jobs, that they would rather see thousands of non-violent and morally innocent people thrown into cages than look for another job. What does it say about a society who’s resolute in enacting violence against their fellow human so they can have a job to go to in the morning? The person who wants to ingest a substance for medical or recreational reasons is not the criminal. However, the person that would kidnap, cage, or kill someone because they have a different lifestyle, is a villain on many fronts.

The good news is that the drug war’s days are numbered. Evidence of this is everywhere. States are defying the federal government and refusing to lock people in cages for marijuana. A record number of law enforcement personnel are even quitting their jobs and joining the push to end the drug war.

Colorado and Washington served as a catalyst in a seemingly exponential awakening to the government’s immoral war. Following suit were Oregon, D.C., and Alaska, and now Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada. Medical marijuana initiatives are becoming a constant part of legislative debates nationwide. We’ve even seen bills that would not only completely legalize marijuana but deregulate it entirely, like corn.

Also, while the idea of treating an addict with compassion instead of violence is a radical notion in this country, in other countries, such as Portugal, its effects have been realized for more than a decade. In 2001, the Portuguese government decriminalized all drugs. 14 years later, drug use, crime, and overdoses have drastically declined in Portugal exposing the cruel reality of prohibition. Eventually, more states will adopt this approach, and the drug war tyrants will finally be outnumbered.

As more and more states refuse to kidnap and cage marijuana users, the drug war will continue to implode. We must be resilient in this fight. If doing drugs bothers you, don’t do drugs. When you transition from holding an opinion — to using government violence to enforce your personal preference, you become the bad guy. Please, for all that is good, don’t be the bad guy.

This post first appeared at the Free Thought Project Matt Agorist Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state.

Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.

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August 1 Report

    "Mary from Brooklyn" update - HIV negative status holds 10 months after stopping all treatments

    July 19th, 2017
    Conrad LeBeau
    After several weeks and no contact, I began to doubt if I would hear from "Mary" again, then on July 19th the phone rang. It was my first converstion with her since Feb 2017. I found out the lab test that she was suppose to have in May had been delayed until July 17th.

    She told that her most recent lab test had very good news. The results - breathtaking. The PCR test for HIV was still negative but that her CD4 count had dropped slightly to 480. The CD4/CD8 ratio also declined to 2.37 although this high a ratio is unheard of in AIDS cases. I asked her if she also had the HIV finger prick blood test for HIV antibodies (elisa /western blot). She said she had that done in May and it was negative.

    Background: She had been first diagnosed with HIV by her physician in Jan 2015. In March 2015, she was prescribed HIV meds. By May, she integrated the use of black seed, Vitamin D and other dietary factors, along with a lot of prayers with her prescribed meds. In May of 2016, she went to a private testing center and had the finger prick test for HIV. The tester who remembered her found that she no longer tested positive for the virus and stated at the time "this is impossible."

    On Oct 1 2016, she discontinued all treatments for HIV, including both prescribed drugs and her own home remedies. Her HIV negative status in May, 2017 and now a non detectable viral load as measured by PCR on July 17th 2017, increases the possibility that this is the real deal - possibly even accure. A comprehensive discussion and timeline of the background of this case can be found in Vol 15 No 1 of the Journal of Immunity.

    To date, no one on our email list has tried to exactly duplicate the same protocol that "Mary"* used. *Mary is not her real name and it is used for privacy reasons

    Zimbabwe -A report on Blackseed and home remedies for HIV

    Nyasha Dhliwayo July 30 (2 days ago) to me

    I just collected my results ..cd4 is 243 up from 163. My viral load is 462 from 2200. I'm now taking vitamin D i.u 10,000 each day. Its been exactly 8 and a half months since I started on black seed herb. I'm so excited about the development. My next test should be in October.

    I'm more than happy for you to publish my results. I am a lady aged 52 years and I am from Zimbabwe Africa. I tested positive in September 2014 and I weigh 103kg - I'm tall. I have never taken Arvs. Before black seed herb I was taking an imported herb but due to financial problems I stopped. It cost $120/month yet black seed costs $25 for a months supply. I started taking black seed in November 2016. I take 3T twice per day. I crush the black seed and drink with water and honey or plain water. Since then my life has changed for the better. I'm not on any special diet.

    However, everyday I take about 3T raw honey with raw Propolis. I also take 2T twice per day raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. But all these supplements I just started taking around May 2017. Before I just took normal diet and black seed herb. Every morning before brushing my teeth I drink 1 Litre hot water with 6 or more slices fresh lemon in it. I drink lots of warm water during the day. Once in a while I chew 4 dandelion leaves. In my first conversation with you I indicated that urine tests revealed some significant amount of protein and my Dr was worried but after introducing apple cider vinegar into my diet my urine is so clear according to my latest results. Both My kidney and lever are functioning perfectly well. My Dr is in a shock and has stopped pushing me for Arvs. However, all this was so possible with a lot of prayer.

    Please also note that Nyasha is not my real name so its OK. But one day should you require correct identity not for publication I will certainly supply. You can send an email to Nyasha here


    Note: Please use the links below to print and send a fax to your states elected leaders of both political parties. Thank you. Conrad LeBeau

    July 17 Health Care Plan

    Our Latest Revised 7 Part Proposals

Conrad LeBeau
We have made several proposals to reform Obamacare and Trumpcare since Jan of this year. Our goal has been to get some good legislation passed. This has been an uphill fight. Our goals include all the following - 1. To reduce the regulatory scheme of the federal government to those limited powers enumerated in Art 1, sec 8 of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 2. To allow low cost, safe and effective natural remedies, those derived from nature - to be legally distributed in interstate commerce. 3. To allow distributors of drugs, health foods, dietary supplements and all other health remedies to state the intended use of their products and to share both scientific research and testimonials - rights that are suppose to be protected under the First Amendment without first being required to get permission from the FDA.

The 7 part proposals listed here will accomplish all that and reduce health care costs by hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Specific changes in the FDC Act are proposed. One is to create a domestic Medical Peace Corp to diagnose and treat people with pre-existing condition using low cost natural remedies. Insurance premiums will drop precipitously. Persons with pre-existing conditions or no insurance will find low cost health care available locally without buying any insurance at all. Fees will be based on a sliding scale like the VA currently uses.

If you agree with these foundational reforms, use the link to print out the pdf files, sign them and send them to your United States Senators and representatives, and to organizations that can and should help in this fight for real health care reform, freedom of choice in medicine, and justice for all. Read the two page 7 part proposal by clicking here and to print.

Here is a list of the 19 U.S. Senators who have been working on the Health Care bill. You can click on the link to their website and leave a message with them or direct them to this website or to the 2 page file with the 7 part proposals. Better, call them to discuss these proposals with staff. You can also find the website, phone number and email address of your U.S. Senators here.

Send a Fax

One of the fastest and most effective ways to influence your U.S. Senator is to send them a fax. Click here for the fax numbers of all U.S. Senators. This site offers 5 free faxes but also wants to sell a fax service - but if you click on the name of each senator- the fax number shows up and you can copy it down and use it to send a longer letter or file.

I found that letters mailed to U.S. Senators take 3 weeks before they receive them as each letter has to be opened and checked for anthrax. ISIS has done a number on the U.S. mail to Congress and the White House in Washington DC. The use of a fax and a direct phone call are the fastest and best lobbying options available for the general public.

Another effective way is to schedule a meeting with a local staff member for a U.S. Senator or Congressman and discuss the Health Care proposals.

Thank you and God Bless. Conrad LeBeau

Prescription Drugs - the Third Leading Cause of Death

An article by Dr David Brownstein posted at the warns of the dangers of using statin drugs. The full text can be read here.

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July 7th - Join the effort and write to your U.S. Senator and Congressman with this message to bring real competition in the marketplace, provide freedom of choice in medicine, the right to distribute traditional plant based natural remedies without the imposition of the financial blockade on the First Amendment imposed by the FDA. Read both letters here and here. Make copies and pass them on to your elected leaders, at town hall meetings and to your neighbors and friends. Ask them to make these proposals part of any new Health Care Act passed by Congress. Thank you for standing up for free enterprise, the U.S Constitution and the First Amendment. We must end a legal system that favors the super rich at the expense of the rest of us. Conrad LeBeau

Note: you can read my Petition to the U.S. Supreme Court here. It outlines the legal basis for reversing more than a century of FDCA laws being incorrectly applied.

July 4th Message 2017

Read the latest Journal of Immunity Vol 15 No 2 online now. Dr. Alfred Plechner DVM presents over 50 years of clinical research and experience successfully treating autoimmune diseases, cancer and MS and many other similar chronic conditions by reducing total estrogen levels to normal reference ranges. Working with Dr. Richard Pooley, Plechner cites 3 recent cases that were resolved successfully - two had carcinomas and tumors and one had thyroiditis. Natural aromatose inhibitors can lower total estrogen levels. Research is presented on the use of passion flower, chrysin, red wine, green and black tea, flaxseed and resveratrol to normalize estrogen levels. FDA Warning letters ignores scientific research on the use of natural remedies for cancer. "Mary from Brooklyn Update" raises more questions than answers. A medical hypothesis on a link between sunlight, dendritic cells and a potent immune response to HIV. Two case reports on the use of Aloe Vera gel for reversing tooth decay. Enjoy!

Happy 4th of July to one and all. Let freedom ring! Conrad LeBeau

    You can help us to pursue justice and create a better world with your prayers and a donation. For additional resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.

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AHCA - American Health Care Act

June 20th - Message I sent today to 13 U.S. Senators

June 20 2017
Conrad LeBeau
West Allis WI 53227

To the 13 U.S. Senators working on the health care bill to replace Obamacare

Greetings: Please consider the enclosed proposals to amend the American Health Care Act to increase competition in the market place, reduce health care cost for patients, insurance companies, the States and Federal Government - possibly saving more than $100 Billion a year.

1. Proposed Amendment to Expand Treatment Choices
Mandate that all Insurance Company health policies, including Medicaid and Medicare pay up to $1000 (**) per month for any experimental treatment (*) approved by both doctor and patient with the informed consent of the patient. Doctor certification (***) that the treatment is benefiting the patients shall be provided to the insurance company or the government every 90 days to continue receiving payment for services.

*Experimental treatments to be defined as any FDA approved drug for off-label purposes in the treatment of disease; also, experimental treatments shall include the use of health foods, herbs, dietary supplements, traditional natural remedies and all other non-patentable remedies intended for use in the treatment of disease.

Read the entire letter here

If you agree with the proposals in my letter, print out a copy and mail it to your elected U.S. Senators. Thank you. Conrad LeBeau

June 17 Report

My Tweet to President Donald Trump earlier today

"Please fire the legal dept at US FDA and hire Libertarian attorneys to defend 1st Amendment rights of Nutritional Supp distributors." Conrad LeBeau‏
Link to Twitter message - share @conrad1943kha to POTUS

Chemical sensitivity? Asthma? Wheezing? Allergic reactions? Read this article in the The Wize Report by Sarah Corriher on The Toxicity of Dryer Sheets, Fabric Softeners, Febreze and other chemical irritants that mask bad odors

Click here to read the report on chemical toxicity

    You can help us to pursue justice and create a better world with your prayers and a donation. For additional resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.

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June 5th Report


    [This is reprinted from an article by Dr Peters from 11/15/13. In view of the current national health care crisis that involves increased costs and diminishing results, this article offers insights relevant to the health care crisis of our times. Conrad LeBeau]

    Dr Ron Peters MD.

    Once again, Americans pay more and get less for healthcare pay-more-get-less-healthcare. The August 2013 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association reports on the Global Burden of Disease project, a massive international research program designed to describe the global distribution and causes of a wide array of major diseases, injuries, and health risk factors.

    The results show that infectious diseases, maternal and child illness, and malnutrition now cause fewer deaths and less illness than they did twenty years ago. As a result, fewer children are dying every year, but more young and middle-aged adults are dying and suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease, which have become the primary causes of death and disability in America and worldwide.

    Since 1970, men and women worldwide have gained slightly more than ten years of life expectancy overall, but they spend more years suffering with chronic illness and disability. For the first time, the JAMA report compares the state of health in the US to that of 34 countries on measures of diseases, injuries, and risk factors, providing computations of years of life lost to premature mortality (YLLs), years lived with disability (YLDs), and disability-adjusted life years (DALYs). A healthy life expectancy (HALE) measurement was computed by taking into account not only length of life but also levels of ill health at different ages.

    The epidemic of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease, has continued to spread around the world. And, in the United States, where we spend much more than most countries on “health” care the results are worse than many other countries with similar economic strength.

    While some of this is due to the aging of our population, much more is due to the unhealthy lifestyles, standard American diet, and environmental toxic exposures that constitute the American way of life today. Also, importantly, doctors in America are more focused on giving symptomatic drug therapies than counseling patients to change their lifestyle and mind style in order to reverse chronic illness.

    The report comparing the health of countries around the world and showed United States rankings relative to other countries worsened for: The death rate fell from 18th to 27th , in other words, fewer people in most European countries, Japan, Qatar, Slovenia, Chile, Costa Rica, and New Zealand die each year per 1000 than Americans, while we spend three times more on health care.

    The years of life lost to premature death fell from 23rd to 28th The years lived with disability worsened from 5th to 6th Life expectancy at birth fell from 20th to 27th The healthy life expectancy fell from 14th to 26th The report concludes with the following statement: “…morbidity and chronic disability now account for nearly half of the US health burden, and improvements in population health in the United States have not kept pace with advances in population health in other wealthy nations.”

    Furthermore: “The United States spends the most per capita on health care across all countries, lacks universal health coverage, and lags behind other high-income countries for life expectancy and many other health outcome measures.”

    The Global Disease collaborators concluded what most of us already know about the impact of diet on health: “The largest cluster of risk factors was the composition of diet (greater even than physical inactivity or high BMI), which was associated with 26% of deaths and 14% of DALYs…. The most important dietary risks in the United States are diets low in fruits, low in nuts and seeds, high in sodium, high in processed meats, low in vegetables, and high in trans fats….”

    They also concluded that, “the risks of diet composition, physical inactivity and low activity, and high BMI are highly intertwined.”


    The medical establishment responsibility: Doctors in our society are trained to treat disease and their main tools are drugs and surgery. For chronic diseases, the vast majority of medications are symptomatic, i.e. they reduce the symptoms associated with the illness, but they do not cure it. The word “healing” has been replaced by “disease management” and patients are seen recurrently in short office visits and given more and more expensive medications.

    Most doctors do not have the training or time to help patients change the lifestyle and mind style issues that created the disease, so they stay in the medical system, getting more and more treatments as the disease and side effects continue. Since the “disease care” system is profitable for doctors, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry, it is slow to change until doctors are paid to provide “health care”, or health promotion. Perhaps the biggest example of expensive and symptomatic health care is bypass surgery, stents and angioplasty for coronary artery disease, the number one cause of death in our society.

    As Dr. Caldwell Esslystyn and Dr Dean Ornish have shown, a whole food plant based diet is the treatment of choice for ischemic disease as it reduces the atherosclerotic blockage as documented by coronary angiography. But Cardiologists are trained to do angiograms, stents and angioplasty and the hospital CEO would certainly prefer the income from a robust cardiac bypass and stent facility than a nutritionist educating patients in plant based nutrition.

    Patient responsibility: The majority of Americans prefer the high protein, high fat, high caloric, nutrient depleted Standard American Diet (SAD), which, according to the Global Disease researchers, is the single biggest factor contributing to the chronic disease epidemic. The majority of Americans are sedentary and overweight and they are living in the Age of Stress, where worry, frustration, and anxiety have become normal.

    Society’s responsibility: The pharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars perpetuating the myth to doctors and patients alike that drugs heal, while the food industry peddles high fat and high sugar foods that are quick and convenient.

    The news (media) conveys these messages to the public to maintain their advertising income, while food and drug lobbyists pay our politicians to support corporate economic goals.


    Integrative, or functional, medicine, returns the responsibility for chronic disease back to the patient by providing education and guidance in healthy diet, exercise, stress reduction and proper nutrient supplementation. The purpose of disease is to get your attention so you can change and reverse the disease. The best treatment for disease is the promotion of health. Integrative, or functional medicine, provides the tools to evaluate and restore health to the many systems that comprise the wondrous biological symphony of your body.

    Digestion, assimilation, immunity, cardiac function, sex hormones, thyroid, adrenal, detoxification, neurotransmitters and much more all work together: you cannot isolate one from the other. Also, as inconvenient as it may be, the body is governed by consciousness (both conscious and unconscious) and to reverse chronic and serious disease you must heed the “message of illness” and consider the dysfunctional beliefs and emotional issues that are expressed within the fabric of your body as dis-ease. Or, more simply stated, you need to understand the impact of stress.

    Consciousness is difficult to fully define, but for simplicity, it is combination of the way we think and the way we feel our emotions (or don’t feel them). Mindbody research has shown that digestion, blood circulation, immune activity, hormone levels are but a few of the systems controlled by the mind. It has been that way for as long as we have lived on earth. ______________________

    Note 1: Dr Ron Peters MD is the founder of This website contains a number of free articles and booklets for downloading as well as monthly updates as well as items for sale. Dr. Peters can also be reached for setting up a consultation at 480-607-7999. [Note: there are fees associated with a consultation depending on the amount of time involved.]

    You can help us to pursue justice and create a better world with your prayers and a donation. For additional resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.

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    May 25 Update

FDA, Under New Leadership, Seeks More Comments on Rules Affecting Off-Label Communications

    May 18 2017 by Anne k Walsh
    Dr. Scott Gottlieb was sworn in as FDA’s 23rd Commissioner on May 11, 2017. There has been a lot of speculation about what policies he will prioritize for the Agency during his tenure. A review of his background shows he has been an advocate for autonomy in the practice of medicine and the use of medical products for off-label uses. He has opined that doctors are appropriately trained to make medical decisions based on the best interest of their patients.

    Dr. Gottlieb is well-versed on the controversies surrounding FDA’s current restrictions on drug and device manufacturers from discussing off-label uses with health care practitioners. Given his expertise, he may be poised to loosen FDA’s enforcement of off‑label communications and to provide clarity to industry on these issues. Perhaps it is telling that one of the first actions the Agency has undertaken since his confirmation was to further extend the time period for reviewing the rules defining “intended use.” As reported here, FDA derives authority to regulate a product based on its intended use.

    Although FDA first proposed changes to the “intended use” rules back in 2015, it was not until after the 2016 election but before the inauguration, that FDA issued its final rule. It is not uncommon for a former administration to fast-forward pending rules before the political climate shifts; nor is it uncommon for a new administration to stay the most-recently implemented rules until it has time to consider them. In the case of the “intended use” rules, FDA issued the final rule on January 9, 2017, with a stated effective date of March 21, 2017. The proposed version of the rule was markedly different from the January 9 version because it permits FDA to look at the “totality of the evidence” in determining a manufacturer’s intended use for its drug or device.

    Pharmaceutical groups filed a Citizen Petition requesting reconsideration of the language, and FDA without the benefit of a confirmed Commissioner, agreed to delay the effective date of the rule for a year. FDA solicited comments on the decision to postpone the effective date, as well as on its regulation of product distribution in light of First Amendment considerations. The 60-day comment period was expected to end on May 19, 2017. Yet on May 18, 2017, without substantive explanation, FDA further extended the comment period until July 18, 2017.

    According to the Federal Register notice, FDA “has received a request for a 30-day extension and another request for a 90-day extension of the comment period . . . . The requests conveyed concern that the current 60-day comment period does not allow sufficient time to develop a meaningful or thoughtful response to issues FDA raised in the Final Rule Extension.” The 90-day extension request was submitted on April 5, 2017, by the same group that filed the Citizen Petition leading up to the initial comment period: the Medical Information Working Group, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, and the Biotechnology Innovation Organization.

    We were unable to find in the docket the request FDA referenced that sought a 30-day extension. It is unclear why FDA felt compelled to honor requests for more time in this case. The additional time could signal that the new Commissioner seeks to weigh in before FDA takes further action related to these rules affecting off-label communications. We will continue to monitor these developments closely.

Email on a hybrid (integrative) therapy for HIV received from a spanish reader on May 25, 2017 Note - We corrected some of the spelling errors in this email

"I was diagnosed HIV positive in october 03 2016. My viral load was 120,0000 and My cd4 was 145. I don't know how and when I got the virus. My last test was 2 years ago. I use Triumeq* 1 per day. I also take Honey and Black seed cumin 2 spoons per day and vitamin D2 50000 once per week. On My second visit with the doctor I was in 4200 viral load...and the 3. Viral load around 40 And I started to believe in all the help that keephopealive offers. I was dying but now I really feel like a normal person. My cd4 is really high today with no more Sickness or complications. I am positive for about 2 Years, and I keep hope alive for the 3rd year and hope to say I am Cured I also use honey From Mexico and stem cells From Argentina. Good Bless You. Alex. "

* Editors Note: Triumeq is a combination of abacavir, dolutegravir, and lamivudine. Go to to read the side effects. They are of significant concern if you have liver disease. Alex is getting some liver protection from the daily use of black seeds. Also, Milk Thistle and natural selenium found in Brazil nuts would add additional help to protect the liver and will also help support normal immune function.

Additional Note: "Mary from Brooklyn" update lab tests are awaited. Out last newsletter focused almost entirely on her remarkable recovery story. She indicated in February that she would have new lab tests in May. We had a message from her left on our phone around May 15th asking what my schedule was this summer and indicating that she would like to come to Wisconsin to visit me. She apologized for not answering my repeated phone calls and said she did not have the privacy to speak to me about her condition at the time. What are her latest lab results? Is the HIV virus still in remission or has it returned? We will provide an update if and when we can speak to her and see a copy of her lab tests.

    You can help us to pursue justice and create a better world with your prayers and a donation. For additional resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.



FDA warning letters ignore scientific research on the efficacy of natural remedies for cancer

Conrad LeBeau

On April 25, 2017. From FDA's website is this statement -

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today posted warning letters addressed to 14 U.S.-based companies (alleging) that they are illegally selling more than 65 products that fraudulently claim to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure cancer. The products are marketed and sold without FDA prior approval, most commonly on websites and social media platforms. “Consumers should not use these or similar unproven products because they may be unsafe and could prevent a person from seeking an appropriate and potentially life-saving cancer diagnosis or treatment,” said Douglas W. Stearn, director of the Office of Enforcement and Import Operations in the FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs.

With its record of not protecting the public from unsafe drugs, the FDA
should look in the mirror before throwing stones at others

When the FDA talks about safety, their press releases fail to mention the 1.2 million complaints about the adverse effects of FDA approved drugs that were filed by consumers in 2015(1); also, the 804,974 deaths from drugs and medical devices reported by the FDA since 2005(2), and the millions of Americans who used FDA approved chemotherapy for cancer in the last decade and died anyway.

In 2017, the National Cancer Institute (3) estimates that 1,688,780 new cases of cancer will develop this year and over 600,000 will die. This in spite of the fact a majority of these patients will be treated with chemotherapy. The annual cancer rate continues to climb.

1. Analysis: report of drugs side effects increase fivefold in 12 years Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 18, 2017 by Matthew Wynn and John Fauber of MedPage.
2. The FDA Death Meter as reported by the Alliance for Natural Health.
3. National Cancer Institute compiles cancer death statistics

By its actions, the FDA shows it is more concerned about using its regulatory powers to protect the market monopolies of Wall St bankers and drug companies rather than the public. FDA's war against natural food based remedies, herbal and nutritional supplements has been ongoing for more than 70 years, and are part of an ongoing conspiracy to remove all natural health products from the marketplace. I did some searches in the medical libraries on the products they black listed in their press release. First, here are a list of the 14 companies to whom their letters were directed:

The FDA letters were sent to -

    • AIE Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Cevrogin, Cholestrien, ImmunPro, Livral Complex
    • Amazing Sour Sop, Inc. Sour Sop (Graviola) Capsules, Sour Sop Leaves, Sour Sop Tea Bags
    • BioStar Technology International, LLC Angiostop, Ashwagandha, Asparagus Extract, Olive Leaf Qi, and Revivin
    • Caudill Seed & Warehouse Inc. Vitalica
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    • Hawk Dok Natural Salve, LLC Skin Cancer Treatment and Smokeless Tobacco Cancer Treatment for Gums, and Lip Sores
    • Healing Within Products & Services, Inc. Astragalus Glycerite, Black Salve, Healthy Prostate & Ovary, Original Herbal Tea Remedy, ProBoost Thymic Protein A, and Siberian Chaga Mushroom Extract
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    • The Vitamin C Foundation Cardio-C, Chewables Vitamin C, Sodium Ascorbate, True Liposomal Vitamin C, and World’s Finest Vitamin C Powder

Online Advisory Letters

Cell Mark Biopharma LLC CellAssure

Landis Revin, LLC Trevinol ES Fibrin Defense Systemic Enzyme, Trevinol ES Health Joint & Inflammation Support, Trevinol Professional Blend

Nathans Natural Levodyn Immuno Boost Eximius

Searching the Scientific Databases

A partial search of the scientific literature for 7 of the 65 products targeted by the FDA was made to determine if the FDA had a case against the distributors. If the FDA has a scientific basis to justify writing these 14 letters, the products selected for their effects on cancer would yield nothing in the computer searches. The searches done at the National Library of Medicine (PubMed) combined a product name with the word "cancer." The results of these searches speak for themselves and are as follows:

1. Graviola - Search terms used at PubMed [Graviola cancer] without the brackets [ ] Results- 10 articles

2. Asparagus -Search terms used at PubMed [Asparagus cancer] without the [ ] Results- 52 articles

3. Garlic -Search terms used at PubMed [Garlic cancer] without the [ ] Results- 959 articles

4. Lapacho -Search terms used at PubMed [Lapacho cancer] without the [ ] Results- 19 articles

5. Chaga Mushroom -Search terms used at PubMed [Chaga Mushroom - cancer] Results- 18 articles

6. Apricot seeds - natural source of Amygdalin - Terms used [apricot seeds cancer] Results - 211 articles

7. Essiac Tea - search terms used [Essiac Tea cancer] Results - 48 articles

The total number of articles retrieved in scientific publications for these 7 products is 1317 - that is One thousand, Three hundred and Seventeen abstracts - WOW! The search results indicate the basis for the FDA'a actions were based on definitions of "drug" and "new drug" and were not based on science. It is yet another example of the FDA's overeach of authority under the U.S. Constitution and the law.

We have not read the contents of all these publications, but a quick glance of the many titles indicates support for the anti-cancer activity of these 7 products. You could say the FDA has some explaining to do. However, as long as the FDA substitutes legal posturing for science, public opinion will continue to be controlled by sound bites that are misleading.

The First Amendment right of speech and press are being continuously and openly violated under color of law (FDCA). The intent of the lawmakers found in the Congressional Records of 1906 and 1994 both ignored or blind sided by the FDA, DOJ and too many Federal judges. My Petition for Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court lays out the case for illegal activity, the use of regulations and case law to suppress speech, and the broad over-reach of authority.

Under the pretense that the FDA might approve speech about how a natural food substance may prevent or mitigate a disease, no NDA has ever been approved for a non-patentable food or other natural remedy in the entire history of the FDA approving new drug applications that started in 1938. The FDA has yet to explain why it has never approved for the prevention or treatment of disease any food, nutrient, vitamin, mineral, enzyme, probiotics, herb or any other non-patented natural substance. The FDA dismisses over one million studies at the National Library of Medicine (PubMed) on the health benefits of plant based remedies. The FDA bible of approved drug remedies are listed in the "Orange book" and are composed entirely of patented synthetic molecular compounds.

The laws, regulations and court case laws of the past 100 years have created and sustained an exclusive marketing monopoly for the holders of patented drugs, composed of synthetic compounds. It is no coincidence that elected officials and federal employees in key regulatory agencies (the FDA and FTC) are selected by politicians who are bought off by Wall St bankers and big drug companies as payback for political contributions to key officials of the federal government. So it is this 5th day of May in the year 2017.

    You can help us to pursue justice and create a better world with your prayers and a donation. For additional resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.





April 25th - Two case reports on the use of Aloe Vera gel to heal tooth decay - an update

Conrad LeBeau
Last November 1st, 2016, I reported in this journal (v14n3) on the case of an elderly citizen in West Allis who had a tooth ache that came and went for the better part of 6 months. After trying every remedy imaginable, in August 2016, he went to see a local dentist who took x-rays and confirmed a small cavity in the tooth. A date was set for an extraction to be done in September.

In the Journal of Immunity (v14n3), I reported the following -

    "He also tried a mouthful of aloe vera juice from a bottle and noticed some long-term relief lasting several hours. Being aware of the availability of large fresh aloe vera leaves in a local Mexican market, he decided to buy one and try a slice of the raw leaf and apply it to the tooth.

    About 3 weeks ago, he cut a piece of the Aloe leaf about 1 inch long and ½ an inch thick. He removed the spines and the green skin of the outer leaf and placed the piece of the aloe flesh directly over the troubled tooth. He chewed on it lightly and allowed the juice from the aloe leaf to soak into the tooth and surrounding area in the mouth. Within an hour, he noticed some relief and decided to drop all the other treatments and just use the aloe to see what its healing potential was.

    The fresh aloe vera was applied over the tooth twice day. Within one week, all the pain was completely gone. He would not longer have any sensitivity in the tooth or in the surrounding tissue near the tooth. Everything seemed back to normal. Even honey and fruit juice that had previously caused the pain in the tooth to return no longer bothered him."

    Guess What - 7 months later - April 17, 2017, the tooth of this elderly citizen continues to not bother him. You see, I am that senior citizen. Conrad

    A second person has reported success on the use of fresh raw aloe gel for an aching tooth.

    April 10, 2017 - An email from ASHLEY HEDGES

    "Conrad, I have had a toothache, on my lower left back molar, tooth #19, I believe for the last 2 months. Painful to say the least. Have tried everything to alleviate the pain, only thing that subdues it is ibuprofen, 400 mg, for about 5 1/2 hours, then back again. Tried curcumin, garlic, turpentine (8 drops), goldenseal tincture, colloidal silver, cloves oil, none works, till I tried fresh aloe inner leaf gel, just placing it on the tooth, then chewing and swallowing the gel. Twice per day, and from the very first day, seems to be HEALING, NO PAIN, ETC. Will keep it up."

    Note - I don't think this aloe remedy would work on a tooth that is substantially decayed, but one where the decay has been recent. You can contact Ashley at (Name and email address are published with permission)

NASA coverup alleged - Scientists discuss evidence of a past civilization on Mars - and possible present life. A Utube video

This youtube video is about Mars anomalies, and intelligently made structures. This video features scientists who discuss and analyze photos from Mars, and an alleged coverup by NASA of the discovery of life on the red planet. The presentation shows trees and face carvings as in the 1976 Viking passby photo (shown above) of the red planet. You can access the hour-long video at this Utube link. Note: Ads within the presentation can be eliminated by clicking a link in the lower right corner of the Utube presentation.

    You can help us to pursue justice and create a better world with your prayers and a donation. For additional resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.

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April 5 Update Report

In response to the latest Journal article on the 5 part protocol used by Mary from Brooklyn that appears at this juncture to have cleared the remaining HIV viruses from the lymph node reservoirs, a few people have called and asked where to obtain whole black seed (nigella sativa). The site used by Mary was The label they used described nigella sativa as "Organic Whole Black Cumin." The label also says it is "nigella sativa" the latin botanical name for the "Black Cumin" that they sell in one pound packages.

It is important to note that while Nigella Sativa sometimes is sometimes referred to by the common name of Black Cumin, it is not the Cumin spice that is commonly found in grocery stores and used in Chile, Mexican, and Indian dishes. Regular cumin is brown not black and it has a different taste than Nigella sativa, which has a peppery taste. Nigella sativa is commonly grown in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India and Turkey and has also been used as a flavoring in certain dishes. Historically, it is known for its medicinal value and has been referred to in prophetic literature more than 1000 years ago as the cure for all diseases. At that time, the seed was eaten whole usually with raw honey. There was no black seed oil or black seed powder a 1000 yrs ago. In using the whole seeds, it would have the purest and most uncorrupted therapeutic value.

Two sources of whole black seed aka "Black Cumin" (nigella sativa) are and is located in Dallas Texas. Ph: 1-877-379-1179. is located in Buford, GA. Ph: 1-770-982-4780 There are many other sources and you can google for them.

We are very interested in hearing from anyone attempting to duplicate the protocol used by Mary from Brooklyn as a possible cure for HIV/AIDS. We think there are many combinations that could lead to the same goal - total viral eradication. My opinion is that persons who were recently infected (within the past year) have a greater chance of reaching a cure status with this 5 part protocol than those who have been in this battle for 20 or 30 years.

History records that Thomas Edison tried 10,000 times before making his first light bulb. Ever since, the world has been brighter. A first cure for HIV may be historic but will not be remembered if it is the only one. It will take many thousands more of successful duplications before the champagne bottles can be uncorked. The mistake the medical establishment has made is to treat HIV as a viral infection and not as AIDS which is also a dysfunction of the immune system. When we learn how to tweak the optimum immune response, many more cures will follow.

There are many immune response similarities between AIDs and cancer. Cures for cancer will happen more frequently when we learn how to heal, balance and restore proper immune responses.

    You can help us to pursue justice and create a better world with your prayers and a donation. For additional resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.

    Send us an email with your comments or to be placed on our email list for periodic mailings on a variety of topics including the Vitamin D and Black Seed combo for immune restoration.



March 25, 2017

The latest Journal of Immunty (Vol 15 No 1) is off the press and hard copies were mailed on March 24th. Most of this issue is an extended article on the breaking news of the case from Brooklyn, NY that based on the totality of all lab tests to date - the HIV virus has been completely cleared in this one case. Here is a summary of subparagraph article titles in this newsletter-

    • PCR test for HIV is non-detectable 17 weeks after stopping all HIV meds.
    • Background of this case
    • Test Results
    • Our Analysis of Mary's Protocol
    • Complera
    • Whole Black Seeds
    • on the correct dose of Black Seed
    • Raw Garlic
    • Beet Juice
    • The Importance of the CD4/CD8 ratio
    • Is it premature to claim that Mary is now cured of her HIV?
    • Suggestions for those on HIV Meds
    • Feb 21 2017 - FDA v. LeBeau - Supreme Court Petition Denied
    • The American Health Care Act by Paul Ryan and Tom Price is not the Answer
    • March 2, 2017 Nasa"s Curiosity Rover finds a "cross' on Mars.

Read the latest Journal of Immunity (2017 v15 n1) here.

March 2nd 2017
Updated info on a "possible cure" for HIV/AIDS

"Mary from Brooklyn": Background of this case.

This report is updated from Jan 2015 through February 2017 and contains some new details not previously known or published. It is about a female from NY. I will call her “Mary” not her real name. Although I had spoken to her several times starting in March 2015, here is what she told me on Sept 14, 2015.

1. Jan 2015 –first exposed to HIV. Mary became infected in January 2015 after having had sex with her husband in an event that resulted in the breakage of a condom. Neither her or her husband know he was HIV+.

2. February 2015, she tested positive on a standard HIV test for the virus. More testing found that her CD4 counts had dropped to around 340 while the CD8 count rose to 809. The CD4/CD8 ratio was 0.42. The viral load for HIV by PCR was 21000 in the February test.

3. March, 2015, divorces her husband.

4. Around March 11, Complera was prescribed. This was about 2 months after the original diagnosis of being HIV+, The ingredients in Complera, its benefits and side effects, can be found at The website states that Complera is not a cure for AIDS. However, Mary’s protocol involved more than using Complera.

5. Black seed Powder. On March 19, she used a coffee grinder to grind 4 teaspoons of whole black seeds into a powder that she mixed with water and took this twice a day with meals for one month - then she reduced the dosage to two teaspoons twice a day. Her source of the whole black seeds was She stopped using the black seed by December of 2015.

Note: She told me in Feb. 2017 that she ground the whole black seed and mixed them with water and drank them immediately. She did not use black seed powder in capsules and she did not use black seed oil.

6. Raw beet juice. She also blended 2 whole raw beets with a quart of water and made a smoothie. She drank ½ cup of the raw beet juice smoothie each day beginning in March of 2015. By Dec of 2015, she reduced her intake of raw beet juice.

7. Raw garlic. She ate 2 cloves of raw garlic 3 times a day with meals. She sliced them and placed on whole grain bread, crackers or on a salad. By Dec of 2015, she reduced her intake of raw garlic.

8. Basic diet – lots of raw vegetables, some fish and chicken daily, but ate red meat and cheese only once a month.

9. Prayed for a Cure – she said she recited about 50 prayers each day. Results: About 9 weeks later at the end of May, she had new lab results and they were – CD4 counts 560. PCR viral load for HIV now undetectable. The CD8 dropped to 383 and the CD4/CD8 ratio returned to a normal reference range at 1.46.

At the time, neither Mary nor her doctor realized the immunological significance of the CD4/CD8 ratio returning to a normal range. In June after reading about the importance of vitamin D at Keep Hope Alive, she asked her doctor to test her vitamin D levels. He did and they were low. He then prescribed 50,000 i.u. of vitamin D2 which she has taken once a week since the middle of June.

On August 28, 2015, she had new lab results and they were – CD4 count 596. CD8 count was 310 and the CD4/CD8 ratio climbed to 1.92, yet, neither she nor her doctor understood the significance of these unprecedented lab results.

By the end of December 2015, she had discontinued the daily use of black seed, and used raw garlic and beet juice only once or twice a week and not on a regular daily basis. However, she continued with the Complera, her basic diet and daily prayers. Her doctor told her several times that she would never be cured and would have to take HIV drugs for the rest of her life.

Other Test Results and Analysis

In reviewing what we published about her case in the past 2 years, it is possible she may already have flushed out the remaining HIV virions in the lymph node reservoirs by the end of August of 2015, about 5 months into her combination therapy. We will never know this as no HIV antibody test was done until May of 2016, which turned out negative with the finger prick test. A few months earlier, the saliva Oraquick test was negative, but we learned from sources that this test was not reliable once you had been infected.

Now that she has been virus free and on no HIV meds since Oct 1, 2016 (17 weeks and counting), we ask this question: at what point is it reasonable to declare her "cured" of HIV/AIDS? One more important question - can her protocol be used by others and have the same results? More time and testing will answer both of these questions.

FDA v. LeBeau - Petition Denied

Today Feb 21, 2017 the U.S. Supreme Court denied my Petition for a Writ of Certiorari ending a 7 year legal odyssey. It took just two words: "Petition Denied" that was posted on my case earlier today. That effectively brings the case to an abrupt end. No appeal is allowed. As President Trump says at the end of many of his tweets "Sad!" There was no explanation offered nor is there ever.

Every year, the Supreme Court receives about 7000 of these petitions and only accepts about 1% for judicial review. So the odds were clearly stacked (100 to 1) against my petition being reviewed regardless of its merits. Being that this case was based on the intent of the lawmakers, and not court case law. and not attorneys working for the Executive branch of government who craft policy, legal arguments, and law to please their political donors, it was an uphill battle all along.

Every judge that touched this case in the past 7 years acted like it was the third rail of politics. They simply ignored my strongest arguments based on the Congressional Records of 1906 and 1994 that showed what real Congressional intent was. The courts are continuing to uphold the deviations and perversions of law decided by courts nearly 100 years ago and passed on as "legal precedent."

The Supremes cherry pick their cases based on their personal preferences. They must have found the cherries in my case a bit tart. The only benefit I get from their denial of my petition is "closure." I can now pursue writing books that have awaited the outcome of this case. The rule of law and the pursuit of justice will await another day. Thank you all for following this case for the past several years. I will have more to say in my upcoming newsletter next month.

Conrad LeBeau

Feb 26 2017 Email from Dale Schmidt

Conrad – my heart-felt acknowledgements.

You led a valiant, unrelenting 7 year long fight, against great odds, with politically conflicted legal special interests -- who lead you through the well controlled, mind numbing and time consuming maze of illusionary due process litigation. They may have won the final decision – but you won in the court of public opinion. You demonstrated what one person can do to challenge a very elitist bureaucracy, well controlled by the shadow government of high-minded special interests … masquerading as caring entities.

Though your undeterred, relentless efforts, you have forced many to expose their hypocrisies, providing voluminous insights as to how they lead one on, wear one down - mutually conspiring and hoping that you will exhaust your resources and give up before getting a fair impartial hearing … only to discover that in the final analysis, if it does not fit their bias matrix, it will never be heard. Knowing you, you have all the times, dates and cast of characters to write a real expose’.

I have the Perfect Title: Rigged My 7 Year Relentless Struggle to get Justice in the US Court System

You have taken a path less worn and opened the way. For that we all should be most thankful. Thank you and God Bless. Dale A. Schmidt President & CEO Synergy 3 Group Inc.

Feb 28 From my nephew Scott LeBeau

I am proud of you, Uncle Conrad. And while I was not surprised by the Court's decision, I take some measure of comfort in the fact that your fight highlights a basic truth: there are those among us who posses a frame of reference independent of the tiny cage that the American socio-political worldview has become. It is tiny because it is merely political and temporal in its ontology; it is a cage because it is parochial in both a geographical and metaphysical sense. The world now bears witness to the fruits of such a thing, which in a very real Feb 28 sense is but the latest metastasis of that thing most appropriately called Modernism that has been ravaging the West for several centuries. You stood up and fought your fight right where you found yourself, right where you were found. That is all any of us can ever do, and a great deal more than most of us have the courage to do. Very well done. Scott LeBeau J.D.

    You can help us to pursue justice and create a better world with your prayers and a donation. For additional resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.


Feb. 20 2017

  • Breaking News - “Mary from Brooklyn” Update
    PCR test for HIV is non-detectable 17 weeks after
    discontinuing all HIV meds

    C. LeBeau.

    Feb.17, 2017. An African American female, 31 years old, and living in the New York city area stopped using her HIV meds on Oct 1, 2016* without telling her doctor. Seventeen weeks later, the most recent PCR test result has found no trace of the virus. All other lab test numbers are in normal ranges.

    *Note: The original date she intended to discontinue the HIV meds was planned for Aug 28 2016 as reported last year on this website. This was delayed to Oct 1 2016.

    After being on the HIV drug Complera for over one year, which she used along with Black Seed powder, and beet root juice, Mary from Brooklyn took the ultimate test to find out if she had really gotten rid of the remaining HIV viruses by stopping all HIV meds for 4 months and counting. The test which she had stated would start on Aug 28 actually started on Oct 1, 2016. On Feb. 8, 2017 lab test were taken at a local hospital. The results came in on Feb. 17th as follows:

    Vitamin D serum level – 69 ng/ml

    CD4/CD8 ration 2.5

    PCR test for HIV – none detected

    CD4 count 557

    CD8 count 223

    On June 14, 2016 we wrote: “Mary from Brooklyn” Update June 14, 2016
    A new development – HIV status converts from positive to negative.

    "We reported on the experiences of Mary from Brooklyn on this website on Feb. 1, 2016 and also with a detailed article in the September 2015 update. At the time we thought that her combination of the HIV drug Complera, along with Black Seed powder, beet juice and vitamin D had resulted in her CD4/CD8 ratio returning to a normal 1.46 reference range (normal is usually from 1.0 to about 2.0)."

    "May 2016 – Mary reports that a recent blood test for the Elisa - Western Blot is negative for antibodies to HIV. The test was not a repeat of the earlier saliva Oraquick that is unreliable for determining a person’s HIV status after they are infected. It was the finger prick test. The person who did the test remembered “Mary” and her earlier positive test result for HIV and said of the negative result “this is impossible.” Since he also has HIV, he retested himself to make sure the testing equipment was working properly; it was; he again tested positive on the Elisa/Western Blot."

    Issues associated with reporting a "Cure" for HIV/AIDS.

    There are several problems in reporting a "cure" for HIV/Aids. They are -

    1. The unpredictable nature of the virus. While 4 months and counting seems like Mary is home free, many previous declarations that a cure has been found in the past two decades including some on this website were proven over time to be premature. In Mary's case, if the HIV virus is hiding somewhere inside her, it is taking a long time to make its presence known.

    2. In Mary's case, her own doctor told her it was wishful thinking to believe that she could be cured and that she would need to take HIV meds for the rest of her life. What will be the expression on her doctor's face if she decides to tell him that she has not been taking the HIV meds for the past 4 months and counting? What if her HIV negative status goes on for 6, 9 or 12 more months or forever?

    3. The last challenge is simply this - can her protocol and the same results be duplicated by others who were recently diagnosed with HIV? Will the protocol also cure HIV/AIDs in long term survivors? Like everything else in life, time and testing will tell.

    In my phone call of last week, Mary told me she plans to set up an email address so members of the Keep Hope Alive email list can contact her directly. For now, she plans to keep her identity secret for privacy reasons. All the information that she has to offer will be published on this website and it will be freely available to one and all who may benefit from its use.

    Monitor your CD4/CD8 ratios closely.

    When you first start, if your PCR test results are negative, have an AIDS testing source do the finger prick test for elisa/western blot antibodies. If the results are negative, then wait until the CD4/CD8 ratios return to a normal reference range of 1 to 2.5, then retest for antibodies. When the HIV antibodies are gone and the CD4/CD8 ratio is normal again, you might be on the cusp of a cure or are already there. If you are using only herbal and natural remedies like black seed, the same diagnostics applies.

    While I am optimistic that the ideas discussed here will lead to an improved health status for many, whether more outright "cures" for AIDS will result is, God willing, something we will all find out together - tomorrow and beyond.

    You can help us to pursue justice and create a better world with your prayers and a donation. For additional resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.

    Also, send us an email with your comments or to be placed on our email list for periodic mailings on a variety of topics including the Vitamin D and Black Seed combo remedy for immune restoration.


Feb 2nd Update

  • Mary from Brooklyn: This is an update from last year. In a phone call on Jan 23rd, I was told she had discontinued all prescribed meds and all other self help remedies including the black seed, and the high daily dose of vitamin D starting Oct 1, 2016. In Nov, about 6 weeks after discontinuing all treatments for HIV, she stated her viral load remained undetectable, p24 antigen negative and the finger prick test for HIV antibodies (elisa/western blot) also non-reactive. Her CD4's were at 820, CD8 at 342 and CD4/CD8 ratio at 2.4. We are awaiting to hear from Mary about a recent test to see if this HIV - status is maintained or if the virus has re-emerged from hiding. This test result is crucial in determining whether or not total viral eradication has or has not occurred. Future updates will be posted when available.

    HIgh blood levels of Vitamin D from Sunlight may be a critical component of a future cure for HIV/AIDS

    Conrad LeBeau
    Mike, an HIV seropositive male in his 50's who lives in southwestern Wisconsin has been on HIV drugs for over 20 years and has continuously remained HIV negative as measured by PCR. This fall he told me in an interview that he gained 20 pounds this past summer after he developed a nice sun-tan by spending 2 to 3 hours a day in a Pontoon boat and enjoying the outdoors at a nearby lake.

    I shared my theory with him that the added weight could be due to the increased vitamin D levels resulting from his exposure to outdoor sunshine. The resulting increase in vitamin D would have had a powerful anti-inflammatory effect - reducing both TNF and IL-6, and as a result improve his intestinal absorption of nutrients from his diet. I suggested he find out what his CD4/CD8 ratio was and if it had returned to a normal range, also, to have an HIV antibody test (elisa/western blot) to see if he still has any antibodies to the virus.

    IMPORTANT Update 2018. Note: Vitamin D3, a synthetic vitamin supplement pill has a different molecular structure than the vitamin D formed from sunlight and this pill has had no positive effects in reducing HIV viral loads in case reports or in controlled studies. See the V16 N2, N3 and N4 for 2018 for more details.

    Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje

    February 02, 2017

    "Dear children, you who are striving to offer every day of your life to my Son, you who are trying to live with Him, you who are praying and sacrificing - you are hope in this peaceless world. You are rays of the light of my Son, a living gospel, and you are my beloved apostles of love. My Son is with you. He is with those who think of Him - those who pray. But in the same way, He is patiently waiting for those who do not know Him. Therefore, you, apostles of my love, pray with the heart and with your works show the love of my Son. This is the only hope for you, and this is also the only way to eternal life. I, as a mother, I am here with you. Your prayers directed to me are the most beautiful roses of love for me. I cannot but be where I sense the scent of roses. There is hope. Thank you."

    You can help us to pursue justice and create a better world with your prayers and a donation. For additional resources, do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books ... are also available.

    Send us an email with your comments or to be placed on our email list for periodic mailings on a variety of topics including the Vitamin D and Black Seed combo for immune restoration.


    Jan 26 Update

    A reprint from FDA Law Blog

    Hemp Industries Association Files Petition Against DEA Marijuana Extract Rule Implementation

    Posted in FDA Law Blog: 24 Jan 2017 02:13 PM PST
    By Larry K. Houck & Riëtte van Laack –

    The Hemp Industries Association has filed a Petition for Review in the Ninth Circuit to block implementation of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (“DEA’s”) recent final rule on Marijuana extracts. The DEA final rule designates non-psychoactive cannabinoids, including cannabidiol, as “marihuana extract” and adds all cannabinoids, including exempted portions of the Cannabis sativa L. plant, to schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”). See Establishment of a New Drug Code for Marihuana Extract, 81 Fed. Reg. 90,194. 90,196 (Dec. 14, 2016) (here).

    The petition seeks judicial review of DEA’s final rule creating a new drug code without following required CSA procedures or making findings required by the CSA to control substances. The petition claims that DEA’s rule creates a drug code for substances that are not controlled under the CSA; that the final rule “dictates that the mere presence of ‘cannabinoids,’ which are not controlled substances, is the determinative factor of whether a compound is a ‘marihuana extract.’”

    Petition at 2. It further claims that the final rule too broadly defines “marihuana extract” by including portions of the Cannabis sativa L. plant that are exempt from control under the CSA or exempt from being treated as controlled substances pursuant to the CSA and the Agricultural Act of 2014. Id. at 2-3.

    The CSA defines “marihuana” as “all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa L., whether growing or not; the seeds thereof; the resin extracted from any part of such plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of such plant, its seeds or resin” but excludes “the mature stalks of [the] plant, fiber produced from [the] stalks, oil or cake made from the seeds of [the] plant, any other compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of [the] mature stalks (except the resin extracted therefrom), fiber, oil, or cake, or the sterilized seed[s] . . . incapable of germination.” 21 U.S.C. § 802(16). Yet, the DEA final rule on marijuana extracts appears to include all portions of the marijuana plant, including those specifically excluded by the CSA from the definition of marijuana.

    Petitioner, the Hemp Industries Association, successfully challenged DEA’s 2003 rulemaking that amended the regulation to include naturally occurring tetrahydrocannabinols (“THC”) within the definition of “synthetic THC” and, therefore, treat it as a schedule I substance, even though it falls outside the CSA definition of marijuana. Hemp Indus. Ass’n v. DEA, 357 F.3d 1012 (9th Cir. 2004) (here).

    The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit concluded that DEA “cannot regulate naturally-occurring THC not contained within or derived from marijuana - i.e., non-psychoactive hemp products - because non-psychoactive hemp is not included in Schedule I.” Id. at 1018.

    The Court held that DEA’s broadening of the definition of THC to include naturally occurring THC “contravenes the unambiguously expressed intent of Congress in the CSA and cannot be upheld.” Id. The Court permanently enjoined DEA from enforcing the rules scheduling THC. Id. at 1019. However, the Court’s decision is limited to the Ninth Circuit. The Ninth Circuit decision can be read here.

    It will be interesting to follow this petition given how the marijuana/hemp/THC state regulatory landscape has changed considerably since 2004.

    Jan 20 update - President Trump issues a Regulatory Freeze

    Reince Priebus, Pres-elect Trump's chief of staff sent a letter to all Regulatory agencies freezing all new regulations written under the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) that are not yet finalized by publication in the Federal Register, until they are reviewed and approved by the White House. The Executive Order should block the DEA ruling that would have the effect of making non-psychoactive cannabinoids (CBD) an illegal Substance I drug under the DEA's bold overreach of executive power.

    ..non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rats following chronic exposure to an ultra-low dose of Roundup herbicide

    Authors: Robin Mesnage, George Renney, Gilles-Eric Séralini, Malcolm Ward & Michael N. Antoniou Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 39328 (2017) doi:10.1038/srep39328 Download Citation Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Proteomics Received: 22 July 2016 Accepted: 22 November 2016 Published online: 09 January 2017

    Monsanto's GMO corn and soybeans and Roundup herbicide have been found to produce fatty liver disease in rats at very low doses. With a global obesity epidemic and over 100 million Americans with obesity, type II diabetes, and metabolic syndrome, a majority of people also have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD. The majority of the populations is consuming meat from animals fed GM corn and soybeans. Both these grains contain the bt toxin that can cause holes to develop in the intestines and also the glyphosphates in Roundups week killer, a known cancer causing agent. The authors also found that Monsanto's Roundup promotes estrogen, a hormone that is linked clearly to abdominal fat, man boobs, and some forms of cancer like breast and ovarian. The article is long and should give the reader motivation to buy only organic meats, grass-fed, and organic grains, especially corn and soybeans, but also to have a diet with more non-gmo organic plant-based foods. Read the entire article here

    Jan 5th 2016 Update

    New Issue of the Journal of Immunity V14 No 4

    Conrad LeBeau
    The latest issue of the Journal is dedicated to updated and new proposals to replace Obamacare with a health care system that staunchly defends freedom of choice in medicine with no limits to treatment options, although cost the insurance would pay is limited to what a conventional treatment alternative would be.. Your feedback to this newsletter and its proposals is important.

    Two new key proposals are to narrow the definition of drug to exclude water, food, dietary supplements and all other non-patentable substances. The second proposal is to require Insurance companies to pay for Experimental treatments without any mandates for government pre approval. Doctors and patients are thus empowered to make their own health care decisions including treatment choices and without interference from paternalistic federal employees from any branch of the government but especially the FDA and FTC. A summary of key points in these proposals is listed below.

    Key Elements of the Health Care Plan

    Health Care professionals would receive training in newly developed low cost protocols for treating all diseases. The program would be funded from payment for services from patients, general revenues of the Federal Government and the minting of Platinum coins if needed. Specifics:

    1. Redefine the legal definition of drug to exclude food, water, dietary supplements, and all other non-patentable products.

    2. Require Insurance policies to cover experimental treatments and non-patented health remedies at a cost no greater than the prescribed drug alternatives.

    3. Create public databases to follow the results of alternative and experimental remedies.

    4. Panels of experts in multiple alternative health categories to be set up. Priority in developing low cost treatment programs goes initially to the top disease killers - cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and non-narcotic pain relief.

    5. NIH to train all health-care professionals in the use of new low cost treatment modalities and protocols for all disease conditions.

    6. Military Medical Corpsmen would offer patient evaluation, counseling, prescriptions at VA Hospitals and at local hospitals as well through locally leased facilities in or near hospitals. This would provide for low cost health care for both Veterans and the uninsured public.

    7. Pre-existing conditions and the uninsured are covered.

    8. Pay according to ability to pay on a sliding scale similar to what the VA has done for several years.

    9. Veterans would have the choice of going to an existing VA hospital or a local treatment center that is also open to the public.

    While Medical Corpsmen have provided medical services to civilians in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and elsewhere, they can also offer the same services to the American people and at a fraction of today's costs.

    Read the entire newsletter here

    You can help our effort to have an impact on the new health care law by printing copies of this newsletter Vol 14, No 4 and send them to your U.S. Senator and Congressman with a hand written note asking for their support to sponsor the proposals inside. Also send copies to local and national media and activist organizations. We also have printed extra copies of the newsletter at $5 for 5 copies, so you can mail them out individually. To order write to Keep Hope Alive, PO Box 270041, West Allis WI 53227 414-231-9817 Thank You.

    You can help us to continue our efforts to pursue social justice and to create a better world by supporting our efforts with a donation. Send us an email with your comments or experiences or to be placed on our email group list for special periodic mailings on a variety of topics. For additional help, see our printed books, e-books, publications, and religious articles.


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