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Dec 7, 2018 Update

FDA recalls 8 brands of Dog food due to vitamin D toxicity

The FDA has received a number of complaints that their pet dogs were showing symptoms of vitamin D toxicity. The problem is the use of synthetic vitamin D3 - specifically cholecalciferol. - an ingredient used in at least 2 nationally marketed rodenticides (D-Con and Terad3). The FDA now needs to protect people from calcification of their lungs, arteries and kidney failure due to this defective form of vitamin D. It is time the US Public Health Service, the CDC and the FDA re-examine their long standing opposition to sunlight exposure and recommend an ancient remedy - fermented cod liver oil as a time proven safe source of both natural vitamin A and D along with DHA and EPA, both proven to help cardiovascular health. The following article is a reprint of the FDA statement on this issue.

FDA Alerts Pet Owners about Potentially Toxic Levels of Vitamin D in Several Dry Pet Foods

December 3, 2018

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating the presence of elevated, potentially toxic levels of vitamin D in several dry pet foods.

Fast Facts

  • The FDA is alerting pet owners and veterinary professionals about recalls of several dry dog foods after receiving complaints that dogs eating the food experienced vitamin D toxicity.
  • Testing found that samples of the dog food contained excessive, potentially toxic amounts of vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for dogs, but very high amounts can cause serious health problems like kidney failure or death.
  • At this time, the only pet products that have been impacted are food made for dogs.
  • Pet owners should discontinue feeding these recalled products.
  • The FDA is asking veterinarians who suspect vitamin D toxicity in their patients to report them through the Safety Reporting Portal or by calling their local FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinators. Pet owners can also report suspect cases to the FDA.
  • This is a developing situation and additional recalls may be announced.

Back to the top

What is the Problem?

The FDA has become aware of reports of vitamin D toxicity in dogs that ate dry dog food common contract manufacturer and marketed under several different brand names. This is a developing situation, and the FDA will update this page with additional information as it becomes available.

What are the Symptoms of Vitamin D Toxicity?

Excess vitamin D in the diet can cause vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling and weight loss. Vitamin D at toxic levels can cause kidney failure and death. Pet owners whose dogs have been eating the recalled brands and are showing these symptoms should contact their veterinarians.

Back to the top

What Brands Have Been Recalled?

This is a developing situation and this list may not be complete. The FDA will update this list as more information becomes available.

The list of recalled dry dog food products provided to the FDA include:

  • Nutrisca
    • Chicken and Chickpea Dry Dog Food 
      • UPC 8-84244-12495-7 – 4 lb. bag
      • UPC 8-84244-12795-8 – 15 lb. bag
      • UPC 8-84244-12895-5 – 28 lb. bag
      • Best by date range: February 25, 2020 through September 13, 2020
  • Natural Life Pet Products
    • Chicken & Potato Dry Dog Food 
      • UPC 0-12344-08175-1 – 17.5 lb. bag 
        • Best by dates range: December 4, 2019 through August 10, 2020
  • Sunshine Mills, Inc.
    • Evolve Chicken & Rice Puppy Dry Dog Food 
      • UPC 0-73657-00862-0 – 14 lb. bag
      • UPC 0-73657-00863-7 – 28 lb. bag
    • Sportsman’s Pride Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food 
      • UPC 0-70155-10566-0 – 40 lb. bag
      • UPC 0-70155-10564-0 – 40 lb. bag
    • Triumph Chicken & Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food 
      • UPC 0-73657-00873-6 – 3.5 lb. bag
      • UPC 0-73657-00874-3 – 16 lb. bag
      • UPC 0-73657-00875-0 – 30 lb. bag
  • ANF, Inc.
    • ANF Lamb and Rice Dry Dog Food 
      • UPC 9097231622 – 3 kg bag 
        • Best by Nov 23 2019
      • UPC 9097203300 – 7.5 kg bag 
        • Best by Nov 20 2019
  • Lidl (Orlando brand)
    • Orlando Grain-Free Chicken & Chickpea Superfood Recipe Dog Food 
      • Lidl product number 215662 
        • TI1 3 Mar 2019
        • TB2 21 Mar 2019
        • TB3 21 Mar 2019
        • TA2 19 Apr 2019
        • TB1 15 May 2019
        • TB2 15 May 2019
  • Kroger disclaimer icon
    • Abound Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food 
      • UPC 11110-83556 – 4 lb. bag, all lots
      • UPC 11110-83573 – 14 lb. bag 
        • All lot codes
      • UPC 11110-89076 – 24 lb. bag 
        • All lot codes
  • ELM Pet Foods, Inc.
    • ELM Chicken and Chickpea Recipe 
      • UPC 0-70155-22507-8 – 3 lb. bag 
        • D2 26 FEB 2019
        • TE1 30 APR 2019
        • TD1 5 SEP 2019
        • TD2 5 SEP 2019
      • UPC 0-70155-22513-9 – 28 lb. bag 
        • TB3 6 APR 2019
        • TA1 2 JULY 2019
        • TI1 2 JULY 2019
    • ELM K9 Naturals Chicken Recipe 
      • UPC 0-70155-22522-9 – 40 lb. bag 
        • TB3 14 Sep 2019
        • TA2 22 Sep 2019
        • TB2 11 Oct 2019
  • Ahold Delhaize
    • Nature’s Promise Chicken & Brown Rice Dog Food 
      • UPC 068826718472 – 14 lb. bag 
        • All lot codes
      • UPC 068826718471 – 28 lb. bag 
        • All lot codes
      • UPC 068826718473 – 4 lb. bag 
        • All lot codes
    • Nature’s Place Real Country Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food 
      • UPC 72543998959 – 5 lb. bag 
        • All lot codes
      • UPC 72543998960 – 15 lb. bag 
        • All lot codes

The recalled products were sold nationwide.

Back to the top

What is FDA doing to address the situation?

After receiving complaints from pet owners about dogs with vitamin D toxicity, one of the firms reported to the FDA that it was recalling dry pet food due to potentially toxic levels of vitamin D. Many other brands with a common contract manufacturer have also been recalled. The FDA is working with the contract manufacturer to provide a comprehensive list of affected brands.

FDA scientists are still analyzing reports and the information currently available to determine whether the illnesses are definitively connected to diet.

FDA scientists have evaluated samples of some of these products, and State and private lab test results indicate that the food contained as much as approximately 70 times the intended amount of vitamin D. Consuming food with such high levels of vitamin D is potentially toxic to dogs and in severe cases may lead to kidney failure and/or death.

Books I have written with the latest updated information on vitamin D can be found here.

The Immune Restoration Handbook has been updated to the 4th edition. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, and prayer books are also available.


Nov 3, 2018 Update

My Letter below replies to an article in predicting a recession

Greetings to Lance Johnson,
I like your article except for this one incorrect statement that the Federal Reserve is pumping billions of dollars into the economy. No, that was when the Federal Reserve Boar was under Chairman Ben Bernanke's leadership. Following the freeze in the credit market in 2008. Ben Bernanke and his fellow Board members reduced interest rates to near zero and also purchased around 4 trillion dollars worth of government bonds. The purchases were made with Fed money (bookkeeping entries) that were created with the stroke of a pen. It was called quantitative easing or QE.

It brought stable prices and interest income to the US Treasury of about 150 billion per year as the Federal Reserve  returned the interest it collects on bonds it owns back to the US Treasury. The unemployment rate has also fallen to historic lows. The stock market reached meteoric heights. What is there to complain about? Success?

However, the critics of QE are mainly the Wall St bankers who use their mouth pieces in the establishment news media to demonize a successful Federal Reserve policy under Ben Bernanke. Now, today, we have the opposite of QE, it is QR that stand for Quantitative Restricting. Under QR1, QR2, QR3 and QR4, interest rates are rising dramatically and soon these rising interest rates will induce a cost-push inflation on the whole economy that the Wall St bankers talking heads in the media will blame on an over heated economy.

Be careful what you wish for - under QR1, 2, 3 and 4, a contraction the US and world economy is now underway. Just look at how credit card companies have jacked up the interest rates they charge their customers in the past 6 months. Some are as high as 30%. The Fed increased interest rates 2% and the credit card companies raised their rates by10%. Greed is never fair.

If you want to learn more, read or download my free book - "Money Creation - from the Knight Templars to Wall St" at Thanks for letting me post this comment. Conrad LeBeau

Other News - D-Con

- a common rodenticide lists "cholecalciferol" as the active ingredient on its packaging. That explains what the D stands for in D- Con - you guessed it - Vitamin D3 - the same as Terad3, is another vitamin D3 rodenticide

- the conclusion -VItamin D 3 is one powerful rat poison.

Cholecalciferol is synthetic vitamin D3. D-Con is one of the most widely used mice and rat poisons on the market. It is sold worldwide. I accidentally discovered D-Con's secret ingredient when I recently looked at a box of the rodent killer and was surprised to see cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) listed on the label as the active ingredient. The label's active ingredient was hard to read as they used light red lettering on a black ground. It took the help of a flashlight and a magnifying glass to make this stunning discovery. It almost seems like whoever designed the label wanted to hide the true name of its active ingredient.

If the word gets out that rat poison is now part of your one a day vitamin supplements and is also in hundreds of food products from milk to orange juice to hundred of dietary supplements, it should cause anyone who wants to have a healthier life style to jettison this supplement. You can't kill rats with sunshine, indoor tanning beds or cod liver oil. It is a fact that you are more than 200 times more like to have a stroke or kidney failure using vitamin D3 and you are to develop skin cancer from sun exposure or using indoor tanning beds. Synthetic vitamin D3 is made from lanolin has a defective molecular structure. The so called experts got this one wrong. It is missing the sulfate molecule. This is a major national scandal.

Books I have written with the latest updated information on vitamin D can be found here.

The Immune Restoration Handbook has been updated to the 4th edition. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, and prayer books are also available.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 11, 2018 Contact:, 202-224-4343 WASHINGTON, D.C. –

Today, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced legislation to cut off U.S. military aid and assistance to Saudi Arabia until U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo determines that missing American resident and Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi is alive and free.

“Time and again, clear evidence has proven that sending American taxpayer support to Saudi Arabia is not in our national security interest and instead helps further destabilize the Middle East.

My bill gives Congress another chance to take a stand,” said Dr. Paul. Khashoggi was last seen alive entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, on October 2, 2018, where Turkish authorities believe he was murdered.

The legislation marks the latest effort by Dr. Paul to prevent U.S. taxpayers’ support from going to a nation that has supported terrorists around the world, has a poor record on human rights, and has used questionable tactics in a war in Yemen that has left thousands of civilians dead and millions of Yemenis on the edge of famine.

Using special procedures authorized by the Arms Export Control Act of 1976, Dr. Paul has previously led multiple, bipartisan efforts to block U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia and forced Senate votes on the issue in September 2016 and June 2017.

You can read Dr. Paul’s entire bill stopping aid to Saudi Arabia below:

To prohibit military aid to Saudi Arabia until the Secretary of State determines that Jamal Khashoggi is alive and free.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

Section 1. Restriction on Military Aid to Saudi Arabia The United States Government shall not provide any military aid or assistance to the Government of Saudi Arabia until the Secretary of State certifies to Congress that journalist Jamal Khashoggi is alive and free and subsequent legislation is enacted authorizing the resumption of such aid and assistance.

PLease read and pass this on to your elected Congressmen and Senators.

October 1 update

The latest issue of the Keep Hope Alive Journal V16 N3 is now posted.. Summary: Synthetic Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) was registered as a rodenticide in 1984. Terad3 from Bell Laboratories is a rodent poison that uses solely as its active ingredient, synthetic vitamin D3 aka Cholecalciferol. According to company statements, Terad3's mode of action is "calcification of the rodents heart, lungs and other important organs which of course leads to death." A local case report - Sandy, a local senior citizen takes 5000 I.U. of vitamin D3 daily for 3 years on the advice of her cardiologist - the result is a stroke. Adverse effects of long term use of vitamin D3 - artery disease and weaker bones. My story by Conrad LeBeau- the result of taking vitamin D3 for 3 years at a range from 5000 to 10,000 i.u daily results in a trip to the Emergency Room of a local hospital. Cod Liver Oil as a source of natural Vitamin D. George Griffing MD states: "Mother was Right about Cod Liver Oil." Evaluating different brands of Cod Liver Oil. Traditional and Fermented Cod Liver oil. A word of caution: Some newer brands of cod liver oil are over-processed to improve flavor and this also removes most of the naturally occurring Vitamins A and D - these brands are often then spiked with synthetic vitamins A and D and should be avoided. Mary from Brooklyn update - still HIV negative for active virus and off of all HIV meds for over one year. printable version pdf

Books updated with the latest information on vitamin D can be found here.

The Immune Restoration Handbook has been updated to the 4th edition. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, and prayer books are also available.


September 1 update

A Local Case Report
Stroke follows 3 years of taking high doses of Vitamin D3

Breaking News- Vitamin D3 sold as Rat Poison


Conrad LeBeau
Waterford, WI. In July I met with Sandy and her husband whom I have known for several years. I was aware that Sandy had a stroke over one year ago in 2016. I was not aware that she had been taking high doses of vitamin D3 prior to the stroke.  I shared with her the last issue of this newsletter on the dangers of taking synthetic Vitamin D3 as reported by Dr. Stephanie Seneff.

Sandy told me that for 3 years before she had the stroke that has left her speech impaired, she had taken 5000 i.u daily of vitamin D3 on the advice of her cardiologist. Sandy, like many of us, will believe an expert like her personal doctor. Today, with over 63000 published studies on vitamin D, the medical profession is as divided as ever on this subject.

I asked Sandy if her doctor had also advised her to take vitamin K2 along with the vitamin D3 or to take vitamin A to prevent or minimize the adverse effects of high doses of synthetic D3. She said “No.” I explained that one of the adverse effects of D3 is calcification of the arteries. That side effect is not minor – calcification of the arteries can cause a stroke, a heart attack and death. Sandy asked: “what is synthetic vitamin D?”

I told her that multiple sources state that synthetic vitamin D3 is made from lanolin that is extracted from sheep’s wool. In January 2018, the Townsend Letter for Doctors referred to both Vitamin D2 and D3 as synthetic as they are not directly derived from natural sources such as the mother’s milk or traditional sources such as cod liver oil. Natural vitamin D contains a sulfate molecule. For humans and other mammals on the earth, vitamin D has always been made by the uvb rays of the sun interacting with cholesterol sulfate in the skin. IT has been this way since time itself was invented, indeed from the dawn of creation. Study after scientific study has found that sunlight and also cod liver oil have protective effects against cardiovascular disease.

Synthetic vitamin D does not contain the sulfate molecule. Studies in animals have shown that synthetic D3 has caused damage to the arteries of test animals. I also shared with her the discovery the molecular structure of natural vitamin D derived from sunlight interaction with cholesterol sulfate in the skin is different than the man-made versions of D2 and D3. The differences are significant and very important.

Why Synthetic (fake) Vitamin D is not equal to Natural (real) Vitamin D?

It is almost like comparing fake news to real news. The first problem with evaluating the scientific literature about vitamin D is making the classic mistake of comparing the synthetic to the natural forms as equals based on labels. Since the molecular structure of natural vitamin D has a sulfate molecule attached and the synthetic versions of vitamin D does not, they have different molecular structures. The synthetic forms need to be more critically evaluated.

The main natural source of vitamin D is sunlight. Sunlight has consistently been shown to have cardio-protective effects  - lower blood pressure, and significantly fewer heart attacks and strokes. Sunlight exposure has consistently been shown to protect against breast cancer and many other forms of cancer.

Adverse Effects of vitamin D3 include artery disease and weaker bones     

Synthetic vitamin D given to swine in a controlled study has been shown to cause pathological damages to the thoracic aorta of the swine. The swine consumed a human equivalent of about 11000 i.u. vitamin D3 each day. (1) However, even a lower dose of 2200 i.u per day of D3 worsened atherosclerosis in swine on a high fat diet.

Studies using vitamin D3 as a supplement found little difference in bone density between the treatment group and placebo. In one study, the group taking vitamin D3 had 6% fractures vs 5% in the control group. (2)

1.Takagi T et al. Coronary atherosclerosis in swine induced by a mild dietary excess of (synthetic) vitamin D. Nutr. Rep Int. 1983;28:1111-1118

2. Khaw KT et al. Effect of monthly high-dose (synthetic) vitamin D supplementation on falls and non-vertebral fractures:.. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 2017;5:438-447

Synthetic Vitamin D3 was registered as a Rodenticide (rat poison) in 1984

   The comment in the Townsend Letter for Doctors that vitamin D3 was registered as a rodenticide in 1984 did not state the source of this jolting piece of information. However a search on the Internet turned up Terad3 Blox made by Bell Laboratories.

At the website is this photo of the D3 rat poison. This is what the company says about their product:


  • Premier formulation with Vitamin D3

TERAD3 BLOX expertly combines the most recent advancements in bait formulation to yield a highly weatherable BLOX with the benefits of the active ingredient, Vitamin D3.
“After years of researching the most effective formulation for housing this unique active ingredient, Bell scientists have found the perfect match - a denser, tightly compacted 1-oz. extruded BLOX with outstanding durability, palatability and weatherability.
“TERAD3 BLOX with Vitamin D3 kills anticoagulant-resistant rats and mice. With BLOX, bait translocation is also reduced.”

If anyone thinks that it is safe to consume high doses of vitamin D3 indefinitely, this photo and what Bell labs says about their D3 rat poison (rodenticide) should give anyone pause, especially a doctor. Is swallowing rat poison really a good idea? You can't kill rats with sunshine or cod liver oil.

Safer Choices for Vitamin D

1. Fermented Cod Liver Oil

2. Sun tanning outdoors (Do not use sun tan lotion) 3 or more times a week up to 30 minutes or tanning indoors in a bed that gives off uvb light.

3. Take a vitamin K2 capsule once or twice daily to prevent and reverse calcification of the arteries caused by the ingestion of vitamin D2 or D3.

Do not buy Cod Liver that is over processed and to which synthetic D2 or D3 have been added. Call the manufacturer before purchasing to make sure all the A and D in the formula are natural occurring in the Cod Liver Oil and have not been spiked with synthetic vitamin D.

End of Excerpts from the upcoming September newsletter. The full 6 page article on this subject will be published in September in the next Journal. Books where I have updated the latest information on vitamin D can be found here.

The Immune Restoration Handbook has been updated to the 4th edition. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, and prayer books are also available.



July 30th 2018

Mary from Brooklyn HIV Update - When do you call it a Cure"?

Conrad LeBeau
July 27th 2018 - Mary called two days ago to share with me her latest lab results. All her blood work is normal. To have active HIV virus in her body, her doctor told her she needs to test positive on the HIV antibody test as well as on the Western Blot test. The Western Blot test has been replaced with a more sensitive test called the "Multispot Test" also called the "Confirmatory test." This test indicates the presence of active viral particles for HIV. 

New: For the first time in 3 years, Mary has an email address so you can write her with your questions or comments. It is

The results of the latest July test are: HIV antibody (positive)

Multispot test (Western Blot) -(negative)

Conclusion from her Doctor: She no longer has any active HIV virus in her. PCR remains non-detectable and all blood parameters are within normal reference ranges. That includes the cd4/cd8 ratios. She also told her doctor that she has not taken any HIV drugs since last fall. This is the same doctor who said that she would have to take HIV meds for the rest of her life. Well she isn't and the most sophisticated test he has used can no longer find the virus.

Finally, Mary has set up an email address so you can write her with your questions or comments. Go to

Editor"s Opinion on Mary's Unusual Protocol and Lab Results

It is my opinion that without the raw garlic she consumed in 2015 along with everything else, "Mary" (a pen name to protect her identity) she would not have this good news to share with us today. Possibly, one or more of the many sulfur compounds in garlic holds the key to her success. I will have more to say about this in a future article.

Re-evaluating her protocol, It is my opinion that No 1 is Raw Garlic at the top on the list as the most important item she used in her battle against HIV. I would put Complera as No 2 and Blackseed No 3 in overall importance. Everything else follows these three items except that her attitude, strong determination, and her faith in God embraces and empowers all her treatment choices. Conrad LeBeau

[See my latest newsletter on the newly discovered differences between vitamin D3 Sulfate that comes from sunlight and man made vitamin D2 or D3 than is not sulfated.]

Historical Background of Mary's Journey from HIV + to -

(Jan 2015 to July 26, 2018)

Mary from Brooklyn

The following are excerpts from Vol 15 No 1 2017. 

This report is about a female from NY. I will call her “Mary” not her real name. Although I had spoken to her several times starting in March 2015, here is what she told me in a phone call in 2015.

1. Jan 2015 – exposed to HIV. Mary became infected in January 2015 after having had sex with her husband in an event that resulted in the breakage of a condom.

2. February 2015, she tested positive on a standard HIV test for the virus. More testing found that her CD4 counts had dropped to around 340 while the CD8 count rose to 809. The CD4/CD8 ratio was 0.42. The viral load for HIV by PCR was 21000 in the February test. 

3. March, 2015, Mary divorces her husband.

4. Complera. Around March 11, the HIV drug Complera was prescribed by her physician. This was about 2 months after the original diagnosis of HIV+. The ingredients in Complera, its benefits and side effects, can be found at The website states that Complera is not a cure for AIDS. However, Mary’s protocol involved more than using Complera.

5. Black seed Powder. On March 19, she used a coffee grinder to grind 4 teaspoons of whole black seeds into a powder that she mixed with water and took this twice a day with meals for one month - then she reduced the dosage to two teaspoons twice a day. Her source of the whole black seeds was She stopped using black seed by December of 2015. Note: She told me in Feb 2017 that she ground the whole black seed and mixed them with water and drank them immediately. She did not use black seed powder in capsules and she did not use black seed oil. 

6. Raw garlic. She ate 2 cloves of raw garlic 3 times a day with meals. She sliced them and placed on whole grain bread, crackers or on a salad. By Dec of 2015, she stopped her daily intake of raw garlic. 

7. Beet juice. She also blended 2 whole raw beets with a quart of water and made a smoothie. She drank ½ cup of the raw beet juice smoothie each day beginning in March of 2015. By Dec of 2015, she stopped her daily intake of the raw beet juice. 

8. Basic diet – lots of raw vegetables, some fish and chicken daily, but ate red meat and cheese only once a month.

9. Prayed for a Cure – she said she recited about 50 prayers each day.

Results: About 9 weeks later at the end of May, in 2015, she had new lab results and they were – CD4 counts 560. PCR viral load for HIV now undetectable. The CD8 dropped to 383 and the CD4/CD8 ratio returned to a normal reference range at 1.46. At the time, neither Mary nor her doctor realized the immunological significance of the CD4/CD8 ratio returning to a normal range. In June after reading about the importance of vitamin D at Keep Hope Alive, she asked her doctor to test her vitamin D levels. He did and they were low – below 30 ng/ml. He then prescribed 50,000 i.u. of vitamin D2 which she has taken once a week since the middle of June. 

Support us with your prayers and a donation or help us raise money by participating in our affiliate program with the W.T Raleigh Co. Also do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. or the downloaded pdf version. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people. Miraculous water, prayer books are also available.


Ukraine on Fire - produced by Oliver Stone

For centuries, Ukraine has been at the center of a tug-of-war between powers seeking to control its rich lands and access to the Black Sea. 2014's Maidan Massacre triggered a bloody uprising that ousted president Viktor Yanukovych and painted Russia as the perpetrator by Western media. But was it? "Ukraine on Fire" by Igor Lopatonok - produced by Oliver Stove is a must see expose of U.S. State Dept and CIA interference in Ukraine's internal affairs.

July 17 2018

Update on the Civil War in Ukraine

My reply today to an email from a member of to sign a petition to President Trump.

Rob, I cannot support your petition. This is media driven hysteria about Trump. I support President Trump's efforts to have a dialogue with the Russians, and the North Koreans and work together to solve world problems. Our democracy is under attack from within by Wall St bankers, drug companies and multi-national corporations, and the establishment news media. Russian interference in our election in 2016 was minimal and of little significance, except it did seek to undermine Hillary Clintons' campaign.

Every country on earth will try to influence or interfere in
another's countries elections if they can get away with it. Russia itself
is a democracy. *Russia and Vladimir Putin are not our enemy. *The Ukraine
civil war was started by wealthy oligarchs in Europe. The people in Crimea
voted to succeed from Ukraine and join Russia. That is their right and we
have no business interfering into their internal affairs. The western
oligarchs staged this coup in Ukraine to take over the country and control
its vast resources and people. They ousted Ukrainian President Viktor
Yanukovych in 2014. Pres. Yanukovich was interviewed at -

*"Viktor Yanukovich, who was ousted as president of Ukraine in a violent armed coup, says history will not look kindly on those who ceased power in 2013, because they secured their authority by spilling innocent blood.
Yanukovich, who currently lives in exile in Russia, spoke to RT after a Ukrainian court questioned him via telelink about his part in the Maidan protests, where over 100 people, both protesters and police officers, were
killed. The legal proceedings come three years after a mass protest in Ukraine triggered monumental changes in global politics.

[image: Former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, is seen here during a press scrum in Rostov Region Court where he testifies on February 2014 unrest in Kiev. The Rostov Region Court arranged a video link for Kiev's Svyatoshinsky Court to interrogate Mr. Yanukovych.© Sergey Pivovarov]*Ukrainian Maidan coup leaders must testify** before court – ousted President Yanukovich *

*"In the interview, the ousted leader accused the new authorities of unleashing the national army on the rebellious regions in eastern Ukraine, which has resulted in a civil war that has claimed over 10,000 lives so
In another account - Read about the role of the U.S. Government and Hillary Clinton in this coup at perpetrated-the-2014-coup-in-ukraine

An excerpt is:

*"The network behind this coup had actually started planning for the coup back in 2011. That’s when Eric Schmidt of Google, and Jared Cohen, also now of Google but still continuing though unofficially as U.S.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chief person tasked to plan ‘popular movements’ to overthrow both Yanukovych in Ukraine, and Assad in Syria*

*"Then, on 1 March 2013, the implementation of this plan started: the first
“tech camp” to train far-right Ukrainians how to organize online the
mass-demonstrations against Yanukovych, was held inside the U.S. Embassy in
Kiev on that date, which was over nine months before the Maidan demonstrations to overthrow Ukraine’s democratically elected President started, on 20 November 2013.*

*"The American scholar Gordon M. Hahn has specialized in studying the evidence regarding whom the actual snipers were who committed the murders, but he focuses only on domestic Ukrainian snipers and ignores the foreign ones, who had been hired by the U.S. regime indirectly through Georgian, Lithuanian and other anti-Russian CIA assets (such as via Mikheil Saakashvili, the ousted President of Georgia whom the U.S. regime
subsequently selected to become the Governor of the Odessa region of Ukraine). Hahn’s 2018 book Ukraine Over the Edge
https://www.amhttps/ on pages 204-209:" *

With the help from the United States, the bankers in Brussels also want to overthrow the government in Russia and place a puppet in power who will allow them to take over the banking system, the oil, natural gas and all the
other resources in the country. Western bankers don't like Russia because they won't buy their bonds. Russia mints and prints its own money and does not borrow bank credit from western bankers. Russia has no national debt. The country is debt-free - unlike the United States and most of the European Union.

Wall St bankers, big drug companies and multi-national corporations invest millions of dollars each year to buy off politicians in both political parties. The western bankers who create money by making loans beyond their own customers deposits are the source of the problem. The bankers want to enslave people in Russia like they have enslaved the people of the European Union, and the United States with high interest bearing debt. Today the Russian people are free and happy.

Want to really know what is going on behind the scene? Go to In the right column, click on the link - "Money Creation - From the Knights Templars to Wall St"* Read this and open your eyes. Don't be mislead by the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC, and the politicians who sell out to the big money interests, and the established news media.

Sincerely, Conrad LeBeau- a libertarian, believer and defender
of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

July 15th Update

The latest issue of the Keep Hope Alive Journal is here. Summary: The Type of vitamin D3 made from sunlight exposure is sulfated and is different than the Vitamin D3 sold as a dietary supplement Dr. Stephanie Seneff explains the difference between vitamin D3 sulfate made from UVB rays from the sun, vitamin D2 from plants, and regular vitamin D3 made from sheep's wool. The benefits of the sulfated form of D3 are systemic and all good and there are no side effects. There are cardiovascular health issues with both man-made D2 and D3. This article is both an eye opener and a game changer. An update on the benefits of daily therapeutic baths using both apple cider vinegar and Epsom salts. The Ozone solution to the problem of fresh food contamination with bad microbes. Case Report:. Vitamin E reverses Emphysema. Bill to legalize Hemp farming passes the U.S. Senate. Sacred Heart of Jesus picture and promises. An updated 4th edition of the Immune Restoration Handbook is now available. Keep Hope Alive Journal V16 N2

July 10 2018 Update

Announcing an upgraded 4th Edition to the Immune Restoration Handbook

The updated edition is the first in a decade. The new cover for the 4th edition is the sun and the tri-color triangle representing body, mind and spirit.

We are indebted to the Weston A Price Fdn, and Dr. Stephanie Seneff for her most valuable research and writings on “vitamin D3 sulfate” the only form that is not sold OTC as a supplement due to its high cost. It is available free when the skin is exposed to uvb light from the sun or a tanning bed. The revised information on vitamin D is covered in Chapter 6.

New information will help the reader find local doctors who practice nutritional and herbal medicine including Naturopaths (N.D.) and Doctors of Oriental Medicine (OMD). Several new websites are listed for their vast resources that will benefit the self-empowered individual who seeks to take charge of their own health and destiny. For more information or to order a copy go here or here.

(Note: electronic versions of the 4th edition are not yet available. )

July 2, 2018

The following is an excerpt just received by email from the U.S. Hemp Roundtable.

Great news!  The Senate Farm Bill just passed (June 28 2018)– and it includes ALL of the Hemp Farming Act, including the permanent legalization of hemp and products such as hemp-derived CBD.

This is HUGE.  But the battle has not yet been won. And we need your help.

A House/Senate conference committee will soon meet to resolve the differences between the Senate Farm Bill and the House Farm Bill, the latter which includes no hemp language.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will be leading the fight to ensure that the conference committee retains the hemp-friendly Senate language before it gets sent back to the House and Senate floors for final passage.

Please help TODAY.

We’ve revised our online portal to make it easy for you to contact both your Senators and your Congressman, to urge them to support the Senate Farm Bill’s hemp provisions.

Please go there NOW and have your voice heard.  And as always, please share this portal with your friends, colleagues, customers and social media contacts.  Together, we can make permanent hemp legalization a reality.


June 22 2018

Breaking News: State Bar Sues Leading Vaccine Rights Attorney In Classic Witch Hunt!


The North Carolina State Bar, the agency that licenses NC attorneys, has taken the unprecedented step of filing a lawsuit against the nation’s leading vaccine rights attorney, Alan Phillips, J.D., to force Phillips to hand over years of his clients’ files or risk being jailed for civil contempt...Read the full report here.

June 13 2018

Breaking News from the National Hemp Assn

The U.S. Senate committee has just voted 20 to 1 to reject Sen Grassleys amendment that would have made CBD oil illegal in the Hemp Farming Act and just passed the bill introduced by Sen McConnell. The bill now goes to the Senate floor! Big Pharma loses at this point but the fight is not over until it sits on President Trumps desk and is signed into law.

June 8 2018

Breaking News from the National Hemp Assn-

McConnell Secures Hemp Farming Act in Senate Farm Bill

Bipartisan measure would legalize and clearly define hemp as an agricultural commodity and remove it from the list of controlled substances

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was successful in securing the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 in the Senate Farm Bill, which was released today. Senator McConnell, a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, worked with Committee Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS), to ensure that his legislation to legalize industrial hemp was included in the farm policy bill. The Senate Agriculture Committee will officially consider the legislation on Wednesday, June 13

Growing Kentucky’s economy

with hemp

April 20, 2018

By Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

For far too long, the federal government has prevented most farmers from growing hemp. Although it was a foundational part of Kentucky’s heritage and today you can buy products made with hemp at stores across the country, most farmers have been barred from planting it in their fields. I have heard from many Kentucky farmers who agree it’s time to remove the federal hurdles in place and give our state the opportunity to seize its full potential and once again become the national leader for hemp production.

That’s why I was proud to introduce legislation in the Senate to finally and fully legalize industrial hemp.

In collaboration with agriculture leaders in Kentucky and throughout the nation, I utilized my position as Senate Majority Leader and as a senior member of the Senate Agriculture Committee to secure language in the 2014 Farm Bill to authorize hemp research pilot programs. I followed up with federal legislation to ensure that hemp produced from the pilot program could be transported, processed, and sold. Under the guidance of Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles and his predecessor, U.S. Representative James Comer (KY-1), these programs have allowed Kentucky farmers to both research the plant and to demonstrate its potential.

Kentucky’s experience with the hemp pilot programs has produced strong results. Last year alone, the hemp pilot program yielded more than $16 million for Kentucky farmers. We’ve already seen remarkable innovation in everything from home insulation to concrete and from health products to beer. These hemp products are just the beginning.

The time is right to take the next step with this new bipartisan legislation. My bill, which is cosponsored by Senator Rand Paul and the companion of which was introduced in the House by Congressman Comer, will benefit hemp farmers and manufacturers in four important ways.

First, it will legalize industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity and remove it from the federal list of controlled substances. Although the 2014 Farm Bill allowed for hemp pilot programs, some farmers have still faced substantial disputes with some federal agencies. This bill will remove roadblocks and encourage the domestic growth and production of hemp.

Next, the bill will allow the states to be the primary regulators of hemp farmers and manufacturers, if states can develop a proper plan. Under Commissioner Quarles’ oversight, Kentucky’s hemp industry can flourish.

Third, this legislation will give hemp researchers the opportunity to apply for competitive federal grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Those critical research dollars can help spur further innovation and growth in this field.

And finally, our plan will make hemp farmers eligible to apply for crop insurance, enabling them to build a steady business model on a level playing field with other crops.

With these features, Kentucky can be at the forefront of hemp’s return to American agriculture, sparking opportunity for farmers and manufacturers in the process. In my time in the Senate, I’ve watched the evolution of the Commonwealth’s farm communities, and we are optimistic that industrial hemp can enhance the versatility and economic viability of Kentucky’s crops.

In the past, the similarities in appearance between hemp and its illicit cousin have caused confusion. But because hemp only has negligible levels of THC, which is the compound which produces the ‘high’ associated with marijuana, the two plants are actually quite different. Because of recent research and education, this distinction has become clearer. This legislation only legalizes hemp with a THC concentration of 0.3 percent or less, far below the THC concentration in marijuana.

A bipartisan coalition supports the expansion of industrial hemp, and I look forward to continuing to work with my partners in Washington and with Kentucky’s farmers to grow hemp’s bright future.

By legalizing hemp and helping farmers, we can continue to see growth in new and innovative products made with Kentucky-grown hemp across our state and the nation. This is our chance to continue to help our agricultural economy and put more Kentucky-made products on the market. Kentucky’s farmers are some of the best in the world, and this legislation will give them the option to enjoy the full benefits of this versatile crop with a long and rich history in our Commonwealth.

Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, is the Senate Majority Leader. He is the sponsor of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 and previously sponsored the hemp pilot program in the 2014 Farm Bill.

May 23 2018

A Special Report on "Vitamin D3 Sulfate"

A Game Changer - The vitamin D formed on the skin from exposure to UVB rays from the sun or a tanning bed produces "Vitamin D3 Sulfate," a form that is different and has far more health benefits than vitamin D3 (or D2)

C. LeBeau.

For years I have had personal doubts that the vitamin D3 in capsule form had the same health benefits as the vitamin D produced by sunlight or ultraviolet light from a sun tanning bed. One example - I have long observed that vitamin D capsules did not improve my quality of sleep whereas sunlight and tanning beds did, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. The research and paradigm by Dr Seneff on how sunlight on the skin produces vitamin D3 sulfate is truly a game changer. You cannot buy vitamin D3 sulfate in pill form. It must be produced by the effects of UVB rays reaching your skin. Dr Seneff explains the process in the following articles.

An article I saved on my computer from 2011 strengthens my own theory that vitamin D3 as a supplement does not replace the sulfated form of vitamin D that you get directly from sunlight or from ultraviolet light in a tanning bed. In fact, Dr Seneff turns the existing paradigm about vitamin D, sunlight, cholesterol and the immune system on its head. This article is a game changer and the implications are profound that the use of statin drugs or relying on vitamin D pills alone as a substitute for sunlight may short change you out of the many benefits from raising your blood serum levels of vitamin D. Even more alarming, Vitamin D2 or D3 in high doses may even contribute to hardening of the arteries when used long term.


An article by Dr. Seneff published by the Weston A Price Fdn

Dr. Seneff:

"The evidence is quite compelling that sunny places afford protection from heart disease. A study described in a 1996 issue of QJ Med. provides an in-depth analysis of data from around the world showing an inverse relationship between heart disease rates and a sunny climate and a low latitude. For instance, the cardiovascular-related death rate for men between the ages of 55 and 64 was 761 per 100,000 men in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but only 175 in Toulouse, France. While the obvious biological factor that would be affected by sunlight is vitamin D, studies conducted specifically on vitamin D status have been inconclusive, with some even showing a significant increased risk for heart disease with increased intake of vitamin D2 supplements.

"I believe, first of all, that the distinction between vitamin D3 and vitamin D3 sulfate really matters, and also that the distinction between vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 really matters. Vitamin D2 is the plant form of the vitamin. It works similarly to D3 with respect to calcium transport, but it cannot be sulfated. Furthermore, apparently the body is unable to produce vitamin D3 sulfate directly from unsulfated vitamin D3  (which implies that it produces vitamin D3 sulfate directly from cholesterol sulfate). I am not aware of any other food source besides raw milk that contains vitamin D3 in the sulfated form. So, when studies monitor either vitamin D supplements or vitamin D serum levels, they’re not getting at the crucial aspect for heart protection, which I think is the serum level of vitamin D3 sulfate.

"Furthermore, I believe it is extremely likely that vitamin D3 sulfate is not the only thing that’s affected by greater sun exposure, and maybe not even the most important thing. Given that cholesterol sulfate and vitamin D3 sulfate are very similar in molecular structure, I would imagine that both molecules are produced the same way. And since vitamin D3 sulfate synthesis requires sun exposure, I suspect that cholesterol sulfate synthesis may also exploit the sun’s radiation energy.

"Both cholesterol and sulfur afford protection in the skin from radiation damage to the cell’s DNA, the kind of damage that can lead to skin cancer. Cholesterol and sulfur become oxidized upon exposure to the high frequency rays in sunlight, thus acting as antioxidants to “take the heat,” so to speak. Oxidation of cholesterol is the first step in the process by which cholesterol transforms itself into vitamin D3. Sulfur dioxide in the air is converted non-enzymatically to the sulfate ion upon sun exposure. This is the process that produces acid rain.

"The oxidation of sulfide (S-2) to sulfate (SO4-2), a strongly endothermic reaction15, converts the sun’s energy into chemical energy contained in the sulfur-oxygen bonds, while simultaneously picking up four oxygen molecules. Attaching the sulfate ion to cholesterol or vitamin D3is an ingenious step, because it makes these molecules water-soluble and therefore easily transportable through the blood stream.

"Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is consistently found in the blood stream in small amounts. As a gas, it can diffuse into the air from capillaries close to the skin’s surface. So it is conceivable that we rely on bacteria in the skin to convert sulfide to sulfate. It would not be the first time that humans have struck up a symbiotic relationship with bacteria. If this is true, then washing the skin with antibiotic soap is a bad idea. Photo-trophic bacteria, such as Chlorobium tepidum, that can convert H2S to H2SO4 exist in nature39,36, for example in sulfur hot springs in Yellowstone Park. These highly specialized bacteria can convert the light energy from the sun into chemical energy in the sulfate ion.

"Another possibility is that we have specialized cells in the skin, possibly the keratinocytes, that are able to exploit sunlight to convert sulfide to sulfate, using a similar photo trophic mechanism to C. tepidum. This seems quite plausible, especially considering that both human keratinocytes and C. tepidum can synthesize an interesting UV-B absorbing cofactor, tetrahydrobioptin. This cofactor is found universally in mammalian cells, and one of its roles is to regulate the synthesis of melanin, the skin pigment that is associated with a tan and protects the skin from damage by UV-light exposure.9 However, tetrahydrobiopsin is very rare in the bacterial kingdom, and C. tepidum is one of the very few bacteria that can synthesize it.

"Let me summarize at this point where I’m on solid ground and where I’m speculating. It is undisputed that the skin synthesizes cholesterol sulfate in large amounts, and it has been suggested that the skin is the major supplier of cholesterol sulfate to the blood stream. The skin also synthesizes vitamin D3 sulfate upon exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D3 is synthesized from cholesterol, with oxysterols (created from sun exposure) as an intermediate step (oxysterols are forms of cholesterol with hydroxyl groups attached at various places in the carbon chain). The body can’t synthesize vitamin D3 sulfate from vitamin D3 so it must be that sulfation happens first, producing cholesterol sulfate or hydroxy-cholesterol sulfate, which is then optionally converted to vitamin D3 sulfate or shipped out “as is.”

"Another highly significant feature of skin cells is that the skin stores sulfate ions attached to molecules that are universally present in the intracellular matrix, such as heparin sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, and keratin sulfate. Furthermore, it has been shown that exposure of the melanin-producing cells (melanocytes) to molecules containing reduced sulfur (-2) leads to suppression of melanin synthesis, whereas exposure to molecules like chondroitin sulfate that contain oxidized sulfur (+6) leads to enhancement of melanin synthesis.

"Melanin is a potent UV-light absorber, and it would compete with reduced sulfur for the opportunity to become oxidized. It is therefore logical that, when sulfur is reduced, melanin synthesis should be suppressed, so that sulfur can absorb the solar energy and convert it to very useful chemical bonds in the sulfate ion.

"The sulfate would eventually be converted back to sulfide by a muscle cell in the heart or a skeletal muscle (simultaneously recovering the energy to fuel the cell and unlocking the oxygen to support aerobic metabolism of glucose), and the cycle would continually repeat.

"Why am I spending so much time talking about all of this? Well, if I’m right, then the skin can be viewed as a solar-powered battery for the heart, and that is a remarkable concept. The energy in sunlight is converted into chemical energy in the oxygen-sulfur bonds, and then transported through the blood vessels to the heart and skeletal muscles. The cholesterol sulfate and vitamin D3-sufate are carriers that deliver the energy (and the oxygen) “door-to-door” to the individual heart and skeletal muscle cells.

"Today’s lifestyle, especially in America, severely stresses this system. First of all, most Americans believe that any food containing cholesterol is unhealthy, so the diet is extremely low in cholesterol. Eggs are an excellent source of sulfur, but because of their high cholesterol content we have been advised to eat them sparingly. Second, as I discussed previously, natural food plant sources of sulfur are likely to be deficient due to sulfur depletion in the soil. Third, water softeners remove sulfur from our water supply, which would otherwise be a good source. Fourth, we have been discouraged from eating too much red meat, an excellent source of sulfur-containing amino acids. Finally, we have been instructed by doctors and other authoritarian sources to stay out of the sun and wear high SPF sunscreen whenever we do get sun exposure.

"Another significant contributor is the high carbohydrate, low-fat diet, which leads to excess glucose in the blood stream, which glycates LDL particles and renders them ineffective in delivering cholesterol to the tissues. One of those tissues is the skin, so skin becomes further depleted in cholesterol due to glycation damage to LDL.

For the complete article by Dr Seneff, go to the Weston A Price Fdn.

Dr Seneff's Statement on Vitamin D3 Sulfate as published by Dr Mercola.

Story at-a-glance (from

Sulfur deficiency is common, and may be a contributing factor in obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer's and other chronic health conditions
  1. Sulfur, cholesterol, and vitamin D produced in your skin as a result of sun exposure, are all intricately connected and necessary for optimal health, particularly heart health
  2. When exposed to sunshine, your skin produces two types of sulfur: cholesterol sulfate, and vitamin D3 sulfate.

It is believed that vitamin D3 from oral supplements, which is unsulfated, cannot be converted to D3 sulfate, and may therefore not have the identical health benefits as the vitamin D your skin synthesizes.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff is a senior scientist at MIT and has been conducting research there for over three decades. However, she also has an undergraduate degree in biology from MIT, and a minor in food and nutrition. She's affiliated with the Weston A. Price Foundation and will be speaking at their November Dallas conference, and so will I. Dr. Seneff has a wealth of information in an area that many are not very knowledgeable about, and that is the importance of sulfur.
Sulfur deficiency is pervasive, and may be a contributing factor in:

  1. Obesity
  2. Heart disease
  3. Alzheimer's disease
  4. Chronic fatigue
  5. And more

She also believes conventional medicine is seriously confused about cholesterol, which is closely interrelated with sulfur. Furthermore, healthy cholesterol and sulfur levels are also highly dependent on your vitamin D levels! Here, she discusses the importance and the intricate relationships among these three factors.

Heart Disease May be a Cholesterol Deficiency Problem

Considering the fact that conventional medicine has been telling us that heart disease is due to elevated cholesterol and recommends lowering cholesterol levels as much as possible, Dr. Seneff claims may come as a complete shock:
"Heart disease, I think, is a cholesterol deficiency problem, and in particular a cholesterol sulfate deficiency problem..."

She points out that all of this information is available in the research literature, but it requires putting all the pieces together to see the full picture. Through her research, she believes that the mechanism we call "cardiovascular disease," of which arterial plaque is a hallmark, is actually your body's way to compensate for not having enough cholesterol sulfate.
She explains:

"The macrophages in the plaque take up LDL, the small dense LDL particles that have been damaged by sugar... The liver cannot take them back because the receptor can't receive them, because they are gummed with sugar basically. So they're stuck floating in your body... Those macrophages in the plaque do a heroic job in taking that gummed up LDL out of the blood circulation, carefully extracting the cholesterol from it to save it – the cholesterol is important – and then exporting the cholesterol into HDL – HDL A1 in particular... That's the good guy, HDL.

The platelets in the plaque take in HDL A1 cholesterol and they won't take anything else... They take in sulfate, and they produce cholesterol sulfate in the plaque. The sulfate actually comes from homocysteine. Elevated homocysteine is another risk factor for heart disease. Homocysteine is a source of sulfate. It also involves hemoglobin. You have to consume energy to produce a sulfate from homocysteine, and the red blood cells actually supply the ATP to the plaque.

So everything is there and the intent is to produce cholesterol sulfate and it's done in the arteries feeding the heart, because it's the heart that needs the cholesterol sulfate. If [cholesterol sulfate is not produced]... you end up with heart failure."

So, in a nutshell, high LDL appears to be a sign of cholesterol sulfate deficiency—it's your body's way of trying to maintain the correct balance by taking damaged LDL and turning it into plaque, within which the blood platelets produce the cholesterol sulfate your heart and brain needs for optimal function... What this also means is that when you artificially lower your cholesterol with a statin drug, which effectively reduces that plaque but doesn't address the root problem, your body is not able to compensate any longer, and as a result of lack of cholesterol sulfate you may end up with heart failure.

How Sun Exposure Impacts Your Sulfur Status

According to the conventional view, high LDL is correlated with heart disease, so the idea is that you can take a statin drug to artificially reduce the LDL and you'll be fine. However, as Dr. Seneff explains, if you have high LDL, it's because your body probably needs it to produce cholesterol sulfate, which your heart requires for optimal function. Hence, when you simply remove the LDL, you also remove your body's "backup" mechanism to keep your heart as healthy as possible, and as a result you get heart failure.

But high LDL is correlated with cardiovascular disease (please note that cardiovascular disease is an entirely different disease category from heart failure, which explains a lot of the confusion on this issue), so how can your body produce cholesterol sulfate without the harmful LDL?

How is it produced under normal, healthy conditions

This is where sun exposure enters the picture. When you expose your skin to sunshine, your skin synthesizes vitamin D3 sulfate. This form of vitamin D is water soluble, unlike oral vitamin D3 supplements, which is unsulfated. The water soluble form can travel freely in your blood stream, whereas the unsulfated form needs LDL (the so-called "bad" cholesterol) as a vehicle of transport.

Her suspicion is that the simple oral non-sulfated form of vitamin D likely will not provide the same benefits as the vitamin D created in your skin from sun exposure, because it cannot be converted to vitamin D sulfate. This is yet another reason to really make a concerted effort to get ALL your vitamin D requirements from exposure to sunshine!

"[S]ulfate actually inactivates vitamin D," Dr. Seneff says. "The sulfated form of vitamin D does not work for calcium transport, which I find very intriguing. And in fact, I think it's the sulfated form for vitamin D that offers the protection from cancer. It strengthens your immune system. It protects you from cardiovascular disease. It's good for your brain. It helps depression. I think all of those effects of vitamin D are effects of vitamin D sulfate."

For those who are still under the mistaken impression that sun exposure is the primary cause of skin cancer, the following explanation may be of great help. In a Weston A. Price article on sulfur,
Dr. Seneff states that:

"Both cholesterol and sulfur afford protection in the skin from radiation damage to the cell's DNA, the kind of damage that can lead to skin cancer. Cholesterol and sulfur become oxidized upon exposure to the high frequency rays in sunlight, thus acting as antioxidants to "take the heat," so to speak. Oxidation of cholesterol is the first step in the process by which cholesterol transforms itself into vitamin D3."

As I've stated before, your body was designed to be exposed to the rays of the sun, and your skin contains all the necessary mechanisms to extract or produce beneficial nutrients from it while simultaneously shielding itself from harm. When you circumvent this natural process, either by using sunblock or staying out of the sun entirely, you lose all the health benefits, and give a variety of disease processes free reign.

The Many Roles of Sulfur

Overall, sulfate appears to be a highly underestimated molecule with vast health implications. Dr. Seneff discusses her findings in great detail, but offers the following analogy:

"[I]f you breakdown the sulfate you will release energy, which means that the sulfate is actually absorbing the energy from light... I think of the skin as a battery – or solar panel you might say – taking in the sun's energy and saving it in the form of the sulfate molecule storing the energy in the sun."

It seems logical that humans would have some capacity to absorb energy from the sun directly, but this is the first time I've heard of a molecular explanation for this capacity!

"I have a lot of thoughts about what sulfate does," Dr. Seneff says. "One thing I'm quite sure of is that cholesterol sulfate is highly protective against bacterial and virus invasions. That's why sun exposure protects you from infection. It strengthens your immune system. That cholesterol sulfate is incredibly important to immunity."

Sulfur also plays a vital role in the structure and biological activity of both proteins and enzymes. If you don't have sufficient amounts of sulfur in your body, this deficiency can cascade into a number of health problems as it will affect bones, joints, connective tissues, metabolic processes, and more.
Other areas where sulfur plays an important role include:

1. Your body's electron transport system, as part of iron/sulfur proteins in mitochondria, the energy factories of your cells.

2. Vitamin-B thiamine (B1) and biotin conversion, which in turn are essential for converting carbohydrates into energy

3. Synthesizing important metabolic intermediates, such as glutathione

4. Proper insulin function. The insulin molecule consists of two amino acid chains connected to each other by sulfur bridges, without which the insulin cannot perform its biological activity

5. Detoxification

Sulfate—Essential for Babies

Cholesterol sulfate is also essential for babies in utero. A woman has about 1.5 units of cholesterol sulfate normally in her blood. When she gets pregnant, her blood levels of cholesterol sulfate steadily rise, and it also begins to accumulate in the villi in the placenta—which is where nutrients are transferred from the placenta to the baby. At the end of pregnancy the cholesterol sulfate in the villi rises to levels of about 24 units!

Colostrum also contains high levels of sulfur, even more than the breast milk itself. So clearly, nature seeks to provide the baby with plenty of both sulfur and cholesterol at the time of birth. Interestingly enough, when a mother has high serum cholesterol, the baby's levels are typically low. Why?

Dr. Seneff explains:

"[Because] it can't get through. The mother has high serum cholesterol I think because she has low serum cholesterol sulfate. I think the two go together. The way to bring down your LDL in a healthy way is to get sunlight exposure on your skin. Your skin will produce cholesterol sulfate, which will then flow freely to the blood—not packaged up inside LDL—and therefore your liver doesn't have to make so much LDL. So the LDL goes down.

In fact... there is a complete inverse relationship between sunlight and cardiovascular disease – the more sunlight, the less cardiovascular disease."

Now, when a baby is born of a mother who has high cholesterol and low cholesterol sulfate, the baby's cholesterol will be low, but will also have fatty deposits in its arteries...despite the fact that fatty deposits are supposed to be associated with high cholesterol.

"The deposits are there, I think, to start this cholesterol sulfate program that's replacing the one that isn't happening..." Dr. Senneff explains. "Children who have adequate cholesterol sulfate delivered from their mother do not have fatty deposits... It's bizarre, but the high cholesterol associated with fatty deposits in the adult (that's causing heart disease) is a solution, not a cause."

This is a complete turnaround in thinking compared to the conventional paradigm! Furthermore:
"The worst thing you can do is to clobber the LDL... because you're going to end up with heart failure," Dr. Seneff says..

Dietary Sources of Sulfur

Sulfur is derived almost exclusively from dietary protein, such as fish and high-quality (organic and/or grass-fed/pastured) beef and poultry. Meat and fish are considered "complete" as they contain all the sulfur-containing amino acids you need to produce new protein. Needless to say, those who abstain from animal protein are placing themselves at far greater risk of sulfur deficiency.

Coconut oil and olive oil also contain sulfur (and are ideal sources of healthful saturated fats too). Other dietary sources that contain small amounts of sulfur If the food was grown in soil that contains adequate amounts of sulfur, include Organic pasteurized eggs, Legumes, Garlic, Onions, Brussels Sprouts, Asparagus, Kale, and wheat germ.

Any diet high in grains and processed foods is likely to be deficient in sulfur, because once whole foods are processed, sulfur is lost. Additionally, soils around the world are becoming increasingly sulfur-depleted, resulting in less sulfur-rich foods overall. Hard water also tends to contain more sulfur than soft water, which, according to Dr. Seneff, may be why people who drink soft water are at greater risk of developing heart disease.

In addition to making sure you're getting high amounts of sulfur-rich foods in your diet, Dr. Seneff recommends soaking your body in magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) baths to compensate and counteract sulfur deficiency. She uses about ¼ cup in a tub of water, twice a week. It's particularly useful if you have joint problems or arthritis.

One more very important note: when sunbathing including the use of tanning beds, you need to wait for 24 to 48 hour before taking a bath or shower as the water and scrubbing (especially the arms and legs) will wash the vitamin D down the drain. It takes up to 48 hours for the body to absorb the sunshine vitamin and complete its conversion into the sulfated form (1).

Ref: Vitamin D - the Sunshine Vitamin by Zoltan Rona M.D.

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May 1 2018

Ozone would end the drama of contaminated fresh foods

Conrad LeBeau
Read my latest blog on the nationwide recall of Romaine lettuce due to e-coli contamination and how the use of ozonated water to wash raw vegetables would dis-infect them inexpensively and would protect the public health and safety. It would also make these wastefull recalls a rare event. Detailed home methods of dis-infecting fruits and vegetables using vinegar or hydrogen peroxide or grapefruit seed extract are also discussed. Read this eye opening article here.

April 9 2018

Update on my experiences with the use of Therapeutic Baths

Conrad LeBeau
In my first newsletter of this year, the Keep Hope Alive Journal vol 16 No 1, I reported on 15 specific benefits of using apple cider vinegar adn Epsom salts in my bath water daily for more than 2 months. The amount I used was 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of Epsom Salt. This was added to a bathtub full of warm water in the range of 100 to 105 degrees F. The benefits I reported in my last newsletter are the following:

The benefits I observed for this 20-minute daily soak was-

1. The tightness of the tendons and muscles in the knees immediately lessened and the soreness was reduced and usually disappears completely within the 20-minute duration of the soak.This is the content for Layout P Tag
2. Less knee pain. Today, the pain the left knee is about 90 to 95% less than what it was 6 weeks ago, indicating the body is healing itself. I am able to do considerable walking now without a cane. Also pain in my right foot that may also be arthritis has gradually vanished over the past 6 weeks. 
3. Weight loss - I have lost about one pound each week during the past 6 weeks. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has been long used to help burn body fat.
4. Sweets Cravings has also been substantially reduced for which I credit the apple cider vinegar. Although not tested, blood sugar levels also likely declined as insulin sensitivity improves.
5. Improved circulation in the feet. - I noticed the appearance of my feet has improved. The heels on my feet are no longer looking gray and dull but instead are slightly pink and youthful looking. The occasional sensation of burning or tingling in the feet is gone.
6. Leg cramps go away. The painful cramps are often caused by either poor circulation or a deficiency of potassium or magnesium.
7. Gout, caused by uric acid crystals also gradually lessened and disappeared.
8. Cholesterol declines. After using the ACV/Epsom salt baths for 3 weeks, my labs showed normal cholesterol, low LDL and a HDL to total cholesterol ratio of 4.0 or less.
9. Color added to my hair and the hair is thicker. Although not the original purpose of the ACV/mineral baths, my hair color has shifted from white/gray to a slightly darker color on my head and in other areas. Vinegar is known to dissolve mineral deposits.
10. Systolic blood pressure has dropped 15 points or more at the end of the 20-minute soak. This effect has lasted for several hours.
11. Sleep quality and duration has improved significantly. I now only wake up just once during my nightly sleep cycle instead of 2 or 3 times.  After waking up, I return to a deep restful sleep in about 30 to 60 minutes.
12. Eyesight showed noticeable improvement after using the bath for 4 weeks. There are fewer eye floaters and less need for reading glasses.
13. Psoriasis and athletes foot is gone. [Other skin conditions may also clear up when used in therapeutic bath water.]
14. Sinus congestion abated and sense of smell has improved.
15. Memory and brain function has improved. Names are easier to recall.

            I am now in week 11 and I want to add to the list of 15 benefits to include these additional observations:

No 16. A significant improvement in digestive health and colon health. Stools are no longer narrow, broken in small pieces, or lumpy. There is no constipation, no diarrhea nor straining in bowel movements. No foul odors, no hemorrhoids, and no signs of yeast overgrowth or parasites either. The stools are simply healthy in appearance – They are smooth, brown, between 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter and 6 or more inches long, no curling, and there are no signs of inflammation period. Since the health of the gut is the foundation of both digestive health and immune system function, I can state with certainty that the apple cider vinegar baths are having a very beneficial systemic effect.

No 17. Yeast overgrowth and parasites no longer observed. The Apple cider Vinegar (ACV) absorbed through the skin is believed to be driving out candida-albicans, yeast overgrowth, and the intestines.

No 18. The ACV detox baths support digestive, immune system, cardio, liver, pancreas, and kidney function.

No 19. No more tired or fatigued leg symptoms.
            Most recently, April 8th,I decided to only use 2 cups of apple cider vinegar in the bath water and to stop adding the Epson Salts and the Borax. This is to test the effects of only using the ACV. I am convinced that the quality and duration of my sleep has improved significantly. Although I am 74 y.o. I currently wake up once during the night to visit the bathroom and then quickly return to sleep. Last night, a typical night, I slept 5 hours with no bad dreams and without interruption.
            There are so many benefits of adding ACV to bath water, that these baths should help a wide range of health including all of the following: lung function, smell and taste, hearing and brain function including both short and long term memory, cardio vascular issues, candida and yeast overgrowth, cancer, arthritis, rheumatism, carpal tunnel, bursitis, elevated blood sugar, all nerve related problems including neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, sarcoidosis, auto immune, hiv/aids, hepatitis, cmv, ebv and other viral infections including other un-named conditions.
            Finally, I am convinced that there are so many benefits from adding ACV in bath water on a daily basis that you cannot possibly obtain all of these same health benefits simply by adding a teaspoon of ACV to a glass of water and drinking it 3 times a day. That is my opinion, what is yours?

Wanted- Case report stories from persons adding either ACV or hydrogen peroxide to their bath water

            Note: for the hydrogen peroxide baths, add 3 quarts or 6 pints of 3% H2O2 to the bath water and soak for 20 minutes. This may be alternated once every other day with the ACV baths. Every one doing therapeutic baths should consult with their physician for more information and for monitoring results. Send your experience to keephopealive by email.

Case Report: Vitamin E (at 400 i.u. twice a day) partially reverses Emphysema

  Milwaukee, WI A local person (I’ll call him Jim to protect his identity) who is collecting Social Security reported was told by his doctor last year that there was nothing he could do to reverse the effects of the Emphysema he had. While he had the benefit of a portable oxygen concentrator, he found himself severely winded when he walked more than one city block or walked up a flight of stairs.
About 2 months ago, a friend suggested he take 400 i.u of natural vitamin E daily.
            According to the Canadian Shute-brother doctors, vitamin E can increase oxygen availability to the heart and cells. These early pioneers in the use of vitamin E recommended vitamin E in daily doses of 200 to 1000 i.u daily for cardiovascular conditions including angina pain and also emphysema.
            After taking 400 i.u daily for a month, “Jim” reported an improvement in his breathing, although it was not back to normal. He then increased the dose to 400 i.u twice a day and the improvement was more pronounced. He states he now knows that the vitamin E at this dosage level is helping his breathing significantly and estimates that his recovery time to catch his breath after exertion has improved by at least 50%. He also says he no has panic attacks from an inability to catch his breath.
            A local nutritional advisor also suggested he eat a few red beets daily as this is a source of trimethylglycine (TMG) that breaks down into dimethyl glycine (DMG). DMG also will increase the oxygen carrying power of his blood. DMG is available as a dietary supplement but is also available as a food source from red beets. Suggestion: 2 or 3 pickled red beets consumed daily may also help.
            Note: In their experience, the Shute brothers reported in their book that a few of their patients had an increase in blood pressure from taking high doses (over 400 i.u. daily) of vitamin E. It is possible that these few cases might have been due to other factors such as stress or increased sodium intake as the primary cause of the increase in hypertension. It would be advisable to monitor blood pressure if taking 400 i.u or more of vitamin E on a daily basis.

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March 18 2018

Conrad LeBeau
2018 The Keep Hope Alive Journal V16n1 Summary of Articles - Healing Baths for sore muscles, sore joints and other purposes. 8 kinds of therapeutic baths. My Story on How I used Apple Cider Vinegar and Epsom Salts for the past 6 weeks. Summary of the 15 health benefits I received form doing this. The Gin, Yellow raisin and juniper berry remedy. Expanded list of anti-inflammatory foods, herbs and spices.

White Birch Mineral Water recipe updated. Silica and its role in joint and skin health. Enzymes have a critical role in repair of damaged joints and other body parts. List of illnesses that respond to enzyme therapy.

Dept of Justice stops enforcing deviations from guidance documents from the FDA and other regulatory agencies and stated categorically that guidance documents are not the Congressionally authorized method for changing laws. To comment on this latest newsletter, go to my wordpress blog here. Enjoy.

Read the March 18th message of hope given to the seer Mirjana and the world from Our Lady of Medjugorje

March 2, 2018

My Story - Arthritis, Apple Cider Vinegar and Bath water

Joint Inflammation is less with therapeutic baths

Conrad LeBeau
In November, 2017, I developed a pain in my left knee. The knee cap and the inside became slightly swollen and painful. I soon found myself limping. It was severe enough I purchased a cane to help get around. Until early January in 2018, I experimented with a number of home remedies including hydrogen peroxide, and also magnets, with limited success. While experimenting, I continued my searching. Dr David Brownstein listed the following causes of arthritis on his website-

  1. Bacteria and viruses
  2. Mycoplasma
  3. Sugar Consumption
  4. Milk and dairy
  5. Acidic foods (meat, eggs and dairy)
  6. Dehydration - lack of water
  7. Drugs used to treat Arthritis and joint inflammation.

This list does not represent all of the causes of joint pain. An injury from an accident or damage to cartilage between the bones or a lack of hyaluronic acid or silica that absorbs water may also contribute to joint pain. Joint pain can have more than one cause at the same time.

Gin, Raisins and Juniper Berries

The first remedy I tried was to eat raisins soaked in Gin. The formula was discovered in an Internet search. To make it, I added one pint of Gin to a quart jar that was filled half full with yellow or golden raisins. Over a period of days, the raisins absorbed the Gin. Reports claim that relief from Arthritis occurs in 75% of the users over a 3 month period.

The mechanism of how it might work is unknown, but may involve the medicinal effects of juniper berries used to flavor the Gin. The remedy that I used suggested eating about 10 of these Gin soaked raisins each day. "Today's Herbal Health" by Louise Tenny M.H. suggested the use of Juniper berries for removing uric acid crystals, for infections, and for increasing natural insulin in the blood by improving pancreatic function. Cherry juice has also been used to reduce uric acid crystals.

Uric acid crystals are formed by the consumption of excessive amounts of meat, eggs and fish. They usually affect the toes but can also can affect the knees. An xray of my knee on Jan 9, 2018 was not conclusive except it showed no cartilage damage but hinted at impaired circulation and possible calcium spurs.

A search of home remedies at listed several other remedies. The most popular one was the oral use of apple cider vinegar. Others listed included cold pressed flaxseed oil - one tablespoon per day and eating one raw avocado each day. Diluted cider vinegar was also proposed for topical use on arthritis and sore joints.

Since I don't like the strong taste of apple cider vinegar, I decided to add the cider vinegar to my bath water and let some of it be absorbed into my skin and joints for a systemic effect. The results, so far, have been very satisfactory. At least 90% of the pain and impaired mobility has been resolved in a satisfactory way over the past 6 weeks. The specifics of what I did and continue to do are the following:

  • I filled my bathtub with water to 2 inches below the overflow.
  • Using a candy thermometer, I adjusted the hot and cold water to get a temperature of between 103 to 105 degrees F.
  • I added 2 cups of apple cider vinegar to the bathtub water (I purchased a gallon of it at the local grocery store for less than $4.00)
  • Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) - 1 cup was added to the bath water. Epsom salt was obtained at a local drug store.
  • 1/4 cup of Borax (20 Mule Team) was also added to the bath water as a source of boron, a trace mineral that supports strong bones and ligaments. (Source - purchased from a local grocery store – marketed as a detergent booster)
  • I set a hand timer for 20 minutes and got into the tub and let the hot water with the apple cider vinegar, Epsom salts and Borax do its magic. Since the tub is too short to immerse my whole body, I allowed my legs to be completely covered and used a cup to pour some of the bath water over my chest and abdomen area.
  • At the end of 20 minutes I lathered with a bar soap and then finished with a short shower while the tub drained.
  • Once every 2 weeks, I also see a physical therapist who has provided very helpful stretching and exercise suggestions.

The bath water treatment is done daily immediately after rising in the morning.

The Immediate and long-term benefits of this 20 minute soak.

1. The tightness in the knees is immediately less and the soreness is reduced and sometimes disappears completely within the 20 duration of the soak.

2. Today, the pain the left knee is about 90% reduced over what it was 6 weeks ago, indicating the body is healing itself. I am able to do considerable walking now without a cane.

3. I continue to take one tablespoon of cold pressed flax seed oil daily and also eat half or one whole raw avocado each day. Both remedies are highly recommended (at for their anti-inflammatory effects in treating joint inflammation.

4. The physical therapist has been surprised at the degree and speed of my recovery. I was born in August of 1943 which makes my 74 y.o. As you get older, recovery from any injury takes longer than when you are young.

5. Weight loss - I have lost about one pound each week during the past 6 weeks. Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) has been long used to help burn body fat. Cravings for sweets has also reduced substantially.

6. Improved circulation in the feet. - I noticed the appearance of my feet has improved. The skin of my heels are no longer looking dull but instead are slightly pink and the sensations of burning or tingling are gone.

7. My latest labs showed normal cholesterol, low LDL and a HDL to total cholesterol ratio of 4.0 or less.

Although not the original purpose of the ACV/mineral baths, my hair color has shifted from white/gray to a slightly darker color on my head and in other areas. Vinegar is known to dissolve mineral deposits. It is possible that ACV may gradually help reverse atherosclerosis by reducing calcium deposits in the artery walls. 

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    Feb 26 2018

    The website from MB Schacter ( contains links to over 40 alternative and complementary websites. This is a treasure trove of natural healing information and helps you to locate integrative physicians in your area.

    Internet censorship by the big search engines.

    Take note that the American College for the Advancement of Medicine ( may have been sabotaged by some of the major search engines to block access to multiple nutritional and integrative doctors websites with bogus messages that the website is not secure. A few months ago, email messages from were being blocked from reaching readers by gmail.

    Feb 24 2018 - test our new awesome search box (from searchberry) in the right column - it retrieves files written more than 20 years ago to the present.

    Feb 17 Update - Seasonal Flu Remedies

    National news reports in the past week are that the Rapid Flu Test has a high failure rate and several children given the test were told they did not have the flu. They went home only to die days later from the current seasonal flu. The test is unreliable and if a child has the symptoms of the flu, the child must receive medical attention. If not hospitalized, appropriate home remedies should shorten the duration of the flu. The following article is reprinted, shortened and updated from the 2008 edition of the Journal of Immunity. The updated article on home remedies for the seasonal flu is now available on our wordpress blog here.

    Feb 2 Update -Healing Baths

    Conrad LeBeau
    This Feb report is on therapeutic baths. I have a personal interest in this subject as last year in November, I developed a persistent pain in my left knee. While I am getting physical therapy instructions once a week, I have found that adding either Apple cider vinegar or Epsom Salts to bath water for a 20 minute soak once a day has been very beneficial. In this weeks blog, I discuss the details of my own experiences.

    In researching the subject of healing baths at, I came across a very interesting article on healing baths written by the editors of They discuss using a wide variety of therapeutic baths including the use of –

    Apple Cider Vinegar – an amazing remedy for multiple purposes.
    Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)
    Borax - a detergent booster that contains boron in a natural mineral form.
    Hydrogen Peroxide – to oxygenate the blood – kill infections systemically.
    Oatmeal bath – for itchy skin conditions
    Activated Charcoal – to pull poisons out of the body
    Herbal baths- for multiple purposes
    Baking Soda – to alkalize the body

    The complete article can be read at You can leave a comment or reply or ask a question at the end of the article.

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    Jan 1 2018 - Happy New Year!

    The latest issue of the Journal of Immunity (Vol 15 No 4) is in the mail. Printable Version (pdf). Summary of articles: Garlic- a Remedy for Singer; Garlic and Cancer; Aspirin for Rheumatoid arthritis - a case report. Aspirin for autoimmune conditions, cancer and to increase CD4 helper cell counts in persons with HIV. Is raw garlic the missing piece of the AIDS cure puzzle? Scientific research on Aged Garlic, NK cells, CD4/CD8 ratios and AIDS. Scientific research on Ajeone, the active ingredient in raw garlic and HIV. Congressman Trey Gowdy hearings and Big Pharma's war against medical marijuana. Summary of Medical opinions on EDTA chelation therapy. Healthcare gridlock in the US Senate. Letter to Senator Ron Johnson. Fund raising for Keep Hope Alive and an affiliate program. Our Lady of Medjugorje's Message to the world of Dec 2, 2017 on love, forgiving those who injure you, and helping the poor.

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