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Search over 11 millions scientific articles at the National Library of Medicine Pub Med

National Library of Medicine Selected research articles any health topic.

Find out what other people are doing for more than 300 health conditions at - a worldwide interactive website. Click here to learn more

Gary Nulls daily radio program on the progressive radio network

Drug Watch - keeping watch and reporting on extremely dangerous pharmaceuticals that are or were once FDA approved Drug

Big Pharma spends billions to buy influence to market patented drugs. Has your doctor received money from a drug company and how much? Click here to find out.

Read what the mainstream won't print at click here to learn more

Fight cancer and birth defects by supporting the nationwide struggle for truth in labeling - to label foods that are genetically modified or are contaminated with Monsanto's herbicide Roundup or other harmful chemicals or additives. The Organic Consumers organization leads this effort. Click here to read more

The Gerson Therapy started by Max Gerson MD - in use since the 1940's. A natural therapy for healing cancer and other conditions. Detoxifing and healing the body.

Knox and Carrigan website for hhv-6

National CFIDS Foundation Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Brewer Science Library Good source of original writings on Multiple Sclerosis, exhausted adrenals, chronic fatigue and many other related issues.

Mycoplasmas, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Gulf War syndrome and Rheumatism, Go to

A site with links to dozens of other sites for information on alternative treatments for AIDS is critpath.

Dr Mercola has a vast website with many resources Dr Mercola

Mike Adams, the health ranger who writes and edits has cutting edge reports on a wide range of topics. Natural News

Alliance for Natural Health keeps a continuous watch on legislation that interferes with our health freedom rights Alliance for Natural Health

Citizens for Health Citizens for Health

Note: The listing of a website does not mean we endorse or agree with the contents of that site. If you know of good websites to add to this list that have some good original research, email me at I just don't want to add run of the mill websites that take up space and have nothing original to offer readers. Looking for websites that combine the best of nutritional, immune-based and other alternative therapies with the best of the western medicine pharmaceuticals.


Ozone and H2O2
Whole Lemon Drink for Lymphadenathy, Wasting Syndrome and Neuropathy
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