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A Garlic Remedy for Singers
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Conrad LeBeau
The following formula was told to me recently by a Milwaukee resident, who sets up music and entertainment equipment for events in the Milwaukee area. He called it the Singer’s Remedy for a hoarse throat. He said it works every time.

The formula is to take 6 cloves (toes) of raw garlic that are peeled and place them in a pot with about 2 or 3 cups of water. Bring it to a boil and cover the pot – reduce heat and simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes. Remove from heat.

When done, let stand for 10 to 15 minutes to cool to a tolerable temperature for the skin. Then, place a large handkerchief or white cotton cloth into the water to soak up the garlic essence. Place the cloth around the throat of the person who has a tickle or hoarse throat and hold there for about 15 minutes.

As the warm garlic water is absorbed into the skin around the throat, the hoarseness or mild throat infection vanishes and then as they say in Hollywood- “the show goes on.” I am told this recipe also works for sore throat. You might also want to gargle with the garlic water as well.

A variation is to place several cloves of raw garlic (cut up in pieces) in a small jar of apple cider vinegar. Shake and let stand for at least one hour. Take one tablespoon and add it to 4 to 6 ounces of warm water and gargle. You can also drink this mixture.

Garlic and Cancer

A search at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) for Ajeone, a component of garlic, yielded 161 scientific studies, a majority of them citing research on Ajeone in the treatment of various types of cancer, and also how it increased IgA production in the intestines of mice. A lot of this research is recent and was published in 2017.

The studies indicate that drug companies, realizing the potential of raw garlic to kill cancer cells, are doing research on developing synthetic analogue compounds that can be patented and marketed to a vast population of patients infected with cancer. Patented cancer drugs cost $10,000 a month and up while natural garlic costs pennies by comparison.

If people can recover from cancer by eating raw garlic or high doses of aged garlic, the big drug companies would definitely want to hide this information from the public. With millions of dollars continuing to pour into the coffers of politicians in Washington DC, don’t hold your breath that natural remedies like garlic (including black seed, Vitamin D and thousands other natural remedies) that you read about here and elsewhere will get any positive feedback from politicians or from the mainstream media.

Aspirin for Rheumatoid Arthritis

A Case Report

A local Milwaukee resident recently told me that his mother had suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 20 years. One day she began taking one small St Joseph’s aspirin (81 mg each). Three months went by and one morning she woke up and her arthritis was gone. It has not since returned. What a simple remedy. A search at Pubmed for “aspirin” retrieved 72169 articles, indicating how important aspirin is. Salicylic acid is the active component of aspirin. Salicylicate(s) are found in nature in willow bark, white birch bark and other plant sources.

The side effects of aspirin may be reduced by taking it with meals instead of an empty stomach. Another way to reduce side effects is to dilute or pre-dissolve aspirin completely in water before swallowing it.

Aspirin has many other uses

  1. An adult aspirin has been reported to stop a heart attack. Aspirin, which thins the blood, can have side effects in higher doses including causing intestinal bleeding. Aspirin taken with meals or with food may reduce these potential side effects.

[Cayenne as an alternative to aspirin. A teaspoon of cayenne pepper (about 3 cayenne capsules) taken with water will also do the same thing. Cayenne will also dissolve the blot clot that caused a stroke. Cayenne is most effective if it is used when the stroke occurs or within 24 hours. The longer one waits to use it after a stroke – the less effective it will be.]

  1. A daily aspirin will help prevent, slow down and even reverse many autoimmune conditions where inflammation is a contributing factor.
  2. A daily aspirin will also help prevent cancer, may be used as an adjunct cancer treatment, and will usually extend the life of cancer patients. The use of Aspirin for treating cancer is not a highly profitable business, but it has far fewer side effects than chemotherapy and radiation and cost just pennies.
  3. Aspirin for HIV/AIDS. One aspirin a day has been shown to increase CD4 helper cells in the early 1990’s as reported by John James in AIDS Treatment News (ATN). Increasing CD4 cells is critical for the long-term survival of persons infected with HIV. Low dose aspirin can also help prevent dementia, cancer and heart disease in persons with HIV. A letter to Dr Pierone published ( in 2004 stated:

I’ve read that “…a clinical trial conducted in Zimbabwe in 2001 showed that aspirin monotherapy (1.2gr.) increased CD4 count an average of 83, and that was at the nine month point. At the 12 month point, CD4 counts were still approximately 35 above baseline (compared with AZT at 35 below baseline). Overall, moderate-dose aspirin monotherapy increased CD4 counts more than twice as much as high-dose AZT therapy, and maintained CD4 counts above baseline for about three times as long as AZT could.”

The full letter can be read at –

 Is Raw Garlic a Missing Piece of the AIDS Cure Puzzle?

For the past year, we have received several emails from readers on our mailing list that attempted to follow portions of “Mary from Brooklyn’s” protocol that has apparently cured her of HIV infection. Most of the protocols focused on the use of black seed and also vitamin D. No one reported the use of a raw garlic clove 3 times a day with meals. It may also be noteworthy that no one has achieved the level of success that Mary achieved – return to a normal CD4/CD8 ratio (1 to 2.5) and flipping the antibody test from pos. to neg.

For some weeks I have been wondering if there was some missing factor in “Mary from Brooklyn” apparent cure that has been overlooked. Over the past several months, several of you have sent me emails detailing self-help treatments, some with, and, some without prescribed HIV drugs.

On November 29th, I talked with a reader from the West Coast who told me interesting story and asked that his name not be used. I will call him John Doe #1. I have talked to John Doe #1 on and off for the past 25 years. He is a male in his 50’s and has been positive and using HIV drugs all this time although having maintained a keen interest in natural remedies. Here is what he told me yesterday.

Like Mary from Brooklyn, John Doe #1 lived in a suburb of New York City. Around 1995 he recalls a conversation with several of his friends who were all HIV+, and about one person in the group (John Doe #2) who was an anomaly as he had practiced unsafe sex for several years with men known to have HIV or AIDS, yet he remained HIV negative.

As the discussion went, John Doe #1 asked #2 “what do you attribute your negative status too?” HIs reply – “garlic.” John Doe #1 assumed #2 was eating raw garlic although he never actually said that.

Fifteen years later around 2010, John Doe #1 returned to New York and met #2 who disclosed to him that he was now HIV positive and had been so for the past 2 years. John Doe #1 said to #2: “I want to ask you one question: did you stop eating garlic?” His reply: “Yes.”

#1 then said to #2: “that is why you are now HIV+. In all those years you practiced unsafe sex, the garlic protected you.”

On Nov 29 I wrote to more than 70 members of the email group, some live in Nigeria. No one has since replied that they had used raw garlic as part of their protocol. One person asked if garlic tablets from a health food store would work as well. My opinion is that they would not.

I personally believe that one clove of raw garlic with Ajeone in it has more anti bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral effect than a bottle of dried garlic capsules. However, I did cite a study years ago that aged garlic extract taken at a dose of 5 grams a day helped to significantly improve the CD4/CD8 ratio, a key indicator that the protocol is working. While aged garlic taken in high doses (5 grams = 5000 mg), aged garlic alone may not get you across the finish line that is total viral eradication.

A combination protocol using raw garlic 3X with meals along with 4 or 5 grams of either aged or slow roasted garlic, and using several other immune modulators (Blackseed and raw honey) high doses (10,000 i.u.) of vitamin D or direct sunshine exposure for 1 hour daily, 3 to 6 Brazil Nuts daily for selenium, and beet juice once or twice weekly along with a daily low dose aspirin summarizes should provide good results as a holistic natural treatment program. A healthy diet low in sugar, refined carbs and alcohol is a must also.

As Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet: to be or not to be- to add one or more prescribed HIV drugs to this regimen will depend on the results obtained and the extent a person is willing to expand his daily treatment regimen, and also whether the ultimate goal is disease management or to continue the pursuit of the ultimate cure.

Scientific Research on Aged Garlic Extract

1989 – The following excerpt is from the Immune Restoration Handbook 3rd end (page 228) quoting from a study on the use of 5 grams daily of an aged garlic extract used in treating 6 AIDS patients:

“A study published in the German Medical Journal “Deutsche Zeitshrift” in Oct, 1989 by T.H. Abdullad, D.V. Kirkpatrick and J. Carter, reports on the results of 7 AIDS patients taking 5 grams of garlic daily as an aged extract, similar to Kyolic garlic. They said that 6 of the 7 patients had normal Natural Killer (NK) cell activity after 6 weeks and that all had normal NK activity after 12 weeks. Five of the 7 had significant improvements in their T4/T8 ratios after 12 weeks with 3 returning to normal reference ranges of 1.0 or higher. They also reported a lessening of diarrhea in one patient with Cryptosporidia, fewer outbreaks of Herpes, Thrush, Candidiasis, and Sinus infections.”

Note: [Using Kyolic, a popular aged garlic extract sold in Health Food Stores, it would take about 7 capsules twice a day to reach the 5 gram or 5000 mg daily treatment threshold. It would be more cost effective to roast garlic coated in olive oil in a shallow pan for 40 minutes at 300 degree F. To make a one-month’s supply, roast one pound of peeled garlic cloves coated with olive oil in a shallow pan. Add a pinch of sea salt and run it through a food processor when done. Consume 1 or 2 tablespoons daily of the roasted garlic on whole grain crackers. Refrigerate the rest and use it up within one month]

Update: a search I did for this abstract on Dec 2, 2017 at the National Library of Medicine turned up nothing. My opinion is that someone removed from it the NLM. What I did find is a number of titles of abstracts from AIDS magazines and organization funded by big drug companies suggesting that people with AIDS should not use garlic along with prescribed HIV meds. These articles bashing garlic had no abstracts or research attached to support these opinions. I guess you could call this science by sound bite.

While 1989 seems like ancient history, early in the 1990’s, there were also published reports at the NLM (Pubmed) that an aspirin a day was increasing CD4 helper cell counts. Since the introduction of protease inhibitors, not a word has been spoken about these earlier discoveries.

My own opinion is that while aged garlic extract has a wide range of health benefits in supporting immune function, it does not have the direct germ and virus killing power of raw garlic. This is because raw garlic has a substance called Ajeone- that will kill bacteria, fungus and viruses including HIV on contact.

For raw garlic to cure AIDS, it has to penetrate and block HIV activity inside the lymph nodes – the main reservoirs of HIV infection. Possibly some of the sulfur compounds inside garlic may mimic the penetrating effects of Di-Methyl SulfOxide (DMSO).

Here are a few abstracts on “Ajeone”, the active ingredient in raw garlic

Selective in vitro protection of SIVagm-induced cytolysis by ajoene, [(E)-(Z)-4,5,9-trithiadodeca-1,6,11-triene-9 oxide]. Walder R, Kalvatchev Z, Apitz-Castro R.   Biomed Pharmacother. 1998;52(5):229-35.

In vitro suppression of HIV-1 replication by ajoene [(e)-(z)-4,5,9-trithiadodeca-1,6,11-triene-9 oxide]Walder R, Kalvatchev Z, Garzaro D, Barrios M, Apitz-Castro R.Biomed Pharmacother. 1997;51(9):397-403.

Ajoene antagonizes integrin-dependent processes in HIV-infected T-lymphoblasts. Tatarintsev AV, Vrzheshch PV, Schegolev AA, Yershov DE, Turgiev AS, Varfolomeyev SD, Kornilayeva GV, Makarova TV, Karamov EV. AIDS. 1992 Oct;6(10):1215-7. No abstract available.

[The ajoene blockade of integrin-dependent processes in an HIV-infected cell system].  Tatarintsev AV, Vrzhets PV, Ershov DE, Shchegolev AA, Turgiev AS, Karamov EV, Kornilaeva GV, Makarova TV, Fedorov NA, Varfolomeev SD. Vestn Ross Akad Med Nauk. 1992;(11-12):6-10. Russian.

Rep. Trey Gowdy questions a DEA Official about Marijuana Classification as a Schedule 1 Drug

Posted 8/10/17 at Natural Health News (with excerpts from Natural Blaze)

Matt Agorist

During a meeting with the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), a Republican congressman asked a question that set off a conversation exposing the tyrannical nature of the drug war. The (ONDCP) met with members of Congress this week to discuss multiple issues when a Republican congressman asked a question that would expose the state’s immoral and tyrannical war on drugs in an accidental stroke of logic.

Trey Gowdy III is a member of the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party and serves as a congressman from South Carolina. He is also the chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

During the meeting with the ONDCP this week, Gowdy asked why marijuana was a schedule I drug. Schedule I “drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse,” the DEA claims. Given the mountains of evidence showing the beneficial nature of the cannabis plant, the DEA’s claims are nothing short of asinine and tyrannical. However, marijuana continues to be categorized as such, paving the way for the police state to lay waste to rights and fill prisons for profit.

When Gowdy asks Richard Baum, the acting director of Trump’s ONDCP, why marijuana is a schedule one, Baum immediately skirts the question. He then digresses into support for big pharma’s version of synthetic marijuana by saying that the FDA-approved versions of marijuana components can help people.

While Gowdy didn’t go so far as to call for the legalization of cannabis — because it would likely mean political suicide among his staunchly conservative base — his line of questioning set off a conversation that would eventually expose the war on drugs. Cannabis has never killed anyone — ever. That being said, however, cocaine and meth kill thousands every year. Yet, as Baum concedes, the DEA considers them safer than this amazing plant.

When Gowdy brings this up, Baum is unable to respond and uncomfortably squirms in his chair — likely knowing the real reason marijuana remains a schedule one drug. Gowdy then turns over the floor to Gerald Connolly, who continued the accidental exposé of the American drug war.

We’ve put people in jail…It’s had huge consequences based on little to no scientific evidence,” said congressman Gerald Connolly, who bluntly hit the nail on the head. The reality of the war on drugs is that it is not based on scientific evidence. Instead, it is based on a dark history of oppression, racism, and political corruption.

In spite of some form of cannabis being legal in some fashion in 29 states and Washington D.C., the government still violently and with extreme prejudice continues to seek out those who dare possess it. If the CDC calculated the number of deaths inflicted by police while enforcing marijuana laws, that number would certainly be shocking and could even be deemed a risk to public health. Marijuana is, indeed, dangerous, but only because of what can happen to you if the police catch you with it.

Nothing highlights the hypocrisy, immorality, and sheer idiocy of the drug war quite like marijuana prohibition. Here we have a medicine that kills cancer cells, saves the lives of countless epileptic children, heals broken bones, relieves pain, treats PTSD, is not dangerous, and exhibits a variety of other incredible benefits – yet the state will kill you over it. So why do these tyrants keep it illegal?

If you want to know who profits from ruining lives and throwing marijuana users in cages, we need only look at who bribes (also known as lobbies) the politicians to keep the war on drugs alive. Below is a list of the top five industries who need you locked in a cage for possessing a plant in order to ensure their job security.

  1. Police Unions: Coming in as the number one contributor to politicians for their votes to lock you in a cage for a plant are the police themselves. They risk taking massive pay cuts and losing all their expensive militarized toys without the war on drugs.
  2. Private Prison Corporations: No surprise here. The corporatist prison lobby is constantly pushing for stricter laws to keep their stream of tax dollars flowing.
  3. Alcohol and Beer Companies: These giant corporations hate competition, so why not pay millions to keep a cheaper and far safer alcohol alternative off the market?
  4. Pharmaceutical Corporations: The hypocrisy of marijuana remaining a Schedule 1 drug, “No Medical Use Whatsoever,” seems criminal when considering that pharmaceutical companies reproduce a chemical version of THC and can market and sell it as such. Ever hear of Marinol? Big pharma simply uses the force of the state to legislate out their competition; that happens to be nature.
  5. Prison Guard Unions: The prison guard unions are another group, so scared of losing their jobs, that they would rather see thousands of non-violent and morally innocent people thrown into cages than look for another job. What does it say about a society who’s resolute in enacting violence against their fellow human so they can have a job to go to in the morning?

The person who wants to ingest a substance for medical or recreational reasons is not the criminal. However, the person that would kidnap, cage, or kill someone because they have a different lifestyle, is a villain on many fronts.

The good news is that the drug war’s days are numbered. Evidence of this is everywhere. States are defying the federal government and refusing to lock people in cages for marijuana. A record number of law enforcement personnel are even quitting their jobs and joining the push to end the drug war.

Colorado and Washington served as a catalyst in a seemingly exponential awakening to the government’s immoral war. Following suit were Oregon, D.C., and Alaska, and now Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada. Medical marijuana initiatives are becoming a constant part of legislative debates nationwide. We’ve even seen bills that would not only completely legalize marijuana, but deregulate it entirely, like corn.

Also, while the idea of treating an addict with compassion instead of violence is a radical notion in this country, in other countries, such as Portugal, its effects have been realized for more than a decade. In 2001, the Portuguese government decriminalized all drugs. 14 years later, drug use, crime, and overdoses have drastically declined in Portugal exposing the cruel reality of prohibition. Eventually, more states will adopt this approach, and the drug war tyrants will finally be outnumbered.

As more and more states refuse to kidnap and cage marijuana users, the drug war will continue to implode. We must be resilient in this fight. If doing drugs bothers you, don’t do drugs. When you transition from holding an opinion — to using government violence to enforce your personal preference, you become the bad guy. Please, for all that is good, don’t be the bad guy._____________

This post first appeared at the Free Thought Project by Matt Agorist.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.

Summary of Medical Opinions on EDTA Chelation Therapy.

This is part two of the article on EDTA that was published in our last newsletter. The following list of health benefits from EDTA chelation therapy is adapted from Walker M, Gordon G, and Douglass W.C. It is found in – The Chelation Answer. 

Scientific Benefits of EDTA Chelation

  • Eliminates heavy metal toxicity (Lead, Mercury)
  • Prevents cholesterol deposits
  • Reduces blood cholesterol levels
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Avoids by-pass surgery
  • Avoids angioplasty
  • Reserves digitalis toxicity
  • Removes calcium from atherosclerotic plaques
  • Dissolves intra-arterial blood clots
  • Normalizes cardiac arrhythmias
  • Has an anti-aging effect
  • Reduces excessive heart contractions
  • Increases intracellular potassium
  • Reduces heart angina
  • Improves heart function
  • Removes mineral and drug deposits
  • Dissolves kidney stones
  • Reduces serum iron levels
  • Reduces heart valve calcification
  • Reduces varicose veins
  • Heals calcified necrotic ulcers
  • Reduces intermittent claudication
  • Improves vision in diabetic retinopathy
  • Decreases macular degeneration
  • Dissolves small cataracts
  • Makes arterial walls more flexible
  • Reverses senility
  • Reduce stroke/heart attack after-effects
  • Prevents cancer
  • Improves memory
  • Prevents osteoarthritis
  • Reduces rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
  • Lowers diabetics’ insulin needs
  • Reduces Alzheimer-like symptoms


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Healthcare Gridlock in the U.S. Senate

Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, is trying to form a bipartisan consensus on health care and make it more affordable.

The wrong headed focus on health insurance premiums does not deal with the primary issue – the high cost of patented drugs, market exclusivity patents, and the lack of choice in the market place from low cost traditional natural food based remedies including dietary supplements and thousands of herbal remedies.

The use of government regulations to create market monopolies for big drug companies is the result of a direct attack on freedom of speech and press under FDA policy and regulations.          They have made low cost natural medicine illegal by requiring government pre-approval of speech about the health benefits of food and nature-based remedies for preventing or mitigating illness, and may I add, at a cost of over one billion dollars per health claim. Thus, thousands of natural remedies have been withheld from the American people, not for the public’s protection, but to reward major Wall St political donors with continuing market monopolies.

Regulations by the FDA and FTC that require government pre-approval of speech on the intended uses of natural remedies blatantly violates the First Amendment.

Letter To Senator Ron Johnson-

Dear Senator Ron Johnson, The dysfunction in our health care system did not start with Obamacare. It started over 100 years ago when Congress created the Food and Drug Administration and defined a “drug” for the first time in 1906 as substances intended for the prevention or treatment of disease.

The original definition passed in June of 1906 sought to define “drug” to protect the public from opiates and narcotics including cocaine and heroin. The definition was never intended to cover every substance under the sun including spices, herbs, fruit, vegetables and water under the drug definition.

However, lawyers for big drug companies who marketed patented drugs invested in the federal courts to expand the definition of drug to include all low cost natural remedies. These mostly plant based remedies competed in the market place with patented drugs. For the most part, natural non-patented remedies were very low cost, and had few if any side effects.

It took hundreds of millions of dollars in donations to politicians who along with lobbyists rewrote the laws to create a market monopoly for the big drug companies where competition in the marketplace no longer exists between natural remedies and patented drug holders. Distributors of natural remedies are barred under the current FDC Act from stating in the labeling of their products an intended use to prevent or mitigate a disease.

The First Amendment rights of distributors of natural remedies are denied under the continuous threat of civil or criminal litigation. I know as I have personally been a victim of this over reach of federal powers under the Obama Adm.

I am not asking for any favors – only justice and a fair and balanced marketing field for all manufacturers of natural remedies. I have attached the 2 page 3 part proposal again and ask that you again review it, as your comments suggest you did not read the proposed changes to the definition of “new drug” and “drug” or understand why this is absolutely necessary to lower the cost of drugs and make available to the public low cost natural remedies.

I would also like you to set up a meeting between us so I can explain and make my case to you in person. Thank you for your attention to this important matter. Conrad LeBeau.

 Donations and a New Affiliate Program

You can support the educational and research purposes of Keep Hope Alive with a donation or by purchasing health food supplements through an Affiliate referral program we have set up with the W.T. Raleigh Co. This is an advertising referral program for fund raising purposes only. There is no extra cost to you to participate.

EDTA has been used since 1940 to chelate lead out of the body. We chose the W.T Raleigh Co because some members of our Board of Directors have used oral chelation products from this company for several years. The products of interest are the original “Formula No 1 – OC Classic” – a liquid honey based formula made by Golden Pride containing the chelators – Royal Jelly and EDTA along with other ingredients. This liquid honey product has been in use for over 35 years. The other product is a tablet with similar ingredients called OC MAX. Both products are used to support cardiovascular health. For more info, go to

Lead is a known neurotoxin and destroyer of brain cells. Mercury is another heavy metal. An article on mercury toxicity is found in Chapter 26 of the “Immune Restoration Handbook.”   For more information, call W. T. Raleigh Co at 1-866-354-8384 and give them Keep Hope Alive’s I.D. number: 126819398. Ask them to keep this number on file for future orders. I would also request a catalog of all their products.

At the present time, Keep Hope Alive does not stock or ship out any oral chelation products, health foods or dietary supplements. Due to restrictions on speech under the FDC Act (a violation of the First Amendment), we are unable to distribute products and offer testimonials or cite scientific research at this time. Consult with your doctor for personal medical advice on all the supplements you use. Doctors who practice integrative medicine can be located at or calling 800-532-3688.

Our Lady of Medjugorje’s Message to the World

December 02, 2017

“Dear children, I turn to you as your mother, the mother of the just, the mother of those who love and suffer, the mother of those who are holy…….

“In this peace-less world full of threats, your hands, apostles of my love, should be extended in prayer and mercy. And to me, my children, give the gift of the rosary, the roses which I love so much. My roses are your prayers pronounced with the heart and not only recited with the lips. My roses are your acts of prayer, faith and love.

“When my Son was little, he said to me that my children would be numerous and that they would bring me many roses. I did not comprehend Him. Now I know that you are those children who are bringing me roses when, above all, you love my Son, when you pray with the heart, when you help the poorest. Those are my roses. That is the faith that makes everything in life be done through love, not knowing arrogance, and always ready to forgive; never judging, always striving to understand one’s brother.

“Therefore, apostles of my love, pray for those who do not know how to love, for those who do not love you, for those who have done evil to you, for those who have not come to know the love of my Son. My children, I ask this of you because, remember, to pray means to love and to forgive. Thank you.”

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. Conrad, Dr Peters MD, Tina, Earl and Michael

Keep Hope Alive, PO Box 27004, West Allis, WI 53227 414-231-9817

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