Security Issues Resolved for Keep Hope Alive’s Website

Conrad LeBeau
In December 2017, we became aware of various search engine messages to Internet browsers using Safari or Internet Explorer that Home page at was not secure and a reader could lose personal information and data. Out of over 270 files on our website dating back to 1994, we never had a real security issue for persons using the only page available on our website – since that was the only page on our vast website that accepted PayPal or credit card information for ordering books and spiritual artifacts including the San Damiano water. All orders have always been processed by PayPal through encrypted transmissions. No purchase or donation was ever at risk for the hacking of credit card information.

In addition to this, we had purchased a Security Certificate for the past several years through GoDaddy, the Internet server for Keep Hope Alive. The problem with some GoDaddy products is too often a lack of competent technical advisors at GoDaddy on providing adequate instructions on how to install the products they sell or to provide explicit detailed written instructions on how to use them.

An example of the incompetence of one GoDaddy employee occurred earlier this month when I was advised that the Security Certificate I purchased last year was improperly configured. I was told that the WWW should not have been placed in front of the domain name that is Well, it was a GoDaddy employee that set it up this way. WWW has existed as part of domain addresses of websites since the World Wide Web (www) was set up in the 1980’s.

This small detail should have been taken care of by the employee at GoDaddy at the time, but it was not. The result is that possibly thousands of readers were frightened by erroneous warning browser messages that it was dangerous to visit the Keep Hope Alive website. When I rekeyed the Security Certificate to drop the www from our website address, the employee compounded the problem further by making a mistaken keyboard entry and telling me it may take up to 72 hours for the new Security Certificate to be propagated through the website.

What happened is that our website went offline for over 4 days earlier this month. Following this, it took a phone call and another GoDaddy employee to correct the previous employees mistake. Finally, I can report that our entire website is now encrypted and browser safe for all its transmissions. When you look at our domain name at the top of the home page, you will see a small padlock to the left of it. When you click on the padlock, it opens up and allows the reader to view the Security Certificate. Also by clicking on the website name itself, it changes and adds the prefix “https” to our website address. The “s” after http signifies “secured’. Also, in the lower right corner of the Home page and the Order page is the “McAfee Security Safe” image.

To sum up this report, we never really had any of our readers personal credit information at risk as this data was always stored at PayPal and not at either GoDaddy or on our website. Now the Browsers, whether they be Internet Explorer or Safari or others, should not be needlessly alarming readers with there erroneous security messages again.

Speaking of erroneous Error Messages –

Were you in Hawaii on Jan 13, 2018?

On 1/13/18, over one million residents of Hawaii were sent into a panic over a false text message they received that a missile from North Korea was on its way to Hawaii. Hundreds of thousands of people fled in panic and were running in all directions. Just as bad, it took 38 minutes before a new message was sent out to cancel the false alarm.

In 1962, I lived through the missiles of October when John Kennedy was in the White House. At the time, I was in my senior year in high school and working at McDonalds in Cudahy, Wisconsin. For 3 days, I recall it was very tense. Then, when the Russian naval ships turned away from the U.S. naval blockade of Cuba, and Russia agreed to remove the missiles from Cuba in return for the U.S removing its missiles from Turkey, this crisis was over. It was the short period in a long cold war that lasted nearly 40 years. Twice during these 40 years, mistaken computer images that the other side had launched missiles nearly set off an accidental nuclear war between the United States and Russia. In my opinion, Divine intervention saved the world and prevented a war that would have destroyed most of the Earth and its inhabitants. Today, the United States and North Korea need to sit down and come up with a workable plan to prevent an accidental nuclear war from happening.

 Renaming our quarterly publication

From the “Journal of Immunity” to the “Keep Hope Alive Journal

The name “Keep Hope Alive Journal” will begin the New Year in 2018. It provides a wider umbrella for an expanded range of topics that I have already written about on this website with more to come. While research on health topics will remain a primary focus, future articles will include environmental issues, a report on the six solar panels and a small wind turbine that generates electricity that I installed on my garage in 2016; multiple reports on numerous cover-ups and conspiracies at the highest levels of the federal government that have been going on at least since the early 1940’s; the “Money Power” as the 4th branch of government (politicians being bought off by Big Banks, Drug Companies and Mega Corporations), the battle for a free and open Internet owned by no one, unrestricted access to natural and alternative treatments for cancer and all other diseases, the cover-up at Roswell, New Mexico of a flying saucer piloted by aliens that crashed in 1947 that the government falsely claimed was weather balloons, the messages given by the Mother of Jesus at Medjugorje and what might be in the last of the 10 secrets yet to be revealed.

I hope that the thoughts and messages of this website are heard around the world, and do not have the fate of the ancient Chinese question- “if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to see it, did it make a sound?”


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