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Insomnia, Fatigue and Cell Phone Towers

cellphoneConrad LeBeau
The Cell Phone Tower on the left is actually more dangerous than a Nuclear Power Plant. This is because Cell Phone Towers are designed to emit radiation 24/7 and 365 days a year while a Nuclear Power Plants is designed to contain the radiation inside the structure.

We live in a world increasingly bombarded with electromagnetic energy and signals. The burgeoning wireless technology is driven by worldwide sales of the telecommunications industry of around 100 billion dollars a month or sales in excess of one trillion dollars annually. Such vast sums of money can be a source of corruption on a scale unmatched in history.

Awash in money and with billions of dollars available for advertising, the telecommunications industry can buy the influence of government officials and the media marketplace.

The media's independence is further compromised when it depends on these advertising dollars. Money also pays for bogus safety studies that do not test for pre-disease biomarkers or address long term effects and other critical safety issues - the effects of high frequency radio waves known as microwaves on pre-disease indicators at the molecular level, on glandular function, free radicals, inflammatory markers for heart disease like C-reactive protein and production of melatonin that affects sleep and other hormones.

The effects on quantity and quality of sleep may be the biggest issue of all as sleep deprivation leads to inflammation, hypertension, depression, anxiety, heart attacks and yes, death. More young people are experiencing an early death as a result of being driven by chronic insomnia, anxiety and depression to use more drugs and in combinations that prove deadly as they attempt to address, in desperation, their chronic health problems.

Inside our homes and offices are television sets, microwave ovens, florescent lights, computer screen, Ipods, cordless phones and mobile phones. Outside our homes are cell phone relay towers, radio and television stations and from outer space are thousands of satellites blanketing the earth with television and radio signals. How much is too much and what effect is this increasing clutter of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) doing to our health and our planet?

Is it interfering with the ultra low wattage of our own central nervous system, with cell signaling and with glandular function? How is it affecting the health of our children? Is it causing an increase in childhood asthma? Is it impairing the ability of school children to learn? Is it causing hypertension, insulin resistance and heart disease? Is it impairing hormone production?

As cell phone towers increase in quantity, sleep quality deteriorates for millions of Americans

In 2000, the number of United States residents using cell phones was 109 million. By 2009, this was up to 271 million. In 2004, there were 36 million prescriptions for sleeping aids. Five years later, the number of sleep aid drugs prescribed increased by 60% to over 56 million annually. Sales of drugs to induce sleep like Ambien and Lunestra keep on climbing annually. This does not include OTC dietary supplements like melatonin and other sleeping aids that have steadily increased also. In addition, type II diabetes increases annually as does high blood pressure. Within the past few years the number of Americans with hypertension has gone from 60 million to 76 million. Why the sudden increase? Where will it stop? Will it be 100 million next?

I remember the good old days when you could get eight hours of refreshing sleep every night. I was young and lived on a farm, falling asleep and staying asleep was not a problem. Later on when I moved to the city, falling asleep and staying asleep was not a problem initially, but then over time something changed.

In 1998, as I turned 55, I moved to the densely populated City of West Allis from Franklin, Wisconsin. Franklin was mainly a rural farming community, a part of Milwaukee County, which was mostly undeveloped. For several years after moving to West Allis, I had normal sleep habits. Gradually as time want by, the quality of my sleep became poorer. Instead of obtaining 7 or 8 hours of deep restful sleep, I found myself waking up at 3 or 4 am in the morning after about 4 hours of sleep and then was unable to get back to sleep. In fact, I found that I was full of energy at 3 or 4 am in the morning. My brain activity would not slow down and as a result I couldn't get back to sleep. I was supposed to be tired but was anything but. What was wrong? Was something happening to me that I did not understand?

As I recall, the time frame for this change in sleep patterns was probably between 2003 and 2005. At first, I blamed the poor sleep quality on my diet and eating too many sweets and getting older. I had not done enough to exercise regularly.

What I did not observe was that around me in the densely populated city of West Allis was the quiet construction of a wireless world dominated by an ever growing invasion of cell phone towers fed by the public's insatiable appetite for wireless devices including Cell phones, Pagers, PDAs, GPS, WI-FI, Ipods and more.

I had no inkling that living in an atmosphere of an invisible high frequency electro- magnetic field would affect how my own body's electrical system functioned and have such a profound adverse effect on the quality of my life including sleep and energy levels. During this period, I found the need to sleep one or 2 hours during the day and again take another nap in the evening. I managed to get my eight hours of sleep a day in bits and pieces, but it was not the refreshing sleep I had experienced years before.

One in 10 teens say they rarely get a good night's sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation's 2006 Sleep in America poll, about 20 percent of school children get the recommended nine hours of sleep each night, with 45 percent sleeping less than eight hours a day. Especially worrisome is sleep quality -- one in 10 teens polled said they rarely get a good night's sleep.

In 2003 Pediatrics magazine reported that 50 percent of the pediatric physicians they surveyed had prescribed a sleeping aid for one for their pediatric patients during a six-month period.

National Sleep Foundation (NSF) reported that in 2002 - 47 million U.S. adults were sleep deprived. In 2009, NSF found the number of sleep deprived at 123 million.

The National Sleep Foundation's 2002 Sleep in America poll suggests that many problems and frustrations that have become part of the American way of life, from anger and stress to obesity, may have inadequate sleep and widespread sleep problems as contributing factors.

Poll results show that while many Americans enjoy the benefits of sufficient sleep, as many as 47 million adults may be putting themselves at risk for injury, health and behavior problems because they aren't meeting their minimum sleep need in order to be fully alert the next day. People in this army of the walking tired are more likely to sit and seethe in traffic jams, quarrel with other people, or overeat, according to the findings.

Long work days that often extend late into the night are causing Americans to doze on the job, at the wheel, and on their spouses, according to NSF's 2008 Sleep in America poll. Among the poll respondents, 29% fell asleep or became very sleepy at work in the past month, 36% have fallen asleep or nodded off while driving in the past year, and 20% have lost interest in sex because they are too sleepy.

In 2009 more than 123 million are sleep deprived

The 2009 poll by the National Sleep Foundation also reports that there has been a significant rise in the number of people that report experiencing a sleep problem at least a few nights a week with 41% reporting problems every night or almost every night. In a population of over 300 million residents 41% indicates that in 2009 over 123 million Americans are having problems getting a good night's sleep. Compared to 47 million Americans who report not getting a good night's sleep in 2002, that is an increase of 76 million people not satisfied with their quality of sleep or an increase of over 280%.

The number of cell phone users in the US in 2002 was 140,766,842 and in 2009 was over 271 million, nearly a 200% increase. With unlimited calling plans in use in 2008 and 2009, people spend more time on their cell phones increasing their exposure to microwave radiation for themselves and their neighbors. Thus a parallel line emerges in three areas - the increased use of cell phones, cell phone towers and the percent of the population that cannot get a good night's sleep.

The poll also reported that 54% of the people stated that they have driven drowsy at least once during the past year, an increase from 36% in 2002. The statistics from the National Sleep Foundation when compared to the parallel increase in cell phone users and cell phone towers over a period of the past 5 to 9 years provides statistical evidence that microwave radiation may be affecting the quality of sleep for millions of people. When combined with hundreds, if not thousands of case reports, of persons living near cell phone towers whose sleep is interrupted more frequently the nearer they live to a cell phone tower, the proof becomes compelling, certainly more than a casual association.

What is driving the increase in insomnia ?

From 2002 to 2009, an additional 76 million Americans are having difficulty getting a good night's sleep. What is driving this increase in sleeplessness? Apparently, the NSF (1) never thought of or considered surveying and linking the people with insomnia to the nearest cell phone tower or a cluster or towers within one mile of their residence. How about the 10,000 to 15,000 or more cell phone towers and/or antennas being installed with each passing year and the additional millions of new customers buying and using cell phones? Absent from existing research are studies that measure the effects of microwave radiation on sleep at 100 ft from a cell phone tower; at 500 ft; 1000 ft, 2000 ft and 3000 ft? If microwave radiation were affecting sleep quality, you would expect the poorest quality of sleep nearest the towers and a better quality of sleep the further you are away from a cell phone tower. There are individual reports from all over the world that this is precisely the effect that are occurring. Today in 2009, we have over 100,000 cell phone towers with about 20 antenna per tower or almost two million total. (2)



Cell Phone Tower microwave emissions may have caused Michael Jackson's insomnia, and contributed to his untimely death

No, Cell Phone Towers did not directly kill Michael Jackson but I absolutely believe they contributed to his death by depriving him of sleep, deprivation that drove him in desperation to try the anesthetic, Propofol. to induce sleep.

The anesthetic was administered by Dr Conrad Murray, his personal physician. While the courts will decide whether Dr Murray was negligent in administering Propofol to Michael Jackson, who will hold the owners of the cell phone towers accountable of depriving Michael Jackson of sleep that, in turn, drove him to such desperate measures as to use an anesthetic to induce sleep?

Consider that at Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson's original home, there was one phone tower within 2 miles of his residence in a search I done in 2009 although I recall there were 2 more tower structures located between 2 to 4 miles away. The distance of all 3 towers would have been too far to have affected his sleeping.

A search I done on Feb 13, 2010 found no tower structures within 4 miles of his previous address at Neverland Ranch so I assume the 3 structures were torn down. At his new residence in Los Angeles where he moved in January 2009, there were 235 cell phone towers within 4 miles of his new home. The actual count can be found at by entering in both addresses.

Search results at for Neverland Ranch located at 5225 Figueroa Mountain Rd, Los Olivos, CA 93441 No cell phone tower within 4 miles.

There are no press reports that Michael Jackson ever had a problem sleeping at Neverland ranch and no reports that Propofol was ever used there either. The record shows that the cell phone towers at the ranch were too far away to interfere with his sleep. Consider what happened when Michael moved from Neverland Ranch, a virtual microwave free zone to Los Angeles where he was bombarded day and night with microwave radiation from surrounding towers. Here are the results for 100 N. Carolwood Dr. Bel Air, Los Angeles, CA. 90077, Michael Jackson's new residence in LA that he rented for 100 Grand a month.

11 Cell phone towers found within 1 mile of Michael Jackson's new residence in Los Angeles; 72 tower structures were found within a radius of 2 miles of his residence

The search results showed that one tower was as close as 5 city blocks. There were 11 Cell Phone Tower structures within one mile of his house, any one of which could have generated enough microwave radiation to interfere with MJ's sleep. There were an additional 61 tower structures within a two mile radius of his new home that could have had a lesser effect. Within a radius of 4 miles, there were a total of 235 tower structures. From 3 Cell Phone Towers structures to 235 is quite an increase.

A few questions for Dr Conrad Murray

  • Did Michael Jackson have an insomnia problem at Neverland Ranch? (yes, no or describe it)
  • What was the quality of his sleep at Neverland Ranch compared to his newly rented residence in Los Angeles?
  • Were any sleeping aids prescibed for Michael Jackson at Neverland Ranch?
  • Was Propofol ever administered at Neverland Ranch?
  • How soon (days after) after he moved to Los Angeles did he develop a severe inability to fall asleep?

These questions are important and need to be answered because if the severity of his insomnia worsened significantly after he moved to Los Angeles, then microwave radiation may well have been a factor in his death. We were unable to obtain a response from the Jackson family or Dr Murray before going to press.

Was Brittany Murphy (age 32) another victim of Microwave Radiation?

Brittany Murphy (November 10, 1977 - December 20, 2009) was an American actress and recording artist. She starred in more than 30 films including Just Married, Clueless, Girl, Interrupted, 8 Mile, Sin City, The Dead Girl, Uptown Girls, Riding in Cars with Boys and Spun.

Brittany Murphy died on December 20, 2009, at age 32. Murphy was rushed to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and pronounced dead Her family said Brittany had flu-like symptom before her death.

Recently, Larry King of CNN interviewed her family on his nightly show. Brittany's immediate family showed not only their grief but their bewilderment as to why she died so young when she was apparently healthy and vibrant.

The questions I have about her death is: Did she suffer from anxiety and insomnia? Was microwave radiation a factor in these symptoms and in depressing her immune system? The LA coroner ruled she died of natural causes. However, media sources reported paramedics who arrived found numerous drugs by her bedside.

  • Opamax (anti-seizure / also prevent migraines)
  • Methylprednisolone (anti-inflammatory)
  • Fluoxetine (depression med)
  • Klonopin (anxiety med)
  • Carbamazepine (treats Diabetic symptoms)
  • Ativan (anxiety med)
  • Vicoprofen (pain reliever)
  • Propranolol (for hypertension/high blood pressure)
  • Biaxin (antibiotic)
  • Hydrocodone (pain med)

This list may not be complete.

A search at for Cell Phone Towers at Brittany Murphy's residence at 1893 Rising Glen Rd in West Hollywood, CA 90069 reveals the following:

A total of 95 Cell Phone towers were detected within 3 miles of her residence. The closest tower was .4 of a mile away and another was half a mile away. Those 2 towers plus 5 more within 1 mile of her residence on rising Glen Rd were the most problematic. It actually only takes one active Cell Phone tower near your residence to cause a wide range of health problems. A total of 46 other towers were within 2 miles of her residence and the balance were within 2 to 3 miles away. The cumulative effects of triangulation of the microwave radiation from all 95 tower sources needs to be considered.

It is apparent that Brittany Murphy was in a area saturated heavily with microwave radiation from Cell Phone Towers. Several of the drugs found by her bedside including those for anxiety, seizures, headaches, depression and even hypertension are for symptoms that could have been caused by microwave radiation. Why does a 32 year old female without an ounce of fat on her body need a prescription drug for hypertension?

One answer is that if you have inflammation in your body caused by a high amount of free radicals, you can develop high blood pressure even while being young and at a normal weight for your height. Researchers have found that even at the levels approved by the FCC, microwave radiation can cause a buildup of free radicals and oxidative stress in the body. This stress that lead to hypertension, anxiety, depression, insomnia and other health problems.

Because of the high density of Cell Phone Towers in the proximity of her residence, microwave radiation needs to be considered as a factor in her death, just as it needs to be considered as a factor in Michael Jackson's death and those of countless others who live in densely populated areas that are bombarded day and night with microwave radiation from Cell Phone Towers.

Sleep deprivation linked to insulin resistance, impaired glucose metabolism and increased appetite

Leproult R. and Van Cauter E, researchers at the University of Chicago discuss the "Role of Sleep and Sleep Loss in Hormonal Release and Metabolism" in "Endocrine Development" (3). They discuss how both young and old adults today are sleeping less then they did a few decades ago. They report that partial sleep deprivation affects endocrine function, glucose metabolism, reduces insulin sensitivity, increases levels of the body's stress hormone, cortisol, particularly in the evening and increases levels of ghrelin and increases hunger and may have a role in weight gain and obesity.

While the authors did not discuss the cause of sleep deprivation, it is clear that whatever is causing sleep deprivation might have a role in the Type II Diabetes epidemic now sweeping the nation. Sleep deprivation, elevated glucose levels, hypertension, belly fat and fatigue are all part of what is generally referred to as metabolic syndrome. Microwave radiation by causing electromagnetic stress in the human body and interfering with the body's own electrical system, is likely contributing to Metabolic Syndrome.

Ref: 3. Endocr Dev. 2010;17:11-21;Epub 2009 Nov 24.

August 2008 Microwave emissions linked to infections

In the summer of 2008, I talked with friends who live in the Orlando, FL area. Randy and his brother Pat said that several people they talked to who were reporting getting colds and had flu-like symptoms that would linger on for several weeks and even months. The colds would go away for a while and then come back. Was this a new strain of virus, I asked myself? It was a troubling development and at the time, I did not connect the dots to link the lingering infections to cell phone towers.

Then I began observing the same thing happening here in the West Allis, WI. Ron B told me recently that besides himself, he knows of about six friends and relatives here and in Oshkosh that have colds that are lasting about 6 weeks and recently in one aunt, three months and it is still not gone. Ron told me that his cold was either the same old cold or a new one. It had affected him at least three times in the past four months.

At Pegasus restaurant here in West Allis, Michelle, a waitress told me this past fall that she has had a cold for the past six weeks and counting. In Milwaukee, Mark says he moved to a new apartment three months ago and has not had a good nights sleep since and has been constantly sick with either a cold or some other infection. He told me that a cell phone tower is about one city block away from his new residence. Tony, another tenant in the same building told me he also has been sick since moving to the new location.

In Orlando, FL, Randy's brother Pat told me recently that the only time he can get a good night's sleep is when he leaves town and goes to work in a rural area. He told me when he leaves Orlando and goes to work in a rural area in Alabama, he sleeps like a baby and does not have the headaches that he gets as soon as he returns to his home in Orlando. He also says his wife who stays at home is sick or does not feel well most of the time. He says there is a Cell Phone tower less than two city blocks from his house.

Peter, who lives on the northeast side of Milwaukee says he has not had a good night's sleep for the past three years and that he has his sleep interrupted 3 or 4 times a night. He says only when he leaves Milwaukee and goes out to a rural area does he get a good 7 or 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Jim H who moved away from a suburb in the Chicago area recently tells me that mosquitoes and large birds have vanished in the Chicago area and says he thinks the cell phone towers are making them sterile and unable to reproduce.

Two cell phone towers near a local restaurant leave me with an uneasy feeling

"I felt the microwaves passing through my body"

Conrad LeBeau

In October 2008, I walked into a local George Webb's restaurant at 3133 South 92nd street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The local restaurant chain started in the late 1940's was famous for serving a great breakfast. It was a place to relax, converse and read the morning paper.

Adjoining the George Webb's restaurant on the south side was a Pizza Parlor and on the north side was a flower ship.

A tall Cell Phone relay tower was located about 100 ft south of the restaurant and a second cell phone tower was located about 50 ft to the north of the flower shop that adjoined the restaurant. For the first time I noticed the north tower with its antennas closer to the ground and about 50 ft away from where I planned to have my breakfast.

I ordered my usual breakfast of eggs and hash browns. I sipped on tea as I waited for my breakfast to arrive. About 5 minutes passed by and I began to notice what I thought were pulses of energy passing through my body. It was a subtle sensation but noticeable none-the-less. I recalled that the sensation was like standing in front of a microwave oven I once owned. I also felt a similar sensation once when I was given an x-ray in a doctor's office. I didn't like the feeling and hurriedly ate my breakfast and left.

A few weeks later I phoned George Webb's to try to locate the persons who had operated the flower shop since it was now closed. I was told that an elderly man ran the flower shop and died shortly after the cell phone tower was set up and made active.

In Dec 2008 I returned one more time to inquire how employees felt working there. The cook seemed OK. She was working behind a stainless steel grill and exhaust system would have probably shielded her from the worst of the cell phone tower radiation. However, a waitress that morning, who had direct exposure to the radiation, looked like death warmed over. She told me she had a headache that day and has one every day. I told her of reports that some people get headaches from microwave radiation from cell phone towers. She was unresponsive and kept pouring coffee.

Of the customers there, not a one was cheerful or chipper. I left there thinking: what an unfortunate fate - to be working an eight hour a day job sandwiched between two cell phone towers and suffer the side effects of microwave radiation and not have a clue as to what is causing your health problems. This could be happening to thousands or more likely millions of people in cities all over the world.

Reports on Electro-sensitivity (ES)

There are reports from around the world on people who suffer adverse effects from exposure to electrical fields or high frequency radiation used in cell phone transmissions. In Great Britain, a website called reports the following symptoms of electro sensitivity:

"The symptoms can vary a lot between sufferers, but will normally include some of the following: sleep disturbance, tiredness, depression, headaches, restlessness, irritability, concentration problems, forgetfulness, learning difficulties, frequent infections, blood pressure changes, limb and joint pains, numbness or tingling sensations, tinnitus, hearing loss, impaired balance, giddiness and eye problems."

Powerwatch cites the research of Hugo Schooneveld, a neurobiologist and himself a sufferer from electromagnetic fields. He designed a questionnaire sent to 250 persons with ES. He reported on the symptoms people had and the sources of electrical energy that was linked to the symptoms. Sleep disorders, tiredness, headaches and concentration difficulties were widely reported. 62 published references are listed.

Electro-magnetic sources and Electro-sensitivity

There are several sources of electromagnetic energy including high power lines, electrical grids, electrical appliances, microwave ovens and wireless modems and wireless computer networks in a house, cordless phones in a house, radio and TV stations antennas for broadcasting, global positioning satellites (GPS) used in vehicles and cell phone towers that transmit and receive microwave radio signals for cell phone use. Radar used by the police to monitor traffic is another source. There are Ipods, PDAs, Blackberrys and other wireless devices and new ones being developed.

Some people with electro sensitivity also have difficulty working under florescent lights and report getting fatigued. I know, as I am one of them. I am moderately electrosensitive. Just as there are some people who are very electrosensitive, some are moderately so and some are relatively insensitive to various sources of electromagnetic fields. Man-made electrical fields are interfering with the body's very own low electrical wattage that is transferred through the nerves. Microwave radiation from cell phones can interfere with cell signaling, glandular function and DNA repair (4).

Ref: 4. Dr Davis at Senator Arlen Spectors hearings on Cell Phones on 9/14/2009

Radio frequency bandwidth (data from

The Am radio bandwidth starts at a low frequency of 30 khz to 300 khz (300 kilo-hertz means 300,000-frequencies per second). Kilo means a thousand and hertz is the number of frequencies per second. VHF (Very High Frequencies) range from 30 Mhz to 300 Mhz and includes FM radios and TV stations. M stands for Mega or million hertz frequencies per second.

UHF (Ultra High Frequencies) spans a bandwidth from 300 MHz to 3000 MHz and includes the microwave frequencies used by mobile phones, cell phone towers and cordless phones. By the way 1000 MHz is one Billion or one Giga-Hertz (GHZ). 3000 Mhz is the same as 3 GHz. Super High Frequency (SHF) range from 3 GHz to 30 GHz. Mobile phones and radar stations are in this category. Extremely high frequencies (EHF) above 30 GHz are reserved for satellite radio transmissions (4).

In the history of radio frequencies, AM radio frequencies that have a wide wavelength are generally thought to pass through the body harmlessly. In radio frequencies, the higher the frequency, the greater the potential harmful biological effects. This occurs even as the wattage used for a transmission goes down.

However, if the radio frequencies were increased up close to the light spectrum, they would move out of the microwave wavelength bands and possibly lose their harmful biological effects. If they could still carry voice messages, it would solve a major health crisis and still allow for wireless technology.

Meanwhile, an international health crisis now exists affecting hundreds of millions of people all over the world. A nationwide moratorium on the installing of new cell phone towers and antennas is needed immediately. In addition, Congress should order a complete shutdown of all cell phone transmissions from midnight to 6am in each time zone to allow the human body ample time to make needed cellular repairs.

Testing for oxidative stress and glutathione levels along with its effects on hormonal levels and the circadian cycles of hormones and sleep is urgently needed for all radio frequencies being used from 300 MHZ to 300 GHZ or higher. This testing has not been done to date and should have been done before wireless technology was approved for sale to the masses. Today, billions of people on this planet are the guinea pigs in a mass experiment in mass communications that generates over 100 billion dollars in sales each month.

Ref: 4. - search radio frequency

Microwave ovens, cell phones and cell phone towers - what they have in common.

The Microwave Oven uses high frequency radio signals called microwaves to cook food. Current microwave ovens operate at a nominal frequency of 2450 MHZ or also expressed as 2.45 GHz, a bandwidth assigned by the FCC. Cordless telephones in houses use 900 MHz to 2.5 GHZ. A cell phone and a cell phone tower both use high frequency microwaves to transmit phone signals between senders and receivers. The only difference between a Microwave Oven and an antenna on a cell phone tower is that the Microwave Oven has a door on it to contain the microwave radiation that is cooking the food. If the antenna on a cell phone tower were enclosed in a metal age like a microwave oven, no one would be able to send or receive phone messages.

A cell phone call made in Chicago to someone in New York with a cell phone usually travels through a landline. The phone call does not travel through the air all the way from Chicago to New York. It works something like this: A phone call made in Chicago is picked up by a receiving antenna located on a cell phone tower within a couple of miles of where it is made. From the cell phone tower in Chicago, the phone call travels by landline to New York where it is received. From there, it is transmitted to the person to whom the call was intended to go either by a landline or by another cell phone tower. It is on the receiving end that the cell phone tower antennas broadcasts the message, via microwave radiation, over an area known as a cell. This sends a series of microwave radiation pulses through several hundred households simultaneously.

Microwave radiation: cumulative effects and invisible dangers

The danger of harm builds when hundreds or thousands of people make cell phone calls at the same time that are transmitted to their intended receivers through hundreds of cell phone antennas. This has the effect of transmitting small doses of microwave radiation thousands of time through the same group of people in the same area. Microwave radiation from multiple cell phone calls can affect thousands of people at the same moment in time.

This is many times worse than second hand smoke from a single cigarette that might affect a handful of people standing nearby. While we can see the smoke from a cigarette or a fire and its dangers, the fires of microwave radiation are invisible, just like nuclear radiation, carbon monoxide, radon gas and other invisible threats to our health and environment.

Invisible threats are potentially far more dangerous than visible ones as we are not aware of them and they can do their damage while we are awake or asleep. What you cannot see may not only injure you, it could kill you.

cell clusterGerman Red Blood Cell Study

A German study was done on the effects of a 90 second cell phone call on red blood cells. The upper left photo shows normal red blood cells. Blood was taken for the capillary of an ear after the 90 second phone call and is shown in the lower left figure clumping together. The upper right photo was taken 20 minutes later and is shown in the second column at the top. The right lower photo show the cells almost returning to normal after 40 minutes. These photos were found at in the original German report.

The clumping of red blood cells could explain why some people get headaches being near a cell phone tower. Red blood cells need to be separated to be able to carry oxygen to the brain and other areas.

These photos offer direct evidence of damage to an important group of cell in our body - the red blood cells. Red blood cells carry vital oxygen to every organ and cell in the body and carry carbon dioxide to our lungs for exhaling. When our own government agencies are silent in the face of such damming evidence, they are guilty of the gross negligence in protecting the public health. While microwaves are invisible, the damage to red blood cells is clearly visible in these photos.

Note the damage done above to the red blood cells from a 90 second cell phone call. The clumping of the red blood cells (upper right) clearly impairs their ability to deliver oxygen.

Another problem is that microwave radiation near the brain may cause leakage across the blood brain barrier leading to impaired mental function, lack of ability to think in a focused manner and to concentrate. (4)

Ref: 4. "Cellular Phones" by Ronald Klatz MD and Robert Goldman MD

Why red blood cells and the liver may be especially vulnerable to microwave radiation

The red blood cells because of their high iron content would be especially vulnerable to microwave radiation, as would cells of the liver where iron content is also high. These because iron molecules might act like an antenna or receptor for receiving the microwave radiation much like the antenna of a radio, TV or cell phone. To receive microwave radiation, an antenna has to be made of a material that conducts electricity. Inside a living human being, both iron and copper act like miniature antenna and could transfer the destructive power of the microwave radiation to the rest of the cell and thereby disrupt its biological functions. Increased destruction of red blood cells and liver cells would be expected in persons exposed to cell phone microwaves.

Surprisingly, I have been unable to find a single study that measured the rate of cell destruction in persons exposed to microwave radiation. A test known as C-Reactive Protein (CRP) would measure inflammation in the body and be an indicator of heart disease.

Interview with Beverly (Las Vegas, NV )

The following interview is reprinted form "Insomnia, Fatigue and Cell Phone Towers," a 46 page book recently written by Conrad LeBeau. Available at

Dec 2009: Beverly moved to Las Vegas from Salt Lake City, Utah in 1993. While in Salt Lake City, she stated she had no problem getting to sleep or staying asleep at night. She also vacationed in the Himalayas where high altitude notoriously causes light sleep and there she says she "slept like a baby." Her problems with sleep interruption actually began in 1993 shortly after she arrived in Las Vegas, NV. "Before the move I was always one of those people blessed with good, sound sleep."

Her new home in Las Vegas was a lovely, gardenlike subdivision close to the airport about one mile away. She said cell phone towers were already being installed in Las Vegas in high locations in 1993. She doesn't think the cell phone towers going up at that time were the immediate source of microwave radiation that interrupted her sleep. She thinks the radio towers at the airport that directed airplane traffic in and out of the increasingly busy Las Vegas terminal, was the primary culprit. When she'd vacation in the mountains in Utah she'd sleep normally again. She thought maybe it was just stress.

Beverly states the sleep interruptions have gotton worse over the years. Las Vegas has been America's fastest growing city at 10% compound growth per year. By then new cell phone towers and high-rise buildings were going up all over the valley while the airport got much busier too with about 40 million visitors annually. Around 2001 or 2002 Bev got a cell phone and over time her use of it increased.

Conrad: When did you first notice that your sleep patterns were changing?

Bev: Previously I would be tired at 9 or 10, get into bed and then not be able to go to sleep until 1 or 2 (interestingly now that I know it was after the airport closed at night). In the last five years or so I would frequently wake up from 2 am to 5 am. I would be wide-awake and unable to get back to sleep because my mind was active. I'd be pacing around the house or doing tasks that should be done in daytime. Several hours later, I would feel exhausted and doze off for a few brief hours. It was all just very erratic, except that over the years my sleep got worse. I kept thinking 'what's changed, what's wrong with me?'"

Conrad: About 5 years ago when the sleep quality really got bad, how did you feel when you woke up?

Bev: Well. I was OK for a couple of hours. Then I would start making personal and business phone calls on my cell phone and by mid-morning, I had brain fog.

Conrad: What do you mean by "brain fog"?

Bev: I found it hard to concentrate on what I was doing. It was difficult to focus, to prioritize; sometimes even to think or balance the checkbook was a chore. I often felt like I needed a mid-morning nap. Sometimes I could stop for a midmorning nap, other times I had to keep going.

Conrad: Did you feel the need to take other naps during the day?

Bev: Yes, sometimes in the afternoon or again in the early evening, which would disturb my sleep cycle even more. It was erratic, no rhyme or reason why I'd be tired at some times of the day and not others. Now I look back and think maybe it had to do with when I'd used my cell phone for long calls - or perhaps times of increased tower activity. The thought of cell phone towers or radiation never occurred to me. Even though I read newspapers and watch news I don't recall information about the subject that grabbed my attention.

Conrad: In other words, since you couldn't get a full 8 hours sleep at night, you got it in bits and pieces throughout the day, an hour or 2 here and there until it probably added up to 8 hours.

Bev: Rarely eight hours. You know we just keep going. However, the sleep was not deep enough, long enough or rejuvenating. This is how I have been living for the past 5 or 6 years or more. I thought menopause, some hidden illness or growing older was the cause of my problems until I read your series of articles in the Journal of Immunity earlier this year on the adverse health effects of cell phone tower microwaves. I began to think about it - connect dots.

Conrad: Did you go to a doctor to evaluate your problems?

Bev: Yes and my blood tests all came out OK. The doctor did not know why my sleep was interrupted. He recommended sleeping pills. I tried a variety of sleeping aids and pills but I still did not feel my sleep was refreshing. I hate to take medications unless absolutely necessary so I mostly just suffer tiredness. The stress was still there.

Conrad: How about your neighbors and friends?

Bev: I live in a neighborhood in which we know one another and chat. Most of my neighbors and friends are telling me the same thing. When I started asking around, no one seems to have good sleep since moving to Las Vegas! And it's not because we party and gamble, as our life beyond The Strip is very normal here. I have one neighbor who says she sleeps like a baby - interestingly she has an aluminum roof. Others wake up at 2 or 3 am and cannot get back to sleep until 5 a.m. or so.

We often wake up at identically the same time. It not a sound or loud noise waking us up but it is something. The times we wake up at the same identical hour even minute will vary from day to day and week to week. I'm curious if cell towers are nightly powered up as maintenance or something at the airport. It's odd we often wake up at the same time. What really shocked me was plugging my address into Today there are 246 towers and 384 antennas within four miles of my home!

Conrad comment: Possibly, this is caused by a certain threshold level of microwave radiation generated by several cell phone calls being made at the same time of the night by several persons in the same area or even random persons driving through the neighborhood while talking on their cell phones. Thousands of people could be affected by a single phone call in the middle of the night from microwave radiation that is emitted from a cell phone tower.

When you multiply that by several dozen phone calls, you have a cumulative effect that could jolt the central nervous system of people from a sleeping to a waking state. This is because the body's nerve cells may detect a certain level of radiation passing through it as an invasion or threat. That could cause the adrenal glands to dump adrenaline and that would excite the brain into waking us up. I think when people are jolted awake in the night; the body is sending us a message. There is an imminent threat affecting you - be aware.

Conrad: Have you tried testing your home for microwave radiation levels?

Bev: Yes. I bought an ElectoSmog Detector that converts the invisible microwaves into sound at varying levels depending on the quantity of radiation present. It is kind of like using a Geiger Counter used to measure nuclear radiation. I found out there were high levels of microwaves in parts of the house. The sound level varied with different locations in the house. Also around my microwave oven and cordless phones. I suspect the levels may change in different parts of my home at different hours due to tower traffic but haven't done 24 hour monitoring.

Conrad: Did you try to reduce or block the microwave radiation from entering your bedroom and what effect did this have on your quality of sleep?

Bev: I decided to do an inexpensive experiment to find out if microwave radiation might be affecting my quality of sleep. I thought I would do that before spending hundreds of dollars on a microwave free zone inside my house where I could have uninterrupted sleep - hopefully. In a conversation with you Conrad we worked out the idea together. I bought two Coleman Emergency Blankets for about $4.00 each that I found in the local sporting goods store. The Emergency Blanket is lightweight and is made out of aluminized Mylar. It reflects the body's' heat back into one self.

It conducts electricity, so it would provide a very thin metallic shield to absorb and stop the microwave radiation. I placed the Emergency Blanket between a quilt and blanket above the bed sheet so it covered most of my body except for my head but wasn't visible or on my skin. Then I wrapped my pillow in another Emergency Blanket underneath the pillowcase. The pillow makes a bit of a crackling sound but was tolerable for a few nights as an experiment.

Conrad: The results?

Bev: A significant improvement in the quality of my sleep. I am sleeping longer hours and with fewer interruptions. I definitely noticed an improvement. So much so that I will now invest in special microwave blocking netting around my bed. Also I was recovering from a case of shingles and I'm sure the shingles decreased faster after I added the Emergency blanket.

Conrad's comment and question: Your comments jive with those of a retired person in California, Jack Fristoe, who told me an Emergency Blanket added two hours of sleep to his nightly routine and a better quality of sleep at that. Have you done anything else?

Bev: Yes. I made two small changes: a) I got a low SAR cell phone (AT&T Impression), and b) I limit my cell phone use (I did not and do not use a Bluetooth) and I went back to using a landline (not a cordless phone, but a corded phone with a 20' line so I can walk around if need be). The side of my head does not feel warm as it did when I had used the cell phone for an hour or more every day. Also, I don't feel the brain fog after being on the landline after long calls like I did when I used the cell phone. The difference I feel is noticeable. Yet I don't feel obsessive about it.

When I'm on the run, I answer my cell phone or make a brief call if important, but mostly I let it take a message and tell people I'll call them back when I get to my home or office. I still do phone business and have as many pleasant personal conversations but now make them on a landline. Just 'back to basics' choices. Using the landline has definitely made a big difference.

Conrad: Do you plan on doing anything else like having steel or aluminum roof installed with aluminum siding and aluminum window screens to completely block all microwave radiation from entering the house?

Bev: Not yet. That would involve spending thousands of dollars and stucco construction prevents aluminum siding. However, I am first planning on buying conductive cloth and have a canopy built over my bed so my head and entire body is protected at night from the cell phone tower microwave radiation. That alone will cost me several hundred dollars. I want the finished design to be homey and not tacky. I don't want a home that looks like a jail cell! Yet I will be exploring and considering additional home modifications over time. I've learned cell phone and tower radiation is a valid and serious concern with real and dangerous effects.

Conrad: I understand. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Bev: Yes. First of all, thanks Conrad. You're helping us wakeup. I have friends, a married couple with three children who told me recently, no one in their household can sleep normally any more and the young wife feels inexplicably ill and tired much of the time. They went to and found a large new cell phone tower was installed ten houses away at the same time the wife started feeling ill. Then they borrowed my ElectoSmog Detector and found their cordless phones were emitting high radiation as well.

Also, more frighteningly, I have a friend Jane*, who is the wife of a neurosurgeon. Jane* has used a blue tooth device on her ear to make cell phone calls all day. A few months ago, she developed severe headaches during a flu; the headaches did not go away for weeks and an MRI disclosed a brain subdural hematoma -blood that hemorrhaged between her brain and her skull.

The doctors were literally shocked that someone in such perfect health would have this happen to her. They could find no cause whatsoever. Had they known to test weeks earlier they would have drained the fluid off her brain in surgery. I told her I thought the Bluetooth device might have caused this to happen. She began to limit using the wireless Bluetooth device and her cell phone and the blood is now slowly draining eliminating the need for surgery. While not yet convinced, she has limited using the Bluetooth device. She and her husband are investigating the possibility of cell phone radiation as causing neurological problems, subdural hematoma and if or where this has happened to anyone else. *Jane - a pen name used for privacy reasons.

Conrad: You know the Bluetooth device on the ear emits constant microwave radiation damaging cells nearby in the head. Thank you for this interview and Good Luck. Beverly can be reached at her office at drlimited@

In Jan 2010. Beverly sent a message and added the following comments:

"My girlfriend next door and I have laughed over the last few years about how sometimes we'll go shopping and feel like we are losing our minds, get foggy, forget the time and even bring home stuff we don't need. Like 'what happened?'. We chuckle that we're losing our minds at an early age. (She is also one who frequently wakes up in the night at the same time I do.) But recently I started paying attention and was shocked to see some of those shopping centers have big cell phone towers directly beside and above some of the specific stores we get foggy in and laugh about. Is there a wider effect going on here? I don't want to get paranoid but I don't know"

"A businessman acquaintance of mine last year leased space beside a building he owns and has his office near a cell tower. His wife often works with him and the building is very near their home. Leasing close to a tower seemed a smart financial move. Exceptionally strong and healthy, within five weeks he was in an ambulance three times with severe effects from a long latent autoimmune disorder. Within a few more weeks, as his wife filled in for him at work, she began to have severe illness. Both have spent eight months under intense medical treatment and are somewhat recovering. Young family members filled in at their business which has been able to minimally limp along.

The couple has not been open to explore the possibility that the tower radiation may be the cause. I think it's hard for some people who may rely on their cell phones or tower leases for income in this bad economy to look at the possibility of the dangers of microwave radiation. My heart goes out to them. But it is interesting to me this catastrophic illness happened to such a healthy working couple within weeks of the tower's activation."

End of the interview with Beverly.

Case reports: Cell phone tower emissions interrupt sleep and increase blood pressure

West Allis, WI (May 2009)

C. LeBeau

Gerry and Terry: Two neighbors who live about 5 houses down from my own on opposite sides of the street. The exterior of both houses is covered with aluminum siding. Both Jerry and Terry sleep on the 2nd floor of their respective homes. Both claim to wake up several times a night and both suffer from high blood pressure. A coincidence?

Using an instrument called an Electrosmog Detector, I tested the cell phone tower microwave emissions inside both homes. On the 1st floor, there was a small amount of microwave radiation, but not enough, in my opinion to interfere with sleep. On the second floor of both houses, there was a substantial amount of microwave radiation in the bedroom area and most it was coming through the roof and windows. The sound level from the ElectoSmog Detector indicated a high enough level of microwave radiation to interfere with sleep. I recommended they either convert their bedroom into a Faraday Cage or sleep on the 1st floor or in the basement to avoid the cell phone emissions that were interfering with their sleep.

In the same house where Terry sleeps, the owner sleeps on the first floor of his aluminum sided house. He says he gets a normal nights sleep, a full 8 hours. I tested the microwave radiation level in his bedroom and found very little microwave radiation.

In the past few months, I have had numerous discussions with people in Florida, New York, Las Vegas and other locations across the country. I have found that most persons who sleep above the ground level, 2nd or 3rd floor or higher and live in any major city are suffering from varying degrees of insomnia and numerous other health related problems. The worst cases are persons who wake up every 2 hours or so. Sleeping 3 or 4 hours and then waking up is the norm for cell phone tower interrupted sleep patterns. Some people have told me that they can't get to sleep until 3 am. One Internet source claimed persons with type A blood were affected more adversely by EMF pollution than other blood types.

A Milwaukee resident, (Tony) who lives about a city block from a cell phone tower, was waking up every 2 hours earlier this year. He took my advice and taped aluminum foil to the walls and ceiling of his bedroom and said this solved his insomnia problem. He recently told me that now his dogs can sleep too.

Mylar blanket helps a senior citizen sleep longer

An "Emergency Blanket" is made of aluminized Mylar that blocks or absorbs microwave radiation. FYI, any metal surface (steel, aluminum, copper, silver etc), that conducts electricity, however thin, will either block or absorb microwave radiation. They are about 53 inches wide by 81 inches long. When the probes of an Ohmmeter are place on aluminized Mylar, they will conduct electricity. Emergency blankets are a cost effective way to provide protection against cell phone tower emissions.

Murrieta, CA 2009: When asked about the effects of an Emergency Blanket, Jack Fristoe stated, "You can feel the difference from day one. When I use the blanket, my sleep lasts longer before I wake up and I sleep deeper. With the blanket I sleep 5 or 6 hours before I wake up. Without the blanket, I would sleep 3 hours and then wake up and then struggle to get back to sleep."

Jack stated that in the summer time, the blanket would cause him to be too hot as it is designed to reflect the body's heat back to oneself. In the winter, it now works fine. Jack has been fighting a local control board in the trailer park where he and about 2000 other senior citizens live. He is trying to prevent a cell phone tower from being installed. The phone company is offering the owners of the mobile home park $1250 a month to put up the tower.

Jack says he fears for his own health and those of his friends in the park but says the owners seem to care more about the money than the health of the residents who live there. The fight against the cell phone tower continues. Jack says: "if we lose this fight, I am going to have to line the ceiling and walls of my bedroom with aluminum insulation or emergency blankets to keep the radiation out." Jack Fristoe resides at 38650 Via Azul, Murrieta, CA 92563.

Update 2012 - Jack discontinued the use of the Mylar blankets as aluminum particles have flaked off over time and he wondered if inhaling these particles could have adverse health effects. He has since installed a set of mirrors over his canopy bed to reflect away from him the microwave radiation from a nearby tower. He said the tension he previously felt is now gone.

Another report: In Hawaii, a retired doctor (W.Y. MD) who lives in Honolulu on the 35th floor of an apartment building moved from one side of the building to another. Each floor of this high rise has 16 apts. The new side left him exposed to cell phone towers. His sleep declined from 6 hrs a night to 2 or 3 hours before waking up. He tested the new apt with an ElectoSmog Detector and found a high noise level indicating a high level of cell phone tower microwave radiation. He did a search at and found too many cell phone towers to count in his vicinity.

He ordered a conductive fabric canopy for $550 to place over his bed to block the microwave radiation so he can again get a normal night's sleep. He told me the canopy is on back order and he is anxious for it to arrive. He said a $4 Emergency blanket would certainly cost less but would be too hot to use in Hawaii as aluminized Mylar reflects body heat. He needs a conductive fabric that is porous and can breathe allowing body heat to escape while blocking the microwave radiation. (W.Y. asked to remain anonymous.)

Drugs to induce sleep increase 54% in 4 years while cell phone usage; antennas and towers also increase by about the same amount

More than 56 million prescriptions for sleeping drugs were made in 2008 according to IMS Health, a research firm. IMS also reports that sleep medications were up 54% from 2004. The most popular prescription sleep medications include Ambien, Sonata and Lunestra.

Several authors including Denise Gallene of the LA times (Los Angeles Times) on March 30, 2009 in commenting on the rise in sleep medication usage have blamed public worries about the economy. Yet the economy did not start an obvious downward slide until September 2008 when the credit markets froze up under President Bush's watch. With newly elected President Barack Obama, there was optimism and a new sense of positive change coming to the country. With the optimism of a new incoming administration, you cannot credibly attribute the 20 million increase in sleep prescriptions to worries about the economy.

However a dramatic increase in cell phone usage along with cell phone antennas and towers in this period would have dramatically increased the amount of microwave radiation people in populated areas would be exposed to. If the increase in microwave radiation exposure also causes an increase in insomnia, then you have established a clear cause and effect relationship.

It is impossible to find a study comparing the sleep quality of persons living within 1000 ft of a cell phone tower to an equally sized group living one mile away. The telecommunication giants would not fund this as they already have ample information to know what the results would be. They are ignoring complaints from the public from all over the world that link cell phone towers to sleep interruption. They already know of a survey done in Germany (6) where over 10% of respondents living near cell phone towers blamed the towers for many of their health problems.

US Dept of Labor Statistics state that in 2002, the portion of the total amount of money people spent on phone service for cell phone usage was 31% and this increased to 56% in 2007. These statistics establish a close parallel line between the increased use of cell phones and insomnia. None of these statistics would matter if there were not for worldwide reports of persons living near cell phone towers who state their sleep is interrupted daily by these very towers. Thus the cover-up continues of a direct link between cell phone tower microwave radiation, insomnia and many other health problems.

Research and Scientific Studies

What Doctors say about microwave radiation

David Carpenter, MD who is a Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, and Director, Institute for Health and the Environment, School of Public Health, University of Albany, SUNY and co-editor of The BioInitiative Report at ( states:

"Studies of people have shown that both ELF and RF exposures result in an increased risk of cancer, and that this occurs at intensities that are too low to cause tissue heating.

"Unfortunately, all of our exposure standards are based on the false assumption that there are no hazardous effects at intensities that do not cause tissue heating. Based on the existing science, many public health experts believe it is possible we will face an epidemic of cancers in the future resulting from uncontrolled use of cell phones and increased population exposure to WiFi and other wireless devices. Thus it is important that all of us, and especially children, restrict our use of cell phones, limit exposure to background levels of Wi-Fi, and that government and industry discover ways in which to allow use of wireless devices without such elevated risk of serious disease. We need to educate decision-makers that 'business as usual' is unacceptable. The importance of this public health issue can not be underestimated."

In their book on "Cellular Phones/RF Radiation", Ron Klatz MD and Ron Goldman MD state that microwave radiation from cell phones can cause or contribute to the following effects:

  • cancer, brain cancer, leukemias and lymphomas
  • adversely affects memory, learning and reaction times
  • alters brainwaves
  • malaise
  • headaches
  • impairs sleep quality and patterns - affects melatonin levels
  • fertility and reproductive issues - reduces testosterone
  • immune dysfunction
  • elevates blood pressure
  • changes in the central nervous system
Ron Klatz MD is the founder and President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and the author or co-author of more than 20 books. Robert Goldman MD has overseen cooperative research agreement development programs with the American Red Cross, NASA, Dept of Defense and the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

Microwave radiation and Cell Phone Hazards

Paul J. Rosch, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, New York Medical College; Honorary Vice President International Stress Management Association; Emeritus Member, The Bioelectromagnetics Society writes:

"Claims that cell phones pose no health hazards are supported solely by Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) limits safety standards written by the telecommunications industry decades ago based on studies they funded.

"We are constantly being bathed in an increasing sea of radiation from exposure to the above, as well as electrical appliances, computers, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi installations and over 2,000 communications satellites in outer space that shower us with signals to GPS receivers.

"Children are more severely affected because their brains are developing and their skulls are thinner. A two-minute call can alter brain function in a child for an hour, which is why other countries ban their sale or discourage their use under the age of 18.

"It is not generally appreciated that there is a cumulative effect and that talking on a cell phone for just an hour a day for ten years can add up to 10,000 watts of radiation. That's ten times more than from putting your head in a microwave oven ..all life on earth evolved under the influence of solar radiation and geomagnetic forces that we have learned to adapt to and in some instances even utilize.

"All communication in the body eventually takes place via very subtle electromagnetic signaling between cells that is now being disrupted by artificial electro-pollution we have not had time to adapt to.

"This gigantic experiment on our children and grandchildren could result in massive damage to mind and body with the potential to produce a disaster of unprecedented proportions, unless proper precautions are immediately implemented."

March 2009 study: Genetic damage from radio frequency radiation

In March 2009, Verschaeve L wrote in "Mutation Research" (5) magazine that there is great concern about the health effects of radio frequency radiation due to the enormous increase in mobile telephone devices throughout the world. Verschaeve's paper reviewed the cytogenetic biomonitoring studies of RF-exposed humans. He stated that some of the most valuable research would come from individuals who were exposed to radio frequency radiation either as a result of their jobs or as frequent users of radio frequency emitting devices. His conclusion was that:

"A majority of these studies do show that RF-exposed individuals have increased frequencies of genetic damage (e.g., chromosomal aberrations) in their lymphocytes or exfoliated buccal cells."

A large survey type study done in Germany resulting in 30,047 respondents that persons living near cell phone towers reported more adverse health effects with 10% of them blaming these effects on the cell phone towers. (6)

5. The author email in Belgium is
6. Mobile phone base stations and adverse health effects: phase 1 of a population-based, cross-sectional study in Germany; Blettner M et al;
7. Occup Environ Med. 2009 Feb;66(2):118-23;Epub 2008 Nov 18.

Cell phones kept "on" in the pocket damage sperm and may sterilize males. Is there an Autism link?

Brain cancer, genetic damage and insomnia may not be the only health problems resulting from microwave radiation from the use of cell phones. Men who keep cell phones turned "on" in their pocket or on their belt near their private parts may become sterile and either unable to have children or have children born with birth defects.

An article titled "Effects of radio frequency electromagnetic waves (RF-EMW) from cellular phones on human ejaculated semen: an in vitro pilot study" appeared in Fertil Steril.(7)

In Oct, 2009 the researchers for this in-vitro study at the Center for Reproductive Study in Cleveland, Ohio were Agarwal A, Desai NR, Makker K, Varghese A, Mouradi R, Sabanegh E and Sharma.

They used human semen from 23 healthy donors. The researchers stated:

"After liquefaction, neat semen samples were divided into two aliquots. One aliquot (experimental) from each patient was exposed to cellular phone radiation (in talk mode) for 1 h, and the second aliquot (unexposed) served as the control sample under identical conditions."

The results they reported were that -

"Samples exposed to RF-EMW showed a significant decrease in sperm motility and viability, increase in ROS level, and decrease in ROS-TAC score."

They concluded that

"Radio frequency electromagnetic waves emitted from cell phones may lead to oxidative stress in human semen. We speculate that keeping the cell phone in a trouser pocket in talk mode may negatively affect spermatozoa and impair male fertility."

While a link between autism and radio frequency radiation has not been investigated, something has caused the Autism birth rate to suddenly increase from 1 in 150 males to one in 120 males as reported in January 2010 by the major national television networks

Ref: 7. Fertil Steril. 2009 Oct;92(4):1318-25;Epub 2008 Sep 20.

Microwave radiation increases oxidative stress and reduces glutathione levels in rats. Antioxidants Vitamin C and E provide some protection

In August 2007 Guney et al at Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey (8) done a study on rats to find out if 900 MHz mobile phone radiation induced oxidative stress in rats by increasing ROS (reactive oxygen species) and to investigate the role of vitamins E and C as protective antioxidants.

The controlled experiments were done on rats using their endometrial tissue subject to 900 MHz mobile phone-microwave radiation exposure for 30 minutes a day for 30 days. The results were that -

"Endometrial levels of nitric oxide (NO, an oxidant product) and malondialdehyde (MDA, an index of lipid peroxidation), increased in EMR exposed rats while the combined vitamins E and C caused a significant reduction in the levels of NO and MDA. Likewise, endometrial superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT) and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) activities decreased in EMR exposed animals while vitamins E and C caused a significant increase in the activities of these antioxidant enzymes."

The authors concluded that 900 MHz radiation from mobile phones would cause oxidative stress in the sample of tissue tested and that Vitamin C and E offered some protection against the oxidative stress.

Ref 8:
900 MHz radio frequency-induced histopathologic changes and oxidative stress in rat endometrium: protection by vitamins E and C. Guney M, Ozguner F, Oral B, Karahan N, Mungan T. Toxicol Ind Health. 2007 Aug;23(7):411-20 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey.

GSM base station electromagnetic radiation and oxidative stress in rats.

Yurekli and 22 other researchers report in Electromagn Biol Med.2006 The following:

"The ever increasing use of cellular phones and the increasing number of associated base stations are becoming a widespread source of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Some biological effects are likely to occur even at low-level EM fields.

"In this study, a gigahertz transverse electromagnetic (GTEM) cell was used as an exposure environment for plane wave conditions of far-field free space EM field propagation at the GSM base transceiver station (BTS) frequency of 945 MHz, and effects on oxidative stress in rats were investigated.

"When EM fields at a power density of 3.67 W/m2 (specific absorption rate = 11.3 mW/kg), which is well below current exposure limits, were applied, MDA (malondialdehyde) level was found to increase and GSH (reduced glutathione) concentration was found to decrease significantly (p < 0.0001). Additionally, there was a less significant (p = 0.0190) increase in SOD (superoxide dismutase) activity under EM exposure."

Ref 9: Electromagn Biol Med 2006;25(3):177-88. Tubitak-Uekae, EMC TEMPEST Test Center, Gebze-Kocaeli, Turkey.
From Prevention Magazine, Jan 18, 2010

Is Dirty Electricity Making You Sick?

by Michael Segell

"The California Cluster"

"In 1990, the city of La Quinta, CA, proudly opened the doors of its sparkling new middle school. Gayle Cohen, then a sixth-grade teacher, recalls the sense of excitement everyone felt: "We had been in temporary facilities for 2 years, and the change was exhilarating." But the glow soon dimmed. One teacher developed vague symptoms-- weakness, dizziness--and didn't return after the Christmas break."

"A couple of years later, another developed cancer and died; the teacher who took over his classroom was later diagnosed with throat cancer. More instructors continued to fall ill, and then, in 2003, on her 50th birthday, Cohen received her own bad news: breast cancer. "That's when I sat down with another teacher, and we remarked on all the cancers we'd seen," she says. "We immediately thought of a dozen colleagues who had either gotten sick or passed away."

"By 2005, 16 staffers among the 137 who'd worked at the new school had been diagnosed with 18 cancers, a ratio nearly 3 times the expected number. Nor were the children spared: About a dozen cancers have been detected so far among former students. A couple of them have died. "

Go to and search "Cell Phones" for the rest of Michael Segell's article.

Glutathione loss and a free radical cascade

A significant reduction in GSH or reduced glutathione caused by an increase in free radicals (oxidative stress) bodes ill for the health of people living near cell phone relay towers or persons exposed from multiple cell phone towers that broadcast their radiation from several different directions. This could include just about anyone of us who resides in a major city anywhere on this planet where the telecommunications industry heavily markets wireless phone services.

An increase in oxidative stress or free radicals from the microwave radiation of cell phones and especially cell phone towers would cause a depletion in glutathione reserves as the body reacts to defend itself. However, a significant depletion of glutathione means that the person subjected to microwave radiation would have little or no defense from free radicals that steal electrons from cells leading to the destruction of cells in a process known as a free radical cascade. This process leads to either the destruction or disfiguring of the cells causing either temporary or permanent damage.

Fortunately, we are not without some defenses against microwave radiation including making our bedrooms and homes microwave proof by lining them with some kind of conductive surface like aluminum or other metal and taking anti-oxidants to counter the effects of occasional exposure.

Asthma and microwave emissions

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports that asthma and allergies affect 60 million Americans. They state that asthma has been on the increase since the early 1980's. Cell phone towers were first installed in 1985.

In 2008, the CDC reported that seven million children under the age of 18 have been diagnosed with asthma and that over sixteen million adults also have asthma. Together, children and adults account for 23 million people with asthma.

In 2005, Kimata H found that microwave radiation from cell phones increased allergen specific IgE production (10). Other scientists (11) have reported increases in allergic responses from microwave radiation.

Ref: 10. Microwave radiation from cellular phones increases allergen-specific IgE production. Kimata H. Allergy. 2005 Jun;60(6):838-9. Department of Allergy Satou Hospital 65-1, Yabuhigashi-machi Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture 573-1124 Japan.
11. Enhancement of allergic skin wheal responses and in vitro allergen-specific IgE production by computer-induced stress in patients with atopic dermatitis. Kimata H. Brain Behav Immun. 2003 Apr;17(2):134-8. Department of Allergy, Ujitakeda Hospital, 24-1, Umonji, Uji, Kyoto Prefecture 611-0021, Uji-city, Japan.

Cell phone Tower Radiation Hazard is a Reality

by Monkagedi Gaotlhobogwe

15 October 2009

A South African researcher in the field of electromagnetic pollution has warned Botswana against the health hazards posed by the mushrooming cell phone towers.

Karl Muller, a former physics lecturer at Wits University and now on the managing committee of the Electromagnetic Action Group South Africa (EmagSA), has criticized a recent Botswana government statement that there have been no scientific studies to date linking cell phone towers to any chronic diseases.

On the contrary though Muller says they have done much research into the scientific literature, and many investigations on health around cell phone masts (the towers) in Johannesburg.

Muller said that contrary to the Botswana government's position, every single study into general health around a mast carried out anywhere in the world (about eight studies so far have been done) has found a consistent pattern of health problems.

"They include: severe headaches; chronic fatigue; sleep disorders; gastric upsets and nausea; circulation problems (high blood pressure); heart rhythm problems and palpitations; rashes and prickling skin or sensations of heating; mood swings and depression; memory and attention problems; lowered immunity and lingering infections; joint pains and aching gums; tinnitus (ringing in the ear); visual problems; dizziness and disorientation; and other complaints, including neurological disorders (e.g. epilepsy).

"We have found every single one of these symptoms and more around masts in Johannesburg, and the people tell us that when they move away from the mast, these symptoms often disappear immediately, especially fatigue, headaches and sleep disorders," the expert told Mmegi.

The researcher also tells Mmegi that there have been three studies worldwide of cancer around masts, in Germany, Austria and Israel. "All of them found significantly increased cancer rates, up by at least 200-300 percent. The main cancers seem to be brain tumors, breast cancers and leukemia. We have noted many prostate cancers near masts as well," Muller added. "I myself suffer from a very particular and unmistakable fatigue when I'm near an active mast, I can always tell when there is a mast nearby. The fatigue can last from four to six hours afterwards," Muller narrated. "So the Bakgatla are quite correct to be concerned, and I am really perturbed to hear about these deaths from brain tumors.

These were previously rare, but the single biggest cause of death of children in the United States (US) and Australia is now brain tumors though, it used to be leukemia," Muller added.

"The radiation guidelines used are only taking into account the fact that this radiation heats tissue up. However, research has shown for example that pulsed frequencies affect brainwaves at levels corresponding to one-trillionth of the guidelines used. This is not a heating effect, the brain also works on electrical pulses," he explained.

The lawsuit against Bluetooth - Microwave radio frequencies alleged to damage hearing over time

Bluetooth technology is a hands free device to connect wireless devices - cell phones, computers, PDAs, printers and so forth. Like cordless phones, they use 2.5 GHZ microwave radio frequencies. The Bluetooth headsets have hook around the ear with a built in microphone. They emit low levels of microwave radiation.

Patricia Friends from Elmira, NY writes:

"Everyone is talking about your last two newsletters on the health hazards of cell phone tower microwave emissions. I think you will find the enclosed news article on Bluetooth causing deafness very interesting"

The article was published in Gannet News Group and is a "Legal Notice" In part it says, If you purchased a Bluetooth Headset manufactured by Motorola, Plantronics or GN Netcom/Jabra, a proposed class action settlement may affect your rights. The lawsuit claims that Bluetooth headsets create a risk of hearing loss and that Defendants acted wrongfully when they did not warn consumers of the alleged risk.

The proposed settlement requires the Defendants to add safety information to the product manuals and to their websites. No one is required to sign onto this settlement offer that lets the defendants off without paying compensation to Bluetooth users who suffered hearing loss from the use of the headsets, not to mention possible brain cancer. More information on this legal action can be found at or by calling 888-952-9087.

Note: Several case reports including one of a young man who was a long time user of a Bluetooth headset and developed brain cancer near where the headset was worn can be found at The young man died from the brain cancer.

Hypertension following acute microwave exposure

Forman SA, Holmes CK, McManamon TV, Wedding W
J Occup Med. 1982 Nov;24(11):932-4.

"Two men who were accidentally, acutely irradiated with X-band microwave radiation have been followed up clinically for 12 months. Both men developed similar psychological symptoms, which included emotional lability, irritability, headaches, and insomnia. Several months after the incidents, hypertension was diagnosed in both patients. No organic basis for the psychological problems could be found nor could any secondary cause for the hypertension."

"A similar syndrome following microwave exposure has been described by the East Europeans. The two cases we report, with comparable subjective symptoms and hypertension following a common exposure, provide further strong, circumstantial evidence of cause and effect. A greater knowledge of the mechanisms involved in bioeffects, which may be induced by radio frequency, and microwave radiation is definitely needed."

Letter of Inquiry sent to the FCC

Conrad LeBeau

April 20, 2009

To the Federal Communications Commission

Gentlemen: I am the publisher of a quarterly report called the Journal of Immunity and in the last issue I raised a number of questions about the safety of cell phone towers and the collective effect of multiple cell phone towers on human health within a dense populated area as exists in a city. Although I have diligently searched the database at the National Library of Medicine, I have not located any studies that have measured the biological effects of microwave radiation on blood parameters in humans from a single cell phone tower, let alone 20 or more that are commonly located within 2 to 4 miles of any residence in almost any city.

Specifically I am looking for research in humans and the effects of normal as well as maximum levels of exposure to microwave radiation approved by the FCC on blood parameters that could indicate pre-disease conditions that might develop over time and long-term exposure. I have been unable to find answers to my questions from any of the government websites you have listed at the FCC home page.

Specifically I am looking for the effects of cell phone radiation on the following blood parameters - Oxidative stress (free radical produced), Glutathione levels, Cortisol Levels, Thyroid and pancreas function, HGH, C-Reactive Protein, Sedimentation rate, or neopterin levels to measure the rate of cell destruction, beta-2 microglobulin levels, effects of cell phone and cell phone tower emissions on red blood cells under dark field microscopy and liver panel tests.

How can the FCC or any other government agency declare safety standards for cell phones and cell phone tower emissions when this basic research has not been done? A copy of my newsletter is attached. I specifically request that you comment of the photographs done in Germany on the effects of 90 seconds of exposure to a cell phone call on the red blood cells of the individual tested. The photographs show a clumping of red blood cells after just 90 seconds of exposure to a single cell phone call. Has any agency of the federal government duplicated this test and what were the results? Should not damage to a persons red blood cells be a cause for concern?

Conrad LeBeau

Reply received from the FCC on 4/24/09


The policy of the FCC with respect to environmental RF emissions has been developed to ensure that FCC-regulated transmitters do not expose the public or workers to levels of RF energy that are considered by expert organizations to be potentially harmful. Since the FCC is not a health and safety agency itself, we must defer to other organizations and agencies with respect to the biological research necessary to determine what levels are safe. In the United States, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE), and the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) have issued recommendations for human exposure to RF fields.

Both the NCRP and IEEE guidelines were developed by scientists and engineers with extensive experience and knowledge in the area of RF biological effects and related issues. These individuals spent a considerable amount of time evaluating published scientific studies, including studies of the health status of exposed persons, relevant to establishing safe levels for human exposure to RF energy.

The FCC guidelines for human exposure to RF electromagnetic fields are based on recommendations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other federal health and safety agencies. These FCC guidelines were derived from exposure limits recommended by the NCRP and the IEEE mentioned above. (End of rely)

Editor's Note: It should be noted that the FCC did not provide any of the data or research I requested on the effects of cell phone microwave radiation on specific blood parameters. Like Pontius Pilate, they washed their hands of personal responsibility for their actions by passing it on to someone else. This is known as passing the buck.

Congress is now the victim of its own ineptitude for allowing this as Washington DC is heavily microwaved with hundreds of cell phone towers in the nation's Capital. Many members of Congress use sleeping pills. They barely can get to work 3 days a week. The bags under their eyes are a telltale sign of poor sleep quality. The President goes to Camp David every weekend where undoubtedly he and his family get a better night's sleep.

How to test for microwave radiation

"ElectoSmog Detector" - the Microwave Geiger Counter

In March 2009 I purchased an ElectoSmog Detector that was recommended to me by a reader. This battery operated device is made in England. It detects the presence and field strength of microwave, radio and TV, WI FI and other sources of microwave radiation in a range from 50 megahertz (MHz) to 3000 MHz. It converts the microwave radiation frequencies into a static or buzzing sound level. The louder the ElectoSmog Detector is indicates the presence of a higher level of radiation; the quieter it is indicates little or no microwave radiation present. It acts like a Geiger Counter used to test for nuclear radiation.

When you get within a few city blocks of a cell phone tower, depending on the number of transmitting antennas, it generates a loud and unbearable screeching noise. When placed inside a metal container, wrapped in aluminum foil, aluminum screen, conductive cloth, it makes little or no sound at all as the radio microwaves are absorbed, blocked or deflected by the metal. Metal could also act like an antenna and direct the microwaves to a new location much like a wire that carries electricity between two points. A wire that has some resistance in it will heat up as in an electric stove. In a Microwave oven, the microwaves heat up water molecules in food. That is how the microwaves cook food. If you wrap a potato in aluminum foil and place it in a microwave oven, it will not cook, as the microwaves cannot get into the potato.

The hand held device is very useful for measuring areas of your home, work environment or neighborhood for the level of exposure to cell phone tower radiation. It is also useful for research purposes. I tried painting a cardboard box with aluminum paint or galvanized paint from the local hardware store but it had no effect on stopping microwave radiation. I found that a aluminum window screen significantly reduced the passage of microwaves while aluminum foil was even more effective.

With the ElectoSmog Detector, I have found that microwave radiation will pass through any window or wall, cement or wood, unless there is an electrical conductor to absorb, ground or reflect the radiation. Clearly, the least expensive barriers are made of aluminum (aluminum insulation, siding, metal doors, metal window screens, aluminized mylar etc). More expensive metals like copper, brass and silver are also used in some applications. Ideally, the OHM resistance should be 100 or less. For that reason, products designed primarily to absorb static electricity have a high OHM value (over 100 K OHMS) but do not offer much protection against microwave radiation.

In my house and several other homes I tested, I found a significant amount of MW radiation coming through the ceiling, windows, doors and outer walls. On the 1st floor level, nothing came through the floor. My testing found that the second and third floors or higher elevations have the greater exposure to MW radiation than the first floor. The basement will have little or no exposure to MW radiation. In a basement, the ceiling or basement windows will be your only source of radiation. Water stops radiation, which is why it does not travel very far in the ground. When taking a bath, all body parts below the water level are completely protected. For many people in the city, taking a bath is an experience where their nerves can get some real rest from the 24/7 assault of cell phone tower radiation on their body.

If you are moving to a new location in any city, I would advise not only to do a search at to find all the cell phone towers in your locality, but to move to a basement flat or a first floor apartment or home with aluminum siding or a metal sided mobile home to increase your protection.

The Electrosmog Detector is available at EMF Meters and Shielding at

How to locate cell phone towers in your neighborhood

Go to and enter your address, city, state and zip code. I did and found a total of 63 cell phone towers within 4 miles of my home here is West Allis, WI. Twenty of the taller structures were registered as required by law and 43 of the shorter towers were unregistered. This web site provides nationwide information on the height and owners of these towers. The sheer number of sources of microwave radiation are mind-boggling and the threat is real.

A simple inexpensive experiment to determine if microwave radiation affects your quality of sleep

If you wake more than once a night and have difficulty getting back to sleep or do not wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, the following experiment will help you determine if microwave radiation is having a negative impact on your sleep.

First, you will need to buy an Emergency Blanket. The blankets are made of aluminized mylar that blocks and prevents the passage of microwave radiation. Hunters or hikers in the woods in remote areas in colder climates normally use the blankets. They keep the body warm by reflecting the body's heat back to oneself. They are about 53 inches wide by 81 inches long and are cheap $4 to $10 each depending on thickness. Heavy duty Emergency Blankets are available online. Hang the Emergency Blanket on the wall (about 12 inches from the ceiling) at the head of the bed by taping it to the wall. The blanket positioned vertically will block about half of the microwave radiation that would otherwise affect your body.

Since you know your nightly routine better than anyone else, your first night will determine if microwave radiation is affecting your sleep quality. If it is, you will sleep a few hours longer and deeper and wake up feeling more rested that usual. If there is no difference in your sleep quality, then you are not affected by the level of microwave radiation where you sleep. Some people are more electrically sensitive than others and this is a variable factor.

In my own bedroom, I found a high level of radiation on the same side of my bed right where I slept that was in line with a cell phone tower almost half a mile away! I got complete relief only when I lined the ceiling and walls of my bedroom with aluminum insulation and covered the outside of my windows with an insert of specially made aluminum window screens. These were made by a local hardware store for $25 each. (I also plan to cover the inside windows with Aluminum Venetian blinds) My sleep quality and duration instantly improved 100%. I went from waking up about every 3 hours to 7 or 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.

Testing with the ElectoSmog Detector after making the room microwave proof resulted in a very quiet detector. Friends coming over to visit were also unable to make a cell phone call from the bedroom. When you cannot get a connection to make a cell phone call, you know you succeeded in keeping the radiation out of your room. That is how you want it. You want your own body's electrical system to function normally without interference from an outside man-made electrical system that are not compatible with the one God gave us.

If the emergency blankets helps in this experiment, a conductive fabric (one with silver threads would be the best) might be considered as it breathes and allows body heat to escape while at the same time blockign MW radiation. Several choices are available at EMF Meters and Shielding at along with a long list of testing equipment for EMF and microwave radiation and shielding products.

Do you have a headache? To find out if microwave radiation is causing it, place an aluminum hat over your head or wrap a large piece of aluminum foil over your head and wait a few minutes and observe if the headache goes away. Repeat the experiment a few times to rule out a placebo effect.

Ohm Meter for testing some materials that block microwave emissions

The Ohm Meter is usually part of most electrical testing instruments you can find at any hardware store. It measures the resistance to the flow of electricity through any substance. The less resistance, the lower the Ohm value and the greater is the flow of electrons. I used an Ohmmeter to test for current flow between the electrodes of a box painted with aluminum paint. Even after two coats, no current flow could be established. I determined that the aluminum paint would not block microwave radiation. When testing the painted box with the ElectoSmog Detector, the noised level was as loud inside as outside the box indicating that it would not block cell phone microwave emissions.

The combination of the Ohmmeter and the ElectoSmog detector are valuable research instruments for the purpose of testing materials that may block microwave radiation.

Note: the exception here is Conductive Fabric that has fine broken metal threads woven inside it. An Ohmmeter will indicate no electrical current is present. However when you test with an ElectroSmog Detector, you find the cloth reduces microwave radiation but the degree of protection will vary with the manufacturer and design of the fabric. Since the metal is inside the fabric and in broken lengths, the OHM meter may not give you a reading like you will get on the aluminized mylar or foil.

How to shield your home from microwave radiation

Outside the body the effects of an electrical conductor on microwave radiation can be demonstrated. If you wrap a potato in aluminum foil and place it in a microwave oven, it won't bake as the aluminum foil prevents the radio waves in the oven from reaching the potato. The reflected energy from the aluminum foil could also damage the microwave oven.

A room shielded completely from cell phone, radio and TV signals is called a Faraday Cage. This is done by lining the walls, floor, windows and ceiling with a non-magnetic metal conductor such as silver, copper, nickel, aluminum or carbon black. The conductor is then grounded allowing for no electromagnetic signals to enter or leave the room. Embassies used of espionage purposes are built as faraday cages, named after its original inventor Michael Faraday.

The Faraday Cage

An elevator would be a natural faraday cage. An aluminum sided building would be a partial faraday cage. Persons living in aluminum sided mobile homes usually have to go outside to use a cell phone due to the poor reception in the trailer. A cheap faraday cage can be made by lining a box or small room with aluminum foil either glued or taped to the walls and windows. Some aluminum foil backed insulating products sold locally are also an inexpensive way to shield against microwave radiation.

Most basements will shield you from microwave radiation as ground water surrounding the building will absorb and convert the RF energy into heat as it does in a microwave oven. A bathtub filled with water will also block microwaves except for your head being out of the water.

An expensive paint called Yshield made in Germany also blocks EMF, but costs over $400 for 5 liters and comes in one fashionable color - black. A copper foiled wallpaper is also available but costs even more per square foot than Yshield.

A fine mesh aluminum or brass window screen will also work as a barrier to microwave cell phone tower radiation. The window screens made from metal (aluminum, brass or copper) will cost a little more than the cheaper ones made from plastic. The polyester or plastic window screens will not protect you.

Fine mesh metal screens will still allow you to see through the window while reducing harmful radiation. Shielded walls, metallic ceilings and windows can also be grounded to pass the microwave, Wi-Fi and other EMF directly to the earth. If not grounded, you should not touch them to avoid their acting like an antenna passing the radiation directly into your body.

Q-link, Earthcalm and other similar products do not neutralize the microwave radiation but help some people feel better by grounding them. There is no research on the effects of these devices on oxidative stress caused by microwave radiation from cell phone or their towers.

What I did to reduce exposure to cell phone tower emissions in my own home

During the past winter, I have added insulation to the outer walls of most of my living residence and an adjoining apartment. I used one-half inch thick board insulation that has a layer of aluminum foil on both sides. It is called AP foil Faced Foam Insulation made by Johns Manville (JM).

I tested all the materials I used with an electrical Ohmmeter and there was good electricity flow - no resistance. The foil backed insulation comes in 4 ft by 8 ft lengths and costs about $10 a sheet. I used both Liquid Nails and aluminum roofing nails to fasten it to the walls. I removed the trim around the doors and the windows, except for the sill.

I used the aluminum tape to seal the cracks between the sheets of insulation. I plan to finish the wall with one-quarter inch knotty pine. The knotty pine will be flush with the trim around the windows.

In the bedroom, I decided not to use the knotty pine but used one-quarter inch drywall instead to be applied over Reflectix as in the photo. (to locate a local source, go to

Insulation covered with aluminum foil lines the two outer walls and ceiling of my bedroom converting my bedroom into a Faraday cage that blocks EMFs

The photo above shows Reflectix on the right. This material is made of bubble-pak with aluminum foil on both sides. I fastened it to the wall with liquid nails and roofing nails. Drywall -one quarter inch thick is nailed over the Reflectix on the left side of the photo.

The ceiling of the bedroom is covered with 4 ft by 8 ft panels of _ inch thick polyurethane insulating board (Johns Manville brand) and it is covered on both side with aluminum foil. It is fastened to the ceiling with Liquid Nails and long roofing nails into the wood beam joists.

When the two side walls are finished and painted, a drop ceiling will be put up to cover the aluminum foil insulation boards on the ceiling.

When testing with the ElectoSmog Detector I find there has been a very significant decrease in cell phone radiation getting into the bedroom - I estimate a 90% reduction in microwave radiation with the two aluminum window screen installed.

Dreams and restful sleep are restored.

The benefits of blocking cell phone tower radiation in my bedroom are profound. I have gone from waking up every 3 or 4 hours to 6 or 7 hours of deep uninterrupted sleep.

When I was young I would always dream in vivid colors. For the past several years here in West Allis, the quality of my sleep has been poor. No dreams, no deep restful sleep. Interrupted sleep was the norm. I often would wake up feeling tired. It is little wonder that I have a poor quality of sleep here. I am surrounded in a sea of electromagnetic pollution - over 20 cell phone towers within 4 miles of my home plus televisions and radio stations as well.

There are also satellites circulating overhead beaming down television, radio and microwave phone signals. This is in addition to the new television station broadcasting for high definition. Since most of us spend 1/3 of each day in bed (1/3 of our life), it is of utmost importance to block out cell phone, Wi-Fi, radio and TV signals and keep them from interfering with our sleep. It is the stimulation of the nervous system, the adrenals and brain activities from electromagnetic pollution that wakes us up.

The ElectoSmog Detector is the truth serum for the effectiveness of any device, product or method that claims to reduce cell phone microwave radiation..

In Milwaukee, I recently turned on the ElectoSmog Detector in an older tavern that had a metal ceiling and was surprised how little microwave radiation entered the building. I would estimate that 80 to 90% of the radiation was blocked.

At this point of observation, it appears that the effects of aluminum foil and aluminum window screens on cell phone signals are slightly different. The foil both absorbs and reflects some of the radiation while the metal screen causes the signals to disintegrate. What is not reflected or grounded is converted into heat. Microwaves passing thorough water are entirely converted into heat energy. This is how a microwave oven cooks food.

A microwave oven could also be used to test the effectiveness of coatings or products to block microwave radiation by coating or wrapping a raw potato with the substance and see if it is still raw after cooking it for 10 minutes in a MW oven. By cooking an untreated raw potato with a treated one, you can quickly find out if the applied coating works.

Because of the phenomenon of electromagnetic pollution, the benefits of diet, dietary supplements and exercise alone can no longer assure good health. These health benefits can be undone with relentless exposure to microwave radiation from cell phone and cell phone towers 24/7. Crowded cities are becoming dangerous places to live.

Whole House protection from microwaves

New Roof - aluminum or steel

Shingle tear off - start off stapling Solar Curtains or Emergency Blankets over the entire roof, and then apply tarpaper and shingles. Note: some Emergency blankets are too thin and tear easily when handled. Go online and find a thicker aluminized mylar used in making Solar curtains or use Reflectix.

Installing aluminum "Reflectix" over the rafters.

If you need to insulate the building use and block the microwaves at the same time, use an aluminum backed insulation like Reflectix (sold at building supply centers like Menards. Home Depot and Lowes). It is a bubble pak with an aluminum coating on both side. It can be stapled to the rafters in the attic or glued or nailed to inside walls.

Canopies over beds to block Microwave Radiation

Conductive fabric or cloth - sources - sells a variety of conductive fabrics. I would not order online but would talk to someone as the degree of protection varies with fabric design. You can also do a search on the Internet.

Conductive bed sheets and hat or cap inserts can be made from conductive fabric. for a bed sheet, order 7 linear feet of conductive cloth. Conductive fabric can be applied as a Canopy over a bed. However, if the whole bedroom is made microwave wave proof, there is no need for a canopy.

I used Reflectix in my house. In the bedroom, I covered it with drywall. In the living room, I installed knotty pine over it. For the windows I used Aluminum Venetian blinds. If you cover the ceiling too, you are finished as far as your house is concerned. Your whole house is now microwave proofed!

Your brain: An aluminum hat can protect your brain from microwave radiation. I found one at a local place that sells party supplies. Party supplies for New Year's Eve and/or Halloween are your best bet for aluminum attire or aluminized mylar used for hats and costumes. You can also place aluminum foil inside a regular hat although an effective conductive cloth would be preferred for appearance and comfort. After all, if you dress like the Tin-man in the Wizard of Oz, people may look at you funny if you walk down the street on any day other than Halloween.

On the other hand, you can have the last laugh. With your aluminum hat on, you can still think clearly and stay focused while they have their headaches and brain fog from getting micro-waved by the nearest cell phone tower.

Antioxidants help protect from the Oxidative stress of Microwave Radiation

  • Vitamin C - 1000 mg daily
  • Natural Vitamin E - 400 i.u. mixed tocopherols
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid - 300 mg time released
  • NAC 500 mg time released
  • Resveratrol - 100 mg daily
  • Pycnogenol (from Pine bark)- 100 mg daily or Grape seed extract.
  • Olive leaf extract - 20% oleupurein - two 500 mg caps daily
  • Green Tea - drink 2 or 3 cups a day.
  • Gogi berries, blueberries and blackberries.

There are a lot of antioxidants in colorful fruits and vegetables. Serve yourself 5 or more servings daily. There are no antioxidants in white flour, refined sugar, meat or soda pop.

Go back to land lines. People should limit cell phones use

The convenience of a cell phone is not worth the adverse effects that can cause continuous health issues for you, your family, friends and your community and future unborn generations. Life threatening adverse effects include brain cancer, other forms of cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, infertility and birth defects (Autism). Also ask yourself: is a lifetime of fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, inability to think in a focused way, depression and asthma, just to name a few conditions, worth this convenience? If you have DSL or Road Runner service for a computer, you can add a Magic Jack phone connection for less than $2 a month for local or long distance calls. Landlines also cost less and you can get cords 20 ft long.

No one under the age of 18 should be allowed to use a cell phone as the radiation destroys the brain cells of a developing brain more reading than an adult's brain. Have you been observing how SAT scores are dropping in heavily microwaved cities all across the United States? Also pay attention to the obituaries. A lot of young people who started using cell phone as children are developing and dying of brain cancer in their 20's. Do parents want to see their children die before they do? If the children are lucky and don't get a brain cancer, how much of a brain will they have left to learn a trade after they have spent several hours a day on a cell phone for years on end?

Sleep deprivation caused by Cell Phone Towers may violate the Geneva Convention and US Constitution

The Geneva Convention to which the United States is a signatory nation was intended to prevent inhumane treatment and torture of prisoners of war. Sleep deprivation has been long held by many international legal authorities as a form of torture. states that:

"In 1978, the European Court of Human Rights found that sleep deprivation is human torture. With these principles as a guide, the Israeli Supreme Court found a number of interrogation techniques to be absolutely forbidden under international and Israeli law, including: cuffing, 9 hooding,10 loud music,11 deprivation of sleep,12 and position abuse.13"

In 1978, the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Ireland v. United Kingdom found that "deprivation of sleep," among with other actions constituted torture.

Cruel and inhumane treatment is also prohibited under the 5th, 8th and 14th amendments to the US Constitution and is also prohibited under US law. Certainly sleep deprivation is inhumane treatment.

The issue is not that telecommunications companies initially set out to torture people by depriving them of sleep with cell phone tower microwave emissions. The issue now is that they know cell phone towers they install will deprive many people of normal sleep and intentionally do so because it is profitable for the business of promoting their wireless communications services.

Telecommunication officials may not be protected from their actions under color of law also known as FCC regulations. They could one day face charges for their actions of depriving citizens of normal sleep to an extent that it causes continuous sleep deprivation also known as torture. They are doing this to citizens who are not prisoners of war and who have committed no crimes.

Worst of all, they are deliberately causing conditions that create these diseases and doing this for profit. Under an agenda that includes harming the general population for profits, we could also exempt cigarette companies from the ill effects of smoking tobacco, for companies that sold asbestos for causing mesotheleoma and for lead poisoning that kills brain cells in children and adults.

In regards to the treatment of detainees at Guantanamo Bay Cuba and in other locations, the Department of Defense in a (DOD Working Group Memo) of March 2003; April 16, 2003 attempted to finesse a difference between "sleep adjustment" and "sleep deprivation" as follows:

"Description: According to the Pentagon, "sleep adjustment" means altering the sleep cycles of detainees by reversing day and night to induce disorientation similar to jet lag. Commanders at Abu Ghraib were authorized to implement sleep-adjustment techniques for up to 72 hours. The DOD Working Group defined "sleep deprivation" as "keeping the detainee awake for an extended period of time (allowing individual to rest briefly and then awakening him, repeatedly) NOT to exceed four days in succession."

"Physical, Psychological, or Other Effects: Moderate sleep deprivation can impair cognitive functions including memory, learning, logical reasoning, arithmetic skills, verbal processing, and decision-making. Prolonged sleep deprivation causes attention deficits, short-term memory problems, speech impairment, and other ailments. According to a study by Physicians for Human Rights, a group based in Cambridge, Mass., this tactic can also cause high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease and exacerbate existing ailments. Another study found that sleep deprivation could reduce an individual's tolerance for pain and ability to resist suggestion."

The DOD used "sleep adjustments" for detainees in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay and Afghanistan. In the opinion of legal experts at, this interference with sleep likely violates the Geneva Conventions. This is because sleep adjustments constitutes sleep deprivation by another name. Now in the matter of the people vs. the telecommunications companies, sleep deprivation that is occuring on a continuous basis is inhumane treatment (torture) for those who have to live with it.

With the help of health care professionals who document sleep deprivation caused by microwave radiation, a case can be prepared and taken to the Federal Court or World Court to stop cell phone companies from emitting microwave radiation on a 24/7 basis. A Federal Court injunction to shut down cell phone towers emissions at night (11pm to 7am) so people can sleep is clearly warranted.

Are Cell Phone towers violating the US Constitution?

1. Amendment 8 - Cruel and Unusual Punishment states:
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

2. Section 9 US Constitution sets limits on Congress to pass Bills of Attainder

In the context of the US Constitution, a Bill of Attainder is meant to mean a bill that has a negative effect on a single person or group (for example, a fine or term of imprisonment). Originally, a Bill of Attainder sentenced an individual to death, though this detail is no longer required to have an enactment be ruled a Bill of Attainder.

Are not requiring municipalities to permit Cell Phone towers to be installed a possible death sentence on persons living near these towers?

Cities should respond to an application from a Phone company to install a Cell Phone Tower or add an antenna to an existing tower by sending a letter and request the following documents:

1. A copy of all scientific studies done in the past 25 years that examines the effects of microwave radiation from cell phone towers on the sleep quality of persons living near (within 1000 ft of said towers) to determine if the quality of sleep of persons living near a cell phone tower is as good as those in a control group who live one mile or more away from the nearest cell phone tower. The study or studies provided is to indicate the number of times sleep is interrupted at each location.

Note: The purpose of this request is to determine if persons that live near a Cell Phone Tower and exposed to higher levels of radiation are having their sleep interrupted one or more time daily. Case reports from multiple sources indicate that sleep interruption has being linked to microwave radiation from Cell Phone Towers.

2. Provide potential conflict of interest information by giving us the names and addresses of every party who financed the studies; the amount of funding the telecommunications industry provided for these studies and list all the other parties who provided the balance of the financing and if they had any financial interest (stocks, shares) in any telecommunication companies or relatives or friends employed by these companies.

3. A copy of all decisions of US Federal Courts, Federal Appellate Courts, the US Supreme Court and/or the World Court that states that sleep interruption or deprivation caused by microwave radiation from a cell phone tower does not constitute inhumane treatment and, accordingly, does not violate the US Constitution (5th, 8th and 14th amendments) or the Geneva convention.

4. A copy of any court decision that states that insomnia caused by Cell Phone Towers does not violate the Geneva Convention because law abiding citizens are not entitled to the same rights as prisoners or war.

Your application will be considered only after we receive these documents.

Sincerely yours,

Any City USA

Suggestions for better sleep

Use the following non-drug suggestions to enhance your sleep quality only after you have tested the effects of an Emergency Blanket to determine if microwave radiation is affecting the quality of your sleep.

  • 1. Exercise - walk for 30 minutes before retiring to bed.
  • 2. Cherry juice (unsweetened) - a natural source of melatonin - drink four to six ounces about 1 hr before bedtime
  • 3. Cottage cheese on rye crisp or with peaches - _ cup serving
  • 4. Scullcap or Valerian - one capsule before bedtime
  • 5. Lavender essential oil - apply a few drops on hands and face.
  • 6. Elderberry tea - one cup before bedtime - promotes dreaming
  • 7. Magnetic Pad. Use on your back for 30 minutes before retiring.
  • Note: a small magnet in the palm of your hand will promote circulation and keep your arm from falling asleep while you are asleep.
  • 8. Patch-It footpads - apply one pad to one foot at night.
  • 9. Listen to soft classical music (Mozart etc), Seven Chakras by Alan Roubik ( or Hado Music (Hado Music Corp, 145 Hodencamp Rd, #204, Thousand Oaks CA 91360) or the pre-recorded sound of raindrops falling on a roof.
  • 10. Sun tanning - once or twice a week for 15-minute sessions
  • 11. Relaxation techniques -meditation - self-hypnosis
  • 12. No big meals just before bedtime, no sugary drinks either.
  • 13. Chiropractic adjustments may help
  • 14. Acupuncture treatments may help
  • 15. Anti-oxidants foods and supplements- increase your intake.
  • 16. Breathe through your nose
  • 17. Prevent dust mites from affecting your breathing by throwing out all pillows over one year old and buy new pillows with covers labeled "hypoallergenic." Also place the entire mattress in a plastic covering to eliminate dust mites from the mattress. Vacuum the carpet regularly to remove dust mites. Remove carpeting if possible and replace with hardwood, laminate or a tile floor. Use a whole house of room size Hepa filter. Replace furnace filter with a hypoallergenic filter that is labeled to remove smoke and dust mites every one to three months. Consider moving to a residence with hydronic heating.
  • 18. Prevent Apnea and snoring with Aromatherapy
    Aromatherapy using a raw garlic bulb or whole cloves. Take a whole garlic bulb and poke it with a fork around its circumference. Place the bulb inside the pillow about 6 inches from where your head will rest. The aroma from the garlic will open the sinuses and enables you to breathe more easily. Replace the bulb weekly or more often if it loses its effectiveness. Whole cloves placed in a small cloth bag and slipped into the pillowcase will have a similar benefit.

Combine one or more of the above suggestions. If you still have trouble getting a good nights sleep, test your blood sugar levels, make sure to unplug computers and eliminate all sources of light in the room. If you still have a problem, seek professional help.

Resources and Web Sites

The following link is a source to a wide range of testing equipment including the Electrosmog Detector, shielding cloth and fabric and conductive paint etc for protection from EMF and microwave radiation.

  • a $2 access fee is required - the bioinitiative report is well worth it and can be downloaded

To contact us - email:

Microwaved Enough Already?

More dangerous than the Aids virus, the Swine flu, the Bird flu and Al-Queda combined is microwave radiation used to support the use of cell phones and other wireless technologies. We believe that the world wide increase of cell phone towers and antennas will cause more disease, suffering and death than all the wars of history combined. Unless mankind changes course very soon, untold millions of people will perish. Here is the scene of an enveloping global tragedy:

  • With half the Earth's population using cell phones, insomnia and interrupted sleep is growing exponentially in every city on the globe affecting hundreds of millions of people.
  • Millions suffering from insomnia are discovering they also have anxiety, fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, depressed immunity and chronic infections that linger.
  • An unprecedented increase in drugs and drug combinations will be used in a desperate but mostly unsuccessful attempt by the uninformed public to get well.
  • Many thousands of children who were heavy users of cell phones for a decade or longer will develop brain cancer in their twenties. Many will not live to see their 30th birthday.
  • Millions of couples will be sterilized by the microwaves and rendered infertile - unable to have children.
  • Asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and COPD will increase in persons of all ages as will sudden death, dementia, strokes, cancer and heart attacks.
  • The telecommunications industry will continue to flood the mass media with billions of advertising dollars to not only promote their products but to keep the press quiet.

Want to get involved? Here is how you can help.

1. Help us get the word out about the dangers of microwave radiation from cell phone towers by distributing copies of this journal to concerned citizens, students and civic leaders in your neighborhood and especially to anyone living near a cell phone tower.

2. Send us a donation so we can reprint this publication when we run out of copies. (Suggested donations cover basic printing and shipping costs. We are a non-profit org. Donations are tax deductible. Indicate if you want a receipt.)

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Make checks payable to "Keep Hope Alive" send to PO Box 270041, West Allis, WI 53227

Copies of this Journal have been mailed to President Obama and all members of Congress

Mr. President and Members of Congress:

We have a national health emergency brought on by the dirty cloud of microwave radiation emitted by Cell Phone Towers in every major American city including Washington DC. These emissions of microwave radiation are adversely affecting the health of tens of millions of Americans by interrupting their sleep one or more times nightly and causing millions to develop high blood pressure, cancer, asthma and numerous other illnesses.

Interruptions of normal sleep patterns are a direct violation of the Geneva Convention and the US Constitution. The President and Congress can and should implement the following Emergency measures immediately:

  • 1. Completely shut down all the cell phone towers in every time zone in the United States from 12 pm to 6 am each day. This will end interrupting the sleep of millions of people every night and allow for cell repair and rejuvenative, restful and refreshing sleep.
  • 2. Immediately ban the use of texting and cell phone use in all automobiles and other vehicles except for emergencies and only after the car pulls off the road and comes to a complete stop.
  • 3. Dismantle all the cell phone towers along the nation's interstate highway system and replace them with land line phone booths one mile apart to be made available to the public for seeking emergency roadside assistance, report accidents or making 911 phone calls.
  • 4. Outlaw the sale of cell phones, iphones, ipods and all other wireless devices to anyone under the age of 18 years old. This will save thousands of young people from brain cancer and may improve the SAT scores of millions of children
  • 5. Reduce the maximum wattage output of all cell phone towers by 50% immediately in all time zones and at all hours of operation as a precaution to reduce further danger to the public health.
  • 6. Establish a minimum distance of 1000 ft from any cell phone tower to any occupied building.
  • 7. Require all telecommunication companies to be totally liable for all illnesses caused by the microwave emissions from their cell phone towers and require a minimum health insurance liability policy of $10,000 per individual whose resides within a range to be serviced by the cell phone tower.
  • 8. The standard of using heat generation in a person as determined by the Federal Communications Commission as the sole basis for establishing safety levels of microwave radiation is abolished: No level of microwave radiation shall be deemed to be safe on the heat standard alone if it also-
  • a. Increases free radical production and lipid peroxidation in any amount;
  • b. Decreases the body's antioxidant defenses (Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase - Catalase)
  • c. Increases the Sedimentation rate and C-reactive protein levels - a measure of inflammation.
  • d. Increases histamine production type 1 (asthma), type 2 - (acid reflux syndrome), interleukin 6 and tumor necrosis factor (increased risk for cancer) or decreases DTH (depressed immunity).
  • e. Reduces or increases hormone production including but not limited to melatonin, cortisol, thyroid and testosterone.
  • f. Adversely affects the functioning of white and red blood cells; impairs phagatosis, antibody production, antigen presentation and natural killer cell function.
  • g. Adversely affects the sleep cycle in any way or the circadian cycle of any bodily hormones.
  • h. Causes leakage of blood vessels or capillaries or adhesion of blood cells to one another.
  • 9. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) shall have the sole responsibility for testing and approving the safety limits of all wireless devices. The NIH shall conduct clinical trials to test and certify the level of microwave radiation and wattage output of cell phones, cell phone towers and all other wireless devices to determine if they are within the margins of safety for pre-disease biomarkers specified above in paragraph 8 "a" through "h."
  • 10. The sale, distribution or installation of new Cell Phones, Cell Phone Towers, the adding of antennas or wireless equipment to any existing tower structure or direct Satellite to Earth microwave transmissions for high speed internet services are suspended until the NIH shall complete clinical trials on biomarker limitations specified in paragraph 8 "a" through "h" to determine if the wireless devices operate within the limits specified in Paragraph 8. All wireless devices that are within the limits of paragraph 8 shall be allowed for distribution in interstate commerce.
This document was drafted by Conrad LeBeau on Feb 23, 2010 and sent to every member of Congress and most of the national radio and television media. To contact the writer, call (414-231-9817 or go to for more information.