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lillyThe Cancer Epidemic



Conrad LeBeau

According to, about 577,190 Americans were expected to die of cancer in 2012. The American Cancer Society (ACS) reports that cancer is the second leading cause of death in children, with accidents being the first. Why children, why now? One does not have to hear an official announcement to realize the breadth of the problem – just look around and count the friends you know who have cancer – the few who survive and the many who perish to know we are not winning this war. In spite of this, three immune-based therapies are discussed in this newsletter that raise hopes for real answers – possibly even cures.

Disclaimer: As for the contents of this newsletter, see the doctor of your choice for more information. You can find a nutritionally oriented doctor at

Reprogramming T Cells To Attack Cancer Cells

A new immune-based treatment for leukemia has initially produced results so spectacular that even some conventional oncologist who have treated most forms of cancers for more than a half-century with the big three – surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy have dared to stutter the “C” word. “Our goal is to have a cure, but we can’t say that word,” says Dr. Carl June, who leads the research team at the University of Pennsylvania.

Denise Grady of the New York Times reported this breaking story on December 9 2012. The story was also carried on several national news outlets including CNN.

The case, reported in the NY Times article, is about Emma Whitehead of Philipsburg, PA, a little 6 year-old girl who was near death in 2011 from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This form of leukemia is the result of rapid and uncontrolled growth of cancerous B cells. B cells are a type of white blood cell that under normal circumstances evolve into plasma cells and produce antibodies. This branch of the immune system is sometimes referred to as T cell helper 2 or Th2. In past issues of this Journal, and in the Immune Restoration Handbook, is discussed how, in cancer and HIV progression, the Th2 branch of the immune system dominates and suppresses Th1.

Last year, Emma had collapsed twice from chemotherapy, according to NY Times article, which stated the “doctors had run out of options.” The doctors decided to try an experimental immune-based treatment on Emma that was developed at the University of Pennsylvania.

In an experiment funded with a 20 million dollar grant by Novartis Oncology, Dr. Carl June and his team at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia took a disabled HIV virus and used it to reprogram Emma’s T cells to attack B cells. What they did is remove T cells from Emma’s blood and reprogrammed them with the shell of the HIV virus to attack and destroy the cancerous B cells. They then grew a great quantity of these cells and re-injected them back into Emma’s body to attack the cancer. The reprogrammed T cells attacked and destroyed both healthy and cancerous B cells.
The result set off a cytokine storm that caused a huge spike in body temperature.

An indication that the treatment is working is when the patient becomes terribly ill, with high fevers and chills. Emma saw her temperature spike to 105 degrees. The treatment nearly killed her. A battery of tests found that Emma’s interleukin 6 levels had increased 1000 fold. Over-production of antibodies and excess levels of interleukin 6 (il-6) are clear hallmarks of Th2 dominant immune responses. However, to effectively defend against HIV progression or cancer requires a Th1 dominant immune response. This requires reducing B cell activity by lowering the IL6 levels.

Tocilizumab – a drug that suppresses IL-6 saves Emma

Dr. June had used the drug, tocilizumab, for treating his daughter’s rheumatoid arthritis, an auto-immune disease whose debilitating effects are driven by elevated levels of il-6. Dr. Stephan A. Grupp, who was working with Dr. June in evaluating Emma, ordered the drug. The doctor reported the results were amazing and that within a few hours, Emma’s condition began to stabilize. By May 2nd, on her 7th birthday, she awoke in the intensive care unit to the staff singing “Happy Birthday.” The NY Times article reported that 7 months later, Emma was still in complete remission.

What is Tocilizumab?

Tocilizumab blocks the effects of interleukin 6, a substance in the body that promotes inflammation. IL-6 promotes fevers and inflammation to activate B cell responses to infections. B cells evolve into plasma cells and produce antibodies. Overactive antibody production can result in autoimmune diseases where white blood cells attack health body tissue. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that inflames the joints. Tocilizumab is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis in children and adults. The effects of this drug are similar to prednisone, a drug that also suppresses IL-6 activity.

In past newsletters, we reported that Dr. Alfred Plechner DVM, used high doses of prednisone to eradicate cancer in cats, and dogs. A drug that reduces IL-6 can potentially have therapeutic value in the treatment of cancer and leukemia. In the case of Emma, the use of Tocilizumab may have had a beneficial effect beyond eliminating the fever by suppressing the production of the cancerous B cells contributing to a remission of the leukemia.

Several other patients had remissions as well

The cost of the treatment, so far, was estimated at $20,000, far less than the $250,000 for a bone marrow transplant. Future experiments are planned on other forms of cancer as well. One puzzling questions remains: if the shell of the HIV virus can trigger an immune response to cure various forms of cancer, can it also cure AIDS? Is total eradication of the HIV virus from the body possible? In theory it should be.

With bone marrow transplants, there is the widely reported case (POZ magazine) of the Berlin patient who was cured of AIDS. Last year, I talked with a middle age man from Milwaukee who had both AIDS and cancer at the same time, and who was cured of both diseases with a bone marrow transplant. When I asked him who paid for the $250,000 bone marrow transplant, he said his insurance company did.

[The high price tag of bone marrow transplants prevents them from being used more often. If the $20,000 immune-based treatment being tested at the University of Pennsylvania works as well as a bone marrow transplant for both cancer and AIDS patients, it could reduce the cost by more than 80% and make this treatment more affordable.]

There is no economic incentive to develop a cure for AIDS when billions in profits are being made every year marketing patented antiviral drugs to manage the disease. If the individualized immunotherapy protocol now being financed by Novartis Oncology is FDA approved for leukemia or cancer, will the final cost be the $20,000 figure reported in this article or will it be less or more? Unfortunately, for the public, without competition in the marketplace, the cost may increase to whatever the market will bear.

The good news here is that there may soon be a conventional alternative to being burned with radiation or poisoned with chemotherapy if you have cancer or leukemia. There are plenty of patients afflicted with both HIV and cancer at the same time who could find out if the cure for cancer is also the cure for AIDS.

For more information on this experimental treatment, contact Dr Carl June M.D. at -

University of Pennsylvania Hospital
800 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Office: (215) 573-3269 Fax: (215) 573-8590

GcMAF – a vitamin D bound protein for restoring immune function to treat cancer and viral diseases

March 1st 2013: A phone call I received recently from a reader in Canada was about an injectable product made in Europe that was a novel immune-based treatment for cancer, infections, viruses, and HIV. The caller went so far as to state that persons in Europe were being “c….d” of HIV infection with GcMAF.

What is GcMAF?

Gc stand for vitamin D binding protein produced in the liver. MAF stands for Macrophage Activating Factor (MAF). Based on published research papers, GcMAF is a Vitamin D protein-binding compound derived from macrophages that activates the immune system.

The following are excerpted from the GCMAF website (

“The first research was done in 1990 by Dr Yamamoto in Philadelphia; and since then 59 research papers have been published by 142 scientists stating that GcMAF is a vital part of the human immune system, which doesn’t function without it. Externally administered GcMAF rebuilds the immune system, and the immune system can then eradicate early stage cancer and other diseases.”

How does GcMAF work?

"In a healthy person your GcMAF acts as a “director” of your immune system. But viruses and malignant cells like cancer send out an enzyme called Nagalase that prevents production of your GcMAF: that neutralizes your immune system. So diseases become chronic, and cancer cells grow unchecked.

"In three weeks of one GcMAF dose a week, your immune system is rebuilt to above normal strength. You need one dose a week for typically 24 weeks for many diseases and early cancers, a year for later stage cancers.One week’s GcMAF looks like a small raindrop. It’s perfectly sterile, and a most ethical course for doctors.

"We extract and isolate GcMAF molecules, and our GcMAF has undergone hundreds of laboratory experiments in universities, laboratories and clinics and been the subject of 11 scientific research papers. Taking GcMAF simply replaces the part of the immune system that is missing.

"We’ve had successes with many common cancers including prostate and breast, but leukemia and melanoma too. Our GcMAF has also been successful with chronic inflammation, bacterial and viral infections, Autism, Chronic Herpes, Chronic Acne, CFS, Lyme disease, AIDS, HIV, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, Hodgkin’s, MS, Parkinson’s, and various types of Immune dysfunction. In its role of immune system regulator, research shows GcMAF can reverse diseases that attack the immune system like Lupus and Arthritis. Small pre-clinical trials to build the case are again taking place.

"Clinics, doctors and those diagnosed with any of these illnesses, and who have done their own research on it, are invited to respond. We ask for a copy of diagnostic information and update reports from a physician during and after treatments, to help build the case that GcMAF is effective for various illnesses, which will help to make it available to the public. Participants are free to stop at any time.

"We are a main supplier for research universities, and 300 cancer clinics and doctors, with 4,000 participants, and we are the only one who tests for activity, which can only be done with live cell assays like these. Our research abstract paper on our results was published simultaneously on 1st February at the 5th Immunotherapeutics Conference in San Diego California, and at the PMTC Conference at the Universtiy of Sharjah, UAE.

"We promised six more research papers this year; the first of those, about the histology of GcMAF destroying breast and brain cancer cells, is already finished, and has been accepted at the Immunotherapy and Immuno-monitoring Conference Krakow, Poland, 22-24th April.

What have we learned?

"The many scientists who have published papers on trials of GcMAF selected those in the early stages of cancer and HIV, and reported nearly 100 percent success, with no recurrence after many years. They did not attempt trials on people with large tumors. Our trials are quite different: many people are over 50, some over 80, with advanced or terminal cancers, with significant tumor mass.

"Our GcMAF appears to be successful at rebuilding the immune system in around three weeks in the vast majority – probably over 80%. Remember the half life of GcMAF is only one week – you have to keep taking it until your disease has gone, or the immune system gets shut down again. In responders (about 80%) nagalase comes down at the rate of 10-40% every 8 weeks.

"You should give your immune system 8 weeks for chronic herpes/acne. Allow 24 weeks plus of GcMAF for: Autism (85% improve, 15% eradication), CFS (40% eradication), HIV, Lyme (15% respond, most appear to have the VDR gene blocked and the viruses conceal themselves with biofilms) and stage 1 to 2 cancer, (80% respond). Late stage cancer, perhaps 20% responders, takes a year to 18 months. Remember everyone responds differently. We can’t say how you will respond.

"The more minor the disease, the easier it is for GcMAF and your immune system to eradicate. GcMAF needs normal levels of vitamin D to function strongly. But even in low responders, GcMAF usually appears to stop the advance of cancer. We have probably proved GcMAF can work for people up to age 90, with terminal stage 4 cancer, and can destroy large tumor mass.

"If you have your blood taken for monocyte counts, relevant markers and vitamin D levels, and again for a nagalase test at the beginning, you should see on your next test after three weeks that your immune system is back to full strength, and after 8 weeks significantly falling nagalase will indicate the disease is losing its grip. Don’t stop the GcMAF until your nagalase gets below 0.62 nmol/min/mg, when it loses the ability to prevent your body producing your own GcMAF, and then you no longer need ours. Note: the test for nagalase is about $60 and is used to monitor treatment progress.

"Autism children can improve at five weeks with substantial improvements at 8 weeks, but everyone is different. The beauty of using your own immune system to attack disease or cancer is that it remembers how to defeat it for the rest of your life: it doesn’t come back. And unlike chemotherapy, the side effects are trivial.

The only way you can tell if GcMAF is genuine and active is to test with living cells in a laboratory. See “Tests of our GcMAF.” To recap:

"We put live macrophages cells and MCF7 breast cancer cells together; nothing happens. Then we add GcMAF; in 72 hours the macrophages eat all the MCF7 cancer cells. We then put only GcMAF and MCF7 together, and the GcMAF turns the cancer cells back into healthy cells.

"We have GcMAF available for preclinical trials. You must read at least all of “Buy GcMAF here” and “Treatment strategies.” And you must be prepared to give us feedback. If you have questions, click “Contact” at the top to send us an email, or call our contact person David Noakes +44 7781 411 737 at 10.30 am to 10 pm UTC/GMT (Greenich Mean Time)”

End of website excerpts

sunNote: Based on the role of vitamin D by white blood cells that produce GcMAF, supplementing the diet with extra vitamin D (or obtaining a nice sun tan) should increase GcMAF plasma levels naturally. I am not suggesting that taking Vitamin D capsules or sun tanning is an effective substitute for using GcMAF, but it could help.

Once an illness has developed, using pre-extracted GcMAF according to pretested protocols is a more certain way of obtaining positive results. It is best to discuss the use of GcMAF and vitamin D supplementation with your doctor. To obtain GcMAF or for more information, go to

“Cancer Can Be Cured” by Fr Romano Zago OFM


The first edition of “Cancer Can Be Cured!” by Father Romano Zago OFM was printed in 2002. I obtained my copy from the used book store at

I first heard about this treatment from a reader who informed me of this remedy either in 2007 or 2008. The caller told me about the aloe and raw honey treatment for cancer promoted by Fr. Romano Zago.

[The caller also told me about another treatment. It is St Raphael’s healing oil. The website that discusses it is The oil (a mixture of olive oil and rose petals) is prepared, blessed and given away free by another priest, Fr. Joseph Whalen. I did not plan to write an article about St Raphael’s healing oil in this issue, but may in another issue if readers try it out and give me feedback on the results they obtain.]

“Aloe isn’t medicine [a drug] and yet…it Cures!” is the title of an earlier book by Father Romano Zago about the healing properties of aloe arborescens (aka Torch Aloe) and raw honey plus the added 1% alcohol distillate (Brandy, Rum, Vodka, Whisky etc). The name “Torch Aloe” is a common name for this species because of its towering red flowers. Fr. Zago first learned about the medicinal properties of aloe arborescens for treating cancer and many other health conditions from local natives while presiding at St Antonio Parish in Pouso Novo (RSD) Brazil in 1988.

In June 2011, I wrote the following in the Journal of Immunity Vol 9, No 2:

Fr Zago was born in Lajeado, Brazil on Aug 11, 1932. He was ordained a Franciscan Friar in 1958. In 1988 while presiding at the San Antonio parish in Pouso Novo (RS) Brazil, he learned from local natives a potent all natural recipe made from Aloe Arborescens for curing cancer and other diseases.

A few years later, he went on to new assignments in Jerusalem and in Italy where he seen success using this formula on the chronically ill. Fr Zago states he did not originate the formula. He learned about it from natives and poor people who over time, trial and error, discovered how to make their own medicines.

In his book he writes.“this recipe is inexpensive with no contraindications or negative side effects, targeted at alleviating the suffering of the sick and those directly or indirectly connected to them, who are sometimes helpless when faced with the enormity of the problem.” In his book, Fr Zago reports on 39 individual cases of cancer, many terminal, that were cured with aloe and honey. Excerpts from his book describing the recipe can be found at

March 21, 2013. This following is excerpted from the website

“Aloe has been used as a folk medicine for centuries all over the world. Among the components of Aloe, the low-molecular weight components have been well studied and used as purgatives. In the last few decades, the clinical application of Aloe extract, probably the components of high molecular weight, in skin injury and burns, as well as an anti-inflammatory, has been reported………In this article, I would like to describe the antitumor activity of Alo A using methylcholanthrene-induced nurine fibrosarcoma (Meth A)2 and lymphocytic leukemia (P388) (unpublished data) in syngeneic mouse systems.”

Read the full abstract at

In Vol 9 No 1 I published the recipe. It is also printed in the Immune Restoration Handbook and online at However, because of the importance of using the same species described in Fr. Zago’s book, and using the older large leaves that are at least 5 years old, it is better to buy a product prepared with the right ingredients, proportions and correct procedures than to make your own. Several sources are listed on the next page.

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: Father Reckziegel speaks of a natural remedy for cancer-

In his book, Fr Zago discusses when he first learned of the aloe and honey formula. While engaging one day in a dialogue with other Franciscan friars near the Rio Grande in Brazil, Fr. Zaago listened to Father Arno Reckziegel speak to an audience about cancer and stated: “it is possible to cure cancer…it is a problem that has a solution.

Fr. Reckziegel tells about an elderly lady with skin cancer who was cured with this simple formula. He added: “Down in the shantytown in Rio Grande where I worked for a few years, every day I witnessed the healing of simple people with cancer.” One listener said, “But that’s impossible….Did she truly have cancer?

Fr Reckziegel:

“Cancer found by medical tests. I quote the case of an unheard of humble person, but I could just as easily quote the healing of famous people who took the same treatment. We know of people of national fame who were healed of their disease with the same method used by the elderly lady form the suburbs of the Port City. The method heals people, whether they are poor and unheard of, or colored or famous, without discrimination. It works for everyone. Nature has no preference. She answers all who wish to take advantage of her.”

When asked what is the recipe, Fr. Reckziegel replied:

“I repeat, it is very simple. Everyone in the shantytown knows the recipe. No one there dies of cancer because the recipe is passed by word of mouth to anyone who is interested.”

FR Reckziegel then states:

“Take note. Half a kilogram (about 18 ounces) of (raw) bee’s honey, two Aloe (Arborescens) leaves and three or four spoonfuls of (alcohol) distillate….Remove the spines along the edge of the leaves and any dirt deposited by nature. Place the three ingredients – (raw) honey, Aloe and distillate – in the blender. Blend them well to obtain a light mixture and the mixture that cures cancer is ready.”

When asked how the mixture is taken, Fr Reckziegel states:

“One tablespoon at breakfast time, one a lunch time, and one at dinner time. Always before meals, about 10, 20 or 30 minutes before. Shake the jar well before taking it. Keep it in the vegetable compartment of the fridge.”

Fr Reckziegel than adds:

“But if this recipe is so miraculous, why is it not widely used?….The recipe is truly as simple as this, but there are interests at play that prevent this extremely important discovery from being divulged or promoted. Cancer must continue to take lives. If the disease is cured, a rich source of earning will be lost.”

80 yr old man cured of prostate cancer

In his book, Fr. Zago tells of an elderly man (80 years old) in Brazil with prostate cancer that doctors said only had a few days to live. After receiving the last rites of the Catholic Church he was sent home to die. However, after taking the aloe honey mixture for just one week, a lump in his stomach disappeared. He continued with the aloe honey mixture three times a day for several months. Gradually his appetite and strength returned. At Fr. Zago’s advice, he also followed a vegetarian diet.

Of this peasant farmer, Fr. Zago said: “He is one of many people who managed to defeat cancer by taking the preparations being promoted in this book.

In reading his book, I counted 39 cases of cancer remissions or cures. Fr Zago also stated that some people who used the preparation died from cancer. He listed several reasons for failure.

1.) using aloe leaves that were too young (they should be 5 years or older) 2.) The mixture was not taken in the doses indicated and 3.) The preparation was taken sporadically or just lay forgotten in the refrigerator. 4.) The doctor or friends told the person that it would be a waste of time because if it worked, everyone would be using it. 5.) The person became discouraged if they were not cured within the first week and stopped using the mixture.

[Note: The North American aloe is known “aloe vera barbadensis.” According to sources cited in Fr Zago’s book, aloe vera contains about half the anti-cancer properties of the arborescens species. Although aloe vera barbadensis has anti-cancer properties, the arborescens species is preferred.]

Resources in the UK

“Aloe One” is a company in Great Britain that makes the aloe arborescens according to Fr Romano Zago’s recipe. They ship worldwide. For more info, go to

United States Sources

“Aloe Arborescens” is made by Quantum Nutrition from Austin, Texas. They use Fr. Zago’s formula and import 5 year old aloe arborescens leaves from Italy. 888-588-7590.

What is Cancer?

The conventional theories on cancer are that it is 150 or more different diseases. Really? Or is it 150 different names for the same disease? Generally speaking, cancer is a lump or abnormal growth of cells somewhere within the body.

Cancer’s many causes

Briefly, the causes of cancer are the result of the toxic world we live in and a diet based on tasty processed foods used in place of real foods. With half the American people now expected to develop cancer sometime in their lifetime, there is no shortage of toxins to promote the growth of new cancers in the expanding population.

One of the most obvious and recognized causes of cancer is smoking tobacco with lung, mouth, and esophageal cancer being the end result. Other causes are invisible -industrial pollution – mercury, fine particulates from coal- fired plants, and smoke from factories with unknown contaminants. Other less obvious but equally dangerous sources are eating smoked foods including fish, barbeque sauce with smoke flavoring added, processed lunchmeats with smoke flavoring, and nitrates.

Arcylamides are a cancer-causing chemical produced when certain foods are processed at very high temperatures. The most dangerous temperatures are those above 400 degrees F. Precooked breakfast cereals are often a source of Arcylamides as they are often processed under pressure and at very high temperatures. Granola being the exception as it is not processed under pressure. In studies on rats, cereals made entirely of bran caused more cancer than did white flour. Flaxseed baked at very high temperatures (e.g. crackers) form resins and become toxic to the liver. Even organic health food can be turned into poison if you cook it at high enough a temperature or deep fry it.

As a general observation, it is safe to consume foods that are boiled or simmered. Other unseen toxins are pesticides, genetically modified foods (GMO) and herbicides. Monsanto’s herbicides are mainly used in corn and soybean production but the herbicides can end up in the meat of farm animals that eat these grains. Monsanto’s herbicides or any one else’s herbicides or pesticides can end up in milk, in meat, poultry and eggs and ultimately inside you and me where they do their chemical havoc.

From the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the food we eat, these are all possible sources of modern man’s chemical pollution.

Then there is electromagnetic and microwave energy fields that disrupts cell signaling within the body, and cause havoc by creating stress and depriving us of restful sleep. On top of that are genes in our chromosomes that we inherit from our parents that can also make some of us more susceptible to certain forms of cancer.

Still, in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, is the wild woods and wild birds and animals that are minimally exposed to these pollutants, and are, for the most part cancer-free. This includes wild animals and birds, grass fed cows, goats, sheep, and poultry. Eating healthier animals makes for healthier humans. Eating unhealthy animals will result in unhealthy humans. It is all about the food chain. As the saying goes – junk in – junk out. We are what we eat and we are what we think. We are also the end result of our values and our thoughts and feelings. These are all part of the equation of the human experience.

That mass of cells called cancer – is it a fungus or a false pregnancy?

According to the trophoblast theory of cancer by John Beard, (first published in 1902) the trophoblast is a cancer cell and a normal part of the life cycle. Trophoblast cells occur in the earliest stage of a pregnancy and attach the developing fertilized egg to the uterine wall. The trophoblast cells normally evolve into the placenta, a protective envelope that surrounds the fetus. According to John Beard who authored a book on this subject, once the fetus develops to the point that its pancreas starts producing enzymes, the pancreatic enzymes in the embryo destroys the trophoblast cells.

According to Beard, there are over 40 similar characteristics between cancer cells and trophoblast cells. Information from Yale University at states:

“On the one hand trophoblasts have a potent invasive capacity and if allowed to invade unchecked, would spread throughout the uterus. The endometrium, on the other hand, controls trophoblast invasion by secreting locally acting factors (cytokines and protease inhibitors), which modulate trophoblast invasion. Ultimately, normal implantation and placentation is a balance between regulatory gradients created by both the trophoblasts and endometrium.”

The articled does not identify what cytokines or protease inhibitors are involved in this regulatory balancing act. Medline Plus defines uncontrolled growth of trophoblast cells as tumors (GTD) with this statement:

“Gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) is a group of conditions in which tumors grow inside a woman’s uterus (womb). The abnormal cells start in the tissue that would normally become the placenta, the organ that develops during pregnancy to feed the fetus.”

At, a widely referenced website used by the public and health care professionals is the following statement about GTD:

“This is identified in almost all cases by regularly measuring hCG with an assay that detects all the different forms of the hormone seen in cancer, with a sensitivity and specificity of virtually 100%.”

According to, GTD is treated with chemotherapy including etoposide, dactinomycin, folinic acid (folic acid?), and methotrexate. This is followed with vincristine and cyclophosphamide.

Dr Keith Scott-Mumby MD writes at on John Beard’s trophoblast theory of cancer:

“To understand this important group of resources, we need to visit a little bit of scientific history. In 1902 a Scottish doctor, John Beard, published an interesting paper. He drew attention to the fact that when the placenta implants into the uterus, the way it burrows in and invades the mother’s tissue is exactly like a cancer.

"Why didn’t the placenta just keep going and take over everything – like a cancer does? Nobody knew at the time but John Beard noticed that the placenta stops invading at exactly the moment when the infants pancreas starts to produce enzymes. If that doesn’t happen, the deadly cancer of pregnancy – chorion-carcinoma – ensues which is capable of killing the mother and baby very quickly (today there is an excellent cure rate for chorion-carcinoma).”

Dr Mumby discusses the use of pancreatic enzymes to destroy cancer cells. He further cites the work of Dr Kelly and Dr Gonzalez.

Sugar feeds cancer growth

The theory that cancer is a fungus is based on observations that confirmed that cancer cells like yeast and most forms of fungus consume large quantities of sugar and get their energy through fermentation rather that through the mitochondria as do normal cells.

On 05/07/2007 researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that -

“cancer cells can reprogram themselves to turn down their own energy-making machinery and use less oxygen…. Instead, the cancer cells use the less efficient process of fermentation, which generates less energy but does not require oxygen. As a result, the cancer cells must take in large amounts of glucose. The appetite of cancer cells for glucose is so great that it can be used to identify small groups of tumor cells that have spread throughout the body.”

Sugar and corn syrup feed the cancer

Bottled and canned soda, white sugar, corn syrup in processed foods, and simple refined carbohydrates (white bread etc) are the main food sources that feed the growth of cancer and can undo even an effective cancer treatment.

For more information on diet for cancer, the role of minerals including selenium, magnesium, and potassium and more info on diagnostic testing, see the “Immune Restoration Handbook,” “The Gerson Therapy” by Charlotte Gerson and M. Walker and “Beating Cancer with Nutrition” by Patrick Quinlin, RD. To find a nutritionally oriented doctor in your area, go to Bring a copy of this newsletter along for a consultation.

Keep Hope Alive, PO Box 270041, West Allis, WI 53227 414-231-9817

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