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Posted Jan 19 2015 
    • Black Seed Powder Reported to Have Cured 5 persons of HIV/AIDS in Published Studies

    • Ebola infections 20,000 plus

    • Influenza (H3N2) widespread in the U.S.

Conrad LeBeau

For the first time in the past 3 decades, the word “HIV and “cure” are occurring in the same sentence. As scientific studies and case reports begin to add up, it appears that total eradication of HIV may no longer be a dream, but a reality that is coming into focus before our very eyes.

In the last issue of this journal, we reported on a single case from Nigeria (1) where an HIV positive male was cured of AIDS using a mixture of black seed powder and honey twice a day over a period of 6 months. (1) Now, the one reported case of an AIDS cure has grown to five.

In the Nigerian case, all symptoms disappeared within 20 days of commencement of the Black Seed remedy. While the initial CD4 count dropped, it then rebounded. The viral load as measured by PCR declined to non-detectable levels by the end of the 2nd month. By the 6th month, the HIV test (Elisa/Western Blot) turned from positive to negative. It has remained that way for two-years after the treatment ended.

Since then, articles and case reports emailed to us by readers have reported results similar to the Nigerian case. One article was published in the “Open Access Scientific Reports” (2) about a person that started Nigella Sativa (Black Seed - Black Cumin) in 2005 that was followed through 2012. The other article was published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases(3). The latter discussed 3 more HIV positive persons (A, B and C) who sero-converted after 4 months of using the Black Seed therapy, and have remained so for the following 2 years.

Dr. A. Onifade is a lead author in all 4 studies. His practice has been in Nigeria, a country with over 3 million persons affected by AIDS.

1. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (2013) 10(5):332-335
2. Open Access Scientific Reports by AA Onifade et al. 5 Month Herbal Therapy and Complete Sero-Reversion with Recovery in an Adult HIV/AIDS Patient
3. Journal of Infectious Diseases Photon 113 (2014) 264-269 Does Nigella Sativa Concoction Cure HIV Infection?

Dr. A. A. Onifade Black Seed protocol led to undetectable viral loads for HIV in 6 patients in just 4 months.

In a 4th scientific study, an article published in the "Journal of Herbal Medicine" 09/2013 by A.A. Onifade, A.P. Jewell, T. A. Ajadi, S.K. Rahamon, and O.O. Ogunrun is titled “Effectiveness of a herbal remedy in six HIV patients in Nigeria.”

The remedy used was a mixture of Black Seed powder and honey called A-Zam. In the earlier Nigerian study, 10 ml of this mixture consisting of 60% Black Seed powder and 40% honey (by volume). This was taken 12 hours a part or twice a day. The actual amount of Black Seed powder consumed was about one teaspoon consumed twice a day.

In this new 6-person study, the abstract provided does not identify the amount of black seed used but it gives these results:

“The symptoms and signs associated with HIV infection disappeared within 20 days of commencement of herbal therapy….Body weight increased from an average of 53 kg to 63 kg. Viral load (HIV-RNA) decreased from 42,300 to undetectable level, and CD4 counts increased from an average of 227 to 680 at 4 months post therapy.”

This published abstract did not indicate if any of the 6 patients sero-converted from an HIV positive status to a negative one. Thanks to Denis from Croatia, who has been researching this subject we received several articles about these studies on the remarkable results of using Black Seed powder for HIV. Denis can be reached at

Update - due to numerous visits to this website from Nigeria and other part of Africa, we are providing the following link to update this 2015 newsletter

Nov 2019 - AIDS Cured! - the story of Mary from Brooklyn. For all the details of the protocol she used go here or read the latest newsletter (v17n3) at

Patient R - A Local Case Report on the Black Seed Remedy for HIV.

Patient R’s 4 month Mono-therapy results Patient R's email on Dec 16th Today in an email he wrote:

"Hello Conrad, Well, here are the results. I've only been taking the black seed and no other preventative medication for the past few months and the results here look promising. My t-cells are up and my viral load has gone down dramatically. I hope this helps with your research and I really appreciate the chance to participate in this study. Email me back when you get this :-)"

We reported on the beginning of this local test case in our last newsletter with Patient R. After 4 months, the results were breathtaking. On December 27, 2014, Patient R released his lab tests for 2014. In the lab results published on our website, there are 3 sets of test results in 2014 - one in January while he was still using HIV meds; one in July when he stopped using the HIV meds. The July tests are his baseline. He started using the black seed powder capsules on August 9th and the December 10th test encompasses a 4-month period.

Besides significantly increasing the CD4 count from 262 to 417, the viral load was reduced from 10, 571 to 3, 054. A reading of the lab test also shows several blood parameters moving from High or Low positions to within normal reference ranges. Some of these lab results indicate improved liver function. Because of space limitations, the lab results are not published in full in this newsletter. They can be read online at

Patient R continues to use the Black seed capsules at a dose of 3 capsules twice a day with meals. The Black Seed powder capsules were obtained from Phone 800-241-9138. It was the Original Formula, not the oil that is widely promoted on the web. There are 100 capsules per bottle and each capsule contains 475 mg of black seed powder. The total milligrams of black seed powder consumed each day was 2850. This is less than what was used in the Nigerian studies.

Note that one preliminary report on the use of Black Seed oil is disappointing. Dr. Onifade wrote to us that the whole seed powder is preferred over using the oil.

Micaell Thomsen reports his latest labs indicate Black seed powder combined with HIV meds increased his CD4's and improved other immune parameters

"Nov 25, 2014

Hello Conrad - I have just picked up my latest blood test from the 11th of November since changing HIV medicine and starting Black seed the 13th of October. My printer/scanning machine is out of order, so I will write down the most important information. My Viral load is still undetectable and my CD4 is raised from 630 to 770. I know we have other blood test Ref. niveau, but I hope you understand the Danish way.

"My CD3 pos. is raised from 1,7 (normal 0,69-2,70) to 2,4. My CD8 pos. is raised from 1,0 (normal 0,39-1,03) to 1,6 My Hemoglobin is raised from 10,0 (normal 8,3-10,5) to 10,9 (now over the ref. niveau)

"My ALAT is down from 153 (normal 10-70) to 66. All other test results are fine. But my creatinine is still a slight over ref. niveau due to the Tivicay, that is known to raise creatinine. But it has been up to 130 but is now down to 116 (normal 60-105). So I must conclude, that Nigella sativa is very well tolerated with the HIV medicine, and promotes great benefits. Best regards. Micaell"

Note - Contact info for Micaell Thomson, send an email to him here Note: Today Dec 4, we are in a waiting mode to hear from Patient R. Meanwhile, the latest results from Micaell who has been using black seed powder (combined with HIV meds) since Oct 13 are very encouraging. In a separate follow-up email from Micaell, he also reported that several subsets of white blood cells increased toward normal reference ranges in his latest test. Micaell email is here

Case report: Black Seed oil not as effective as the whole seed powder

An email from Europe by a HIV+ female (Case M) on Dec 27 indicates that Black Seed oil was used as a mono-therapy for 13 weeks (from Sep to Dec 20th). She wrote: "As you can see after 3 months of the oil of Nigella Sativa, the results were not as good as Patient R. Next week we intend to do a ARN (viral load count) and lipid profile again. All the best." M (name, email and actual lab results were withheld per her request).

She indicated she used from 30 ml to 50 ml daily (about 2 or 3 tablespoons of the black seed oil). From a cost analysis alone, the oil was more expensive ($200 to $300 per month) than the black seed powder capsules used that cost less than $30 a month. More over the results were not as good. For example, the CD4 count declined about 20% during this period and there was a small increase in her viral load*. However the oil had some benefits - the HDL cholesterol increased, total lipids decreased, CD8 decreased and triglycerides decreased. *New information added from a second email received around Jan 12th, 2015

This is a single case report and we should not draw general conclusions from one report. Based on results indicated in this email, it could be that the non-oily part (the black pigments) of the black seed (black cumin) is where most of the therapeutic value exists. In the original Nigeria test case, it was the whole black seed powder, not the oil that led to a cure of HIV in a 6-month period.

Immunomodulatory effect of Nigella sativa proteins found in whole seeds

This article was published in 1999 by Afrozul Haqa, et al, and discusses the immune modulating effects of proteins extracted from whole Nigella Sativa Seeds, (not the oil). The oil contains only trace amounts of the immune modulating proteins found in the whole seeds, which explains why it is less effective. The abstract is available online at PubMed. Elsevier, the publisher, wanted $31.50 for the full text article that we did not purchase. Here is an excerpt from the Abstract:

“Whole N. sativa showed a number of protein bands ranging from 94–10 kDa molecular mass. In mixed lymphocyte cultures (MLC), whole N. sativa and its purified proteins were found stimulatory as well as suppressive….. Fractionated N. sativa was less effective when compared with whole N. sativa proteins.”

Ref: International Journal of Immunopharmacology Vol 21, Issue 4 April 1999, Pages 283-295

What about Patient P from Illinois whose husband used the oil of Nigella Sativa?

In this case that we reported in the Journal of Immunity Vol. 12, No 3, an Illinois man used 6 capsules of Black Seed oil daily along with a high dose of prednisone and antibiotics after an initial diagnosis of AIDS and pneumonia in August 2014. In a lab test taken just before starting HIV meds, his viral load dropped from 174K to 100K while his CD4 count remained the same at 54. At the time, we thought the black seed oil was responsible for the viral load drop but we failed to consider the anti-viral effects of prednisone. More than a decade ago, published on this website are both case reports and clinical studies that demonstrated the efficacy of using prednisone to treat HIV.

Example: Prednisone was used by Mark Milano for 15 years without using any AIDS meds to control his HIV. Thus, in rethinking what happened to Patient P, the prednisone may have had a greater role than the black seed oil in reducing the viral load. We have no new updates from Patient P but will contact them in the near future for more information.

Editor's comment: I have used both the black seed oil and the powder at different times to observe its effects on me. The powder proved better than the oil at reducing my cravings for sweets, and the black seed powder improved the skin appearance in my feet. Other than that, when you taste the oil vs. the powder, the powder has a stronger taste than the oil. If the taste and color equate with medicinal value, the whole seed powder would have a stronger effect. What concerns me about black seed oil is that it is clear and since it is pressed from whole black seed, I ask this question, where did the black go?

We know that in processing cane sugar, the black in the cane sugar ends up on the blackstrap molasses and what ends up being nutrient depleted is the white sugar. Molasses is a powerhouse of nutrients. Whole black seed is a complex treasure trove of medicinal value for many health conditions. Let us not sell ourselves short by trusting black seed oil to be a good as the whole seed. The problem with many clear oils, including many cold pressed oils, is filtering. Filtering removes the cloudiness, and the color, and with it - the phytonutrients. Too much processing can sometimes reduce a supplement of its original medicinal value.

Update: Patient P’s wife told me on Jan 6th that a comprehensive blood test for her husband would not be available until the end of February. The effects of the black seed oil on his immune system are not known at this time.

Dec 28 email from a reader

“Conrad, I started the black seed regimen in June. I had some trouble finding the correct dosage (the clinical trials are vague), but I eventually settled on 2T of NS ground into a powder, with honey and a little bit of water (to make it edible). I saw a couple of big changes. All lymph node swellings disappeared within three to four weeks (except for one that appears to be a solid tumor and will be removed). Also, the white toenail discolorations disappeared after a few weeks. I haven't had any blood work done in that time period. I plan to get my blood drawn after the holidays. I'm sure my doc will have a fit when he finds out what I've been doing, unless, of course, the test results are good. “

“I am 46 years old with few medical problems. I do not smoke at all, and drink alcohol rarely. My diet isn't the greatest, but I'm not obese. Generally, I'm healthy (perfect blood pressure, etc). So my little miniature clinical trial might be of some use here. R.D. “(name and email address withheld per his request)

Open Access Scientific Reports (published in 2013) “5 Month Herbal Therapy and Complete Sero-Conversion with Recovery in an Adult HIV/AIDS Patient”

Authors: AA Onifade, AP Jewell, AB Okesina, TA Ajadi, SK Rahamon and MO Muhibi Immunology Unit, College of Medicine, University of Ibaden, Ibadan, Nigeria.

This is a second case where all symptoms vanished within 30 days of the start of an herbal mixture, and a sero-conversion occurred five month later. The patient in this case was followed by tis authors from 2005 through 2012 before the results were published, The results are incredible, and that it has taken this long to get this published, and to reach us here in the United States is enough to make you spill your morning coffee.

Quotations from this Case Report

“SA, 25 year old man was a long distance transporter that presented at the private medical centre in January 2005 with fever (10/12), diarrhea (8/12), nausea (7/12) weight loss (6/12), difficulty in swallowing (4/12) and generalized body weakness of 2 months duration. He confirmed having multiple unprotected sexes with women and prostitutes especially when on distant journey? Spanning through the Northern, Eastern and Western parts of Nigeria. He had blood transfusion (commercial donor) at the beginning of the illness in a private hospital.

"The examination revealed conscious but very weak patient with marked weight loss (evidenced by prominent zygomatfoid process, clavicular bones and body mass index of 17.8), skin rashes, moderate pallor, and oral thrush on the buccal cavity that was widely spread on tongue and extending to the throat.

" There was no significant palpable peripheral lymphadenopathy. The laboratory investigation revealed positive reaction to HIV 1 antigens (ELISA) that was confirmed with western blot as positive (P24 and gp 41 antigens). Chest X-ray, electrolytes, renal function tests, liver function tests and full blood count were not significantly impaired. However, CD4 count showed 178cells/mm3 and viral load could not be done because PCR was not available for routine HIV diagnosis in Nigeria.”

The article reports that all of this patients symptoms disappeared within 30 days of starting the herbal mixture consisting of 10 ml of a herbal paste taken 3 times a day. This sero-conversion lasted for 6 years through 2012 after it had first occurred in 2006. While the article did not specifically identify what was in the herbal mixture, other articles by Onifade identify the 10 ml paste as a mixture of black seed powder and honey.

Some common sense advice on starting the use of Black Seed powder

If you want to join the national movement to find out if Black Seed will cure AIDS, consider the following advice. Anytime you introduce a new substance to your body, test your reaction by taking a small sample to start with. One local person (non HIV) who tried taking 2 Black Seed capsules twice day discontinued it after one day. He said it raised havoc with his body. He could have been rapidly detoxing. He was advised to go slow and start with one capsule a day with a meal and then to gradually increase it as his body adjusts to the remedy. It is like putting your foot in the water to measure the temperature before jumping in head over heels.

Black Seed is medicinal dynamite. Listen to your body, and start off with a small dose and gradually increase it. First day - try 1 capsule. Second day 1 capsule twice a day. Third day, 2 capsules twice a day and the 3rd or 4th day, 3 capsules twice a day with meals or 2 capsules 3 times a day. If taken with a meal it is less likely to cause a gastrointestinal disturbance. As you adjust to it, you can gradually increase the dose until you achieve remission of all your symptoms, and the optimal lab results you are seeking.

There are dozens of possible combinations of using Black Seed powder with other natural substances and herbs. Whether using other herbs in combination with Black Seed will improve the efficacy of the remedies remains to be determined. Some other herbs worth considering to use along with Black Seed are Neem Leaf capsules or Bitter Melon capsules. However, if Black Seed continues to surprise us with its amazing results, the use of other herbs or drugs may not be needed. Time and testing will tell.

Scientific research on Black Seed

There are 651 published studies about “nigella sativa” at PubMed at the National Library of Medicine. Of these, 146 mention the oil from the seeds. Several more mention extracts of nigella sativa with water or alcohol in their studies. Surprisingly, I found an article on the Internet that claimed there were over 600 scientific articles that claimed health benefits from using the oil of N. Sativa. This claim is not true and the author failed to even cite a single article. The mistake made here is common – to assume the process does not matter and all products with the same name on the label are equal.

Diseases in studies with nigella sativa are cancer, diabetes, liver, HIV, hepatitis, kidney, hypertension, prostate, antimicrobial effects, and allergies to name a few conditions that have been studied and results reported. In the next issue, we will look at the scientific research on using Black Seed for other health conditions.

The Flu Pandemic of 2015

The Influenza A strain known, as H3N2 is now a pandemic in most of the United States. Chris Lampton, a friend in South Milwaukee told me that a mutual acquantance, a senior citizen, recently passed away from the flu virus in December. He also told me his own son was placed in the hospital for 3 days because of the influenza.

News reports are that persons over 50 years old are at the greatest risk of developing pneumonia and dying from this seasonal flu. However, there are several news reports of infants and teenagers who have succumbed to this epidemic as well. Thousands of flu victims have been hospitalized and it is not over yet.

December has been a cloudy month – devoid of much sunshine - a perfect condition for the spread of an airborne virus. Sunlight and ultraviolet light kills all airborne viruses. When it is cloudy and dark, the sanitizing effect of sunlight is missing. This year’s flu pandemic is reported to be a stronger strain than usual. Some people are reporting symptoms for up to a month.

Beginning Flu Symptoms

1. It may start as a head cold with a severe runny nose

2. Fatigue and weakness

3. Sleep interruption

4. Severe headache and or dizziness

5. Fever or chills

6. Body aches

7. Cough or sore throat

8. Loss of appetite

9. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

10. Breathing difficulty or chest pains - the onset of pneumonia - the spitting up of yellow mucus

Any combination of the above is likely to be the seasonal flu or the current version that is stubborn to eradicate. I have heard of many cases where patients are hospitalized. More deaths from the current flu continue to be reported

Prescribed Remedies

If sudden dizziness or difficulty breathing occurs, seek immediate Emergency health care at your local hospital.

This year’s Flu vaccine has been reported to not be a good match for this strain of the flu but may provide some protection. The most prescribed remedy for the flu is Tamiflu that is reported to shorten the duration of the illness. Coughs associated with this Flu season have been reported lasting as long as a month.

Home Remedies Remember this motto – Starve a Flu

With the onset of symptoms, restrict your dietary choices

1. Avoid meat of all types, even organic.

2. Avoid eggs

3. Avoid milk, ice cream and cheese made from milk – this includes sour cream, kefir and any processed product made with milk.

4. Avoid milk chocolate, pies, cakes, cookies and candy.

5. Avoid sugar including artificial sweeteners

6. Avoid alcohol, wine, recreational drugs.

7. Avoid pasta, pizza, fast foods.

8. Avoid eating when you are not really hungry.

9. Avoid all immune-suppressive drugs like Aspirin, Advil, and Tylenol etc.

10. Get plenty of rest. Do not work. Avoid stressful situations. Avoid getting chilled outside.

Do turn up thetThermostat inside the house. Add Zinc and vitamin C to supplement list.

Diet - do consume all the following-

1. Water – drink Spring Water or Mineral water (non-carbonated) ever frequently.

2. Broth – organic low sodium chicken broth (A few crackers with this or a slice of sourdough bread is OK) Organic low sodium vegetable broth. Note: the electrolytes lost through urination are replenished by consuming broth.

Anti-viral treatments:

1. Bath Tub method of using 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. This may be used by either adults or children. Add 12 pints of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to a bathtub full of water. Bathe in the water once a day for 20 to 30 minutes. H2O2 absorbed through the skin will attack most viruses in the blood. This treatment can be repeated once every 2 days if needed. Do not use both the bathtub and the oral method in the same day. Use one or the other.

2. Oral 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Adult dosage for a person weighing 150 to 200 lbs. or more- Add one teaspoon of 3% H2O2 solution to a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon and drink this every 2 to 4 hours or as directed by a doctor. If a fever is present. do this at least until the fever breaks and returns to normal. This should be accompanied by an increase in urination. If edema is present or the urge to urinate is not present every hour or so, then drink more water, and consume more low sodium chicken or vegetable broth. One cup of warm vegetable or chicken broth every 2 to 4 hours will be very helpful.

3. Children’s dosage: For a 50 to 100 lb. person, use half the dose suggested for an adult. For children weighing 20 to 50 lb., use one-fourth teaspoon of 3% H2O2 in 6 to 8 ounces of water.

4. Contraindications that are known – low dose hydrogen peroxide solution may promote the growth of the herpes virus. Check with a physician if you are pregnant or have had an organ transplant.

5. Ozone is also an effective substitute for hydrogen peroxide as an antiviral agent and will not promote the herpes virus. Ozonate one glass of water for one minute and drink this on an empty stomach every 2 to 4 hours. Of course, you need to own a machine that produces ozone to do this. Search the Internet or go to See the Immune Restoration Handbook for more detailed instruction on how to use ozone or hydrogen peroxide.

Other Home Remedies

1. Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon and honey– heat one cup of water until it is lukewarm. Add one tablespoon or Organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar (e.g. Braggs), one tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice and one teaspoon of raw honey. Stir and sip on this once every 4 hours.

2. For lung infections – use 30-ppm colloidal silver spray and inhale this once every hour. Orally - take the herb lomatium dissectum – 40 drops in water every 2 to 4 hours (e.g. ldm-100) or Sees – 2000 – one capsule every 4 hours. Sees-2000 (Generation II) contains the roots of lomatium dissectum herb.

3. Oregamax capsules – 2 capsules every 4 hours. This is wild crafted oregano provided by Northern Herb and Spice Co.

4. Beta glucan – up to 500 mg daily or take one spoonful of Brewer’s Yeast powder mixed with juice once a day (e.g. Solgar Brewer’s Yeast powder or Nutritional Yeast). Beta glucan activates the germicidal and ant-viral activity of many types of white blood cells.

5. Raw garlic – one clove sliced and eaten with rye crisp or crackers up to 3 times a day. Other remedies – check with these websites or

Resume eating solid food when most symptoms subside or your doctor recommends it. Be aware that relapses of the flu and upper respiratory infections can occur if you eat any products made from dairy milk in the first 30 days after you recover from the seasonal flu.

For chills not accompanied by a fever – Pile on the blankets. Add Wakame seaweed to your chicken broth, Take one or two Cayenne capsules with one or two Kelp capsules to heat up the body. Use hot baths or a hot steam room or dry sauna. Avoid heavily chlorinated water spas.

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not a substitute for treatment or advice from a competent medical doctor. No remedy is ever completely fail proof. Take this newsletter to your doctor and discuss any remedy you are considering or are using.

Ebola Update

The World Health Organization said this past Monday that the death toll from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has reached 8,153 out of 20,656 cases recorded. The WHO now reports that one out of 3 people are surviving an infection with Ebola. On the other side of this bad coin, 2 out of 3 people infected are still dying.

Doctors are learning how to use the antibodies from a patient’s blood that survived Ebola to treat a new patient infected with the disease. In theory, if enough recovered Ebola antibody donors can be found, the epidemic could be stopped.

THE FDA, the NIH, and the CDC could be looking for a low solution for treating Ebola patients, but they are not. U.S. government officials just sit back. collect their weekly checks and wait for the Big Drug companies to find the answers. Federal health officials have failed for decades to find effective low cost treatments for AIDS, cancer and other diseases by testing and researching non-patentable remedies. Patented drugs can be 100 to 1000 times more expensive than a non-patentable remedy. Where is the research on Lamivudine a low cost generic drug that has saved many Ebola patients?

Patented drugs create a market monopoly for the patent holders as the laws and regulations are designed to eliminate all the competition. Declaring all food and plant based medicine to be drugs is a marketing scheme to eliminate the low cost competition.

Treating Ebola

Most of the remedies listed in this newsletter for the seasonal flu should be tested or tried on Ebola. However, they won’t be as the heads of the FDA, the NIAID and CDC are all beholden or brainwashed by drug company reps. There are conflicts of interest, and corruption everywhere in our government.

How to Make Hawthorn Leaf Decoction. Prep time 20 minutes

Bring one cup of water to a boil. Add one heaping tablespoon of hawthorn leaves and flowers to the boiling water. Stir and boil for one minute, then reduce heat to a simmer (lowest setting), and place a lid on the pot and simmer for an additional ten minutes. After ten minutes, turn off the heat and let it set for another 10 minutes. Strain and drink while still warm. Use the remedy 3 times day if ill or once a day as a preventative. See our last newsletter for conditions that Hawthorn decoction may help.

The Basic Liver Flush

Conditions where it may help– dull pain on the right side, fatty liver, abdominal fat, hepatitis, cancer, heart disease, fatigue, tiredness, respiratory problems, sinus and lung congestion, sleep interruption, poor digestion, toxic colon, eye floaters, blurring vision, low body temperature, or overall feeling of being toxic.

To make a liver flush, add 8 ounces of organic apple juice to a blender, add one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and half an organic lemon cut in pieces. Blend at high speed for one minute. Strain or drink without straining if you have a Nutrabullet or other high-speed blender. Use once a day in the morning or three times day before meals if signs of a toxic liver are present.

Biotta Beet Juice for Liver Health

Indications –all the health conditions listed for the liver flush. Biotta beet juice is pleasant to the taste and is sold in health food stores. Drink one-half cup one to 3 times a day or as needed.

FDA vs. Conrad LeBeau Update

I am still waiting for Federal Judge Charles Clevert to finish his review of my legal case with the FDA so the substantive issues (1st and 9th amendments and others) can be appealed to the 7th Circuit in Chicago. [You can read my 30 page brief under the Forum articles. Use the link in the right column.] There is still no word when his decision will come down even though both local US attorneys wrote a letter to Judge Charles Clevert on Sept 29th 2014 asking for his decision or a timeline when it will arrive. Feb. 13, 2015 will mark 2 years since the last legal briefs were filed. Why is it taking so long? People continue to die every day the FDA continues to deprive them of information on how foods and food based nutritional supplements prevent and mitigate disease. At this point in time, an adverse decision would be preferred to endless delay or no decision at all. At least there would be something to appeal - assuming the decision to continue censorship of the press would be in the FDA's favor. Pray for a decision soon. In the history books it is written that while Nero fiddled - Rome burned. Is the Federal Court playing Nero's fiddle, and is the FDA the Piper calling the tune?

Order reprints (hard copies) of this newsletter - send $5 for 1 copy or $10 for 4 copies to. Keep Hope Alive, PO Box 270041, West Allis, WI 53227 414-231-9817

Your donation, however small, can help us reach more people and do research that our government should be doing but is not. Make a donation here or do yourself a favor and buy a copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. This book is co-authored by Dr Ronald Peters MD - it contains the best of 20 years of writings and research on this website, has an updated index, 26 chapters, and is easy to read. You can also refer a friend to this article. Thank You.