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“Mary from Brooklyn” PCR test for HIV is non-detectable 17 weeks after discontinuing all HIV meds

March 25, 2017
Conrad LeBeau

An African American female, 31 years old, and living in the New York city area stopped using her HIV meds on Oct 1, 2016 without telling her doctor. Seventeen weeks later, the most recent PCR test result has found no trace of the virus. All other lab test numbers are in normal ranges.

After being on the HIV drug Complera for over one year, which she used along with 10,000 i.u. of vitamin D3 daily, Black Seed powder, and beetroot juice, Mary from Brooklyn took the ultimate test to find out if she had really gotten rid of the remaining HIV viruses by stopping all HIV meds for 4 months and counting. On Feb. 8, 2017 lab test were taken at a local hospital. The results came in on Feb. 17th as follows:

Vitamin D serum level – 69 ng/ml

CD4/CD8 ratio 2.5

PCR test for HIV – none detected

CD4 count 557

CD8 count 223

Did high doses of vitamin D flush out the remaining viruses?

Without diminishing the importance and role of the HIV drug Complera, the Black seed powder and the beetroot juice she used in this combination protocol, her lab results indicated that she had increased her blood serum levels of vitamin D to 88 ng/ml.

On June 14, 2016 we wrote:

“Mary from Brooklyn - A new development – her HIV status converts from positive to negative."

"We reported on the experiences of Mary on this website on Feb. 1, 2016 and also with a detailed article in the September 2015 update. At the time we thought that her combination of the HIV drug Complera, along with Black Seed powder, beet juice and vitamin D had resulted in her CD4/CD8 ratio returning to 1.46” [within a normal reference range.]

"May 2016 – Mary reports that a recent blood test for the Elisa - Western Blot is negative for antibodies to HIV. The test was not a repeat of the earlier saliva Oraquick that is unreliable for determining a person’s HIV status after they are infected. It was the finger prick test. The person who did the test remembered “Mary” and her earlier positive test result for HIV and said of the negative result “this is impossible.” Since he also has HIV, he retested himself to make sure the testing equipment was working properly; it was; he again tested positive on the Elisa/Western Blot."

"She has continued taking 10,000 i.u. of vitamin D3 daily, and her latest vitamin D serum level was 88 ng/ml. This is on a scale of 30 to 100 so her vitamin D levels are more than adequate. Did her high vitamin D levels have more to do with her sero-conversion than her previous use of black seed powder or had she already sero-converted by Dec. of 2015 and did not know it because no antibody test was taken in December?"

Background of this case

This report is about a female from NY. I will call her “Mary” not her real name. Although I had spoken to her several times starting in March 2015, here is what she told me in a phone call on Sept 14, 2015.

1. Jan 2015 – exposed to HIV. Mary became infected in January 2015 after having had sex with her husband in an event that resulted in the breakage of a condom.

2. February 2015, she tested positive on a standard HIV test for the virus. More testing found that her CD4 counts had dropped to around 340 while the CD8 count rose to 809. The CD4/CD8 ratio was 0.42. The viral load for HIV by PCR was 21000 in the February test.

3. March, 2015, Mary divorces her husband.

4. Complera. Around March 11, the HIV drug Complera was prescribed by her physician. This was about 2 months after the original diagnosis of HIV+. The ingredients in Complera, its benefits and side effects, can be found at The website states that Complera is not a cure for AIDS. However, Mary’s protocol involved more than using Complera.

5. Black seed Powder. On March 19, she used a coffee grinder to grind 4 teaspoons of whole black seeds into a powder that she mixed with water and took this twice a day with meals for one month - then she reduced the dosage to two teaspoons twice a day. Her source of the whole black seeds was She stopped using black seed by December of 2015. Note: She told me in Feb 2017 that she ground the whole black seed and mixed them with water and drank them immediately. She did not use black seed powder in capsules and she did not use black seed oil.

6. Raw garlic. She ate 2 cloves of raw garlic 3 times a day with meals. She sliced them and placed on whole grain bread, crackers or on a salad. By Dec of 2015, she stopped her daily intake of raw garlic.

7. Beet juice. She also blended 2 whole raw beets with a quart of water and made a smoothie. She drank ½ cup of the raw beet juice smoothie each day beginning in March of 2015. By Dec of 2015, she stopped her daily intake of the raw beet juice.

8. Basic diet – lots of raw vegetables, some fish and chicken daily, but ate red meat and cheese only once a month.

9. Prayed for a Cure – she said she recited about 50 prayers each day.

Results: About 9 weeks later at the end of May, in 2015, she had new lab results and they were – CD4 counts 560. PCR viral load for HIV now undetectable. The CD8 dropped to 383 and the CD4/CD8 ratio returned to a normal reference range at 1.46. At the time, neither Mary nor her doctor realized the immunological significance of the CD4/CD8 ratio returning to a normal range. In June after reading about the importance of vitamin D at Keep Hope Alive, she asked her doctor to test her vitamin D levels. He did and they were low – below 30 ng/ml. He then prescribed 50,000 i.u. of vitamin D2 which she has taken once a week since the middle of June.

10. Vitamin D3. 10,000 i.u. daily. Solgar Brand in oil. By August, she discontinued using the Vitamin D2 that her doctor prescribed and bought her own Vitamin D3 OTC. She took 3 capsules twice a week [The Solgar brand of vitamin D 3 is dissolved in a base of oil that helps with the assimilation. A nutritionist I spoke with recently advised only using the D3 form dissolved in oil. She stated that the dry Vitamin D3 in powder form is poorly assimilated]

New Labs Results after adding high doses of Vitamin D3

On August 28, 2015, she had new lab results and they were –

CD4 count 596.

CD8 count was 310

CD4/CD8 ratio climbed to 1.92 (normal 1 to 2.5)

PCR for HIV remains non-detectable

Neither she nor her doctor yet understood the significance of the CD4/CD8 ratio returning to the upper reference range. By the end of December 2015, she had discontinued her daily use of black seed, and only used raw garlic and beet juice occasionally and not on a regular daily basis. However, she continued with the Complera, the vitamin D3, followed her basic diet, and daily prayer. Her doctor told her several times that she would never be cured and would have to take HIV drugs for the rest of her life.

[Note: In hindsight, Mary and I both agree that the high dose of Vitamin D3 caused a rapid spike in the CD4/CD8 ratio. Based on my Feb. 2017 interview, I learned that Mary did not take 10,000 i.u. each day, but rather took 3 capsules of vitamin D3 (10,000. i.u.) twice a week - about 3 days apart. Total weekly intake of vitamin D3 was 60,000 i.u. By June 2016, her serum levels of vitamin D3 were 88, and her CD4/ CD8 ratio was 2.5]

Other Test Results

In reviewing what we published about her case in the past 2 years, it is possible she may already have flushed out the remaining HIV viruses in the lymph node reservoirs by the end of August in 2015 - about 5 months into her combination therapy. We will never know this as no HIV antibody test was done until May of 2016, which turned out negative with the finger prick test. A few months earlier, the saliva Oraquick test was negative, but she learned from sources that this test was not reliable once you had been infected.

Our Analysis of Mary’s Protocol

Although the FDA approved drug Complera has never been reported to have “cured” anyone of HIV infection, it has a history of reducing HIV viral loads down to non-detectable levels. It is not known to flush out HIV hiding in the lymph nodes. It could be that the extended combination that included Complera, freshly ground black seeds, raw garlic with meals, vitamin D3 and beet juice is what possibly made her HIV eradication program the success it has been. The five parts of her program include-

1. Complera – taken once a day with food.

2. Black seed – taken with meals

3. Garlic – raw - used with meals

4. Vitamin D3 – used with meals

5. Beet juice – taken with meals

Complera used alone is not a cure for HIV reports “Complera contains a combination of emtricitabine, rilpivirine, and tenofovir. Emtricitabine, rilpivirine, and tenofovir are antiviral medicines that prevent human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) from multiplying in your body.” also states that Complera is not a cure for AIDS. Complera has a long list of side effects. Here are a few ones listed at

Side Effects - confusion, severe depression, unusual thoughts or behavior, suicidal thoughts or actions; • increased thirst and urination, loss of appetite, weakness, constipation; • kidney problems - little or no urinating, painful or difficult urination, swelling in your feet or ankles, feeling tired or short of breath; • liver problems - nausea, upper stomach pain, itching, tired feeling, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes); or • signs of inflammation in your body - swollen glands, flu symptoms, easy bruising or bleeding, severe tingling or numbness, muscle weakness, upper stomach pain, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes), chest pain, new or worsening cough with fever, trouble breathing.

Editor’s comment – While Mary did not have any of the side effects lised above, there are several older and probably safer HIV drugs to consider using in its place. Ask your doctor for Kaletra or Norvir, plus Epivir or Sustiva as a combination therapy or try other older safer combinations listed in the Immune Restoration Handbook. This book organizes and summarizes with an Index more than 22 years of writings and research compiled on this website.

Whole Black Seeds
Mary obtained her Blackseed from

We reported extensive studies from the scientific literature on the effects of nigella sativa in the Journal of Immunity volume 13 no 1 in 2015. The benefits were very impressive and no adverse effects were reported. Scientific literature reported effects for these conditions:

Anti-bacterial activity

Anti-fungal activity - Researchers found two components in the Nigella Sativa seeds (Ds-1 and Ds-2) that were effective against pathogenic fungus.

Anti-worms activity

Anti-oxidant activity - reduces inflammatory cytokines, il-1b, il-6, tnf-a, ifn-y, pge-2 and increased levels of il-10. Supports normal glutathione (GSH) levels.

Protects liver and kidneys from oxidative stress.

Reduces elevated glucose levels in animal studies, increases SOD and insulin levels, protects pancreatic B-cell integrity. When used with parathyroid hormone, black seed improves bone mass. Nigella Sativa (NS) reduces sugar absorption from the intestinal tract.

Anti-cancer activity– Indications: cervical cancer, breast cancer, osteocarcinoma (bone cancer), colon cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, and gastric cancer.

Anti-inflammatory (inhibits il1, il-6 and NF Kappa B) and analgesic activity. – Indications: nasal allergies and excess mucus congestion, rheumatism, arthritis, food sensitivities.

Reduces rhinitis and nasal allergies. Immunomodulatory activity -supports both antibody production and cell-mediated immunity. Indications: cancer, nerve damaged conditions, auto-immune diseases.

Cardiovascular activity- Indications: weak pulse, damaged heart muscles due to lack of oxygen. Prevented a decrease in platelet numbers in one animal study.

Gastro protective activity -supports intestinal health. Indications: ulcers, acid reflux, colitis, inflammatory bowel diseases.

Hepato-protective (liver) activity - Indications: fatty liver, protects against liver damage and toxicity, heavy metal and chemical poisoning, and protects against oxidative damage. Nigella Sativa should benefit all persons whose liver is under stress from chemicals, alcohol, and viruses including all those involved in causing hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver.

Nephro-protective (kidneys) activity– supports bladder and kidney function. Protects the kidneys against damage caused by some drugs and harsh chemicals. Indications: may help reduce water and fluid retention, kidney failure, weak kidneys, high blood pressure.

Pulmonary protective activity (anti-asthmatic effects) support the lung function and normal breathing. Indications: asthma, COPD, bronchitis, excess mucus production, chest colds and pneumonia. Researchers found that a substance called “nigellone” found in the whole black seed may be useful in the treatment of different respiratory diseases. However, TQ found in the black seed oil, showed no benefits for respiratory health in this study.

Testicular-protective activity Neuro-protective activity - Indications: anxiety, increases serotonin (5-HT) levels, improves learning and memory, reduces sugar cravings, anti-depressant, increases brain levels of tryptophan, may help improve sleep quality on the Correct Dose of Black seed (Nigella sativa) to use

Note: 1 t. = one teaspoon “

According to, "the correct and prophetic way to eat black seeds is to put 1 t. of black seed ground in your right palm and add 1 t. of raw honey and mix with your finger and lick it up with your tongue, do this twice a day. Most people want a "Quickie" so we take a jar and fill it half way up with ground black seeds and add the rest in honey and mix. Take 2 t. in the morning and 2 t. in the evening. If you have cancer you must take a great deal more.”

“The prophetic way was to take seeds (not the oils) and I must emphasize that point. As thousands of sites speak of the benefits of the oils I choose the raw seeds alone and process them myself, as then I know exactly what I have. I am sorry but there are so many liars out there, who knows what is in the oils.”

Note: Mary from Brooklyn ground her seeds fresh from the whole seeds and only ground what she used immediately. She did not add any honey, but rather just mixed it with water or juice and drank it. My theory is that mixing the black seeds with the honey protects its medicinal properties from oxidation. If you consume the black seeds right after grinding them, you don’t need the honey. Several centuries ago they did not have coffee grinders and mixed whole black seeds with raw honey and ate the mixture.

Based on tradition, the health benefits should be comparable. Using whole seeds or freshly ground, mix half a cup of seeds with half a cup of raw honey. Do not refrigerate. Store in a dark place. Eat 2 teaspoons of this mixture twice a day. I doubt that ancient folks ground the black seeds. The raw honey should soften the seeds and help in their digestion and assimilation.

Raw Garlic

Garlic improves CD4/CD8 ratio and increases NK cell function

The following is excerpted from the Immune Restoration Handbook-

“A study published in the German Medical Journal "Deutsche Zeitshrift" in Oct, 1989 by T.H. Abdullad, D.V. Kirkpatrick and J. Carter, reports on the results of 7 AIDS patients taking 5 grams of garlic daily as an aged extract, similar to Kyolic garlic. They said that 6 of the 7 patients had normal NK cell activity after 6 weeks and that all had normal NK activity after 12 weeks. Five of the 7 had significant improvements in their T4/T8* ratios after 12 weeks with 3 returning to normal reference ranges of 1.0 or higher. They also reported a lessening of diarrhea in one patient with Cryptosporidia, fewer outbreaks of Herpes, Thrush, Candidiasis, and Sinus infections.

“If raw garlic does not cause intestinal distress, then 2 to 4 cloves daily is recommended. Never eat it straight, but with something like a salad or on rye crisp. Eight capsules of the Kyolic brand of garlic taken twice a day gives you about 5 grams. For enhancement of NK cell function only, aged garlic like Kyolic works as well as fresh raw garlic. However, as a natural antibiotic, raw garlic is the most effective."

*T4/T8 ratio was a reference to the CD4/CD8 ratio. The article indicated that 3 out of 7 AIDS patients had their CD4/CD8 ratios return to normal. Consider that this was 1989 when hundreds of thousands of persons with HIV died from AIDS in spite of the FDA approved drug AZT. Any one recommending aged Kyolic garlic at this high a dose (5 grams daily) would have been ridiculed by established authorities. When I quoted from this study many years ago, I did not know that garlic would help return the CD4/CD8 ratio to a normal range.

Mary from Brooklyn certainly benefited from the use of raw garlic with meals 3 times a day. Raw garlic would have had greater virus killing properties than the aged garlic. The same rationale applies to using freshly ground black seed daily instead of OTC black seed powder.

Vitamin D3

From JOI Vol 13, No 2 - Vitamin D levels low in HIV + patients

"A study done at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) by JE Lake MD and JS Adams, MD was published in Curr HIV/AIDS Rep. 2011 September; 8(3): 133-141. The researchers (Adams and Lake) found that vitamin D levels are low in both the general population and in the HIV subset group. They also found some HIV drugs (AZT, efavirenz and tenofovir) were linked to lower vitamin D levels in patients with HIV. Because of this, HIV patients were at an even greater risk for vitamin D deficiency when using these drugs. One drug, ritonavir (used in Norvir or Kaletra), was found to have a protective effect against vitamin D depletion. The authors also said that studies are needed on all other HIV drugs to determine their effects on vitamin D serum levels. To date, these studies have not been done.

Vitamin D levels and CD4 counts

The authors stated that in reference to vitamin D and CD4 counts: “most studies have shown a positive association” They referred to the following five studies -

1. Villamor E. A potential role for vitamin D in HIV infection? Nutr Rev. May; 2006 64(5 Pt 1):226– 33. [PubMed: 16770943]

2. Haug C, Muller F, Aukrust P, Froland SS. Subnormal serum concentration of 1,25-vitamin D in human immunodeficiency virus infection: correlation with degree of immune deficiency and survival. J Infect Dis. Apr; 1994 169(4):889–93. [PubMed: 7907645]

3. Haug CJ, Aukrust P, Haug E, Morkrid L, Muller F, Froland SS. Severe deficiency of 1,25- dihydroxyvitamin D3 in human immunodeficiency virus infection: association with immunological hyperactivity and only minor changes in calcium homeostasis. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. Nov; 1998 83(11):3832–8.

4. Teichmann J, Stephan E, Lange U, Discher T, Friese G, Lohmeyer J, et al. Osteopenia in HIV- infected women prior to highly active antiretroviral therapy. J Infect. May; 2003 46(4):221–7. [PubMed: 12799147]

5. de Luis DA, Bachiller P, Aller R, de Luis J, Izaola O, Terroba MC, et al. Relation among micronutrient intakes with CD4 count in HIV infected patients. Nutr Hosp. Nov-Dec;2002 17(6): 285–9. [PubMed: 12514921]

Beet Juice

Beet juice lowers HBV levels Beet juice has been used to treat cancer and liver conditions including hepatitis, sometimes in combination with prescribed drugs. The search terms (cancer beetroot) produced 37 links at PubMed at the National Library of Medicine. Beet juice is also rich in antioxidants and natural nitrates that help normalize blood pressure.

A study on this was published in the journal Hypertension in July 2013. According to an article written by Sarah Glynn, 250 ml of beet juice (about one cup) lowered blood pressure an average on 10 points in 24 hours.

Milwaukee, WI: Several years ago, an African American male who rented an apt from me had been treated with interferon for hepatitis B infection. He tried drinking the juice of one 14 ounce can of beets daily. He drained the juice from a can of beets he bought at the local grocery store. This beet juice caused a 90% drop in his viral load for HBV over a 30 day period.

Beetroots contain an antiviral ribosome inactivating protein as reported online in PubMed in the J Exp Bot. 2005 Jun;56(416):1675-84. Epub 2005 Apr 29. Molecular characterization and systemic induction of single-chain ribosome-inactivating proteins (RIPs) in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris) leaves. Iglesias R1, Pérez Y, de Torre C, Ferreras JM, Antolín P, Jiménez P, Rojo MA, Méndez E, Girbés T. The Abstract report is on the leaves of common beets (Beta vulgaris L.) that "contain virus-inducible type 1 (single chain) ribosome-inactivating proteins that have been named beetins." Further research is needed to determine if the ribosome inactivating proteins of red beetroot juice specifically target HIV.

While the medical literature lacks controlled studies on the use of beetroot juice in a combination therapy for HIV, Mary use of beetroot juice as part of her protocol probably helped her liver at a minimum.

Note: A OTC fermented beet root juice is available in health food stores called Biotta. More info is available at

The Importance of the CD4/CD8 ratio

The first change in blood parameters that was noted in the 1980’s after a person became infected with HIV is that the CD4/CD8 ratio inverted. The average normal ratio is about 1.6 and the reference range is from 1 to 2.5. In a few words, shortly after the onset of HIV infection, the CD4’s drop precipitously and the CD8 lymphocytes increase significantly.

From Mary’s case, and from a logical and medical perspective, how can anyone expect to be “cured” if the CD4/CD8 ratio does not return to a normal reference range?

Doctors know from clinical experience that even the most sensitive PCR test that shows no detectable viral particles for HIV does not mean the virus is 100% gone. From my perspective, the CD4/CD8 ratio is a more sensitive detector of the presence of HIV than PCR. The return to a normal CD4/CD8 ratio means the immune system can no longer find any HIV virus remaining in the host. This ratio takes on more meaning when these values are positively associated with a sero-conversion on the Elisa/Western blot test from positive back to negative.

Journal of Immunity Vol. 13, No 3:

“The return to a normal CD4/CD8 ratio is not only important in HIV/AIDS because it is so unusual, but because it also suggests the reversal of an inflammatory immune response. A quiet or non-excited immune response is thought to slow or stop HIV replication altogether.

“In Dr. Onifade's studies in Nigeria, we were not given information on the CD4/CD8 ratios or if black seed therapy changed those ratios. We also do not know the blood serum levels of vitamin D in the Nigerian cases. In my opinion, of the 7 reported cures of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, these cures must have included a return to a normal CD4/ CD8 ratio.”

Is it premature to claim that Mary is now cured of her HIV?

There are several problems in reporting a "cure" for HIV/Aids. They are -

1. The unpredictable nature of the virus. While 4 months and counting seems like Mary is home free, many previous declarations that a cure has been found in the past two decades including some on this website were proven over time to be premature. In Mary's case, if the HIV virus is hiding somewhere inside her, it is taking a long time to make its presence known.

2. In Mary's case, her own doctor told her it was wishful thinking to believe that she could be cured and that she would need to take HIV meds for the rest of her life. What will be the expression on her doctor's face if she decides to tell him that she has not been taking the HIV meds for the past 4 months and counting? What if her HIV negative status goes on for 6, 9 or 12 months or forever?

3. The last challenge is simply this - can others who were recently diagnosed with HIV use her protocol and obtain the same results? Will the protocol also cure HIV/AIDs in long-term survivors?

In my phone call to her in Feb. 2017, Mary told me she plans to set up an email address so members of the Keep Hope Alive email list can contact her directly. For now, she plans to keep her identity secret for privacy reasons. All the information that she has to offer will be published on this website. It is available to any one who has access to the internet.

My own thinking about this is that for the millions who are taking prescribed meds is to continue taking them and add one 10,000 i.u. daily use of vitamin D3 to your routine. After doing this for 2 months or longer, ask your doctor for a serum test for vitamin D. You definitely need a test result higher than the minimum of 30 ng/ml. You will want to increase the serum levels to a range of 80 to 120 ng/ml for maximum immune regulation results.

Suggestions for those on HIV meds

When you first start, if your PCR test results are negative, have an AIDS testing clinic do the finger prick test for Elisa/western blot antibodies. If the results are positive, then wait until the CD4/CD8 ratios return to a normal reference range of 1 to 2.5, before retesting for antibodies. The obvious goal is to convert the HIV antibody status from positive back to negative.

For those with non-detectable viral loads, may I suggest trying Mary’s protocol one part at a time. Start with the daily use of vitamin D3, 10,000 i.u. capsules or 3 a day for 2 days per week, and give it a couple months. Observe the effects of vitamin D on your lab results, and monitor the increase in the CD4/CD8 ratio. If you don’t get to a normal midrange figure of 1.5 to 2.5, then add the fresh ground Black seed and finally the raw garlic to your daily regimen.

When the CD4/CD8 ratio returns to a normal range, retest for the HIV antibodies. Finally keep us informed of your results. Will you be the next person to sero-convert?

Feb 21 2017 FDA v. LeBeau - Petition Denied

Conrad LeBeau

Today, Feb 21, 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court denied my Petition for a Writ of Certiorari ending a 7 year legal odyssey. It took just two words: "Petition Denied" that was posted on my case earlier today. That effectively brings the case to an abrupt end. No appeal is allowed. As Pres. Trump says at the end of many of his tweets "Sad!" There was no explanation offered nor is there ever.

Every year, the Supreme Court receives about 7000 petitions and only accepts about 1% for judicial review. So the odds were clearly stacked (100 to 1) against my petition being reviewed regardless of its merits.

Being that this case was based on the intent of the lawmakers, and not court case law. and not attorneys working for the Executive branch of government who craft policy, legal arguments, and law to please their political donors, it was an uphill battle all along.

Every judge that touched this case in the past 7 years acted like it was the third rail of politics. They simply ignored my strongest arguments based on the Congressional Records of 1906 and 1994 that showed what real Congressional intent was. The courts are continuing to uphold the deviations and perversions of law decided by courts nearly 100 years ago and passed on as "legal precedent." The Supremes cherry pick their cases based on their personal preferences. They must have found the cherries in my case a bit tart.

The only benefit I get from their denial of my petition is "closure." I can now pursue writing books that have awaited the outcome of this case. The rule of law and the pursuit of justice will await another day. Thank you all for following this case for the past several years. Thank you for your donations, prayers and good thoughts. Conrad LeBeau

Feb 26 2017 An Email from Dale Schmidt

"Conrad – my heart-felt acknowledgements. You led a valiant, unrelenting 7 year long fight, against great odds, with politically conflicted legal special interests -- who lead you through the well controlled, mind numbing and time consuming maze of illusionary due process litigation.

"They may have won the final decision – but you won in the court of public opinion. You demonstrated what one person can do to challenge a very elitist bureaucracy, well controlled by the shadow government of high-minded special interests … masquerading as caring entities.

"Though your undeterred, relentless efforts, you have forced many to expose their hypocrisies, providing voluminous insights as to how they lead one on, wear one down - mutually conspiring and hoping that you will exhaust your resources and give up before getting a fair impartial hearing … only to discover that in the final analysis, if it does not fit their biased matrix, it will never be heard.

"Knowing you, you have all the times, dates and cast of characters to write a real expose’. I have the Perfect Title: Rigged - My 7 Year Struggle to get Justice in the US Federal Courts You have taken a path less worn and opened the way. For that we all should be most thankful. Thank you and God Bless.

Dale A. Schmidt - President & CEO Synergy 3 Group Inc.

Editor’s Note: I deeply appreciate Dale’s words of support. The Supreme Court took the path of least resistance by denying my petition. They could not in good conscience have written an opinion agreeing with my legal arguments without also reversing a century of the over-reach and abuse of authority by employees of the executive branch of government. Down but not out. I will be pursuing other paths to obtain the reforms we are all seeking. Conrad LeBeau

The American Health Care Act proposed by Paul Ryan and Dr. Tom Price
is not the Answer

In my last newsletter, I proposed 10 low cost common sense solutions to the current health care crisis. So far, I have mailed out 125 copies to President Trumps White House staff, key Congressman and Senators. Yet, no one has written back to even acknowledged receiving or reading the proposals.

The “Republican” bill now before the House has insurance mandates that protect the market monopolies of big drug companies and denies consumers real freedom of choice. It is more of the same paternalistic government laws repackaged as “Obamacare lite.”

The Health Savings accounts could be a good idea if the people can choose for themselves what health care to spend it on and not be prohibited from buying insurance policies that offer nutritional, complementary care and integrative medicine.

This must include the right of the people to buy and use food based medicine and dietary supplements and any other non-patented remedy of their own choosing including the off-label use of drugs. Thousands of low cost natural remedies will continue to be suppressed under this repeal and replace proposal.

The rearranging of the chairs on the deck of the Titanic will not stop the whole health care system from sinking into the quick sands of financial insolvency. One bad bill to replace another is a shell game to protect political donors – the big drug companies.

3/2/17 NASA's Curiosity Rover finds a “cross” on Mars.

The UK Express reports a newly released image from NASA appears to show a cross on Mars. See the UK article here The Express states -“A French UFO hunter discovered the unusual shapes in a photo taken by Nasa's Curiosity Mars Rover.”

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Thank You! Conrad, Ron, Earl and Tina