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Report of an AIDS Cure
-now 3 years and counting-

Oct 2019
Update on the "Mary from Brooklyn" story.

Keywords: Aids, cure, cd4/cd8 ratio, complera drug, garlic cloves, nigella sativa, beet juice, sunlight, seroconversion, hiv+ to hiv-, PCR negative.

     Due to past newsletters published on keephopealive, I continue to get messages from Africa and some from Asia asking for details on how to cure AIDS with black seed and honey. Unfortunately, attempts to duplicate Dr. Onifade's black seed and honey protocol as a mono-therapy have not been successfully duplicated here in the U.S. or in Europe.
     However, having said that, it appears that one person has successfully been cured of HIV/AIDS and lives in a suburb of New York City. I am referring to "Mary for Brooklyn" a pseudonym to protect her privacy. She did use black seed and raw honey as part of her protocol that also included about half a dozen other components.
     The other parts of her protocol are thought to be critically important, and without doing the whole program, duplicating Mary's cure of HIV/AIDS will most likely fall short of the goal of a "cure."
     Now it is 3 years and counting since she discontinued all treatments for the HIV infection she acquired from her husband in January 2015. She also discontinued the dietary remedies including the black seed and the garlic as well. She has the antibody for HIV but based on the Multi-Test she has no active virus. Locating the most complete article on her protocol on this website has been difficult for some readers as key words were not correctly entered for proper search engine optimization in the original articles. To solve this problem, I am providing a direct link to the article that describes her entire protocol. I would do her seven part program a disservice if I attempted to reduce it to a sound bite. - It is here: After, and only after you have read the article, if you need further information, email Mary at     

Note: While Mary used high doses of prescribed Vitamin D2 and later D3, the actual restoration of normal Cd4/Cd8 ratios actually occurred in May, less than 3 months after March 2015, and before the D2 and D3 supplements were added.
     In an update to the 2017 Vol 15 No 1 journal, I give my opinion why sunlight should be trusted (not vitamin D2 or D3 pills) as the preferred safe and effective source of natural Vitamin D. I also state my reasons why garlic was a critical part of her cure. While she used raw garlic, one small study found two HIV+ persons returned their cd4/cd8 ratio to a normal reference range when 5 grams daily of aged garlic extract (possibly the Kyolic brand) was used daily over a 2 to 3 month period.
     A permanent link to the protocol used by Mary is now posted in the right column of the website on the home page. It will take you to the latest updated and revised version of the 2017 article in v15n1.

Protect yourself and your credit cards from Internet Scams

Conrad LeBeau.

The Internet is vast reservoir of information, unprecedented in the history of mankind. There are three groups of people who use the Internet. The first group is honest, sharing, good, selfless and usually non-profit.

     One example of a selfless site is Wikipedia, a non-profit org. They provide a virtual encyclopedia of free information on a wide range of topics. Wikipedia is supported by small donations and accepts no advertising. While I find the writings at Wikipedia are 90 to 99% in agreement with my own research on a range of topics, I have also found some misleading articles that I blame on "experts" who use the good reputation of Wikipedia to spread misinformation.

An example being an article at Wikipedia on vaccines that supports the view that all vaccines are safe. There are legitimate concerns about the safety of some vaccines, but the pro vaxxers are so adamant that science supports them, that they have closed their minds, and they are angry with doctors or anyone who publishes research that challenges the safety of vaccines.

However, on the subject of money, Wikipedia states that they have found no law in existence today that defines what a "dollar" is, and on that point, I certainly agree with them. ref: my book on "Money Creation."     

The second group is the largest, and they seek to monetize sales by using search engines to keep track of what people are interested in and present them with an endless array of pop-up ads. The most common search engine to do this is Google. Google makes billions of dollars targeting audiences with advertising of products and services based on Internet search engine results.     

Purchases made at eBay, PayPal and are protected with refund policies or money back guarantees. If in doubt about any product or the company that distributes goods, always check with the Better Business Bureau where the manufacturer is located.     

The third group of Internet scammers are downright evil. Some are even part of the dark web where stolen credit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers, and birth dates are bought and sold. This group is criminal, self serving, deceptive and manipulative. Also, people who have a few bucks to invest are often victims of get rich quick schemes especially in the investment newsletter category.     

One reason why people are tricked into making recurring purchases is automatic renewals hidden in the fine print of their “Terms” and “Conditions.” These terms and conditions are long, use legal terms that are hard to understand, and the public either doesn’t read or understand them. Some devious “Terms and Conditions” allow the scammer to make additional credit card charges for other products or services after the trial period of say “30 days.”  The next problem is "short term money back guarantees" - an example being such as 30 days or less from the date of purchase.

Consider that if you make an investment to buy a book or an investment newsletter and you are told you have a money back guarantee but you don't read the fine print in the "Terms and Conditions" of the purchase that is limited to 30 days. After 30 days, based on the “conditions” of the sale, the scammer can charge you for a full years subscription to their newsletter or service costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You say Whoa! I didn’t agree to that.

What is wrong with a 30-day money back Guarantee?

What is wrong is that when you make an Internet purchase with a debit or credit card, your monthly statement usually takes about one month (30 days) to arrive. If you are not satisfied with the book, newsletter or product you purchased and you seek to cancel the purchase and get your money back, then guess what? By the time you make this decision, your 30 days is up. You probably did not read the terms and conditions of the sale.

Second, it takes about 30 days just to get your bank statement. Then you have to remember which credit card you used while your guarantee has already expired.

Why you should never use your personal debit card or bank account to make a purchase on the Internet

The problem with using your debit card is that a thief or dishonest marketer who gets your debit card number can steal thousands of dollars out of your checking or savings account with illegal or tricky purchases before you catch them. Then, who will help you recover your money once it is stolen? Call the police?       

The police will probably tell you to call the FBI or to see a lawyer. Do you really need to make your life so complicated and difficult? I know of people who have lost not just hundreds, but thousands of dollars by using their personal debit card or by using their bank account number on the Internet.

One solution - use a prepaid credit card

For most credit card companies, if you question an unauthorized purchase and offer a plausible explanation that fraud was involved in the use of your credit card, they will remove the charges from your account. Make sure you return the product to the sender with delivery confirmation and require a signature as proof of delivery, or, if you did not receive the product at all, the company must offer proof of delivery.

Your safest choice is to buy and use a prepaid credit card for Internet purchases. If you want to be really safe, pay a hundred dollars, more or less, for a prepaid credit card from your local drug store or check cashing place.

In the event someone scams you, you limit the damage to the amount you placed on the prepaid credit card. Your checking or savings account that could have a substantial amount of money in it is not affected. It is less of a loss to lose a hundred dollar prepaid card than to lose say $5000 to $10,000 or more.

Two more bits of Advice - Never link your savings account to your checking account to cover overdrafts.

The reason is obvious. If someone steals your checking account number, they can write checks and make purchases as long as money flows from your savings into your checking account to cover the overdrafts, and if that someone is on the other side of the earth, what are you going to do about it? So never link your accounts together.

While banks make billions of dollars each year with overdraft fees, thieves steal billions of dollars more with stolen credit cards, debit cards and bank account numbers.


Newsletter Investment Teasers and Scams - always check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau before investing)

Recently, one publishing group called St….berry Research (name altered for this report) came to my attention after I received an email ad from them where they made one unsubstantiated claim after another.

A Google search on the Internet with the terms "st…berry research" and "Better Business Bureau" yielded found links to the hometown of St…..berry Research in Baltimore MD that stated: “This business is not BBB accredited."

Another article claimed that there were over 70 complaints filed with the BBB in Baltimore MD about St…berry Research. One article about the founder of St…berry Research reported on his legal problems with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). The article raises several questions about the marketing practices of the publishers of this investment newsletter.     

There are hundreds of other so-called experts on finance who will talk you out of your life savings if you let them. Checking with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the hometown of their main office will let you know if they are a legitimate business or just another slick marketer spouting a lot of BS to talk you out of your money.     

Using a prepaid credit card for $100 or $200 dollars will limit your losses to the value of the prepaid card in the event you have buyer’s remorse and discover you are dealing with a crook.     

As the time worn phrase indicates "Caveat Emptor" - Let the Buyer Beware Do your homework. Never be in a hurry. Consider using safeguard suggestions in this article………

EMF protection is IMPORTANT

Lloyd Burrell    

It's a dark night in August 2016. The rain is coming down hard outside. I am carrying my son, pacing as I try to help him sleep (he is having trouble breathing) and my husband is sitting next to our daughter who is trying to sleep on the couch.

It’s way past midnight. It’s been a tough year health wise. My husband, my two kids (aged 3 and 7) and myself have all just barely recovered from a second round of the flu in the same year. We all had the flu earlier in March of this year followed by strep, ear infections, and several viruses, and now again a second time (in barely 6 months) the flu again.

We were baffled, as our nutrition and diet and lifestyle have never been better – eating only organic, plant-based, nutrient-dense foods, juicing, smoothies and the works.     

We have all also been struggling with repeated breathing issues, wheezing and allergies; we have never had such health problems. We had just returned from spending summer overseas – surprisingly our health there was fine even though we weren’t always able to eat healthy while travelling we had no health concerns, no breathing trouble.     

Just as we returned home after an enjoyable summer we were hit hard by the flu a second time in the same year! But it all made sense today.
     See for the full article by Lloyd Burrell.

Questions raised about the safety of 5G Wireless Technology

An Abstract by CL Russell, on the safety of wireless technology raises health issues the sudden expansion of 5G wireless technology and long term exposure.  Long- term Health Effects of 5-G wireless electromagnetic energy used for high-speed internet access are unknown. Adverse health effects of 2G, 3G and 4G in animal studies include oxidative stress, DNA damage and cancer.

"The popularity, widespread use and increasing dependency on wireless technologies has spawned a telecommunications industrial revolution with increasing public exposure to broader and higher frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum to transmit data through a variety of devices and infrastructure…     

"Controversy continues with regards to harm from current 2G, 3G and 4G wireless technologies. 5G technologies are far less studied for human or environmental effects. It is argued that the addition of this added high frequency 5G radiation to an already complex mix of lower frequencies, will contribute to a negative public health outcome both from both physical and mental health perspectives. Radiofrequency radiation (RF) is increasingly being recognized as a new form of environmental pollution.

"Like other common toxic exposures, the effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF EMR) will be problematic if not impossible to sort out epidemiologically as there no longer remains an unexposed control group. This is especially important considering these effects are likely magnified by synergistic toxic exposures and other common health risk behaviors. Effects can also be non-linear.     

"Because this is the first generation to have cradle-to-grave lifespan exposure to this level of man-made microwave (RF EMR) radio frequencies, it will be years or decades before the true health consequences are known. Precaution in the roll out of this new technology is strongly indicated. This article will review relevant electromagnetic frequencies, exposure standards and current scientific literature on the health implications of 2G, 3G, 4G exposure, including some of the available literature on 5G frequencies.

"The question of what constitutes a public health issue will be raised, as well as the need for a precautionary approach in advancing new wireless technologies."

     Reprinted from Environ Res. 2018 Aug;165:484-495. © 2018 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

     The following article was published in The Lancet in 2018 on electromagnetic pollution covers the dangers of the rapidly expanding wireless technology.

Parents demand removal of cell tower from school after four students and three teachers develop cancer by: Lori Alton, staff writer April 2, 2019

As communication companies intensify their efforts to institute 5G wireless across the nation, parents at a California elementary school are uniting in protest against a cell phone tower on the premises – which they say has caused seven people to develop cancer. At a recent, packed school board meeting, parents threatened to pull their children from the school unless the tower is removed.

The issue revolves around radiofrequency radiation emitting from the tower, which parents say has caused cancer in four students and three teachers. The World Health Organization acknowledges that RF radiation (also known as EMF, or electromagnetic field radiation) is a possible carcinogen, and animal studies have shown a link between brain cancer and EMFs.

Diagnosis of tumors in children and adults push upset parents to take action

     On March 12, The Modesto Bee reported that parents at Weston Elementary School in San Joaquin County demanded that the Ripon Unified School District ask Sprint to remove a cell tower from school />      The article quoted Monica Ferrulli, mother of the second child to be diagnosed with cancer, as saying that a doctor told her that her 10-year-old son’s tumor is “100 percent” environmental in origin.     

The school board cites an obsolete American Cancer Society study showing no harm from cell phones, says Ferrulli, and is manifesting “denial” in its decision to leave the tower in place. (The cell tower has remained on school grounds since the controversy began in 2017)……     

Parents at the school also maintain that four teachers at the school have been diagnosed with cancer since the installation of the cell tower. Parents throw down gauntlet before school board: Remove tower or shut down the school.

Over 200 parents attended the emotional meeting, with some calling for the school to be shut down until the cell tower is removed. The Modesto Bee reported that over 200 children – more than half the student body of the 400-pupil school – stayed home from school that day.     

School board president Kit Oase said that tests showed that the tower was operating within safety standards. Oase said he plans to confer with a county epidemiologist.     

Engineers hired by the school board found that exposure limits from the cell tower were below federal safety standards.  However, Ferrulli says that tests arranged by the parents showed higher readings of EMF radiation.     

The Modesto Bee reported that RUSD and Sprint have a 25-year lease agreement with no “out” clause – and that the two entities have to “mutually agree” to move the tower.     

Parents will continue to pull their children from the school if the tower is not moved, Ferrulli promised.   As for Sprint, the company said it is “working” to address the parents’ concerns.

Cell phone towers invade residential neighborhoods   

Proponents of 5G claim the new wireless networks will offer increases in data speed and capacity, in order to facilitate further connection with the “Internet of Things” – a linked system of cell phones, laptops, home appliances, security systems, wireless cars and drones.

According to EM Watch, a non-profit organization that focuses on helping people protect themselves from EMF radiation, there are 300,000 cell phone sites in the United States already.  Due to increased cell phone traffic – and the need to accommodate 5G networks – the number is expected to double over the next 10 years.     

As a result, cell phone sites have sprouted in residential neighborhoods, often in close proximity to – and even on top of – homes and schools.  In photographs published by The Modesto Bee, the tower can be clearly seen looming over the campus, in close proximity to school buildings.

     Warning: EMF radiation is being linked to genetic damage, birth defects plus many other health issues

Experts say that EMF radiation from cell phones and wireless technology disrupts cellular function – and does it at well below the thermal threshold mandated by the FCC.     

According to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, peer-reviewed research has shown that EMF radiation can cause genetic damage, reproductive defects, kidney damage and developmental problems.     

EMF radiation can interfere with the production of melatonin and serotonin, important neurotransmitters needed for stable mood and restful sleep. For those who are hypersensitive to RF radiation – estimated at 3.5 to 5 percent of the population – adverse effects can include headaches, sleep disorders, memory loss, agitation, confusion, anxiety and depression.    

  EMF radiation is also associated with increased risk of diabetes, heart arrhythmias, inflammatory diseases and various cancers – including childhood leukemia.  Finally, animal studies have shown that exposure to 3G RF radiation – at amounts well below federally-mandated cell phone limits – promoted the formation of brain tumors.     

Experts say that children are particularly susceptible to harm from EMF radiation, due to their smaller size and still-developing systems.  France and Israel have already moved to restrict wireless technology in schools – when will the United States follow suit?

Study links cell phone towers with higher rates of cancer

In a landmark German study involving 1000 participants, four doctors monitored residents who had lived around cell phone towers for ten years.      While there was no significant change in cancer rates during the first five years of the study, the last five years of the study revealed that the residents living within 400 meters of mobile telephone bases had three times more newly-diagnosed cancers than their counterparts living farther away.     

The doctors concluded that the residents had an increased risk of cancers of the breast, prostate, pancreas, bowel, skin, lungs and blood. Significantly, the residents not only developed cancer at a higher rate – but they developed it at younger ages.     

The doctors cited an “immediate” need for epidemiological studies to monitor the health of residents living in areas of high radio frequency emissions from mobile telephone bases.

Reduce EMF exposure

EM watch advises the use of RF gauss meters, which can help identify safer areas in your home.  Note: experts recommend spending less time in rooms from which you can see the tower from a window.

You can also make use of special shielding – including window films, mesh curtains, EMF-resistant paints, and metal foils.  If you are considering buying or renting a home, it only makes sense to research the location of cell towers and WiFi antennas.  Remember, many are camouflaged to look inconspicuous, and can resemble loudspeakers or even “bug-zappers.”     

Finally, you can cut your accumulated exposure by using landlines and wired internet whenever possible.  Keep cell phones at least six inches from your body, and use a hands-free headset or ear buds. Of course, you can also band together with your neighbors to protest cell phone and wireless towers situated in close proximity to homes and schools.

As parents, teachers and students await the outcome of the cell phone controversy in San Joaquin County, it’s worth remembering the words of the doctors conducting the ten-year German study.  “It is no longer safe to assume,” the M.D.s wrote, “that there is no causal link between RF transmissions and increased cancer rates.”     

Update: As of 9 pm on March 25, local news affiliate KCRA is reporting that the cell phone tower at Weston Elementary will be removed.
Sources for this article include:, and

My story – how high doses of vitamin D3 caused calcification of my arteries and how Vitamin K2 helped reverse the damage

Oct 2019 Conrad LeBeau     

I began using vitamin K2 either in July or August of 2018. For more than one year now, I have taken 100 mcg of this natural form of vitamin K2 each day (Now Foods brand). Vitamin K2 is derived from natto- a fermented soybean delicacy from Japan, and is the world’s richest source of this health giving and amazing life extending natural vitamin. Vitamin K2 is not to be confused with K1 that is found in dark green vegetables like parsley, kale and spinach and supports normal clotting.

To begin with, I must first recap the events of last year before I extol the virtues of K2. My recovery began in late January of 2018 after my ill-fated trip to the Emergency room when one winter morning I became dizzy and realized something was seriously wrong.

During my 4 hours visit to the Emergency room, the doctors did many tests including EKG, several blood tests, and chest x-rays. After 4 hours of tests and evaluation, they told me I had extremely high blood pressure, but otherwise was in surprisingly good health for my age.

I was discharged with a prescription for a common ACE inhibitor used to treat hypertension. What they did not discuss with me was the cause of my hypertension. They also did an x-ray of my sore left knee but had no comment and advised me to see a primary doctor. At that time I had been walking with a cane for the previous 2 months.

As for natural Vitamin D sulfate, I get it from sunlight or an indoor sun tanning bed. Cod liver oil is another source. In the last week of January 2018, I found a primary doctor who was open minded to dietary and alternative remedies and who also took Medicare. At age 74, it was the first time I had used Medicare since I had turned 65 nine years earlier. In the first few visits, I was told to lose weight, reduce sodium intake, use a prescribed drug to lower my hypertension, and to monitor my blood pressure daily.

As for my knee, the primary doctor told me he could not diagnosis it as arthritis. He said: “it appears from the x-rays that you have poor circulation in your knee.”I was surprised by the comment considering all the dietary supplements I took each day.

About the same time, the January issue of The Townsend Letter for Doctors arrived and I read an article about how dogs were becoming ill from eating commercial dog food with an excess of vitamin D3 added. I learned that calcification of the arteries that can be caused by too much vitamin D3.     

I had used the high doses of D3 for the previous 3 years after reading a book by Jeff T Bowles on the Amazing Benefits of high doses of vitamin D3. The daily dose I used was 10,000 i.u.. After reading the article, I stopped using the vitamin D3, and I resumed going to indoor tanning twice a week. I also added 1 tsp. daily of cod liver oil to my supplement list.     

I searched the database at for ideas and decided to try therapeutic baths with apple cider vinegar and Epsom salts. I recall that late in January of 2018 I began the daily use of therapeutic baths with both apple cider vinegar and Epsom salts added. I added one cup of Epsom Salt along with 2 cups of Apple Cider Vinegar to a tub full of water and adjusted the temperature to about 105 degrees F. Using a timer, the baths lasted about 20 minutes each day. This was the beginning of a remarkable turnaround in my health.

Sunlight and Vitamin D3 Sulfate

In April 2018, I reviewed an article written by Dr. Stephanie Seneff for the Weston A Price Fdn. about the benefits of sunlight, cholesterol sulfate and vitamin D3 sulfate, the latter of which is made from sunlight. Artificial vitamin D2 or D3 as cholecalciferol is not sulfated and is not water soluble as is the sulfated form of D3 made by sunlight or from indoor tanning beds that emit UVB rays.

Dr. Seneff states that raw mother’s milk contains vitamin D3 sulfate and that “I am not aware of any other food source besides raw milk that contains vitamin D3 in the sulfate form.” Dr Seneff also states that both synthetic D2 and D3 cannot be sulfated. Dr. Seneff offers scientific arguments and proof that there is a structural difference between synthetic vitamin D as in cholecalciferol and vitamin D derived from sunlight as vitamin D3 sulfate.

Her articles appear in the archives of the Weston A Price Fdn. Dr. Weston Price who traveled to find and study the healthiest people living on planet earth warned against the use of artificial (synthetic) vitamins over 80 years ago.

Is D3 (rat poison) in your milk, cereal, and calcium supplements?

As I have pointed out several times in the past year, cholecalciferol as a vitamin D supplement is added to thousands of food and dietary supplements. It is also the key active ingredient in Terad3and D-Con, both commercially sold as rodenticides (rat poisons). Cholecalciferol kills rats by overdosing them on vitamin D3 that calcifies their arteries causing strokes, and also calcifies major organs including the heart and kidneys.

My sore left knee and legs - it is obvious that calcification of my arteries was caused by (10,000 i.u.) of D3 ingested over a 3-year period

The rationale for using the apple cider vinegar in the bath water was that since vinegar dissolves calcium in a tea-kettle over time, it should do the same in my body Now, for the Epsom salt, (magnesium sulfate) - it benefits for health, reducing muscle pain, cramps, and for circulation are well known. In the first two newsletters of 2018, I listed 20 plus benefits from the daily use of the therapeutic baths. The results may not exactly be the fountain of youth, but they have turned back the clock of time by a decade or more.     

VItamin K2 was first brought to my attention by Scott Tips, J.D. president of the National Health Federation in July of 2018. Scott told me of a well researched book “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox” by the French nutritionist Kate Rheaume-Bleue B.Sc. N.D.     

I bought a used copy and am amazed at the wealth of scientific research in the 277 pages of this scientifically documented treatise. It is apparent from both my own experience and from the published research that anyone taking synthetic vitamin D3 and not using at the same time K2 is putting their health at serious risk over time for all of the following-

Hardening of the arteries, congestive heart failure, restless leg syndrome, impaired circulation in both arms and legs, erectile dysfunction, hypertension, dementia, failing eyesight, premature aging, shortness of breath and kidney failure.

Personal benefits I observed from the Therapeutic Baths and the daily use of 100 mcg of vitamin K2 (Now Foods)

Conrad LeBeau

During the past year, along with the therapeutic baths that I did daily, my knee has completely healed – no more pain, no more need to use a cane for walking. In addition, the heels of both feet changed from a grayish appearance in January 2018 to a healthy skin color where the gray was gone and the circulation (slightly pink color) is restored. The sensation of discomfort I had felt in both legs and feet simply vanished. In looking at my feet, they appeared like they were 20 years previous. No more restless leg syndrome either. My memory has improved about 200%. My eyesight has also improved.     

Note: New copies of Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradoxare available at (414) 231-9817

Keep Hope Alive, PO Box 270041, West Allis, WI 53227 414-231-9817