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Coin, Credit, Currency, and Banking 101 (Educational)

1. Milwaukee Sentinel historic article and photographs - Big-Bank Probe Urged - Handful Controls Industry (pdf image file). A reprint from the Milwaukee Sentinel July 8 1968. Here is an easier to read transcript of this article (pdf)

2. Banking 101 - money creation by sleight of hand - from the Knight's templars to Wall St Bankers.

3. Money and the Federal Reserve System (html) or as a pdf file. - compiled by Congressional Research Service. Links provided by Attorney Larry Becraft. Many other articles on the banking and money issue are on Attorney Lowell Becraft's website Attorney Lowell Becraft's website

Coin, Credit, Currency, and Banking Reform Proposals

1. Mint those Platinum Coins! (pdf file for black and white) or (html for color) To the President, Congress and Presidential Candidates- Forget borrowing "credit" from banks, start coining money!

2. Congress can authorize low interest rate (3%) credit cards financed through the Federal Reserve Banks (html) or (pdf file) Refinance student loans and credit cards at lower interest rates than what is currently available.

3. Under Water Mortgage Bailout Plan could be funded by the Federal Reserve

4. Gold and Silver coins -A plan for Congress to mint Two Trillion dollars worth and create a savings account for future needs.

5. Letter to Senator Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Pres Obama and State Senators and Congressman with a summary of monetary reform proposals.

Politicans React to Monetary Reform Proposals

6. Senator Rand Paul replies to the platinum coin proposal but not a sound was heard from The President, Rep Paul Ryan, my Congressman James Sensenbrenner or either of Wisconsins U.S. Senators. Is a substantial solution to the problem of the national debt too much for their minds to absorb?

Environmental Issues

1. Cell Phones and Brain Cancer - a 13 nation interphone study.

2. 2009 - Annual report to the President Obama on Envirnmental toxins linked to cancer that includes a ciritical review of wireless technology.

3. Larry King Live - Do cell phones cause cancer? May 17, 2010

4. A Plan to cool off and seal the Fukushima nuclear power plants in meltdown

Legal issues- the battle for Health Freedom Rights

FDA V. LeBeau Case No 10-cr-00253 Appeal update briefs and court decisions. My personal legal battle to restore health freedom rights and access to traditional food-based medicine. Read my appeal brief filed on Dec 27, 2012 - the FDA's response brief of Jan 31, 2013 and my reply brief filed on Feb 13, 2013. The case is now before U.S. District Judge Charles N Clevert.

With 14 plus months having passed since the last legal pleading was filed, I wrote a letter to Judge Charles Clevert on April 21, 2014 requesting an update on the review. It was filed on April 23 as Doc 103. No response was received as of today's date, May 12th. This silence creates a mystery. Today, September 29th, 2014, U.S. Attorney Gordon Giampietro wrote a letter to Judge Charles Clevert and stated that the U.S. Government supports my request in Doc 103 for a decision or timeline as to when the decision will be completed. This letter from the U.S. Attorney is Doc 104. Update May 2015 - Judge Clevert never did write his opinion on this first set of briefs.

July 2015 update. Judge Clevert sets a date for oral argument for July 21, 2015. What followed in rapid succession is the following 5 documents (109 through 116).

Doc 109 Questions I submitted to the government to answer for the July 21st meeting.

Doc 110 Letter from the governemnt stating they would not answewr any of my questions.

Doc 113 My 13 page"appellate" brief to the court summarizing the most important issues in this case.

Doc 114 The government's answer to my brief (about 13 pages)

Doc 116 My (Lebeau's) response to the government's argument in their brief.

September, 2015. The case is fully briefed for the second time, and the decision of Judge Chalres Clevert Jr is awaited. Just possibly within the next 30 to 90 days, the review by Judge Clevert will be published and this case can move on to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. If you read these briefs, I suggest start with Document 109 and go through Doc 116. The case is built on the meaning of certain words. definitions, and Congressional intent. I urge everyone to pray for Judge Clevert who will write this decision that he has the judicial and moral courage to do what is necessary and right in the pursuit of justice. Conrad LeBeau

October 13, 2016 After sitting on the case for 3 years, Judge Charles Clevert ruled against me in the district court in Feb., 2016. The 7th Circuit did likewise on July 5th, 2016.

My Petition for a Writ of Certiorari was submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court on October 13, 2016. While the FDA/DOJ rested its arguments on a long litany of case law citations, I based my legal arguments on the U.S. Constitution and the Congressional Records of 1906 and 1994.

On Jan 9, 2017 Acting U.S. Solicitor General IAN HEATH GERSHENGORN filed a notice with the Supreme Court waiving the right of the Department of Justice in Washington DC to file a response to my Petition for Certiorari.

There is only a 1% statistical chance that the Supreme Court will certify this case for review. This is because out of 7000 cases submitted, only about 70 (or 1 %) are certified for review in each calender year.

February 21, 2017 - Petition was denied

In a letter I received in February, I was told my petition to the U.S. Supreme Court (Case No 16-7125) for a writ of certiorari was denied.

This petition had provided the legal foundation to reverse more than a century of federal laws uner the FDCA being incorrectly applied for the sole purpose to please policital donors from the nations big drug companies and corporations. Read the full text here of my Petition here.

Like the lower courts, the Supreme Court lacked the political will to defend the First Amendment and redefine the definition of a "drug" based on its "composition" and not based on its "intended use" expressed in speech (what is said on the label). As a result, scientific research on how food, herbs, water and dietary supplements prevent and mitigate human suffering and illness continue to be withheld from the public. Thank you for following this case.

This fight is not over. Conrad E LeBeau

Articles on Health Freedom

Freedom of Health Information Act - reform proposals to Congress

DSHEA - from Safe Harbor to Sinking Harbor by Conrad LeBeau Discusses options on how small supplement companies can legally bypass FDA's costly draconian cGMP requirements for dietary supplements by labeling them as food products


Alternative to Obamacare - Public VA Hospitals proposed for low cost health care

Fluoridation overdose causes mottling


How to find low cost housing under Section 8 in your locality


How I quit smoking by C LeBeau

Social Security - Funding Reform Without Starvation

A Plan to fund Social Security for the next 60 years without raising taxes or reducing benefits

Wind and Solar Energy

Go green with wind, solar and electric cars.

Letter written by C. LeBeau in 2008 proposing municipal code for small wind turbines

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