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September 2009

by Conrad LeBeau

Under this plan, Congress would buy existing vacant hospitals or build new ones to double the number of VA hospitals and designate them as "Public VA Hospitals." They would be available to the public as well as veterans and would be equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment. Health Care professionals would receive training in newly developed low cost protocols for treating all diseases. The program would be self- funded as described on the next page. Specifics:

1. The National Institutes of Health to search all medical databases for up to date research, and develop, on a fast track, low cost model treatment programs for all diseases (all forms of cancer, heart disease, including alternatives to bypass surgery, diabetes, all types of infections and communicable diseases, obesity and all other diseases) using generic drugs, nutritional and dietary supplements, wholesome foods, juicing, detoxification, enzyme and probiotic therapy, chelation therapy, ozone therapy, UV treatment of blood, infrared light therapy, herbs, fasting, homeopathy and all other promising low cost non-patentable treatments. Priority in developing low cost treatment programs goes initially to the top disease killers - cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

2. NIH to train all health care professionals in the use of new low cost treatment modalities and protocols for all disease conditions.

3. The effect will be to reduce the cost of the medicine by 90% or more by restricting or eliminating the use of over-priced patented drugs and substituting low cost treatment modalities in their place.

4. Military Medical Corpsmen would offer elective surgery at Public VA Hospitals. This would provide a low cost alternative to private hospitals and surgeons for the uninsured and the under insured.

5. This would improve the quality of health for all patients without any forced health insurance purchases.

6. All persons with preexisting conditions with or without insurance would qualify for health care at Public VA Hospitals and would be billed according to their ability to pay if they did not insurance to cover the health services offered. Disabled persons, who are indigent, of any age, are given free health care.

7. Veterans would have the choice of going to an existing VA hospital or one that is also open to the public.

Public VA hospitals - an idea whose time has come

The plan is for the Federal Government to build new or buy up hospitals that are closed, bankrupt or losing money and have them run by the military and the Veterans Administration as "Public VA Hospitals" and offer both the general public and veterans a full range of low cost health care services including low cost alternative therapies along with existing generic drugs. Patented drug would be permitted only if the cost is kept under $100 a month.

While Medical Corpsmen have provided medical services to civilians in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, they can also offer the same services to the American people and at a fraction of today's costs. Our servicemen and veterans do not need health insurance polices to obtain treatment and the medical corpsmen in the military don't get paid 6 figure salaries of 100K to a million dollars a year as occurs in many public hospitals.

Low cost generic drugs and low cost alternative therapies would be the primary medicines used. Patented drugs would only be considered if made available to the US Government at the same price as they are sold in 3rd world countries and only if they are needed after considering other low cost treatments.

Existing VA hospitals would continue to ONLY service veterans, but the Public VA hospitals would be available TO BOTH the general public and to veterans. This would not only serve the general public but also increase the number of locations where veterans can obtain medical care. The "Public VA hospitals," like existing VA hospitals, would place all medical records on computers to prevent prescription errors and lost records.

The public at large would be offered free or low cost diagnostic services and a full range of low cost treatment options. No one would be required to have an insurance policy to be treated at a Public VA hospital and no one would be refused treatment. Everyone without insurance would be charged on a sliding scale according to their ability to pay. Liens for medical services could be placed against a house, stocks, cars, or bank accounts and other assets within reasonable limits.

The following factors are driving health care costs today:

1. The extremely high cost of patented drugs.

2. Laws that create a market monopoly for patented drugs prohibiting competition from low-cost non-patented traditional medicines (alternative, bio-oxidative, chelation, nutritional, and herbal).

3. Labor costs - the high six figure salaries wages today's health care professionals demand and the high hospital and emergency room fees.

4. An imbalanced diet of over processed foods, lack of exercise and generally poor state of health of millions of Americans (e.g. obesity and metabolic syndrome)

5. Toxins in the air, food and water supply allowed by federal regulators, including the FDA, that contributes to the deteriorating health of millions of Americans. (e.g. GMO foods, Aspartame, Bisphenol A, sleep interruption affecting over 60 million peole caused by microwave radiation from cell phone towers and much more)

The current "Affordable Patients Health Care Program" aka Obamacare does not reduce the cost of patented drugs nor does the plan offer the public access to the thousands of traditional low-cost natural therapies used successfully throughout the world for many centuries.

Unless we bring down the cost of the medicines we use and train health care professionals on how to use low cost alternative therapies, the health insurance to everyone under the present system of market and regulatory driven patented drugs imposed on doctors and the public will lead the nation and the government to bankruptcy. It will not achieve affordable health care goals.

The plan for Public VA Hospitals (available to the public and veterans) deserves the utmost consideration of all thinking policy makers. Choosing winners and losers by catering to the pharmaceutical companies, the HMO's, and the insurance companies is not the answer or the function of government. A bill that forces more of the same on the American people is not change that we can believe in. It is time for the government to lead by example (not by coercion). To paraphrase Rep. Paul Ryan, the rights of the people to [freedom of choice in medicine] come from "nature and God and not from the government."

Self - Financing of Health Care Plan by minting coins

To finance this low cost health care plan, and pursuant to Constitutional authority granted to Congress to coin money, the US Government will monetize gold, silver and copper bullion in Fort Knox and coin money in sufficient amounts to create a reserve savings account for the federal government in an amount of not less than two trillions dollars.

The newly minted coins will be in denominations of one ounce gold coins, one ounce silver coins and one ounce copper coins to be stored in a savings account at the Federal Reserve Banks. The legal tender value stamped on the coins is to be no less than $20 for a one ounce copper coin, $100 for a one ounce silver coin and $2500 for a one ounce gold coin.

Some of the newly minted coins can be used to purchase on the open market, silver, gold, and copper bullion to replace what was removed from Ft Knox to mint new coins. The two trillion dollar account will be replenished from time to time, by the Bureau of Mint and Engraving, to replace what Congress authorizes and spends on this and other domestic programs. The annual cost of operating the program will be mostly self-funded from fees collected from clients who use the services.

Contact info: Conrad LeBeau 2003 S. 96th St, West Allis WI 53227 414-231-9817

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