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Immune Restoration Handbook, diet, herbal and immune based therapies based on 25 years experience,

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AIDS Cured! - the story of Mary from Brooklyn. For all the details of the protocol she used go here.

Money creation - from the Knight's Templars to Wall St Bankers

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New book! Money Creation - from the Knights Templars to Wall St. 64 pages - covers the hisotry of banking from 1000 years ago to today. Discusses why most of the world's wealth is controlled by bankers. Their secrets of money creation and wealth accumulation. A 7 point plan to create an alternative monetary and banking system that is both honest and fair for all people. Table of Contents. Single copy $7.00. For discounted bulk orders of 6 or more copies go here.

Single copy $7.00

Table of Contents

Comments from doctors and readers

New 4th Edition . Supported by 24 years of research - this updated edition of the Immune Restoration Handbook by Conrad LeBeau is co-authored by Dr Ronald Peters MD. A self-help guide to strengthen, balance and rebuild health from the foundation up with immune based therapies, a simple diet and lifestyle. The book contains 27 chapters. See Table of Contents. The 262 page perfect bound soft cover edition 8.5 x 11 inches laminated cover. $24.95 ea.

Single Copy
Wholesale IRH4th Ed 6 copies $75.00 (12.50 ea)

For wholesale orders greater than 6 copies call 414-231-9817 or order here.

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U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence

Pocket size -

48 pages $2.00 ea

Sacred Heart of Jesus picture 5x7 inches frame mounted for your living room, bedroom or desk - includes a special prayer book. Homes that place this picture are blessed.

Read the 12 promises given by Jesus to St Margaret Mary for those who honor the Sacred Heart picture daily. Framed pitcure with prayer book $20.00

Sacred Heart picture (not framed) with prayer book $10.00

Imported from San Damiano Italy

virginSend 1 bottle of Miraculous Water from the rose garden in San Damiano Italy. Available in a 2 ounce bottle with instructions on how to use. For more info on Miraculous Water


Miraculous Water in a 2 ounce bottle. $6.00 per bottle.

Our lady of San Damiano Booklet $2.50 ea

Miraculous Lady of the Roses blue book large (5 x 8) $3.00 each

Pieta Prayer book - regular size print. $2.50 each.

Pieta Prayer Book - large print size. $4.50 each

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Send me printed copies of your quarterly report (Journal of Immunity) for 1 year $20


Donations and an Affiliate Program

You can support the educational and research purposes of Keep Hope Alive with a donation or by purchasing health food supplements through an Affiliate referral program we have set up with the W.T. Raleigh Co. This is an advertising referral program for fund raising purposes. There is no extra cost to you to participate. The chelation product of interest to us (OC MAX) supports heavy metal detox and cardio vascular health. 

OC-MAX combines the incredible benefits of plant sterol esters, Serrazymes™, sodium alginate, EDTA, and S.H.M.P.. The addition of royal jelly, bee pollen, sodium alginate, lipoic acid, and rose hips round out this high-quality formula.  Key Ingredients are: Plant Sterols Esters: OC-MAX contains 400 mg per caplet of plant sterol esters. EDTA: (disodium ethylene diamine tetracetic acid) has been used since the 1950's to bind to heavy metals and toxins within the circulatory system. S.H.M.P.: (sodium hexametaphostate) A mineral-based ingredient with similar benefits to EDTA and Serrazymes™: A trademarked and well-studied enzyme which is used by the silkworm to dissolve its cocoon.

For more information on OC Max click here. To order, call W. T. Raleigh Co at 1-866-354-8384 and give them Keep Hope Alive’s I.D. number: 126819398. Ask them to keep this number on file for the first and future orders. Keep Hope Alive does not sell or stock any oral chelation products, health foods or dietary supplements due to current restrictions on speech under the FDC Act (a violation of the First Amendment). Consult with your doctor for personal medical advice on all the supplements you use.

Find local doctors who practice integrative (nutritional, holistic, alternative) medicine by searching these four database links here

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A daughter of Lauri Tiziana, Amandine Confignal, who lives in San Damiano, Italy, will ship Miraculous Water directly from San Damiano. Italy. Reqeusts for rose petals if available can be made by email. Orders are payable in Euros through Paypal. A price list may be obtained by writing to -