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2021 Keep Hope Alive Journal Vol 19 No1. Attorney Robert Kennedy Jr files a Emergency Petition in Federal Court to stop the FCC from illegally codifying a rule to allow 5G antennas to be placed randomly on house tops in major cities throughout the country thus nuking entire neighborhoods with 5G high frequency radiation and without first providing safety studies. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky MD states at a recent White House meeting that she feels a sense of impending doom. Some mutated versions of the Covid-19 may have rendered the vaccines less effective or not effective at all. Hydrogen Peroxide and Cayenne are two emergency remedies for Covid-19 that should be in everyone's kitchen cupboard to both prevent and treat the Covid-19 infection and prevent dangerous blood clots. Updates on the Voluntary Adverse Events Reporting System or Vaers. Google search engine and several social media platforms are now actively censoring any debate that does not tow the establishment's narratives on the vaccines or how to treat Covid-19 with alternative low cost remedies. Covid Long Haulers and 7 things they can do to reduce or treat symptoms that won't go away. A case report on the use of i.v. hydrogen peroxide and a diet free of sugar that put this case of prostate cancer in remission for the past 20 years.

2020 Winter Keep Hope Alive issue Vol 18 n4. The testimony of Dr. Pierre Kory Md on the benefits of using the generic drug ivermectin in early treatment of coronavirus infections are presented before a Senate committee during hearings held by Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin on available low cost remedies for Covid-19. A reprint of an article from the American Free Press written by Mark Anderson about my plan to stop farm foreclosures and end the growth of the U.S. National debt and provide real competition for the current credit card monopolies of big banks is also presented in this issue.

2020 Fall Keep Hope Alive issue Vol 18 n3. This issue continues with updates about Covid-19 and expanded insights on this pandemic and treatment options. Also discussed is a possible event coinciding with the 40th year anniversary of the appearance of the Immaculate Conception at Medjugorje after 40 years of messages and 10 secrets given to the six children of Medjugorje. Why God might use social media in 2021 to send a message to the world.

2020 Summer Keep Hope Alive issue Vol 18n2. Part 2. Experimental protocols for Self- Immunization with low dose hydrogen peroxide, plus Dietary and Herbal Remedies. Topics discussed include- 1. Coronavirus fatalities (estimated up to 60,000) in the elderly are linked to the use of immuno-suppressive drugs given to patients with Covid-19. 2. Seventeen Immune -suppressive drugs are named that are widely advertised on Television not to be used if you have an infection. (There is no mention of Covid-19 in the Ads. Why not? 3. Why the silence from the FDA and Anthony Fauci on the use of these drugs? 4. N-95 Mask Hypoxic hazards - linked to strokes and heart attacks. A local priest faints wearing the N-95 mask while giving an eulogy. N-95 masks are the hardest to breathe through and reduce oxygen intake into the lungs while causing the wearer to inhale carbon dioxide that they just exhaled. 5. Lifestyle, Diet and Other Factors that impact recovery 6. Immune Responses to produce antibodies require a fever 7. lists 38 products with Hydrogen Peroxide for disinfecting Covid-19 on surfaces 8. How to use Hydrogen Peroxide (foot absorpion method and the oral use method ) for internal cleansing of the Covid-19 virus. 9. Oral Hydrogen Peroxide for Self-Immunization- a Vaccine Alternative 10. lists 3 products with Thymol for disinfecting surfaces contaminated with Covid-19. Thymol is also an active dis-infectant ingredient in Listerine .11. Thyme (This spice and herb is a potent natural source of Thymol). Available OTC are these herbal remedies for bronchial and lung infections 1. Bronchial Clear and 2. Olbas Cough Syrup. The natural thymol in both these products should work as well inside the body as the EPA thymol products work externally for safely killing the Covid-19 virus. 12. Quinine found in Cinchona bark is an anti-inflammatory 13.Case Report - Treating Pneumonia with Glutathione credited with rapid recovery 14. Test Protocol for Covid-19 (covers a range of treatment options) 15. Foods to eat to speed recovery from Covid-19 and foods to avoid. 16. Messages from the Virgin Mary at Medjugorje- 1981 to 2021 17. G4 and G5- Protect yourself the dangers of Laptop Computers, Routers, and Smart Phones.The latest 8 page newsletter in pdf format is now available.

2020 Spring Keep Hope Alive Spring issue v18n1 the Coronavirus Pandemic and Home Remedies. Topics covered: Origin, spread and preventionof covid19, Recovery and Fatality rates, Doctor from China lists14 symptoms of covid19, Covid19 found in fecal matter, Facial masks and suffocation in Nursing Homes, The Sun's ultraviolet light and seasonal influenza, Temperature and Humidity, local case reports using grapefruit seed extract, also sauerkraut and raw garlic, FIve part Rotation protocol spaced one hour apart starting with grapefriut seed extract, high doses of vitamin C, sauerkraut and raw garlic, Uncka, goldenseal root, Neem and Oregano. 5th hour low dose hydrogen peroxide is used. Treating pneumonia with pleurisy root or lomatium dissectum. Chinese used quinine drugs to treat covid 19 with success and the do's and don't of dietary recommendations. Shopping supplement and food list provided.

2019 Keep Hope Alive journal v17n4 (pdf). Summary - Roundup News - Weed Killers in your bread and pasta. Monsanto's glyphosate found in seed crops other than corn and soybeans. How Mnsanto's week killer ends up in your bread anmd pasta. Farmers who use Monsanto's Roundup as a desiccant or drying agent contaminate the food supply used by over 300 million Americans. Researchers find that Monsanto's glyphosates not only causes non-Hodgekins Lymphoma but also several other forms of cancer and fatty liver disease! Trump's EPA supports Monsanto in a court filing! Garlic incrases cd4/cd8 ratio, NK cells and increases longevity in both the HIV+ and HIV negative populations. Two centurions who lived to 102 and 104 year respectively used hundreds of bottles of psyllium husk powder over several decades.

2019 Keep Hope Alive Journal v17n3. Summary articles - Mary from Brooklyn - the story of one person's cure for AIDS. Protect yourself and your credit cards from Internet Scams by Conrad LeBeau. Article by Lloyd Burrell - EMF Protection is Important. Questions raised about the safety of 5G wireless technology. Diagnosis of tumors in children and adults push upset parents to take action. Study links cell phone towers with higher rates of cancer. My story by Conrad LeBeau– how high doses of vitamin D3 caused calcification of my arteries and how Vitamin K2 helped reverse the damage. The personal benefits I observed from the Therapeutic Baths and the daily use of 100 mcg of vitamin K2 (Now Foods). To read the html version, click here. For a printable version, use pdf

2019 Keep Hope Alive Journal v17n2.pdf. A Summary of Topics Covered (Vol 17 No 2 - now being printed) John Bolton is the Problem by Douglas Macgregor of the This article covers the warmonger - John Bolton - who drives conflicts with both Iran and Venezuela. How 5G and EMF Radiation impact your Health, by Dr Ron Peters MD. Facts Proving EMFs Are Not Safe.Top Scientist Confirms Our Worst Fears - "The 5G Rollout is Completely Insane" The Good News - Reducing Your EMF Exposure is Relatively Simple.Ten Most common EMF-Related Symptoms.EMF's activate sensors on the cells surface to flood them with calcium. References - 17 articles cited with links. An Email to Nordic Naturals Questioning the Safety of Vitamin D3 made from Lichens receives no reply. Vitamin D3 supplements (cholecalciferol) a rodenticide, did not reduce diabetes risk in a 30 month study.Ten Reasons Why I Recently Unsubscribed from President Trumps Email List. How to End the Autism Epidemic by J.B. Handley. Robert Kennedy Jr endorses J.B Handley's book on the link between vaccines and Autism. A Simple Survey proposed by Keep Hope Alive to prove or disprove the connection between vaccines and Autism. Autism's Treatment and Recovery by J.B. Handley.

2019 Keep Hope Alive v17n1.pdf the headline story is that Aluminum in Vaccines causes Autism. It is based on the research of J.B.Handley - author of the book - "How to End the Autism Epidemic." The book has over 400 five star reviews on Amazon. This newsletter cites excerpts from a 40 page abstract written by H.D. Handley, whose son has autism. The newsletter also contains research from Megan Pond whose website documents that several vaccines have aluminum levels exceeding the FDA own published safety limits by as much as 14 fold. The FDA warns that exceeding the published limits may cause nerve damage. Surprisingly, the FDA has not connected the dots from its own safety limits on aluminum as a vaccine ingredient and the growing Autism epidemic. Is it possible that the left hand of the FDA does not know what the right hand is doing?

2018 Keep Hope Alive Journal V16 N4 Hemp is now legal in all 50 states and cannabis sativa with a THC content less than 0.3% has been removed form the controlled substance list. D-Con- an OTC rodenticide sold around the world uses synthetic vitamin D3 to kill mice and rats. Why Fermented Cod Liver Oil is editor's choice. FDA recall 8 brand of dog foods due to vitamin D(3) toxicity. Symptoms of vitamin D(3) toxicity. Dr Weston A Price discovered vitamin K2. Patents, Profits, Vitamin D2, and the Demonization of the Sun. Topical Treatment with Silver Diammine Fluoride stops tooth decay. Garlic, Onions and Centurions. Pres. Trump critizes Jerome Wallach of the Federal Reserve Board for high interest rates. My letter to predicting a recession. Quotations on Money from Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Money Creation - from the Knights Templars to Wall St - a new 64 page book now available.

2018 Keep Hope Alive Journal V16 N3. Summary: Synthetic Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) registered as a rodenticide in 1984. Terad3 from Bell Laboratories is a rodent poison that uses solely as its active ingredient, synthetic vitamin D3 aka Cholecalciferol. According to company statements, Terad3's mode of action is "calcification of the rodents heart, lungs and other important organs which of course leads to death." A local case report - 5000 I.U. of vitamin D3 taken for 3 years on the advice of her cardiologist results in a stroke. Adverse effects of long term use of vitamin D3 - artery disease and weaker bones. My story by Conrad LeBeau- the result of taking vitamin D3 for 3 years at a range from 5000 to 10,000 i.u daily results in a trip to the Emergency Room of a local hospital. Cod Liver Oil as a source of natural Vitamin D. George Griffing MD states: "Mother was Right about Cod Liver Oil." Evaluating different brands of Cod Liver Oil. Traditional and Fermented Cod Liver oil. A word of caution: Some newer brands of cod liver oil are over-processed to improve flavor that also removes most of the naturally occurinng Vitamns A and D - these brands are often spiked with synthetic vitamins A and D and should be avoided. Mary from Brooklyn update - still HIV negative for active virus and off of all HIV meds for over one year. Printable version PDF

2018 Keep Hope Alive Journal V16 N2 Summary: The Type of vitamin D3 made from sunlight exposure is sulfated and different than the Vitamin D3 sold as a dietary supplement which is not sulfated. An article by Dr. Stephanie Seneff explains the difference between vitamin D3, vitamin D2 and regular vitamin D3 that is made from sheep's wool. The benefits of the sulfated form of D3 are systemic and all good while there are no side effects from high doses that can occur from man-made D2 or D3. This article is both an eye opener and a game changer. An update on the benefits of daily therapeutic baths using both apple cider vinegar and Epsom salts. The Ozone solution to the problem of fresh food contamination with bad microbes. Case Report:. Vitamin E reverses Emphysema. Bill to legalize Hemp farming passes the U.S. Senate. Sacred Heart of Jesus picture and promises. An updated 4th edition of the Immune Restoration Handbook is now available.

2018 The Keep Hope Alive Journal V16n1 Summary of Articles - Healing Baths for sore muscles, sore joints and other purposes. 8 kinds of therapeutic baths. My Story by Conrad LeBeau How I used Apple Cider Vinegar and Epsom Salts for the past 6 weeks. Summary of the 15 health benefits I received form doing this. The Gin, Yellow raisin and juniper berry remedy. List of anti-inflammatory foods, herbs and spices. White Birch Mineral Water recipe updated. Silica and its role in joint and skin health. Enzymes have a critical role in repair of damaged joints and other body parts. List of illnesses that respond to enzyme therapy. Dept of Justice stops enforcing deviations from guidance documents from the FDA and other regulatory agencies and stated categorically that guidance documents are not the Congressionally authorized method for changing laws. Enjoy. To comment on this latest newsletter, go to my wordpress blog. Enjoy.

2017 Journal of Immunity (Vol 15 No 4) Summary of articles: Garlic- a Remedy for Singer; Garlic and Cancer; Aspirin for Rheumatoid arthritis - a case report. Aspirin for autoimmune conditions, cancer and to increase CD4 helper cell counts in persons with HIV. Is raw garlic the missing piece of the AIDS cure puzzle? Scientific research on Aged Garlic, NK cells, CD4/CD8 ratios and AIDS. Scientific research on Ajeone, the active ingredient in raw garlic and HIV. Congressman Trey Gowdy hearings and Big Pharma's war against medical marijuana. Summary of Medical opinions on EDTA chelation therapy. Healthcare gridlock in the US Senate. Letter to Senator Ron Johnson. Fund raising for Keep Hope Alive and an affiliate program. Our Lady of Medjugorje's Message to the world of Dec 2, 2017 on love, forgiving those who injure you, and helping the poor. Printable Version (pdf)

2017 Read the latest Journal of Immunity Vol 15 No 3 here. Testimonials and scientific research finds that Aloe Vera stops tooth pain and heals decaying teeth by stimulating dentin production from stem cells in tooth pulp. Keep Hope Alive files a petition at the White House seeking a presidential pardon for Amish farmer Samuel Girod who was sadly sentenced to prison for 6 years for making and marketing his own herbal formulas without FDA approval - all in violations of his First Amendment rights. Please use our link to sign this petition for his freedom and for health freedom rights for all of us. Mary from Brooklyn Update - HIV negative status holds after stopping all treatments for over 10 months. Zimbabwe report on using blackseed and other home remedies for HIV. EDTA CHELATION THERAPY - A MIRACLE THERAPY FOR CARDIO-VASCULAR DISEASE. The politics of EDTA chelation - there is far more money in needless surgery. enjoy!

2017 Read the latest Journal of Immunity Vol 15 No 2 here. Dr. Alfred Plechner DVM presents over 50 years of clinical research and experience successfully treating autoimmune diseases, cancer and MS and many other similar chronic conditions by reducing total estrogen levels to normal reference ranges. Working with Dr. Richard Pooley, Plechner cites 3 recent cases that were resolved successfully - two had carcinomas and tumors and one had thyroiditis. Natural aromatose inhibitors can lower total estrogen levels. Research is presented on the use of passion flower, chrysin, red wine, green and black tea, flaxseed and resveratrol to normalize estrogen levels. FDA Warning letters ignores scientific research on the use of natural remedies for cancer. "Mary from Brooklyn Update" raises more questions than answers. A medical hypothesis on a link between sunlight, dendritic cells and a potent immune response to HIV. Two case reports on the use of Aloe Vera gel for reversing tooth decay. Enjoy!

2017 Read the latest Journal of Immunity (2017 v15 n1) here. The latest journal headline stories are as lised below -

2016 Journal of Immunity v14n4 is headlined Common Sense Proposals to Replace Obamacare. It is dedicated to updated and new proposals to replace Obamacare with a health care system that staunchly defends freedom of choice in medicine with no limits to treatment options. The newsletter outlines 10 proposals that would bring government health care into almost every local community and in or near existing hospitals nationwide. There are no mandates to buy insurance. Pay for health care is on a sliding scale based on a person's ability to pay. No one is turned away. The proposal would expand the Veterans Administration to treat the very poor and those with pre-existing conditions with emphasis on food based, dietary supplements, herbs, nutrition and non patentable natural remedies. Medical corpsmen trained by the military would be the initial health care practitioners who would administer the program in local hospitals or local community health centers. Enjoy.

2016 Journal of Immunity (v14n3) Cannabis Testimonial on CBD Oil remedy for Insomnia. A local case report on the use of a slice of fresh aloe vera leaf to stop a toothache and heal a damaged tooth. The Zika virus - transmission and birth defects. Could Hydrogen Peroxide prevent and treat Zika infections? Hydrogen Peroxide - a simple path to self-immunization. Mary from Brooklyn update. HIV labs results improve with a five part Do-It-Yourself Protocol. Raw Foods and Macrobiotics by John Kozinski. Macrobiotics: The Ultimate Diet by Dr Ron Peters MD. My Petition for a Writ of Certiorari is filed with the U.S. Supreme Court - 4 questions are presented. Conrad LeBeau

2016 Journal of Immunity (v14n2) A 4 page report on CBD Oil, one of the most important and researched components of cannabis sativa( Industrial Hemp and/or Marijuana) and scientific research on how it may have a positive impact on some 40 disease conditions. Excerpts from a 2003 U.S. Patent on Cannabis Sativa discuss its effects as an antioxidant and neuro protectant. Health conditions approved for Marijuana use in California. Cannabis and CBD educational websites. Sources and manufacturers of CBD Oil and other legal cannabis products. Update on "Mary from Brooklyn" and questions on why and how she recently sero-converted from HIV+ to negative. An updated reprint on an article we first published 18 years ago on "Antigen Presentation - the immune system's key to viral eradication."

2016. Journal of Immunity (V14 N1) 7th Circuit Court of Appeals accepts my brief for filing. The U.S. government is given until April 20 to respond. Dr. Ron Peters Md writes on "Emotions" and how they affect our health; an "Update on Vitamin D;" A "Protocol on treating Lyme disease with Monolaurin" was sent by a reader. Excerpts from two scientific studies on using monolaurin in treating lyme, fighting bacterial infections, and viruses. Monolaurin has been used to treat herpes, hiv, chronic fatigue syndrome, some strains of influenza and other infections. One abstract I quoted in the journal states that: "glycerol monolaurate (monolaurin) is 200 times more effective than lauric acid" found in coconut oil. Read the latest Journal of Immunity here.

2015 Journal of Immunity V13 N4 winter ed. Conrad LeBeau. The Mineral Deficiency Theory of Obesity is an article that discusses the effect of processing potassium, magnesium and some 60 other minerals out of or diet leading to insulin resistanece,fatigue, elevated blood sugar, metabolic syndrome, obesity, high blodo pressure and heart disease. Vitamin pills alone do not the address the mineral deficiency ctate of our diet that contributes directly to a wide range of health conditions. A basic high fiber, high mineral, diet plan is proposed in this article. Case reports are presented. An article by Dr. Ron Peters MD on Vitamin B-12 for Nerve and Brain Health discusses the role of B-12 in the prevention of heart disease, cancer, nerve health and brain function. U.S. vs LeBeau - the legal saga of my 5 yr battle with the FDA in Federal Court. the message from Judge Charles Clevert to me on Jan 4th is "I'm working on it." The wait for Judge Clevert's decision continues. Vitamn D sufficiency and immune restoration; Selenium against Aids and Cancer. Enjoy

2015 Journal of Immunity v13 n3 - Fall edition. Conrad LeBeau - editor. Scientific research finds that Vitamin D regulates T cell and NK cell function. Vitamin D for allergic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, bronchitis and Asthma. Vitamin D regulates the expression of over 900 genes. NYC HIV Case report on a possible near cure using Complera, Black Seed powder, raw beet juice and Vitamin D - CD4/CD8 ratio returns to normal. Analysis and commentary on this unique case. Cancer Case reports on Vitamin D. My personal experience using 10,000 i.u vitamin D daily. A report on the use of Witch Hazel - scientific studies on its anti-inflammatory effects, antiviral and anti tumor. A case report from a reader who used Sunshine and Black Seed for HIV. Belulininc acid from White Birch bark kills Melanona cancer cells. Chaga mushrooms for cancer. FDA vs. LeBeau update - new briefs are filed and a decision from the local federal judge may be near.

2015 Journal of Immunity V13 N2. Summer edition. Vitamin D from sunlight improves and restores immune function. Vitamin D as a co-factor with Black Seed to activate its benefits. Case reports - Black Seed improves blood cancer markers. Three case reports for Europe and the United States where Black Seed was used as a monotherapy for HIV for 6 months failed to duplicate the impressive Nigerian studies. Keep Hope Alive's analysis at this stage is that vitamin D levels in the Nigerian HIV patients was likely several times higher than in the US and European test cases and may account for the differences in results. Five scientific studies have found a positive correlation between vitamin D and CD4 counts. Studies also found that most persons in the United States with HIV are severely depleted in vitamin D. The same researchers have found that the drugs AZT, efavirenz and tenofovir are linked to lower serum levels of vitamin D. My personal experience with psoriasis, outdoor and indoor tanning and vitamin D supplements by Conrad LeBeau. How I dust mite proofed my bedroom. 18 health conditions listed that are linked to vitamin D deficiency. Why sun tan and sun screen lotion is bad for your health by blocking UVB rays from reaching your skin and reducing vitamin D levels. The role of vitamin D in hepatitis C. Books on vitamin D and the FDA v Lebeau court saga update - oral arguments are now scheduled for July 21st. Enjoy.

2015 Journal of Immunity V13 N1. Spring edition. Nigella Sativa (Black Seed) A review of the scientific literature finds unparalleled therapeutic potential. In this issue we highlight and publish excerpts from an article by Aftab Ahmad and 7 researchers from India and Saudi Arabia who analyzed and commented on 117 scientific articles on Black seed. A brief summary of sections covered in this issue are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti- fungal, anti-worms, anti-parasites, anti-oxidant, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory. It also has Immunomodulatory activity, Cardiovascular activity, Gastroprotective activity, Hepato (liver) protective activity, Nephro (kidney) protective activity, and Anti-convulsant activity. The published research indicate that there are better results with the whole seed or water or alcohol extracts from the seeds than using the oil. Two persons with HIV sent us emails that they have dropped their prescribed HIV meds and are now testing the use of Nigella Sativa powder. One allowed us to publish his email address. Maintenance and Therapeutic dosage levels are discussed. Enjoy.

2014 Journal of Immunity V12 N4. Winter edition. Black Seed Powder Reported to have cured five persons of HIV/AIDS in published scientific studies. By "cure" we means not only are all symptoms gone, CD4 counts are above 600, viral load for HIV is non-detectable and the HIV test itself (elisa/western blot) has converted to a negative status. The very promising results of a local 4 month monotherapy test of using Black Seed powder for HIV - CD4 counts are up and the viral load is down significantly. Also there is significant weight gain. Emails from readers who report their results using Black Seed (Black Cumin) aka nigella sativa for HIV and AIDS. One case where Black Seed oil was used and the results were not as good as when the powder was used. The Influenza H3N2 outbreak, symptoms, prescribed and home remedies. Update on Ebola. Liver flush and Biotta Beet Juice health benefits.

2014 Journal of Immunity V12 N3. October 7. 2014. The latest issue of the Journal of Immunity covers the rapidly emerging Ebola epidemic, how the virus is transmitted by direct touch or through the air, its symptoms, and treatment options, and an 1880 prophecy from a French mystic who received a message about this disease from the Virgin Mary nearly a century before scientists discovered it. The Virgin Mary recommended a hawthorne leaf decoction as a home remedy to stop the progression of the disease. The African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine has an article about a man who achieved a sustained seroconversion for HIV as a result of using black seed powder as a monotherapy. Two test cases are now underway- one in Wisconsin and one in Illinois in an attempt to duplicate these results - one using black seed powder and one using black seed oil. Read more here

2014 Journal of Immunity V12 N2. This is Part 3 of a Buyer's Guide to Health Foods. A local resident shares his experinces with a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.) A Link to national directory of O.M.D.s. How to reduce eyestrain while working on computer. Vaccine overload linked to childhood diseases. Sunlight in the AM may reduce your waistline. Monsanto and GMA sue Vermont over GMO labeling law and more.

2014 Journal of Immunity V12 N1. Topics include the role of sugar and carb cravings in metabolic syndrome (diabetes, prediabetes, elevated blood sugar, obesity, heart diseasae, hypertension, fatigue and insomnia. Specific supplements are listed to lower insulin resistance and reduce sugar cravings to help control the appetite and help with weight control. The role of water, walking, and fasting in restoring health is discussed. The Atkins's diet - high protein, low carb - what is right and wrong with this approach? How to select a healthy bread at the supermarket or health food store. A 15 point Self- reflection and diagnosis list is provided. The debate over the use of milk and cheese in the diet is discussed. The newsletter lists the milk and cheese products that are the most healthful and the least allergeneic, and the ones that are the most problematic (inflammatory) and why. Why chymosin, the active enzyme in rennet, is not listed on any cheese label.

2013 - Journal of Immunity V11 N4. Fall issue Buyer's Guide for Food-based Dietary Supplements by Conrad LeBeau. What are the five critical questions we should ask before buying a dietary supplement? The article discusses the pros and cons of eating fish versus taking fish oil capsules. The author publishes his own personal list of supplements he uses daily and their benefits. The use of probioitics, avoidance of foods that evoke sensitivity reactions and their effect on allergies and respiratory health issues are discussed. This is Part One of a series on choosing dietary supplements for specific health conditions.

2013 - Journal of Immunity V11 N3. Fall issue Good Food Choices for the Discriminating Buyer. What does it mean to be Certified Organic and Verified Non-GMO. How Organic Certification is obtained. Why grassfed beef is healthier than corn-fed, organic free range chickens taste better than those from confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs), Warnings on the handling of a growth promoter, Zilmax, used to add weight to cows, pigs and turkeys at feedlots. Tyson drops Zilmax while Merck pulls it from the market allegedly out of concern for the health of cows on their way to the slaughterhouse. What is being covered up - cardiovascular disease and other adverse effects on humans? The Pulse test for measuring food sensitivity; The sinus reaction test for food sensitivity. A list of good food choices for the health conscious consumer; The Deep Sleep Smoothie and how to make it; Dental health - my personal story of how an abscessed tooth was making me ill and interferring with my sleep.

2013 - Journal of Immunity V11 N2. Scientist answer their critics: Why there is a long-term toxicity due to Monsanto's Roundup tolerant GMO corn. A report on America's contaminated meat supply. The importance of the Pituitary gland and why damage to it from GMO corn and Roundup herbicide should be setting off alarm bells. Recylcing herbicides and pesticides. Is City Tap water safe to drink? Herbicides and antibiotics in meat destroy friendly intestinal flora. Monsanto offers retailers corn on the cob - comes dipped in butter with the Bt pesticide and Roundup herbicide inside the kernals. yumm! Where to buy heirloom seeds. "The Virgit Diet" by JJ Virgin - eliminates food intolerances to reverse obesity, aching joints, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia and autoimmune conditions.

2013 - Journal of Immunity v11 n1 Cancer Prevention and Treatments - 2nd Opinions. This issue is devoted entirely to the subject of cancer and disusses three new and even novel immune-based therapies. 1. The reprogramming of T cells to attacks cancerous B cells. 2. GcMAF - a Vitamin D bound protein used to produce Macrophage Activating Factor, and 3. Fr. Romano Zago's use of raw aloe arborescens and raw honey to treat cancer and other conditions. Scientific research supports all three regimens.

2012 - Journal of Immunity V10 N4. Symptoms of the flu, food based remedies, herbs and spices used for the flu, suggetions for treating herpes and shingles. The benefits of probiotics, and scientific research on probiotics. Probiotics that prevent and reduce food sensitivities and allergies. Messages from Our Lady of Medjugorje; minting platinum coins

2012 - Journal of Immunity V10 N3. New long term study finds that GMO foods and Monsanto's Herbicide Roundup cause huge cancers, liver and kidney damage in laboratory rats. Chanca Piedro, a traditional herb used for centures reportedly clears the hepatitis B virus, malaria, and has an amazing range of health benefits (anti cancer, dissolves kidney stones, improves sleep, lowers blood pressure, triglycerides) and has no known side effects. In Memoriam - Stella LeBeau. FDA v LeBeau update - an appeal is filed.

2012 - Journal of Immunity V10 N2. The Labeling of GMO foods will be on California's November ballot. The Truth about Genetically Modified Foods and their harmful effects that include increased allergies, asthma and kidney failure. FDA protects Monsanto Corp bottomline by allowing GMO foods to be misbranded and sold as regular natural food without any GMO labeling requirements. Bill Clinton becomes a vegetarian. Milwaukee Alderman Jim Bohl calls for an end to fluoridation of the City of Milwaukee's water supply. Letter from a reader in Brazil on his battle with HCV since 1998. Letter on the benefits of using San Damiano Water. FDA v LeBeau - the final hearing is set for July 17th, then delayed again until August 7th.

2012 - Journal of Immunity V10 N1. Natural Appetite Control - use of whey protein with raw apples to help lose body fat and belly fat. Natural fat inhibitors - apples, green tea, peanuts and ginseng. Dec 2011 - Raw aloe and honey treatment for tumors. FDA v LeBeau update - a settlement is reached that allows me to appeal all the legal issues raised in this case.

2011 - Journal of Immunity V9 N2. The 3rd edition of the Immune Restoration Handbook is finished and is in the printers. Fr. Romano Zago's raw aloe and honey cure for cancer; Scientific research on the use of aloe vera for treating cancer in lab experminets; My experiments with Black Salve for skin tumors on my pet dog. FDA v LeBeau update - on the battle to restore health freedom rights for all Americans - new developments through Nov 11, 2011

2011 - Journal of Immunity V9 N1. The Fukushima Nuclear disaster and a plan to seal the reactor core and stop further loss of radiation into the environment. Thunder of God Vine herb used for cancer, hiv and other conditions of an imbalanced and overactive immune system. New White Birch Ash Water recipe from Sweden. FDA v LeBeau update - on the battle to restore health freedom rights for all Americans.

2010 -A Special Report V8 N2. For an extended article under the Forum link with photos, click here. A Plan to use the Federal Reserve Banks to buy out the entire 13 trllion dollars US National Debt and refinace it at an interest rate of zero percent thereby saving taxpayers over $700 Billon dollars a year in interest rate charges. This report discusses the debt nature of our near cashless money system, how over 95% of all loans and deposits are bookkeeping entries stored in the banks computers and hard drives. Covers the history of banking including the banking system set up by the Knight's Templars in the Middle-Ages and how this was a forerunner of today's banks. The plan has one catch - it must be approved by Congress. That will only happen if there is a groundswell of public support as the banking lobby that represents Wall St intesrests is expected to vigorously oppose it.

2010 - Journal of Immunity V8 N1. Smart Meters attached to electric meters are a dumb idea if they interfere with your sleep. Stimulation of the optic nerve in back of the eye may explain how cell phone towers wake up consumers several times a night. Electropollution spikes blood sugar. FDA defeated in Federal Court over suppression of truthful health claims on the use of selenium to prevent cancer. How you can help stop FDA's reign of terror against dietary supplement companies. GM crops cause kidney and liver damage. BPA causes leaky gut syndrome and intestinal damage.

2009 - Journal of Immunity V7 N4. A Special 28 page Special Edition of the Journal that details and documents a wide range of adverse health effects from microwave radiation emitted by antennas on Cell Phone Towers. Interview with Bev: how Cell Phone Towers are wrecking the health of residents in Las Vegas. Microwave radiation may have contributed to Michael Jackson's death. Copies of this special edition have been mailed to all members of Congress this week. How to keep microwave radiation out of your bedrrom and home. 17 things you can do to get a better night's sleep and how you can help to spread the word about the dangers of microwave radiation and wake people up.

2009 - Journal of Immunity V7 N3. An updated report on iquilai, a homeopathic remedy with antiinflammatory effects, used to balance and improve immune function in persons with hiv. Bananas for HIV; inflammatory markers. The many health hazards of living near a Cell Phone Tower.

2009 - Journal of Immunity V7 N2 April-June. Introducing an affordable health care plan - Public VA Hospitals that offer low cost generic drugs and hundreds of alternative therapies from around the world; no health insurance needed - patients are charged on a sliding scale according to their ability to pay with the poorest receiving free medical care; Update on cell phone tower microwave radiation that interrupts the sleep of millions of people in urban areas - Bluetooth sued in litigation for loss of hearing; Iquilai - a homeopathic remedy tested in Africa on 228 HIV patients increases CD4 helper cells over a 7 month period; Swine flu update and much more

2009 - Journal of Immunity V7 N1 Jan-March. Microwave radiation may have caused Senator Kennedy's seizure at President Obama's inauguration. Local resident in West Allis blames his long term use of a cell phone for his brain cancer. Electrosmog Detector tests levels of cell phone tower emissions. How I made my bedroom microwave proof with aluminum foiled insulation - the result is deeper sleep and dreams restored for the first time in years and uninterrupted sleep for 6 or 7 hours at a time. Highly contagious Swine Flu epidemic underway in Mexico City and now worldwide. Stock up on antivirals now.

2008 - Journal of Immunity V6 N4 Oct-Dec. Microwave radiation from Cell Phone Towers increases oxidative stress, lowers glutathione and impairs immune function. AIDS by transmission - the immune system of millions of people is being degraded by microwave radiation. Red blood cells and liver are especially vulnerable. Microwaves as weapons of mass destruction.

2008 - Journal of Immunity V6 N3 July- thru Sept. Self-Help for fighting the common cold and the seasonal flu. Mercury toxicity from coal powered electrical plants adversely affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. What to do about mercury toxicity. Self-help to detox from mercury and other heavy metals.

2008 - Journal of Immunity V6 N2 April- thru June. From the Message Board - low dose prednisone and supplements maintain higher CD4 counts; Is Neem Bark more potent than the leaves as an antiviral? 79 y.o senior citizen reports the benefits of oral EDTA chelation therapy for the past 21 years in reversing atherosclerosis. Keep Hope Alive Forum on the world energy and food crisis (wind, solar, non-electric catalog, Zenn electric cars and much more).

2008 - Journal of Immunity V6 N1 Jan thru March. NIH Released Statement on HIV reservoirs in the gut that persist inspite of long term antiviral therapy with HIV drugs. Mark Konlee proposes new drug designs to diminish or eliminate the HIV reservoirs and follows with an article on several OTC treaments (over-the-counter natural treatment options) that could be also target HIV in the gut; Grapefruit extract inhibits hepatitis C virus; Sesame seed oil increases glutathione levels and lowers triglycerides; Pressure Optimizer for hypertension; Immune Balance from Pharmalox - contains proline-rich peptides (transfer factor) balances TH1 and TH2 immunity; improves immune function.

2007 - Journal of Immunity V5 N4 Oct thru Dec. Antibacterial properties of Buckwheat honey; health benefits of red wine vinegar, Low sodium recipes for your health and enjoyment, health hazards of and protection from electro-magnetic fields, HIV update - IVIG boosts CD4 cells by reducing immune activation, Dangers of reduced iron and the benefits of whole food supplements.

2007 - Journal of Immunity V5 N3 July thru Sept. Salt kills millions of people each year. Salt is a major cause of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease and impairs mitochondrial function thereby suppressing immune function.

2007 - Journal of Immunity V5 N2 April thru June. The 3 major components of the Plechner Protocol; Case reports from the Message Board, Autism linked to MMR vaccine; Colostrum increases CD4 counts in case reports and in one study; Saliva and Colostrum contains natural HIV protease inhibitors. Forum: A Plan to fund Social Security for the next 60 years without cutting benefits or raising taxes.

2007 - Journal of Immunity V5 N1 2007 Jan -March Breaking news of very significant increases in CD4 counts using topical hydrocortisone cream daily. Letters to the Editor on alternative ideas for balancing TH1 and TH2 immunity; the use of raw apple cider vinegar as a liver detox, butyrate to heal a leaky gut and reduce food sensitivities; the hazards of high temperature cooking with flaxseed and canola oil and Keep Hope Alive Forum - How to find low cost housing in your locality under HUDs section 8

2006 - Journal of Immunity Annual Report V4 N4 The HIV to AIDS disease model is revised and turned on its head based on the latest research that proves that AIDS is not an immune deficiency disease but is a state of immune exhaustion caused by an over-stimulated, over-worked and imbalanced immune system. A 32 page summary of the past 6 issues of the Journal of Immunity excerpts the most important information from Jan 2005 through Dec 2006. Enjoy.

2006 - Journal of Immunity V4 N3 Jul-Sept. SIV NEF protein prevents immune system decline in monkeys through the mechanism of preventing immune system activation - thus mimicking the effects of glucocorticoids in humans with HIV. Reishi mushrooms and Astragalus for immune system balancing in AIDS, cancer and other conditions; Tincture of iodine for treating thyroid deficiencies, immune deficiencies, candidiasis and much more; inactivation of HIV with povidine iodine; Food sources of iodine; Overactive thyroid linked to food allergies; Board of Directors expands the mission of Keep Hope Alive

2006 - Journal of Immunity V4 N2 - April-June. Immunotherapy Case reports for HIV very encouraging - Composition A for HIV - a case report - Metabolic syndrome linked to magnesium deficiency - Cayenne and Magnet used to dissolve a blood clot - Teflon toxicity and much more - including a plan for peace in Iraq

2006 - Journal of Immunity V4 N1 Jan-March. HIV and the Scare-Crow; Guidelines for immuno-therapy and Magnesium - the miracle mineral. An overview of the past year. Intestinal flora vs HIV in the gut; why higher CD4 counts are more important to survivial than a low or non-detectable viral loads; Sauerkraut and garlic for the bird flu. Notes from the Message Board; yet another study that finds low dose prednisolone protects and increases CD4 counts in HIV+ patients in a year long study. The anti-inflammatory and immune regulating properties of magnesium, the missing mineral in many protocols. Magnesium increases glutathione levels, reduces oxidative stress, and reduces elevated tnf-a and il-6.

2005 - Journal of Immunity V3 N4 - Oct to Dec. A self-help quest for effective treatments for the common cold, sinus infections, pneumonia, the seasonal flu and the avian bird flu. Discusses more than a dozen possible treatments including, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, grapefruit seed extract, bee propolis, zinc lozenges, herbs, lomation dissectum, Sees-2000, castor oil packs and many more including important dietary modifications. A case report of a mostly self treatment protocol that reduced Hepatitis C viral load dropping from 25 million to 3.4 million in 5 weeks and that also included UV light treatment of the blood (photoluminesence).

2005 - Journal of Immunity V3 N3 - July to Sept. An alternative to drug cocktails - low cost and no side effects. This issue covers long term studies with control (2 to 3 years) in Germany where 5 mg of prednisolone stopped HIV progression to AIDs and stabilized CD4 counts; Case report on using prednisone to stop HIV progression (for 16 years) by Mark Milano; Beets for hepatitis C.

2005 - Journal of Immunity V3 N2- April to June 2005 Beets and other methyl donors inhibit interleukin-6. Beets used to treat cancer, MS, nerve damage. Methyl donors used for HIV, chronic fatigue, joint pain, candidiasis, cancer, and heart disease

2005 -Journal of Immunity V3 N1 Jan - March. Paris, France - Prednisolone, a cortisol like hormone, increased and stabilized CD4 counts in a 10 year study in a fraction of of HIV seropositive patients. Short term use of Prednisone increased CD4 counts in patients on HAART. Immune factors that AIDS and cancer have in common, Ashwagandha, an Indian herb, increases T3 and T4 and thyroid activity in mice as well an increased SOD and catalase levels and reduced lipid perixidation. In India, Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Atractylodes, Ginseng and Shatavari are used in the treatment of AIDS for immune support and well being. Researchers find that Ashwagandha posseses anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antistress, antioxidant, immunomodulatory,hemopoietic and rejuvenating properties. An important message to all persons using complementary therapies.

2004 - Journal of Immunity V2 N4- Oct-Dec. The 2nd edition of the Immune Restoration Handbook is now off the press and available. The section on Adrenal glands and the role of IL-6 have been extensively updated as has the entire book. Specialty Lab Test for IL-6; A Case Reprt on the use of hydrocortisone to treat AIDS; Plechner on natural hydrocortisone; Pregnenolone and HDL cholesterol; Hypothesis on adrenal hormone precursors - egg yolk lecithin; IL-6 inhibitors to treat Breast Cancer; Where to obtain a prescription for natural hormones; Hydrocortisone Cream; Possible herbal and food alternatives to hormone replacement; Natural Plant hormone precursors; Plants and seed with sterols and sterolins; Moducare - how effective is it?; New Shake down Thermometer is mercury free; Cilantro reduces mercury, lead and aluminum in the body and African tonic is used to treat AIDs patients in Kenya - recipe published

2004 - Journal Of Immunity, July-Sept. V2, N3 Plechner reports low dose cortisol cures cancer in pets. Brownstein's list of causes for thyroid dysfunction and a report on bone mineral density and osteoporosis. Black cohosh inhibits HIV and cancer. Update on San Daminao water and Lourdes water - unusual properties.

2004 - Journal of Immunity, Spring - V2 N2 Cortisol, fish oil normalize interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor - proinflammatory cytokines that are linked to chronic fatigue, HIV progression, cancer, candidiasis, arthritis and much more. Summary of 10 dietary and other factors that reduce or affect IL-6 and TNF levels. NIH Smart Drugs Study of Structured Treatment Interruptions seeks 6000 participants.

2004 - Journal of Immunity Annual Report - V2, N1 Contents: Structured Treatments Interruptions (STI's) and Self-Immunization - leading to increased immune response to HIV, less drugs used, lower costs and fewer side effects. Interluken 6 inhibitors may hold the key to long-term control of HIV without viral resistance. 20 Immune-based therapies summary list. Virucidal lubricant needed to help stop the spread of STDS. Cell phones linked to short term memory loss - Phone relay towers to multiple symptoms and selected excerpts from the last two Journal of Immunity reports in 2003.

2003 Journal of Immunity V1 N3 Oct-Dec. Update: Neem and Guaifenesin - Treating HIV- a Case Report; Didi Rucira on Homeopathy and Guaifenesin; Didi on GOOT and Neem Seed Oil; How I treated the Flu; Rosehips increase body temperature; Detoxi-Pads remove toxins and improve well being; Miraculous Water from San Damiano; Real Photographs of Jesus and Mary; Dr Salvato's Regimen for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Eat Right for your Blood type - Science or Fiction?; Frank Oski MD: Cow's Milk linked to over 30 illnesses.

2003 - Journal of Immunity V1 N2 Jul-Sep 2003 Quaifenesin used in treating Fibromyalgia, HIV, fibromyalgia, sinusitis and respiratory infections. Neem used in Africa to treat terminal AIDS patients. GOOT - Garlic Oil Ointment works effectively after one year in the refrigerator.

2003 - Journal of Immunity Spring issue - V1, N1. Report on SARS, symptoms, prevention and possible treatments. Thyroid and Adrenal hormone imbalances and how they affect immune function. Selenium update - plant-based products work. Complementary and alternative therapies for HIV from China and Africa (Sutherlandia, IMPI, Revivo and XQ-8302. Manganese - reverse transcriptase inhibitor and San Damiano Testimonial (Miraculous Water).

The Journal of Immunity (JOI) replaces Positive Health News (PHN) in 2003. PHN originated in Dec. 1994. The material from 1994 through 2002 has been deleted from this website as the older formating style is not readable on mobile ipads and phones. Also, some of this material is outdated and needs replacing. One example is vitamin D3, a synthetic variation of natural vitamin D. High doses of artificial vitamin D3 can calcify your arteries and damage your kidneys. It can also cause a stroke and kill you. Natural Vitamin D made from sunlight is sulfated (unlike its synthetic counterpart) and helps prevent major killers such as cancer and heart disease. In comparison, synthetic vitamn D3 (FDA approved) is also sold commercially as a rat poison.

The most safe and relevant information from this time period has been preserved and is published in subsequent editions of the Immune Restoration Handbook by Conrad LeBeau and Dr. Ron Peters MD.

From its inception, numerous articles published on this website were written by authors under pen names. This was done for privacy reasons. Since 2003, the use of pseudonyms has been discontinued.


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