Journal of Immunity

Vol 6 No

4 2008/2009

Microwave emissions from cell phone towers increase oxidative stress, lower GSH and impair immune function

Conrad LeBeau

This is a special report on the adverse health effects of microwave radiation from cell phone towers. While the telecommunications industry has spent millions of dollars on short term studies that indicate no adverse health effects from cell phones or the cell phone relay towers, they have spend zero dollars to determine its immunological effects.

A few studies have measured the biological effects of microwave radio emissions from cell phone towers and find that they increase free radicals and oxidative stress, lower glutathione levels and cortisol levels. Photographs of red blood cells exposed to cell phone microwave signals show red blood cell aggregation that takes as much as 40 minutes to return to normal. The distorted red blood cells can impair oxygen delivery a condition known as hypoxia and lead to an increase in the pulse rate, possible seizures, HBP, strokes and heart disease.

Currently, there is no investigation on the effects of cell phone signals on impairing the body's immune response against viral, fungal and bacterial infections while empirical and anecdotal evidence grows that cell phone radiation may be degrading and impairing the immune system of millions of people worldwide. From the common cold to the flu, infections are lasting much longer than they use to from 10 days to several weeks or even months. Microwave radiation causes proteins to harden and accelerates the aging process. In plain English, millions of people using cell phones and being exposed 24/7 to microwave radiation are being slowly cooked. The long term damage may eventually become irreversible.

Internet sources report that there are over 100,000 cell phone relay towers in the US alone and they grow by the day. The following research done on rats exposed to the microwave frequencies of cell phones and cell phone towers demonstrates serious health implications for the human race.

GSM base station electromagnetic radiation and oxidative stress in rats.

Full Author Name: Yurekli, Ali Ihsan; Ozkan, Mehmed; Kalkan, Tunaya; Saybasili, Hale; Tuncel, Handan; Atukeren, Pinar; Gumustas, Koray; Seker, Selim. Yurekli AI, Ozkan M, Kalkan T, Saybasili H, Tuncel H, Atukeren P, Gumustas K, Seker S.

Electromagn Biol Med. 2006;25(3):177-88.

Tubitak-Uekae, EMC TEMPEST Test Center, Gebze-Kocaeli, Turkey.

"The ever increasing use of cellular phones and the increasing number of associated base stations are becoming a widespread source of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Some biological effects are likely to occur even at low-level EM fields.

"In this study, a gigahertz transverse electromagnetic (GTEM) cell was used as an exposure environment for plane wave conditions of far-field free space EM field propagation at the GSM base transceiver station (BTS) frequency of 945 MHz, and effects on oxidative stress in rats were investigated.

"When EM fields at a power density of 3.67 W/m2 (specific absorption rate = 11.3 mW/kg), which is well below current exposure limits, were applied, MDA (malondialdehyde) level was found to increase and GSH (reduced glutathione) concentration was found to decrease significantly (p < 0.0001). Additionally, there was a less significant (p = 0.0190) increase in SOD (superoxide dismutase) activity under EM exposure."

Glutathione loss and a free radical cascade

A significant reduction in GSH or reduced glutathione caused by an increase in free radicals (oxidative stress) bodes ill for the health of people living near cell phone relay towers or persons exposed from multiple cell phone towers that broadcast their radiation from several different directions. That could include just about anyone of us who reside in a major city anywhere on this planet where the telecommunications industry heavily markets wireless telephone services.

An increase in oxidative stress or free radicals from the microwave radiation of cell phones and especially cell phone towers would cause a depletion in glutathione reserves as the body reacts to defend itself. However, a significant depletion of glutathione means that the person subjected to microwave radiation would have little or no defense free radicals that steal electrons from cells leading to the destruction of cells in a process known as a free radical cascade. This process leads to the either the destruction or disfiguring of the cells causing either temporary or permanent damage.

Red blood cells and the liver are especially vulnerable to microwave radiation

The red blood cells because of their high iron content would be especially vulnerable to microwave radiation as would cells of the liver where iron content is also high. This because iron molecules would act like an antenna or receptor for receiving the microwave radiation much like the antenna of a radio, TV or cell phone itself. To receive microwave radiation, an antenna has to be made of a material that conducts electricity. Inside a living human being, both iron and copper act like miniature antenna and transfer the destructive power of the microwave radiation to the rest of the cell and thereby disrupt its biological functions. Increased destruction of red blood cells and liver cells would be expected in persons exposed to cell phone microwaves.

Surprisingly, I have been unable to find a single study that measured the rate of cell destruction in persons exposed to microwave radiation.

German Red Blood Cell Study

A German study on the effects of a cell phone on red blood cells after a 90 second phone call. The upper left photo shows normal red blood cells. Blood was taken for the capillary of an ear after the 90 second phone call and is shown in the upper right figure. The middle left photo was taken 20 minutes later and in the second column, the middle photo show the cells almost returning to normal after 40 minutes. These photos were found at in the original German report.

Brain cancer and Cell phone

Reprinted from

Ethics compelled us to ensure that all reasonable people have access to the basic scientific facts. Your cell phone is a microwave transmitter and it should bear a cancer warning! Microwave energy oscillates at millions to billions of cycles per second. The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry reports that these frequencies cause cancer and other diseases by interfering with cellular. DNA and its repair mechanisms.

Brain cancer and cell phone risk is real. Microwave promotes rapid cell aging. Italian scientists have recently demonstrated that cell phone radiation makes cancerous cells grow aggressively. Cordless phones marked 900 megahertz or 2.4 gigahertz emit the same dangerous microwave radiation as cell phones.

Cell Phone Cancer?

The connection between microwave exposure and cancer has been documented for years. During the Cold War, the Soviets irradiated the US Embassy in Moscow, Russia, with low level, twin-beam microwave radiation. Two successive ambassadors developed leukemia. Other staffers also developed cancer--or their blood showed DNA damage, which precedes cancer.__Research by University of Washington professor Dr. Henry Lai shows brain cells are clearly damaged by microwave levels far below the US government's "safety" guidelines. Dr. Lai notes that even tiny doses of radio frequency can cumulate over time and lead to harmful effects. He warns that public exposure to radiation from wireless transmitters "should be limited to minimal." __

Motorola advises consumers to avoid pointing a cellular antenna toward exposed parts of the body. But independent tests show that cell phones can also leak huge amounts of radiation from the keypad and mouthpiece. This radiation deeply penetrates brain, ear and eye tissues, which are especially susceptible to microwave damage. Belt clip cases allow cell phones to deliver radiation to the liver or kidney areas when a wired, hands-free earpiece is used. Recent studies confirm that cell and cordless phone microwaves can:

  • Damage nerves in the scalp
  • Cause blood cells to leak hemoglobin
  • Cause memory loss and mental confusion
  • Cause headaches and induce fatigue
  • Create joint pain, muscle spasms and tremors
  • Create burning sensation and rash on the skin
  • Alter the brain's electrical activity during sleep
  • Induce ringing in the ears, impair sense of smell
  • Precipitate cataracts and retina damage
  • Open the blood-brain barrier to viruses and toxins
  • Reduce the number and efficiency of white blood cells
  • Stimulate asthma by producing histamine in mast cells
  • Cause digestive problems and raise bad cholesterol levels
  • Stress the endocrine system, especially pancreas, thyroid, ovaries, testes
  • In 1993, the telecom industry committed $25 million dollars for a series of research projects designed to prove that cell phones are safe. The studies proved just the opposite! They proved that federal microwave exposure standards are dangerously inadequate. Cell damage and tumors can be easily induced in the lab at about one third of the FCC's exposure guidelines.__

    The telecom boys panicked. They and their lackey politicians and federal regulators decided the only lucrative thing to do was to LIE and DENY. Despite damning evidence, the FDA still prevaricates: "There is no reason to conclude that there are health risks posed by cell phones to consumers."

    Meantime, the telecom industry has been pressing to INCREASE BY MORE THAN 10 TIMES the allowable human exposure to cell phone radiation!__Luckily, Dr. George Carlo headed up the industry's study project. He presents the shocking facts in his book, Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age: An Insider's Alarming Discoveries About Cancer and Genetic Damage (Carroll and Graf, 2001).

    A summary of Dr. Carlo's book is this: Cell phones are hot, adequate protective regulations are naught, and Americans are being "fried" so that the deceitful telecom industry can rake it in! It's dirty business as usual, and the longer the industry can con the public, the more billions it collects.__

    On June 16, 2002 , CBS aired a Sixty Minutes segment which confirmed the telecom industry is about as grungy as it gets. CBS producers accused major phone service providers of cheating, scamming, forging signatures, switching phone service without permission and lying about charges. The attorney general of Connecticut stated that despite millions of dollars in fines each year, these companies remain incorrigible.

    Should we be trusting this industry with our brain tissues and our very lives? __Microwave to the head is extremely hazardous to children. Parents in some European nations are now warned to keep children away from cell phones. A University of Utah researcher found the younger the child, the more radiation is absorbed by the brain.

    Spanish researchers have shown that cell phones can alter electrical activity of a child's brain for hours, causing drastic mood changes and possible behavior and learning disabilities. Scientists fear that cell phone radiation could damage human embryos. Pregnant women are advised to be wary.__

    A cell phone must greatly increase its field strength to maintain communications within the metallic cage of an auto. Thus, the effect of microwave radiation inside a vehicle is especially intense. Volkswagen of Europe has warned that cell phone usage inside a car can be "injurious to health due to the extremely high electromagnetic fields generated."__

    Insurance studies in England showed that an average driver talking on a cell is actually more impaired in function and reaction time than a drunk. Finland's Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority reports that one hour of exposure to mobile phone radiation can cause human cells to shrink. Researchers believe this is due to increased protein activity, an indicator of cell damage. What an unstable world needs now is a global population afflicted with incredible shrinking brains!_

    Brain cancer and the cell phone?_

    Brain cancer rates in USA have increased by 25% since 1975. In 2001, 185,000 Americans were diagnosed with some form of brain cancer. A grade four brain tumor can grow from the size of a grape to tennis ball size in just 4 months. Brain tumors are almost always fatal and most people die within 6-12 months after diagnosis.

    On April 7, 2002, Sixty Minutes aired a fascinating report on brain cancer, explaining that scientists are unsure why incidence of the disease is growing so exponentially._Ironically, the segment was followed by a Sprint ad, which advised parents that the best way to keep track of teenagers is to connect them to a cell phone.

    While researchers say that radical damage to the brain can occur within the first few minutes of conversation, telecom ads encourage customers to spend many hours on the phone each month. Those blazing, full-page cell phone ads in newspapers and magazines must be the reason cell phone dangers are almost never discussed in the mainstream media.__

    An excellent resource tool is Robert Kane's book Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette (Vantage Press, 2001). As a telecommunications expert, Kane presents an impressive collection of studies showing that both government agencies and cell phone manufacturers KNEW YEARS AGO that cell phone radiation at present exposure levels is dangerous to human health. He notes that cell phones would be rendered useless if their RF emissions were reduced to safe levels.__

    Reports of illness from heavy cell phone usage and from living or working close to powerful RF transmitters are synchronous with numerous cancer-related lawsuits now being filed against the cell phone industry. The insurance industry sees big trouble ahead. Underwriters for Lloyd's of London refuse to insure phone manufacturers against damage to users' health. Cell phone radiation and the risks of brain cancer and cell phones are today what tobacco was 40 years ago.

    Coastal Post Journalist: Amy Worthington March 6, 2005

    Neurobehavioral effects among inhabitants around mobile phone base stations.

    Full Author Name: Abdel-Rassoul, G; El-Fateh, O Abou; Salem, M Abou; Michael, A; Farahat, F; El-Batanouny, M; Salem, E. Abdel-Rassoul G, El-Fateh OA, Salem MA, Michael A, Farahat F, El-Batanouny M, Salem E. Neurotoxicology. 2007 Mar;28(2):434-40. Epub 2006 Aug 01.

    Community, Environmental and Occupational Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, Menoufiya University, Shebin El-Kom, Egypt.

    BACKGROUND: There is a general concern on the possible hazardous health effects of exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiations (RFR) emitted from mobile phone base station antennas on the human nervous system. AIM: To identify the possible neurobehavioral deficits among inhabitants living nearby mobile phone base stations.

    METHODS: A cross-sectional study was conducted on (85) inhabitants living nearby the first mobile phone station antenna in Menoufiya governorate, Egypt, 37 are living in a building under the station antenna while 48 opposite the station. A control group (80) participants were matched with the exposed for age, sex, occupation and educational level. All participants completed a structured questionnaire containing: personal, educational and medical histories; general and neurological examinations; neurobehavioral test battery (NBTB) [involving tests for visuomotor speed, problem solving, attention and memory]; in addition to Eysenck personality questionnaire (EPQ).

    RESULTS: The prevalence of neuropsychiatric complaints as headache (23.5%), memory changes (28.2%), dizziness (18.8%), tremors (9.4%), depressive symptoms (21.7%), and sleep disturbance (23.5%) were significantly higher among exposed inhabitants than controls: (10%), (5%), (5%), (0%), (8.8%) and (10%), respectively (P<0.05).

    The NBTB indicated that the exposed inhabitants exhibited a significantly lower performance than controls in one of the tests of attention and short-term auditory memory [Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test (PASAT)]. Also, the inhabitants opposite the station exhibited a lower performance in the problem solving test (block design) than those under the station. All inhabitants exhibited a better performance in the two tests of visuomotor speed (Digit symbol and Trailmaking B) and one test of attention (Trailmaking A) than controls. The last available measures of RFR emitted from the first mobile phone base station antennas in Menoufiya governorate were less than the allowable standard level.

    CONCLUSIONS AND ECOMMENDATIONS: Inhabitants living nearby mobile phone base stations are at risk for developing neuropsychiatric problems and some changes in the performance of neurobehavioral functions either by facilitation or inhibition. So, revision of standard guidelines for public exposure to RER from mobile phone base station antennas and using of NBTB for regular assessment and early detection of biological effects among inhabitants around the stations are recommended.

    Two cell phone towers near a local restaurant leave me with an uneasy feeling

    Conrad LeBeau

    In October, 2008, I walked into a local George Webbs restaurant on 3133 South 92th street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The local restaurant chain started in the late 1940's was famous for serving a great breakfast. It was a place to relax, converse and read the morning paper.

    Adjoining the George Webbs restaurant on the south side was a Pizza Parlor and on the north side a flower ship.

    A tall Cell Phone relay tower was located about 100 ft south of the restaurant and a second cell phone tower was located about 50 ft to the north of the flower that adjoined the restaurant.

    I ordered my usual breakfast. As I waited for my eggs and hash browns to arrive, I sipped on tea. About 5 minutes in the restaurant, I began to notice what I thought were micro- waves passing through my body. It was a subtle sensation but noticeable none the less. I recalled that the sensation was like the feeling of standing in front of a microwave oven I once owned. You can also get a similar sensation when you are being given an x-ray in a doctors office. I didn't like the feeling and hurriedly ate my breakfast and left.

    Microwave emissions linked to lingering infections - colds and flu's are lasting longer, much longer

    A phone conversation occurred this past summer with friends who live in the Orlando, FL area. Randy and his brother Pat said that several people they talked to were reporting getting colds and some had flu-like symptoms that would linger for several weeks and even months. The colds would go away for a while and then come back. Was this a new strain of virus, I asked myself? It was a troubling development and at the time, I did not connect the dots to link the lingering infections to cell phone towers.

    Then I began observing the same thing happening here in the West Allis. I frequently get colds myself but have observed a link to consumption of milk proteins. When I avoid milk, ice cream and cheese, the cold goes away but quickly return when I eat these dairy products. A cold normally is suppose to go away in 7 to 10 days.

    Here in West Allis, Ron B told me recently that besides himself , he knows of about six friends and relatives here and in Oshkosh that have colds that are lasting about 6 weeks and recently in one aunt, three months and the cold is still not gone. Ron told me that his cold, either the same cold or a new one, had affected him at least three times in the past four months. Was it the same cold coming and going or was it a different cold each time?

    At Pegasus restaurant here in West Allis, Michelle, a waitress told me this past fall that she had a cold for the past two months and counting. Another person I talked to in Milwaukee was treated with antibiotics for a leg infection only to have the infection return a few weeks later.

    In Milwaukee, Mark says he moved to a new apartment three months ago and has not had a good nights sleep since and has been constantly sick with either a cold or some other infection. He told me that a cell phone tower is about one city block away from his new residence. Tony, another tenant in the same building told me he also has been sick since moving to this new location. He says that in his block, all the spiders are gone and only the centipedes have survived.

    In Orlando, FL, Randys brother Pat told me recently that the only time he can get a good night's sleep is when he leaves town. He told me when he leaves Orlando and goes to work in a rural area in Alabama, he sleeps like a baby and does not have the headaches he frequently gets when at home in Orlando. He also says his wife who stays at home in Orlando is sick or does not feel well most of the time. He say there is a Cell Phone tower about two blocks from his house.

    Peter, who lives on the northeast side of Milwaukee says he has not had a good night's sleep for the past three years and that he has interrupted sleep 3 or 4 times a night. He says only when he leaves Milwaukee and goes out to a rural area does he get a good night or 7 or 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

    Jim H who moved away form a suburb in the Chicago area recently tells me that the mosquitos and large birds have vanished in the Chicago area.

    Silent Spring? where have the bees and butterflies gone?

    Here in West Allis in the past few years, I noticed very few mosquitos. Last summer, I counted only 3 mosquitos all summer. When I moved here around 1996, there were hundreds if not thousands of mosquitos in the yard each summer. This past summer, I noticed fewer bees and only one butterfly, also the robins arrived later than usual. Is microwave radiation from cell phone towers reducing the population of bees, some species of birds along with the mosquitos and spiders? At this time there appears to be no other plausible explanation. Last month the local priest of Mary - Queen of Heaven reported five recent deaths, four from cancer in ages from 40 to 60 y.o.

    Worldwide reports of sudden collapses of bee colonies. The syndrome has a name - it called CCD or colony collapse disorder

    About 6 years ago in 2003 reports began to surface about a worldwide shortage of honey. The price of honey has gone up ever since as the supply has gone down. In addition, a shortage of bees to pollinate almond groves has led to a decrease in almond production. Nearly 20% of the world food supply depends on bees for pollination. A worldwide loss of honey bees will lead to food shortages, higher prices and starvation in poorer countries.

    Are Cell Phones Towers killing our bees?

    Scientists claim radiation from cell phones and towers are to blame for mysterious "colony collapse" of bees

    By Geoffrey Lean and Harriet Shawcross_Sunday, 15 April 2007

    It seems like the plot of a particularly far-fetched horror film. But some scientists suggest that our love of the mobile phone could cause massive food shortages, as the world's harvests fail.

    They are putting forward the theory that radiation given off by mobile phones and other hi-tech gadgets is a possible answer to one of the more bizarre mysteries ever to happen in the natural world - the abrupt disappearance of the bees that pollinate crops. Late last week, some bee-keepers claimed that the phenomenon - which started in the US, then spread to continental Europe - was beginning to hit Britain as well.

    The theory is that radiation from mobile phones interferes with bees' navigation systems, preventing the famously home loving species from finding their way back to their hives. Improbable as it may seem, there is now evidence to back this up.

    Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) occurs when a hive's inhabitants suddenly disappear, leaving only queens, eggs and a few immature workers, like so many apian Mary Celestes. The vanished bees are never found, but thought to die singly far from home. The parasites, wildlife and other bees that normally raid the honey and pollen left behind when a colony dies, refuse to go anywhere near the abandoned hives.

    The alarm was first sounded last autumn, but has now hit half of all American states. The West Coast is thought to have lost 60 per cent of its commercial bee population, with 70 per cent missing on the East Coast.

    CCD has since spread to Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. And last week John Chapple, one of London's biggest bee-keepers, announced that 23 of his 40 hives have been abruptly abandoned.

    Other apiarists have recorded losses in Scotland, Wales and north-west England, but the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs insisted: "There is absolutely no evidence of CCD in the UK."

    The implications of the spread are alarming. Most of the world's crops depend on pollination by bees. Albert Einstein once said that if the bees disappeared, "man would have only four years of life left".

    No one knows why it is happening. Theories involving mites, pesticides, global warming and GM crops have been proposed, but all have drawbacks.

    German research has long shown that bees' behaviour changes near power lines. Now a limited study at Landau University has found that bees refuse to return to their hives when mobile phones are placed nearby. Dr Jochen Kuhn, who carried it out, said this could provide a "hint" to a possible cause.

    Dr George Carlo, who headed a massive study by the US government and mobile phone industry of hazards from mobiles in the Nineties, said: "I am convinced the possibility is real."

    Brain Cancer and handsets

    An official Finnish study found that people who used the phones for more than 10 years were 40 per cent more likely to get a brain tumor on the same side as they held the handset.

    Equally alarming, blue-chip Swedish research revealed that radiation from mobile phones killed off brain cells, suggesting that today's teenagers could go senile in the prime of their lives.

    Studies in India and the US have raised the possibility that men who use mobile phones heavily have reduced sperm counts.

    Professor Sir William Stewart, who has headed two official inquiries, warned that children under eight should not use mobiles and made a series of safety recommendations, largely ignored by ministers.


    Dr. Reinhard Munzert

    New arms threaten and destroy lives in strange ways. Directed energy weapons are among the high-tech arms of the century. They hurt and kill with electromagnetic power. Microwave weapons can be aimed at computers, electronical devices and persons. They have strong physical and psychological effects and can be used for military and terrorist activities. These weapons are also part of crimes (in Europe) that almost nobody knows except the victims and the offenders. Until now they make the perfect crime possible. No doubt, these weapons have a terrible future.

    New arms threaten and destroy lives in strange ways. Directed energy weapons are among the high-tech arms of the century. They hurt and kill with electromagnetic power. Microwave weapons can be aimed at computers, electronical devices and persons. They have strong physical and psychological effects and can be used for military and terrorist activities. These weapons are also part of crimes (in Europe) that almost nobody knows except the victims and the offenders. Until now they make the perfect crime possible. No doubt, these weapons have a terrible future.

    There is a new, effective weapon for criminals and terrorists. Law-breakers often misuse modern technology. Through the illegal usage of innovative high-tech weapons, people are not "shot", rather their living quarters are bathed in (high frequency) electromagnetic waves for a length of time. Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) are mostly intended for military purposes (U.S. Air Force, Russian and Chinese armies). High-tech company Raytheon states about DEW: "We believe they are a critical element of how ultimately wars will be fought. HPM (High power microwaves) is the most mature right now" (in Fulghum & Wall 2002).

    The renowned German newspaper "DIE WELT" acknowledges microwave weapons as arms of the 21st century. In another German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, a weapons expert has recommended the police to procure microwave (MW) weapons for police use. Considering what certain criminals know about MW weapons, they have a significant advantage over the police until now. This puts the victims in extreme danger.

    A primitive variation of a MW weapon would look like this: A microwave oven from the kitchen with the protective shielding removed from the door and replaced by a metal funnel. And then the waves can get through walls (Pictures 1, 2, 3).

    The effects of the MW beam on the victims include extreme weariness, headache, irregular heartbeat, diarrhea, painful testis, damaged nervous system and internal organs, burned skin and eye damage. Later effects include blindness, heart attack, stroke and cancer. In the last months by some victims, cancerous tumors have been diagnosed.

    How to locate cell phone towers in your neighborhood

    Go to and enter your address, city, state and zip code. I did and found 20 registered cell phone towers within 4 miles of my home here is West Allis, WI along with 43 unregistered sites - possibly reserved from future cell phone base stations. This web site provides nationwide information on the height and owners of these towers. The sheer number of sources of microwave radiation are mind boggling and the threat is real.

    Faraday Cages - Shielding from Microwave radiation and EMF

    Outside the body the effects of an electrical conductor on microwave radiation can be demonstrated. If you wrap a potato in aluminum foil and place it in a microwave oven, it won't bake as the aluminum foil prevents the radio waves in the oven from reaching the potato. The reflected energy from the aluminum foil could also destroy the microwave oven.

    A room shielded completely from cell phone, radio and TV signals is called a faraday cage. This is done by lining the walls, floor, windows and ceiling with a non-magnetic metal conductor such as silver, copper, nickel, aluminum or carbon black. The conductor is then grounded allowing for no electromagnetic signals to enter or leave the room. Embassies used of espionage purposes are built as faraday cages, named after its original inventor Michael Faraday.

    An elevator would be a natural faraday cage. An aluminum sided building would be a partial faraday cage. Persons living in aluminum sided mobile homes usually have to go outside to use a cell phone due to the poor reception in the trailer. A cheap faraday cage can be made by lining a box or small room with aluminum foil either glued or taped to the walls and windows. Some aluminum foil backed insulating products sold locally are also an inexpensive way to shield against microwave radiation.

    A low cost silver looking curtain that conducts electricity called a "Solar Curtain" sold on the internet blocks microwave radiation and other electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

    An expensive paint called Yshield made in Germany also blocks EMF, but costs over $400 for 5 liters and comes in one fashionable color - black. A copper foiled wall paper is also available but costs even more per square foot than Yshield.

    To determine if a product will shield you from microwave radiation, it must conduct electricity. This can be done by testing it with an electrical tester that has a built in ohm meter. A fine mesh aluminum or brass window screen will also work as a barrier to microwave cell phone tower radiation. The window screens made from metal (aluminum, brass or copper) will cost a little more than the cheaper ones made from plastic.

    The Solar Curtains or the fine mesh screens will still allow you to see through the window while blocking harmful radiation. Shielded walls, metallic ceilings and windows should be grounded to pass the microwave, Wi-Fi and other EMF directly to the earth harmlessly.

    In the next newsletter, we will report on more scientific and case reports of adverse effects and any new findings in blocking microwave radiation. Everyone is welcome to share their discoveries in this area with us so we can pass this information on to our readers.

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