Ozone would have been the "drug of the month" long ago, if it were not for continued reports of its effectiveness that continue to come forward. We began studying the use of ozone for treating HIV and other infections in August, 1992. Ozone is a triatomic form of oxygen that is highly unstable. It is the most powerful oxidizer known to man next to fluorine. Ozone is produced naturally in lightning storms and in pine forests and by the action of the sun's ultraviolet light on oxygen. It is also produced in small quantities by ultraviolet light in a suntanning bed. Negative ionizers produce small amounts of ozone along with negative ions. Ozone in water will kill viruses 3125 faster than chlorine (from Milwaukee Public Library Science Section). Ozone is the most potent anti-viral substance known to man that is safe to use in controlled doses and is effective against viruses even in low concentrations. However, it is usually not effective against fungal infections. Other options for thrush and fungal infections should be considered and used as an adjunct therapy along with ozone.

Ozone is produced commercially and for home use with a machine that passes oxygen through a glass tube subject to high voltage. The cold spark method produces ozone of consistent concentration. The hot spark method of producing ozone is not safe for medical purposes as ozone concentration may start off very high and then drop off suddenly. As the oxygen absorbs electrons, it forms clusters of O3 and even higher forms of ozone - O4, O5 and O6. In the presence of water, ozone (O3) breaks down to O2 plus O1. In the process of breaking down, ozone releases electrons into the water. The difference between hydrogen peroxide and ozone is electrons. While both are oxidizers, only ozone releases free electrons. Because of this unique quality, ozone destroys free radicals.

The definition of a free radical is a substance that steals electrons from healthy cells. In this way, free radicals can damage normal cells. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural part of the life cycle and is produced by granulocytes as a first line of defense against viruses and other pathogens. In small quantities, it can kill pathogens without causing free radical damage. This is due to an enzyme called "catalase" present in normal healthy cells which inactivates hydrogen peroxide. However, if catalase reverses become depleted, hydrogen peroxide in high concentrations can have an aging effect on normal cells as hydrogen peroxide is a free radical. Catalase reserves in cells can be enhanced by a diet high in natural carotenes found in raw vegetables and anti-oxidant supplementation.


An article published in an Italian Medical Journal - HAEMATOLOGICA, 1990; 75:510-5, by Prof. Velio Bocci of the Instituto di Fisiologia Genrale, Sienna, Italy is titled: "STUDIES ON THE BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF OZONE - INDUCTION OF INTERFERON ON HUMAN LEUCOCYTES." reports on several tests that show that after ozone autohemotherapy treatments using concentration of ozone ranging from 2.2 mcg/ml to 42 mcg/ml, there was in increase in interferon along with an increase in Tumor Necrosis Factor and Interluken II. Concentrations of ozone in autohemotherapy above 42 mcg/ml produced no interferon and stressed the membranes of red blood cells. The best results were seen at 42 mcg/ml while a very small amount of IFN production occurred at 2.2 mcg/ml. The report concluded: "The results presented in this paper show that under strictly defined conditions of ozonisation, PBMC either in whole blood or after isolation, can be induced to produce significant amounts of Interferon."

On October 1, 1992, I received a letter and an extensive packet of information from Dr. John C. Pittman M.D. on ozone therapy for AIDS. He has documented 9 cases where ozone therapy has helped reverse AIDS. In two of the nine cases, HIV antibody status went negative in the Western Blot and Polymerase Chain Reaction tests. A fourth AIDS case was reported by Dr. Michael Carpendale of the VA Hospital in San Francisco, CA.. Dr. Carpendale claimed one patient went HIV- on the Western Blot test and Polymerase Chain Reaction test after doing rectal insufflation of ozone over a 3 year period. Treatment consisted of using 750 M.L. ozone at a concentration of 22 mcg/ml for rectal insufflation 5 times a week. Dr. John Pittman can be reached at 5067 Tall Pines Ct, Raleigh, NC 27609 ph/fax 919-571-8968. In an article written by Dr. Horst Kief of Germany, he reports on using ozone in HIV+ patients. He claims that B cell function more than doubles during ozone therapy. One patient that had excess B cells returned to normal values after ozone therapy and that Monocytes, Granulocytes and Lymphocytes moved toward normal values after several ozone treatments.


In January, 1994, I talked with Dr. Shallenberger, M.D., Minden, NV. He has used IV ozone on over 20 patients with HIV. One patient had been on Ganciclovir for CMV for sometime. Dr. Shallenberger said: "If he stopped using the Ganciclovir for 1 week, he began to lose his eyesight. After receiving 10 treatments of ozone over a two month period and then stopping the treatments, it took 2 and 1/2 months before the CMV became active again." Persons doing Ozone at home will need an aggressive program to reverse active CMV. See protocols for CMV in the chapter on “Symptoms and Remedies.” Shallenberger also told me of two patients where ozone autohemotherapy completely cleared the Hepatitis B virus from the blood in three weeks.


Major Autohemotherapy (M.A.H.)is the process of removing a pint of blood and adding ozone gas to it and returning it to the patient's body. It was originally developed in Germany. Major autohemotherapy is considered to be safe and effective. Autohemotherapy is the treatment of choice for all conditions affecting the blood. Hundreds of thousands of treatments have been safely used in Germany for the past several decades. Intravenous Ozone, called I.V. infusions, is used by some physicians in the United States, but is not used in Europe. IV ozone treatment requires continuous monitoring to prevent too much ozone gas from entering the blood at one time that could cause an embolism. In IV, small amounts of ozone gas are directly fed into a vein over a period of time. One problem with I.V. ozone is a hardening of the vein at the site of entry. A new technique is being developed by Renate Viebahn for I.V. ozone where it first is placed into a solution and then the solution is used in an i.v. drip. If the new technique is successful, it could simplify ozone treatments and lower their cost to patients. Since this new technique is still being developed, I would advise Physicians not to use I.V. ozone at this time, but to use Major Autohemotherapy which has an excellent track record for safety and effectiveness.

Home methods include Rectal Ozone insufflation where ozone is fed into the colon for about 1 and 1/2 minutes per treatment at concentrations up to 27 mcg/ml. The average adult colon can hold about 750 ml (about 3/4 or a liter). Another home method is the use of a Sauna bag filled with ozone gas. The patient gets into a plastic suit or Sauna Bag after taking a shower and fills the suit or bag with ozone gas for absorption through the skin. Concentration of ozone from 20 to 30 mcg/ml is used. The person stays in the Sauna Bag with the ozone flowing continuously at a rate from 1/2 to 1 L.P.M. for 30 to 45 minutes per treatment. The Sauna Bag method is very effective for treating burns and preventing the formation of scar tissue. Other treatments like bathing in ozonated water are considered by many people, including myself, to be less effective than the Sauna Bag. However, in one case, drinking 2 glasses of ozonated water each day along with 30 minutes in the Sauna Bag produced impressive results in raising white blood counts, normalizing blood pressure and pulse rates in just two weeks.


On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most effective, I would rate both autohemotherapy and I.V. ozone at a 10, with autohemotherapy being the safest. For autohemotherapy, concentration of ozone should be 30 mcg/ml. 200 m.l. of ozone should be mixed with 200 m.l. of blood in a 500 m.l.. bag per treatment for adults. To have a reasonably good chance of completely erradicating the HIV virus from the body, two treatments per day should be given for the first 5 days, then two days off. Then, one treatment should be given per day for 5 days a week for the next 14 weeks. At that time, all ozone treatments should be stopped and the blood monitored every 60 days for any signs of immune dysfunction or signs of HIV activity. Autohemotherapy is the treatment of choice and should be administered by a Physician. Only medical grade oxygen should be used for autohemotherapy.

For home use, the Sauna Bag method is very promising if done 30 to 45 minutes daily. With the Sauna Bag method, there were two cases of P24 antigens going from positive to negative and of swollen lymph nodes completely disappearing. Two cases of complete remission of Herpes were reported. While the overall results were encouraging, in terms of T4 counts, results have been mixed. While the Sauna Bag method was effective for most problems in the skin and in the lymph system, it was totally ineffective for problems of the gastro-intestinal tract like diarrhea. For HIV infection, I am rating the Sauna Bag method at a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 providing it is done 6 days a week for 30 to 45 minutes per treatment.

On Ozone rectal insufflation, I have 4 confirmed cases of increases in T4 counts and 2 cases of decreases. In all 4 cases of T4 count increases, rectal insufflation was done 3 to 5 times a week with about 750 cc (3/4 of a liter) in the range of 20 to 30 mcg/ml. In both cases of T4 count decreases, ozone rectal insufflation was done only once a week. Rectal insufflation, done daily, has been reported by Dr. Michael Carpendale of San Francisco as effective against all types of diarrhea, except for cryptosporidium. Rectal ozone insufflation should always be done ofter giving yourself a warm water enema. Concentrations of ozone should be in the range of 20 to 22 mcg.ml. Treatment should be done 5 times a week with 2 days off. For HIV, I would rate Rectal insufflation at a 5, the same as the Sauna Bag method.

An excellent protocol would be to do the Sauna Bag method one day and Rectal insufflation the next day and to do this alternating combination 6 days a week with one day off. In interpreting the data, most failures with ozone therapy are attributable to the failure to deliver enough ozone into the blood supply to attain positive results. A second and equally important cause of failure is to rely on ozone alone to reverse AIDS and not to change the diet to eliminate junk food and destructive habits like alcohol and tobacco.


In Sept., 1993, several domestic "experts" on ozone advised us to recommend the use of a humidifier with ozone to activate the ozone and to prevent irritation and burning in the colon from high concentrations of ozone. We were also told by several of the same "experts" that the effective concentration of ozone for rectal insufflation was from 27 to 32 mcg/ml. As it now turns out, they were right on one point and wrong on another. Humidified ozone will not burn the colon, as most of the ozone is either absorbed by the water it passes through or inactivated by it.

A test was done by passing ozone gas through a humidifier containing 8 fl. ozs of distilled water. The ozone unit used for the test was manufactured by Ozotech (Yreka,CA), Model OZ2PCS. This unit produces ozone by the cold spark method. Ozone output is 17.2 mcg/ml at a flow rate of 1/2 liter per minute. The ozone input into the humidifier was adjusted at 17 mcg/ml using an Ozone analyzer. The water temperature was 72 degrees F.

The experiment was stopped after 12 minutes. Even after 12 minutes, the ozone output did not match the input of 17 mcg/ml. It shows that ozone rectal insufflation done within the first 3 minutes of turning on an ozone machine would be approximately 90% ineffective. To be 90% effective, ozone would have to be continuously passed through the humidifier for 9 minutes before it is inserted into the colon. It is little wonder that people using humidified ozone immediately after turning on the ozone unit were not getting desired results. In place of the humidifier, we are recommending an enema of purified water before doing rectal insufflation. Second, we are suggesting an ozone concentration output for rectal insufflation range from 17 mcg/ml to 22 mcg/ml or .4 LPM for the OZ2PCS or 1 LPM for the OZ4PC10 (Ozotech). You will need data from the manufacturer on ozone output at various flow rates when using other models or rent an analyzer to find out exactly how much ozone the unit produces. In purifying water, complete destruction of germs and bacteria occurs at concentration as low as 1 mcg/ml. We don't buy the argument that you need ozone concentrations of 27 to 32 mcg/ml for rectal insufflation to get effective results. Concentrations in that range will produce a burning sensation in the colon if done without doing a warm water enema first. We also ran a test passing ozone through 8 fl ozs. of olive oil at 17 mcg/ml and found a zero ozone output for 20 minutes, at which time we discontinued the experiment. This means that the ozone totally inter-reacts with the olive oil allowing none to escape. We do not know what types of oxidative byproducts are formed or if ozone is actually stored in the olive oil. Only chemical analysis of the ozonated olive oil will determine if there is any ozone in it and how long it lasts at a given temperature or if there are oxidative byproducts with germicidal properties that could last for long periods of time. Last fall, we had done an experiment ozonating glycerine and found its disinfectant properties lasted only 7 days when stored in a refrigerator.


Viebahn and Rilling's book on The Use of Ozone in Medicine (Haug Publishers, Germany) suggest that small concentrations of ozone are immune stimulating and suggest a range of 10 to 20 mcg/ml for immune stimulation. (In autohemotherapy, most of the sources I have spoken with indicate that immune depression starts at ozone concentrations over 35 mcg/ml. Concentrations over 35 mcg/ml may be harmful to red blood cell membranes, particularly in those persons who have been on junk food diets and have not taken anti-oxidants). At the same time, Viebahn recommends high concentrations up to 70 mcg/ml for their germicidal effect. Most prescription antibiotics are also known to be immuno-suppressive as they lower CD4 levels. This creates a "Catch-22" situation where if you use high concentrations of ozone or an antibiotic to kill an infection, you will also suppress the immune system. Our own observations is that you don't need high concentrations of ozone to have a germicidal effect if you increase the total amount of ozone absorbed in a given treatment. In other words, if the protocol is designed right, you can attain both effects simultaneously. That is, you can kill off the infections while stimulating the immune system at the same time. If you take 10 Vitamin C tablets each containing 100 mg of Vitamin C, you will ingest 1000 mg of Vitamin C. If you apply the logic of the "experts" you would need to take the 1000 mg of Vitamin C in one tablet. There argument is not logical. 1000 mg of Vitamin C is the same dose whether you take it in one tablet or in 10 tablets. At the March, 1994 IBOM conference in Dallas, TX, Dr. Shallenberger recommended 100 ml of blood mixed with 100 ml of ozone at 40 mcg/ml (4,000 mcg total). We would suggest using a higher quantity of blood and ozone and to add ozone at a lower concentration - that is, mix 200 ml of blood with 200 ml of ozone at a concentration of 30 mcg/ml (6,000 mcg total). A higher quantity of ozone at a lower concentrations will result in a higher percentage of patients having increases in their CD4 counts along with more destruction of viruses and other pathogens. This would be the suggested dose for an adult of 140 to 180 lbs. For children, use a proportionally smaller dose.


The use of an enema of warm water before inserting the catheter for rectal insufflation is recommended to clean the colon and remove feces which can obstruct the absorption of the ozone gas. Use one pint to 1 quart of purified warm water. An Enema/Douche Kit sold in drugstores will work fine. Water from the hot water side of the tap is usually safe. You can also use distilled water that is preozonated for 3 minutes with a sandstone bubbler for enemas prior to insufflation.


To do direct ozone rectal insufflation, ozone concentration should be set for 20 to 22 mcg/ml. After turning on ozone unit and allowing it to run for 1 minute or until you smell the output of ozone, insert catheter into colon. Allow 500 to 750 M.L. of ozone gas to enter colon, then remove the catheter. At 1/2 LPM, it takes 90 seconds to obtain 750 ML. If you feel excess pressure or pain at any time while doing the insufflation, remove the catheter immediately and redo your enema or contact a Physician to determine if there is a colon obstruction. Retain ozone gas in colon for 20 minutes after the catheter is removed. While you can do direct ozone rectal insufflation from the ozone unit, another method is to fill a Teflon bag with a shut off valve with 750 m.l. of ozone and then to squeeze the ozone into the colon quickly to inflate the colon with the ozone. Ozone resistant bags are available in Germany (Viebahn). I have not located a U.S.source. Check with your Physician and medical supply sources.


Ozonated water is made by bubbling ozone through a glass of chilled distilled water for 5 minutes and then drinking it immediately. Ozone concentrations to produce ozonated water should be between 20 to 30 mcg/ml. The water must be refrigerated prior to ozonating it to increase the amount of ozone absorbed. You should use distilled water and the ideal temperature range for ozonating water is 33 to 40 degrees F. Water at 76 degrees F. will absorb very little ozone as the ozone will break down almost as fast as it is absorbed. This is why adding ozone to hot bath water has been a complete failure to get ozone absorbed into the blood. However, until tests are done to determine how much ozone is absorbed into the blood through drinking ozonated water at a baseline temperature as well as the Sauna Bag method, we will be lacking the necessary facts we need to determine how much ozone can be absorbed from these methods.


Ozone in a Sauna Bag is done after taking a shower before getting into the Sauna Bag. Ozone output for Sauna Bag is 1/2 to 1 LPM at a concentration of 20 to 30 mcg/ml. Ozone unit should run continuously 30 to 45 minutes per treatment. The exhaust fan should be on while you are doing it or you may wrap a wet towel around your neck to prevent breathing in too much ozone. When getting into the Sauna Bag, press the bag against your body to push the air out before turning on the Ozone. Start by your feet and push up toward your neckline. Leaving a lot of air in the bag when you start will dilute the ozone concentration which will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.


Gross Catheters are implanted in the upper part of the chest area and are not ozone resistant and may be damaged during a Sauna Bag ozone treatment. If the Sauna Bag method is used, the upper draw string should be lowered until it is below the Catheter to prevent high concentrations of ozone from coming into contact with the catheter. Also, no one should ever place anything in the catheter unless it is prescribed by their Physician. GMHC (NY) recently reported one death when a patient placed a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the Catheter. Experienced Health Care Professionals never place I.V. ozone or H2O2 in a blood vessel near the heart. A gas embolism could result.


In Dr. Frank Shallenberger's presentation at IBOM in Dallas, TX.,March, 1994, he recommended 100 ML of Ozone at a concentration of 40 mcg/ml mixed with 100 ml of blood for AHT. We are recommending a variation of his protocol which we believe will have a substantially more positive effect in raising CD4 counts. Specifically, I am suggesting drawing 200 ml of blood and mixing it with 200 ml of ozone at a concentration of 30 mcg/ml. Shallenberger’s protocol gives 4000 mcg of ozone while our gives 6,000 mcg of ozone at a lower concentration. Several sources have reported that lower concentrations have a greater effect in immune stimulation. (See Ozone Compendium: IBOM). Very ill patients should be given two treatments daily (6,000 mcg of ozone each) until infections have substantially reduced, then one treatment daily 5 days a week is suggested until the infection being treated has completely cleared from the blood. Monitoring white blood cell counts every 7 days will determine the degree of success in attaining immune stimulation. The goal is to get white blood cell counts into the upper level of the normal reference ranges or even slightly above it. White blood cells are the foundation of the immune system.

Ten days prior to starting the ozone protocol, the patients should given a mix of anti-oxidants. Suggested adult dose: Vitamin C - 3,000 mg three times a day; Vitamin A - 25,000 i.u daily, Vitamin E 400 I.U., Beta-carotene - 50 mg twice a day, Pycnogenol or Grape seed extract - 60 mg twice daily. When ozone therapy is started, Vitamin C should be reduced to 1,000 mg daily . All anti-oxidants and other dietary supplements should be given 2 hours or more before or after the ozone treatment.

In Germany, a safety procedure used to prevent a patient from accidentally getting the wrong blood is to place a label with the patients name on it on the plastic bag into which the blood is to be drawn before any treatment begins. It is a procedure that should be made mandatory for all employees. The day may come when you will be treating two or more patients with ozone at the same time.


Medical doctors wanting to do major autohemotherapy should get the video tape of how to do it made at the IBOM convention. You can obtain a copy by calling Tree Farm Cassettes at 800-468-0464 and asking for Dr. Frank Shallenberger M.D.'s workshop presentation of how to do major autohemotherapy. They can provide you with a complete list of other audio and video tape presentations available.


This book is a must for Physicians. It gives technical details for doing Major Autohemotherapy and how to use ozone for various medical applications. 187 pages. softcover. $29.95. Order from: Medicina Biologica, 2937 NE Flanders St, Portland, OR 97232. 503-287-6775. Add $4.00 for postage in the U.S. Canadians, add $5.00. More information is available from The Int'l Ozone Assn., 31 Strawberry Hill Ave, Stamford, CT 06902, has several publications on the uses of ozone in medicine. You may call them weekdays at 203-348-3542 for more information on the publications and their cost. An Ozone Compendium of articles extracted from medical journals is available from Barry Bruder, PO Box 49-2075, Los Angeles, CA 90049 for $89.00 ppd. Ph No. 310-285-5545. International Bio-Oxidative Medicine - call 405-478-4266 for an application form or write to IBOM, PO Box 891954, Okla, City, OK 73189. The Family News, by Ed McCabe. For a sample copy, call - 305-759-8689.

Computer link: Oxytherpay on Internet (links over 100 members worldwide) Richard - 905-731-1948


Ozone units: Ozotech, 2401 Oberlin Rd, Yreka, CA 96097 530-842-4189

T.M. Distributors - 404-664-5799; OMTEC - 907-229-8010; Dr. Rojia Delano - 415-457-3877; Dr. Mathew Morton - 516-237-1973 (portable unit); IPF - 800-557-0303 (portable unit); Joe Passero - 201-869-1506 (source of ozone analyzers); Cleanwater Systems - 800-837-8655. Dr. Maurice. Hathaway - 718-845-5222 Sauna Bags: Healing Arts - 818-992-1353; Oxylife Int’l - 818-591-7787; Ozone Tents: GEO Lab, Inc - 503-899-7706 or 503-488-4620 (also sells ozone units) Regulators with built in Flowmeter (1/8, 1/4. 1/2, 3/4 and 1 LPM adjustable): B and F Medical Products - 419-729-0606 Fax - 419-729-2401. Model 81020 for Yoke type small oxygen tank or Model 83020 for nut type larger tanks. Physicians prescription required to purchase.


A national list of over 100 medical doctors who have attended IBOM conventions of ozone therapy is available upon request. Some of these Physicians offer ozone therapy to their patients. To obtain the list call OBOMF at 405-478-4266 or write to IBOMF, PO Box 891954, Okla City, OK 73189 Call before writing.


While inhaling a small amount of ozone is harmless, inhaling high concentrations of ozone for more than 10 minutes will do damage to the mucus membranes of the lungs. No one should set up any ozone unit in their home without having a bathroom exhaust fan or window exhaust fan. Over exposure to ozone can cause headaches and burning lungs and can lead to an asthma-like condition. Ozonating bath water will not work as hot water will not absorb ozone and most of the ozone will end up in the air you breathe. In the event of an ozone overdose, take 5,000 mg of Vitamin C or take oral EDTA to turn off the ozone reactions.


The Uses of Ozone in Medicine, by Rilling and Viebahn, recommend the external use of ozonated olive oil for fungal infections, fistulae, anal fissure, decubitus, epidermorophyton, and mycosis. It is our opinion that ozonated olive oil should be effective for any external viral, bacterial of fungal infection and other use for which ozone gas is also effective. That would include herpes, burns and the stimulation of wound healing. Ozonated olive oil must be stored in a refrigerator or it will break down into oxygen in a few days. Do not ozonate more olive oil than you will use in 7 days. Ozonated olive oil may be used in conjunction with either rectal insufflation or the ozone body suit method. Ozonated olive oil is available in some health food stores. However, you can make your own ozonated olive oil by buying a small sandstone from a pet shop that is used to bubble air in an Aquarium or you can attach a brass of stainless steel fitting to the end of your hose. Take 8 ounces of olive oil (1/2 cup) and place it in a tall glass container. Attach the ozone outlet from the Ozone unit to the inlet of sandstone or brass fitting. Place sandstone or fitting in the bottom of the container and bubble ozone through olive oil for 5 to 10 minutes. Mark your bottle "Ozonated," and place it in your refrigerator until you are ready to use it. Use within 7 days. To make a smaller quantity of ozonated olive oil for daily use, fill a 1 oz. shotglass with olive oil and hold output hose from ozone unit in bottom of shot glass for 3 minutes. Use immediately for best results. Note: One person said that ozonated olive oil was very effective in getting rid of herpes infections in his facial area.

No FDA approved safety study with ozone yet. Dr. Charles Farr M.D., of IBOM was premature in announcing that the FDA had approved a safety study using ozone in major autohemotherapy. In HIV Treatment News, Report No. 6, I quoted Dr. Charles Farr at the Dallas, TX IBOM convention in March, 1994, in which he invited Physicians to participate in the study. However, the CDC contacted Keep Hope Alive and told us that the FDA told them no safety study using ozone had been approved. Further, the FDA official indicated that they were considering a safety study using I.V. H2O2. Dr. Charles Farr was out of town when we tried to contact him this week.

It is the opinion of several persons I have spoken with over the last several months that the most effective forms of ozone treatment are Autohemotherapy or I.V. However, there are two drawbacks to these treatments. One is its availability and the other is the cost. I recently compiled the names and addresses of over 100 medical doctors who attended the 1993 and 1994 IBOM convention on ozone and oxygen therapies. A list of Physicians who are members of IBOM and may offer ozone therapy in your locality is available by writing to Keep Hope Alive. Assuming that Autohemotherapy is available from someone on the list, costs vary considerably, depending on who offers the service and how much they value their time and services. The few cases where PCR conversions have occurred required up to 70 consecutive treatments with Major Autohemotherapy. The total cost to have this done in a medical clinic could be as high as $15,000. With many PWA’s on disability and no coverage for this treatment paid for by Title 19 or by insurance, the treatment is for the well-to-do only. The cost of conventional drugs, like AZT and some 13 others frequently prescribed, is even higher over a longer period of time. The cost of treating AIDS must be brought down. Home treatments with ozone are more affordable, but less effective. Setup costs for home ozone treatments run from $800. and up. After this initial investment, the cost is about $3.00 a month.

Ozone in a Sauna Bag: Two PWA’s recently told me that the ozone in a Sauna Bag method reduced the size and soreness of their swollen lymph nodes. Both did the Sauna Bag method for 45 minutes to one hour per day and ran the ozone unit continuously at concentrations ranging from 20 to 30 mcg/ml. Since I now believe that moving lymph fluid is critical to reverse HIV, the Sauna Bag, used more aggressively, should be considered a worthy option. I need to hear from our readers who have used ozone rectal insufflation alone or who have tried drinking ozonated water, as to the results it has had on the swollen lymph nodes.

Ed McCabe, author of the book Oxygen Therapies, told Keep Hope Alive that he knows PWA’s doing the Sauna Bag method for one hour daily and getting very good results. No specifics or numbers were available, however. Ed McCabe is the publisher of Family News. A sample copy can be obtained by calling 800-284-6263 or 305-759-9500. Several books and video tapes on ozone and oxygen therapies are available through The Family News. The Brisbane Tape from Family News, includes interviews with PWA’s who used ozone, and who share the experiences they obtained.


Persons on the “Internet” can join and subscribe to a free mailing list about oxygen therapies. You may find other resources on the net by doing a search under "ozone." OxyTherapy is an Internet Mailing List dedicated to exploring oxygen/ozone and its related therapies for the prevention and treatment of immune disease. OxyTherapy has over 100 members worldwide who can communicate directly with each other on their experiences using ozone and other oxygen therapies for HIV and other immune conditions. To subscribe to the mailing list, send a request to “OxyTherapy-request@Blade.com” and in the body of your message make sure that you include one of the following three words: SUBSCRIBE, JOIN OR ADD and on the first line of your message , input GET FILENAME.EXT; or to get a list of all OxyFiles available, input GET OXYLIST.TXT. For more information, call Richard at 905-731-1948.

Rectal Insufflation: Renate Viebahn, Ph.D. is the author of THE USE OF OZONE IN MEDICINE - 2nd edition (available by calling Medicina Biologica - 503-287-6775). This book is a must for all medical doctors and health care professionals who want the latest technical information on how to use ozone in their practice. Persons interested in learning how to obtain the Teflon Bags from Germany should call Tim at 404-664-5799. As far as I know, the Gas Sample bags are not medical devices, since they are not made specifically for ozone rectal insufflation, but for storing gas samples. However, they can be easily adapted for rectal insufflation. Some persons have recently suggested retaining ozone gas in the colon for 40 minutes. However, at a 98 degree F temperature found in the colon, most of the ozone is either absorbed or broken down into oxygen after 20 minutes, so retaining it longer than 20 minutes, is, in my opinion, a waste of time. Twenty minutes of retention of ozone gas in the colon at a concentration of no more than 22 mcg/ml is what I would advise for safe use. This should be preceded with a warm water enema. Ozone gas should never be bubbled through a Humidifier before using it as the water in the Humidifier will absorb most of the ozone, rendering the treatment ineffective. One PWA, from St. Louis, MO, recently wrote that he has been doing rectal ozone insufflation since 1989 - about 5 years. He uses about 27 mcg/ml - a half liter three times a week and retains it for 20 minutes. He says his T4 count was in the 600 range 5 years ago and is in the 400 range today. He says he rarely uses prescription drugs and is in good health. Once a year, he does rectal insufflation every day for 21 days, then reduces treatment to 3 times a week.

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