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Report No 11 Spring Issue 1996

An extract from Olive Leaves, used in combination with Naltrexone, DNCB and the whole lemon/olive oil drink reduces HIV viral load

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CD4 counts increase from 30 on March 3rd to 495 by April 29th

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) linked to swine flu vaccinations.

Interview with Ginny Kloth: CFIDS patient finds relief after 19 yrs. ·

A report on Gulf War Syndrome.

Note: Update June 1996: A month after publication of this issue, there was virologic failure with Olive leaf monotherapy in the primary case dissused. The viral load came back and the antibody test that went negative returned to positive status. Some sources have incorrectly reported that olive leaf extract has cured AIDS and this is not the case. However, this does not diminsh the usefullness of olive leaf extract when used in combination with other antiviral treatments.


by Mark Konlee

Since the winter edition of Positive Health News (Report No. 10) , I have had little time for the grass to grow under my feet. A torrent of new information on AIDS and new discoveries for more effective treatments keeps on a coming. PCR technology, which measures viral load, is rapidly separating the chaff from the wheat. As new treatment combinations bring us closer to an AIDS cure, PCR technology will need to be used to look at viral activity in the lymph nodes before the “all clear” sign can be given.

Back to “Eden”

When Eden has been combined with the immune modulators - Naltrexone and DNCB, and the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink, it has produced stunning results. PCR viral loads drop to non-detectable levels in two to four weeks.However, before you order the Champagne, PCR of the lymph nodes, in the first test case, five weeks into this combination therapy, still showed a trace amount of HIV present and active HHV-6A replication.

In the second test case, the combination of Naltrexone, the whole lemon/olive oil drink and Eden reduced HIV viral load from 160,000 to 692 in 3 weeks. As a contrast to this exciting news, Eden monotherapy did not do as well as the combination protocol. In Case No. 7, HIV viral load dropped from 37000 to 19,500 in 3 and 1/2 months while accompanied by increases in CD4, CD8 and WBC counts.

A combination therapy from San Francisco was Naltrexone and the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink. Naltrexone turns on the marines of our immune system - the Natural Killer (NK) cells. This combination brought viral loads to non-detectable levels in 3 months and increased CD4’s from 30 to over 120. (Paul Jordan - 415-863-7010). Paul used the “Spectrum” brand of cold pressed olive oil he obtained at a local health food store. In the ten years since becoming HIV+, Paul has never used nucleosides. He had unusually high CD8 counts that suppressed the viral load. While most CD8 cells are suppressor cells, a subset known as CD57+ are the (CD8) Killer T cells or Cytotoxic T cells that, along with the NK cells, hunt down virus infected cells and destroy them. Recently Paul has added Eden to his treatment protocol.


The spring issue of Searchlight, published by AIDS ReSearch Alliance, contains an important article by Peter Hale on the importance on NK cells in HIV infection. Weak NK activity has been associated with disease progression, opportunistic infections and cancer. Searchlight reports on a study that shows that low dose Interluken II and gamma interferon significantly increases NK activity and substantially reduces HIV viral load. (Editor’s note: NK cells may also reduce the viral load of the other AIDS virus- HHV-6A).

Peter Hale reports: “In advanced HIV disease, any increase in NK cells can be expected to provide important clinical benefits for AIDS patients. The recent finding that NK cells have receptors will change the false perception that NK cells may not be especially important in fighting HIV infection. NK cells can check the spread of HIV by killing HIV infected cells, as well as contain the spread of opportunistic infections and cancers by killing other virus-infected cells and tumor cells.”

The Spring issue of Searchlight also has several other important articles including one on a study of high dose garlic preparation that shows promise in the treatment of Crytosporidium parvum Diarrhea. For a copy of the Spring issue, write to AIDS ReSearch Alliance, 621-A North San Vicente Blvd, W. Hollywood, CA 90069. Include $5.00 for sample copy.


Nearly 15000 copies of the winter edition of Positive Health News have been distributed nationally. Thanks to readers who responded to my April flyer requesting donations to help us get our message out, I have been able to print 20,000 copies of this newsletter, 19000 of which will be distributed free. Volunteers can help us by requesting copies for distribution in their locality. PWA support groups, doctors offices and local AIDS Service Organizations are good locations to drop off copies. A special thanks to all for your prayers and support.......................Mark Konlee


A dove carrying an olive branch is The Universal Sign of Peace. In Christian icons, a descending dove symbolizes The Holy Spirit while the olive leaf is the first botanical mentioned by name in the Bible. After the great flood which lasted for 40 days, Noah sent a dove that returned in the evening with an olive leaf. “And the dove came in to him in the evening, and lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf pluckt off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth.” Genesis: 8:11.

Before his passion and death, Christ prayed in Gethsemane, a garden in the Mount of Olives. For centuries, Christians who were ill have been annointed with Holy Oil (extracted from green olives). In Ezekiel 47:12: God speaks of a tree - “the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine.” Was this the olive leaf?

Late in February, 1996, I received a call from Robert M (Brooklyn, NY). He told me of an article he received about an extract made from olive leaves with reported powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacteria and anti-oxidant properties. Robert said that the article had no return address. “I think God sent it to me.” The article reported that the olive leaf contained natural protease inhibitors and reverse transcriptase inhibitors. After several phone calls, he located the author, who was surprised that he had received it as he had not released it to anyone nor given anyone permission to send it. (Robert M has been on Eden since March, but has not had lab tests as of May 1, 1996).

A few days earlier, I received a call from Christopher Dafoe (Cloverdale, IN). He had been daily using the whole lemon/olive oil drink, one of several protocols which I have long recommended. He told me that after he switched from a grocery store brand of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Bertolli) to a “cold pressed” Extra Virgin Olive Oil sold in a health food store, that he tripled his CD4 counts from 10 to 30 in two weeks and his CD8 count increased from 220 to 300. Lab test results he faxed me confirmed these results. He told me that he made the change after reasoning that if only “cold pressed” castor oil was effective as an immune stimulant, then the same might apply to olive oil. Chris had also been using Naltrexone since Sept., 1995. He was unable to use DNCB due to a severe skin reaction.


A California physician, Dr. James Privitera MD, has spent several years developing a dietary supplement containing the extract of olive leaves. The extract made from olive leaves is called “Eden.” He chose the name after reading about the Garden of Eden in the Book of Genesis and the dove that brought Noah the olive leaf. In a phone call, I asked Privitera what he thought Eden might do for someone with AIDS. He replied cautiously: “ It would be interesting to see what Eden would do for someone with AIDS. I can tell you that if I knew it were beneficial, I would not be allowed to discuss it because of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. If I did this, the FDA would remove the product from the market as an unapproved new drug. As a dietary supplement, I am very limited as to what I can say.”


On March 3rd, Keep Hope Alive obtained two bottles of Eden and a PWA, J. P., agreed to try it immediately. J.P. had been using the immune modulator, Naltrexone, since Oct., 1995, along with weekly topical applications of DNCB since August, 1995. This combination therapy had already produced impressive results. In August, he had a CD8 count of 700 and a CD4 count of 17. By January 21st, his CD8’s were up to 1380 and CD4’s to 30. A PCR test showed a viral plate count of 58,000. (Note: In A Special Report sent to our readers in April, it was incorrectly typeset at 5800). For the record, J.P. had not used the whole lemon drink in the past 6 months.

On March 3rd, J.P. started taking Eden, one capsule 4 times a day. For some time, he had complained of swollen lymph nodes. On March 4th, he reported a significant increase in energy along with a mild headache. By March 7th, he reported that all his swollen lymph nodes were completely gone. His headache was also gone. Up until March 18th, he said he never felt so good and had so much energy saying “I feel 20 years younger.” On March 18th, he went to a local hospital to have blood drawn for lab tests.


Late in the afternoon that day I had called J.P. twice to find out what the lab results were but he had not heard from his physician. Later that evening, around 7 p.m., I called J.P. and asked him if he had found out his latest test results. He said he had. I asked him, what happened? He calmly replied. “My CD8’s are up to 1920.....my CD4’s are 40.” Then I asked, what happened to the PCR results? He replied: “Let me tell you first that I tested negative on the P24 Antigen test.” Then there was a pause in our conversation....a moment of silence. I asked him again: what happened with the PCR? He replied: “Non-detectable.”

I asked him: “What kind of PCR test was this?

J.P: Roche Amplicor.

Mark: Were there any other test results?

J.P.: Yes, the Western Blot test came out negative.

Mark: You got to be kidding.

J.P.: I wouldn’t kid about something as serious as this.

Mark: I’m shocked at these results.

J.P.: I’m shocked too, kind of in a state of disbelief, hoping I don’t wake up and find out this was a dream.

J.P. told me that at about 4:30 p.m., that he had called the nurse and she read him the lab results over the phone. He still had not talked to his physician. The next day Jim talked to his physician who told him that never before in his career had he seen a set of lab results like this from an AIDS patient. He set a date for a repeat set of tests on April 18th which would include PCR of 9 lymph node sites for HHV-6A and HIV as well as complete blood tests for T cells. The following week the date of the scheduled tests were advanced to April 10th.

Case No 2

HIV viral load drops from 160,000 to 30,000 in two weeks. In 3 weeks, 2 of 3 KS lesions vanish. Viral load drops to 692.

Later that afternoon I received a phone call from Christopher Dafoe (Cloverdale, IN). He had completed one bottle of Eden by March 31st and had blood drawn for a PCR viral load on April 1st. A week earlier he had reported that 3 Kaposi Sarcoma (KS) lesions on his chest had stopped growing.

Mark: I am glad to hear from you. I have been leaving voice mail messages with you for a week.

Chris: I’ve had headaches and flu-like symptoms for over two weeks.

Mark: I left a message with you that this could happen when you first take Eden. Persons are reporting mild headaches and sometimes low grade fevers. These can last for a few days to as long as 3 weeks.

Chris: I also broke out in a rash but it has subsided.

Mark: How do you feel now?

Chris: Today is the best I’ve felt in a long time. The rash and headaches are gone. What is truly amazing is that I’ve had one KS lesion completely disappear in the last 24 hours. The other two are half their original size.

Mark: That is just incredibly good news. What about the PCR results?

Chris: They are down to 30,000.

Mark: Down from What?

Chris: Down from 160,000

Mark: When did you have that test taken?

Chris: About 2 months ago.

Chris was very excited and happy with the results. He promised to get another PCR test when he finished his second bottle. On April 16th, Chris called to tell me that of his original 3 KS lesions, 2 were completely gone and the third was fading fast. Christopher Dafoe, Cloverdale, IN. On April 19th, Chris called and told me his latest PCR results for HIV, they were down to 692.


J.P. called to share with me his latest results of April 10th: PCR for HIV - non-detectable. P24 Antigen - zero, Elisa and Western Blot HIV Antibody Test - both were negative, PCR for HHV-6 in the blood - non-detectable, CD4 count - 114, CD8 - 822.

The results confirmed the test results of March 18, except for the increase in the CD4’s (40 to 114) and the decrease in the CD8’s (1920 to 822). If it had not been for the PCR of the lymph nodes, J.P. might have thought he was cured of AIDS solely on the basis of the blood tests. However, PCR of the lymph nodes showed a trace amount of HIV still active. More important was PCR of the lymph nodes for HHV-6 - it was still actively replicating with most lymph node cells actively infected. After 5 weeks on Eden, in conjunction with daily Naltrexone and weekly applications of DNCB, it was too early to declare a “cure” had been achieved. J.P. is continuing on 4 capsules a day of Eden and will ask his physician for another round of tests at the end of May.

Update: May 10, 1996. It was too late to place these test results in the printed newsletter, but on April 29th, J.P. has more lab tests done. On May 3rd, hours after the newsletter was in the printers, J.P. called to tell me of his latest resutls: His CD4s were up to 495, his CD8s up to 1770 and Lymphocytes - 28%. PCR viral load for HIV and HHV-6 in the blood was non-detectable. HIV Antibody tests - negative for both Elisa and Western Blot. Note: The previous drop in CD8s from 1920 to 822 was believed due to a DNCB solution that had grown weak over time and was producing a very mild skin reaction. The original bottle he was using was 8 months old and it is recommended to order a fresh bottle every 6 months. About April 10th, J.P. started on a new bottle of DNCB which again produced a strong skin reaction - a watermelon color where applied. PCR of the lymph nodes for HIV and HHV-6 is planned for June 10th. The lymph nodes are believed to be the last holdout of viral infection left in the body. Stay tuned. An announcement of the results of the June 10th biopsies will be made in our monthy voice mail message on July 1st, 1996.

Update: May 13: CD4s increase to 710; CD8s to 2090. PCR - non-detectable, Lymphocytes - 31%, HIV Antibody test - negative (Elisa/Western Blot).

Case No 3 - Herpes lesions gone in 4 days

In April, Dale (Newark, DE) called to tell me his genital herpes lesions were gone after using Eden for 4 days. He took one capsule 4 times a day.

Case No 4

New Orleans, LA. After gaining 35 lbs on the whole lemon/olive oil drink, Bryant started on Naltrexone and Eden on April 7th. On 3/15, his CD4s were 131 and CD8s were 753. On May 2nd, his CD4s were 232 and CD8s were 1193. His first PCR viral test showed 19,037 on May 2nd. He was not using nucleosides. He did use Clarkia-100 along with the Naltrexone and the Eden. Ph No. 504-244-8796.

Case No 5 - T cell counts increase

On March 24th, Mike had a CD4 count of 13, CD8 count of 258 and a WBC count of 3500. He started on Eden on 3/24 and on April 1st added Norvir (Ritonavir from Abbott), a protease inhibitor. On April 15th, he told of a phone call from his physician who reported an increase in CD4’s to 39, CD8’s to 415 and WBC to 5500. His HIV viral load was around 36000 on March 24th. His lab results of the new HIV viral levels at the time of our phone discussion was not yet available. The beneficial results he obtained cannot be solely attributed to either Eden or Norvir since both were used in the time frame between the last two tests. Mike can be reached at 314-367-4841 for more information.

Case No 6 Eyesight Improves/KS lesions stop growing and began to fade

4/22: Rey from New Mexico, who has KS and Retinitis, finally stopped the use of Ganciclovir and Biaxin that had shut down his digestion. He used 5 capsules of Eden daily along with 3 mg of Naltrexone and weekly topical applications of DNCB. He reported his KS lesions stopped growing while using Eden even while he was using Biaxin and Ganciclovir. On April 14th, he stopped using these two drugs due to the side effects of abdominal pain, vomiting and indigestion. A few days after discontinuing the two drugs, his digestion was back to normal and on 4/22 he reported fewer eye floaters. He said some of his KS lesions were getting lighter in color. Update: 5/10. Rey added Norvir to his protocol when he was unable to obtian Crixivan. After 5 days, he reported his appetite was returning. Because of an absorption problem, he also began to take Naltrexone sublingually at my recommendation. He simply opened the capsule and poured the contents under his tongue and holds it in his mouth for 3 minutes before swallowing it with water.


Ed, from Oakland, CA, learned of Eden before. IN October, 1995, Ed took 4 capsules of Eden daily for 6 weeks, then stopped taking it from Nov. 15 through Dec. 31st. Just prior to starting Eden, his HIV viral load was 37000. His CD4 count was 239, CD8 was 288, Absolute Lymphocyte count was 704 and his WBCs were 2100. In the first week of Jan., 1996, Ed started on Eden and continued for 3 and 1/2 months until he was tested again on April 17th, 1996. He took no drugs of any kind and did not use DNCB, Naltrexone or the whole lemon/olive oil drink. He took 4 capsules daily during the period.

April 17th results: HIV viral load 19,500, CD4 count - 296, CD8 - 365, WBC- 2900 and Absolute Lymphocytes - 985. While there was significant improvement in decreasing HIV viral load and increasing CD4, CD8, WBC and Total Lymphocyte counts, there was no home run as a monotherapy. At my suggestion, he added Naltrexone and the daily use of the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink in the last week of April. Preliminary lab results from the first two test cases shows that this combination therapy produces the fastest results in reducing viral load to non-detectable levels. With the addition of weekly skin applications of DNCB, the results should be even better.


William R. Frederickson reporting on “Olive Leaf Extract” in updates on alternative treatments reported on the use of a tincture made by soaking edible European Olive leaves in warm water for 48 hours and drinking 4 ounces twice daily. He reports of a PWA who increased CD4 counts from 207 to 922 in 6 months. Frederickson reports of 2 other cases, one where CD4 counts of 0 increased to 9 and another 420 to 588 over a 3 month period. Frederickson reports of Olive leaf extract being used in Europe to treat malaria for the past 75 years with no side effects. Frederickson warned against using Russian olive leaves or any species other than the domesticated European olive leaf. He said the other varieties could make you ill.

One of the active ingredients in olive leaves has been identified as “oleuropein.” Frederickson writes: “It is believed that olive leaf extract exerts its main influence by in vivo hydrolysis of oleuropein to (+)-2-epielenolic acid. ...In addition to being antiretroviral, (+)-epielenolic acid is also thought to be immunostimulatory. Finally, it should be mentioned that the other components in the leaf of the olive work synergistically with oleuropein to enhance its natural activity.” Note: The full test of his article contains over 24 medical references. Wm. Frederickson told Keep Hope Alive that (+)-2-epielenolic acid was effective against both RNA and DNA viruses. This raises our hopes that it will be effective against HHV-6, a DNA virus as it has already shown effectiveness against HIV, a RNA virus. William Frederickson, 5461 N Illinois St., Indpls, IN 46208 Ph No. 317-475-0602.

As this report is written, I am currently following more than a dozen cases where Eden is being tried and am waiting to hear of further results.

Medical References on the Olive Leaf (Olea Europaea)

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Note: More references can be found in our Kit; The Olive Leaf - its medicinal properties. Special thanks to William Frederickson for research materials he donated to Keep Hope Alive.


Take one capsule 4 times a day. Best times are one-half hour or more before breakfast, 11am, 3 pm and one hour after the evening meal. Eden should be taken on an empty stomach by itself with distilled or reverse osmosis water and without any other dietary supplements. Do not use city tap water with chlorine or any additives added. An alternative way to take it is to take two capsules mid-am and mid-pm between meals. The separation is suggested to prevent any interactions with food or supplements that might make the product less effective. Taking Eden before bedtime is not recommended as it may give you so much energy you may not be able to fall asleep.

Two people with severe KS are trying a higher dosage- 2 capsules 3 times a day. I have insufficient information at this time to know how long you will need to take Eden to effect a “cure” or even if this will happen. If a cure is possible, I would expect to see it within 6 months. Ultimately when all tests show that HIV is totally gone from the blood and PCR of lymph nodes no longer indicate any presence of either HIV and HHV-6A, then the final test is to stop all medication and see what happens in 3 months.

Protease Inhibitor Effective Against Herpes and CMV

An article appearing in J Med. Chem. 1995, Feb. 3;38:443-52, on the protease inhibitor “Cosalane” by Cushman et al, found Cosalane effective not only against HIV but also herpes simplex I and II and human cytomegalovirus. Since Eden has already shown to be very effective against herpes and the olive leaf extract has natural protease inhibitors, it may also be effective against CMV and HHV-6, both viruses that can cause Retinitis. This raises the possibility that other protease inhibitors like Crixivan and Norvir, which have already been shown to be very effective against HIV, may also be effective against herpes and CMV and the other AIDS virus - HHV-6A. Controlled studies to determine this have yet to be undertaken.


For personal use: Check advertisements in this newsletter from PH Products or from Dr. Princetta. PH Products - 414-242-5650 or Dr. Princetta - 404-873-6888. Both sources sell Eden, SEES-2000 and Clarkia-100.

Health Care Professionals, pharmacies and health food stores may find the address for wholesale purchases in our information kit on The Olive Leaf’s Medicinal Properties. See order form on the last page of this newsletter. Profits from the sale of the Kit will help us in our efforts to pay for reprinting thousands of copies of this newsletter for free distribution and to continue our research efforts to find an AIDS cure. The information Kit, now nearly 30 pages and growing, contains references to articles published in over 50 medical journals on the medicinal value of extracts made from olive leaves for a wide range of health conditions. You may request any number of newsletters to give to your clients when ordering.


1. The most accurate test is to PCR lymph node tissue for the presence of HHV-6, variant A. This is a qualitative test as it determines the presence of HHV-6A, but does not measure the quantity of virus present. Flow cytometry can only do this with blood. Donald Carrigan and Konstance Knox (Medical College of Wis) have found HHV-6A in 100% of all lymphoid tissue tested by PCR in AIDS patients, even HIV+ patients with intact immune systems. This test is done simply be inserting a needle in a lymph node and removing a very small amount of cells for the PCR test. The big drawback is that this test is not readily available. Most labs are only set up to test for HIV.

2. A PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test for HHV-6A in the blood is thought to be less accurate as most of the viral activity is in the lymph system.

3. Stain blood samples or lymph issue and look for “Giant Cell” formations. This would indicate the presence of HHV-6A. Giant cells formations caused by HHV-6A have been found in AIDS patients as well as in swine infected with African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV). Giant cell formations are clusters of cells joined together. It is also known as “cell fusion.” Protease inhibitors block cell fusion and may slow down HHV-6A replication.

4. Testing for the presence of antibodies in the Early Antigen Presenting cells (EAPs) from blood serum is the least accurate test due to cycles of viral replication. When viremia is present (active viral replication in the cells), antibodies may not be found in the blood. Based on limited data, the antibody test is believed to be about 50% accurate. Antibody tests for HHV-6 in EAPs are available through SmithKline Beecham Labs. A negative result, however, does not mean that HHV-6 is not actively replicating in the lymph nodes.

The test (for antibodies to HHV-6 in the EAPs) is available through SmithKline Labs. However, the most accurate test for HHV-6 is to PCR lymph node tissue for its presence. Unfortunately, all the labs I have contacted are not equipped to do this. I realize this is frustrating, but as soon as anyone can tell us where these PCR tests can be obtained, I will pass on the information. Konstance Knox and Donald Carrigan at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee have PCR probes to do this but there use is limited for research purposes. Also, their funds to continue HHV-6 research runs out in July, 1996. Presently, the NIH is not providing funds for HHV-6 research. The issue will probably need to be addressed by Congress.



The manufacturer of SEES-2000, Secret Garden Herb Co, has identified the herb in the formula as Radil Lomatium Nevadensis. The roots of the Nevada Lomatium, a species of wild carrot, are used in SEES-2000. In following 75 persons using SEES-2000, one capsule daily has prevented PCP in 100% of the cases thus far, even exceeding the effectiveness of Bactrim/Septra. Four capsules per day (one every 4 hours) are used to treat PCP along with conventional antibiotics. One in 7 persons will develop a rash when using it for the first time. If this happens, stop using the herb until the rash is gone, then resume using it. Usually the rash does not return a second time. One PWA from Michigan with 0 CD4 cells and active PCP used SEES-2000 four times a day with standard antibiotic therapy and recovered from PCP in 5 days. To prevent unknown drug/herb interactions, separate the time of taking oral antibiotics and SEES-2000 by one hour.


A client of Dr. Patricia Salvato MD has reported that she has warned all her AIDS and CFS patients not to eat chocolate as it will increase HHV-6 viral activity. Herpes Zoster virus and Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) as well as HHV-6 live in the B cells. All viruses that live in the B cells are stimulated into viral replication by the free form amino acid - L-Arginine. Chocolate contains high concentrations of this free form amino acid. Several Persons who have AIDS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) have reported extreme fatigue associated with eating chocolate candy bars. The fatigue is an indication of viremia or active viral replication. Avoid chocolate is all forms. Whether Carob is an effective substitute is unknown at this time.

NutraSweet (Aspartame) blamed for vision loss, brain damage and insomnia.

One death reported.

April 16, 1995: “I had used Equal/NutraSweet/Aspartame for 4 years with no idea that it’s poisonous as I assumed that FDA approval means it’s perfectly safe to use. I used about 12 paks of Equal in hot coffee each day.

The first symptoms were depression and vertigo, but I didn’t connect them with Equal. My legs cramped constantly and pained at night and I had insomnia and terrible nightmares and memory loss. My vision deteriorated until I expected to go blind, but my eye doctor couldn’t explain why. My life became a nightmare. I turned to prayer.

It worked! I received a NUTRASWEET IS A NEUROTOXIN flyer listing all my symptoms, so I abandoned aspartame in any form. My vision returned, the cramps disappeared and vertigo vanished. it was a miracle because I thought I was dying.

Often the “Experts” are publicity mills funded by the pirates that make the stuff. It’s like asking the Mafia about the crime rate. Both the American Dietetics and American Diabetic Assns. get big bucks from NutraSweet. Such organizations propagandize physicians on how safe it is, so doctors are often unaware of the danger.”

Gloria Collins, 234B Dunwoody Crossing, Dunwoody, GA 30338.

Chicago Sun Times, 10/17/86: Dr. H.J. Roberts of West Palm Bch, Fl said methyl alcohol is a component of Aspartame and is responsible for vision damage. Under certain storage conditions, the sweetener breaks down in part and methyl alcohol is a byproduct. Of 360 patients he has diagnosed as having aspartame-related problems, Roberts said, “about one-fourth had decreased vision or blindness, nearly half had severe headaches and substantial numbers had epileptic seizures, confusion, memory loss and depression.” Roberts added that methyl alcohol in heavy users of Aspartame is the same as in drinkers of moonshine in Prohibition days: “They go blind.”

Betty Martini reports that symptoms of Aspartame poisoning mimics Multiple Sclerosis and that “many patients have had their disease reversed, even blindness, after discontinuing aspartame.”

An extensive newsletter documenting from several sources over 24 symptoms linked to the use of Aspartame is available from MISSION POSSIBLE, PO Box 28098, Atlanta, GA 30358.

The newsletter reports of the death of Joyce Wilson of Stockbridge, GA from Aspartame poisoning. Aspartame is manufactured by Monsanto Corporation, the same corporation that sells the hormone, BGH, to farmers to increase milk production. Betty Martini reports that Monsanto funds the American Diabetic Assn., which endorses the use of Equal/Nutrasweet/Aspartame for their members.

Mission Possible recommends the use of the herb “Stevia” as a sugar-free natural sweetener. It is sold in health food stores. A drop or two is all that is needed to sweeten a cup of tea or coffee. No adverse effects have been reported.

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Feb., 29, 1996. A report from two PWAs in New York City claimed to have had a complete remission of all skin KS lesions in 4 weeks with the following protocol. The treatment was as follows:

Apply Willard water topically to the KS lesion with a Q-tip or cotton swab. Then apply a product sold in pharmacies called “ICY_HOT” and massage into the lesion. Repeat twice daily on each lesion. Willard water is sold in health food stores.

In 4 cases I followed of PWAs using this protocol, two had partial remission of KS lesions and 2 had no results after 2 weeks.

Incompatible combinations: If an extract of the Venus Fly-Trap plant is used for KS and other forms of cancer, I would not add it to water with Willard Water in it as oxidizing properties of the Willard Water would inactivate the active ingredients in the Venus Fly-Trap extract. Choose one or the other, but not both for use orally at the same time. Venus Fly-Tap extract should not be taken with any anti-microbial product such as antibiotics or colloidal silver at the same time.

EDEN and Cats Claw: Two persons reported KS lesions have stopped growing within 10 days of starting on EDEN, one capsule 4 times a day. After 3 weeks, one of two reported one KS lesion vanished completely and the other two were half their original size. April 6th: Marc A, a PWA in Florida with over 100 KS lesions, recently started using EDEN - 2 capsules 3 times a day. Before bedtime he takes 1000 mg of Cat’s Claw. He had reported benefits for his G.I. tract from using Cat’s Claw previously. Four days later on April 10th, he reported his digestion had improved and he had more energy.


A reader reported that the cost of purchasing Naltrexone from Apothecure Pharmacy in Dallas, TX is 40% less than from Bigelow Pharmacy in New York City. Bigelow has been charging about $24.00 for a one month supply of Naltrexone in 3 mg. doses. Compare this to a 6 month supply from Apothecure which costs $93.70 or less than $16.00 a month. In 6 months, you can save about $50.00. Prescriptions for Naltrexone can be filled through the mail by contacting Apothecure Pharmacy at 800- 969-6601.

For adults with AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Cancer or Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), one 3 mg capsule is taken daily before bedtime. For persons with low T cell counts, KS, wasting syndrome, having absorption problems or are in poor health, it is more effective to take Naltrexone sublingually. Break open the capsule and place contents under the tongue for 3 to 5 minutes before swallowing with water. Naltrexone is an immune modulator that triples Natural Killer (NK) cell activity and is 95% effective as a monotherapy in stopping AIDS progression.

Viral resistance to Naltrexone never develops, even after 9 years of use. Naltrexone does not kill viruses and cancer cells directly but turns on the Natural Killer cells and Cytotoxic Killer cells which do kill the viruses and cancer cells efficiently. It is also effective as an adjunct therapy for CFS and GWS. Naltrexone works best in conjunction with the daily use of the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink and Eden - the extract made from olive leaves.

Naltrexone’s success is based on 9 years of satisfactory results reported by Dr. Bernard Bihari of New York City. For more information on Naltrexone, see Positive Health News, Report No. 9 and 10 or my book - How to Reverse Immune Dysfunction. To get a prescription, take selected reprints of these articles on Naltrexone to your Physician for review and ask for a prescription. If your physician won’t give your a prescription, see another physician and try again.


Savannah, GA: Dr. Carson B Burgstiner MD reports on the use of Thymic Factors and Thym-A -Vites in the treatment of Hepatitis B and C. Burgstiner reports that in 3 years, he has cleared up 83 cases of Hepatitis B and 23 cases of Hepatitis C. The two products are based on an original formula designed by Enzymatic Therapy of Green Bay, Wisconsin called Immunoplex. Keep Hope Alive verified in interviews a number of cases where Immunoplex cleared up Hepatitis B infections. However, a few years ago, under pressure from the FDA for making health related claims and threatened by the FDA to remove the product (Immunoplex) from the market as an “unapproved new drug,” Enzymatic Therapy changed the name of the product to Thymuplex and also altered the formula. Dr. Burgstiner said in his article that the new product Thymuplex stopped working and failed to clear the hepatitis viruses from his patients.

Using a new formula based on the original Immunoplex, Dr. Burgstiner arrested 12 cases of Systemic Lupus, 10 cases of Multiple Sclerosis, 7 cases of Squamous Cell Cancer of the skin and 12 cases of psoriasis.

The new reformulated product is called Thymic Factors and Thym-A -Vites. Dr. Burgstiner claims he can clear 90% of all cases of Hepatitis B in 6 weeks and Hepatitis C in 3 months. For such chronic conditions he recommends the following: 4 Thymic Factors with 2 Thym-a-Vites taken twice daily in the AM and PM with food or meals. Dr. Burgstiner found that taking Thymic Factors without the vitamins produced no response.

Thymic Factors and Thym-A-Vites are distributed through Thymic Distribution Network, 1150K Court Dr, Duluth, GA 30136. Ph No. 770-923-1444 or 770-417-2835. For maintenance, reduce dosage by 1/2.

Note: Thanks to David Proper of So Pasadena, FL for sending me the article on Thymic Factors.


Mrs Ricardo Wilson, whose husband is a medical doctor in Los Angeles, told Keep Hope Alive that a neighbor friend developed heart damage after using a “pep’ pill containing a combination of Ma Huang and Kola Nut. His heart was fine before he used the herbal formula, she told me. Recently the FDA has been doing a critical study of adverse reactions to Ma Huang, a herbal supplement sold in some health food stores. Mrs. Wilson can be reached at 213-876-6820.


Yohimbe, a herb used to help men get penile erections may elevate blood pressure to levels so dangerous as to precipitate a fatal heart attack. One source, who asked to remain anonymous, told Keep Hope Alive, that Yohimbe had caused heart attacks in 10 people, 3 few of which were fatal. Aside from this report which I could not confirm, I talked to a local person I know who took up to 6 Yohimbe tablets in one day and developed severe chest pains and had blood pressure so high he should have been admitted to the Emergency room. Fortunately, he stopped taking Yohimbe after I warned him the herb was dangerous enough to kill him if he continued to use it. A much safer love potion is wheat germ oil, vitamin E and Ginseng.


San Diego, CA: Jay reported that his former lover died from anaphylactic shock 4 hours after receiving injections of “live cell” therapy at a clinic in Mexico. Live cell therapy usually comes from live animal embryonic or fetal tissues. The clinic in Mexico had no antidote to turn off the life threatening allergic reaction known as anaphylactic shock. There is always a danger involved in injection of foreign proteins directly into the blood.


A reader called me after using the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink for one month. She had taken the lecithin with the drink and still had peripheral neuropathy along with diarrhea and vomiting although the vomiting had almost stopped since using the whole lemon drink. After discussing the details of her protocol and deciding they were correct, I sought to look elsewhere for answers to her problems. I asked her if she was taking any drugs. “Yes, I am taking Bactrim,” she replied. Any other drugs, I asked. “No” was the reply. I looked through The HIV Drug Book, by Project Inform for side effects.

The most common side effects listed are nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and rashes. Less common side effects are inflammation of the pancreas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, kidney toxicity, meningitis, convulsions, peripheral neuropathy, vertigo, ringing in the ears, headache, hallucinations, depression, apathy, nervousness, muscle pain or weakness, fatigue and insomnia. Also reported are fatal allergic reactions. Bactrim is also sold under other trade names including Septra, Cotrimoxazole and TMP/SMX. The actual drug name is Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole.

It was easy to figure out the cause of her symptoms as she was taking only one drug. Her symptoms matched exactly the side effects published in The HIV Drug Book by Project Inform. The question I would like to ask is why her physician did not figure this out.

Keep Hope Alive only recommends SEES-2000, the herbal formula made from the roots of the Nevada Lomatium for the prevention of PCP. Of 75 persons using the herb since Sept., 1995, no one has reported the development of PCP. The only side effect reported is the development of a rash (one out of 7 cases). Everyone who has stopped using SEES-2000 for 7 to 10 days until the rash is gone and then resumed using it have reported that the rash does not return.

In 4 cases where PWAs already had PCP and were in hospitals receiving antibiotic therapy, adding one SEES-2000 4 times a day resulted in recovery in 3 to 5 days in all 4 cases. Sees-2000 should be taken one hour before or after taking antibiotics to prevent inter-reactions.

THE HIV DRUG BOOK a must reading to help you prevent your own “Death by Prescription”

The HIV Drug Book, by Project Inform is published by POCKET BOOKS and is available in most book stores. The 688 page book lists almost every drug used in the treatment of AIDS, its benefits, sided effects and drug interactions. For anyone who used drugs of any kind for any reason, it is a must reference book. The information in this book can help you self-diagnosis drug related symptoms that your physician overlooks. Persons taking several drugs will need to look at the side effects of each drug plus the side effects of the various drug interactions.

Last year, one local PWA faithfully took 20 drugs prescribed by his physician and then died. Under this barrage, his immune system did not have any better chance of recovery than a snowball in hell. Physicians will rarely admit that interactions due to drugs they prescribe kill a patient. For one thing, they do not want to face malpractice litigation. It is convenient to blame the virus or disease for the death of the patient instead of side effects or inter-reactions from the prescribed drugs. Patients must stop allowing themselves to be used as guinea pigs and educate themselves and involve themselves in the decision making process.

Take the antibiotic, Biaxin (clarithromycin), by Abbott Labs, prescribed for the prevention and treatment of Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC). I can see benefits is using strong antibiotics like Biaxin for short term use to clear an infection from the body, but as a prophylasis to prevent MAC, I strongly disagree. The best answer is immune modulation by quickly restoring Natural Killer cell and CD8 Killer T cell (Cytotoxic T cell) activity. This is the best preventative there is. There are no adverse side effects.

Side effects of Biaxin reported in The HIV Drug Book include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, gas and reversible hearing loss. Project Inform also warns that the drug should be used with caution by persons with impaired kidney function.


by Hillary Johnson

A new book on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) has set off a national discussion over the cause of CFIDS and failure of the medical establishment to address the issue. Like Neenyah Ostrom who writes for The New York Native and this newsletter, Hillary Johnson believes that CFS is a contagious disease and the author specifically mentions HHV-6 as a probable cause. Her research indicates that over 600,000 Americans are affected with CFIDS, a crippling disease with many AIDS-like symptoms and that CFS is contagious. Hillary Johnson has appeared on national TV talk shows - Dateline and Prime Time. The book discusses the politics of CFIDS, a disease too long ignored by both public and private sectors. The book is available in book stores or by calling 800-733-3000.

The Spring issue of the CFIDS Chronicle (1) published an extensive article on medical doctor opinions that CFS is not contagious. However, none of these doctors have done PCR tests of either the blood or lymph nodes and looked for the presence of HHV-6A. Dr. Patricia Salvato of Houston, TX has found HHV-6 in a majority of her CFS patients and this was PCR of the blood only. If PCR probes looking for HHV-6 in the lymph nodes had been used, it is likely that a greater number would have been found to be infected with HHV-6, variant A. In Positive Health News, Report No 10, I documented 20 factors that HHV-6A has in common with AIDS and African Swine Fever Virus. Both HIV and HHV-6A are transmitted through exchange of body fluids. Cluster cases of CFIDS have developed where whole families have been affected and one spouse has frequently passed it on to another.

1. CFIDs Chronicle, PO Box 220398, Charlotte, NC 28222 Ph No. 800-442-3437.


Jack Johncock sent the following article on Ebola virus: “In 1995, St Petersburg, Russian doctors published their results on Ebola virus research: Antibody Immunoglobulin G cured 100% of Ebola infected patients - followed by their donating a quantity of IgG to Fort Detrick doctors, who then successfully killed Ebola viruses in their laboratory, repeating Russia’s success,” Jack Johncock, 16 Jefferson SE, Grand Rapids, Mich 49503 Ph No 616-459-6961.

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Heritage Store sells cold pressed castor oil, olive oil and many products developed from the readings of Edgar Cayce. For a free catalog, call 1-800-TO-CAYCE. Extension PH


Is It Caused by a Biological Warfare Agent released by Iraq in the Gulf War?

In Feb., 1996, CNN and other national television networks reported that Iraq had finally turned over documents to the United Nations on its biological warfare research program. Undoubtedly, the report was “sanitized” before being turned over to the UN.

When strange and mysterious diseases like Gulf War Syndrome and Mad Cow Disease show up, you cannot help but wonder if these are a naturally occurring phenomenon or a new disease that came out of some government’s biological (germ) warfare department that was released by some government for a political or military objective.

During the 1991 Gulf War, Iraq filed off a number of Scud missiles that exploded in the air near their intended targets. Were these Scud missiles that did little physical damage delivering biological warfare agents?

Dr. Garth Nicholson Ph.D., writing in the May, 1996, issue of Townsend Letter for Doctors (1) reports:

“In our sample of gulf War veterans, the solders that were involved in the deep insertions into Iraq and those that were near Saudi and Kuwaiti SCUD B impact sites, particularly those missiles that caused air bursts but not high explosive ground bursts, may be at highest risk for contracting the mycoplasma infections that we feel are a major culprit in GWS-CFIDS. Our results and those of other investigators on other possible causes of GWS strongly suggest that there are multiple causes for these illnesses, including chemical and biological agents that cause persistent symptoms.”

In this article, Dr. Nicholson has identified Mycoplasma fermentans (incognitus strain) as the primary agent causing Gulf War Syndrome in 55% of GW veterans. A survey of 650 Gulf War Veterans showed the following symptoms most frequently reported: Aching Joints, Chronic Fatigue, Memory Loss, Insomnia, headaches, skin rashes, Depression, Muscle spasms, nervousness, diarrhea, blurred vision and breathing problems. American solders were not the only ones affected by GWS. Troops from allied countries have also been affected.

Ginny Kloth (see interview elsewhere in this newsletter) told me that she received an e-mail message from a Gulf War Veteran from England who had swollen lymph nodes and told her that the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink reduced his lymph nodes to half their original size in 3 days.

Locally, I spoke with a medical technician who works at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He told me that he had seen many Gulf War Veterans coming to the hospital with AIDS-like symptoms. He asked: What did he (Saddam Hussein) do to these people?

Dr. Nicholson has succeeded in successfully treating GWS with a combination of antibiotics as follows: doxycycline (200 mg) daily, ciprofloxacin (750 mg) daily. Note: 500 mg daily of Zithromax can be substituted for the ciprofloxacin. The treatment is given for 6 weeks.

Keep Hope Alive’s recommendations. Try the antibiotic combination suggested by Dr. Nicholson for the 6 week duration period. After this, if any symptoms persist, try the daily use of the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink plus 3 mg of Naltrexone once a day before bedtime and Eden - 4 capsules a day. Take them about 3 hours apart starting at 8 or 9 am in the morning (i.e. 9am, noon, 3pm and 6pm). For additional help, follow the Immune Enhancement Diet in How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction. Consider adding 3 or 4 cloves of raw garlic to your daily regimen. Let us know at Keep Hope Alive how this combination therapy works for you.

1. Townsend Letter for Doctors, Port Townsend, WA, May, 1996. Ph No 360-385-6021.

Editor’s Note: The Townsend Letter for Doctors is the best magazine for information on all types of holistic/nutritional/complimentary therapies that is published in the United States.

Weekly Lecture Presentations - Wisconsin Wauwatosa, WI. St Camillus AIDS Ministry has a weekly lecture series with a variety of topics of interest of PWAs. For a brochure outlining topics to be presented, call 414-259-4664.


K The Whole Lemon/Olive Oil drink is made as follows:

1. Cut up one medium lemon into quarters. This includes the rind and seeds. Place in a blender. Note: For a less bitter drink, squeeze the juice of a whole lemon and use the rind of 1/2 lemon.

2. Add 1 and 1/2 cups of orange juice or other fruit juice or water.

3. Add one tablespoon of cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (from your health food store). Brands reported beneficial - Spectrum, Sapio, Montolive. Only the Bertolli brand has been reported not to work. One person reported the Pompeian brand sold in grocery stores gave good results.

4. Blend at high speed for 2 minutes.

5. For a smooth drink, pour mixture through a strainer to separate the juice from the pulp. Discard the pulp. (Use a screen type strainer - available from your local hardware store. Screen type means it looks like window screen). Note: a few people drink the mixture, pulp and all, without passing it through a strainer. If you can tolerate the taste and texture, that is fine.

The remaining liquid may be consumed all at once or divided into 2 or 3 daily portions.

A request to someone on our mailing list who wrote to me in February.

In your letter you stated that your physician told you that several of his patients that were using the whole lemon/olive oil drink were now PCR negative for HIV. Unfortunately, a volunteer in my office misplaced your letter and we cannot find it. Please write or call me as I would like more information. Mark Konlee. 414-548-4344

Volunteers Needed

To Help Distribute free copies of this issue of Positive Health News to health care practitioners, support groups for HIV or CFIDS and AIDS Service Organizations in your locality. See last page to request copies. Local volunteers from Milwaukee/Waukesha needed to help Keep Hope Alive with mailings. Thanks. 548-4344.



HHV-6A (African Swine Fever Virus) may be causing a nationwide epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) affecting over 500,000 Americans.

In my last newsletter, I published substantial documentation that AIDS is caused by two viruses (HHV-6A and HIV) and not one virus (HIV) as has been commonly believed since the beginning of the epidemic. The origin of the AIDS epidemic began when the CIA planted African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) in Cuba at least twice in the 1970’s (1) using an enhanced virulent strain cultured in US Biowarfare labs. The CIA planted ASFV in Cuba in an attempt to destroy Castro’s pork industry and topple the communist government. After sugar cane, pork is the second biggest industry in Cuba.

It is highly probable that the particular strain of ASF virus used by the CIA had an unseen passenger - the immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The rationale for this is based on the case of the Norwegian family whose contact with AIDS had an African origin in the 1960’s (3).

The origin and outbreak of AIDS in North America coincided with the simultaneous outbreak of an epidemic of African Swine Fever and AIDS in Haiti. (2) As noted by MJ Torres-Anjel: “Haiti became the focal point (origin) for both infections.”

1. AIDS Inc., Jon Rappoport, Human Energy Press, San Bruno, CA.

2. MJ Torres-Anjel, ANN NY Acad Sci, Jun 16, 1996.

3. Positive Health News, Report No 10, Keep Hope Alive.

In Positive Health News, Report No. 10, I also documented 20 factors AIDS and HHV-6A has in common with African Swine Fever. There is further substantial published documentation that the means of transmission of the two AIDS viruses in the gay community in the United States was the Hepatitis B vaccinations while the small pox vaccinations in Africa by the World Health Organization rapidly spread the infections to millions on that continent. However, no mode of transmission of HHV-6A (without HIV) was hypothecated until this interview with Ginny Kloth. Ginny has traced the origin of her Chronic Fatigue condition of the past 19 years to Sept, 1976, when she had a vaccination for the Swine Flu. The vaccine, which was given to millions of Americans, had live virus in it and may have been contaminated with HHV-6A. Ginny Kloth who has direct contacts with several hundred CFIDS patients via the INTERNET sent out a message on this possible connection and received 70 replies from CFIDS patients who traced the origin of their illness to the Swine Flu Vaccinations of 1976 and 1977. This confirmed her worst suspicions that this vaccination was the origin of many cases of CFIDS and of her own long ordeal with this debilitating disease.

Ginny Kloth had been married most of her adult life and has 3 children. This interview provides a strong case that CFIDS is a transmittable disease. March 20, 1996:

Mark Konlee: When did you receive the Swine Flu Vaccine?

Ginny: In September of 1976. I first noticed symptoms about one month later.

Mark: What symptoms did you notice?

Ginny: My lymph nodes became sore and enlarged. I found myself becoming tired early in the day. I had extreme fatigue and a rash that would come and go. I had a low grade fever. I had pain in my joints.

Mark: What did the doctor diagnosis?

Ginny: The doctor diagnosed me as having panic attacks. My sleep patterns became disturbed. I began to develop chemical sensitivities, allergies and asthma. Sometimes, I would wake up feeling paralyzed and unable to move. As a respiratory therapist, I knew three persons who developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome after they received the Swine Flu vaccine. This happened about 3 weeks after they received the shot.

Mark: What are the symptoms of Guillain-Barre Syndrome?

Ginny: Paralysis, sometimes it is affects the whole body. I’ve read a report of 3 persons who died shortly after receiving the Swine Flu vaccine.

Mark: How long did you continue to work?

Ginny: I worked most of the time until 1989 when I became too weak and tired to continue.

Mark: Do you wake up feeling tired?

Ginny: Yes, this has been going on since the late 1970’s. I sometimes only sleep one hour at night and then suddenly wake up. I also have bouts with periodic paralysis, when I cannot move. Sometimes, I cannot even pick up a cup of coffee. During the day, I often have difficulty waking up?

Mark: Have you had burning sensations in your feet? Yeast infections?

Ginny: Yes, I have had burning sensations in my feet. I also have lost all feeling in my mouth. I have had recurring yeast infections and white patches in my mouth.

Mark: Have you had eye floaters?

Ginny: Yes, I have had lots of floaters. Sometimes, my whole field of vision is filled with swarms of floaters. I also had white sparks in my left eye on occasion.

Mark: What was your worst experience?

Ginny: Back in 1991, I was so sick I told my husband I thought I was going to die. I could no longer drive a car. I could not walk without assistance.

Mark: Was your memory affected?

Ginny: By 1991, my memory was gone.

Mark: Do you get frequent colds and flu’s?

Ginny: Rarely do I get a cold or the flu.

Mark: Persons with AIDS also rarely get colds or the flu. This occurs when humoral immunity is over active. Did you turn to Jesus Christ during this period of time?

Ginny: Yes, I have kept my faith in God. I came to know the Lord as my personal Savior in the 1970’s. Through this period time, it was difficult to keep up with my Bible studies.

Mark: Was your husband affected?

Ginny: Yes, he has developed extreme fatigue but has managed to continue to work. He has lost his libido. The doctor said his body has stopped producing testosterone.

Mark: When did you first contact Keep Hope Alive?

Ginny: Last May, my lymph nodes went wild. My voice went. I could not talk. The doctor placed me on prednisone. The prednisone did not help my condition. It actually elevated my blood sugar and I became diabetic. I could barely walk. I had to use a walker. In October, I did a search on the INTERNET and placed the search word “lymph nodes” and found your article on the Whole Lemon drink.

Mark: Did you try the whole lemon/olive oil drink and what did it do for you?

Ginny: Yes, I started on it right away. I used cold pressed olive oil I bought at a health food store. The article said that I should see results in 5 to 7 days. I started on a Saturday and after 5 days I did not notice any changes. I told my husband: “This is not working and I began to cry.” My husband said to give it a few more days. I did and two days later, I woke up and noticed the swollen lymph nodes under my chin had gone. I felt the one on my collar bone going down and the one on my neck was gone. I was excited, but I thought, this is too easy. I told my dentist what I had done and he said he could see my lymph nodes had gone down.

Mark: How long have you been on the whole lemon drink?

Ginny: Since October, 1995

Mark: In February, you called me and obtained a copy of How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction. What information from the book have you incorporated into your treatment program?

Ginny: I am now a vegetarian and eats lots of raw vegetables. I got a prescription for Naltrexone and started on it about March 13th.

Mark: Have you noticed any changes?

Ginny: I don’t know how to put this in words. I feel more of inner peace. I am feeling better. Before starting on Naltrexone, I used to have twitches and involuntary spasms and a feeling of things crawling on my skin. These symptoms are subsiding.

Mark: Has Naltrexone affected your sleep patterns?

Ginny: I am no longer waking up with my jaw clenched. Before Naltrexone, I would only sleep one or two hours a night. Now I am sleeping 5 hours and I am waking up feeling more rested.

Mark: What did your lab test show?

Ginny: My CD4’s are 1100, CD8’s are 220 and CD26+ are 726. The CD26+ are three times above normal.

Mark: You profile shows hyper CD4 activation and very low CD8s. Your very high CD4’s indicates that you have an overactive humoral immunity (antibody mediated immunity) while you have very low CD8’s suggesting that your cell mediated immunity is severely depressed and unable to effectively neutralize the virus or pathogen causing your illness. Since your Natural Killer cells are stimulated into activity by Naltrexone, it is improving your cell mediated immunity. The result is that some of your symptoms are now subsiding.

End of first interview:

At this point I suggested Ginny try the product Eden, made from olive leaves. Ginny received a bottle and started Eden on March 23rd. One week later I phoned her.

Mark: Since you have been on Eden for one week, what have you experienced?

Ginny: Well, I have always had low body temperature, about 1 to 2 degrees below normal. Right now, I am running a fever, about 100 degrees F. Yet, I do not feel any chills.

Mark: That is wonderful news. It means your immune system is being activated. A low grade fever can heal a sick body faster than toxic drugs. What else have you noticed?

Ginny: I am sleeping longer now without waking up. I slept a full 7 hours last night. My aching joints are gone. At first, after I started on Eden, my lymph nodes got sore for a few days, then this has subsided and they are now going down. My mental function has improved significantly. I actually feel awake during the day. I have a lot more energy. I don’t need the walker anymore. My jaw joints are less sore. I am not having involuntary muscle jerks anymore. I don't feel like there are spiders crawling on my skin. I notice symptoms slowly subsiding each day. I used to feel like my balance was off, that is gone. My kids are surprised at how long I can keep going. I feel like things are settling down inside my body.

Ginny Kloth, 6009 Paces Lakes point, Dallas, GA 30132 Ph No. 770-445-0753 E-mail: bijou@mindspring.com

Note: Two weeks after being on Eden, Ginny told me that her “body temperature is now back to normal.” Ginny started her recovery with the Whole Lemon/Olive drink, improved her condition further when she added Naltrexone and Eden. She also follows the “Immune Enhancement Diet” in my book on How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction.

April 26th Update - CD4/CD8 ratios reverses

Ginny had just had a new set of lab results and called to tell me her CD4 count fell from 1100 to 237 and her CD8 increased from 220 to 1270. She said: “My CD4s and CD8s have done a flip-flop. My doctor does not understand what is going on. I told my doctor that April has been the first month I have felt normal in 6 years.” I told Ginny that the profile she had now - highly activated CD8s and NK cells is exactly the profile she needed to rapidly reduce viral load of (HHV-6A) and possibly effect a slow cure for her CFIDS condition. Ginny has been tested several times for HIV and has always been negative. I said: “after the HHV-6A is completely erradicated by the CD8 Cytotoxic Killer Cells and the NK cells, your CD4s will rise, her CD8s will fall and the ratio will most likely return to a normal reference range of 1.0 to 2.5. You don’t want the ratio to return to normal until the last virus is gone.”

She also said her latest lab result showed platelet counts just above the normal reference range. I suggested she add one tablespoon of cold pressed flax oil to her daily diet to thin the blood and to add it to a salad or mix it with cottage cheese or yogurt and to consider taking one cayenne capsule with each meal.

Ginny also told me that the last swollen lymph node on her collar bone is almost gone. She was so excited she sent me an e-mail message and wrote: I had to share the good news! I have been calling all my family members! Praise the Lord! I spent all the day working...am feeling so good! She said she no longer has sensitive reactions to perfumes and paint like she used to.


Cambridge, MA: Holly, who has CFIDS and suffers from impaired mental function and systemic yeast infections found immediate relief using a combination of the Whole lemon drink and Eden. After just 10 days, she told me a wide range of symptoms simply vanished and that her mental clarity improved 300%. “The only thing I could compare it to was getting 120 cc of intravenous ozone and then going into an hyperbaric chamber.” She actually did this. She told me she was going to use DNCB and get a prescription for Naltrexone as she wants to restore her cell mediated immunity and make a complete recovery. Holly can be reached at 617-576-3248.


Many people, like Ginny, who have CFIDS, have hyper CD4 activation (overstimulated humoral immunity). In this phase, CD4 counts are high and NK and cytotoxic CD8 activity are suppressed. This is a profile where people are very sick and it can last for several months in AIDS, but several years in CFIDS patients. In AIDS and CFIDS, when the CD4’s decrease and the CD8’s increase, symptoms subside and the patients feel better. In AIDS when AZT or D4T is used, CD8/NK activity is suppressed and the patients survival time is lessened. Full-blown AIDS occurs when both the humoral and cell mediated arms of the immune system stop functioning. The greatest threat to survival in AIDS is not the loss of CD4 cells, but the loss of CD8 Killer T cells, also known as Cytotoxic T cells, and the loss of NK cell activity. Note: CD8 cells are of two types - suppressor and cytotoxic. The subset of CD8 cells that helps to restore cell mediated immunity is known as CD57+. CD57+ is known as the Killer T cells or Cytotoxic Killer cells. In a lab lest, it would be expressed as: CD8 CD57+, after which the number of cells would be indicated. The three subsets of Absolute Natural Killer Cells are CD3-, CD16+ and CD56+, the latter two are believed to be the most important. The loss of NK/CD8 function in AIDS leaves them subject to a whole range of infections that spread cell to cell - toxoplasmosis/MAC/MAI etc.

When the CD8’s and NK activity increase, cell mediated immunity improves and symptoms subside. When viral load, either HHV-6A and/or HIV is high, it is a treatment error to try to increase CD4 counts and B cells without first bringing down the viral load. Once the viral load reaches zero, CD4s will increase without any special stimulation and CD8’s will decrease and the ratio will return to normal. Ginny’s CD4/CD8 ratio was 5.0 (CD4’s - 1100/ CD8 - 220). At this ratio, she was very ill. This is why simply increasing CD4 counts in AIDS, CFIDS and probably Gulf War Syndrome is a mistake as it will make the patient more ill while viral load is still high. The antibody mediated immunity (humoral) is not very effective against the viruses involved in AIDS and CFIDS or the mycoplasma’s involved in Gulf War Syndrome (GWS).

Ginny told me of a Gulf War Veteran with GWS and swollen lymph nodes. After doing the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink for 3 days, he sent her an e-mail message that the swelling in his lymph nodes had substantially decreased.


Stimulating humoral B cell/CD4 cell (antibody mediated immunity) suppresses cell mediated immunity (Natural Killer cells/Cytotoxic Killer CD8 cells). The reverse is also true: stimulating cell mediated immunity decreases humoral immunity. The important discovery here is that a whole range of illnesses affecting millions of people involves a deficiency in cell mediated immunity. These conditions include AIDS, CFIDS, Gulf War Syndrome, the chemically impaired who are immune compromised, persons with systemic yeast infections and cancer patients. Further study in this area may lead to an expanded list. The protocols in this newsletter and in my book How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction will be of immediate benefit to persons with these conditions - with the exception of some end stage cases where this information may arrive too late.

For all the above conditions, the daily use of Naltrexone, the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink and the olive leaf extract (Eden) is the minimum protocol for starters. The protocol is even better if expanded to include DNCB once a week topical applications, the Immune Enhancement Diet, Colonics, Castor oil packs and nutritional supplements listed in my book. Cell mediated immunity can also be enhanced by eating raw garlic, shiitake mushrooms and drinking Essiac tea (Ojibwa Indian tea).

William Frederickson who has spent several years studying the medicinal benefits of the olive leaf and berries (olives) said that the use of 2 or more tablespoons of cold pressed Olive oil daily would produce better results than just one tablespoon daily. He said that active ingredients found in the olive leaf are also found in the oil. Persons with AIDS and CFIDS should see faster results if they use the whole lemon/olive drink twice a day instead of once.

Some factors are found in the oil that are not in the leaves such as the power antioxidant - DHPE, which prevents aggregation (1) (a clustering together) of certain blood cells.

1. Thromb Res 1995 Apr 15; 78 (2):151-60

The value of the lemon in the drink is due to several factors which include but are not limited to bio-flavinoids, quinine, pectin, citric acid and the trace mineral lithium. Quinine has been used successfully in the treatment of malaria as has extracts from olive leaves. Lemon juice helps detoxify the liver and pectin helps remove toxins from the gastro-intestinal tract. Lithium is small amounts may bond to fatty acids in the olive oil enhancing its antiviral properties. Lithium GLA (gamma linolenic acid) killed 90% of H9 cells chronically infected with HIV. (1). I have had several reports from readers using the whole lemon/olive oil drink daily who reported sharp declines in HIV viral load (PCR) and increases in CD4and CD8 counts. Two persons using the drink have gone to non-detectable viral levels as measured by PCR - one in combination with Naltrexone and one in combination with Clarkia-100.

1. FEBS Lett. 1993 Sep. 13; 330 (2):219-21.


Three protease inhibitors have been introduced this year by pharmaceutical companies - Invirase, Norvir and Crixivan. Of the three, the most benefits and least side effects have been reported with Merck’s Crixivan (Indinavir). Locally, one person using Invirase was rushed to the hospital with a powerful allergic reaction - anaphylactic shock. Another person was sent to the Emergency room after using Norvir when he had difficulty breathing. Nationally, five persons told me they had to quit using the protease inhibitors when they started vomiting and got deathly sick.

For those whom these kinds of reactions have not occurred, the news has been good. One person using Crixivan as a monotherapy reported viral load at non-detectable levels after 4 months with CD4 counts increasing from 20 to 400 and CD8s from 600 to 2090. Most infectious disease physicians want to prescribe protease inhibitors in conjunction with two nucleosides. Most I.D. physicians do not understand the importance of immune modulation for long term survival and as a necessary ingredient for a possible AIDS cure. In Dec., 1995, Dr. Bernard Bihari wrote an article recommending a different combination - two protease inhibitors in conjunction with each other for a possible slow AIDS cure.

I agree with Dr. Bihari except I would also include Naltrexone, DNCB and the whole lemon/olive oil drink. The whole lemon drink is important as it helps clear infections from the liver and lymphatic system. The viral infections will be cleared from the blood before they are cleared from the lymph. The lymphatic system will be the last holdout of viral activity (HIV and HHV-6A). Unless the lymph system is effectively treated, combinations of protease inhibitors and nucleosides may fall short of an AIDS cure.

For conventional choices, the poorest combination would be a protease inhibitor with either AZT, D4T or DDC because of evidence that these nucleosides suppress CD8 Cytotoxic Killer cells (CD57+) and thus depress cell mediated immunity. The best of the standard treatment protocols would be Merck’s Crixivan, DDI and possibly 3TC. Positively Aware recently reported that Crixivan restored Natural Killer cell activity and DDI has been widely reported to increase CD8 cell counts while 3TC has been reported to prevent viral mutation.


If there are not enough choices already, there is an estimated 20 more protease inhibitors in the pipeline. With so many choices and combination possibilities, there will grow exponentially the question of which combination will work best. The best combination will be the one that leads to a quick and cost-effective AIDS cure. This would allow for the discontinuation of all treatments. Cost will not be an issue for most PWAs as long as someone else pays for the treatment - insurance companies or the government. Cost has always been an important factor for persons in self-treatment modalities as neither the insurance companies or the government offer compensation. The final test of an AIDS cure is diagnostic tests that show both AIDS viruses have been cleared from both the blood and the lymph system, after which all treatment is stopped for 3 to 6 months and tests are done again to see if any viral activation occurs. If none occurs, then we can declare an AIDS cure has been reached. Until that happens, prior announcements of an AIDS cure may be premature.

PCR probes of the lymph nodes for HIV and HHV-6, variant A, may not be available in most locations. However, patients should ask their physicians for these tests so physicians can ask their labs to provide these kinds of tests.


A FOUR PART PROTOCOL FOR EVERYONE WITH AIDS, CFIDS or Gulf War Syndrome is Naltrexone, DNCB, the Whole Lemon Drink and Eden.

Adult dosages: Naltrexone - 3 mg once a day before bedtime. You will need a prescription for Naltrexone. Check with your local physician and give him reprints of the articles on Naltrexone in my book. Ask for renewals for at least 6 months. Do not use Naltrexone if you are taking morphine, codeine or heroin as you will have an immediate withdrawal when taking your first Naltrexone capsule. No side effects or other inter-reactions are known. Currently, the best price for filling a prescription is from Apothecure Pharmacy in Dallas, TX 800-969-6601. Phone prescriptions can be obtained with a consultation by calling Dr. Bihari at 212-929-4196 or Dr. Pittman at 800-473-9812. Note: check on the cost of consultation fees.

DNCB - Use a topical application once a week as directed. After initial sensitization with a 10% solution, use the weakest solution that gives a strong red skin reaction. Some persons may not be able to use DNCB if the skin reaction does not clear up after 7 days. DNCB should be refrigerated while it is used and then discarded after 6 months and a new batch ordered. To order a Starter Kit, send $25.00 to DNCB Treatment Group, 2261 Market St, #436, San Francisco, CA 94114. Instructions come with the Kit. Read them thoroughly before using the product.

The Whole Lemon Olive Oil drink. Make as directed in this newsletter or in the book. Do not use the Bertolli brand sold in grocery stores. Some brands reported effective are Spectrum, Sapio and Montolive. However, there are many good brands out there, A light green tint to the oil is a good sign. If any brand does not give you results in 7 to 10 days, switch to another brand. Refrigerate after opening and keep out of sunlight. In the refrigerator, olive oil may turn solid so you might want to pour some into a wide mouth jar and spoon it out as needed. This drink may produce even better results if done twice a day, but use it at least once a day.

EDEN - extract of olive leaves, a source of natural protease inhibitors and reverse transcriptase inhibitors. Take 4 capsules daily. Best times: 30 to 60 minutes before breakfast, 11 am, 3 pm and one hour after the evening meal. To properly test the products effectiveness, Eden should be taken alone on a empty stomach and not with food , dietary suplements, anti-oxidants or any medications. Use only with distilled or reverse osmosis water. Chlorinated city tap water, by its bleaching effect, may inactivate ingredients in Eden and some herbs. Do not add Willard Water or Colloidal Silver to drinking water when taking Eden. For convenience, two capsules may be taken twice a day. For a more intense dose, take 2 capsules 3 times a day. There are no known side effects other than mild detoxification reactions.

A healing crisis may occur that includes mild headaches, possibly rashes and flu-like symptoms. Usually these effects last from a few days to no more than 3 weeks.

For children, reduce doses proportionally according to body weight.


Naltrexone - about $16. a month

DNCB - about $4.00 a month

Whole lemon/olive drink - about $30.00 a month

Eden - about $60.00 a month

Total - $110 a month.

If you add Crixivan to this protocol and you have to pay for it, figure about another $600 to this cost. If your CD4 counts are under 200 and you can get insurance or the government to pay for it, I would certainly recommend adding Crixivan to your protocol to get a rapid rebound, even if it is only for 2 to 4 months. Crixivan must be taken on a empty stomach and not with any other supplements or medications or food. Take at least one hour before or after eating. When taking Crixivan, drinks lots of water and take 500 mg of Magnesium Oxide daily to help prevent kidney stones which occur in 2% of the patients taking the drug. Crixivan has fewer side effects than Invirase or Novir. For persons who are indigent, Merck has a compassionate use program for Crixivan - 800-927-8888.


Q: Will I need to follow the 4 part protocol for the rest of my life?

A: I would recommend following the 4 part protocol until we have a definitive AIDS cure. I am hoping that the 4 part protocol will cure AIDS in 6 months. We won’t know until it happens. Everyone will not be able to afford or even find labs that will PCR lymph tissue for the presence of HHV-6A and HIV. I will rely on the few who can afford and find these sensitive tests to design the final protocol for an AIDS.

Q: Will viral resistance develop to Eden?

A: It is too early for us to tell yet. I am not recommending Eden alone as a monotherapy. I reported on one case where Eden was used as a monotherapy. The lab results showed all numbers were moving in the right direction but they were not moving nearly as fast as when Eden was used in combination with Naltrexone, DNCB, and the whole lemon/olive oil drink. Only time and more testing will tell if this 4 part combination will cure AIDS. Viral resistance will never develop to Naltrexone or DNCB as these treatments do not directly kill the virus, but activate the NK cell and CD8 Cytotoxic Killer cells which, in turn, hunt down and destroy the virus factories - the infected cells. Neither the nucleosides nor protease inhibitors alone have this intelligence capability.

Example: if mosquitoes were the AIDS virus and dragon flies were Natural Killer cells, how could mosquitoes ever develop resistance to dragon flies? Dragon flies have been eating mosquitoes for millions of years. On the other hand, if AZT or D4T were DDT and you flooded the landscape with these chemicals, some mosquitoes may survive and have a natural resistance to these chemicals. That is why chemicals and chemical combinations alone may not work to totally eradicate the HIV virus any more than DDT alone may eradicate all mosquitoes. The best of both worlds is to find a treatment that kills the virus without harming the NK and Cytotoxic T cells and to add protocols that increase the activity and function of these immune cells. This is the combination protocol that makes the most sense to effect an AIDS cure.

Q: I have full blown AIDS and my doctor has me on 6 antibiotics. How will I recover my immune system if I do the 4 part protocol along with all these drugs?

A: That is a really tough question. First, ask your doctor to identify which drugs he is giving you to prevent infections in contrast to which drugs he is giving you for active infections. The drugs which you are taking for preventive purposes only can be dropped on the day you start the 4 part protocol. However, if you are taking Bactrim/Septra or Dapsone to prevent PCP, continue on these until you have SEES-2000 in hand to take as a replacement to prevent PCP. As for other drugs, check The HIV Drug Book for side effects and see if you are experiencing them. Ask your doctor for a substitute drug that does not cause the side effects you are experiencing. If your doctor cannot help you, call 414-548-4344 and leave a message to talk to me personally. I will call you back and try to offer helpful suggestions.

Note: two persons with toxoplasmosis have had good results by eating 4 or 5 cloves of raw garlic daily and taking large doses (one teaspoon every 4 hours) of colloidal silver - effective against 99% of all types of infections. However, this combination may or may not work for other infections like MAC/MAI. Concentrations of colloidal vary from product to product. When concentrations are from 200 to 500 ppm, 1/2 tsp. every 4 hours may be sufficient. The John Bastyr University recently gave a grant for testing a herbal preparation for MAC. Check with them for more information. (Ph No. 206-523-9585). Also, if you only have to use one or two drugs at a time instead of 5 or 10, the side effects of these drugs may diminish proportionally or stop altogether.

Q: What else can I do?

A: You can review my book on "How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction" for many more options. Expanded options that should be considered are the Immune Enhancement Diet, Colonics, exercise, anti-oxidant supplementation (Beta-carotene, Vitamin E) and Castor oil packs with a heating pad. Don’t forget the Pieta Prayers. God has promised to give you anything you ask for if you recite the Pieta Prayers for one year. Today, we on the brink of an AIDS cure because many of you have said the Pieta Prayers and Jesus has responded by blessing our efforts and the efforts of others.


Brady East STD Clinic (BESTD) (VD, HIV testing) 1240 E Brady St, Milwaukee, 272-2144

Brady Support Group for gay men with HIV - meets Weds, 7pm at 1240 E Brady St., Milw, WI 272-2144.

Milwaukee AIDS Project, AIDS Service Organization offering Counselors, support groups, legal aid, housing and food assistance and much more. 820 N. Plankinton Ave, Milwaukee, WI 273-2437

St. Camillus AIDS Ministry, 10100 W Wisconsin Ave, Wauwatosa, WI 481-3696 or 259-4664

Other listing are posted in “In Step Magazine” 225 S 2nd St, Milw, WI 53204 414-278-7840.

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