Report No 12 Fall Issue 1996




by Mark Konlee

An interview with Jim Prentice. (Jim Prentice writes a monthly column for Milwaukee AIDS Project Client newsletter and attended the 11th Int’l AIDS Conference)

Mark (to Jim Prentice): What did you learn at the conference?

Jim: I was never more depressed by what I seen. This conference was bought and paid for by the big pharmaceutical companies. Everywhere I went, all the attention was directed at protease inhibitors and the wonderful PCR technology. The conference started on an ominous note. They said there was no connection between AIDS and CFIDS. They did everything they could to sweep HHV-6 under the rug. The leadership showed no interest in HHV-6 or immunology and immune function.

Mark: What protocols were they promoting?

Jim: The combination of Norvir, AZT and 3TC. At a plenary session, the conference leaders made a point that should have set off alarm bells, but it went right over everyones head.

Mark: What was that?

Jim: Well, someone in the audience asked at what point after the HIV viral load was at non-detectable levels and the CD4’s were increasing could they stop the prophylasis for PCP, MAC, MAI and other opportunistic infections. One panel member responded, saying: “DON’T STOP THE PROPHYLASIS..One physician tried doing this on the West Coast when CD4 counts were over 300, some even as high as 500 and 700 and it was a disaster.”

Mark: What happened?

Jim: Martin Delaney and others on the panel said that “within a week of two, everyone was coming down with PCP.”

Mark: With PCP, even with CD4 counts as high as 500 and 700?

Jim: Yes. It should have set off alarm bells. People should have asked: What are we accomplishing? What people should have realized is that the protease inhibitor/nucleoside combinations not only were NOT improving immune function, they were actually suppressing it.

Mark: This is alarming information. It can only mean that PWAs on these combinations are advancing more rapidly toward full blown AIDS even while their HIV viral load is decreasing.

Jim: I agree.

Mark: Tell me what happened to your friend, George.

Jim: George was taking Naltrexone for a while, but then wanted to get his cure with the protease inhibitor/nucleoside combinations. He started on a 5 hit protocol and stopped the Naltrexone.

Mark: What is a 5 hit protocol?

Jim: The doctor told him that “we’ve got to hit the virus hard and heavy,” so he started George on two protease inhibitors and 3 nucleosides. Within a few months, his viral load fell to non-detectable levels and his CD4 count increased from 10 to 180. Four months later, George came down with a PML infection of the brain and is now in the hospital dying. George does not really know where he is. He thinks he bought this big mansion for himself. He is out of touch with reality. The latest news is that he is not expected to make it.

Mark: I’m distressed to learn of this. I wonder if George’s physician realizes that when he used a combination of drugs with toxic side effects to “hit the virus hard and heavy” that he also hit the immune system “hard and heavy” and left George vulnerable to a life threatening opportunistic infection.

Jim: I don’t think the physician learned anything. Their attitude is that if there is an opportunistic infection, they need another toxic drug to hit it “hard and heavy.”

Mark: When will this insanity stop?

Jim: Unfortunately, when the patient dies.

Mark: Are you aware of other cases like George?

Jim: Not exactly, but I learned recently that one of MAP’s clients died of heart failure after using Norvir. Also, 4 persons have been rushed to the Emergency Room when they couldn’t breathe after using Crixivan for several weeks. I don’t think this nonsense is going to end unitl the patients listen to their body and stop using toxic drugs that make them feel worse. It is time for a rebellion against these flawed treatments based on flawed diagnostic markers and a flawed disease model.

Shortly after this interview, I talked to a PWA who attends an AIDS support group on the west coast. He told me that when the members in the group started on the protease inhibitors/nucleoside combination, they all thought they were doing much better. CD4 counts were rising and viral load fell, but the good effects are not lasting. He said: “more of them are getting sicker each day” (they continue on these protocols). Another PWA told me a friend of his developed a cancer on his face after using protease inhibitors for only 3 months.

In another local case, R.G., a well known local PWA and former editor of the leading Gay and Lesbian publication in Wisconsin had been doing very well for several months on Invirase, AZT and 3TC. He gained weight and his CD4’s increased. Nine months later, he is in the hospital. The doctors don’t know if he has leukemia or a MAI infection. Either way, the initial good results he had when he started on this combination therapy are not holding.

Multitest CMI a Skin Test to determine “immune function”

Multitest is used to determine how a patients immune system is functioning. Multitest CMI evaluates CMI (Cell Mediated Immunity). The degree of skin reactions in the test to antigens is known as Delayed Cutaneous Hypersensitivity or DCH. Blood tests for CD4 counts or PCR viral load count numbers only, not function. Ultimately, increases in CD4 counts or decreases in viral load are meaningless unless they correlate to improved immune function. As a surrogate marker, Multitest and other immune function tests are unsurpassed as a marker to determine the efficacy of any AIDS treatment protocol. A protocol that reduces HIV viral load but does not improve immune function treats HIV infection, but does not treat AIDS. To assume that all you have to do to restore immune function is to reduce the viral load by any means is short sighted. If the particular drugs that are used to reduce viral load also suppress immune function, the treatment is no better than the disease. AIDS by prescription is no better than AIDS caused by a virus. Multitest should be used with each and every change in treatment protocols. An improvement in immune function is an indication that the protocol is working.

Multitest antigens are standardized to prevent variations between lot numbers. Thus, skin reactions can be uniformly interpreted. Multitest is a skin patch with seven antigens including tetanus, candida, diphtheria, proteus and others plus glycerin which is added as a control (neutral). The patch pricks the surface of the skin and insert a small amount of inactivated antigens. The test is read 48 to 72 hours later. If the patient was previously exposed to an antigen (i.e. tetanus) there should be a strong reaction in the form of a welt., an area that a becomes red and sometimes itchy. The average size of the welts that forms that are 2 mm or larger determines the strength of your immune system. The size of the welt is measured in millimeters. The larger the welt, the greater is your immune response.

A guideline for interpreting Multitest reactions. If the average welt size (induration) that forms is - 1. less than 2 mm in size, you have a very weak immune response (Anergy). Anergy = AIDS (Acquired Immune Dysfunction Syndrome). 2. larger than 2 mm but less than 3 mm in size, your immune response was positive but below average. 3. larger than 3 mm but less than 4 mm, your immune response is average. 4. larger than 4 mm but less than 5 mm, your immune response is better than average. 5. larger than 5 mm, your immune response is excellent.

If you have anergy (no response) to a Multitest immune function skin test, you have AIDS, which is immune dysfunction. Multitest is the polygraph test for the effectiveness of all AIDS treatment protocols whether they are drugs, protease inhibitors, nutritional, herbal or holistic. CD4 count increases and PCR viral load decreases are not alone sufficient to indicate improvements in immune function.. Improvements in “numbers” is not proof of an improvement in “function.” Nice looking numbers, without function, will not protect you from PCP, CMV, TB, MAI/MAC or Toxoplasmosis. Improvements in immune function, even function without nice looking numbers, will protect you from opportunistic infections.

Multitest is inexpensive and does not generate great profits. Multitest cannot justify drug cocktail combinations that do not restore a functional immune system. Multitest will tell you if your immune system’s white blood cells are alert and fighting marines or drunken sailors that are asleep on the job.

We should not prejudge which protocol combinations will improve immune function (reverse AIDS) by the latest media hype and advertisements. We should use Multitest every time lab blood tests are done to determine if immune function is getting worse, staying the same or improving. Multitest is more valuable than either PCR viral load testing or CD4 counts and will separate effective from ineffective protocols for the treatment of AIDS. If Multitest results show that immune function is staying the same or getting worse, it is time to make changes in the protocol.

Multitest CMI is manufactured by Connaught Laboratories, Route 611, Box 187, Swiftwater, PA 18370 Ph No 717-839-5467 or 800-822-2463 Fax 717-839-5005. Multitest CMI is FDA approved. It is paid for by most insurance companies. Your physician can order Multitest CMI test kits from Connaught Labs. Other immune competency panels that test for anergy and immune function are also available from other sources.



Marie lives in the southwest area of the US. She has never taken any protease inhibitors or nucleosides. For several weeks, she had been using Naltrexone (3 mg daily in the evening), DNCB topically once a week, the Whole lemon/olive oil drink and RyVital. She had a skin test for anergy using 3 antigens ( not Multitest). She reacted very strongly to 2 antigens which measured 20 mm each. Her response was so good it rated beyond excellent. Her cell mediated immunity is working better than most persons who have never been exposed to either of the two AIDS viruses (HIV and HHV-6A). Her CD4 count was 156, up by 36 points from her last count. Her HIV PCR plate count was 212,000.

Should Marie go on protease inhibitors and nucleosides to lower her viral load and increase her CD4s? ABSOLUTELY NOT. She has a very functional immune system. Her cell mediated immunity is so functional that she is not a candidate to develop PCP, Retinitis, Dementia, MAC, MAI, PML, lymphomas, KS or any of the other long list of diseases that develop in Persons With AIDS (PWAs). MARIE DOES NOT HAVE AIDS, even though her CD4 count is low and her HIV viral load is high. WHY? BECAUSE SHE HAS A VERY FUNCTIONAL IMMUNE SYSTEM. WHAT IS AIDS? AIDS IS ACQUIRED IMMUNE DYSFUNCTION SYNDROME (A.I.D.S.). If you have immune function, then you don’t have immune dysfunction which means you don’t have AIDS. You don’t have AIDS simply because you have been exposed to HIV or HHV-6A or because your CD4 count is low or your PCR plate count is high, you have AIDS when your immune system stops working and stops functioning.

Does Marie need to take Bactrim or Septra or SEES-2000 to prevent PCP or take Biaxin? NO! Save those drugs for persons whose skin test for DCH shows anergy (no response). To her physician’s suggestion that she start on the new protease inhibitors and nucleoside combinations, she said she responded something like this -

“No thank you. I am healthy and I feel fine. I have a good appetite and lots of energy. Besides, I don’t have AIDS. As you can see from the skin reaction to the 3 antigens you gave me, I have a strong immune response - good cell mediated immunity.”

Her physician: Your CD4s are under 200. You have full blown AIDS. Everybody knows that.

Marie: Then everybody is wrong. AIDS is Acquired Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.

Physician: AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

Marie: What is the difference between immune deficiency syndrome and immune dysfunction syndrome?

Physician: I suppose there’s no difference. I never heard it expressed that way. Where are you getting your information from?

Marie: Mark Konlee

Physician: Who is Mark Konlee?

Marie told Keep Hope Alive that she was soon adding the home made olive leaf tincture to her protocol and will keep me informed of the results.


Early in June, 1996, I did computer search on AIDSLINE and MEDLINE at the National Library of Medicine. I did the search to find if there had been any studies to show that lower HIV viral load as measured by PCR correlated with improved immune function or a decrease in anergy. The search which accessed over 250,000 published scientific articles turned up nothing. On June 20th, I called Roche Amplicor, who hold the patent to the PCR test for quantitating HIV and asked a technician if she was aware of any scientific studies that showed a decrease in HIV viral load correlated to an increase in immune function or vice versa, if an increase in viral load correlated to an increase in anergy ( no skin response to antigens). Her reply was: I DON’T KNOW. The next question is: Who does? Roche Amplicor - Ph No. 800-526-1247. Ask them yourself.


NK function tests are available from Specialty Labs, Santa, CA 800-421-7110 Test code 5420. They also do PCR for HHV-6 to determine the presence of the virus but this test does not quantitate viral load. B cell function tests are also available.

Editorial Public Disclosure of Pharmaceutical Money Donated to major AIDS Service Organizations Demanded!

by Mark Konlee

It is time for all major AIDS organizations publicly disclose how much money they have received from major pharmaceutical companies or their front organizations. Heavy funding from major Drug companies seriously tarnishes the appearance of objectivity portrayed by the leaders of these organizations who are well compensated financially for their cushy jobs. It is also time for Project Inform and all other major AIDS organizations to publicly support immune function tests so the public will learn the truth about the effectiveness or failure of the protocols (protease inhibitors and nucleosides combos) that they are touting.

It is time to end the misguided direction of waging a war against a single virus by developing and marketing more toxic chemicals and to refocus our attention on the treatment of AIDS with protocols that restore immune function.


The Eleventh Int’l AIDS Conference: Chanting “:Margaret Fischl: You’re a Fraud! You Gave AZT the Nod! and “Volberding: Your Lies Kill! AZT’s a Toxic Pill!”, twenty irate activists from ACT-UP San Francisco stormed into the pharmaceutical industry panel discussion “Guidelines for Antiretroviral Therapy: Bringing The State Of The Art To Clinical Practice.” The presentation announced recommendations for the administration of combination antiviral therapy as outlined in the July 10th JAMA article “Antiretroviral Therapy For HIV Infection in 1996: Recommendations of an International Panel.”

Over 2000 stunned conference attendees, packed into two grand ballrooms, looked on in silence as ACT-UP members threw red dollar bills labeled “Glaxo Blood Money”, unfurled a banner and splattered dazed members and speechless panelists with liters of fake blood. AIDS activists charged panel members Margaret Fischl and Paul Volberding with murder for instituting and maintaining scientifically flawed, yet highly profitable, AIDS treatment approaches that urge people with HIV infection to combat the disease with potent regimens of immune suppressive agents.

Kicking over chairs, throwing microphones, smashing glasses and overturning conference tables, protesters demanded an immediate end to the practice of treating AIDS patients with dangerous chemotherapeutic agents. The activists asserted that the therapies hyped during the week-long conference such as AZT, DDI, DDC and protease inhibitors impair the immune system’s natural ability to fight HIV and control the opportunistic infections that kill people with AIDS. As a result of the demonstration, the symposium was delayed for over one hour.

ACT-UP Media Contacts: Michael Bellefountaine 415-487-9954; David Pasquarelli - 415-386-1779; Todd Swindell - 415-864-8355. The photograph of ACT-UP’s demonstration in Vancouver, published on the cover of this newsletter, was sent to us by David Pasquarelli.

David also sent me a copy of The DNCB FILES, edited and designed by George Delmerico. The 196 page book is not copyrighted and contains articles by Billi Goldberg, Charles Caulfield, William Epstein MD, Raphael Stricker MD and others. There is no price listed, but a $10 donation or more would help cover costs. Write to ACT_UP, 1388 Haight St, Box 218, San Francisco, CA 94117 415-522-2907.

The Olive Leaf Extract Treatment for AIDS - A Chronology of events from May through August.

9/15/96: The headlines of Positive Health News, Report No 11 (May, 1996) said that: “An extract from Olive Leaves, containing natural “protease inhibitors’ used in combination with Naltrexone, DNCB and the whole lemon/olive oil drink reduces HIV viral load form 58000 to non-detectable levels in two weeks (PCR). HIV antibody status changes from positive to negative (Elisa/Western Blot). Results confirmed by retesting”

The stunning story was based on the experiences of J.P., a local Person With AIDS (PWA). As 20,000 newsletters circulated throughout the PWA community, hundreds of HIV+ persons and others who had developed AIDS read the report from Keep Hope Alive and tried the olive leaf extract “Eden” some in combination with the other immune activators listed, some not.


The combination protocol which J.P. started on March 3rd, 1996 also included an extract of young rye plants called “Oralmat.” After publication of the newsletter, J.P. told me about his use of Oralmat during this period and apologized for having forget to mention it earlier. He said: “I was so excited about the results I was having with Eden, the olive leaf extract, that I just plain forget to tell you about the Oralmat.” J.P was excited about his results and who wouldn’t be.

Between March 3rd and May 13th, 1996, his CD4 count had increased from 30 to 710. His HIV viral load was consistently negative and his Elisa and Western Blot test had tested negative 4 times. By May 18th when the test results came in, J.P was convinced he was cured. He started celebrating by going back to all his bad junk food eating habits he had been on 10 years earlier. He never did give up his addition to Coca-Cola and began drinking 1/2 to 1 gallon daily. In addition, he found Jelly Beans on sale at a local Walgreens and bought 4 lbs at a time. He consumed at least a pound daily along with sweet rolls and strawberry sundaes. The total amount of sugar he was consuming was 1 lb to 1.5 lbs daily. On May 31st, lymph node biopsies were done to determine if the presence of HIV and HHV-6A still remained and blood tests were done for T cell counts.

The results came in on June 5th while J.P was in my office helping to assemble copies of my book “How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction.” I’ll never forget that day and the moments of silence that fell in the room after the results were read to him over the phone. Here is what they were: CD4’s - 210; CD8’s - 735, HIV viral load - 63,000, Elisa/Western Blot - both positive. The lymph node biopsies showed that HIV was actively replication But for HHV-6A, none could be found in 9 separate biopsies nor could any trace of HHV-6 be found in the blood by PCR.

J.P.s reaction: “This is not good news. This is not what I was expecting. I’m not a happy camper.”

I said to J.P: “For all the bad news, there is some good news. For the first time since you tested positive for HIV and HHV-6, your HHV-6 are non-detectable. We know from the autopsies done by Drs. Konstance Knox and Donald Carrigan that it is HHV-6A, not HIV that does most of the organ, neurological and cellular damage in AIDS.”

J.P: We are going to find out now what HIV can due without HHV-6.”

Mark: That’s true. The moment of truth has arrived....I’m wondering if all that Coca-Cola, candy and ice cream you consumed in the past two weeks so suppressed your immune function that it caused the HIV to return. I recall hearing about a study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition that showed that ingestion of pure glucose (white sugar) suppressed the anti-viral activity of the white blood cells.

J.P. Find the medical reference sites on those articles. Mark: I will.

* * Sanchez, A, et al. Role of sugars in human neutrophilic phagocytosis. Am J. Clin Nutr. , 1973; 26:180-187

* Bertstein, J, et al, Depression of lymphocyte transformation following oral glucose ingestion. Am J. Clin Nutr., 1977; 30: 613.

Some time later, the phone rang. It was William Fredrickson Ph.D. Fredrickson is a chemist who has spent several years researching the anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects of Oleuropein, (pronounced O lur o pe in), the active ingredient found in olive leaves and also in green olives. After I told William (Bill) about J.P.s results, he thought there was a product failure and said the oleuropein content must have fallen. He asked me to send him some of the capsules and he would sent to a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland to have it analyzed at no cost to him or me. I asked Bill what might have caused the Eden capsules to go bad. Bill said possibly moisture or oxygen. The next day, I sent Dr. Fredrickson several capsules of Eden Lot number 29672 to have it analyzed.

Later in June, I learned that Lot No. 29672 had been manufactured in October, 1995. By May, 1996, it was 7 months old. I contacted Les Nachman of East Park Research at 702-433-9040 and he told me of a more recent Lot No 49671 that had 20 mg more of Oleuropein per capsule than lot no 29672. The new lot number was manufactured in April, 1996. In Mid-June, J.P stopped using Lot No 29672 and switched to the new lot no 49671. About the same time, I contacted all the advertisers in Positive Health News selling Lot No. 29672 and advised them that the new lot number may produce better results with higher concentrations of the active ingredient, oleuropein.

On June 28th, J.P had more lab tests taken with the following results: CD4s - 43, CD8’s - 2440, HIV viral load (PCR), again non-detectable; Elisa test - negative, Western Blot - positive. PCR of the blood for HHV-6 was again non-detectable.

On the July 1st Voice mail message update,. I reported on 6 lab results that were given to me by readers using Eden Lot No 29672. In every case, PCR viral load increased. On July 2nd, Bill Fredrickson called and told me that lab results in Switzerland showed less than 5% oleuropein in the 500 mg capsule. That would be about 25 mg of oleuropein per capsule. I told Bill; “Les Nachman is claiming there is 170 mg of oleuropein per capsule in this lot no and 190 mg per capsule in lot no 49671.

Bill: “I don’t believe it.”

I asked Bill how he had made the home olive leaf tincture used by an AIDS patient over a 6 month period that had raised her CD4 count from 207 to 922. He told me and also directed me to Irvine Analytical to have the home-made tincture analyzed for Oleuropein content using the High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) method. (Wm Fredrickson 317-475-0602).

I called Les Nachman of East Park Research and told him of the test result from Switzerland obtained through Bill Frederickson. Les’s response: “ I don’t believe it. Our product has been analyzed for oleuropein content by Dr. Mostafa M. Omar of Elmwood Park NJ (201-791-2255). Dr. Omar unbinds the oleuropein from sugars in the olive leaf powder. Irvine Analytical and other major labs do not know how to test for oleuropein content.”

With a conflict of opinion between two experts, Les Nachman and Bill Fredrickson, I decided Keep Hope Alive would have to obtain a lab analysis of Eden. I called Dr. Omar and he told me that he unbinds the oleuropein in the olive leaf powder from the sugars before testing for oleuropein content. He quoted me a price of $800 for a lab test of Eden. I then contacted Irvine Analytical and they quoted me a price of $180 using the industry standard method of analysis - the HPLC method. I immediately sent a bottle of Lot No 29672 to Irvine Analytical in Irvine, CA (714-951-4425) to have it analyzed. I decided to go with the HPLC method since I wanted to have two more tests done on two home made formulas which were in the process of being made. One was a batch heated for 24 hours and one was heated for 12 hours. At a cost of $180 per test, I had the money to cover it, but it would have been a severe strain on our budget to pay for three tests at $800 each. I also wondered if Dr. Omar’s lab tests that were showing much higher levels of oleuropein than the standard HPLC method really reflected bio-available oleuropein. The higher numbers may be meaningless if the oleuropein is not absorbed in the gastro-intestinal tract. I reasoned that the HPLC method may be the more honest method of analysis reflecting a form of oleuropein that is absorbable in the intestines. Inflated numbers resulting from “unbinding” oleuropein from sugars and proteins in the olive leaf powder may not correlate to increased absorption of oleuropein. Our stomachs may not have the same capability of Dr. Omar lab to “unbind” the oleuropein from the sugars. For marketing purposes, Dr. Omar’s analysis would make more dollars and sense for East Park Research, manufacturers of Eden, but for the consumer, this could be misleading if the higher oleuropein levels claimed do not correlate with higher absorption levels of oleuropein. For the consumer, it is not what is claimed on the label that matters, but what how much oleuropein is absorbed in the gastro-intestinal tract.

Before our own lab results arrived, Dr. James Privitera (818-966-1618) faxed me a copy of a lab test on Eden Lot No 29672 done on June 24th which showed that oleuropein levels had fallen to 10.8 mg per gram or 5.4 mg per capsule based on the HPLC method of analysis (Irvine Analytical).

On July 26th, all three labs results for Keep Hope Alive arrived by fax. First, Eden Lot No. 29672 showed an oleuropein content of .88 mg per capsule or less than 1 mg per capsule. By then, 11 persons had reported the lot number failed. All reported increases in HIV viral load counts. On the home made olive leaf tincture, there was very good news. Of the 24 hr batch, oleuropein content was 177 mg per 1/2 cup (118.25 ML) whereas the 12 hr batch showed even more - 213 mg per 1/2 cup. On August 1st, armed with these lab results, I withdrew my endorsement of Eden and other over the counter olive leaf products including “Alive and Well” and “Pro Live” by Allergy Research. (Allergy Research initially had been buying East Park’s Olive leaf powder and selling it under their own trade names. As of Sept., they are making their own olive leaf extract).On Aug. 1st, I recommended that everyone make their own olive leaf extract.

However, even though lot no 29672 failed, Eden lot No 49671 continued to produce excellent results in lowering HIV viral load through September 15th. Eight out of 8 lab results reported to us showed a significant drop in HIV viral load. The last case reported where a PWA used Eden lot no 49671, along with the whole lemon drink and RyVital (Oralmat) claimed his viral load dropped to non-detectable levels in 6 weeks. These were the only 3 items in his protocol. Note: Copies of our lab results are available from us by writing for a copy and including a long envelope, stamped and self-addressed.

After the June 28th lab results, J.P ran out of Eden and discontinued taking it for 3 weeks. Around July 18th, his physician called him in for more T cell tests and another PCR viral load count and placed heavy pressure on him to go on the Protease Inhibitors and Nucleoside combinations. Around July 23rd, his physician told him his CD4’s were now at 230 and his HIV viral load at 372,000. He told him he could be “dead in 6 months and things were not looking good. Your viral load is dangerously high.” He told J.P. that “we got to hit the virus hard and heavy.” The “Doctor” recommended Crixivan and Invirase plus AZT, D4T, DDI and 3TC - a 6 hit combo - two protease inhibitors and four nucleosides. J.P said: “My doctor also prescribed 4 antibiotics for me to take.” I told J.P. it sounded like a “cure or kill” combination to me.

J.P. panicked and started on the 6 hit combo plus 4 antibiotics around July 25th. On July 27th, J.P. called me.

Mark: How are you doing?

J.P.: I’m going for the “Cure”.

Mark: The “Cure?”

J.P. Yes, the “Cure”. I don’t know if I am going to make it, though. I never felt more sick in my entire life. I am running very high temperatures. I have severe nausea, an upset stomach and no appetite. I can’t sleep. I can barely walk across the hall to reach the bathroom. My energy is gone.

Mark: Why did the doctor prescribe the 4 antibiotics for you? Do you have any opportunistic infections?

J.P.: No. He prescribed them to prevent opportunistic infections.

Mark: Did you call your doctor and tell him how sick you feel on this 10 hit combination?

J.P. Yes, I did. He told me to hang in there. He told me it was the disease process that was making me feel so sick. He said it was a good thing we had started on the treatment when we did.

Mark: What did you tell the doctor?

J.P.: I told him I was feeling fine until I started on the drugs. I said I didn’t understand how the disease process would suddenly get worse when I started on the 6 hit combo plus the 4 antibiotics.

Twenty four hours later, J.P went to the Emergency room of a local hospital after he had trouble breathing. He was taken off all the medications. Three days later, he was feeling better and started to try a less intense regimen. He used Crixivan, D4T and 3TC. This combo also make him sick. By August 15th, J.P had had his fill of all the protease inhibitors and nucleosides and abandoned them altogether vowing to never try them again.

J.P. told me: “I’m fed up with I.D. physicians and their drugs. I am going to treat myself holisticly. If I need a doctor, I’ll go see a Veterinarian. I’ve lost 15 lbs while taking these dam drugs.”

Around August 17th, J.P. started on the home made olive leaf extract drinking 1/2 cup twice a day. He also takes one 3 mg Naltrexone capsule in the evening and does DNCB topical applications weekly. He takes RyVital (3 to 5 drops 3X), Kyolic garlic capsules, Spirulina and DHEA. He told me that during the time he was using the protease inhibitors and nucleosides, his skin reactions to DNCB completely stopped, indicating his cell mediated immunity was being smashed.

Three weeks later, in early September, he had more lab tests with the following results: CD4 - 200; CD8s 500; PCR for HIV - non-detectable; Elisa/Western Blot - both negative. Tests for HHV-6 were not taken.

One month after stopping the protease inhibitor/nucleoside combinations J.P said: “I still don’t feel like I have fully recovered from their side effects. My body feels alien. However, my skin reactions to DNCB are coming back. I am now getting a good reaction from the .2% solution. A month ago, the 10% DNCB did not even give me a reaction.

Mark: That means the drug cocktail combo you were on almost instantly suppressed your immune function. The combination therapy was rapidly leading you to full blown AIDS even while your HIV viral load was dropping to non-detectable levels.

J.P.: You are right.


You will need: 1. 1/2 pound of whole olive leaves (olea europaea) air dried at temperatures not exceeding 150° F. 2. One gallon of distilled water. 3. A Crock-Pot with a 5 or 6 quart capacity (i.e “Rival.” brand - K-Mart) 4. Two 2 quart glass bottles or a comparable capacity to hold 3 and 1/2 quarts of finished product.

Place 1/2 pound (8 ounces) of whole olives leaves in a bowl and rinse by adding water to cover the leaves. After rinsing the olive leaves, drain out the water. Add the olives leaves to a Crock-Pot and add one gallon of distilled water. Place cover on Crock-Pot. Turn on low and leave for 12 hours. After 8 hours, check the temperaure. The ideal temperature range is between 175° F and 185° F.

If the temperature of the batch after 6 hours or more reaches or exceeds 185 degrees F., shut off crock pot and let it cool to 175 degrees F, then turn it back on and monitor the temperature hourly. You can also move the cover off center to allow heat to escape, but some water will need to be added to keep the pot full. After 12 hours of heating, turn the Crock-Pot off if the temperature falls within the target range and wait until it cools to room temperature (6 to 8 hours). If the temperature is below the target range after 12 hours, let is simmer for an additional hour or two longer until it reaches the target range. Use a cup and scoop out 3 or 4 cups of the olive leaf extract and place in glass jars. Pour the balance of liquid through a strainer to separate the liquid from the leaves and place it in glass jars. Discard the leaves. DO NOT REUSE THEM AGAIN. Refrigerate the extract in a closed glass jar. Use within two weeks.

Dose: For adults, use 1/2 cup twice a day. To reduce the bitter taste, add water or ginger ale. If the first lab results show movement in the right direction, try increasing the dose to 1/2 cup three times a day to see if better results can be obtained with higher doses. Write or call Keep Hope Alive to keep us informed of your results. Best time is take the extract is once in the morning and then again in the afternoon (not later than 7pm). If you take it before bedtime, the increase in energy make cause insomnia.

SOURCES OF OLIVE LEAVES: Wholesale Source: San Francisco Herb Co, 47444 Kato Rd, Fremont, CA 94538. Ph No. 510-770-1215 Fax 510-770-9021. Ask for Whole Olives leaves (Olea Europaea) - Product # W1119.

Note: if you have an olive tree (species Olea Europaea) growing in your back yard, you can pick the leaves right off the tree and use them.

Retail Sources. Local health food stores. They may order olive leaves for you from San Francisco Herb Co.

Mail Order Sources: D.A.I.I.R. 888-951-5433 and Dr. Princetta - 404-873-6888. The cost of one pound of whole olive leaves is $10 to $12 a lb. Do not use olive leaf powder. One pound will provide about a month’s worth of olive leaf extract. The home-made formula is very cost effective.

Case test results: Wm Frederickson reported one PWA (person with AIDS) who drank 1/2 cup twice a day increasing CD4 counts from 207 to 922 in 6 months. This was all she had done. Other persons trying the home made olive leaf extract: Robert Marra Ph No 718-236-9098 John (Calif) Ph No 310-399-0236. Al (Florida) 813-839-2815, Alain-Guy Giraudon 212-243-6061 Note on side effects: Two persons reported developing a rash (an allergic response) to olive leaf products and had to discontinue it for a while until the rash cleared, but have since resumed using it with no recurrence.

Note: William Frederickson has written a book on the olive leaf and the science behind the medicinal properties of its active ingredient - oleuropein. His work is supported by references to over 70 articles published in medical journals. Wm Frederickson is currently in search of a publisher for his book. He is also working with a pharmaceutical firm in Switzerland to develop an olive leaf extract with a high concentration of oleuropein that is stable. When research shows that they have a stable product, it will be offered to the public as a dietary supplement. For more information you can reach him at 317-475-0602.

A Summary of What We Have Learned about the olive leaf extract

1. Over the counter products (Eden, Alive and Well and other brands). The active ingredient in the olive leaf, Oleuropein, is unstable and breaks down in the presence of both oxygen and moisture. The estimated shelf life of all olive leaf products sold in capsule or tablet form is 6 months from the date of manufacture. Ignore expiration dates printed on the bottles. They are pure fiction. Find out when the lot number was actually manufactured and ask for a copy of the lab analysis based on the HPLC method. Coated tablets may have a longer shelf life than capsules. Manufacturers could double or triple the life of their products if they packed them in nitrogen and removed the moisture.

2. If you use any over the counter olive leaf product (Eden or Alive and Well) and your HIV viral load does not drop, the product has an insufficient amount of oleuropein in it to produce results. The standard dose is one tablet or capsule 4 times a day.

3. Oleuropein has a bitter taste. If a tablet, capsule or liquid extract loses its bitterness, it means oleuropein content has declined and so has the products effectiveness.

4. Home made olive leaf extract should be used within two weeks after it is made. In the 3rd week, it loses its bitterness, oleuropein content drops along with its effectiveness as an anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent.

5. An effective dose of oleuropein increases body temperature 1/2 to 1 degess F within 1 hour after you take it. Besides increases in body temperature, sometimes people have flu like symptoms and mild headaches due to a die-off effect from killed-off fungal infections.

6. Olive leaf tincture has reduced swollen lymph nodes, reduced KS lesions and herpes lesions as well as improved visual acuity. Less fatigue and more energy are widely reported. Oleuropein is also listed in Merck’s Manual as a treatment for high blood pressure.

7. One person reported a 2/3rds reduction is psorasis lesions while using the home made tincture. One person with CFS reported a reduction in HHV-6 titers while using an olive leaf extract.

8. Cold pressed olive oil and green olives sold in grocery stores contain some oleuropein, although this has not yet been quantitated by lab analysis. Lye used in the processing of Spanish olives destroys most of the oleuropein. According to Wm Frederickson, Grecian (Greek) green olives have higher amounts of oleuropein than the spanish olives. In Greece, they use a brine soaking method to flavor the olives without lye.

9. Raw green olives, direct from the tree (Species: Olea Europaea), product sources unknown, are very bitter and have high concentrations of oleuropein and olive oil. In poor countries, eating a handful a day of raw green olives may be an effective low cost monotherapy for treating AIDS.

10. In theory, a two part treatment for AIDS is to use Oleuropein to inactivate HIV and Beta 1, 3 Glucan to inactivate the HHV-6.

Beta 1, 3 Glucan, an Immune System Activator found in Baker’s Yeast and young rye plants, enhances cell mediated immunity and non-specific immunity - inactivates HHV-6

Donald Carrow: “Science moves very slowly and is the victim of our own personal preferences and prejudices”

In the June, 1996 edition of The Townsend Letter for Doctors, is found an article by Donald Carrow MD on B-1,3 Glucan as a Primary Immune Activator. Dr Carrow observes that “Long before the advent of the germ theory our forefathers had observed that recovery from illnesses could be accomplished by host resistance. You could say that immunology preceded our discovery of microbiology and bacteriology.”

Beta 1, 3 Glucan is a polysaccharide molecule consisting of purified glucose with an unique molecular structure that specifically bonds to receptor sites on macrophages. Research at Harvard University found that there are receptor sites for 7 different sugars (polysaccharides) on the macrophage membranes(3). Unlike pure glucose (white sugar) that suppresses the phagocytic activity of immune cells (1, 2), Beta 1, 3 Glucan activates macrophage activity and sets off a cascade of events which stimulates immune function in several areas (3). These include increases in complement production (4), serum cytokines, interluken I, interluken II and interferon (3). By this cascade of events, Beta 1, 3 Glucan increases non-specific immunity against all infectious diseases (6) including cancer. Peter Mansell, MD, reported that subcutaneous nodules of malignant melanoma injected with B Glucan resolved within a few days (3). In his article, Dr. Carrow reports on research done at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in Bethesda, MD in 1989 that shows that oral ingestion of Beta 1, 3 Glucan protects against the adverse effects of radiation. An article published by Patchen ML et al, also reports on the beneficial effects of Glucan in radiation exposure(5).

Beta 1, 3 Glucan is isolated from the membranes of Baker’s Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Brewer’s Yeast, used in making beer and wine, also is derived from the same strain of yeast - Saccharomyces cerevisiae (8). Beta 1, 3 Glucan, derived from Baker’s yeast, is sold in capsule form each containing 2.5 mg of B Glucan under the trade name NSC-24 (7) NSC-24 is the trademark of Nutrition Supply Corporation, Carson City, NV(7). NSC-24 is manufactured for Nutrition Supply Corp by ImmuDyne Inc. of Houston, Texas.

Dr. Carrow also discussed 4 HIV+ patients taking NSC-24 and states: “None of these patients have shown indications of deterioration in their immune capability as measured by activated lymphocyte studies...All are gainfully employed and lead an active life. I must also point out that all use mega doses of nutrients, exercise regularly and presumably consume a prudent diet.” The dose taken was one capsule 3 times a day.

A summary of benefits from using Beta Glucan discussed in Dr. Carrow’s article include:

1. activation of macrophage and monocyte activity increasing phagocytic activity of immune cells to destroy virus, fungal and bacterial infections.

2. increased production of complement, Interluken I and II. Complement is a sticky substance that coats viruses and makes it easier for the immune system to see them. Complement also punctures holes in the membranes of viruses and weakens their structure.

3. increased immunity against fungal infections.

4. protects against damage to normal body cells during radiation therapy.

5. helps prevent plaque build-up in the arteries and stimulates macrophage activity to remove plaque build-up.

6. anti-oxidant activity - scavenges free radicals

7. releases colony stimulating factor and increases bone marrow production. The bone marrow is the origin for the production of all our white and red blood cells.


1. Sanchez, A, et al. Role of sugars in human neutrophilic phagocytosis. Am J. Clin Nutr. , 1973; 26:180-187

2. Bertstein, J, et al, Depression of lymphocyte transformation following oral glucose ingestion. Am J. Clin Nutr., 1977; 30: 613.

3. Carrow, Donald;. B-1,3 Glucan as a Primary Immune Activator; Townsend Letter for Doctors, June, 1996.

4. Jacques PJ, et al. Triggering of Phagocytic Cells, pgs 201-4, 1979.

5. Patchen ML, et al: “Glucan: Mechanisms Involved in its Radioprotective Effect,” J. Leuc. Biol, 42:95-105, 1987.

6. Di Luzio NF, “Immunopharmacology of Glucan: A Broad spectrum Enhancer of Host Defense Mechanisms”; Trends in Pharmacological Sciences; 4:344-47; 1983

7. Nutrition Supply Corporation, 2553 North Carson St, #2384, Carson City, NV 89706 Ph No. 800-773-7034.

8. Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, 3rd Ed, Volume 3 . Wiley-Interscience Publication

An Interview with Dr. Lenard Ber MD, Vice-President of ImmuDyne Inc

ImmuDyne manufactures NSC-24, an over the counter dietary supplement containing Beta 1, 3 Glucan. Each capsule contains 2.5 mg ea. On August 20th, I phoned Dr. Ber.

Konlee: Is there any toxicity involved in taking Beta Glucan? Ber: There is no toxicity regardless of the amount used. In experiments on animals, the intestines were stuffed with Beta Glucan - up to 5 grams per KG. We could not reach a lethal dose. No adverse effects were observed at the highest concentrations used. The FDA has listed Beta Glucan on the GRAS list (Generally Recognized As Safe).

Konlee: Who tested the concentration of Beta 1, 3 Glucan in NSC-24?

Ber: MDH Labs, KY (606-342-7800).

Konlee: At what temperature is Beta Glucan damaged?

Ber: Just as any polysaccharide (sugar), if you heat it, it will caramelize. We don’t recommend heating it over 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Above 140 degrees, it will caramelize and will not attach to receptors on macrophages in the intestines.

Konlee: What is an effective dose when taking Beta 1, 3 Glucan?

Ber: One capsule 3 times a day will produce positive results in improving immune function in most adults.

Konlee: When is it taken?

Ber: Between meals or before meals. Do not take with bulky fiber drinks like Metamucil or it will reduce assimilation of the Beta Glucan.

Konlee: Where can NSC-24 be purchased?

Ber: Nutrition Supply Corporation, 2553 North Carson St, #2384, Carson City, NV 89706 Ph No. 800-773-7034.


Oralmat, an extract of young rye grass, contains Beta 1, 3 Glucan according to research reports published by its manufacturer, Schumacher Ltd, of Melbourne, Australia. Oralmat is an over the counter nutritional supplement taken sublingually - 3 drops under the tongue 3 times daily. Oralmat also contains the phytoestrogens genistein and matairesinol. The quantity of Beta Glucan in Oralmat has not been analyzed to date.

Beta Glucan has also been found in Shiitake mushrooms, barley sprouts and in Kombuchu tea. Two kinds of Beta Glucan are found in Barley sprouts. They are Beta 1, 3 Glucan and Beta 1, 6 Glucan. The role of Beta 1, 6 Glucan in immune activation is unknown. The science currently available only supports Beta 1,3 Glucan as an immune activator. A product called “Beta Glucan” is sold by Source Naturals and contains 5 mg per capsule. A company spokesman said each capsule contians 1.5 mg Beta 1, 3 Glucan and 3.5 mg of the Beta 1,6 Glucan. The label on the bottle did not provide those details. To get benefits from Shiitake mushrooms, they must be eaten raw. If cooked, the Beta Glucan is caramelized and rendered Bio-unavailable.

Beta 1, 3 Glucan

Oralmat whch contains Beta 1, 3 Glucan, has inactivated HHV-6 in two persons with AIDS and in one person with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. HHV-6, variant A, is a major viral factor along with HIV in AIDS progression and is responsible for most of the cellular destruction to brain, nerve and organ tissue. In all three cases, high titers for HHV-6 were detected in the blood by PCR and antibody tests. Within 3 months of using Oralmat, no trace of HHV-6 could be found for either the variant A or B strains. However, it is still not known if Oralmat (RyVital) has completely eradicated every last trace of HHV-6. Present diagnostic markers are not that sensitive.

Schumacher Ltd, manufacturers of Oralmat (1) have now licensed Health Co of Bloomingdale, Illinois to distribute Oralmat exclusively in the United States under the trade name RyVital (2). The rye extract has also restored Natural Killer cell and B cell function in one case where it had not previously existed. In another case, it raised platelet counts and stopped bleeding tendencies in one local PWA.

1. (Oralmat) Schmacher Pharmaceuticals Ltd, 252 Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia. Also distributed by Natural Therapy Products, PO Box 252, Turramurra, NSW 2074 Australia.

2.. Health Co PO Box 544, Bloomingdale, Il 60108 708-545-9095 or 800-477-3949. RyVital Distributors.

Drinking Beer Stops AIDS Progression

Beer may contain small amounts of a Primary Immune Activator - Beta 1, 3 Glucan (derived from a common yeast) or is it the hops that is benefiting persons HIV+?

It is a national secret that has never before appeared in print. It has been whispered by case managers in AIDS service organizations all over the nation. To paraphrase one case manager:

“I know guys (HIV+) who drink like a fish. Some are even alcoholics... they drink beer day and night. Why don’t they get sick..they keep on drinking year after year..I can’t figure it out”

My reply: “I couldn’t either until I read an article on Beta Glucan in the June issue of The Townsend Letter for Doctors, by Donald Carrow MD.” Dr. Carrow supports his article with 28 scientific references. After reading the article, I wondered if Baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is the same species that is used in the brewing of beer. Then I called the Miller Brewing Co and they sent me an information packet and a reprint of an article from the Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. In this article I found that the species of yeast used in brewing beer was the same referred to in the article by Dr. Carrow which contains Beta 1, 3 Glucan. A spokesman for Miller Brewing Co also told me that beer is pasteurized at 140 degrees F. In my interview with Dr. Ber of ImmunoDyne, he told me Beta Glucan is damaged at temperatures over 140 degrees F. A coincidence? Probably not. These facts support the presumed presence of Beta 1, 3 Glucan in beer, even in pasturized beer. Keg (Tap) beer is cold processed and not pasturized at all, so any Beta Glucan present would still be there.

Beta 1, 3 Glucan is a powerful immune activator and strengthens cell mediated immunity. It supports host resistance to the opportunistic infections found in AIDS. I have found two cases where heavy beer drinkers who switched to hard liquor and soda progressed to develop full blown AIDS and died.

For a long time, I have observed that heavy drinkers of alcoholic beverages who are HIV+ seemed to do very well for very long periods of time. Here in Wisconsin, I have now documented 7 cases where HIV progression to AIDS has been completely stopped by HIV+ persons who are heavy beer drinkers. One person who drinks 3 to 6 beers daily remains in perfect health 6 years after testing HIV+. He takes no drugs, no dietary supplements and follows no special diet. However, he does not like sweets and uses hard liquor sparingly. He rides a bicycle 4 miles each day and works out. Another HIV+ person drinks one case of Miller Genuine Draft beer each week and has averaged that amount for the past two years - he remains as healthy as a horse. Another HIV+ person has consumed 3 to 6 bottles of Lowenbrau Natural Dark Beer for the past 7 years and has had less than 50 CD4 cells for the past 5 years. In spite of his low CD4 counts and the fact that he takes no drugs, no Bactrim or Septra or any other drug as a prophylasis, he has never had a bout of PCP or any other opportunistic infection (O.I.) One factor that all 7 cases have in common is that they eat little or no sweets and seldom drink hard liquor.

HIV+ beer drinkers do not show signs of active HHV-6A symptoms like lymphadenopathy, neuropathy, dementia, retinitis or chronic fatigue that is usually and incorrectly blamed on HIV alone. It would be interesting to test for the presence of HHV-6 in long term HIV+ non-progressors who are heavy beer drinkers. I would expect HHV-6 (variants A and B) to not be present or to be at very low levels of activity.

Local PWA Reports that 3 beers a day caused his swollen lymph nodes to disappear.

9/15/96: Peter, a local PWA told me that 3 months ago, he switched from drinking cocktails to beer. “I averaged about 3 beers a day. A month later I noticed all my swollen lymph nodes were gone. I did’t see the connection at the time. I didn’t do anything different that I can think of” Mark: What brands did you drink? Peter: Miller Genuine Draft, also Michelob Golden Draft and a dark Mexican beer.

Brooklyn , NY: Robert Marra told me that a friend of his told him he has consumed 3 or 4 beers a day for the past 4 years. All this time he was HIV+. I asked him if he took any drugs or vitamins. He said “no.” He says told him that he feels perfectly fine and has no symptoms. Robert Marra (718-236-9098). Robert also told me that he knows of several other heavy beer drinkers who are HIV+ and all seem to be doing very well. Most of them are not on any drugs or medications.


NSC-24 is manufactured from Baker’s yeast which is of the strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae that is also the same strain of yeast used in the brewing of beer and wine. Beta 1, 3 Glucan is found in the membranes of Baker’s yeast and Brewer’s yeast. Unfortunately, brewer’s yeast sold in health food stores and bread is subjected to temperatures above 140 degrees F which caramelizes the Beta 1, 3 Glucan rendering it useless. On the other hand, beer is pasteurized at 140 degrees F and may still contain small amounts of Beta Glucan. Also, Keg beer (Tap beer) is not heated at all and there are many brands of cold processed beer on the market (i.e. Millers Genuine Draft Beer, Icehouse etc). Lab analysis could determine which brands of beer have the highest concentrations of Beta 1, 3 Glucan.

The question is: which brands of beer are the healthiest? Are they the draft beers, the bock beers, natural dark beer, the stout beers or light beers? What about Guinness Extra Stout beer? Should we brew our own beer and wine? Home made beer and wine would not be filtered or heated after fermentation and may contain high concentration of Beta 1, 3 Glucan. The healthiest wine and beer would be raw and unprocessed. This is a subject that deserves further exploration and experimentation. However, persons who have developed an allergy to yeast will not be able to tolerate either beer or wine and should use non-alcoholic sources of Beta Glucan such as RyVital (Oralmat) or NSC-24.


Anyone who tolerates it well and does not have active fungal infections or an allergy to yeast. A regular beer drinker, HIV+, whose immune system is still intact, has no reason to give up this beverage.


LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you do not tolerate beer well or you feel sick after drinking beer, then stop. There are many non-alcoholic sources of beta 1, 3 glucan including extracts of young rye plants, barley sprouts, (Oralmat or RyVital), NSC-24 and fresh raw shiitake mushrooms. I don’t know of any brand of wine on the market that I would recommend because most are filtered and have chemical additives added. If you want to drink wine, I suggest you go to a bookstore and find a book on winemaking. Brew your own, keep the sugar content low so you have a dry fruity wine when done. After fermentation, do not heat the wine over 140 degrees F. or you will destroy the Beta Glucan. Let me know what you think of its therapeutic value after you try it. Multitest CMI should be done before starting to use the wine or beer and 30 to 60 days later to determine if your cell mediated immunity improves.

Guiness Extra Stout

A local CFIDS patient tried several brands of beer but could not tolerate most of them except for Guiness Extra Stout. He found that drinking one bottle of Guiness Extra Stout beer before bedtime helped him get a deep and more restful sleep. No other brand had this effect.

An article published in Alternatives (Mtn Home Publishing, 2700 Cummings Lane, Kerrville, TX 78028) discussed the finding of Dr. John Folts of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with regards to Guiness Extra Stout. Dr. Folts earlier found that antioxidants in red grape juice and red wine stopped platelets from sticking and forming blood clots, thus helping to prevent heart disease. Dr. Folts induced, with chemicals, blood clogging in animals and after testing several brands of beer found that Guiness Extra Stout stopped the clogging 6 times more effectively than the light beers. The article made references to flavinoids found in dark beers. Guiness Extra Stout is the only beer I know of that is nitrogen packed and maintains its freshness. A bottle of Guiness Extra Stout daily may just be a healthy choice. Any volunteers?


On March 21st when J.P. called me with his first lab results using Eden, I talked later that evening with Larry who told me: “I don’t know if there is any connection to the olive leaf extract, but I have an addiction to eating green olives. I go through a jar every week. My former lover, who died of AIDS hated olives. We had unsafe safe sex over 100 times. I should have been infected, but I am HIV negative and have no health problems. I’ve been tested over and over again.” I initially dismissed this story as a coincidence and did not report it in my last newsletter. I have talked to other persons who had unsafe sex with persons with AIDS and who never picked up either of the two AIDS viruses (HIV or HHV-6). I thought it might be genetic factors or natural immuological factors of unknown origin. Then late in August, I talked to John, a gay white male who told me two of his last lovers died of AIDS and he had unsafe sex with them several hundred times and has always tested HIV negative. Both Larry and John told me that they were daily beer drinkers. I asked John if he liked olives. He replied: “I love them. I can’t stop eating them. One time, I ate a gallon of green stuffed pimento olives in 5 days.”

At the moment I heard this I told him about Larry’s story and discussed the theory that eating the green olivs may have had some protective effect against the AIDS viruses. Wm Frederickson said that the processing of the olives with lye destroys most of the oleuropein in the olives. On the other hand, I haven’t see a lab test of green olives, but plan to have one done this fall and will announce the results on our monthly voice mail message updates.


A reader told me his physician said he had three HIV negative patients taking Naltrexone (3 mg once daily) and that his patients told him they were having unsafe sex and not becoming HIV+. The reader said his physician told him he would deny the story if he was ever questioned about it. Naltrexone is an immune modulator that enhances Natural Killer (NK) cell activity. Meanwhile, The New York Native reporting on Natural Killer cells in the August 26, 1996, issue, in an article by Neeynah Ostyrom said: “the U.S. Centers for Disease Control just presented data at the international AIDS meeting in Vancouver showing that NK cells protect against HIV infection, i.e. AIDS. This finding is being treated by the CDC as if it were breaking news. The data presented were from a cooperative study between researchers at the CDC, John Hopkins University, and Chiang Mai University in Thailand. They found that women who were frequently exposed to HIV but remained uninfected over a two year period had about 25 percent more NK cells than did women in two control populations.”

Notice: Persons who are sexually active are well advised to practice safe sex since the eating of green olives and/or taking Naltrexone to prevent one from becoming HIV + while having unsafe sex has not been proven in clinical trials. I have presented this story here only because I thought it was news worthy.

BETA 4 MANNAN found in fresh Aloe Vera leaves is another polysaccharide that activates immune cells

Health Science Report (Vol 2, No 1) published in Dallas, TX reports on Beta 4 Mannan effects on the immune system of AIDS patients using a product trade marked under the name Manapol. In a total of 29 AIDS patients studied by Dr. Terry Pulse MD and H. Reginald McDaniel MD showed that when Manapol was given to AIDS patients, they gained weight and infections subsided. The article said: “Skin test reactions became responsive, showing a return to a normal immune response.” A video tape celled “Nature’s Miracle” showed short excerpts from AIDS patients who recovered from tumors in the liver and of one PWA who had less than 10 CD4 cells for 4 years who remained symptom free while using the Manapol product that contained Beta Mannan.

Beta Mannan is unstable and breaks down within two weeks of making aloe vera juice. For this reason, regular over the counter aloe vera juice, however healthy, will is not a potent source of beta mannan. A special process developed by Carrington Labs, makers of injectable ACEMANNAN, prevents this breakdown from happening. Beta Mannan is sold under the name Man Aloe and comes in capsule form. An effective dose is 8 capsules daily. Retail cost is $39.00 a bottle. Associate distributors can buy it for $28.50 each. The product is sold multilevel and is also found is some health food stores. Man Aloe is manufactured by Mannatech, 2010 N Hwy 360, Grand Prairie, TX 75050. Ph No 214-641-8829. For more information on Man Aloe, call Darla DeVargas (Dist.) at 707-965-1419.

Based on available information, both Beta 1, 3 Glucan and Beta Mannan improve immune function as indicated by a return to a normal skin response to antigens. Multitest CMI will measure your actual skin response to determine how your immune function is improving. Multitest will also indicate if you need a higher dose of either beta glucan or beta mannan to restore normal immune function. Restoration of normal immune function means you will NOT be a candidate to develop the opportunistic infections in AIDS and CFIDS that causes so much sickness, suffering and death. Neither PCR viral load counts nor CD4 counts are a measure of immune function. These surrogate markers cannot accurately predict if you are susceptible to opportunistic infections.

“Arabinogalactans” a polysaccharide found in many raw vegetables reported to activate Natural Killer cells, block metastases of cancer cells.

Metabolic Management in Newsletter No 30 reported in July, 1996 that Arabinogalactins are a class of polysaccharides found in many raw vegetables including carrots, radishes, corn, wheat, red wine, tomatoes, sorghum, coconut and milk. A commercial source of Arabinogalactins is the Larch (Pine) tree. Regarding its immunologic effects, the newsletter reported that “cultures of human peripheral blood cells... and monocytes showed enhancement of Natural Killer (NK) cytotoxicity against K562 tumor cells when pretreated with larch arabinogalactin for 48 to 72 hours. Arabinogalactin-mediated enhancement of NK cytotoxicity was not initiated directly but was found to be governed by the cytokine network.”

Arabinogalactins also block lectin and stop tumor cell attachment. Metabolic Management sells Arabinogalactins under the trade name ARA-6. The recommended dose is 1 tablespoon daily for adults. Toxicity studies show that there are no adverse effects.

Persons wanting to benefit from this polysaccharide from natural sources will have to eat them raw as temperatures over 140 degrees F. damages the polysaccharides. For example, wheat bread and pasteurized milk would not contain bio-available Arabinogalactins, but raw cows milk, fresh wheat grass, fresh raw coconut and raw carrots would contain the polysaccharide. Consumption of ARA-6 or Arabinogalactins from natural sources would be expected to improve cell mediated immunity and immune function. Health Care Professionals may call Metabolic Management at 708-946-3070 or 800-373-1373 for a copy Newsletter 30 or to order ARA-6.


Molluscum is a skin disease caused by the occurrence of rounded tumors on the skin. Two Persons With AIDS (PWAs) told me recently that this Australian product made from wild rye (secale cereale), when applied to a skin condition called “Molluscum” caused a complete remission in 48 hours. The product is available in a lotion cream called “ACNO” or in drops taken sublingually sold under the trade names “RyVital” or “Oralmat.” (Both RyVital and Oralmat are the same formula manufactured by Schumacher, Ltd of Melbourne, Australia.) Dr. Princetta has reported of two cases where taking Oralmat drops daily significantly increased T cell counts in two PWAs. Another PWA reported that either product applied topically remitted herpes lesions. The daily dose for using Oralmat is 3 drops under the tongue 3 times a day. In serious cases, take 3 drops 5 or 6 times a day, then reduce the dosage after symptoms subside. Five drops twice a day may be a more convenient way of taking it.


One PWA reported that taking 1000 mg of vitamin B-6 daily helped remit symptoms of neuropathy. This source said that B-6 does not work as well when taken with other B vitamin supplements. To work, it must be taken by itself on an empty stomach. When used in conjunction with the whole lemon/olive drink and lecithin, rapid remission of symptoms has been observed. The only exception is someone who insists on continuing to take Bactrim/Septra which often causes neuropathy. I have had more reports of neuropathy caused by Bactrim or Septra than I can count. I recommend using Sees-2000 to prevent PCP. One capsule daily is just as effective as Bactrim or Septra in preventing PCP and does not cause neuropathy. The only side effects of Sees-2000 is that one in seven persons get a rash. In that event, discontinue using the product until the rash is gone, then resume.

One PWA told me of a friend who had dementia and who took 100 mg of Vitamin B-6 twice a day. “His dementia rapidly decreased,” he reported. He took the Vitamin B-6 by itself and not as part of a B vitamin supplement complex.


Robert Marra (Brooklyn, NY) told me that taking 1000 mg of the amino acid, L-Lysine, reduced his swollen lymph nodes. He reported that when he stops the L-lysine, the soreness in the lymph nodes comes back. A letter published in The Townsend Letter for Doctors (June, 1996) by a CFIDS patient states that taking 2000 mg of L-Lysine daily for several months lead to a remission of all symptoms. If L-Lysine inactivates HHV-6A, the primary virus involved in CFIDS and involved in all cases of AIDS, it should also help with Retinitis and KS in PWAs. “COMPLETE THYMIC FORMULA” reported to successfully treat Hepatitis B and C, Allergies, Arthritis and Sinus Infections. Increases in Platelet counts reported by 3 PWAs.

In the last newsletter, I reported on an article written by Dr. Carson Burgstiner MD on the use of Thymic Factors and Thym-A-Vites in which Dr. Burgstiner claims to have had a 90% success rate in clearing Hepatitis B and C in several of his patients within 3 months of using these products. Both products have now been combined into one tablet called “Complete Thymic Formula”. In an interview with Dr. Jay Easton L.Ac, of Santa Fe, NM, on September 4th, Dr Easton told me that this was one incredible product. I asked her what experiences she had with it. She said: “In my clients, it has rapidly and successfully treated allergies, sinus infections and arthritis. One lady was so crippled with arthritis that she could not walk...now she is out golfing. I have seen persons with severe and multiple allergies get complete relief in a few weeks. In another case, a severe sinus infection cleared up in 3 days.” I asked her what was the dose she recommended. Her reply: “six tablets in the morning and 6 in the evening.” For maintenance, 2 or 3 tablets twice a day should be sufficient. Dr. Easton can be reached at 505-983-9133.

In regards to another Thymus product, 3 PWAs using Thymus Capsules made by Carotec reported that 2 per day restored platelet count to normal in 3 months. (Carotec 800-522-4279.) Note: “Thymus Capsules” by Carotec is not vitamin enriched as is the “Complete Thymic Formula” by Preventive Therapeutics.

Dr. Carson Burgstiner MD, who developed the “Complete Thymic Formula” wrote in an article that he cured himself of hepatitis B with this formula. He also wrote: “I have arrested 84 cases of hepatitis B, 34 cases of hepatitis C, 28 cases of rheumatoid arthritis, 12 cases of systemic lupus, 10 cases of multiple sclerosis, 12 cases of psoriasis, 7 cases of squamous cell cancer and several cases of atopic dermatitis.”

The formula contains not only thymus factors and extract, but other glandulars and over 60 vitamin, minerals and nutritional factors in an all natural base. It has the most comprehensive array of nutritional factors to support the immune system of any product I have seen that is now available over the counter. The standard dose is 3 tablets twice a day. For hepatitis and other serious conditions, the dose is 6 tablets twice a day. Dr. Burgstiner states that 90% of hepatitis B and C are cleared in 3 months (negative by PCR and DNA tests). Dr. Burgstiner also reports that the supplement was effective against condyloma acuminata and herpes without any reoccurrence for as long as 27 months. What will this formula do to HHV-6 and HIV? What will it do to the skin test for anergy? (Multitest CMI) Will DCH (immune skin response) be restored? Complete Thymic Formula (180 tablets to a bottle) is manufactured by Preventive Therapeutics, PO Box 956248, Duluth, GA 30136 Ph No 770-923-1444.

OJIBWE INDIAN TEA Increases in T cells, more energy and better appetite reported

Ojibwe Indian Tea was introduced to the world by Rene Caisse and is sold under various names such as Essiac tea. The popular folk remedy formula has been used for the treatment of cancer for over 70 years. It contains Sheep Sorrell, , Burdock root, Slippery Elm and Turkey Rhubarb.

Michelle Kalevik lives in Denver , Colorado and is a Reiki practitioner. She wrote to Keep Hope Alive: Twelve years ago , I was diagnosed by the medical community as having an incurable disease. After using Ojibwe Indian Tea formula, I am alive and well 12 years later. “ Michelle is the founder of a holistic support group for those who are HIV +. She sent me copies of two hand written letter she recently received.

Dear Michelle, I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Ojibwe tea. I have only used the tea for 3 months, twice daily. In that time, my T cells increased by 100 points. I have also noted a marked increase in appetite. I have felt better - overall more energy. Michael.

The second letter dated Sept 5, 1995:

Dear Michelle, I first started the tea in January of 95. I took it for one month and then stopped. During that time my T cells jumped to 89 which is the highest I’ve had in the last two years. It proved to be a good cleanser of the toxins in my body. I believe the tea gave me energy and I would recommend the tea to anyone. Douglas.

Michelle Kalevik can be reached at Ojibwe Tea of Life, PO Box 200041, Denver, CO 80220 Ph No 303-322-7930.

Note: Al Mathieu (Tampa, FL) has used Ojibwe Indian Tea for the past 5 years and is firmly convinced of its effectiveness. He reports it always has increased his T cell counts. The tea, like Beta 1, 3 Glucan, increases complement production which increases non-specific immunity against all infectious diseases (1). Al can be reached at 813-839-2815. Based on what is presently known about Ojibwe tea, I would expect it to improve cell mediated immunity and the Multitest skin response to antigens.

1. Hitoshi Ito, Japan J. Pharmacol, 40, 435-443 (1986).

DNCB (DiNitroChloroBenzene) Activates NK cells and significantly increases CD8's ( reduces KS lesions)

DNCB, for short, is a chemical used in photography labs. The drug has been in use a long time as an antiviral agent and is considered safe in small doses. From the Mega-Pharmaceutical industry's point of view, its chief drawback is that it is unpatentable and low cost - about $2.00 a month. You can see why no private source is spending money to test its effectiveness. Besides stimulating Natural Killer cell activity, DNCB has been reported to increase CD8 cell counts and to be helpful in reducing KS lesions. DNCB has been used by an estimated 7000 PWAs over the past 10 years. Consistent users show a remarkable record for longevity with few opportunistic infections. DNCB restores Delayed Type Hypersensitivity (DCH) which is analogous to Delayed Cutaneous Hypersensitivity (DCH) (Multitest CMI).

DNCB is used topically once a week on a 2”x 2” square area. It causes the skin to turn red, itch and become slightly raised. Everyone should have a Multitest (skin test) done to determine immune function or the lack of it before starting on DNCB. If the result of Multitest shows that you have anergy - no response or a very weak immune response, you can start with the 10% DNCB solution. If the welt sizes in reaction to Multitest is positive or greater than 2 mm in diameter, start with the 2% DNCB solution. Because the concentration (%) of DNCB that causes this reaction varies from person to person, I would advise anyone using DNCB for the first time, who knows they have a strong immune system, to start off with the 2% concentration of solution rather than the most concentrated (10%).

The first application. Use a Q-tip to apply either the 10% or the 2% DNCB solution to a 2” x 2” patch of skin (thigh, leg, arm or trunk). Let it dry for 3 minutes. Apply a second layer of DNCB. Let it dry. Place a patch over it and do not take a shower for at least 24 hours. The first time you use DNCB, reaction time can vary from a few hours to as long as 10 days. After the first application, wait two weeks before doing it again. When you get a reaction (a reddening of the skin) with it being slightly raised and itchy, you are sensitized to DNCB. The next time you use DNCB, you should use the next weakest concentration, either 2% or .2%. The first time you use DNCB, the skin reaction or patch may take 4 weeks or longer to completely disappear. If, after the first two weeks, the skin is still raised, apply daily or twice daily applications of Calamine lotion. This will reduce swelling and help speed the healing of the patch. Calamine lotion is sold in most drug stores.

Your second DNCB treatment should be no sooner than 2 weeks after the first sensitization treatment and use a weaker concentration of the solution if you had a good response. If you had no response, continue with one weekly application of the 10% solution until you get a sensitizing response. Always move to a new skin location for each new application. Exposure of the treated skin to chlorinated water or sunlight can reactivate a skin response. The longer you use DNCB, the faster the skin patches will disappear. After a few months of use, the skin patches will completely disappear in around 7 days. Do not think that you will permanently look like a quilt.

Persons interested in using or obtaining DNCB can obtain a Starter Kit from Healing Alternatives Foundation in San Francisco. Ph No. 415-626-4053. DNCB Starter Kits are also available from DNCB Treatment Group 415-954-8896 (call after 12 noon).The latest instructions on how to use this product comes with it.

Motel Pharmacy will also compound DNCB in the various concentrations of 10%, 2%, .2% and .02%. Motel Pharmacy - 305-947-6381.

Note: Some persons do not want to use DNCB as they work out in public physicial fitness clubs and they don’t want someone looking a a pink spot on their skin. Since there is some duplicity between what Naltrexone does for your immune system and what DNCB does, Naltrexone should always be used if you choose not to use DNCB. Both products increase Natural Killer cell activity. Several persons have reported that Naltrexone has increased CD8 counts substantially. However, DNCB has a better track record for increasing CD8 counts. Some persons have also reported that castor oil packs done 3 times a week has also increased CD8 counts. For more information, see my book on How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction which contains all of the most important information I have discovered on nutrition and immunology since 1989 and includes the most important information on restoring immune function excerpted from past newsletters.

VOICE MAIL MESSAGES - Excerpts from the August and September messages (414-548-4344)

Five persons who have added Oralmat to their protocols have all reported significant increases in one or more of the following areas. These include increases in Natural Killer cells, White Blood cells, Platelets, Lymphocytes, CD8 and CD4 counts. Two persons have reported HHV-6 titers dropping to non-detectable levels. Oralmat, an extract made from sprouted rye, is looking more every day like a winner. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with AIDS, CFIDS or Gulf War Syndrome (GWS). Recently, Schumacher Ltd, of Australia has licensed Oralmat to be sold under the name RyVital. Your local health food store or health care practitioner can order it for you by calling 708-545-9095 (The US Distributors for RyVital).

Olive leaves, hand picked in Morocco from wild olive trees (species - olea europea), are sun dried and distributed in the United States by the San Francisco Herb Co. The San Francisco Herb Co. has assured me that the leaves are not gassed or sprayed or treated in any way.

In other news, Theo Schlosser,* a CFIDs patient, reported lab tests that show inactivation of HHV-6 after using Oralmat for one month. Oralmat is now sold in the United States under the name RyVital. Both products are manufactured by Schmacher Ltd of Australia. Oralmat or RyVital is an extract made from sprouted rye and contains a powerful immune activator known as Beta 1, 3 Glucan which is also found in bakers’s yeast and brewers yeast that is not heated over 140 degrees F. Beta 1, 3 Glucan may also be present in small amounts in beer.

*Theo Schlosser can be reached at 805-963-7799. She is the author of a book on her experiences of living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome called Beyond The Dark Cloud.

San Damiano, Italy: Miraculous Water and Handkerchiefs Blessed by the Virgin Mary

On October 16th, 1964, the Madonna (Virgin Mary) appeared to Rosa Quattrini at San Damiano, Italy and addressed her as follows:

“My daughter, I come from very far away. Proclaim to the world that all must pray, that Jesus can no longer carry the cross.. I want all to be saved, the good and the wicked. I am the Mother of Love, the Mother of All. You are all my children.....I will give you messages and you must make them known to the world.”

Rosa released these messages to the world until the local Bishop silenced her on May 31, 1970. The balance of the messages she received are in the Bishop’s possession and he will not release them. Rosa Quattrini died on Sept. 5th, 1981.

In one message, the Madonna said: “Forgive and you will be forgiven all your sins from the beginning of your life up to the present.”

In another message, the Madonna referring to water flowing from a well in her garden said: “Everyone will receive grace, strength and some will even recover their physical health by using this miraculous water, because there will be no Water like it...drink this Water and have confidence in it.. bring this Water to the sick and dying...This is the hour when the Well will give light.” The Madonna left Rosa and the world with another great gift - Blessed White Handkerchiefs.

She said: “Bring in quantity, little squares of white material, little white handkerchiefs...place them in my little garden. I will give a great power to these little pieces of material - all who wipe their eyes with them will receive the Light of Heaven. They will understand that Jesus calls them...that penance must be done and pardon asked in order to arrive happily in Heaven. This is great gift that the Eternal Father has given me to save my sons.”

In July, Robert Marra (Brooklyn , NY), sent me a bottle of water and a Blessed Handkerchief which came from San Damiano, Italy. I opened the plastic envelope containing the small white handerchief. I rubbed it over my face and felt an energy emitted from it - kind of like electricity. A regular handkerchief did not produce this effect when I rubbed it over my face.


On September 12th, I visited Dan, a friend who complained of very severe head pains caused by an infected tooth. A few days earlier, he had the tooth removed but the infection remained. Dan is a heavy drinker of alcoholic beverages. Pure whiskey which he had been drinking did not kill the pain nor did pain killers which he had received from his dentist.

He said: “The pain is so bad I cannot tolerate it anymore.” He was in tears. I asked him if I could wipe his face with a handkerchief that was Blessed by the Virgin Mary in San Damiano, Italy. He reluctantly agreed. I touched the handkerchief to his forehead and he grabbed onto to it with both hands and pressed it against his face. His immediate words: “This is incredible. The pain is completely gone.” He then removed the handkerchief and the pain immediately returned. “It’s back!” Then he pressed the handkerchief to his face again and said: “Now it’s gone!” Several more times that evening whenever he removed the handkerchief the pain would instantly return. As soon as he touched it to his face, the pain completely stopped. A week later, the infection was cleared up.

GULF WAR SYNDROME The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor Germ Warfare: The Desert Storm Plague and Cover-up

The August issue of The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor is devoted entirely to Gulf War Syndrome reported to be affecting up to 100,000 Veterans of the 1991 Desert Storm which ended Iraqi aggression against Kuwait. McAlvany reported some 15,000 deaths of Veterans and persons exposed to the biological and chemical agents released by Iraq. The US Defense Dept. still refuses to acknowledge that this illness exists. This position is part of an ongoing government cover-up.

McAlvany reported with substantial documentation that during the Iraq’s war with Iran, the US sold Iraq biological agents that were later used against US troops and other allied troops in the Mideast. The report covers two pages of suggested treatment options, many based on nutrition and immune modulation. For a copy, write to: The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, PO Box 84904, Phoenix, AZ 85071 Cost is $10. The report is not copyrighted and may be reprinted for wider distribution.

Gulf War Veterans might due well to try the protocol to restore immune function recommended in this newsletter. Transfer Factor found in Bovine Colostrum improves Immune Function Colostrum is the first milking a mother gives after her offspring is born. The first milk is called Colostrum and it is a rich immune soup loaded with immunoglobulins and other immune factors like “Transfer Factor”. Colostrum transfers “immunity” from the mother to the new born off spring. Dr. Hugh Fudenberg MD of Spartanburg, SC found that “transfer factor” (derived from Colostrum), taken orally, could restore skin reaction tests for immune function in 9 out of 11 AIDS patients in 4 months.

Recently, Jim Prentice, who used to raise “Show Dogs” told me that from his experience when a puppy is born, it must get its mother’s milk within the first 24 hours or it will have a lifetime of problems with re-occurring infections. Upon hearing this, I thought - “What a Revelation!”. Could this be why there are so many millions of sick people in America? Millions who were not breast fed by their mothers. Millions who were denied the natural immune factors found in their Mother’s milk and face a lifetime with a weakened immune system as the result of using an un-natural alternative to their first Mother’s milk. Millions of mothers take drugs to dry up their bosoms so they have the convenience of feeding their babies pasteurized milk. When Jesus was born 2000 years ago, he was breast fed by his mother - Mary. She did not give him Carnation milk. If there ever was a revelation, Jim Prentice observations about puppy’s not breast fed sure hit the nail on the head.

The Medicinal Farmer Herb Saunders discovers a way of producing a Colostrum specific for a persons own immune needs

Herb Saunders of St. James, Minnesota was arrested in 1993 for practicing medicine without a license. After three years and two hung juries, the State dropped all charges against him on May 30, 1996. He was defended throughout the entire ordeal by Public Defender - Calvin Johnson.

The following are excerpts from an interview I had with Herb on August 30, 1996.

Mark: First, Congratulations on your victory. It must have been a long stressful two years.

Herb: It was. We prayed a lot.

Mark: How did you win your trial?

Herb: We had expert testimony from Dr. High Fudenburg MD and many others. No one charged us for their testimony. We only paid for their transportation. For this I am very grateful. The judge would not allow my customers to testify, not in either trial. I never had a dissatisfied customer in 20 years. People were ready to get on the witness stand and tell the story of their recoveries. The judge would not allow it.

Mark: Twenty years? A newspaper report says you inject a small amount of a person’s blood into the cow’s udder. Who originated this idea?

Herb: I did. I started doing this about 20 years ago. I took a small amount of blood from a patient and injected it into the udder 6 to 8 weeks before the calf is born.

Mark: How much blood is injected?

Herb: About 20 ML. It is injected in the two hind teats (of the udder).

Mark: Why would injecting a small amount of a person’s blood into the cow’s udder produce a more effective colostrum than regular colostrum?

Herb: The cow’s immune system reacts to viruses and other factors in the person’s blood and produces antibodies and transfer factor specific for that person’s illness. After the calf is born and the person drinks the colostrum, the immune factors are transferred and heal the person.

Mark: How much Colostrum does a person consume?

Herb: About 2 Tablespoons 4 times a day (for adults).

Mark: What disease conditions does it work on?

Herb: I have never seen a condition it does not work on. A lot of people with cancer have used it, all different kinds of cancer. There is a women with breast cancer who has been free of cancer now for 18 years.

Mark: Free from breast cancer for 18 years with one treatment?

Herb: Yes. The amount of colostrum it takes varies from person to person. Some people recover in one month. Others take two or three months.

Mark: Did many people try this treatment?

Herb: People came to me from all over the United States and even from Canada. Mark: What other diseases besides cancer does your Colostrum have beneficial effects on? Herb: Rheumatic fever, Polycythemia Vera, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lymphomas, Diabetes, Lyme’s disease, anything. I have never seen it fail to work.

Mark: Do you have any way to market your product now?

Herb: We are working on that now - trying to find a way to do it legally.

Mark: How long does the Colostrum stay effective?

Herb: About 6 months when frozen. You freeze it in small amounts.

Mark: Have you ever tried Colostrum on Gulf War Syndrome or AIDS?

Herb: Never on Gulf War Syndrome, but I would like to. It was tried on an AIDS patient.

Mark: What happened in the case of AIDS?

Herb: The patient gained weight, all his blood parameters improved and he returned to work.

Mark: How is the patient doing now?

Herb: I lost contact with him. I heard he died 3 years later. He only took the Colostrum for about 3 weeks. He should have used it for 3 and 1/2 months. I have never seen a disease that was not cured if it is used for 3 and 1/2 months.

Mark: Is only the first milking effective? Is it effective in the 3rd day?

Herb: The first milking is the most effective. Each milking after that, the immune factors in the Colostrum declines. You can still get results with the milk through the third day. Herb Saunders can be reached at 507-736-2431. Herb Also told me that regular Colostrum worked against cancer, even without injecting the patients blood into the cow’s udder but that it worked more effectively if the patients blood was injected in the cow’s udder first.

In a phone interview with Alain from New York, he credited several months use of Colostrum-derived transfer factor with restoring DCH skin responses to antigens. He told me he believes his immune function was restored with transfer factor. Alain - 212-243-6061.

In an interview with Robert Marra, he obtained a bottle of Colostrum directly from a farmer (not Herb) and is now trying it orally. Ph No. 718-236-9098.

9/21 Update: Robert Marra received a 4 oz bottle of a product called “2nd Formula.” It is a Colostrum derived immune soup rich in hundreds of antibodies and transfer factor. It is given orally to cattle and pigs to give them natural immunity against most animal diseases. Although it is not FDA approved for humans, the farmer who sent him the bottle told him he knows 3 people who have taken the product orally. The suggested dose is one tablespoon daily. Possibly this product may already have antibodies against several of the infections that affect people with AIDS. 2nd Formula is manufactured by IMPRO PRODUCTS - 800-626-5536. You can call them to find the name of a dealer in your state from whom you can purchase the product or you can write to Waukon Corp, 3 Allomakee St, Wakon, IA 52172.

Waukon also makes a line of homeopathic Colostrum products designed with specific antibodies to target certain types of infections for human use. It is called the Beaumont line. I was told it is sold direct to the public. You can request literature on the Beaumont line when calling IMPRO Products. Information on the Beaumont line is enroute to Keep Hope Alive as this newsletter goes to press. Call our monthly voice mail updates after the first of each month for news on new developments on this subject (414-548-4344) or access our internet web site for a written copy of the monthly voice mail updates at http:/www. execpc.com/~keephope/keephope.html


Jerry C told me he recently went to a farmer and bought two gallons of Colostrum direct from the farm (the first and part of the second milking). He froze it in several one-pint plastic jars and thaws out one bottle at time as he needs it. He uses 2 tablespoons twice a day. This is the most cost effective way of buying Colostrum.

Are there any farmers on our mailing list willing to sell Colostrum? Readers could check with local dairy farmers. It would be less expensive than buying a cow. Since Herb said Colostrum loses its effectiveness if frozen over 6 months, I would be concerned about the effectiveness of over the counter Colostrum that is more than 6 months old. However, freeze-dried Colostrum sold in capsules may have a longer shelf life, but no one knows for sure. Jarrow Formulas “Colostrum Specific” is still working very effectively against Cryptosporidium and it is over 6 months old.

“Colostrum Specific” by Jarrow Formulas stops Cryptosporidium diarrhea in 4 cases.

Within the past four months, I have talked to four persons with AIDS who claimed to have cured themselves of Cryptosporidium by taking the Jarrow Formulas product. The dose was 2 capsules 4 times a day. In all 4 cases the diarrhea stopped in 4 or 5 days. The total duration of treatment was 2 to 3 weeks. After the treatment was stopped, the diarrhea did not return. What we now need is for Jarrow Formulas and other companies to make a Colostrum Specific for CMV, HHV-6A, MAI, MAC and other AIDS related infections including lymphomas and KS. If the Colostrum with specific antibodies works as effectively for these conditions as it has for crypto, a lot of people could be healed. Why stop here? Why not create Colostrum specific products for people with Gulf War Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a whole list of other diseases as well? This approach could revolutionize medicine and soon make antibiotics and chemotherapy obsolete. Let us pray it happens soon. The world is ready for some safe and effective treatments for these illnesses.

Keep Hope Alive’s Latest Protocol Recommendations

(Take this list to your Physician)


The Most Important Diagnostic Markers, IN THE ORDER OF IMPORTANCE, are:

1. Multitest CMI or other similiar Immune Competency Panels to test for Anergy or immune function.

2. Natural Killer Cell Function Tests and B cell Function Tests. (Specialty Labs, Santa Monica, CA 800-421-7110)

3. Beta 2 Micro-globulin levels. (According to Dr. Burton Waisbren MD, Milw, WI, if the number is above 3, you are a candidate for lymphoma or KS.) You want this number to be below 2.

4. PCR of the blood for HHV-6 - A test that is close to 100% accurate, but does not distinguish between strains A and B. (Specialty Labs). PCR of the lymph nodes for HHV-6 is not yet available in most areas. Most labs do not distinguish between variants A and B strain of HHV-6. The blood test (PCR for HHV-6) determines the presence of both strains simultaneously.

Antibody blood test for HHV-6 are only about 50% accurate as HHV-6 replicates in cycles. Active replication goes on in the cells often when no antibodies can be found in the blood.

5. P24 Antibody test. Published scientific studes (AIDSLINE, MEDLINE) show that HIV viral load drops as P24 Antibody increases which indicates your immune system is naturally suppressing HIV activity. (GMHC treatment Issues, Vol 2, No 8 - Dec. 12, 1988)

6. Total Absolute NK cell counts.

7. Total Absolute CD8 counts. Increases in either NK or CD8 or both often correlate with decreases in HIV/HHV-6 activity and decreases in opportunistic infections. In the Jan. 1992 issue of GMHC Treatment issues (Vol. 6, No 1), Kevin Armington wrote: “Dr. Luc Montagnier says his lab has shown that certain T8 cells attack an enzyme on HIV calledt protease.” This would mean that T8 (CD8) cells are natural protease inhibitors. Unlike pharmaceutical protease inhibitors, CD8 cells have no side effects. I have observed in many cases that when CD8 counts are over 1500, HIV viral load drops as measured by PCR.

8. Body Temperature - normal is 98.6 F. and normal saliva pH of 6.4. When body temperature is below normal, immune function is suppressed. When the body fluids are acid (saliva pH below 6.4), replication of herpes type viruses (i.e. HHV-6) increase. Saliva pH below 6.0 is a serious conditoin associated with swollen lymph nodes, neuropathy, wasting syndrome, dementia and many other HHV-6A related symptoms.

9. Total CD4 Helper cell counts

10. PCR for HIV viral load in the blood.

Other blood paramenters including WBC, RBC and platelet counts need to be watched closely. CD4 function tests need to be developed and are not available. From our view, Immune function tests are at the top of the list, PCR viral load for HIV at the bottom. Increases in CD4 counts would be better news for the immune system than decreases in HIV PCR viral load levels. However, increases in NK cells and CD8s would be even better news for a more functional immune system. The best news of all would be a good skin response to Multitest and normal responses for B cell and NK cell Function Tests indicating that you no longer have AIDS (immune dysfunction) even though you are a carrier of either HHV-6 or HIV or both. After you have good immune function and no longer have AIDS, then we can focus our research on non-toxic protocols (protocols that do not suppress immune function) to completely erradicate both HIV and HHV-6 -. Multitest should be requested each and every time you have blood drawn for T cells and/or PCR.

Treatment Options For AIDS, CFIDS, GWS and Cancer.

If you show anergy (no response) to Multirest CMI and/or poor or no resonse to B cell and NK Functions tests:

1. Naltrexone (3 mg once a day in the evening) Requires a prescription from your doctor. See my book for more information and pharmacy sources.

2. DNCB topical skin application once a week. Note: There is some duplicity in effects with Naltrexone and DNCB. Use at least one of these, although it is better to use both.

3. Whole Lemon/Olive drink once a day

4. RyVital or Oralmat (3 to 6 drops 3 times a day) Other sources of Beta 1,3 Glucan include NSC-24, Fresh Shiitake mushrooms or (Shi-LEM by Source Naturals), rye sprouts and possibly beer and home-made wine.

5. Olive leaf home made tincture or Ojibwa Indian Tea.

Note: The Ojibwa Indian tea has had over 70 years of success behind it in the treatment of cancer and at least 10 years in the treatment of AIDS. We are evaluating the Olive Leaf Tincture and depending on what happens in several diagnostic areas, we should know within the next few months the results of this tincture. For cancer, use Ojibwa Indian Formula.

6. Complete Thymic Formula (Preventive Therapeutics) with immune enhancing vitamins and minerals - over 60 immune enhancing factors. Minimum dose - 3 tablets twice daily.

7. Colostrum.

Additional factors to help inactivate the primary AIDS virus - HHV-6 include Acyclovir - up to 4800 mg daily; L-Lysine - up to 2000 mg daily and possibly the product ARA-6 (Arabinogalactins) DHEA - 50 mg daily has been reported to help improve cell mediated immunity, but adverse effects occur from very high doses (200 to 400 mg daily). Published studies show that Ampligen inactivates HHV-6 and enhances DCH skin antigen responses as does Remune - the new Salk vaccine now under FDA approved trials in the US. Ampligen is undergoing Canadian FDA approved trial at this time. For more information, call 905-841-2300 extension 239.

For more information on Remune, contact your local AIDS service organization. Web surfers, if the Superhighway is not having a traffic jam, connect to http:/www.imnr.com.

Diet: Eat 3 or 4 cloves of sliced raw garlic daily to boost NK cell activity. Always eat on whole grain or rye crisp, never straight. Eats lots of raw vegetables, leafy dark green and spicy foods- red peppers, jalepeno peppers, green olives. AVOID sugar and sweets (canned soda, sweet rolls, ice cream) - they directly suppress the activity of immune cells. Avoid hard liquor. Consider one pint daily of raw vegetable juices made from carrot, celery, beet, parsley, spinach, beet tops). For more information on diet and many other options to enhance immune function, see my book on How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction. Consider weekly Colonics.


If you decide to use prescription drugs (protease inhibitors and/or nucleosides) with Keep Hope Alive’s protocols, use Multitest CMI to monitor changes in immune function. Your don’t want to end up with anergy while you are celebrating a HIV PCR viral load that is non-detectable because with anergy (no skin response to antigens) you are a candidate for cancer, lymphomas, PCP, CMV, MAI, MAC and other life threatening opportunistic infections. On the other hand, if you have good immune function, you can sleep well at night. If you have anergy, you will need to reevaluate the protocols you are on, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Your immune system won’t come back if you use the “do nothing” protocol. Write to us and share your experiences and lab results.

All readers are encouraged to send us a written copy of their current protocols and lab results for evaluation. We cannot properly evaluate the protocols we recommend unless we receive this information on a regular basis. Be sure to include a description of your Multitest immune function results both at the start of the protocol and after.

Internet http://www.keephopealive.org