Positive Health News

Report No 17 Fall Issue (1998)

An extract from Elder berries, used in combination with a common treatment for Arthritis (glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate), inhibits HIV and other lipid envelope viruses.

Editor’s Message on AIDS and CFIDS - Where is the Cure?

Transfer Factor specific for HHV-6A now under development

Sulfated polysaccharides (glucosamine & chondroitin sulfate) inhibit HIV and other viruses

Elder Berries - anti-viral and metabolic effects

Interviews and Anecdotal reports Hepatitis C - Promising new treatments - transfer factor panel for A, B and C and Thy-Mates.

L-Glutamine increases Glutathione levels & heals mucosal membranes

Hybrid - Protocols - an idea whose time has come

Protease inhibitors - problems with lipid metabolism may preclude long term use.

Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) - a natural substance found in brown rice and whole kernel corn stimulates natural killer cell activity

Essential oils of peppermint, orange & lemongrass inhibit most strains of fungal and bacterial infections

Editor’s Message on AIDS & CFIDS - Where is the Cure?

Mark Konlee

It has been 6 months since the last issue of Positive Health News. The flowers were not even budding then and now the leaves are turning colors. The 12th International AIDS Conference in Geneva came and went with no exciting breakthroughs to announce. If there are some important discoveries out there, they are still probably buried in the nearly 6000 posters and abstracts on file in Geneva which most news reporter including myself have not had the time to read. How to Access Abstracts from the 12th Int’l AIDS Conference in Geneva.

The internet address to access nearly 6000 posters and abstracts filed at the 12th Int’l AIDS conference in Geneva is - www.abstracts-on-line.com/scripts/abstracts/aids/passgate.cfm. When you get to the home page, you will need to register a name and a password and then use it each time you access the search engine for the abstracts. A menu allows you to use a standard search or advanced search. I suggest trying the standard search the first time you use it.

To access Medline or AIDSLINE at the National Library of Medicine - http://igm.nlm.nih.gov/ Abstracts from Positive Health News, Report No 16, are now on AIDSLINE at the National Library of Medicine. Two abstracts selected from articles in the last newsletter were the one on an evaluation of the imunological effects of various drug cocktail combinations and the other one was on “Restoring Antigen Presentation - the first step on the road to immune restoration.” Key search word - “Konlee” and you will pull up both abstracts. Being that my work at Keep Hope Alive is part time, since I still work a full time job, readers who have access to the internet are welcome to join in the search for answers that will benefit all of us who are immune compromised.

About 75% of our readers today are affected by HIV while the other 25% have CFIDS, candidiasis, herpes, cancer, hepatitis, multiple chemical sensitivity or Gulf War Syndrome. This indicates the diversity of readers who have conditions for which effective answers are sought.

Increasingly, persons with CFIDS are desperate for answers. For the past 3 years, I have presented a disease model in AIDS and CFIDS that both conditions are linked by a common virus, HHV-6A, with AIDS being the result of two viruses (HIV + HHV-6A). I still believe in this disease model. Konstance Knox recently reported that in lymph node biopsies of AIDS patients, they found HHV-6, the variant A strain, in 28 out of 28 lymph node biopsies. That is still a disturbing 100%. What is lacking is a commitment of government and private research funds to finally resolve the role of HHV-6A in AIDS, CFIDS and Multiple Sclerosis.

For several months, discussions have been underway at both the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin and at the NIH on testing for HHV-6A in AIDS patients. From reliable sources, I am aware that these discussions have been at the highest levels. The NIH has lymph node biopsies of several long term HIV+ persons who have never progressed to AIDS. These could be tested for the presence of HHV-6A and compared with an equal number of lymph node biopsies of persons who have progressed to determine if the HHV-6A is missing in the non-progressors and present in the progressors. Only a controlled study will finally resolve this issue of the role of HHV-6A in AIDS.


Within the past week, two advertisers in this newsletter, Animune and Chisolm Biologicals, have both promised me that they would develop a transfer specific for all the available strains (subsets) of HHV-6A. These transfer factor products are expected to be available in 1999. The cost to the manufacturers of obtaining these purified antigens of the various subsets of HHV-6A and B is expected be at least $10,000 not including the cost of making the transfer factor. If this product works as well as I expect it to, it will be a breakthrough for many persons infected by HHV-6A, persons with AIDS, CFIDS and in many instances Multiple Sclerosis. Virology + Immunology

Our focus for the past several years has been on Immunology - restoring NK function, CD8 cytotoxic lymphocyte activity and delayed type hypersensitivity (DTH). On a separate front and with this issue of PHN, I have set as a goal to find a combination of botanicals and other natural substances like sulfated polysaccharides to inactivate HIV, HHV-6A, hepatitis and other stubborn infections that will help bring fast relief from symptoms until the immune system recovers with immune-based therapies.


The promise of Vancouver, that drug cocktails with protease inhibitors would lead to total viral eradication, is now but a dream. What is a reality is that these drugs cocktails have saved thousands of lives, but for how long, no one knows. What is needed are to find low-cost combinations that bring low or non-detectable viral loads without side effects. Today, 95% of the world’s population affected by HIV do not have access to these drugs as they don’t have enough money to pay for them. If the cost of effectively treating AIDS could be reduced from $1500 a month to $50 a month, the majority of the world’s 30 million people who are infected with this virus would finally get relief from their misery. No one seems to be breaking their back to find a $50 a month treatment for AIDS.

In this issue, you will read about the use of an extract from elderberry along with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate and the initial results which look promising. This combined treatment costs about $50 a month. As more people with AIDS and CFIDS try this combination in the next few months, we will all know soon if we hit the mother lode or are on yet another roller coaster ride. We are yet to learn if viral resistance will develop from the use of these sulfated polysaccharides.

I believe that the key to a final cure - total viral eradication - depends on inducing a natural form of hyperthermia (a low grade fever) along with a strong CD8 cytotoxic lymphocyte response. We have a lot of drugs and natural substances that can turn off a fever, but how do you turn one on? Herbs that induce sweating are yarrow, cayenne and elder berries and flowers. I was told recently a certain species of oil of Rose Germanium will create a fever. I do not have sufficient information at this time to get to the specifics except to tell you I am working on it and awaiting more information. A dry fever is something we do not want as toxins will build up in the body.

To stimulate an immune response against infections, we need to promote heat and sweating simultaneously. For research purposes only, combinations that might work are 1. yarrow and cayenne or 2. yarrow and elderberry or 3. cayenne and elderberry. Extracts or teas made with these combinations need to be tested.

Our Updated position on Protease Inhibitors and Drug Cocktails.

Double protease inhibitors and Crixivan have been dropped from out list. The problem with double protease inhibitors (Norvir and Fortovase or Crixivan and Fortovase) is that they exasperate the lipid metabolism problems and increase the risk of heart disease by decreasing the HDLs, the good cholesterol and increasing the LDL, the bad cholesterol leading to hardening of the arteries. I also continue to get reports of cancers developing on drug cocktails that combine AZT and/or DDI with protease inhibitors, but especially Crixivan as well as reports of chronic insomnia. Of the current 12 FDA approved drugs for treating AIDS, the two safest protease inhibitors are Norvir and Viracept, RT inhibitors, D4T, 3TC, Viramune and Rescriptor. Of the new ones, Sustiva (Efavirenz) is the safest while there are serious side effects reported with Ziagen(Abacavir) and Preveon(Adefovir). Of all of them, the three I have the most confidence in are Norvir, Rescriptor and 3TC. See related articles in this newsletter on my concept of Hybrid Protocols.


The hand of Divine Providence once parted the Red Sea. It was 2000 years ago that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and turned water into wine. Many readers who have requested the Pieta Prayer book have been moved by my personal story of a spiritual experience I had at 13 years of age when the Virgin Mary touched my eye and removed a sliver. To those of you whose hearts have not been hardened by the materialism of this world, keep the faith and keep on praying. Your efforts will one day be rewarded.

Positive Health News is published 3 times annually by Keep Hope Alive, Ltd, a non-profit corporation organized under Chapter 181 of Wisconsin statutes. Keep Hope Alive Ltd., PO Box 27041, West Allis, WI 53227 414-751-4998 e-mail keephope@highstream.net. Progressive Health News is a monthly update of new developments and medical research for the immune-compromised. To subscribe or receive a free subscription, see the last page of this newsletter. Both Positive Health News and Progressive Health News are supplements to the book How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction.

Sulfated Polysaccharides (chondroitin sulfate and carrageenan) plus glucosamine sulfate are potent inhibitors of HIV

Chondroitin Sulfate - A Fusion Inhibitor

Mark Konlee

An article by DS Newburg et al in the Journal of Nutrition (4) reports that “Human milk glycosaminoglycans inhibit HIV glycoprotein gp120 binding to its host cell CD4 receptor.” Newburg reports that the binding of the gp120 on the membrane of the HIV virus to a target cell is the first step that must happen before HIV can infect a new cell. Any substance that can block the ability of a virus to infect a cell is called a fusion inhibitor which means that the virus is prevented from injecting its genetic material into the cell. Blocking the ability of a virus to infect a cell stop the spread of an infection at its very origin. A fusion inhibitor is to a virus what a mosquito repellent is to a mosquito; it prevent the virus (i.e. mosquito) from making surface contact with the host. Newburg has discovered a natural fusion inhibitor in human milk called chondroitin sulfate.

Newburg et al wrote: “The binding of the HIV envelope glycoprotein, gp 120, to its host cell receptor, CD4, is inhibited in a solid phase assay by a glycosaminoglycan of human milk; this binding is the essential first step in HIV infectivity.” Human milk contains dermatan sulfate, heparin, heparin sulfate, and chondroitin sulfate. Newburg found that when lytic enzymes that were specific for dermatan sulfate, heparin and heparin sulfate were added to human milk, they did not affect the inhibition of gp 120 to bind to the CD4 cells. However, when lytic enzymes were added specific for chondroitin sulfate, the ability to block binding of the HIV glycoprotein (gp 120) to the CD4 cells was lost. Newburg concludes: “This indicates that the ability of human milk to inhibit gp120 binding to CD4 may be attributed to chondroitin sulfate...rather than to other components of human milk.” Newburg then speculates that the human milk glycosaminoglycan (chondroitin sulfate), could limit the rate of vertical transmission of HIV in breast-fed infants of HIV-infected mothers (4).

Since chondroitin sulfate is found in human milk, might it not also be found in cow and goat’s milk? Chondroitin sulfate is found naturally in Shark cartilage and Bovine Trachea cartilage. Today, it is widely available as a dietary supplement in both health food stores and pharmacies and is often used with glucosamine sulfate as a treatment for Arthritis and Rheumatism. Interestingly, an Indian medicine man from Canada told me that he “cured” over 100 cases of arthritis among his fellow Indians by having them drink raw (unpasturized) cow’s milk that was preheated until it was lukewarm or would dissolve a dab of butter. Could pasteurization of milk impair the ability of the digestive tract to absorb chondroitin sulfate? On the other hand, absorption of chondroitin sulfate from pasteurized milk might still be occurring. I recall a case about 3 years where a PWA (person with aids) told me he gained 20 lbs by drinking 2 quarts of milk daily. I have read that glucosamine sulfate has a smaller molecular weight than chondroitin sulfate and is 98% absorbed whereas chondroitin sulfate is 13% absorbed(7). (Possibly, chondroitin sulfate’s anti-HIV action is primarily located in the gastrointestinal tract).

(Note: Pasteurization of milk is done to prevent transmission of diseases like bovine tuberculosis from cows to people. Consumption of raw milk should be only from a dairy cow certified by a veterinarian to be free of any transmissible disease. Two states, California and I believe Vermont allow for the public sale of Certified Organic Raw Milk.) Glucosamine 6-sulfate found to have significant anti-HIV activity. Basgasra et al of the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA found that sulfated polysaccharides and one sulfated monosaccharide, glucosamine 6-sulfate, have significant anti-HIV activity (1). The authors discussed previous research that found that 4 sulfated polysaccharides: dextran sulfate, pentosane polysulfate, chondroitin sulfate and heparin sulfate, had anti-HIV activity. Basgasra tested these using 4 different assays to measure anti-HIV activity and concluded that “only sulfated polysaccharides and one sulfated monosaccharide, glucosamine 6-sulfate, have significant anti HIV-1 activity.”

CARRAGEENAN (derived from red seaweed)

Carrageenan is a substance with natural gelling and thickening properties that is used as a food additive in ice cream, sauces and salad dressings. It is found naturally in Irish Moss and in several other species of red seaweed. Carrageenan, derived from red seaweed is processed to remove the marine flavor and is listed by the FDA on its GRAS list (generally recognized as safe).

R Pratt-Pearce and DM Phillips found that sulfated polysaccharides inhibited lymphocyte to epithelial transmission of HIV (2). The authors of this article suggested that iota carrageenan be used as a vaginal microbicide to prevent HIV transmission. They wrote:

“In the present in vitro study, evidence is presented that a number of sulfated polysaccharides, including carrageenan, dextran sulfate, heparin, fucoidal and pentosan polysulfate, are capable of blocking (HIV) infection by mechanisms other than adhesion at concentrations of a thousand times lower than the dosages that are needed to block cell adhesion. One of these compounds, iota carrageenan, is capable not only of blocking infection of epithelia at concentrations of 1-2 micrograms, but of blocking adhesion to a far greater extent than the other sulfated polysaccharides tested.”

The authors suggested that carrageenan be tested as a vaginal microbicide to prevent HIV transmission. 12th Int’l AIDS Conference: Abstract no 33155 by David Philips et al reported on various concentrations of carrageenan placed in vagina of mice and reported that “Formulations of carrageenan may be effective in blocking infection by HSV-2 without affecting fertility. Carrageenan based N9 spermicides may be more efficacious than existing glycerol based formulations in preventing infection by herpes simplex virus and possibly other enveloped viruses.” (5) Another abstract at the conference found that a 2% formulation of the sulfated polysaccharide carrageenan “protected all the animals from HSV-2 infection.” (6)

Several abstracts indicated that in mice, carrageenan suppressed macrophage activity. This, however, has not been demonstrated in humans and in the experiments with mice, the carrageenan was injected which could elicit a completely different immune response that when the carrageenan is orally ingested and goes through the digestive process. The question of whether oral use of carrageenan in humans might suppress macrophage activity is not resolved and needs to be studied further.

Nothing has shown up in scientific literature that indicates the other sulfated polysaccharides, chondroitin and glucosamine, have any effect one way or the other, on macrophage activity. Shark cartilage, used to treat cancer and arthritis, contains chondroitin sulfate. However, the effects of various types of sulfated polysaccharides on natural killer cell and CD8 cytotoxic lymphocyte activity needs to be studied and weighed along with its anti-viral effects to get a complete picture of its therapeutic value and its effects on immune function. In a further contradiction of carrageenan’s effects on the immune system, a Material Safety Data Sheet from FMC corporation indicated that in animal studies, small amounts of carrageenan in rats suppressed immune function while larger doses stimulated it. (2)

Why study the anti-viral and immunological effects of carrageenan, agar and irish moss if chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate prove safe and effective for HIV and other lipid envelope viruses? The answer is to expand treatment options to determine the most effective, yet safe forms of sulfated polysaccharides available, and if any of these forms might actually totally eradicate HIV, HHV-6A and other lipid envelope viruses from the body.

1. Fuji Y et al; Microbiol Immunol 1990;34(6):533

2. J. Reticuloendothelial Soc. 28:213, 1980

3. “Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate,” by Rita Elkins M.A, M.H., Woodland Publishing Inc., Pleasant Grove, UT.



One question that was not addressed at the 12th Int’l AIDS Conference is if the oral consumption of carrageenan or other forms of sulfated polysaccharides found in agar agar, irish moss and other sea vegetables would be absorbed and then lower the HIV plasma viral load. This is an important question to be answered considering the low cost and availability of these products and the critical need to find an effective low-cost treatment for poor people in third world countries.

Sulfated polysaccharides exist in red seaweed, Irish moss, agar agar and other sea vegetables and plants. Could sulfated polysaccharides exist in wakame (used in Miso soup)? Might this partially explain the success of traditional macrobiotic diets in stopping HIV progression to AIDS? Macrobiotic diets usually include a generous daily portion of vegetables from the sea.


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Researchers Baba M et al from Belgium reported as long ago as November, 1988, that “Sulfated polysaccharides are potent and selective inhibitors of various enveloped viruses, including herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus, vesicular stomatitis virus, and human immunodeficiency virus.” (1)

The researchers reported that sulfated polysaccharides (dextran sulfate...fucoidan and carrageenans) proved to be potent inhibitors for herpes simplex virus, human cytomegalovirus, vericular stomatitis virus, Sindbis virus, and HIV, but not inhibitory to adenovirus, poliolvirus and parainfluenza virus. They wrote that “with the exception of parainfluenza virus, enveloped viruses are specifically susceptible to the inhibitory activity of sulfated polysaccharides.”

Another seaweed, a red algae “Schizmenia pacifica” was found by Nakashima et al to be a reverse transcriptase inhibitor against HIV. These researchers also reported that chondroitin sulfate had reverse transcriptase inhibitory activity (2).


Another plant from the sea, Agar Agar, was found to have sulfated polysaccharides (agaropectin)(3). Agar is often added to processed foods for its gelling properties. However, no published research has been found to determine if the sulfated polysaccharides in Agar will inhibit lipid envelope viruses. Agar as well as other species of red seaweed need further research to determine their full potential anti-viral properties.

Other red seaweeds where sulfated polysaccharides were found are Gracilaria dominguensis (4), Nothogenia fastigiata (5) and Grateloupia indica (6). Chondrus crispus (Irish Moss) was found to contain kappa-carrageenan as the major component with 1-carrageenan and sulfated galactans as minor components (7). In August, 1986, in the publication “Shigaku,” Natsuno et al reported “a potent inhibitor of bacterial growth from a seaweed, Chondrus crispus.”

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An interesting study by Fuji Y et al at the Nagoya Univ. School of Medicine found that IgG antibodies in-vivo (in a live host) diminished the NK cell activity of nude mouse spleen cells and that preadministration with silica or carrageenan blocked the effects of IgG in suppressing NK cell activity. (1). My interpretation of this article suggests that silica or carrageenan may block TH2 cytokine stimulated antibody (IgG) activity that suppresses the TH1 cytokine Natural killer cell and CD8 cytotoxic lymphocyte activity (CTL) in the presence of complement.

This suggests that silica (bioactive silicon) or carrageenan, by suppressing TH2 antibody activity, might help promote NK and CTL immune responses that would be beneficial in conditions like AIDS, CFIDS and even cancer. Bio-Sil, a bioligically active form of liquid silicon manufactured by Jarrow Formulas is sold in health food stores. The herb “horsetail” or “shavegrass” is a natural source high in silicon. Other herbs that contain silicon are black walnut, burdock, cornsilk, gentian, ginseng, nettle, oatstraw, peppermint, rosehips and stevia, a natural sweetener. The use of these herbs as a natural source of silica might benefit persons affected by AIDS, CFIDS, Gulf War Syndrome and other conditions if they ultimately prove to help shift the cytokine profile from TH2 to TH1 thus helping to improve CD8 cytotoxic lymphocyte and NK cell activity.

Anecdotal Reports

Elderberry extract plus chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate and Thy-Mate reduces HIV viral load to non-detectable levels in 10 days


On August 13th, 1998, a local PWA, J.P., who had used an elderberry extract in which the alcohol was removed with low temperature evaporation in a crock pot reported the following results after drinking 1/3 cup twice daily for 10 days. His HIV viral load dropped from 39000 to non-detectable levels. CD4’s increased from 23 to 213 and CD8’s doubled from 900 to 1800. In addition to the elderberry extract, JP added at the same time Thy-Mate - 3 caps twice daily and Chondroitin and Glucosamine sulfate - 1 capsule of each twice daily.

JP did not tell me about the Thy-Mate and the chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate he used with the elderberry until after the August message was written, printed and sent out to our readers. The news of this new triple combination therapy broke on the September 1st Voice Mail Message update and in September issue of Progressive Health News.

Since he was not on a monotherapy and scientific literature indicates powerful anti-HIV effects from Chondroitin and Glucosamine sulfate, his dramatic results may not have resulted from the elderberry alone, but rather by the combination of all three - elderberry, chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate.

JP had discontinued the use of Norvir 4 weeks before starting on the elderberry and sulfated polysaccharides and was not using any prescribed anti-HIV drugs. JP had been using a double dose of Norvir (Norvir + Norvir) and no other anti-HIV prescribed drugs. He discontinued using the Norvir at my suggestion as his platelet count had dropped and we needed to find out if the double dose of Norvir was responsible. His platelet counts normalized which may also have been affected by the prednisone he had been on for the previous 4 months after a bout with PCP in January. He stopped using the prednisone at the same time he stopped the Norvir.

He had been using a number of products to increase intracellular Glutathione levels and drive DTH responses to DNCB. He credits the Norvir with reducing his viral load from 640,000 to 39,000 over a 2 month period. He told me that he personally knew two persons who were on drug cocktails yet had high viral loads who added both chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate to their daily regimen. They took 3 capsules of each twice daily and both reported their viral loads dropping to non-detectable levels while remaining on the protease inhibitor cocktails.

Anecdotal Reports

Elderberry extract plus chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate reduces HIV viral from 480,000 to 290,000 in 6 days.

Steven Rahn

For the first two weeks of August, Steven used the hot water and blender method of making elderberry extract and switched to the crock-pot method on August 14th. His last viral load was in April, 1998 and stood at 534,000, down from 680,000 earlier in the year. A lab on August 21st showed his viral load at 490,000. A second blood test for viral load was done on August 27th and the PCR was 480,000.

On September 3rd, he added chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate (capsules) and continued using elderberry extract. A third test was done on September 9th. The evening of September 15th, he called with the results of the September 9th test. He said he was told his viral load now stood at 290,000. Steve has not used any prescribed anti-HIV drugs during the past year. He has used NK911 for the past 11 months, Beta glucan 2 days per week and alpha lipoic acid (100 mg daily) along with vitamin supplementation. He uses DNCB topical weekly applications but has poor DTH responses and requires a 5% solution of DNCB to get a good reaction. For five days before the September 9th test, he started to take an unusually large dose of vegetarian digestive enzymes (about 6 capsules 3 times a day with meals). Whether this impacted his lower viral load is unknown. The vegetarian enzymes are believed to help break up circulating immune complexes but are not known to have an anti-HIV effect. He is trying to arrange to have a 4th test done in October. He can be reached at 209-264-7945 for more information.

Steve, myself and several hundred persons who have phoned him from across the nation are waiting to see if his viral load will reach non-detectable levels with his next test.


September 24th, 1998

Mark: When were you first diagnosed with HIV?

Steve: I first tested positive in April, 1994.

Mark: What was the first treatment you tried?

Steve: DNCB. I bought a book written by Billi Goldberg and decided to use DNCB as it promotes a CD8 cytotoxic lymphocyte response to the virus.

Mark: Did you use any protease inhibitors and drug cocktails since 1994?

Steve: I tried Crixivan, AZT and 3TC in May, 1997. Within about a week, I did not like how I was feeling and could not stand taking it. I stopped the Crixivan and felt better on the AZT and 3TC. In June, something started growing on my tonsils that looked like a mushroom. Two physicians could not agree what it was. I then added Viracept along with AZT and 3TC. I stayed on it about a month and then stopped all three as I could not tolerate the side effects.

Mark: How did you get rid of the growth on the tonsils?

Steve: After I stopped the drugs, the growth on my tonsils disappeared in a few weeks.

Mark: What did you do next?

Steve: I started using antigen-specific transfer factor - the product advertised in your newsletter. I think it is called ImmuneFactor now. I used coconut, every which way - coconut oil, coconut milk and raw coconut. I had irritations in my eye and sprayed a mild colloidal silver solution into the eye which cleared up the problem. I added Naltrexone which I used for about 6 months. I also use Beta Glucan about 2 days a week. In October, 1997, I added NK911 and am continuing to use it to this day. I use 2 or 3 capsules of the NK911 for 3 days a week. I added Bio Pro Thymic Protein A and Larreastat and used them for about 2 months and then stopped. I then added olive leaf tea. A shortage of money has limited my treatment options.

Mark: Were you hospitalized anytime in the past 12 months?

Steve: Yes, in December, I was on Bactrim and added Sees-2000 and got a severe rash skin to both of them that covered my whole body. I ended up in the hospital. The doctors were worried about my condition for a while, but I recovered. My physican advised me not to use Bactrim, Septra or Sees-2000 ever again.

Mark: I remember that crisis when you called me. I never advise anyone to use Sees-2000 with Bactrim or Septra. Always use one or the other, but not both at the same time. It sounds like you had a double allergic reaction to the sulfur-based Bactrim and Sees-2000, a herb high in sulfur.

Steve: That was my second experience with Sees-2000.

Mark: You are the first person to report a skin rash from Sees-2000 when used the second time. It is hard to tell if it was the Bactrim or the Sees-2000 or both that caused the rash

. Steve: I agree.

Mark: Have you taken anything since them to prevent PCP?

Steve: No, and I haven’t broken with PCP either.

Mark: You told me your CD4 count was 140 in April, 1998 and CD8’s were 900 and you had a viral load of 534,000. Did your physician suggest an alternative treatment to prevent PCP like Pentamidine or Mepron?

Steve: No, he hasn’t. I will ask him about this when I see him at my next visit.

Mark: Pentamidine or Mepron are not known to have any major side effects. They would both be good options to use to prevent PCP until your immune system recovers. It is possible that you have not broken with PCP due to activated natural killer cell activity from the Naltrexone and NK911. I am aware of several cases where persons take supplements to stimulate NK activity and do not get PCP, even when their CD4 counts are well below 200. However, the use of Pentamidine or Mepron would be extra insurance to prevent PCP. Dr. Bihari has recommended Mepron for his AIDS patients who cannot tolerate Bactrim.

Steve: I think that is a good idea.

Mark: What was the first reaction you noticed when you started using elderberry extract in August?

Steve: I never have swollen lymph nodes and a few days after starting the elderberry, the lymph nodes in my groin swelled up.

Mark: That is a sign of immune activation. What else did you notice?

Steve: My digestive tract improved immediately. I stopped having gas. My stools became larger in diameter and started looking normal. I slept more deeply.

Mark: Did they float?

Steve: Since elderberry, I have more floaters than sinkers. My stools used to be the size of my nail thumb. Now, they are normal in size.

Mark: There is an old saying that says: small stools, large hospitals; large stools, small hospitals. Larger diameter stools means the inflammation in the colon has been reduced. Several years ago, I sent out a survey on the issue of floating stools and found that healthier people always had floaters and higher T cell counts while persons with sinkers had falling T cell counts and increasing susceptibility to infections, particularly fungal. I have had many reports of sinking stools in persons with CFIDS or chronic candidiasis who are HIV negative. Persons with irritable bowel syndrome usually have small diameter stools, sometimes as thin as a pencil. Besides elderberry, I have had reports that the amino acid L-glutamine corrects this problem. Usually about 1500 mg 3 times a day gives noticeable results in a few days. Slippery elm tea and peppermint tea combined also helps.

Steve: I went the past 2 or 3 years either feeling constipated or loose stools. Only one day since I started using elderberry have I had any thing but a totally normal stool. Now, every thing is normal size and working the way it is suppose to. I can tell you I am tinkled pink with the condition of my bowels now compared to the past 3 years and they are even better now than before I was HIV+.

Mark: That is a strong endorsement of elderberry.

Steve: I had no expectation that this would happen when I started using elderberry.

Mark: I find about half the people using elderberry for the first time get diarrhea which is usually gone is about 10 days. Did this happen to you?

Steve: No, it did not.

Mark: When making the elderberry extract, you added 2 ounces of elder flowers to the pound of elderberries, what did you notice?

Steve: It gave it a sweeter taste and a nice aroma.

Mark: The book “Indian Herbalogy of North America,” by Alma Hutchens, reports that elder flowers is beneficial for eye problems and improves kidney function. I think the flowers create a more enjoyable drink as well. Up till now, we haven’t discussed the effects of your therapy on your T cells.

Steve: Well, in April, my CD4s were 140 and CD8’s 900. The August 21st test showed my CD4’s at 32 and CD8s at 395 which concerns me. On August 27th, my CD4’s were at 14 and CD8s at 385.

Mark: It seems that while your viral load is falling, so are your T cells. Do you feel ill?

Steve: No. I haven’t felt this good in 3 years. If you look at these numbers, T cells, I should be in a hospital wired for lights and sound. The other day, the dog ran away and I chased him down the street several blocks. I couldn’t have done this before I started on the elderberry and the chondroitin/glucosamine sulfates.

Mark: What is even more amazing is that with 14 CD4 cells, you are not breaking with PCP or thrush. I’ve seen a pattern in other cases when there is rapid drop in viral load and/or a cytokine shift from TH2 to TH1, the T cells will drop along with the viral load. When the viral load drops below 1000, the T cells will reappear and shoot up like a rocket. I’ll give you an example: Remember Marc Correa? Last July, when his viral load was over 200,000 and his CD4 count actually dropped to zero. At that time, I withheld this information from our readers. I told Marc that his T cells had migrated from his blood to his lymph system to do a house cleaning on the HIV and HHV-6 and then when the house cleaning was done, they would return to his blood stream. I published his protocol in the last two editions of Positive Health News. That is exactly what happened. While his viral load was over 200,000 and his CD4 count was zero, he said he felt like a million dollars. As you remember, he only used immune-based and nutritional therapies. When his viral load dropped below 1000, his CD4 count climbed to over 200 in a few months. Now his CD4’s are over 500 and his viral load is non-detectable.

Take the case of JP. In May, his CD4 count dropped to 2 while his viral load was steadily dropping using Norvir along with about 12 dietary supplements he was taking. Most of the supplements he used, I wrote about in my last newsletter. In July , his CD4’s were 23. Ten days after going on elderberry plus chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate and Thy-Mate, they jumped to 213 while his viral load became non-detectable. What this indicates is how fast these number can turn around when you use a protocol that works synergistically.

Steve: Would you explain more by what you mean by synergistically”

Mark: Take this example, Epivir or 3TC. No one uses 3TC by itself as viral resistance develops in about 2 weeks. Yet, hundreds of drugs cocktails formulations use 3TC. In syngerism, a drug like 3TC, that normally fails to work in about 2 weeks by itself, becomes a powerful anti-viral agent when combined with one or more other drugs or even botanicals. The success of combination therapy is to use a combination that blocks viral replication at different points of the replication cycle simultaneously.

I had one person tell me they reduced their viral load to non-detectable levels combining olive leaf extract (East Park Research) with 3TC. Another person told me their viral load became non-detectable when they used Plain Composition (Chinese herbs) with 3TC. Now, you would think that 3TC would only work when combined with other drugs. Not so. I have two examples of an effective cocktail combining 3TC, a pharmaceutical drug with two different botanicals. However, the concept of syngerism becomes more complete when you use a anti-viral cocktail with therapies that restore immune function. Then, you have the best of both worlds. A direct attack on the viral load with a non-toxic treatment reduces stress on the immune system and helps the immune-based therapies work more efficiently to restore the persons health and well being.

Mark: For the record, how much chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate are you using daily?

Steve: I am using about 1500 mg daily of glucosamine sulfate and about 1500 mg daily of chondroitin sulfate. I take one capsule of each three times a day with meals (2 capsules per meal and a total of 6 capsules daily) I first used Nature’s Bounty, then Futurebiotics. Now I am using Jarrow Formulas brand.

Mark: Did you have any side effects from the sulfated polysaccharides?

Steve: The first time I took it I felt like I had drunk a cup of coffee. At one point, I felt like fainting. This was in the first two days. I have not had any of these effects since. No nausea, no upset stomach, no other side effects at all.

Mark: One other person with AIDS told me they also felt like fainting the first time they took the full dose of chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate. For anyone taking these supplements for the first time, I would like to suggest a gradual phase in approach to eliminate these side effects. The first day, take 1/4 capsule of chondroitin sulfate 3 times a day with meals. Day 2: take 1/4 capsule of glucosamine sulfate with meals. Day 3: Take a 1/4 capsule of each with meals. Day 4: Take 1/2 capsule of each with meals. Day 5: 3/4 capsule of each. Day 6: go to full dose - one capsule of each with meals 3X.

Update: September 29th:

Mark: How are you doing?

Steve: This morning my roommate looked at me and told me my appearance has changed. He told me I look younger.

Mark: The same thing happened to JP. After 2 weeks on elderberry plus the 2 sulfated polysaccharides, he looked 10 years younger. I’ve read that elderberry will make you look younger because of its antioxidant properties. Have you noticed any other changes?

Steve: Something profound has happened to me in the past 3 weeks. I haven’t felt this good since 1995. This morning, I worked out for 1/2 hour, then to burn off my excess energy, I took to hitting a punching bag for awhile.

Mark: Has you current protocol affected your sex drive?

Steve: It sure has. I used to do it once every two weeks. Now I want to do it every day. When you are not feeling well, your sex drive goes down to conserve energy. Once your on the mend, it just bounces back.

Mark: Higher energy, good appetite, floating stools and a stronger sex drive have always been associated with a recovery from illness and with a rebounding immune system. Thank you for this interview.

Note: Steve can be reached at 209-264-7945 to learn of his latest results or check the November voice mail or internet monthly message updates or Progressive Health News (Nov.).

Case No 3

Failure may have been caused by dicalcium phosphate binding to glucosamine blocking absorption

September 29th:

Dale is a reader who lives on the east coast and in September he tried the same triple combination therapy as Steven Rahn, but with different results. He took elderberry extract made with alcohol/water and then heated it for 4 hours in a crock pot. He used chondroitin sulfate capsules from one company and glucosamine tablets from another. His viral load was >750,000 copies on August 31st. After 15 days on this regimen (started Sept. 6th), it still was >750,000 copies as of September 21st. What went wrong? First of all, the PCR machine did not tell us how much greater than 750,000 copies his viral load was on August 31st or how much greater than 750,000 copies it was on September 21st. So, there are no absolute numbers to make relative comparisons to determine if his viral load increased or decreased. This is the first problem.

When I talked to Dale, who was discouraged with the results, I asked him to read the ingredients on the label for the glucosamine sulfate tablets. He did and one of the ingredients was dicalcium phosphate. I told him that several years ago I read an article by Gary Martin about dicalcium phosphate being the worst possible choice for a binding agent in tablets as it inhibited absorption. Gary Martin is himself a manufacturer of dietary supplements. He reported that when he stopped adding the dicalcium phosphate as a binding agents in the tablets, his supplements began to work for his customers. James LeBeau DN, of Thiensville, WI told Keep Hope Alive he has read articles from 3 different sources that all reported that either dicalcium phosphate or tricalcium phosphate blocked the absorption of vitamins and minerals in tablets.

About a year ago, I received a sample of an olive leaf extract tablet that was bound by dicalcium phosphate. Persons I talked to who used this brand said it did nothing for them. Dicalcium phosphate is known to be poorly absorbed. On a personal note, I used the same dosage of Klammath Falls blue green algae from the same manufacturer in both the tablet and capsule form. I found a small energy increase from the tablets but a substantial energy increase from the capsules, indicating to me that the capsules were better absorbed.

If dicalcium phosphate binds to nutrients in the tablet creating a molecular size too large to pass through the gastrointestinal tract, no absorption will take place. While it is possible that other unknown factors could have contributed to the lack of results Dale had with glucosamine, the use of dicalcium phosphate in the tablet is the primary suspected cause of failure at this time, especially since 3 other sources have independently confirmed that this binding agent blocks absorption of nutrients in dietary supplements.

Conclusion: Buy capsules only when purchasing chondroitin or glucosamine sulfate. Manufacturers are not required to name the binding agents they use in tablets, although many of them will.

More Test Cases in progress

No 4. Gene is from San Francisco. He tried the cold two day soak of elderberries in vodka and water method for 3 weeks. No change was noticed in his viral load. He changed to Method 2 - low temperature crock pot method, a method far more effective than the cold soak method as the heat draws out essential oils in the berries and seeds. He also added chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate capsules (Jarrow Formulas) around September 28th. His present viral load for HIV is 67,000. He will have another lab test in late October. You can call him at 415-664-0326 around Oct. 30 for his results. He is not using any prescription drugs for HIV.

No 5. Paul is from Massachusetts. He has been on the Futurebiotics brand of glucosamine and chondroitin capsules since September 15th and around Oct 1st added elderberry extract - crock pot method. His last viral load was 57,000. He also plans a lab test for his viral load late in October. You can call him at 617-333-0241 at the end of October for his results. He is not using any prescription drugs for HIV.

No 6. Michelle is a registered nurse from California who had been on Crixivan, AZT and 3TC for 1 year then switched to Viracept, D4T and 3TC about 1 year ago. Two months ago, she added Hydroxurea (HU) which she claims makes her more irritable. Her viral load in non-detectable and she reports low red blood cell counts and chronic insomnia. She says she is ready to jump ship and go off the drugs. She said that after one year on Crixivan, AZT and 3TC, she had a MultiTest skin test that challenges the immune system with several antigens. She reported she had no response indicating Anergy (lack of a Delayed Cutaneous Hypersensitivity or DCH).

I suggested she switch to a cocktail that has more immunological benefits like Norvir, Rescriptor plus either 3TC or D4T and wait until more case reports come in on the elderberry/glucosamine/chondroitin treatment to see if the success continues before making a change. She says she does want to stay on these drugs for the rest of her life but is willing to follow a natural protocol if she can get the same benefits. You call her late in October at 209-941-9919 to find out how the elderberry/glucosamine/chondroitin combo therapy is working.


Elderberry, chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate block HIV replication at three different points in the replication cycle. These are 1. elderberry - ribosome inactivator 2. Chondroitin sulfate - fusion inhibitor - blocking HIV gp 120 and 3. Glucosamine sulfate - a possible HIV “tat” inhibitor and fusion inhibitor.

For quadruple therapy, you could add a fourth mode of attack in a reverse transcriptase inhibitor like Olive leaf extract* or Epivir (3TC). This would result in an attack on HIV replication on 4 fronts simultaneously. Curcumin could also be added as an integrase inhibitor. Other options like coconut oil could also be added to further challenge the integrity of the HIV, HHV-6 and other lipid envelope viral membranes.

*Readers who have tried several brands of olive leaf extract report that they get the best results from the East Park Research brand. Many cheaper brands use only ground olive leaf powder and this is upsetting to the digestive tract. Most of these brands used dried olive leaves purchased from other suppliers. Oxidizing of active ingredients in these products renders them of little or no value. East Park Research makes their product form freshly picked olive leaves in California. They have a reputation for making a very effective product. Their product is a pure extract made without adding ground olive leaves as a filler. Other readers have reported that home-made olive leaf extract works about as well as the East Park Research product. Even here, results vary according to the potency of the dried olive leaves.

SAMBUCOL (Elder Berry Extract)

In August, Andrea Axt, Ph.D., from Montreal, Canada, told me she knew a young girl who had used Sambucol, a standardized elderberry extract along with East Park Research Olive Leaf Extract for one year. Her viral load for HIV dropped from 17000 to 4000 while her CD4 count fluctuated between 200 and 380 over this time period. She took 1 tablespoon of Sambucol 3 times a day and 2 Olive Leaf capsules twice daily (East Park Research). This case is the longest single case study known where a person used elderberry extract. She used no prescription drugs for HIV during this one year period. My opinion is that if Sambucol were to be used as a treatment for AIDS, the dose would need to be doubled to 2 tablespoons 3 times a day. Andrea Axt can be reached at 514-739-4673 for more information. The cost of Sambucal per month would run over $200.

Elderberry Wine

Elderberry wine sold in liquor stores is not recommended as it usually has only the elderberry flavoring and is not the real stuff. If you want to make elderberry wine, contact your local wine and beer making supply center and first get a basic book on winemaking to learn how to make your own. I used about 1/3 lb of dried elderberries to a gallon of solution which consisted of 2 quarts of water and 2 quarts of red or concord grape juice plus about 2 and 1/4 lbs of sugar and wine yeast. To make 5 gallons, increase the ingredients five-fold. You will also need a hydrometer to measure specific gravity and it should be around 1.080 for a dry wine or you will need to add more sugar. You will also need a bubbler trap on top of the jar to let the air out of the bottle and keep out the fruit flies or you will end up with vinegar. I would leave the yeast work on the solution with elder berries about 10 days instead of the usual 3 days before the first siphon is done. I also left out the Camden (sulfites) tablets, did not use yeast nutrients or pectic enzymes. It takes 4 months for a really good tasting wine to develop.


To make an alcohol-free extract, you first need to use alcohol to liquefy the active ingredients in the elderberries and then use low temperature evaporation to remove the alcohol. 1. Place 1 pound of dried elderberries in a porcelain, glass or stainless steel bowl (do not use aluminum) and add one liter of Vodka (80 proof) and 2 liters of water. Stir this mixture daily. 2. After two days or longer, place the mixture (before straining), berries and solution into a “slow cooker”, “crock pot” or “Nesco.”

Note: Adding 2 ounces of Elder flowers to the batch improves taste (sweetens) and aroma and is reported to benefit the eyes and kidneys and like the berries also help promotes sweating.

If using the Rival brand crock pot, set at “low.” Leave cover off and insert a candy thermometer in the solution. Check temperature every half hour until it reaches 125° F (about 1 hour with a crock pot). Then mark your clock for 3 hours hence when the all the alcohol should have evaporated. 3. With the Rival brand crock pot set on low, it took exactly 4 hours total to evaporate all the alcohol from the solution.

If using a Slow Cooker or Nesco, you might initially set the temperature to 160° F until the solution temperature reaches 125° F then reduce the temperature setting to 130° F or to a setting that keeps the solution between 125° F to 130° F. After 3 hours in this narrow temperature range, the alcohol is evaporated.

Turn off heat and place cover on and let stand for 2 hours. Use a cup or small bowl to scoop out berries and solution and strain through a fine screen strainer. You may also do a second straining through cotton terry cloth placed over a large funnel to remove fine sand and pulp. Your finished product will be smooth and have the deep purple color of ink. Pour into glass jars and refrigerate until used up as there are no preservatives in the product. You should end up with about 2 quarts or liters.

The finished product needs to be used within 3 weeks. Adult dose: 1/3 cup twice daily with the last dose just before bedtime. Tastes good when mixed with orange or concord grape juice or diluted with plain water. Note: if severe diarrhea results, stop using or reduce dosage to 1 or 2 tablespoons twice daily and gradually increase until you are at the ideal maximum dose.


Follow all the instructions above for making the elderberry extract except that to make an elderberry extract with alcohol, use only a Slow Cooker or Nesco that gives you fine temperature control and leave the cover on for the 4 hours at 130° F. The alcohol will recycle back into solution. Strain and store in a refrigerator as per above instructions.

Other Choices:

Sambucol Elderberry extract (Health Food Stores) 2 tablespoons 3 times daily. Elderberry wine (home made only) - 1/2 to 1 cup twice daily.

Side effects: When a person is toxic, diarrhea will often occur but usually stops within 10 days. If the diarrhea concerns you, reduce dosage until the diarrhea slows down or stops and gradually increase dosage until you reach the desired dosage level. This type of diarrhea is a metabolic type and indicates a major detox is occurring. Elderberry extract will increase sweating and body temperature both of which are signs of metabolic and immune activation.

Benefits: Several persons HIV+ and 2 persons with CFIDS reported elderberry extract had a calming effect and promoted deep restful sleep. One person compared the enhanced sleep effects to Naltrexone. Jim (CFIDS) from Iowa (515-469-3939) said it caused a feverish condition, major detox of his bowels and drained his swollen lymph nodes. He said he could think clearer and a tightness in his chest lifted. One person with a severe sinus infection and sore throat and swollen tonsils said it cleared the condition 90% in 3 days and 100% by day 5.

Five persons have reported that sinking stools now float and have a larger diameter. This is an indication of a healthier colon. In AIDS, floating stools with a large diameter have been consistently associated with rising T cell counts. Norvir, a protease inhibitor, has also produced this effect (floating stools). Elderberry wine or extract taken with meals is also a digestive aid and stops gas.


(Chisolm Biologicals) and THY-MATE]

9/26/98: Mark Konlee

Hepatitis C has reportedly infected over 2 million Americans and no effective cure is in sight. Standard medical treatments with interferon alpha, even with ribovarin added, are increasingly proving disappointing to many persons with which I have spoken over the last few months. While these drugs work for a while, I have received several reports that viral load increase after about 6 months. If there are long-term success cases out there, I am not hearing about them.

From anecdotal reports, two very promising products that are reducing viral load and restoring normal liver function are a transfer factor Hepatitis panel for A, B and C from Chisolm Biologicals and Thy-Mate, manufactured by Pharmacist Ed Callaway.

Gay Langham-McNally, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, reported good initial success with a new transfer factor panel from Chislom Biologicals (Aiken, SC).

Mark: I heard that you were getting promising results from Chisolm’s Transfer Factor hepatitis A, B & C panel?

McNally: I have not seen any lab results yet from persons with hepatitis A and B, but have seen lab results from two cases with hepatitis C.

Mark: What were the results?

McNally: In one case, a person had viral levels for hepatitis C in the 500,000 range. After two weeks of using the hepatitis transfer factor panel, his viral load dropped by 200,000. In a second case, a person with hepatitis C had a slightly higher viral load and it also dropped about 200,000 in the same time period.

Mark: That is encouraging. Has anyone used it longer, like 3 months or 6 months?

McNally: No, the product has not been out that long. There are no long term results to report yet.

Mark: How much of this transfer factor panel for hepatitis did these two patients take?

McNally: One capsule daily.

Mark: Are there any other products that these two patients used?

McNally: I’ve formulated a “Liver Cleanse” product (transdermal) that helps to detoxify the liver. It contains milk thistle, dandelion root and other factors. The two patients also used this product.

Dr. Gay Langham-McNally CCN, is available for phone consultations (for a fee). She can be reached at 425-898-8333. Chisolm Biologicals (803-663-9618) have told me that they will not sell the transfer factor hepatitis panel (A, B & C) direct to the public but only on the recommendation of a physician or health care practitioner.


Ed Callaway. R.Ph, is a pharmacist and former associate of Dr. Burgstiner MD. Dr. Callaway uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients and a “quick-solve” technique for better absorption and calls his product Thy-Mate. Thy-Mate contains thymus fractions and 4 more glandulars, along with nearly 60 vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs.

Thy-Mate: In 7 cases, persons using this product have reported from their lab results decreases in viral loads for both hepatitis B and C and decreases in ALT (Alanine AminoTransferase) - similar to SGOT. Viral load in one case decreased by more than 2 million after the person used 4 bottles of Thy-Mate. Mary S of Houston, TX who is 80 years old with hepatitis C now reports normal liver function. She uses Thy-Mate, Cat’s Claw, and a product called “Liver Support.”

Thy-Mate reverses “stickiness” of red blood cells. Ed Callaway reports that with Dark Field Microscopy, the use of Thy-Mate has reversed a condition where several red blood cells clump and stick together. Persons with this condition have reported headaches and pain in different areas of the body. Callaway believes this clumping condition causes impaired circulation in the capillaries. In presentations made at the Int’l Bio-oxidative Conference in Dallas, TX, physicians also reported that clumping of white blood cells was associated with oxidative stress and free radicals. Stickiness of white blood cells and lymphocytes could also lead to the direct spread of viral infections from cell to cell.

Manufacturers of barley grass juice powder, Pycnogenol and “Marine Minerals” have also reported these products have reversed stickiness of blood cells. Anthocyanidins found in Pycnogenol (from pine bark) are also found in grape seed extract (OPCs), bilberry and elder berries.

Most persons with AIDS using Thy-Mate have told me they have seen increases in white blood counts, total lymphocyte counts and T cell counts although a few persons have reported no changes in these parameters. JP, the first case reported by Keep Hope Alive that used elderberry extract along with chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate also used Thy-Mate. In severe cases of hepatitis, 4 tablets 3 times daily is recommended. Ed Callaway R.PH. can be reached at 888-484-9628 or 770-935-0012 for more information.


A combo therapy for hepatitis that might be helpful is the following: Try Chisolm’s transfer factor panel for hepatitis A, B and C along with Thy-Mate (3 tablets twice daily) and “Liver Support” or the individual herbs Milk Thistle - 200 to 300 mg daily; dandelion root, 800 to 1000 mg twice daily and liquid chlorophyll - 1 tablespoon with meals 3 or more times daily. Several readers have also reported that castor oil packs done over the liver area daily reduced liver enzyme levels. (For more information, see my book How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction or past issues of this newsletter). Have your physician monitor your liver enzyme levels and viral load to monitor your progress and inform him or her of what you are doing.

Note: Everyone has my permission to give their physician a reprint of this article.

Dr. Bihari claims a breakthrough in the treatment of Hepatitis C

September 30, 1998: Dr. Bernard Bihari’s Secretary, Flo, called today that tell me that Dr. Bihari has had very good success recently in treating 24 patients with hepatitis B and C using Naltrexone, Alpha Lipoic acid, Milk thistle and Hypericum 2 (from St. John’s Wort). According to Flo, they were having equally good results with persons who are HIV+ as those who are HIV -. Dr. Bihari is writing a report on his findings that will be released around October 15th. For a copy of his report call 212-929-4143 and ask them to send you a copy of Bihari’s report on Hepatitis C. The report will be sent free to anyone who requests a copy.


Christina L White B.A., writing in “New Horizons” (Fall-1998 issue) reports the following:

“Transfer factor was discovered in 1949 as a natural substance of the immune system, consisting of about 8 amino acids attached to RNA (ribonucleic acid)segments. Since than over 3000 peer-reviewed scientific articles have been published that have established it as an efficacious treatment for many diseases that have been difficult to treat....Transfer factor allows the communication of immunological memories.”

Some physicians have extracted transfer factor from human lymphocytes through a filtering process. Non-specific transfer factor (polyvalent) have helped persons with autoimmune conditions like psoriasis. Human transfer factor can also be made by injecting human transfer factor into a pregnant cow that then produces more human transfer factor which is later removed from the Colostrum, the first milk after the calf is born.

Christine White reports that in China, over six million people have used transfer factor as a prophylaxis for hepatitis. Transfer factors (TF) are protein molecules of a small molecular weight that transfer immune memory and sensitivity to stimulate the immune system to respond when challenged by specific antigens (viral, bacterial and fungal). Transfers factors are antigen specific. A TF specific for tuberculosis will not do anything for tetanus, Candida, CMV or the common flu. In persons affected by AIDS, transfer factors for MAI and toxoplasmosis are needed, but no one is currently working on producing these products.

Note: For a copy of Christina White’s article on transfer factor that also has an article on Olive leaf extract, Dr. Hans Neiper and an article on the health benefits of coconut oil by Mary Enig Ph.D., write to Brewer Science Library, 325 N Central Av, Richland Ctr, WI 53581. Include $4.00 and ask for the Fall-98 issue of New Horizons.

ImmunFactor, by Chisolm Biologicals contains transfer factors specific for HIV, herpes, EBV, CMV, PCP, Cyptosporidium , human TB and Candida Albicans. Persons using the product have reported modest reductions in HIV viral loads (that sometimes rebound after 2 months), less thrush and fungal infections, improved well being and increased DTH responses to DNCB and MultiTest CMI. However, the product has not been effective against Cryptosporidium which causes diarrhea. It is possible that the dose used in persons with Cryptosporidium was not high enough to see a positive benefit. No lab results have been provided to us to determine its effectiveness against the other antigens. Testing to determine the optimum effective dose has not been done. It is probable that at high enough a dose, reductions in some of the other antigens would be observed in lab results. Several persons using ImmunFactor have reported that they feel better while using the product.

Update: September 30th. Chip Dopson promised to develop a transfer factor for all the subsets of HHV-6, variant A and B. He told me each strain of the subsets cost $1500 to obtain the pure virus. It will be an expensive product to make, but one for which the CFIDS community has long waited.

Jarrow Formulas: “Colostrum Specific” for Cryptosporidium

For the treatment of Cryptosporidium, this product deserves more attention that it has received. Made from cows whose immune system has been challenged either with Cryptosporidium or a transfer factor specific for Cryptosporidium, each capsule of “Colostrum Specific” contains 245,000 Cryptosporidium parvum binding units as stated on the product label. I am aware of at least 4 cases where Cryptosporidium has been cleared from HIV+ persons. The dose that has successfully cleared Cryptosporidium has been 2 capsules 4 times a day (4 hours apart) for 21 days without interruption. In one case, it was used in combination with prescribed drugs to treat the cryptosporidium. In the other 3 cases, it was used alone.

More transfer factor products that are specific for conditions like MAC (Mycobacterium avium Complex), Toxoplasmosis and HHV-6A are urgently needed. Most of the drugs used to treat these conditions have serious side effects and often do not completely clear the infection. The pharmaceuticals companies have missed an opportunity by not getting into the business of making specific transfer factors for difficult to treat infections. Hopefully, the dietary supplement industry will pick up the slack by developing more of these products.


Dr Gary Paddock, who shares a patent on making transfer factor with Dr Gregory Wilson, is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Animune, a company that is now engaged in developing several transfer factors that are antigen specific. Dr. Gary Paddock is the author of several scientific articles on transfer factor that have been published in leading medical journals. Animune is developing transfer factors for HIV, HHV6A, HHV-6B, EBV, HHV-8, and hepatitis A, B and C. They currently have available transfer factors for Varicella Zoster (Chicken pox and Shingles and a “Polyvalent transfer factor” that is not specific for any particular antigen. Polyvalent transfer factors would not be expected to lower HIV viral loads but may be helpful in conditions like psoriasis or other autoimmune conditions. Dr. Paddock reported it effective in some persons for respiratory infections and cited his own experience in overcoming a respiratory infection.

We wish ANIMUNE success in the development of their Transfer Factor products, but especially the one for HHV-6A. There are probably over a million persons in the US affected by AIDS, CFIDS and many with Multiple Sclerosis who are immune compromised due to infection with HHV-6A. If this transfer factor product proves effective, it would be a major breakthrough in the treatment of a virus that for too long has been ignored.

Cutting Edge Marketing Group, owned by Janet Owen, is a distributor of Animune products. For more information you can call Janet Owen at 877-833-8421.

BETA GLUCAN vs BACTERIAL INFECTIONS - Continuous daily use of yeast-derived beta glucan is questioned.

A close reading of scientific research suggests that the most effective way to use yeast-derived beta 1, 3 glucan is a high dose for one day only per week.

Published research on beta glucan has been conflicting as to its immmunological effects. Beta Glucan has been extracted from sprouted oats, lentinian and the common baker’s yeast and other sources. The effects of these different sources of beta glucan may not be the same. Two types of beta 1, 3 glucan are discussed - one triple helical and one single helical and immunological effects are different(3). While all forms of beta 1, 3 glucan have been found to activate macrophage function that is needed to clear bacterial infections, research by Duan X et al on yeast derived beta glucan is that it suppressed Natural Killer cell function. (1)

Beta glucan from lentinian + IL-2 for Cancer.

A research article by Suzuki M et al reported that a combination of beta 1, 3 glucan with beta 1, 6 branches from lentinian (pre-infant Shiitake mushrooms) when used along with Interluken 2 induced regression of tumors in 87.5% of the mice treated. The article also reported that this combination therapy supported increased cytotoxic T cell activity against the tumors. The authors concluded that the anti-tumor effects were due to activated CD8 cytotoxic lymphocytes and not due to CD4 cells or NK/LAK cells (2). This article reported that the effects of lentinian were enhanced by adding IL-2.

Research done by Rasmussen et al in Norway found that beta 1,3 D polyglucose activated macrophages and Neutrophils to kill off E coli bacteria. (2) However, beta 1, 3 D glucan initially causes a spike in IL-6, a TH2 cytokine, about 6 hours after administration. Beta 1, 3 glucan with a single helical increases IL-1 and TNF-alpha levels but lessor amounts of these cytokines are produced by the triple helical beta glucan(3). Sources of the triple helical beta glucan, possibly the more desirable form, were not identified.

Synergistic Combinations (Beta Glucan and DNCB) - The issue of timing.

Since we already know (from anecdotal reports) that beta 1,3 glucan increases DTH responses to DNCB, it makes sense to use beta glucan on the same day you use DNCB and their combined use should result in a stronger DTH response to the DNCB. Note: If you use NK911 2 or 3 days a week, do not use beta glucan or DNCB on these days, but before of after.

Example: If you use NK911 to activate NK function and use it on Mon, Tues and Weds., then on Saturday, do your weekly application of DNCB and use beta glucan. If you do not use DNCB, use the beta glucan 2 days after or before using NK911. If you use Naltrexone, which is used daily, it doesn’t matter which day you choose to use beta glucan, except that it is best to use the beta glucan in the morning as you use the Naltrexone before bedtime.

Conclusion Yeast-derived beta glucan increases macrophage and Neutrophil function at the possible expense of temporarily suppressing NK function. Persons with active bacterial and fungal infections should benefit from using beta glucan to help activate macrophages, neutrophils and cytotoxic lymphocytes to reduce the level of these infections. However, persons who only have active viral infections or cancer should not use yeast-derived beta 1,3 glucan on a continuous daily basis but will obtain more benefits by using it in a high dose for one day per week only.

Suggested adult dose for yeast-derived beta 1,3 glucan: 100 to 425 mg 4 times a day for just one day per week. More research is needed on other sources of beta 1, 3 glucan such as lentinian to determine how they affect NK function and if they are more beneficial than yeast-derived beta glucan or if they can be used daily or should also be used in a single weekly dose.

This single, once-a-week, pulsed dosing procedure is further supported by other research that shows beneficial immunological effects (activating macrophage, neutrophil and CD8 cytotoxic lymphocytes) lasting one week or longer from a single dose of beta glucan. By using beta glucan in a high dose for just one day per week, it will avoid the daily spiking of IL-6, a TH2 cytokine, that occurs about 6 hours after using the beta glucan.

1. “Evidence for involvement of beta-glucan -binding cell surface lectins in human natural killer cell function.” Duan et al, Cell Immunol 1994 Sep;157(2):393-402.

2. “Curative effects of combination therapy with lentinian and interluken-2 against established

murine tumors,” by Suzuki M et al. Cancer Immunol Immunother 1994 Jan;38(1):1-8.

3. “Novel immunomodulators with pronounced in vivo effects caused by stimulation of cytokine release,” by Rasmussen et al, J Cell Biochem 1991 May;46(1):60-8

Inositol hexaphosphate, a natural substance found in whole kernel corn and brown rice, activates Natural Killer cell function - inhibits cancer

Dr. AbulKalam M Shamsuddin MD has written a book called “IP6 - Nature’s Revolutionary Cancer Fighter.” Dr. Shamsuddin discusses several animal studies that show a diet high in bran or Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) inhibits cancer development in laboratory animals who are fed cancer-producing diets (fed DMBA, a cancer causing agent). It was shown that rats given IP6 had a much lower incidence of cancer development.

Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) is found in the germ or bran portion of whole grains. Thus, degermed corn, polished rice and white wheat flour would have no IP6 while whole grains would be a natural source of IP6. Surprisingly, whole kernel corn has the highest concentration of IP6 (6%) of all the grains with whole wheat and brown rice in the 2 to 3% range. Shamsuddin cites the work of Dr. Ivana Vucenik of Croatia who found that IP6 enhanced the ability of Natural Killer (NK) cells to kill cancer cells in-vitro (in a lab). Vucenik also found that IP6 enhanced the ability of Neutrophils to kill bacteria and fungal infections by increasing their ability to generate an oxidative respiratory burst to destroy the invading pathogens.

In the Journal of Nutrition, Dr. Shamsuddin: “The beneficial action of IP6 is not restricted to the prevention of tumor development but perhaps to treatment of existing cancer as well.” He proposes 8 grams of IP6 for a person with cancer. IP6 is manufactured from rice bran by Enzymatic Therapy and sold in health food stores. As a treatment for cancer, a 120 capsule bottle would last 6 days (20 capsules a day). At $25 a bottle, that would be $125 a month treatment for cancer. Modest by comparison to chemotherapy or other dietary supplement choices like Ambrotose where the suggested dose for treating cancer is 16 capsules a day or about $400 a month. But wait. If IP6 is already in whole grain foods, why not just eat the whole grain foods and maybe take a little extra Inositol on the side?


If you want boost your natural killer cells with corn, eat whole kernel corn, canned, fresh of frozen or on the cob and not some fancy corn chips, grits or corn bread made with degermed corn. One note about corn on the cob, unless you eat it slowly and chew it well, it will pass through you undigested.

Shamsuddin reported in his book that 88% of the IP6 in corn is in the germ. Corn flour and white flour sold in most grocery stores do not have any IP6 in them. Speaking of corn bread, you can buy organic whole kernel corn with the germ at many health food stores and you will find recipes printed on the packages that tell you how to make corn bread. One cup of whole kernel corn flour has about 8 grams of IP6. A dozen corn bread muffins can be made from a batch of 1 cup corn flour and 1/2 cup whole wheat flour. Each corn muffin has about 800 mgs of IP6 so you would need to eat 10 corn-bread muffins daily to get 8 grams of IP6 daily, the therapeutic dose of IP6 recommended by Shamsuddin as a treatment for cancer. However, you might not have to eat all these corn muffins or corn pancakes if you eat whole grain bread made from sprouted seeds. Brands like Bible Bread, MANNA and Ezekial bread made from sprouted grains can be found in health food stores. For breakfast, make a hot porridge from whole grain cereal but avoid all cold processed cereals sold in either grocery stores or even health food stores.


All Bran breakfast cereals. Several years ago, I attended a presentation made by the President of Natural Ovens in Manitowoc, WI. He discussed how they produce a line of whole grain breads. At one point, he discussed the results of some research that found that ALL-BRAN cold breakfast cereals had within them some toxic factors that could cause cancer. He explained that to produce whole bran cereals, the manufacturers subjected the grains to temperatures in excess of 400° F. The high temperatures caused proteins in the bran to turn into cancer causing chemicals.

I forgot about that report until the past week when I read a report on IP6 and studies comparing the anti-cancer properties of IP6 to a diet of 20% bran fed to rats. The diet of 20% bran had a comparable amount of IP6 to that given the rats in water. The bran given to the rats was Kellogg’s ALL BRAN. The study was done by Ivana Vucenik et al and published in Nutrition and Cancer, 28(1), 7-13.

The rats is both groups were fed a cancer causing chemical (DMBA) and one group was given the IP6 in drinking water and three groups of rats were fed 5%, 10% and 20% of their diet with Kellogg’s All Bran. The tumors incidence was reduced by 16.7%, 14.6% and 11.4% respectively. The odd part of this is that the rats who consumed the most of Kellogg’s All Bran had the least reduction in tumor incidence or to put bluntly, the greatest number of cancers!

“Let’s Live” (May, 1998) magazine had a article by Jose Antonio who referred to this study and stated: “Oddly enough, the rats that ate the least amount of bran (Kellogg’s All Bran) had a lower tumor incidence that the group that ate the most bran.”

There is an extreme fallacy is assuming that all varieties of brans are equal; that is, that to assume that a bran cereal that was manufactured at temperatures exceeding 400° F has health benefits equal to raw bran or a porridge of bran cereal that is cooked at the boiling temperature of water or 212° F. These assumptions have not been scientifically proven.

For a long time, I have distrusted foods cooked at high temperatures and convenience products manufactured at high temperatures. I have seen televised reports that cancer causing chemicals can form just from frying a hamburger. If you add to that all the cold breakfast cereals consumed and the prevalence of cancer, it makes you wonder whether there are toxic substances in cold breakfast cereals that may cause cancer. Manufacturers do not reveal on the label the temperatures they use to manufacture these products, so the best advice I can give is to avoid all of them.

Shamsuddin found that Finns who eat porridge have a lower incidence of cancer than Danes who eat more fiber but not of the same quality. Could it be that the Danes consume more of those cold (high temperature processed) breakfast cereals?

In view of the Finnish study, a hot breakfast cereal made from whole oats, oat bran or other whole grains is a safe and healthy choice and an unhealthy choice are these convenience cold breakfast cereals that includes brands that are high in fiber.

Tasty Recipe for Brown and Wild Rice Another source of IP6

The following recipe was submitted by Conrad LeBeau of West Allis, WI. It is a great tasting recipe for making a cooked rice dish.

Serving for One:

1 1/2 cups of water

2 teaspoons of coconut oil

2 tablespoons of wild rice.

Bring the above ingredients to a boil and simmer with cover on for 10 minutes. Then add 1/3 cup of brown rice and the following spices: 1/8th teaspoon of curry, turmeric and red pepper. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Add 1 tablespoon of thin carrot slivers. Simmer for 10 more minutes. Serve with lemon juice and fresh Cilantro.

For a complete meal, serve with corn bread, cottage cheese or red sockeye salmon and pickled beets or cooked asparagus plus green tea. Tahini, made from sesame seeds is also high in Ip6 and can be used as a salad dressing. To be sure of getting the full benefits, use Tahini made from raw rather than roasted sesame seeds.

A note about baking: Any recipe that calls for baking at 425° F will bake just as well at 300° F but will take about 50% longer. Baking at 300° F will substantially reduce the risk of forming toxic factors in the finished product. For meats and vegetables, boil or simmer or use your Slow Cooker or Crock-Pot for a safe and tasty meal and one that is easy to digest.


In the war against cancer and chronic intracellular infections, the dietary supplement industry has discovered the importance of the Natural Killer cells. An increasing number of products are coming on the market that claim to increase NK function. MGN3 by Lane Labs is the most recent challenger to Enzymatic Therapies IP6. NK911 was the first product we reported in the fall of 1997 that was backed by studies indicating its effectiveness in improving NK function. Naltrexone has a long history of effectiveness in improving NK function but requires a prescription that is sometimes difficult to obtain. Like DNCB, its low cost and low profit also keep it in a low profile.

Most people with chronic illness do not have unlimited funds to just keep adding on to their program every new promising product that comes along. There are no marketing forces to finance and promote low cost treatments for AIDS, let alone cancer or any other disease. To develop outright cures for any illness would reduce sales volume and profits. The stockholder’s bottom line would be adversely impacted. There clearly are a lack of leaders at all levels of society who want to step into Mother Teresa’s shoes. Materialism corrupts mankind and wastes limited resources while looming like a dark cloud on the horizon is the spectacle of a world ridden by interest-bearing debts and a collapsing international monetary system.

Of 30,000 million infected by HIV and probably HHV-6(a) worldwide, fewer than 5% can afford or have governments that can afford to buy them the most promising of the pharmaceutical drugs now available. This means that for 28 million people in poorer underdeveloped countries, these are options beyond reach. As the FDA approves more and yet more drugs to treat AIDS, the pharmaceuticals companies are battling over 5% of the market. What the world needs is not more $2000 a month treatments for AIDS, but more $50 to $100 a month treatments that work just as well.


In its latest publication, Project Inform was very critical of the failure of the 12th International AIDS Conference in Geneva to address the need to find an effective and affordable treatment for AIDS for the have-nots in third world countries. In a broadside called “Bridge the GAP or Cut the Crap!,” Project Inform reported on expensive and lavish parties hosted by the wealthiest of the pharmaceutical companies while financially exhausted persons from the poorer countries walked through the convention halls looking for someone to give them the drugs they need to treat their condition and stay alive. Project Inform was critical that no one offered any low cost treatments for persons with HIV in impoverished areas of the third world.

Will Project Inform now work to research, test and develop a low cost treatment for AIDS?

Products to safely increase lean muscle mass

Pharmaceutical companies are promoting injectable HGH or rHGH to promote gain of lean muscle mass in persons with AIDS. However impressive are the weight gains are side effects that include high triglycerides, thyroid dysfunction and increased tumor growth. One possible alternative that should be safe is a Homeopathic HGH from Biomed Comm. Biomed Comm also produces 4 cell signal enhancer homeopathic products that down-regulate TH2 cytokines and help relieve a variety of symptoms in AIDS and may also be helpful in CFIDS. In controlled studies, a slow and sustained reduction in viral load occurred over a 12 month period. They can be reached at 206-284-3433 for more information. The CSE products were developed by Barbara Bruit Ph.D.

Marinol is manufactured by Roxane Labs and contains the active ingredient in Marijuana known as THC. Marinol promotes appetite and leads to an increase in body mass. Unlike smoking Marijuana that suppresses DTH responses to DNCB, Marinol in two cases had no effects on DTH responses to DNCB. This is good news for persons who use Marinol. To obtain Marinol, you will need a prescription.

Whole Lemon Olive Oil drink has been recommended by Keep Hope Alive for several years. I have literally received hundreds of letters from persons praising this drink for its many benefits which include more energy and a well being, less candidiasis, weight gain for persons underweight and some weight loss for persons overweight. Reduces swollen lymph nodes and helps reverse neuropathy especially when used with lecithin. Some persons have complained that they cannot tolerate any citrus foods and are unable to use the drink. Some have said they get an acid reflux from the olive oil in the drink. This problem can be eliminated by adding a 1 inch square piece of fresh ginger root to the formula when in the blender. Ginger root also improves the flavor and has many benefits on its own for the digestive process.

Immunocal, Designer Protein and Optimune.

Of all the cold processed whey proteins, the most favorable comments are for Immunocal in terms of how people feel. However, I continue to get very good comments for Optimune and Designer Protein in terms of gaining lean muscle mass. Immunocal is the most costly due to MLM marketing of the product. Immunocal, Designer Protein and Optimune are available through health food stores and some advertisers in this newsletter.

Essential Oils of Peppermint, orange or lemongrass kill most strains of fungal and bacterial infections

A fascinating abstract titled “Antibacterial and antifungal activity of ten essential oils in vitro” by Pattmaik s et al (1) reported that lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint and orange oils were effective against 22 bacterial strains (including gram-positive cocci rods and gram negative rods). Twelve fungi were completely inhibited by lemongrass and orange essential oils while peppermint oil was effective against 11 out of 12.

A product that contains peppermint oil in an enteric coated capsule so it is released in the colon is now offered in health food stores. The product should help kill off fungal and other types of infections in the colon. Peppermint oil is available in pharmacies and health food stores. One way to use peppermint oil is to add 5 or 10 drops to a glass of warm water or herbal tea and drink it 3 or 4 times a day. Drops could also be added to water to use in an enema. Because some essential oils should not be used internally, it is best to buy a book on how to use essential oils before taking the plunge. They are reported to be up to 70 times more potent than herbal extracts and are used in small amounts. All essential oil must be diluted before using. Check with your health food store or advertisers in this newsletter for a list of books available on essential oils.

Do essential oils exist to treat MAC/MAI and toxoplasmosis? Possibly. The use of essential oils is a new area for me and I plan to study it in detail in the search for effective low cost treatments for many stubborn chronic infections.

HERP-EX - essential oils for herpes

A proprietary blend of essential oils has been developed by a company called “Nature’s Grace” in Hawaii that is being used with success to treat herpes 1 and 2. Reports I have received indicate that with each application, the outbreaks are fewer and fewer. Fro more information, call Nature’s Grace at 808-572-1657. 1. Microbios 1996;86(349):237-46

Desensitization to Sees-2000

Homeopathy may provide the answer to desensitize yourself against certain substances to which you are allergic. I typically have a problem with ragweed every August. One product that has helped me very much is called “Pollenex” contains small amounts of ragweed and other plants that produce symptoms of sneezing and mucus formation in many people including myself. However, Pollenex, which contains ragweed does not increase symptoms, but decreases them. Homeopathy is to “use like to treat like.” Two other factors are involved. 1. very minute doses and 2. sublingual absorption under the tongue.

This is an idea that I have not actually tested, but that I think will work. If someone has an allergy to Sees-2000, they could try homeopathy to desensitize.

Suggestion: Open one capsule and place it in 8 ounces of luke warm water and cover. After 6 hours, strain and place in refrigerator. Take a dropperful under the tongue 2 or 3 times daily for 7 to 10 days. After which, try one Sees-2000 once every 3 days for 3 weeks. If no rash shows up, try taking one daily. One caveat: Do not use Sees-2000 with Bactrim or Septra or you could end up with a double rash reaction which you don’t need. Your physician also has procedures to help you desensitize to Bactrim/Septra. Allergic reactions if severe enough can be fatal. Anyone having an allergic reaction to any drug or natural substance should consult immediately with their physician. When introducing any new substance into your body, it is best to test a small amount under your tongue and observe how you react before taking the full capsule or dose.

Update October, 1998. About 1 hour before going to the printers, I received a phone call from Susan who has been on Crixivan, AZT and 3TC for over 2 years along with Olive leaf extract the past year. Her viral load had been non-detectable for 2 years, but on the last test became detectable at 690. She continued on the drug cocktail and added elderberry extract, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, Thy-Mate and NK911 about 3 weeks ago. She called and told me a few minutes ago her viral load is now below 26 copies (below the limits of detection). She said: “I give God all the credit. I felt He has led me to you. I am very grateful.” She said she wants to drop the Crixivan and AZT. I advised her to continue praying since she is having difficulty reaching a decision.

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