Positive Health News

Report No 19 Fall Issue (1999)

Natural Remedies that work for

“Gut” issues

(no appetite, poor digestion and a toxic colon?)

Turn-on your appetite with cayenne and other natural stimulants ·

Diet - the critical importance of fiber and pectin.

What to eat and how to eat

Natural aids to digestion

A diagnostic test for leaky gut syndrome

Seven way to rebuild the mucus membranes

Characteristics of healthy byproducts of digestion

Seven ways to restore normal body temperature

Seven ways to obtain a good night’s sleep

Cayenne inhibits IL-6, TNF and improves cell-mediated immunity

Fiber and friendly flora for acidity in the colon vs HIV - the pH factor

Sterols found in whole grains are immune modulators

DMG increases immune function 300%

Venus fly-trap extract enhances macrophage function

Vinegar and garlic reduce HIV viral loads - increase T cell counts

Naltrexone prevents Lipodystrophy, by Bernard Bihari MD. ·

Low dose Interluken 2 enhances immune function

Building health from the foundation up

Mark Konlee (Nov., 1999)

The focus of this latest issue is on rebuilding health, a positive direction that enables the informed person to take personal responsibility for dietary and life style choices that will have a beneficial impact on their well being. While my enthusiasm for the ideas advanced herein, some old and some new, may seem a bit excessive, I have stopped short of calling this issue of Positive Health News “the cure for all diseases” even as I am convinced that restoring intestinal health will one day be part of a treatment program that is worthy of being called “the cure for all diseases.”

The need for sound information on restoring intestinal health is relevant as there exists today no magic pill(s) that can heal all chronic conditions. Irrespective of what “dis” “ease” affects us, certain factors like poor appetite, impaired digestion and a toxic colon are common threads that links all chronic illnesses.

Restoring intestinal health is one of the most neglected areas of modern medicine. Toxemia, the result of improperly digested foods and bad microbes in the large intestines is a major contributing factor in all chronic disease. Toxins produced by “unfriendly flora” (hyphaeated candida albicans, e-coli, gram negative bacteria, parasites and others) in the colon are absorbed into the blood and the liver is given the task of breaking these poisons down into metabolites that are removed from the body through the bile, lymph system, kidneys and skin. Toxins in the large intestines contribute to liver toxicity, chronic fatigue, free radicals, poor blood circulation, blood cell stickiness, poor capillary circulation and an impaired immune response to viruses, fungus, microplasmas, bacteria and cancer.

One of the most consistent observations I have made over the years is that I have never found a person with a good appetite (a strong sensation of hunger), normal stools (large diameter and floaters), normal yellow clear urine, normal body temperature (98.6§F) and who can get a good night’s sleep who was chronically ill from any disease.

The 5 Key Indicators of problem areas

1. Lack of Good Appetite

2. Lack of Good Digestion

3. Toxic colon - “unhealthy” stools and urine

4. Low body temperature (below 98.6° F)

5. Lack of deep restful sleep

When people are frustrated that their health is not improving, the 5 key indicators, a (neglected) list of problems are the ones that needs to be addressed. Why are these areas neglected if they are so important?

Answer: 1. Most health care practitioners lack education and training in how to address these health issues and 2. There is no financial incentive to address these basic health problems. Most of the solutions are low-cost or require personal commitment. Solutions can be as simple as colon cleansing, eating wholesome foods, exercising daily to the point of sweating and drinking plenty to good clean water to flush out toxins and waste matter from your body.


Good appetite, digestion and elimination and a healthy colon are synonymous with “feeling normal” and even feeling great. Every person with a chronic condition needs an evaluation to pinpoint these neglected areas of health that need not only to be brought to the attention of their health care practitioner but, more importantly, to their own personal attention so they can take corrective action.

The answer to many of these basic intestinal problems will most likely not be found in yet another weekly visit to the doctors’ office or in any one pill from any source. The person who will not take responsibility for their own health will often become a chronic complainer. The answer to these basic health problems can be found when people are willing to educate themselves and make dietary and life style choices that are beneficial and not destructive to their well being.

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For a personal profile, underline the part of the following that best describes you or use a magic marker.

Appetite - Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor. Do you eat because you feel hungry or because it is time to eat? Do you eat for pleasure when you are not hungry?

Diet - What do you eat? Wholesome grains, vegetables and fruits, cultured foods, easily digestible proteins, freshly prepared vegetable or fruit juices or fast foods, pizza, white flour bread or pasta, white rice, french fries, high temperature fried or baked foods or a mixture of all the above? Do you have strong cravings for sweets? Yes, No. Are these cravings controllable? Yes, No.

How Do You eat - Slowly and mix saliva with each mouthful or are you a fast eater and gulp your food down.

Digestion - How do you digest your food? No problem, good, fair, poor or I eat a meal and it just sits there in my stomach.

Output - Quality of Stools. Healthy - large diameter and floaters or unhealthy - sinkers and small diameter stools.

Urine - Color - a healthy light yellow (sign of normal B vitamin presence) or just clear - the color of water. Is the urine cloudy?

Body Temperature - a normal 98.6§F or less. How much lower? 97? 96?

Sleep - Great, good, fair, poor, wake up frequently (can’t get back to sleep). Wake up feeling rested or tired.

The Foundation - Restoring Appetite

Why this starting point? Because whether you have HIV, Chronic fatigue, Lyme, Hepatitis, heart disease, cancer or any other chronic health condition, you cannot rebuild your health with a functional immune system, bring balance and normalcy to your body on a foundation that is crumbling. The foundation begins with appetite, then food choices, then how you eat and what food combinations are mixed, how you digest the food you eat and finally the quality of the stools - the byproducts of digestion. A house of health must be built on a foundation and the foundation must have footings. The first footing for the foundation of health is hunger, when the mind signals the stomach it needs food. Most persons with chronic conditions have either a poor appetite or none at all. Frequently, these people do not eat because they are hungry but for pleasure or because it is time to eat. Often people with chronic conditions tell me that food just sits in their stomach and does nothing or it ferments and produces gas.

Toxic Overload - a primary cause of appetite loss

When the liver and kidneys are over burdened with toxins that are either ingested or are the byproducts of fermentation in the large intestines from “unfriendly flora,” there will be a loss of appetite. Cigarette smoking suppresses appetite because of all the ingested chemicals (toxins). Smoking increases free radicals and ultimately damages all major body organs from the liver to the kidneys to the heart to your eyesight and weakens your immune system. An addiction to nicotine is just as difficult to break as an addition to cocaine. Prescriptions drugs are available today to help you break either addition (Zyban for tobacco cravings). If you just need to get high, smoking marijuana would be far more preferable than tobacco or crack cocaine as marijuana is not addictive. Like ingested poisons that can suppress the appetite, a colon that produces toxins from “unfriendly flora” will also reduce a persons appetite.

Note: If a person has a good appetite but also has infections in either the small or large intestines that prevent absorption of nutrients or has chronic diarrhea, then these problems need to be addressed along with the restoration of appetite.

Colonics for a Toxic Colon

A single colonic, professionally done, is the equivalent of about 25 enemas as nearly 5 gallons of water are moved deep into and out of the colon. Adding one cup of apple cider vinegar to the 5 gallon water tank will greatly enhance its therapeutic value as the acetic acid in the vinegar will inactivate HIV and most other pathogens in the large intestines. (Check your phone directory under “Colonic Irrigation” for a colon therapist near you).

Seven ways to increase appetite





5. FASTING - drink purified water and do not eat until you feel real hunger pangs in your stomach.


7. Herbs: Gentian root (Herbal Bitters), Ginger root ( for digestion of meats and to stop gas), Alfalfa tablets, Oregon Grape root,


Powerful stuff! Cayenne (Red Pepper) is one of the most underrated spices in the plant kingdom. Cayenne is a very powerful appetite stimulant. Cayenne combined with a little apple cider vinegar will put a growl in your stomach. To turn on the hunger response, try taking one cayenne capsule with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before meals, then gradually increase the dose in a few days to 3 cayenne capsules and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in about 4 to 6 ounces of water and take this about 1/2 hour before meals 2 or 3 times daily. Do this each time before you eat and soon you will find strong hunger sensations returning. If you need to do more to get your appetite back, add 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses twice daily and ginger root or horseradish if necessary - add horseradish to coleslaw or top it on boiled cabbage and carrots.

Cayenne also stimulates kidney function, increases urination and will even heal an ulcer. It stimulates all major organs in the body and increases metabolism at the level of the individual cell. It improves circulation throughout the body and increases body temperature. Cayenne can even stop a heart attack in progress by mixing a teaspoon of it with a glass of water and swallowing it or by taking 3 cayenne capsules. Cayenne can also stop internal bleeding by taking it internally in the same dose. Cayenne can dissolve fresh blood clots and reverse the effects of a stroke in just a few hours but you will lose some of these benefits the longer you wait.

African Bird pepper has even more heat units than cayenne. If you are wasting, cayenne can help you gain weight by restoring appetite and increasing blood flow to the mucus membranes which will help with absorption of nutrients. If you are overweight, it can help you lose unwanted pounds by increasing metabolism and the production of energy in the cells. Cayenne increases oxygenation of the blood almost instantly and relieves chest pains caused by poor circulation, just like nitroglycerin does. Just as importantly, the increased oxygenation of the blood and cells and the increased production of energy (ATP) in the cells is a prerequisite to promoting antigen presentation in the cells, a critical pathway in restoring cell mediated immunity.

Both cayenne and horseradish stimulate digestion, metabolism and circulation throughout the body. Both help fight water retention and tumors. Cayenne will help lower high blood pressure and increase it in persons who have low blood pressure. Cayenne helps heal ulcers by stimulating the growth of new mucus membranes.

“pass the Tabasco sauce, please”

Tabasco and other hot red-pepper sauces are made from cayenne aged in vinegar. Try 1/2 teaspoon of Tabasco sauce in 4 to 6 ounces of tomato or vegetable juice before meals. Cayenne capsules are also a convenient and low-cost way to use red pepper. A cayenne capsule taken with a glass of water will cause a warm sensation in the stomach. No need to fear if you have ulcers as cayenne will help heal an ulcer.

Tabasco sauce can also be sprinkled on poached eggs or over cooked vegetables. It is best to use a low sodium vegetable juice as salt is usually added to these cayenne sauces.

Blackstrap molasses is another aid to digestion as it contains betaine hydrochloride. This helps digest proteins. It is a concentrated source of trace minerals that supports enzyme function and metabolism throughout the body.

Horseradish: For beginners, go easy especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Horseradish can be mixed with coleslaw dressing or used on corn beef or beef brisket and added to cooked cabbage, brussels sprouts, cooked carrots and rutabagas. Horseradish can be placed on crackers topped with cheese or sliced raw vegetables. Horseradish is great for lung and sinus infections.

Fasting and Exercise: Many of us have the bad habit of eating because it is time to eat whether we are hungry or not. Being hungry for a even a few hours speeds the detoxification and healing of the human body. If our mind thinks that at the slightest twinge of hunger we should eat or the slightest pain, we should take pain killers, we are setting ourselves up for a lifetime of chronic illness and chemical or junk food dependency. Sedentary jobs like sitting behind a desk or computer all day long are not healthy careers. Blessed is the person who can make a living exercising his body more than his mind every day. Exercise plus water detoxifies the body and will help restore a natural sensation of hunger.

Work up an appetite by taking a long walk before you eat if you have a sedentary job or if you are on disability or are retired. Two basic points to remember: If you are just slightly hungry, delay eating until you feel real hungry. Take a walk or other aerobic type exercise or sports activity and drink chlorine and fluoride free water until you feel a real strong hunger. If you are too weak to exercise, then use cayenne, vinegar and blackstrap molasses until a strong appetite returns and remove toxins from the large intestines with a colonic.

Herbs: Ginger root contains protein digestive enzymes and helps stop fermentation in the stomach.. Gentian root is used in “Bitters” sold in liquor stores and can be mixed with vegetable juice. Health food stores also sell herbal bitters. Alfalfa tablets are cheap and inexpensive - take 6 tablets twice daily. Oregon grape root - 20 drops twice daily.

Breakfast or Dinner cocktail - to 6 ounces of low sodium tomato or vegetable (V8) juice) add 1/2 tsp of Tabasco sauce and/or 1/4 teaspoon of herbal “Bitters” with Gentian. Squeeze some lemon juice into this and bravo, do you have real zesty cocktail that will increase your metabolism and immune function. DIET - Very Good Choices

When you are hungry, a cooked whole grain high fiber breakfast like oat bran cereal, rye cereal, grits made from whole corn or oatmeal. Avoid cold cereals sold in stores, even health food stores. They are usually processed at temperatures of over 400 degrees F, a temperature that causes them to produce toxic protein byproducts some of which may be carcinogenic. Trust only what you prepare yourself. Avoid all packaged or frozen precooked foods as the manufacturers do not tell the buyers what temperature they use in producing these goods. As a general rule, avoid foods cooked at temperatures of over 300 degrees F.

A Super Healthy Breakfast Hot High-Fiber Breakfast Cereal - Oat Bran, applesauce and bananas - 15 grams fiber

For breakfast - a hot whole grain breakfast cereal made with 1/3 cup of oat bran which contains about 6 grams of fiber per 1/4 cup dry weight. Serve with apple sauce, sliced bananas and use coconut milk or lactose reduced milk, milk or soymilk like Edensoy, Vitasoy or Nutrisoy brands.

I consider a breakfast meal that is very high in fiber and pectin to be critically important for restoring a healthy colon. If you use 1/3 cup of oat bran per 1 cup water plus 1 cup applesauce plus one banana, you will have about 14 grams of fiber, about 1/2 the recommended adult dose.

Consumer Warning - the food additive “carrageenan” suppresses macrophage function

Several published scientific articles report that carrageenan suppresses macrophage function. Both macrophage and neutrophil function is needed by persons with candidiasis to prevent yeast infections. Avoid milks with carageenan added as carageenan will suppress macrophage function. This advice goes for prepared ice cream and gravies as well. Read labels carefully. For ice cream, a good choice is Haagen Dazs, made without thickeners like carageenan. Many brands of soy milk contain carrageenan as does rice milk. Two brands that do not are Edensoy and Vitasoy.

Main meals: raw - endive, parsley, beet greens, romaine lettuce, sliced onions, garlic, carrots, artichokes, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, ripe red or yellow peppers and most any other vegetable. You can also add ripe olives, hot peppers and low sodium feta cheese, cottage cheese or plain yogurt. (Soak the feta cheese in a dish of water for one hour. This removes most of the sodium from the cheese). Top with flavored vinegar like Balsamic vinegar and a good quality Extra Virgin Olive oil plus a little oregano. Use Sea Salt if you need more flavor. Note: Fresh refrigerated flax oil 1 or 2 teaspoons may be mixed with the yogurt or cottage cheese. (Avoid Flax oil if you have a tendency to bleed as flax oil thins the blood). Substitute cold-pressed olive oil or unrefined sesame seed oil. Serve this salad with a whole grain bread that is high in fiber. Go to your health food store and find a bread that has 4 grams of fiber per slice. Eat 2 slices with this meal. This will add 12 to 14 grams of fiber to your daily diet. Now you have reached the daily recommended dose of 27 to 29 grams of fiber. Congratulations! You are on our way to a new healthier body.

Proteins sources: 1. Cooked brown and wild rice flavored by adding the seaweed Kombu and a little red pepper and curry powder while cooking it. 2. Canned salmon or sardines, especially “spiced sardines.” 3. Sunflower seeds partly sprouted or soaked in water for 6 to 8 hours. 4. Chicken or turkey cooked in a Crock Pot for 6 to 8 hours at 175 degrees F. After cooking in a Crock Pot, chicken or turkey can be stored in refrigerator and sliced over a salad. It is very important to avoid any foods cooked at a temperature of over 300 degrees F.

Main Meals: cooked. Boiled, simmered or cooked in a Crock Pot only for several hours at about 175 degrees F. You can mix chicken or turkey with several vegetables like celery, carrots onions, potatoes, brown and wild rice etc. and cook them all together. Avoid pork, ham, sausage or smoked foods. Except for green beans, avoid canned or baked beans (bean soup) if you are immune compromised as beans are more difficult to digest. Once a week try a beef pot roast or brisket. Serve with horseradish. Good choices (think orange): cooked squash, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots and pumpkin.

Homemade vegetable soups with chicken, turkey and beef added are good choices.

AVOID EATING SWEET FRUITS WITH VEGETABLES AS THIS CAN CAUSE DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS AND GAS. THE EXCEPTION IS LEMONS, LIMES, GRAPEFRUIT AND RAW PINEAPPLE. RAW PINEAPPLE IS A GOOD CHOICE TO USE WITH COTTAGE CHEESE OR MEATS AS IT CONTAINS BROMELAIN, A PROTEIN DIGESTIVE ENZYME. EXCEPT FOR PINEAPPLE, EAT SWEET FRUITS BY THEMSELVES BETWEEN MEALS OR BEFORE MAIN COURSE MEALS. Regarding pea soup, peas and chick peas, test these out and see how your stomach can handle them before making them a daily course. Except for cottage cheese, cheese made from rice or soy is easier to digest than cheese made from cow’s milk.

How you eat can help you in your fight against HIV, allergies and even cancer.

Are you Serious?

“I know how to eat.” Do you? The most common mistake is that people eat too fast increasing stress on both the digestive process and the immune system. Yes, the immune system. Remember the scientific research that found that 40 to 60% of the immune cells in your body are in the digestive tract. The immune cells are not just sitting along your digestive tract taking a snooze or playing ping pong. The immune cells (White Blood cells, CD4’s etc.) are there to survey the byproducts of digestion. If there are some partly or undigested particles that try to pass through the mucus membranes into the blood, the immune cells are there to stop them. Your cells cannot use undigested food particles and your T cells are there to keep the blood from being polluted with garbage. The problem is made worse when the mucus membranes are damaged (leaky gut syndrome) or too thin to properly filter out unwanted particles.

For persons HIV+, you can help lower your viral load by eating more slowly and mixing lots of saliva with each mouthful. Digestion starts in the mouth. Enzymes in saliva break down carbohydrates and mastication of food assists the digestion process in the stomach and small intestines. Your saliva also contains an enzyme called lysozyme that researchers found will inactivate the HIV virus. The more saliva you mix with your food the more HIV you will inactivate as it passes through the digestive tract. When your food is properly masticated (chewed very finely), you will have less unwanted byproducts of digestion and therefore less activated CD4 helper cells in the intestines. Remember, it is the activated CD4’s that HIV infects. Better digestion reduces the number of CD4 cells that are destroyed daily by HIV and will reduce the number of newly formed cell-free viruses that enter your blood thus reducing your viral load.

This is why HIV+ persons who take digestive enzymes with meals often have declines in viral load and stabilized CD4 counts. The immune response of persons with cancer, CFIDS and other chronic conditions benefits from better digestion. When your immune system is needed to fight whatever is bugging you elsewhere in your body, it will have more time and troops to do the job if it is not overburdened with blocking the unwanted byproducts of faulty digestion.

Five important rules for proper digestion are:

1. Eat only when you are hungry

2. Eat wholesome foods (Remember - junk in, junk out).

3. Eat slowly and mix a lot of saliva with eat mouthful.

4. Add spices and foods that help the digestive process - cayenne, sour pickles or vinegar, horseradish, gentian, ginger root and raw pineapple.

5. Stop eating before you stuff yourself.

The Colon and the critical pH factor. Why an acidic colon is of immeasurable value to persons immune compromised

The pH Factor: pH represents the “hydrogen potential” absorbing capacity of a substance. A pH of “0” means a substance is as acidic (i.e. sulfuric acid) as it can get and will absorb no more hydrogen atoms. At a pH of 13, a substance can absorb lots of hydrogen ions (i.e. ammonia is alkaline). The digestive process requires hydrochloric acid in the stomach but needs an alkaline environment in the small intestines (around 7.0). When the food reaches the large intestines, the pH drops to around 6 and increases slightly to 6.5 in healthy individuals. (1)

Friendly acid producing bacteria help to move pH down in a slightly acidic direction. When the pH of the colon is alkaline (above 7.0), all kinds of unwanted pathogens from viruses to fungus to bacteria set up housekeeping and can cause havoc with your immune system by producing toxins and harmful chemicals that further burdens your immune cells. Not only that, these unwanted pathogens will produce more chemicals to keep a pH environment favorable to their survival. While the pH of the colon in normal healthy individuals is estimated to be around 6.8, in persons with HIV, CFIDS, MCS, candidiasis and hepatitis, the ideal pH to lower viral and fungal proliferation in the colon is below 6.0. The healing pH range is between 5.5 and 6.0. If it gets too acidic (below 4) or too alkaline, above 7.5, it can damage the colonic mucosa.

In Crohn’s disease, Colitis and some forms of colon cancer, the pH of the colon is too acidic and has been measured as low as 2.5. One researcher found that secondary bile contributed to this condition (not friendly flora). Bile production is increased when fat consumption is high. For persons with Crohn’s, Colitis or colon cancer, a fat free fat diet is immediately recommended until the pH of the feces is 5.5 or slightly higher, then, this should be followed with a low fat diet.


Research published in the journal of AIDS, PNAS and Nature’s Medicine (3) have found that up to 86% of all HIV virus in your body is in the intestines. The large intestines is a critical area. If the pH of the colon is higher than 6.0, HIV can still infect new CD4 cells and continue replicating, but when the pH is less than 6.0, cell-free HIV permanently loses its ability to infect new cells (4) The chance of viral resistance developing to an acidic colon is next to nil as the acids attack the viral membrane, not an area where viral mutations frequently occur. This leads to a new strategy to control HIV infection indefinitely - to lower the pH of the colon by natural means to a pH of 6.0 or less and stop HIV replication in an area where the highest concentrations have been found - the intestines. The implications of pH modification of the colon are profound - HIV viral load should drop dramatically and CD4’s increase steadily.

Besides daily enemas where you add garlic and vinegar to the water, the pH of the colon can be lowered by a diet high in fiber and eating certain foods like raw garlic, cabbage and artichokes that support the growth of friendly flora. Friendly intestinal flora produce lactic acid and one strain B. Longum has been found to produce acetic acid, the same kind of acid found in vinegar. Researchers have found that vinegar, like raw garlic, stops HIV replication. How you ever seen a bottle of vinegar spoil? Why, because no virus, fungus or bacteria can survive in it.

Bech K et al (2) found that in measuring the pH of the feces that “Significantly higher pH values ..... were found in patients with cancer than in normal individuals.” He wrote “These results support performance of intervention trials with lowering the pH of the colon with the object of cancer prophylaxis....”

1. Fallingborg J et al; J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 1990 Aug;11(2):211-4

2. Bech K et al; “The pH and acidity of feces in colorectal neoplasms,” Ugeskr Laeger 1990 Jan 15;152(3):161-2

3. Konlee M; Progressive Health News, 1999 (Oct 1st) Vol 2, No 10.

4. Pisai Egyetem et al; Orv Hetil, 1990 Sep 9;131(36):1959-64.


Healthy Stools:

Size - large diameter 1 to 1.5 inches

Color: medium brown

Buoyancy - floats in toilet bowl.

Form: soft, formed round but firm

Unhealthy Stools:

Size: Narrow - 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide (indicates colon inflammation - the more narrow, the more severe the inflammation)

Color: dark brown or black (indicates too much bile - diet is too high in fat). Stools yellow in color or pale can indicate liver problems.

Buoyancy: sinkers - will not float in water.

Form: mud like texture, very hard chunks or mushy or chronic diarrhea.

Floating stools linked to rising CD4 counts in persons with HIV/AIDS

A chapter in my book “How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction” cites 15 factors that indicate a strong immune system and 15 negative ones that indicate internal toxicity and imbalance and a weakening immune system. This set of factors was written about 8 years ago after an survey of our readers that were HIV+ to determine what factors might be linked to the rise or fall of the CD4 cells.

At that time I had no idea why the buoyancy of the stools was linked to the fate of the CD4’s. Now as this decade and century comes to a close, we finally understand the connection between colonic pH, CD4’s and the viral load. It is directly linked to the presence or absence of acid producing friendly intestinal flora in the colon. When the stools sink the CD4’s fall and when they float, the CD4’s rise. The reason the stools float when lactic acid producing bacteria are in the colon is that the friendly flora produce short chain fatty acids that make the stool lighter than water.

I published new discoveries on how pH affects HIV in the October, 1999, issue of Progressive Health News. Here is an excerpt.

The pH Factor - Acidity Vs HIV

A published scientific abstract from a foreign medical journal written by Pisai Egyetem et al (1) titled “Different sensitivity to acid reaction of the AIDS virus and virus-producing cells” has some important observations that can be related to enemas that are acidic (either with vinegar added or coffee) and to the pH of the colon. What the researchers found is that cell free (HIV) virus gradually loses its infectivity in an acidic medium and loses it permanently when the pH is below 6.0. The more acid the colon, the more damage is done to the membranes of the virus and infectivity is lost and is not regained even when the pH is increased to over 6.0 again.

The researchers state that“HIV loses infectivity in the acidic vagina or ... on the skin, but infectivity is preserved in the blood, semen, rectum and breast milk being neutral or slightly alkaline.”

What is significant is that when just 2 tablespoons of vinegar are added to 1 and 1/2 quarts of water, the pH drops to 3.5, enough to irreparably damage the membranes of cell-free HIV so as to completely lose their infectivity and just possibly low enough to damage some HIV inside the cells. This adds justification to having a colon with active lactic acid producing bacteria that will create a more hostile acidic environment to suppress HIV replication along with other pathogenic microbes. When the pH of the colon is above 6.0 or higher (alkaline) is when HIV replicates and the CD4 counts decline. The stools formed in an alkaline environment in the colon will usually sink and are often small in diameter. Sometimes, the odor of ammonia is also apparent. While all strains of lactobacillus will produce lactic acid, one strain, B. Longum, actually produces acetic acid, the same acid found in vinegar, making it an even more effective antimicrobial probiotic.

An alkaline colon favors HIV replication and CD4 destruction. Alkalinity in the colon is also found in persons with CFIDS and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

It has taken 15 years to find out where most of the HIV is located in the body (1,2,3,4) and where most of the CD4’s are destroyed and all the scientific evidence points to the intestines. Scientific research has also found that 40 to 60% of all the immune cells in your body are in the gut. Why are they there? To survey the byproducts of digestion and prevent undigested and unusable proteins and other byproducts of digestion from entering the blood.

Why does HIV infects most of the CD4’s in the intestines? Answer: Because they are activated as they signal other immune cells to prevent unwanted byproducts of digestion from entering the blood. Activated CD4 cells have receptors called the CD4 receptor that HIV uses to gain entry into the cell. Once inside the CD4 cells, they replicate by the millions and then cell-free viruses directly enter the blood. This causes the blood plasma viral loads to rise. At the same time the infected CD4 cells are destroyed. As a result, the body draws down CD4 cells circulating in the blood and send them to the intestines. This causes the CD4 counts in the blood to drop. Researchers have found that in monkeys infected with SIV that the first place CD4 are depleted is in the mucosal membranes of the intestines and this happens within the first two weeks after initial infection regardless of where the infection occurred. SIV is to monkeys what HIV is to humans.

Research done in Ghana by Naaeder SB et al and published in the West Afr. J Med (1) report on a study to determine the effect of a high fiber diet on colonic and fecal pH. In a group of 5 English volunteers who ate an average of 17. 5 grams of fiber per day and then doubled it to 34.4 grams per day, the researchers found that “The pH in all parts of the colon decreased progressively during the period of study, being lowest at the end of two weeks of fiber supplementation.” The researchers found that when fiber supplementation was stopped, the pH of the colon returned to presupplementation levels within two weeks. They concluded that the use of dietary fiber for “intervention in large bowel diseases should be indefinite.”

1. Naaeder SB et al, West Afr J Med 1998 Jul-Sep;17(3):165-7

A new strategy to treat HIV/AIDS - decrease the pH of the Colon.

This leads to a new strategy to controlling and reversing HIV/AIDS: Lower the pH of the colon to 6.0 or less and stop HIV replication in the area where it is most concentrated. What should happen? HIV viral loads should drop and CD4 counts rise. In fact, in every single case I have followed when stools have returned to normal and consistently floated, the CD4’s have stopped falling and started rising. In 1996, Dr David Ho brought us the “Kitchen Sink Theory” of CD4 depletion - that HIV is destroying the CD4 cells faster than the body can replace them. What he did not tell us was where the kitchen sink was located. Now, we know where it is and we think we know how to shut off the drain on the CD4’s. The answer is to lower the pH of the colon by one or more of several methods.

How to lower the pH of the colon

1. Directly by daily enemas with a little vinegar added (about 1 tablespoon per pint or quart of water).

2. A diet high in fiber/pectin and foods like cabbage, artichokes and raw garlic that support the growth of friendly intestinal flora.

3. Taking probiotics that produce lactic acid (Vital Biotics) and acetic acid (Bifa-15) in the large intestines. More on how to do this elsewhere in this newsletter.

Note: Several persons with HIV who report that about half the time their stools float and the other half they sink notice little or no changes in their CD4 counts. This is about what I would expect. In persons on drug cocktails who have an undetectable viral load and low CD4 counts, one possible cause of low CD4 counts is that the drugs that are designed to enter the blood are not getting into the mucus membranes of the intestines. Thus, the one large remaining reservoir of HIV infection continues to kill off CD4 cells in the lamina propria of the intestines even though the drugs circulate at sufficient levels in the blood to keep the plasma viral load at non-detectable levels. IL-2 alone has not successfully flushed out the last remaining reservoir of HIV infection - the intestines. Lowering the pH of the colon could be the final piece of the puzzle in the search for an AIDS cure or lifetime control.


1. Dianzani F et al. Nature Medicine (1996) 2:832

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4. Wong J.K. et al. Proc. Natl. Acad Sci USA (1997) 94:12574-12579.

Healthy urine - yellow and clear

If you think you have healthy stools and good intestinal flora, try this test. Stop taking all supplements with any B vitamins in them for 24 hours and check the color of your urine. If you have healthy intestinal flora producing B vitamins, the color of your urine should be light yellow. When you take B vitamin supplements it will turn your urine yellow. If you stop taking B vitamins for 24 hours and the color of your urine is clear, it means your large intestines does not have sufficient friendly bacteria to produce the B vitamins you need. As a result, your urine will be clear and not yellow.

Sometimes when you have stools that float in water it could be caused by a diet too high in fat. The high fat content of the stools may cause the stools to float giving you a false reading on the health of your colon. Try a lot fat diet; if your stools sink, it will confirm what I am saying. When stools float in persons on a high fiber, low fat diet, it usually means that good intestinal flora are producing short chain fatty acids that cause them to float in water. This is what you want - stools that float, are soft yet firm, have a large diameter and normal medium brown color plus urine that is not cloudy, but is clear and light yellow. Note: Urine that is dark yellow means you are not drinking enough water.

Dr. James Balch MD on Fiber

Dr. Balch in his book “Prescription for Natural Healing” describes seven kinds of fiber that exist in foods. They are bran, pectin, cellulose, hemicellulose, lignan, gums and mucilages. Bran found in the outer portion of whole grains has been found to lower cholesterol, prevent colon cancer, obesity, hemorrhoids, reduce high blood pressure and balance blood sugar levels. Researchers have found that bran and other forms of fiber lowers the pH of the colon and promotes the rapid growth of good intestinal flora. The implications for persons with HIV/AIDS and other chronic conditons are profound.

Published research in three peer reviewed medical journals has found that up to 86% of the total quantity of HIV in the body is located in the intestines. Now with the large intestines (colon) containing the highest concentration of HIV found in the body, imagine what inactivating although those billions of viruses every day will do to your blood plasma viral loads. The only logical conclusion is the viral loads should drop like a lead balloon and with this the CD4 cells should steadily climb. What about the hepatitis viruses, CMV, EBV, herpes and candida albicans? Levels of these and other pathogens should plunge as well. Oat bran is one of your highest concentrations of fiber. Oat bran also contains gums and mucilages. Rice bran is also very high in fiber and contains sterols that reduce IL-6. Rice bran also contains 74 antioxidants and sterols, fats that reduce IL-6.

Question: If I follow your suggestions and I get healthy large diameter floating stools, will this means the pH of my colon is below 6.0?

Answer: At the present time, we are lacking data to confirm that. You still must actually measure the pH of the stools to find out exactly what it is. This is a test that your physician can order for you. In HIV/AIDS we want to get the pH of the colon just below 6.0 to completely inactivate all the billions of cell-free HIV in the colon. I am hoping that a high fiber/high pectin diet combined with probiotic supplements like Bifa 15 and Vital Biotics will accomplish this without the need for the daily enemas with garlic and vinegar added. The enemas can always be a fallback treatment if the supplements fail to lower the pH to 6.0 or less.

My observations in talking to people with conditions ranging from AIDS to cancer is that when the illness is progressing, the stools always sink and/or are small in diameter. Unhealthy stools have always tested alkaline when persons report the pH value to me (always over 7.0). One example was a lady with CFIDS and severe multiple chemical sensitivity plus severe sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.

She reported her stools were the size of a pencil and always sank. Her physician found the pH of a stool sample was 7.5, very high. I advised her to start on the high fiber/pectin breakfast. To heal the gut and for its anti-inflammatory properties to drink 1 cup of aloe vera juice 3 times a day for 5 days (about 1 gallon). Also to eat 1 cup of raw cabbage or sauerkraut daily plus 3 cloves of sliced garlic on a whole grain cracker (i.e. rye crisp). She did this and reported the size of her stools began to increase significantly in just 3 days. When you apply the right solution you can obtain fast results.

Note: She also reported that a liquid ionic trace mineral product (Dead Sea minerals) from SGS Research was the only product that got rid of her sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. The lady also reports she has blood stickiness and has also tested for high levels of heavy metals (mercury and lead). She will need a lot of pectin (5 to 10 grams daily) or about 3 cups of applesauce or 6 apples daily to effectively remove the heavy metals. Both citrus and apple pectin in powder form are sold in health food stores and in some grocery stores.


Dr. Balch reports that pectin is good for diabetics, removes toxins and heavy metals, lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of gallstones. Dr. Balch reports that pectin is found in apples, bananas, the rinds of citrus fruits (lemons, oranges and grapefruit), carrots, beets, cabbage and okra.

About one year ago, I talked to a former drug addict who told me he could remove all the street drugs he ingested by drinking a package of liquid pectin he would buy at the local grocery store. He would mix it with water and drink the whole thing at once. He said that “in about 2 hours, all the drugs in his blood were gone.” He told me this included everything from marijuana to heroin to cocaine.

Pectin in the rinds of lemons used in the whole lemon/olive oil drink may partly explain its many benefits that includes a lowering of heavy metals. Heavy metal toxicity affects persons with AIDS, CFIDS, cancer, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and anyone with depleted Glutathione levels. Pectin to the rescue.


There are no known limits to how much pectin is safe to use and there are no known side effects for using it in large quantities. Applesauce contains 4 grams of fiber per cup much of it in the form of pectin. Green apples of any variety, but especially Granny Smith variety, are very high in pectin. For someone very toxic, I would suggest 4 to 6 servings daily of any of the following: apples, bananas, carrots, beets, cabbage and okra. Apples can be eaten in the form of natural applesauce (without sugar added). If you can eat 3 cups of applesauce daily and 1 serving of 2 other choices like bananas, carrots, beets, cabbage or okra, you should see measurable results in lowering the heavy metals in about 10 days. Both apple pectin and citrus pectin are also sold in health food stores in powder form. Suggested adult dose: about 5 grams (5000 mg daily) once or twice daily.

Suggestion: Cook up your own applesauce. Cut up pieces of apples with the skins. If you use Rome, Jonathans or other red apples, find the ones that are the most green in color. Adding sugar is optional but should be avoided if you have a yeast problem. Add about 1/2 inch of water to the bottom of the pan and a dash of cinnamon and ginger while cooking it. With red apples, you can make a most delicious red-colored applesauce. Do not overcook it. Chunky applesauce is just plain tasty. Serve it hot with slices of ripe bananas topped with a little coconut milk or Haagen Dazs ice cream. Now that is a treat and a healthy one at that!

Now that you know what to eat to detoxify your body and promote a healthy colon and how to eat, what else can you do to promote the kind of friendly flora that will lower the pH of the colon, produce B vitamins, digestive enzymes and factors that fight cancers, viruses and fungus? Answer: When the soil is right, plant the right seeds - the strains of intestinal flora that will go to work for you.

Besides a diet high in fiber and pectin, consider probiotic supplements

With all the different kinds of probiotic formulations on the market that support intestinal flora, it is something of a challenge to pick the best ones. The key factors to look for in intestinal flora are if they support cell-mediated immunity by stimulating TH1 cytokines (IL-2, IL-12, IFN-gamma and IgA) and not predominantly TH2 (IL-6 and 10) and if they lower the pH of the colon to create a more acidic environment to inhibit viruses, fungus and gram negative bacteria. It is important to avoid supplements with S. Thermophilis that produces IL-6. Here is my assessment after talking to several readers who have tried different products.

Vital Biotics or Nature’s Biotics?

I’ve written about soil-based organisms extensively in the past and several persons with CFIDS and HIV have said that they have been helped with Nature’s Biotics. However, with Nature’s Biotics, some persons have had to take it 2 or 3 months before they finally had normal stools - those large diameter floaters. Another formulation called “Vital Biotics” seems to work faster - restoring normal stools in 2 to 3 weeks or even less.

This formulation was developed by Dr. John Hower MD for Voyager Group (Carlsbad, CA), the manufacturer. It was formulated from 10 strains that are naturally found on organic fruits and vegetables. This includes soil-based organisms and powerful TH1 promoting strains like L Plantarum and L Casei along with lactic acid forming strains like L Salivarius, Acidophilus and DDS-1 Acidophilus plus Bifidus, Brevis, Rhamnosus, Bulgaricus and Lactis in a base of FOS (from artichokes) that promotes intestinal flora growth. One billion of each of 10 strains are reported to have been placed in the formula along with the SBO’s.

Irrespective of what is reported to be in the formula, the anecdotal reports tell us at the end point that matters how the product benefits the patient. Several persons have told me who have used both Natures Biotics and Vital Biotics that both are very beneficial in restoring normal stools but that the Vital Biotics works faster with fewer capsules. Having tried both brands for an extended period of time, I am convinced that the Vital Biotics formula is the best over-the-counter (OTC) brand currently available. However, it is missing one strain that is critical to producing acetic acid, the acid found in apple cider vinegar that is reported to kill gram negative bacteria. Gram negative bacteria that produce toxins are the type that like to inhabit a colon that has a higher pH in an alkaline direction. The strain that produces both acetic acid and lactic acid is Bifidobacterium Longum (B. Longum).

B Longum also promotes IgA, an immunoglobulin that supports mucosal immunity. The best combination is to use both Vital Biotics along with product called Bifa-15 or the new upcoming “Th1 Probiotics” from Jarrow Formulas that will also contain B Longum.

Bifa-15 and Th1 Probiotics

Within the past few months, Eden Foods has introduced to health food stores a new probiotic called Bifa 15 that contains microencapsulated B. Longum designed to get past the stomach acids and reach the colon. This product deserves special watching as acetic acid will produce a very hostile environment to HIV, Candida and most other infections of the large intestines.

On 9/30/99 I spoke with Pamela D who told me of her personal experience using Bifa-15. She had suffered badly from candida albicans, was intolerant to wheat (gluten intolerance) and had multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and numerous allergies. After using one packet of the formulation daily for 6 weeks, she reported normal stools, more energy, better sleep and that most of her symptoms had gone away. She said she no longer is sensitive to perfumes. Bifa-15 is expected to be very helpful for persons immune-compromised whose colon pH is too alkaline.

TH1 Probiotics - now under development by Jarrow Formulas will contain one billion B longum per serving along with 1/2 billion S. Boulardi and high concentrations of L Casei and L Plantarum - both heat treated so as to be safe to use in persons with leaky gut who are severely immune compromised.

1. Pisai Egyetem et al; Orv Hetil, 1990 Sep 9;131(36):1959-64.

Where to Start? Seven Ways to Heal the Gut and rebuild the mucus membranes

1. Diet high in fiber, pectin and sterols - Fermentation of the fiber in the large intestines by friendly flora produces butyric acid that helps to heal the mucus membranes. For adults, 25 to 30 grams of fiber consumed daily should be your goal. Pectin, a soluble form of fiber, removes toxins in the intestines that damages the membranes. Sterols reduce cortisol levels that weaken the intracellular cement that holds the mucus membranes together. Sterols are found in the bran portion of whole grains but especially rice bran and sesame seeds.

2. Aloe Vera Flush. Buy one gallon of a good quality aloe vera juice, no cheap stuff that is watered down. This will cost between $15 to $20 a gallon. Drink between meals 8 ounces (1 cup) 3 times a day until the gallon is gone - in 4 or 5 days. This flush can be repeated once a month if need be.

3. Raw cabbage, coleslaw, cultured cabbage juice, sauerkraut, sauerkraut - 1 or 2 cups daily may be taken with meals.

4. L-Glutamine - 10 grams of powder twice daily.

5. Vitamin A - best choice is plain (not emulsified) Cod Liver oil - one tablespoon twice daily. goes good with whole orange juice.

6. Herbs: Ojibwa Tea and/or Horsetail - 2 capsules twice daily. Also promotes healthy skin, hair and nails - builds immunity to candidiasis. Ojibwa tea helps rebuild the mucus membranes and removes toxins from the blood. (Available from Ojibwa Tea of Life - 303-322-7930).

7. Buttermilk - drink one cup twice daily. (contains butyric acid). Butyric acid is also found in butter and cream. There is none in margarine. If you can tolerate cow or goat’s milk, drink 4 or more glasses daily with a tsp of yogurt mixed in. Coconut milk is also very therapeutic to the gastrointestinal tract; it kills H Pylori, a bacteria that can cause stomach ulcers.

Colonics/enemas - have them done weekly by a professional.

Ask the Colon therapist to add one pint of vinegar (apple cider or distilled) to the 5 gallon tank for a more effective treatment. The acetic acid in the vinegar will kill pathogenic gram negative bacteria in the colon and speed your recovery. The alternative to colonics that are expensive is to do daily enemas with vinegar added - about 1 tbsp per pint of water. A bibkit for doing a home colonic can be obtained at http://www.bibkit.com/order.html Several published articles on colon cleansing can be found at http://www.bibkit.com/articles.html

Other herbal teas; Witch hazel or Marshmallow root tea.

Note: Steroids like prednisone and cortisone will damage the mucus membranes. Their use should be of limited duration.

Diagnostic Tests for Leaky Gut

This test is important as it measures the progress you are making on your diet and protocol to restore normal mucosal integrity and normal absorption of nutrients. To measure progress, you always need two tests, the first is baseline to find out where your starting profile is while the second one measures your progress in healing the gut. More information on this test and how to prepare for it is available from Great Smoky Diagnostics Lab at 800-522-4762 or write to Great Smoky Diagnostics, 63 Aillicoa St, Asheville, NC 28801. (Cost is $86 per test).

Diet and Supplements to promote healthy stools and colon

A diet high in fiber and pectin. raw garlic, cabbage, artichokes, orange colored vegetables (squash, pumpkin, carrots - raw or cooked), elderberry extract. Try slicing a clove of raw garlic and place it on rye crisp or other whole grain crackers and top with marinated artichokes. Raw garlic contains unidentified strains of lactic acid forming bacteria and artichokes contain FOS, a type of carbohydrate that promotes the growth of friendly flora. Eat 3 cloves of raw garlic daily. Best supplements, in our opinion, are Vital Biotics (Voyager Group) 2 capsules once or twice daily plus Bifa-15 that contains B Longum (Eden Foods) - one packet daily.

Low Body Temperature (LBT)

LBT is so common that it affects tens of millions of people and everyone who is chronically ill whose immune system is not longer actively fighting infections. With LBT comes anergy and a loss of Delayed Type Hypersensitivity (DTH). With low body temperature comes a loss of antigen presentation in cells that are chronically infected with some pathogen (virus, mycoplasma, spirochete, fungus or bacteria). Anergy and a loss of DTH means the cell-mediated arm of the immune system is no longer either seeing or responding to an infection or cancer.

LBT, Immunity and Colostrum

Some people have had LBT all their life. One cause of life long chronic immune dysfunction starts with a child’s birth and whether or not they are breast fed by their mother. Mother’s who do not breast feed their new born child for at least the first month are starting their child on a life long journey of possible chronic immune related problems from colds to allergies to other (you name it) chronic infections. The first milk for the newly born is called Colostrum and it transfers immunity to the child. The immune factors in the first milk are called ‘transfer factor” and include many kinds of immunoglobulins.

Veterinarians know that cats not breast fed are chronically ill and do not live long. While other species may fare better than cats, there is an important lesson to be learned here - don’t mess with mother nature (Gods’ plan) to transfer immunity from the mother to her offspring.

Suggestion: If you cannot breast feed your child because you have a communicable disease like HIV and you cannot find a source of certified raw milk, then add 2 teaspoons of a liquid or powdered colostrum (1000 mg) each day to pasteurized cow, goat or soy milk formula. Be sure to cool the milk so it is not over 100§F so as to not damage the immunoglobulins in the colostrum. Fortunately, colostrum processed at low temperatures is available in health food stores.

Nearly all chronic conditions from AIDS to CFIDS to Candidiasis to MCS to Lyme to cancer involve LBT. Frequently, chronic infections disappear when body temperature returns to normal.

How To Restore Normal Body Temperature

Detoxify! You need to follow in a progressive manner (step by step) this article from the beginning. The building of health is like walking up a ladder. You have to start with the first step, then the second and so on. There is no easy formula to jump from the first rung of the ladder up the top. If there was I would tell you.

Everything I have discussed so far from appetite to diet to how you eat to how you digest your food to the quality of your stools and urine all lead you in the direction of normal body temperature and balance (homeostasis). The more fiber and pectin you consume daily the more normal will be your body temperature. For you doubting Thomas’s, take your temperature on the first day you start a high fiber diet and check it just 5 days later at the same time of the day and you will see how you are warming up. Seeing and experiencing the results will make you a believer- just like the Thomas the Apostle who believed when he seen and talked to the risen Christ. Do not short change yourself by taking a few fiber tablets daily while continuing to eat junk food. This won’t work. Remember this: junk in - junk out. You are what you eat (as well as what you think). Like the food you eat, your thoughts and self-image control the daily choices you make - choices that make you sick or well.

How to normalize temperature: First, have your physician check the thyroid function. Do not assume that because your body temperature is below normal that it is your thyroid. I have talked to dozens of people who have LBT and the lab tests show normal thyroid function and thyroxin levels. The primary cause of LBT is colon toxicity that contributes to liver toxicity and lymph congestion. The following will help increase and normalize body temperature.

Seven Ways to Increase Body Temperature

1. Diet high in fiber and pectin

2. The Whole lemon/olive oil drink

3. Cayenne, other hot peppers & seaweed

4. Extract of the Venus Fly-Trap (VFT) plant

5. Sun tanning (very, very important)

6. Exercise daily to the point of sweating.

7. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of clean filtered water daily. (Essential to flush toxins from the body)

The whole lemon/olive oil drink has consistently helped people with almost any chronic condition. The olive oil stimulates bile flow from the liver and the pectin in the rind of the lemons helps remove toxins and heavy metals from the gut and blood.

The two botanicals (Venus fly-trap and cayenne) have been the most effective of all supplements found to date to increase and help normalize body temperature. Both VFT extract and cayenne improve antigen presentation and DTH responses to the skin sensitizer - DNCB.

Cayenne capsules - start with 1 capsule with each meal and gradually increase to 3 per meal. Another choice is cayenne sauce (Tabasco sauce) - 1/2 tsp in tomato juice 3 times daily before meals. Note: Researchers Reilly DM and Green MR in the UK (1) found that capsaicin (from cayenne) increases Interluken 1 production. IL-1 is the cytokine that turns on the fever response. IL-1 could be why cayenne increases body temperature.

1. Reilly DM et al. Acta Derm Venereol 1999 May;79(3):187-90

Venus Fly-Trap extract - start off with 5 drops sublingually 3 to 5 times daily and gradually increase up to 1/2 teaspoon 3 to 5 times daily. Adjust the dose until body temperature returns to a normal 98.6 degrees F.

Other spices and supplements: ginger root, turmeric, Miso soup made with Wakame seaweed, chili, african bird pepper, thiamin, riboflavin, L-thyrosine (500 mg daily) and manganese (3 to 5 mg daily), L- carnitine (500 mg twice daily) and cold processed whey proteins (Optimune, Designer Protein etc.).

Note: Manganese is also very important as it promotes the production of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), one of the most powerful free radical scavengers found. Manganese is found in pineapple, chestnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, blackberries, raspberries, concord grapes and dark green vegetables.

Sun tanning - naturally or indoors in a salon (20 minutes twice weekly. Use UVA beds). Avoid UVB that is used for psoriasis as it is immune suppressive and may cause skin cancer.

INSOMNIA doubles IL-6 levels

Sterols and Cayenne normalize IL-6 levels

This brings us to the last of the basic items I am covering in this article for rebuilding your health. Researchers have found that if you do not get a good night’s sleep, your Interluken 6 levels will be double the next day. Too much IL-6 has been linked to AIDS progression, CFIDS, Cancer, MCS and chronic candidiasis. Too much IL-6 is one of the most troublesome of the TH2 cytokines.

Scientific researchers have found that sterols (from rice bran, sesame seeds and other sources) and cayenne (1) keep IL-6 levels normal. Cayenne also reduces TNF - tumor necrosis factor (1), a cytokine that has been linked in several studies to wasting syndrome in persons with AIDS and cancer. In animal experiments, capsaicin (from cayenne) prevented increased IL-6 levels induced by stress by blocking substance P binding to macrophages.

1. Chancellor-Freeland C et al; Ann N Y Acad Sci 1995 Dec 29;771:472-84

Essential Treatments for Insomnia

1. Sun tanning (very important) - naturally outdoors or in a sun tanning salon (UVA). If indoor sun tanning is used, try to obtain 20 minutes twice a week. Sun tanning improves the utilization of calcium and vitamin D, improves metabolism, antigen presentation (immune function), calms the nerves and helps normalize body temperature. Experience has shown that taking vitamin D in pill form does not give the same benefits as does sun tanning.

2. Exercise (aerobic) - talk a long walk or bicycle ride for about 20 to 30 minutes before retiring to bed. Note: weight lifting won’t work and will temporarily increase cortisone levels.

3. Calcium Lactate - Other forms of calcium (carbonate, citrate etc.) will not work! Cottage cheese is a good source of natural calcium lactate (1/2 cup as a late evening snack - serve with raw pineapple) or take one teaspoon of calcium lactate powder in water or 5 calcium lactate capsules before bedtime.

4. Whole Lemon/Olive Oil drink. Updated instructions. Several persons have reported that the daily use of the drink helps them sleep like a baby. The drink is made by taking the juice of one whole lemon and place it in a blender. Add cut up pieces of half a lemon rind with the seeds removed. Add a small piece of fresh ginger root and a glass of water or fruit juice (i.e. red grape is a good choice). Add 1 tablespoon of cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and blend for 2 minutes. Drink the whole thing, pulp and all the liquid. Once a day is suggested; or less often if you if desired. The pulp has fiber and pectin so it is beneficial to consume it all. Take a few cayenne capsules with the drink for an even more powerful effect. Best time to do the drink is in the morning.

Note: The use of foods containing sterols and cayenne, while not tested as a treatment for insomnia, will reduce IL-6 and TNF levels to normal levels in persons with AIDS, CFIDS, MCS, Lyme disease and cancer or other conditions of stress. Reducing IL-6 and TNF to normal levels are expected either to stop or help reverse disease progression in all these conditions.

Other very helpful treatments for Insomnia

1. Naltrexone - 3 mg before bedtime - requires a prescription. See my book on “How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction” for more information.

2. Elderberry extract - 2 or 3 tablespoons in the evening. See recipe in Positive Health News, No 17, on how to make your own.

3. Magnetic pads - Place pad on back or stomach area for about one hour in the evening with the north pole (negative) energy facing the body. Do not sleep on pad or on magnets. Do not use the south pole of a magnet or magnetic pads that have both N and S pole polarities facing the body. They won’t work. Magnetic pads designed with north pole only orientation toward the body are designed by Dr Wm Philpott MD and available from Envirotech - 405-390-3499.

4. Melatonin - 1 to 3 mg before bedtime. Start with the lowest dose and work up.

5. Herbal teas: one teaspoon of scullcap OR hops in hot water. Steep for 10 minutes. Strain and drink. When all else fails, use 1/2 teaspoon of lobelia in hot water. Sip a little at a time. Lobelia is very powerful sedative. Be careful not to overdose on it.

NOTE: DO NOT MIX SEDATIVE TEAS (SCULLCAP, HOPS. LOBELIA, LEMON BALM) TOGETHER. USE ONLY ONE AT A TIME. Scullcap would be my first choice. Psychiatrists often recommend chamomile tea to their patients who want a natural sedative to relax the nerves and help them sleep. Do not use sedative herbs with coffee, tea, any product containing caffeine, ma huang, gotu kola or other herbal stimulants or diet pills (to lose weight).

Remember that the first 4 choices (sun tanning, exercise, whle lemon drink and calcium lactate) are the ones you should try first. Most prescription drugs for insomnia work well but may have side effects. See your physician. For information on side effects, see the Physicians Desk Reference at your local library. Most physicians do not have photographic memories and are sometimes too busy to look up a drugs side effects and inform you about them. Some drug stores offer information on side effects while others do not. A trip to the library is well worth your time. The listing of a side effect does not mean you will experience it but it is possible.

The Journey to Health - on the road again?

From appetite to how you eat to what you eat to how you digest your food to the byproducts of digestion, the quality of the stools and color of the urine to restoring normal body temperature to drinking plenty of good clean water to remove toxins from your body to adequate exercise to restoring normal body temperature to obtaining a good nights sleep are all basic fundamental areas of health commonly neglected in treating chronic conditions from AIDS to cancer. Addressing these fundamental areas of health restores normal metabolism, digestion, energy and well being and will speed you on your way to a better and healthier tomorrow.

We all yearn for the easy solution - the single magic pill. The closest thing to a magic formula for restoring normal stools is “Vital Biotics” from Voyager Group. However, unless you increase your intake of fiber, pectin and raw vegetables, you may not totally restore normal healthy stools and those of you who work hard to improve your diet may not need to use Vital Biotics at all or you may need to use it only occasionally

Low cost solutions for chronic conditions are not given the attention they deserve as too many writers in the arena of health do not understand these basic fundamentals of human health. Promotion of no cost or low cost solutions is not profitable. Once you have the foundation to your health in place and you are no longer toxic and have a functional immune system, you will find that you will need fewer dietary supplements and prescription drugs and in some cases none at all. You are now empowered with some very important and basic information on rebuilding your health. The next step is yours - implementation.

Colon Cleansing Supplements

For Starters - the first month - use some product that is effective against parasites: Colon Green Powder (Futurebiotics). I mentioned this product about a year ago after one of our readers who had constantly sinking stools told me that this was the only colon cleansing supplement he had found that restored normal floating stools. This formula contains psyllium and is high in chlorophyll from alfalfa, parsley and chlorella. Chlorophyll will kill a wide range of bacteria and other pathogens in the lower large intestines. It also contains black walnut extract to kill parasites and has FOS from artichokes and 50 mg of cayenne per serving plus ginger root, beet crystals, 5 additional herbs and vegetarian enzymes. One tablespoon twice daily with water taken on an empty stomach is what I suggest for the first month. This product would be a good choice to use for a month and then switch to another formula like Perfect Plus. Colon Green Powder costs about $16 a month. Other products like "Clear," Black walnut capsules, castor oil capsules and Clarkia 100 also work against parasites.

Perfect Plus (Soluble Rice Bran) by SGS Research (Irvine, CA) is a colon cleansing formula that contains soluble rice bran as its principle ingredient with no added herbs. It primary benefit is that it reduces some TH2 cytokines and improves cell mediated immunity and normalize blood sugar levels. Soluble rice bran contains 74 antioxidants plus trace minerals and immune modulators called “sterols.” Sterols reduce IL-6 levels that are a major problem in persons immune-compromised from any cause. Sterols also increase IL-2 and gamma-interferon, increase DHEA levels and lower cortisol levels. A daily serving of 3 level tablespoons contains about 120 mg of sterols. Sterols are also found in raw sesame seeds and a candy called Halvah that is made from crushed raw sesame seeds and honey.

Perfect Plus also has 133 mg of MethylSulfonylMethane (MSM) a biological form of sulfur plus 1000 mg of TriMethylGlycine (TMG) from beets plus 1000 mg of FOS (from artichokes) that promotes the growth of friendly flora. Both MSM and TMG help in detoxification of the cells and support the process of methylation. Diabetics who use Perfect Plus usually need to reduce their insulin use as blood sugar levels fall. One person I know discontinued using insulin after starting on Perfect Plus as their blood sugar levels returned to normal. Diabetics need to take it in 3 doses - 1 tablespoon each about 8 hours apart and monitor their blood sugar levels daily and on the first day before taking their next insulin dose. One person with diabetes for 20 years had to discontinue insulin the very first day they started on Perfect Plus as the insulin caused the blood sugar levels to go low - the opposite of diabetes. Perfect Plus tastes pleasant and costs about $30 a month.

A low cost alternative to Perfect Plus is to buy a pound of rice bran and regrind in a coffee grinder until it is soluble in water. Store it in a freezer to keep it fresh and take 3 tablespoons daily in water, juice or mixed with apple sauce. (Note: You won’t get the added benefits of the MSM, FOS and TMG in the Perfect Plus but you will get all the benefits of the sterols in the rice bran).

Blood stickiness (causes chronic muscle pain and fatigue) allows for cell to cell spread of infections like HIV, HHV-6, CMV, EBV and other intracellular infections and contributes to cardiovascular disease and brain fog

Blood stickiness is common condition of the blood that affects persons with AIDS, CFIDS, MCS, Lyme disease, heart disease and cancer and may be implicated in fibromylagia and other conditions of chronic muscle pain. This condition is caused when blood cells stick together in group preventing them from functioning normally as individual cells would. Blood stickiness causes fatigue, muscle pain as it prevents the blood from circulating and carrying oxygen in the capillaries to the cells and it contributes to the cell to cell spread of viral infections. It is also my theory (not proven) that blood stickiness contributes to brain fog in persons with CFIDS, although other causes are a toxic colon and actual infections (usually fungal in nature) near the brain - a scary thought.

A diagnostic test for blood cell stickiness or clumping is called Dark Field Microscopy. In this test, available from health care practitioners, you can both see and photograph the condition of blood cell clumping. Usually high levels of free radical activity accompany blood stickiness.

Treatments for Blood cell stickiness

1. Thymate - a complex multiglandular vitamin mineral and herbal formula has stopped blood stickiness in dark field microscopy tests.

2. Ionic Trace Minerals from the Dead sea (SGS Research) or Great Salt Lake (Marine Minerals) has stopped blood stickiness in dark field microscopy tests. Note: Colloidal minerals dissolved with acids from ancient plant rock beds have not been demonstrated to have an effect on blood stickiness.

3. Citrus pectin has demonstrated under dark field microscopy to stop blood stickiness. Note: Apple pectin should work as well although I am not aware of actual tests that have been done to demonstrate this.

4. Other Products that, in my opinion, will reverse blood stickiness are cayenne and flaxseed oil. Note on flaxseed: it should not be used by persons with thin blood or a tendency to bleed. Persons with a tendency toward blood clotting or strokes should use both cold pressed flax seed oil and cayenne. Dr. Budwig has found that flaxseed oil mixed with cottage cheese actually changes the color of the hemoglobin from greenish-yellow to bright red in a few hours after it is consumed indicating increased oxygen transport.

Note: The freshest flax seed comes from whole flax seed ground daily (in a coffee grinder) and mixed with breakfast cereal, cottage cheese or apple sauce. Cold pressed flax seed oil must be kept under constant refrigeration and never used for cooking or used past the expiration date.

How To Increase CD4 Counts in persons HIV+

In persons with HIV/AIDS, the secret to returning CD4 counts back to normal is to stop HIV replication in the intestines. The primary reason why CD4 cells decline in persons HIV+ is because of HIV infection in the mucus membranes of the gut and the ongoing destruction of CD4 cells in the adjoining lamina propria of the intestines.

Researchers have found that 86% of all HIV replication in the body occurs in the gut. This is where Dr. David Ho’s kitchen sink is located (the large intestines, also called the colon). The solution is to find a way to stop HIV replication in the gut. In a recent issue of POZ magazine, this subject caught the attention of Dr. Lark Lands who wrote that more research was needed to treat HIV infection in the gut. Recently, Anthony Fauci talked about the gut being a reservoir of HIV infection. The gut issue of HIV infection is now beginning to draw the attention of the NIH and AIDS researchers.

One of the main purposes of this issue of PHN is to suggest new innovative treatments including diet modification (high in fiber and pectin) and implanting probiotics that produce both acetic acid and lactic acid to lower the pH of the colon for the purpose of stopping the replication of HIV and other pH sensitive pathogens. One treatment that looks very promising is daily enemas with vinegar added. Three persons have now reduced HIV viral load since starting the daily enemas. This is significant since all three persons were not using prescriptions drugs to treat HIV.

When the stools are a large diameter and float and the color of the urine is yellow (without taking B vitamins) this indicates good intestinal flora implantation and a more acidic colon. The more acidic the colon , the more likely viruses like HIV, hepatitis, CMV, EBV and candida albicans will be inhibited. For several years I have observed that smaller diameter stools that sink in the toilet have been directly linked to declining CD4 counts while consistently large diameter floaters have been linked to rising CD4 counts in persons with HIV. At the time I made this observation several years ago, I did not understand why this was happening. Now I do. When the pH of the colon was more alkaline, the stools sank and HIV was more actively destroying CD4 cells. When the pH of the colon was more acidic, the stools floated and HIV destruction of CD4’s was inhibited and the CD4 counts increased.

Besides the pH of the colon, other factors influence CD4 counts including IgA, an immunoglobulin that promotes mucosal immunity, IL-1 and IL-2. When both of these cytokines are deficient, CD4 and CD8 proliferation will be inhibited. A partial reason is that the immune response against HIV in the intestines is not effective when the person is deficient in IL-1 and IL-2. While the NIH and most of the media have focused attention on IL-2, virtually no attention has been paid to IL-1, the cytokine that increases body temperature and promotes antigen presentation (AP). AP is the first critical response that must occur before the immune system will mount a cell mediated response against intracellular infections through the CD8 cytotoxic lymphocytes.


AIDS Treatment News, by John James, Issue No 329, Oct 15, 1999, contains an interview with Kendall Smith MD on IL-2 Low Dose treatment in persons HIV+. Der. Kendall used a much lower dose that studies being done at the NIH with IL-2 made by Chiron Corp. The dose Dr. Smith used was equivalent to 2,000,000 units per day of Chiron IL-2 preparation. The low dose IL-2 was injected daily subcutaneously. This low dose produced no systemic side effects like the higher NIH doses do that used 15,000,000 units per day - about 7.5 times larger. If side effects were noticed, the dose was reduced until there were none. Low doses of IL-2 also prevents the problem of TNF production caused by the high doses of IL-2 according to Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith reported that the use of IL-2 in low doses with HAART (drug cocktails) got CD4 counts back into the normal range within 1 to 2 years if they started with a baseline of CD4 cells in the 200 or more range. Especially significant in the study was that the CD8 cells stayed up. Activated CD8 cytotoxic lymphocytes (CTL’s) and (not the suppressor type CD8’s) can control HIV infection and other viral infections naturally. Nine individuals using IL-2 therapy and on HAART and with non-detectable viral stopped the HAART and continued with the IL-2. Within a few weeks, the viral load increased to a mean average of 350,000 and then a few weeks later dropped to an average of 26,000. This was due to an activated CD8 cytotoxic lymphocyte response to the HIV.

For a copy of the complete article, contact AIDS Treatment New at 415-255-0588 for the cost of purchasing this issue or you can search for the article by Smith in PNAC(1).

1. Jacobson, Smith et al, “Daily low doses (IL-2) enhance immune function without toxicity.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 1996; Vol 93, Pages 10405-10410

Venus Fly-Trap Extract and the CD4’s (more benefits are expected when used with cayenne)

The two most effective over-the-counter products we have found to increase antigen presentation are cayenne and the Venus Fly-Trap extract. Cayenne blocks a peptide called substance P from binding to macrophages. Substance P stimulates macrophages to produce IL-6 and TNF, neither of which we want. Since VFT extract is a powerful inducer of macrophage activity, the use of cayenne with VFT extract is synergistic as by blocking the TH2 cytokines, TNF and IL-6, the macrophages will most likely produce more of the TH1 cytokines. For the same reason, cayenne should be used along with Beta Glucan and Maitake extract as both of these products also simulate macrophage activity.

The most consistent result we have found with the VFT extract is that it increases and normalizes body temperature in about 90% of the people who take it.. In this respect it has something in common with cayenne that researchers have found increases IL-1 levels and also increases body temperature.

Our research results answered some questions but left others unanswered. We found that VFT extract increases CD4 counts in persons HIV+ who have low or non-detectable viral loads for HIV. VFT extract has been used by persons on drug cocktails including protease inhibitors without any complications.

To avoid herbal/drug interactions, I suggested using the VFT extract 1 hour before or after taking the drugs. Gene M who was using a 4 part drug cocktail and had stabilized CD4 counts in the low 600 range for the past 6 months increased them from 613 to 714 in just 7 days after adding VFT extract. Others had less dramatic results and one person on 6 drugs for HIV reported a drop the viral load which he attributes to the VFT extract. The dose used was 1/2 teaspoon 3 times daily.

In persons with CD4 counts of less than 200 and with viral loads over 100,000, a small increase in CD4 counts occurred in 50% of the cases and no increases occurred in the other cases. More on VFT extract later in this newsletter. Note: The discovery that cayenne blocks substance P binding to macrophages (inhibiting IL-6 and TNF) occurred within the past week and no has yet tried the combination of the these two products. This discovery about cayenne has profound implications for all persons immune compromised from any cause.

VFT extract - a high dose pulsed protocol might be a more effective of using it

Richard M who was on a drug cocktail added VFT extract and took a high dose - 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. Late I August, 1999, he finished a 4 oz bottle in 8 days and being out of product and funds stopped using it. He noticed that when he added the VFT extract his appetite returned and in the following 3 weeks he gained 14 lbs even though he had stopped using the extract. Published research indicates that plumbagins, the active ingredient in VFT extract will stop stimulating an immune response in about 6 weeks when used at high doses and at lower does will continue to stimulate macrophage function indefinitely.

However, Richard M’s results suggest that a pulsed protocol might be a more effective way of using this product. Suggestion: Try 1 tsp 3 times a day for 8 days and then stop using it for 1 to 3 weeks and then repeat the cycle. His viral load dropped from 7300 to 4300 and his CD4’s increased from 275 to 335. He attributes his results mainly to the VFT extract. I don’t know, except that when he was on the 3 part drug cocktail he had a poor appetite that returned after he added VFT extract. Certainly the drugs had something to do with the viral load drop and the CD4 increase. Based on the few cases reporting results, it appears that VFT extract is helpful in increasing CD4 counts, appetite and normalizing body temperature in persons who also use the prescription drugs for HIV.

With of without a drug cocktail, the use of VFT extract with cayenne (2 or 3 capsules) 3 times daily should cause macrophages to produce more TH1 cytokines than TH2 types. The synergistic combination of cayenne and VFT extract would more effectively promote cell-mediated immunity. Even if you pulse the use of VFT extract, I see no need to pulse the use of cayenne.

FDA approved drugs for HIV

Norvir is most effective in increasing CD4’s

Of all the FDA approved drugs to treat HIV, the most effective one to drive antigen presentation is Norvir and bigger increases in CD4 counts have been reported to me from persons using Norvir than any of the other protease inhibitors. Viracept seems to be second in effectiveness and Crixivan is third. The best tolerated non-protease inhibitors are D4T, 3TC, Viramune and Sustiva. Norvir, D4T and 3TC have been an especially effective combination to increase CD4’s and rebuild the immune system with no or minimal side effects. AZT and DDI are too toxic to the mitochondria to use and are causing serious adverse effects. AZT, DDI and Combivir (AZT and 3TC) are the three that I would avoid because of the toxicity. Note: 3TC is the good part of Combivir, but that does not undo the bad effects of the AZT.

For the Norvir, D4T and 3TC combo, a phased-in protocol to eliminate or minimize side effects is suggested: Start on D4T the first week. The second week add 3TC and the third week add Norvir starting with 1 capsule twice daily and increasing to 4 to 6 twice daily over a period of 7 to 10 days. My suggestion for Norvir is to use 1 capsule per 20 lbs of body weight (slightly less than Abbot’s recommendations). Readers tell me that most doctors are refusing to prescribe Norvir as they think it is patient unfriendly.

The problem is that doctors are telling their patients to use all three drugs at maximum dose the very first day they start on the drugs and what happens is that the detoxifying effects are so powerful and uncomfortable that it drives many of the patients off the drugs. The problem is not with Norvir but with the advice they are giving their patients on how to use it. The doctors then give their patients less effective drugs like Crixivan and Combivir.

Several readers who have been prescribed either AZT or DDI along with protease inhibitors often tell me that they get good lab results but feel like “cow manure.” They tell me they don’t feel normal. Some even have told me they feel like they are being “poisoned.” Get off the AZT and DDI and get on a good combination and you can have both good lab results and still feel normal. Recently, a number of physicians have started using half doses of Norvir with half doses of Crixivan.

Of the 15 or so FDA approved drugs for treating HIV, the two most toxic ones are DDI and AZT. However, I am getting some negative reports recently on side effects from Abacavir. The ones with the least side effects are D4T, 3TC, Viramune and Sustiva along with Norvir and Viracept.

Physicians need to do more than look at the lab results and ask their patients how they feel on the combinations they are on. Thousands of PWA’s are needlessly suffering from the side effects of bad drug combinations. There are drug combinations that PWA’s can feel good on as well as have nice lab results. Abbot laboratories recommendation that everyone should take 6 capsules of Norvir twice a day whether they weight 140 lbs or 240 lbs does not make sense when you consider the differences in body weight.

Regarding the lipodystropy problem associated with all protease inhibitors, it can be prevented with Naltrexone. See the article elsewhere in this newsletter “Naltrexone Prevents Lipodystrophy” by Bernard Bihari MD. It is time for physicians (and AIDS Service organizations) to stop being robots for pharmaceutical salesmen and think of their patients or clients best interests. BETA, GMHC and Project Inform need to interview Dr Bihari and get the Naltrexone story out; or they can continue to watch their friends die of AIDS related cancers and heart attacks.

Thymic Factors - enhances CD8 CTL activity against HIV.

Increases in CD4 counts usually follow an activation of CD8 cytotoxic lymphocyte activity against HIV. In Hamburg, Germany, 1999, researchers have found that thymic peptides activate CD8 cells to have strong antiviral activity against HIV. Muller H et al wrote: “HIV-1 can be neutralized by soluble factors produced and secreted by activated CD8+ T cells....Using HIV-1 isolates...we detected significantly higher levels of HIV-1 neutralizing activity in CD8+ T cell culture supernatants which had been co-activated with thymic peptides.” (1) The researchers also found that IL-2 and PHA (phytohaemagglutinin) also activated CD8 cells to neutralize HIV and the anti-HIV effect was stronger when either PHA or IL-2 was used with the thymic peptides.

Treatments that enhance antigen presentation

For some time I have reported that thymic factors enhanced antigen presentation and DTH responses to topical applications of the skin sensitizer DNCB. To this list can now be added cayenne and venus fly-trap extract. Other treatments that enhance antigen presentation include sun tanning, transfer factor, Naltrexone, NK911, MGN3, maitake extract, soil-based organisms, beta glucan and Norvir. Thymic factors can be found in Bio Pro Thymic Protein A and Thymate - a multiglandular and vitamin/mineral formula. Note: The amino acid L-arginine enhances growth of the thymus gland. Also supportive is zinc (especially zinc sulfate). L-arginine has been avoided by persons with herpes as it activates the herpes virus. However, if the herpes virus can be controlled by other means, then 500 mg daily of L-arginine could be very beneficial in immune reconstitution. Chocolate is a source of free-form L-arginine. Note: taking more than 500 mg daily of L-lysine is not advised long term due to its antagonist role with L-arginine.

1. “Enhancing of anti-viral activity against HIV-1 by stimulation of CD8+ T cells with thymic peptides”; by Muller H et al. Clin Exp Immunol 1999 Jul; 117(1):76-83.

Scientists find that Dimethylglycine increases immune function 300%

Anecdotal reports of CD4 increases. In 1992, a reader called to report that he and 4 of his friends on AZT monotherapy had doubled their CD4 counts in 8 weeks taking 800 mg daily of DMG sublingually for two months. I was never able to independently confirm this claim and two persons in Milwaukee who took DMG for 2 months took a lower dose of 200 mg daily. One had an increase in the CD4’s and the other did not. The subject got lost in the cascade of new treatments for HIV that came down the pike weekly. DMG caught my interest again this summer when I learned that methylation inhibits HIV activity inside the cells. DMG, like TMG (from red beets) and folic acid are methyl donors and support the methylation process. I searched the medical literature and made a surprising discovery - DMG profoundly enhances immune function.

In 1981, when AIDS was first called GRID (Gay Related Immune Disorder), and the HIV virus had not yet been discovered, important research on the immune modulating effects of dimethylglycine was published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases (1).

Graber CD et al state that dimethylglycine presumably“enhances oxygen utilization by tissue and complexes free radicals.” In a double-blind study on 20 humans, they found a fourfold increase in antibody response to vaccines as compared to controls. In studying cell-mediated immune responses to phytohemagglutinin, convanavalin A and pokeweed mitogen, they found an almost threefold increase in responses. They concluded that DMG enhanced both arms of the immune system.

Five readers are now trying the Food Science brand of DMG using 750 mg daily sublingually. (2 tablets 3 times daily are dissolved under the tongue). Results on increasing CD4 counts and its effects on viral load should be known in a few months.

Sublingual DMG is probably a more effective methyl donor that oral TMG or oral DMG. Increased oxygen utilization inside the cells can inactivate intracellular viruses, fungus and bacteria. Folic acid supports an enzyme that breaks down DMG and the breakdown products are likely where the benefits reside. Liquid B12 and Folic acid by Bricker Labs also taken under the tongue would be a good choice to use along with DMG. Folic acid supports the methylation process.

Note: The first test result of using DMG came in late in October. Susan A (VA) reported a CD4 increase from 360 to 412 after using DMG for 2 weeks. For the past few years, her CD4 counts have been in the low 200 range even though her viral load has been non detectable for 3 years. Her CD4’s remained stubbornly low in a period of three years she was on drug cocktails and she told me her stools always sank. Her CD4’s began to increase after she started taking digestive enzymes with each meal. She alternated between Essential Enzymes (Source Naturals) and Lysozyme Plus. About one week before she started on the DMG I suggested she start eating a cup of raw cabbage daily to see if that would get her stools floating. It worked and she had floating stools by the time she started on the DMG a week later. There are reasons to believe that the cabbage may have had as much of an effect in increasing her CD4 counts as the DMG. The amount of DMG Susan used was 250 mg sublingually 3 times a day (Food Science brand). The total amount of DMG used daily was 750 mg.

Raw cabbage is a source of L Salivarius, a probiotic that produce lactic acid. Although less effective than acetic acid, lactic acid also inhibits HIV replication and would have reduced HIV destruction of CD4 cells in the intestines.

1. Immunomodulating properties of dimethylglycine in humans, Graber CD et al; J. Infect Dis 1981 Jan;143(1):101-5.

Maitake Extract (D fraction)

Recently, I spoke to a person from England who is HIV+ who is not using prescribed antivirals for HIV. He told me he felt 300% better when he started taking a Maitake extract called Maitake D-Fraction. He used 20 drops 3 times daily sublingually. Liquid maitake extract (Maitake D fraction) is made by Maitake Products and Nature’s Answer makes a maitake extract called “Maitake Bio-Beta glucan.” The beta glucans in maitake are sulfated which other researchers have found have stronger anti-viral properties than the unsulfated forms.

At the international AIDS conference in 1991, Nanba H et al from Japan found in lab tests that maitake extract had potent anti HIV activity and also anti tumor activity. They found maitake extract stimulated natural killer cells, macrophages and (CD8) cytotoxic lymphocytes.

My impression is that the extract absorbed sublingually is more effective than the capsules taken orally. I have had a few reports from readers who claimed CD4 increases since using the extract. However, at the time of these conversations, I did not take the increases seriously as the persons were using several other treatments at the same time. I think we need to pay more attention to maitake extract as an immune modulator and anti-viral.

A Summary of other treatments options

The following treatments/supplements are suggested to be used concurrently or after taking steps to restore your intestinal health per the article in the first half of this newsletter.


Acid Reflux - This condition can be caused by excess stomach acid and or bile. When severe, it can cause ulcers in the stomach and colon. Treatments: drink a mixture of green tea with peppermint tea - 6 to 8 cups of tea daily. If drinking water causes problems, then drink all your liquids in tea form with purified water - no city tap water. Avoid all grains and grain products - no bread, pasta, rice, spaghetti etc. Try cream of potato soup. Drink a glass of cow or goat’s milk 4 to 8 times daily with a tsp of yogurt either mixed in the milk or eaten at the same time. If you cannot handle regular milk, try lactose reduced milk and take a couple tablespoons of colostrum daily or drink coconut milk - as much as you can tolerate - 2 or 3 cans daily and a liquid nutritional supplement like Advera.

If the condition is severe, avoid all solid foods and stay on this diet for 10 days or even longer. When you think you are ready for solid foods, introduce one at a time and keep a written record of the ones you tolerate and the ones you don’t. Phase in the diet described earlier in this newsletter. Other: Chew on raw potatoes and drink cultured cabbage juice. L-glutamine - high doses 10 grams 2 or 3 times daily.

H Pylori - A bacteria that causes stomach ulcers. coconut milk or coconut oil. Coconut milk - drink 1/3 cup 3 times daily. Also drink buttermilk. Coconut oil - one tablespoon 3 times daily. Lauric acid in coconut oil kill H pylori. Buttermilk contains butyric acid to help heal the intestines. See section on supplements to heal the mucus membranes.

Folliculitis - Parasite Cleansing, VFT extract, Ojibwa tea, colon cleansing. GOOT - Garlic ointment made by mixing raw garlic cloves with olive oil and coconut oil in a blender. Apply topically. Note: the prescription drug Sporanox is effective against follicullitis but it may elevate liver enzymes and cause foot swelling.

Hemoglobin/hematocrit - low levels - Thymate formula to increase these levels.

Kaposi Sarcoma - IL-12 (injectable) remits KS lesions according to sources inside the NIH. Contact the NIH in Bethesda MD to volunteer to be part of an ongoing study.

Note: L Plantarum and L Casei increase IL-12 levels according to published research. Possibly Vital Biotics or Jarrow Formulas upcoming TH1 Probiotics may be helpful in treating KS lesions if we can find the effective dosage levels. Both products contain L Plantarum and L Casei. Other: Take Venus Fly Trap extract at a dose of 1 teaspoon 3 times daily for one week on and one week off and then repeat the cycle.

Low Platelet counts - liquid chlorophyll - 3 tablespoons daily - Thymate - 2 or 3 capsules daily.

Low WBC counts - Astragalus Jade Screen Formula (Planetary Formulas), suntanning

Pain - DMG (sublingual-Food Science brand), see protocols for blood stickiness, north pole magnetic fields. 3% hydrogen peroxide preheated and applied topically with a towel is very effective for localized pain. Cayenne also inhibits pain.

CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) -

CFIDS Transfer Factor 2DS grade (Chisolm Biologicals) SBO’s (Vital Biotics), Venus Fly-trap extract, cayenne.

Brain Fog - Methyl B12 (1000 mg 5 times daily), colon cleaning, DMG - sublingual. Liquid ionic trace minerals.

Other Conditions

Lyme - CFIDS transfer factor 2DS grade (Chisolm Biologicals) SBO’s (Vital Biotics), Venus Fly-trap extract, cayenne.

Diabetes - diet high in fiber and pectin. Perfect Plus (soluble rice bran) - lowers blood sugar levels.

Fibromyalgia - Follow treatment for blood stickiness. Some persons have reported great results with SAMe for relieving muscle pain.

Autism (in children) may be caused by vaccinations given to children under 5 years of age. Jean Curtin discovered that Ojibwa Tea is a very helpful treatment. The tea contains slippery elm, sheep sorrel, burdock and turkey rhubarb. Jean can be reached at 315-597-6749 for more information. Ojibwa Tea can be ordered from Michelle Kalivek at 303-322-7930. By body weight, about 1 tablespoon per 20 lbs of body weight daily divided into two equal daily doses.

Lupus - Ojibwa Tea. This tea has also helped people with Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis candidiasis and cancer. Note: some long term AIDS survivors have also used the tea regularly. Adult dose is about 1/4 cup twice daily.

Hepatitis - Think green - liquid chlorophyll - 1 tablespoon in a little water with meals 3 times daily. Enemas daily: add 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar to a quart of water plus 1/4 cup chlorophyll. Parsley and beet greens - eat a bowlfull daily, whole lemon olive oil drink. Silymarin - one capsule twice daily; Transfer Factor 3 DS grade (Chisolm Biologicals) and Thymate - 3 tablets twice daily. Castor oil packs over the liver area daily. Avoid pork, lunchmeat and all fried foods. follow the diet in this newsletter.

Note: Although the hepatitis virus is in the liver, it is also found in the colon just like HIV is. This is why colonics/enemas are needed often.

Candidiasis - Follow the diet plan in this newsletter and protocols to restore normal body temperature. Liquid ionic trace minerals, raw garlic, coconut oil, vinegar, Vital Biotics and Bifa-15. To kill candida, try Oregamax or oil of oregano (North American Herb and Spice).

Herpes/shingles - BHT, LDM-100 (apply topically and take internally)

Heart Disease. Chest pains (with or without a heart attack) - if pain spreads from the center of the chest to the arms, take 1 teaspoon of cayenne (or 5 capsules) in a glass of water and go immediately to the Emergency room of a local hospital. Also take 5 digestive enzyme tablets and a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses if available. Cayenne is far more effective than aspirin in stopping a heart attack in progress. If emergency help is not immediately available, take a 1/2 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide and heat it up quickly and apply to the chest area with a towel for up to an hour until the pain stops. DMG under the tongue will also increase oxygen availability.

Strokes - One teaspoon of cayenne in a glass of water will usually dissolve a blood clot in about one hour after you take it and prevent permanent damage from a stroke. Repeat the treatment 3 hours later. See treatments for blood stickiness. Bleeding - internal - take a teaspoon of cayenne in a glass of water and repeat as often as needed. Note: Cayenne works both ways. It can both dissolve a blood clot and stop internal bleeding at the same time.

High blood pressure - in emergencies one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses and 1 tsp of cayenne. Daily - garlic, olive oil and olive leaf extract to lower blood pressure.

Low blood pressure - cayenne to increase; small amounts of licorice root tea. Note: cayenne is a blood pressure equalizer and helps blood pressure to return to normal whether high or low.

Hardening of the arteries - Take supplements to improve macrophage function (VFT extract, beta glucan or maitake) plus cayenne; digestive enzymes with all meals, fish oil (cod liver, salmon oil) canned salmon, sardines, DHA/EPA, flax oil. EDTA chelation therapy to remove calcium deposits, lecithin with meals, wheat germ oil, L-carnitine, green tea, niacin, apple cider vinegar - 2 tablespoon daily in filtered water. Follow the diet in this newsletter or in my book. Thymates, DMG - 250 mg 3 times daily.

An Essential Oil Combination for nearly all viral, fungal and bacterial infections - 3 drops each of patchouli, lavender and lemon eucalyptus (or V-Vax brand). Apply on chest and massage in for colds and chest infections. Take under the tongue directly for internal infections 3 times daily for as long as needed. For lung and sinus infections, add 10 drops V-Vax eucalyptus oil to a pan of hot water and inhale vapors 2 or 3 times daily. For ear infections, spray V-Vax eucalyptus directly into the ears. Note: inhaled eucalyptus drops placed in warm water may help prevent PCP.

Eyesight - For Floaters, and loss of visual acuity - BHT, whole lemon olive oil drink, bilberry, elderberry extract, olive leaf extract, pycnogenol or red grape seed extract. Green tea, blueberries. All these products are sources of powerful free radical scavengers.

Eyes -Retina - to protect use lutein, an antioxidant (found in kale, spinach and broccoli in high concentrations). also available in capsule form. Take 20 mg twice daily.

Do you need additional information or local physician referrals? Fax your name, phone number and the information you are requesting to Mark Konlee at 414-329-0653 between 9 and 11 am weekdays. You should receive a return call within the hour. Indicate if you want a reply by fax or phone. We do not reply by e-mail as it is too time consuming.

Daily Enemas with Garlic & vinegar added reduce HIV viral load by 77 to 92% in two cases.

In February this year, I reported on scientific research published by “AIDS Research Alliance” that 86% of HIV replication occurs in the gut, specifically in the mucus membranes and the adjoining lamina propria. These bombshell findings were published in AIDS magazine, Nature’s Medicine and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This research finds that not only is the gut the most active place for HIV replication but is the primary cite where HIV infects the CD4 helper cells.

The authors of these articles find that up to 60% of the immune cells including the CD4’s are located in the intestines. The CD4’s in the intestines are highly activated as they survey the byproducts of digestion to prevent entry into the blood of unwanted byproducts. CD4’s in the intestines are vulnerable to HIV infection as they have activated surface receptors that the virus uses to gain entry.

In the February issue of Progressive Health News, I published 13 types of enemas that persons could use daily that might help reduce the HIV viral load. Around mid-February, Karen M (MA) and Bob M (FL) started the daily use of garlic and vinegar enemas by adding a ground up emulsion of one or two cloves of garlic to 2 to 4 tablespoons of vinegar. The emulsion was added to a 1 and 1/2 quart enema bag filled with warm water.

In the last issue of Positive Health News, I reported on scientific research that establishes that both garlic and vinegar kill the HIV virus. The results coming from the enemas were not, however, easily traceable due to the fact that Bob M took digestive enzymes and some 20 other daily supplements and Karen M also took digestive enzymes and several other supplements suggested in past issues of this newsletter. By coincidence, both persons stopped doing the daily enemas late in June, 1999, and in the next 2 months, both persons had significant increases in their viral load. However, both continued on their other supplements. It was in analyzing the results of what they had been doing since February, 1999, that all three of us came to the same conclusion - that it was the enemas that brought down the viral load between February and June, 1999.

How much did the viral load drop? In Karen’s case, the viral load for HIV (by PCR) decreased from 96,000 in February to 22,000, a 77% decline. In Bob’s case, it dropped from 329, 000 to 27,000, a 92% decline. These drops occurred in a span of about 3 months from mid-February to May, 1999. Had not both persons stopped using the daily enemas in June, 1999, we may still not have figured out what had caused the viral load to decrease. It was a review of the lab results since February to the present and the changes in the protocols that lead to these surprising conclusions. Both persons have resumed the daily enemas earlier this month. Note: Karen had used 1 clove of garlic with 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar in the daily enema while Bob had used 2 cloves with either vinegar added (2 or 3 tablespoons) or aloe vera juice - about 1 pint per treatment. The garlic was ground in a blender with either the vinegar or the aloe vera and then was added to the 1.5 qt enema bag that was pre-filled with lukewarm water.

Results linked to the Marc Correa Protocol.

Remember the Marc Correa protocol, published about 2 years ago in Positive Health News? This 24 yr. old American of Cuban ancestry started with a viral load over 200,000 and at one point a CD4 count of zero. Today, he has CD4’s in the 800 range and has had a non-detectable viral load for more than a year. Incredibly, he accomplished this on a protocol that did not include any prescription drugs for HIV. In July, 1999, his physicians tried to culture HIV from lymph node biopsies and could not grow any virus even though some viral fragments were found.

For the past two years, I have been both puzzled and amazed by his protocol. Amazed at his stunning results and puzzled trying to figure out if there was some magical part to it that I had missed. No one, to my knowledge, has tried to exactly duplicate his entire protocol. Several persons have done the easier parts - taking some of the supplements and while reporting benefits have not had the same incredible results. Most notably, Marc Correa used the lemon/olive drink twice a day and passing interest was paid to his use of daily enemas and no attention was paid to the 3 cayenne capsules he took 3 times daily. The daily enemas included adding apple cider vinegar and he also did coffee retention enemas. His whole protocol had about 19 supplements or other parts to it.

In my current opinion, the most effective parts of the Marc Correa protocol were the

1. daily enemas (vinegar and water 5 times a week and coffee retention enemas twice a week),

2. cayenne (3 caps 3X),

3. whole lemon/olive oil drink,


5. the diet,

6. three raw garlic cloves he ate daily,

7. three liters of water he drank daily and 8. aerobic exercise. In the vinegar enemas, Marc added just one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a quart of water.

Surprisingly, the one and last supplement we have turned our attention to is cayenne. This low cost supplement has turned out, in my opinion, to be the most important of all the supplements he used. Not that the other supplements had no value, they have value based on the research and experiences of many persons.

At the time Marc started on his protocol, I suggested that he use cayenne as an appetite stimulant. I had no idea that it would also benefit him by reducing IL-6 and TNF levels as well as drive antigen presentation by increasing IL-1 levels. In fact, I was not aware until a few weeks ago that cayenne had these immune modulating properties. I became curious about a connection between cayenne and HIV when two readers called and told me their viral load had dropped significantly after they added cayenne to their protocols. In October, 1999, I did an internet search of the medical literature on cayenne and hit pay dirt when I discovered cayenne inhibited IL-6 and TNF. The complete Marc Correa protocol has been published in the appendix of my book on “How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction” for the past two years.

The effectiveness of the enemas could be due to two reasons. The treatment targets an area, the colon, where most of the HIV in the body is located and second, just possibly, the HIV virus has been unable to develop resistance to the raw garlic or the vinegar.

Update: Case No 3. A reader who has been treating himself for HIV for several years called me in Oct., 1999, and reported his viral load decreased from 18,300 to 13,100 after he started using the vinegar and garlic enemas 3 times a week for the past 2 months. His CD4’s increased from 378 to 472 and CD8’s from 368 to 601. He reported that he was not using any prescriptions drugs for HIV. He also added Methyl B12, IP6 and a parasite cleanse to his current program.

What about those Coffee Enemas?

An unusual report raises more questions

The purpose of the coffee enemas is to detoxify the liver by opening up bile ducts from the liver. In evaluating a protocol like Marc Correa’s, it is so easy to overlook and dismiss something. His protocol is a legend in our time because he started 2 and 1/2 years ago at such a low point.

10/29/99: I was ready to give most of the credit for the success of the Marc Correa protocol to the enemas with vinegar plus the oral use of cayenne until I talked to a reader (Michael) from Hollywood, CA, within the past two days (talk about timing) who has done coffee enemas 5 times a week for the past 10 years. His viral load has fluctuated between 1000 and 7000 during this entire period of time and he has never used a prescription drug for HIV. His CD4 count currently is 670. Because he had an appointment, I was unable to get details on his complete program but he told me that currently, it was modeled after the Marc Correa protocol. He promised an in-depth interview that I hope to do in the near future and possibly publish in my December monthly report.

I searched the medical literature on coffee and found this: “Green coffee beans may yield a new class of anti-HIV drugs,” by Bonn D; Lancet. 1998 Sep. 26;352(9133):1039.

However, the coffee that was brewed by Marc Correa and by Michael was regular ground ripe coffee, the kind you buy at the grocery store (not green coffee). As green coffee beans contain anti-HIV drugs, could regular ripe (brown) coffee bean also contain some of the same drugs? Is this why Michael never progressed from an HIV+ status to AIDS? We already know that vinegar is inactivating HIV, could it be that coffee will also do this? One question: Where do you find green coffee beans?

How to do an Enema

Items you will need are an enema douche kit form your local drug store and a hook from the hardware store. The hook can be one of those peel and stick plastic types. The enema bag should have 1 to 1.5 quart capacity to hold water. Place the hook about 12 inches above the top of the bathtub at the end where the drain is. You can use vinegar alone or premixed with garlic. Marc Correa did not use garlic in his enemas but added one tablespoon of vinegar to a quart of water. I suggest adding 1 tablespoon per pint or 3 tablespoons to a quart and one-half enema bag. The enema bag has a shut off valve. Start off by doing an enema after a bowel movement to minimize the cleanup job in the bathtub. Lie on your left side in the tub with warm shower water running and place the plastic colon insert in the rectum. Fill with liquid until it feels full and then lay on your back. When the colon starts to contract to expel the liquid, shut off the valve. Repeat this cycle until the enema bag is empty.

The treatment will become more effective the more liquid you can absorb as it will penetrate deeper into the colon. With practice, you should be able to absorb about 3 cups. If the stools are small in diameter indicating colon inflammation, expect to draw in less liquid in the beginning. Some people add 1 cup of aloe vera juice to the enema water as well.

Note: if you are paying for a colonic to be done professionally, you might as well get your money’s worth. Find a colon therapist who will add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar to the 5 gallon tank that is used for the colonics. The vinegar will lower the pH of the water so as to inactivate the HIV and other pathogens in the colon.

To add garlic to the enema, premix in a blender one pint of vinegar and 1/4 cup of raw chopped garlic cloves. Blend at high speed and then store the mixture in a glass jar. Use 2 or 3 tablespoon with each enema treatment.

Can the colon be treated to inactivate HIV and other pathogens without doing an enema?

Good question. Possibly taking the probiotic B Longum along with Vital Biotics will do this. I am certain that this will also depend on a diet high in fiber. Researchers have found a diet high in fiber lowers the pH of the stools. Your physician can test the pH of your stools or this could possibly be done with pH drops and the result matched to a color chart.

You could also drink 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before or between meals twice daily. This most certainly would attack HIV in the small intestines. I have not discussed HIV in the small intestines as I am lacking information in this area. Our focus has been the large intestines. I don’t know how much vinegar taken orally will reach the colon.

As for B Longum, it does produce acetic acid, the same kind found in vinegar, so enough of this culture in theory, should inhibit HIV replication in the colon. The real test will be when readers report lab results after using a micro-encapsulated B Longum product called Bifa-15.

Bifidobacterium Longum (Bifa-15)

Within the past few months, Eden Foods has introduced to health food stores a new probiotic called Bifa 15, that contains microencapsulated B. Longum designed to get past the stomach acids and reach the colon. This product deserves special watching as acetic acid will produce a very hostile environment to HIV, Candida and most other infections of the large intestines. Researchers have also found that B Longum increases IgA, an immunoglobulin that improves mucosal immunity.

On 9/30/99 I spoke with Pamela D who told me of her personal experience using Bifa-15. She had suffered badly from candida albicans, was intolerant to wheat (gluten intolerance) and had multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and numerous allergies. After using one packet of the formulation daily for 6 weeks, she reported normal stools, more energy, better sleep and that most of her symptoms had gone away. She said she no longer is sensitive to perfumes. Bifa-15 could possibly be very helpful for persons immune-compromised whose colon pH is too alkaline. For more information, call Eden Foods at 800-654-7415. (Costs about $35 for a months supply).

1. Pisai Egyetem et al; Orv Hetil, 1990 Sep 9;131(36):1959-64.

Cayenne linked to 85% fewer AIDS-related deaths in Mexico than in the United States.

Within the past few month, two readers with HIV have told me their viral load dropped dramatically when they added cayenne to their protocol. The last person reported a 50,000 drop in viral load in 4 weeks after adding 2 capsules of cayenne 3 times daily to his other regimen. Considering that Marc Correa used 3 capsules of cayenne 3 times daily as part of his original protocol and his dramatic results, cayenne, I thought, needed to be investigated in the treatment of HIV/AIDS and other conditions.

I felt that if cayenne were beneficial, then Mexico should have a significantly lower rate of HIV/AIDS than the US. Cayenne, Jalepeno and other hot peppers are widely consumed in Mexico as part of the daily diet. Searching the medical literature on the internet proved difficult in obtaining current figures on AIDS mortality in Mexico. I did find one report of an estimated 13,500 AIDS deaths in Mexico at the end of 1993 when the US deaths from AIDS had passed 200,000. These numbers indicate that the death rate from AIDS in the US in 1993 was 15 times greater than in Mexico. However, when you factor in the smaller population of Mexico as compared to the US population, the ratio of AIDS deaths in Mexico to the US is about 1 to 7. Yet, with Mexico having 1/7th or 85% fewer deaths from AIDS than the US, something must account for this difference.

Cayenne and other hot peppers in the diet may have saved thousands of Mexicans from HIV and AIDS by acting against the HIV virus or modifying the immune response.

The Mexican diet uses hot or medium salsa almost on a daily basis. The low death rate from AIDS in Mexico does not alone prove that cayenne is responsible but it should keep interest in this subject alive and it should be investigated.

Note: Cheryl C who has CFIDS and Lyme disease told me recently that she started taking cayenne capsules 5 months ago and that it has improved her condition. She takes 2 capsules twice daily. When she stops using the cayenne, she has more symptoms.

For persons with HIV, the next challenge is to test this low-cost triple combination (garlic, vinegar and cayenne) over a period of several months to determine if the HIV viral load can be brought to non-detectable levels.

Naltrexone prevents and helps reverse symptoms of Lipodystrophy

by Bernard Bihari MD

Editor’s Note: Lipodystrophy is a problem of abnormal lipid blood levels and body fat distribution most often associated with the use of protease inhibitors. I had to shorten Dr. Bihari’s article due to a lack of space. The complete 3 page article can be obtained by calling Dr. Bihari’s office in New York at 212-929-4196 or fax 212-229-9371.

“This is a report of the incidence of lipodystrophy in 136 HIV infected patients treated with protease inhibitors, other antivirals and low dose naltrexone, an immune modulator. (All patients on protease inhibitors were also prescribed Naltrexone in a low 3 mg dose taken once a day at bedtime).

For the purpose of this report, lipodystrophy is defined as a cluster of related signs and symptoms including:

1. Peripheral fat wasting with the loss of subcutaneous fat in the face, arms, legs and buttocks

2. Central truncal adiposity due to abdominal visceral accumulation.

3. Breast hypertrophy

4. Presence of dorsal fat pad or “buffalo hump”.

5. Ectodermal dysplasia

6. Metabolic abnormalities, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides

7. Insulin resistance - associated diabetes mellitus.

We began to become aware of the lack of cases of lipodystrophy in the summer of 1998 after reading the multiple reports of these occurrence at the XII International AIDS Conference in Geneva in June/July, 1998. At that point, we had 85 patients who had been on protease inhibitors for 24 months and another 20, for briefer periods of varying duration. In July, 1998, after the reports were reviewed, we looked for significant signs of lipodystrophy in all of the patients in our practice and found none.

The first report of lipodystrophy in the practice occurred in February, 1999 when a patient in Montreal, Canada, called us to make a follow up appointment for the first time in over a year. He reported that, after moving to Vancouver, he had stopped taking the naltrexone in December 1997 because of difficulty in obtaining the drug there. He had at that time been on indinavir, nevirapine, retrovir, epivir and low dose naltrexone for fifteen months. Seven or eight months after stopping naltrexone, he noted gradual loss of subcutaneous fat in the face, arms and legs and gradual enlargement of the abdominal girth. He also showed substantial rises in serum cholesterol level to the high 400’s, substantial rises in triglycerides and an elevated fasting glucose. He sent us polaroid photographs to document the striking changes in body shape. We urged him to resume taking the low dose naltrexone which he did in March, 1999. At our last conversation in July, 1999, his cholesterol had fallen below 300, subcutaneous fat had began to reappear and his excessive abdominal girth had decreased by 1/3. his blood sugar had returned to normal.

(Editor’s Note: Dr. Bihari then went on to discuss 2 more cases where patients had stopped taking naltrexone while using protease inhibitors and developed lipodystrophy. When all three resumed taking the naltrexone, the symptoms of lipodystrophy began to recede.) Dr. Bihari concludes by saying that: “Many clinicians have noticed resemblances between the lipodystrophy syndrome and Cushing’s disease. This syndrome is marked by chronic overproduction of cortisol by an adrenal tumor...The protective effect of naltrexone is presumably mediated by its demonstrated ability to induce an increase in beta-endorphin and metenkephalin levels. The effect also is responsible for naltrexone’s immune enhancing effect (improved Natural Killer cell function and the prevention of AIDS related cancers, lymphomas and kaposi’s sarcoma). It may be that restoration of serum endorphin levels to normal levels by low dose naltrexone has a mediating or balancing effect on the hypercorticism (elevated cortisol levels) seen with HIV infection and, in particular, in those on protease inhibitors”. Dr. Bernard Bihari MD, 29 West 15th St, New York NY 10011 212-929-4196.

Sterinols - immune modulators reduce IL-6 while increasing IL-2 and IFN-gamma.

According to RW Liebenberg, sterols and sterolins exist in all plants but are particularly concentrated in the So. African potato. Here are some excerpts from the published research:

“It was demonstrated that sterols possess potent anti-inflammatory properties similar to cortisone, . ...reduce edema... have fever-reducing properties.” (1)

“The first experiment performed in vitro demonstrated that sterols and sterolins had a significant proliferative effect on human T cells...Another experiment showed increases in Interluken 2 and gamma-interferon..an increase in Natural Killer cell activity for the lysis of experimental cancer cells with the sterol/sterolin mixture.” (2)

“Interluken 6 levels, which indicate a inflammatory reaction went up in the placebo group, but down in the treatment group....cortisol levels remained constant in the treatment group but were elevated in the placebo group....The treatment group showed an increase in DHEA levels and a decrease in the cortisol/DHEA ratio, indicating that the sterol/sterolin mixture was helping buffer the negative effects of the stress response.” (3) P.R. Donald et al reports that plant sterols/sterolins have been demonstrated to selectively increase CD4 lymphocyte counts. (4)


1. M.B. Gupta et al, Planta medica, vol 39, pp 157-163, 1980.

2. Bouic, P.J.D., et al; Int’l Journal of Immunopharmacology, Vol 18, No 12, pp 693-700, Dec. 1996.

3. P.J.D. Bouic et al; Int’l Journal of Sports Medicine, 1999.

4. P.R. Donald et al; Int’l Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, V 1(5), pp 518-522, July, 1997.

Sterols/Sterolins tested in persons with HIV

In a trial of 80 persons over a 3 year period, Bouic reports that HIV+ persons receiving treatment with sterolins had no decline in CD4 counts and a significant decrease in IL-6 levels that has been linked to lower HIV viral loads. Bouic found the same results with cats infected with FIV who were treated with sterolins.

Natural Sources of Plant Sterols

An article by Weihrauch JL called “Sterol content of foods of plant origin” (J. AM Diet Assoc 1978; Jul;73(1):39-47 lists the sterol content of 39 types of oils. Based on milligrams (mg) per 100 grams, the highest ones are listed here.

Chestnut oil - 5,350

Rice bran oil (unrefined) 3,225

Sesame Seed oil (unrefined) - 2,950

Rye germ oil (unrefined) - 2,425

Wheat germ oil - 1,970

Sunflower seed oil (unrefined) 725

Pumpkin seed oil (unrefined) - 523

In contrast to the above, head lettuce would have 10 mg of sterols per 100 grams. Most vegetables and fruits are reported to have a small amount of plant fats with sterinols.

Of 9 different sterols found in these seed oils, 6 are found in rice bran oil and 5 are in sesame oil. Pumpkin seed oil contains two types not found in rice bran oil and 3 types not found in sesame seed oil. A good synergistic combination is to combine (sesame seed oil or rice bran oil) with pumpkin seed oil.

The South African Journal of Science, v. 93, pp 263-268, June 1997 states; “Plant sterols and sterolins are thought to be responsible for the health benefits of a variety of medicinal herbs including saw palmetto, pygeum, pumpkin seeds, milk thistle, Panax and Siberian Ginseng.”

There are about 423 mg of sterols in one tablespoon of sesame oil and 460 mg in one tablespoon of rice bran oil and 73 mg per tablespoon on pumpkin seed oil.

Moducare Sterinols contain 20 mg sterol and 225 mcg sterinols per capsule. You would have to take 8 Moducare capsules to equal the quantity of sterols you would obtain in just 1 tsp of sesame oil plus 1 tsp of pumpkin seed oil. Moducare suggest 3 to 6 capsules daily. Moducare can be contacted at www.moducare.com.

Sesame seed oil and pumpkin seed oil have a milder nutty taste than rice bran oil that has a stronger flavor. You could mix equal parts of unrefined sesame oil and pumpkin seed oil and use it as a salad dressing or substitute it for the olive oil in the whole lemon drink or use one tablespoon of sesame/pumpkin oil with one tablespoon of olive oil in the lemon drink.

The Venus Fly-Trap (VFT) plant emerges from obscurity for a re-evaluation

Eight years ago, an article was published in The Townsend Letter for Doctors” titled “The Carnivora Cure for Cancer, AIDS and other Pathologies” by Morton Walker D.P.M. “Carnivora” is a trademarked name for both an oral and injectable form of the Venus Fly-Trap plant developed by Dr. Helmut Keller MD of Bad Steben, West Germany.

Morton Walker wrote on controlled studies done by Dr. Keller on hamsters and mice treated for cancer with extracts of the Venus Fly-Trap plant and cited anecdotal reports of success in treating cancer and AIDS with an extract of the Venus Fly-Trap plant called “Carnivora.” Walker reported that Dr., Keller treated over 2000 patients with “Carnivora” since 1981. 2 ML of the extract are said to contain 67.4 mcg of plumbagin, a potent immune modulator. Walker reported that Carnivora has been used in the treatment of “cancer, neurodermitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, all types of herpes infections, primary chronic polyarthritis, and almost any immune deficiency state.” The injectable dose is reported to be 2 ML given 5 times weekly and for maintenance purposes, 2 ml twice weekly. Orally, 30 drops are taken with water 3 to 5 times daily.

Searching the Medical Literature for VFT leads to the discovery of “plumbagins”

A search of the medical literature for Venus Fly-Trap (Dionaea muscipula) turned up one article by Galek H et al of Munich Germany in 1990 that stated that “Aqueous extracts from Dionaea Muscipula contain quinones such as naphthoquinone plumbagin.” (1) Nothing else on the Venus Fly-Trap plant was found in the medical literature.

However a search on “plumbagin” in the medical and scientific journals yielded several surprising discoveries: one being that there are several different kinds of plumbagins and several botanical species contain plumbagins. A considerable amount of published literature exists on naphthoquinone plumbagin and its antimutagenic and immune modulating properties.

A search of the medical literature on “plumbagin” and “naphthoquinone plumbagin” yielded the following effects from animal studies. Summary of published Scientific findings on “naphthoquinone plumbagin”

1. Potent antimutagenic (prevents mutations) (2) (3). Note: Mutations have been linked to cancer as well as viral and bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

2. Plumbagin activates Macrophage antibacterial activity at low doses and inhibits it at high doses. (4)

3. Plumbagin combined with antibiotics completely prevented bacterial resistance to the antibiotics (5)

4. Antiatherosclerotic effects: Reduces LDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides. Elevates the good HDL cholesterol significantly. Improves HDL/LDL ratio (6)

5. Anti-tumor and anti-cancer effects noted in animal studies (7) (8) (9)


1. Galek H et al, Free Radic Biol Med 1990;9(5):427

2. Durga R et al; Indian J Med Res 1992 Apr;96:143

3. Edenharder R et al; Food Chem Toxicol 1997 Mar-Apr;35(3-4):357-72

4. Abdul KM et al; Immunopharmacology 1995 Sep;30(3):231-6)

5. Durga R et al; Indian J Res 1990 Jan;91:18-20

6. Sharma I et al; Indian J physiol Pharmacol 1991 Jan; 35(1):10-4

7. Sugie S et al; Cancer Lett 1998 May 15;127(1-2):177-83

8. Kini DP et al; Indian J Exp Biol 1997 apr;35(4):374-9

9. Parimala R et al; Mol Cell Biochem 1993 Aug 11;125(1):59-63

Methyl B12 & Methyl Donors improves CD8 Cytotoxic Lymphocyte and NK activity

A new product called “Methyl-B12 has been introduced by Jarrow Formulas. Methyl-B12 AKA Methylcobalomin is reported by Japanese researchers to improve Natural Killer cell function and CD8 cytotoxic lymphocyte activity. Methyl-B12 is a metabolite of vitamin B12 produced in a body with the help of methyl donors and a healthy liver. A healthy liver?

A monograph cited 20 scientific references that Methyl-B12 may be beneficial for the following conditions:

1. Bells’ Palsy

2. Cancer

3. Diabetic Neuropathy

4. Eye Function

5. Heart Rate Variability

6. HIV infection (HIV replication inhibited by Methyl-B12)

7. Homecysteinemia - elevated homocysteine levels have been strongly linked to an increase in heart attacks. Methyl-B12 reduces homocysteine to Methionine.

8. Male Impotence

9. Sleep disorders.

The monograph can be found at: www.thorne.com/altmedrev/.fulltext/3/6/461.html

Methyl Donors (Jarrow Formulas) contains B-12, folic acid, B-6, intrinsic factor and TMG (Trimethylglycine) from red beets. This would be the most effective product in persons with elevated homocysteine levels. One person with HIV and neuropathy started using Methyl Donors - one capsule twice daily and reported his neuropathy much improved after just 4 days.

Suggestion: Methyl-B12 and Methyl Donors are available from any distributor of Jarrow Formula products. DMG is also a powerful methyl donor.

Chlorine in drinking water and the hazards of sodium fluoride

While chlorine is necessary to use in the purification of drinking water, this does not means that at the end point of use it is good to drink water with chlorine in it. It is a bleach and it is toxic substance. Good clean water does not have either chlorine or sodium fluoride (an enzyme inhibitor) in it.

Sodium fluoride is a toxic byproduct of the aluminum industry that has been conveniently sold and dumped into public water supplies since the 1950’s. In the 1920’s the aluminum industry sold soldium fluoride as a poison for rodents, a fact now conveniently forgotten. Sodium fluoride in city water has been linked to an increase in cancer rates in some studies.

While sodium fluoride reduces tooth decay, there is a better choice and that is calcium fluoride, a natural and chemically stable form. The problem again is marketing, money and profits. The financial incentives are for industry to promote the sale of sodium fluoride of which they have plenty.

If city officials insisted, the industry could convert sodium fluoride into a liquid form of calcium fluoride and this would solve the toxicity problems now associated with fluoridation.

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