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Report No 21 Fall Issue 2000

A Message from Water

Healing Music (HADO - Series 1 immunity/pain relief)

Water - its molecular structure and resonant energy affects our health for better or worse.

Alternative therapies for HIV fall short of expected results.

Reducing side effects - an update on drug treatment choices

Natural low-cost treatments that produce consistent benefits - ·

Diet · Exercise · Stress reduction · Hyperthermia

Music to reduce stress and enhance immune function

Efforts to reverse HIV infection with low-cost anti-viral therapies falls short of expected results. Vinegar- about 40% report a significant decline in their viral loads.

November 4, 2000 Mark Konlee

The hope for finding a consistent 100% effective low-cost ($5.00 a month) treatment for HIV/AIDS with vinegar as reported in the spring issue of Positive Health News (No 20) fell apart in June when several persons who tried the therapy (2 tablespoon in a glass of water 3 times daily) reported no decrease in their viral loads. In Sept., when I added up all the anecdotal reports of lab results (about 20), only 8 persons said they had a significant decrease in their viral load as measured by PCR and they all also reported increases in their CD4 counts. Two actually reported reaching non-detectable levels but did not sustain these results on subsequent tests after they stopped using the vinegar. Some of the persons who used vinegar abandoned the treatment after they developed an intolerance for its taste. The other 12 reported no decline in the viral load counts and no improvement in their CD4’s. This anomaly of inconsistent results leads me to question whether a strictly anti-viral mode of action was the deciding factor or if some other unknown mechanism was involved.

Raw garlic plus Vinegar

Two readers in the past 2 months have tried the combination of soaking 1/2 cup of raw chopped garlic cloves in a quart of vinegar and then taking 2 tablespoons of this vinegar in a glass of water 3 times a day. One person reported no decrease in their viral load after one month’s use while the other reported a drop in viral load from 665,000 to 84,000. Both had CD4 counts under 20 and neither was using prescription antivirals at the time. Here we see two persons using the same protocol and having totally different results. I have no logical explanation for this diversity of responses.

Persons with higher CD4 counts usually obtain more benefits from alternative therapies

The only thing consistent about most alternative therapies I have reported on over the past decade is inconsistent results. What works for some does not work for others and vice-versa. Sometimes a treatment works for a while and then quits working. Generally speaking, persons with CD4 counts above 300 have the easiest time getting positive results from various alternative therapies. The lower the CD4 counts drop below that number the harder it is to get the CD4’s to increase or to reduce the viral load.

Starting with the earliest protocols reported - ozone, hydrogen peroxide and later on with olive leaf extract, curcumin, blue-green algae, spirulina, chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate, lemon balm, Clarkia-100, lomatium dissectum (LDM-100), Venus Fly-trap, bitter melon, licorice root, coconut milk or oil, digestive enzymes, vinegar, garlic, aloe vera juice, weekly Colonics or daily enemas, have benefited many people, but not everyone has obtained the same level of results. Some have reported no benefits at all on one or more of the preceding treatments while many others have. Some have reported an increase in energy and well being that did not necessarily translate into higher CD4 counts and lower viral loads.

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Hybrid Protocols

The most consistent beneficial results are coming from readers who combine 2 or 3 of the less toxic of the current 15 FDA approved drugs for HIV with nutritional and immune based therapies. In this newsletter, the best data in controlled studies supports the use of Transfer Factor Plus or Immunotonic when used along with 2 or 3 prescription drugs.

A Message from Water

Holy, Healing, Crystalline, Clustered, Magnetized, Ozonated etc.

From the birth of our planet as described in the Book of Genesis to the Great Flood to John the Baptist to water that was made holy by being blessed in the early Christian church to modern times, water has been and continues to be used to cleanse both the body and the soul. From Lourdes, France to San Damiano, Italy, water has been made famous for its healing properties after the Virgin Mary directed the seers she visited at these sites to use the water found there for spiritual and physical healing.

Water is considered by scientists to be essential for the existence of all life forms. 70% of the human body is made up of water. Water is H2O, two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. It freezes at 0 degrees centigrade (32°F). In a solid state, it becomes ice or snowflakes. It is said that each snowflake has captured within its structure an unique crystalline structure that is unlike any other snowflake. Recently, Dr. Majid appearing on Dr. Gary Nulls radio program in New York stated that the hydrogen atom in water is an electron donor that scavenges free radicals. Physicians frequently tell their patients to drink 8 glasses of water each day. Water is the fluid medium that carries nutrients to and into the cells and toxins and byproducts of metabolism away from the cells. Water is the greatest of all detoxifiers.

In Japan, Masaru Emoto, inspired by the research of Dr. Lee Lorenzen, began to look into the subtle energies stored in water and its crystalline structure. Emoto obtained water samples from several different locations around the planet and photographed a drop of each sample as it approached freezing. Around 50 of these beautiful photographs are published in Emoto’s book titled “The Message from Water,” a book written in Japanese and English (side by side).

One of the more intriguing aspects of these photographs is how water visually absorbs energy from outside sources around or near it and transcribes this energy into the shape of the crystalline structure as it is photographed at freezing. Water, a universal solvent, absorbs energy from anything it comes in contact with. It can absorb energy from a tin can, a plastic jar, a glass bottle, sound, music, light and even human emotions.

For example, when aromatherapy oils from the chamomile was added to water, the water crystals formed at freezing looked like the chamomile flower. When essential oil of Fennel was added to water, the crystalline picture of the water looked much like the Fennel flower. When classical music from Bach, Chopin and others were played as the drop of water froze, each crystal formed took on a unique and beautiful structure from the vibrations in the music, just like a snowflake with an original pattern that reflected the energy of the music.

When heavy metal music was played, the crystals that formed were not beautiful, but were shattered particles. When negative words like “I hate you, I will kill you” were spoken as the water froze, the water shape that formed were also shattered and ugly, no crystals here. When the words “devil” or “demon” was spoken as the water crystal froze, each took on a disordered and evil appearance, again no crystalline shape. However, when the word “angel” or “thank you” were spoken, the water formed beautiful crystalline structures each uniquely reflecting the energy of the words spoken.

For some time I have heard reports that classical music (Bach, Chopin, Mozart and others) has a healing effect on the body. I have also observed the healthy appearance of musicians on the Lawrence Welk show. Now, when you look at the replays of these performances, the music itself seemed to be reflected in the youthful appearances of the musicians in Lawrence Welk’s band. Now compare this to televised broadcasts of the “Grateful Dead” and other heavy metal bands and look at how these musicians age in appearance. At 40, they look like 60 and at 50 they look like 70 years old. The lines in their faces and the dullness in their eyes show a premature aging. Could the music they play cause the water in their own bodies to become disarranged (unclustered) and cause the cells to not want to drink of this water and thus they become very toxic and age more quickly?

Another observation is that water that tastes bad or flat is probably water you should not drink. Unclustered water will always taste flat. Micro-wave ovens shatter the clustered structure of water. When you cook food in a microwave oven, it always has less taste than food cooked on a stove or in an oven. Most food we cook contains over 50% water. Take a potato. A potato baked in a electric, gas or wood stove has twice the flavor of one cooked in a microwave oven. Also, foods cooked at a low temperature in a Crock Pot have more flavor than foods that are boiled. Could this be because the lower temperatures do not damage the molecular structure of the water in the food?

In Emoto’s book, some kinds of water seem to have no particular form like steam distilled water. This kind of water you can buy in a store seems to be waiting for some energy to absorb to take on a structured or clustered form. Steam distilled water has a flat taste but seems to take on an even flatter taste when it is stored in a plastic jar. Is the water absorbing the energy of the plastic that surrounds it or are hydrocarbons in the plastic dissolving in the water giving it a flat taste?

I and many local friends have long observed that any liquid stored in a glass bottle has more flavor than the same liquid stored in a plastic bottle. Remember the great taste of the Nehi sodas in glass bottles from the 1960’s and 70’s era? Compare that to the flat tasting soda sold today in plastic bottles. On the other hand, we know what sun distilled water looks like if we ever held a snowflake in our hands. The sun evaporates the water while absorbing the sun’s wide spectrum of natural God-given energy and a beautiful crystalline structure forms as the water drops fall to form a unique snowflake. Have you ever tasted glacial water - the kind of water you can taste from an iceberg melting in the sun? (Does anyone have any plans for building a simple Sun distiller?)

Water - when it tastes bad

Many people don’t drink much water because they don’t like its taste. Take City tap water. Usually, small amounts of chlorine remain when it reaches the tap and this gives it a bleachy taste. Plus, sodium fluoride is usually added and this adds a metallic taste. The natural form of fluoride is Calcium Fluoride and does not give water an off flavor like sodium fluoride does, nor is calcium fluoride toxic as is sodium fluoride. In the 1920’s, sodium fluoride was pelletized and sold as a rat poison. In the 1950’s, the Aluminum industry found a new market for this byproduct of aluminum manufacturing - the public water supply as a tooth preventative. Fifty years of fluoridation has not put the dentists out of business. Here in Milwaukee, a fluoridated city, there is a waiting list of customers to see a dentist who are as busy as ever. The public has never been told that they are the victims of a “bait and switch” marketing scam promoted by big business. I have little doubt that had the cities used calcium fluoride instead of sodium fluoride for the past half century that there would be a lot less tooth decay, dentists would be waiting for customers to come in and certainly we would have better tasting water and healthier citizens.

Bad tasting city water is why premium waters like Perrier sell so well worldwide. Perrier and other quality waters like LaCroix are sold only in glass bottles which maintains its original quality and flavor. Place a good spring water in a plastic bottle and the flavor goes downhill while storing the water in a glass jar preserves and enhances its flavor. Glass has a crystalline structure that plastic does not have. Water absorbs the vibratory energy of any matter with which it comes in contact. The cells in our body may be rejecting the intake of bad water (unclustered) thus making our bodies more toxic. Could our taste buds be forewarning us of unclustered water when it tastes flat or is off flavor?

Lorenzen Water

This past July, I was visiting a relative, Jim, and noticed a change in his appearance. He looked younger. In fact, so much so, that I said to him. “You look ten years younger than the last time I seen you, have you been doing something different?” He replied, “not really, except that I have been drinking Lorenzen water for the past two weeks.” “Well,” I added, “I don’t really think this is my imagination, you really do look younger.”

Jim: Now that you mention it, a few days ago I was in a store and inquired about a sale for Senior citizens. The salesman said to me: “This is for Senior citizens, not people like you in your 40’s.” Note: Jim has recently retired at 62 years of age.

Mark: See, I’m not imagining this. Someone that does not know you thought you were younger than your true age. Now, you got my attention, tell me what you know about Lorenzen water.

Jim: Lorenzen water was developed by Dr. Lee Lorenzen and is called “Clustered Water.” Dr. Lorenzen is the son of an obstetrician and gynecologist. For several years, his wife was ill and went from doctor to doctor and hospital to hospital all to no avail. Finally, Dr. Lorenzen thought that since the human body consists of 70% water that changing the kind of water in her body might help her. He began with the premise that the body becomes toxic when the cells cannot hydrate and receive and use the water we drink. He theorized that water could be made more receptive to the cells if its molecular shape and resonance wave could be changed into a crystalline or clustered shape.

Mark: This sounds like a far-out theory. Water is water. The only time water takes on a shape is when you freeze it.

Jim: That is true as far as we can see. We can see the clustered shape of water in a snowflake. What Dr. Lorenzen found is that different kinds of water freeze into different shapes. Some types water have beautiful shapes like a snowflake and some kinds of water look shattered. When water is disordered, it does not have a beautiful clustered shape and freezes into a random or chaotic pattern. The cells reject unclustered water and crave clustered water. All healthy living plants have clustered water in them. Steam distilled water and many kinds of tap water are unclustered.

Jim showed me the book with over 50 colored photographs of different samples of water from around the world that were made in Japan under a powerful microscope at the time of freezing. The pictures for the book taken by Masaru Emoto were awesome. One of the photographs was water from a well in Lourdes where the Virgin Mary appeared that had a mystical crystalline shape. Other photographs showed beautiful crystal formations when distilled water was subjected to the sounds of music from Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and folk music but the water droplets were shattered when heavy metal music was played at the point of freezing. Glacial water and very clean spring water formed some of the most beautiful crystalline forms while river, polluted water and tap water near large cities and industrial areas fails to take on a crystalline form. Even words spoken to the water changed its shape upon freezing. Prayers and “Thank You” produced beautiful crystals while the words “I hate you...I will kill you” produced an evil looking glob with one photograph showing the actual shape of a demon inside.

The book, “The Message from Water” is available from Cellcore, Int’l 888-308-4422 or 858-566-7588. Clustered water concentrate is added to distilled water and refrigerated for several hours before drinking. It is also available from Cellcore. I have heard reports of recoveries from ill health from drinking clustered water that are as unbelievable as the photographs in Emoto’s book, in fact, so unbelievable that I won’t repeat them here. Dr. Lorenzen holds a patent on “Clustered Water” and it costs about $50 for a month’s supply of concentrate. Jim, who has used the Lorenzen clustered water, can be reached in Cedarburg, WI at 262-377-2764.

Improving the taste and molecular structure of water

I have not yet tried Dr. Lorenzen’s clustered water but I did try some home experiments where I attempted to make my own. Freezing water or adding oxygen, calcium, magnesium and silica or subjecting water to sunshine, a magnetic field and music all affect the flavor and just possibly the molecular structure of water. Dr. Lorenzen patent 5,711,950 briefly describes how clustered water is made. It reads: “A method of preparing microclustered water comprising boiling water to produce steam includes passing the steam across a magnetic field, exposing the stream to light having a wavelength of 650 nm to 1 mm, condensing the steam at a temperature greater than 0° C., adding at least one stabilizer comprising a metasilicate salt to the condensed steam....and exposing the steam to a pressure greater than one atmosphere and depressurizing the steam.” A process obviously too complicated to do in the kitchen sink.

Magnetic water: For some time I have known that placing a gallon of water on top of a magnet affects its flavor. I have found that a magnet improves the flavor of almost any kind of water and that drinking magnetized water is processed faster by the kidneys and as a result, you end up drinking more water. Other persons I have talked to whom have consumed magnetic water confirm these observations. Something about the magnetic field alters the structure of the water and the cells intake of the water increases. This improves the detoxifying effects of the water. For some time, I have known that water stored in a plastic bottle loses its flavor. The challenge I have undertaken is to find a simple and inexpensive way of converting drab distilled or reverse osmosis water into water that tastes as good as glacial mountain water that is melted in the sun. Here are some experiments I attempted in the past month.

First, I started with Reverse Osmosis (RO) water that is made from city tap water. I rent a reverse osmosis unit for $15 a month that was installed under my kitchen sink. The RO unit filters 95% of the pollutants out of the water including not only the chlorine and pesticides but also the sodium fluoride. The water flavor comes close to spring water but still falls short. In my first experiment, I placed the RO water in a glass gallon jug and put it in my refrigerator on top of a large flat ceramic magnet. I left the cover off to allow the water to expand so as not to crack the jar. When the gallon of RO water froze solid, I removed it from the freezer and placed it in a south facing window to let sunlight shine on it while it thawed. The first thing I noticed is that the lines of the magnetic field froze in the ice. You could see literally hundreds of lines that looked like beads frozen in the ice in a curved pattern matching the magnetic field. I found that all 3 processes, the magnet, the freezing and then thawing in sunlight added to the flavor of the water. Before the ice had completely melted, I placed the water back in the refrigerator. It tasted great.

In other experiments I done several months ago, I found that adding a calcium and a magnesium tablet to a gallon of distilled water improved its flavor, except that the binding agents in the tablets would leave specks at the bottom of the jar. I haven’t yet found a source of natural calcium and magnesium that completely dissolves in the water and I am open to suggestions here. Does anyone know where to get some powdered coral calcium?

In another experiment, I played Alan Roubiks HADO Series I music CD to a gallon of RO water in a glass gallon jug in my living room. First I chilled the water in a refrigerator for several hours. Then I placed the chilled water on the floor between both speakers. I played the entire CD, and then placed the water back in the refrigerator and used some to make ice cubes. The chilled water absorbs the resonance energy from the music. When I tasted the water, it had the best flavor of all and I found it hard to stop drinking it.

I have observed that first freezing water which forces it into a clustered shape and then thawing it out vastly improves its flavor. This could be why millions of people who don’t like the taste of water out of a tap always add ice cubes to the water before drinking it. Even water stored in a refrigerator does not have as good a flavor as what comes from a melting ice cube. The melting water from an ice cube is clustered and has the molecular shape that the cells want. The same effect seems to occur when a magnet is placed under a jar of water and the magnetic field also definitely improves the flavor of the water. Since Silica has been part of several formulas to add to water currently on the market, I added 5 drops of Horsetail herbal extract to a gallon of magnetic water I made in the past few days. It improved the flavor significantly. Horsetail has high amounts of naturally occurring silica.

How to make Magnetic Water

Dr. Philpott MD says it takes just 5 minutes to make magnetic water. Place a magnet, north pole facing the water on the side of a jar or underneath it or use two magnets for a bipolar effect, one south pole facing the water and one with the north pole. A representative at another company located at www.magnetizer.org says to place two magnets on opposite sides of a jar for 10 minutes. He says either polarity works but prefers the north pole. Philpott recommends that anyone with an illness drink 4 or more glasses of magnetic water daily. Some people leave the water on the magnets all day. Magnetizer Co. has also designed a magnetic kit that is installed on cars that increases gas mileage about 10% and keeps the radiator clean as well as another set of magnetic kit that removes mineral deposits in hot and cold water plumbing in the home. This device forces two south pole magnets together over the pipes to obtain the effect of dissolving the minerals deposits. The result is increased water flow and pressure.

How to make Ozonated Water

Place nozzle from ozone unit in glass of chilled water and run for 30 to 60 seconds. Ozonated water may be consumed between meals up to a half hour before eating and 2 hours after eating and taken hourly if needed. If you run the ozone in the water for 3 to 5 minutes, it will be too strong and will leave you feeling nauseated. It is better to use less ozone and to drink it more often. Do not take any dietary supplements within a half hour of using ozonated water. One source indicated that drinking 5 or 6 glasses of ozonated water is sufficient for most colds and flu’s. What about HIV, HHV-6A, CMV, EBV, herpes etc.?

One new idea I thought of this evening that has not been tried is to ozonate a glass of water and place the glass on the negative side (north pole) of a magnet for 10 minutes before drinking it. The magnetic/ozonated water should be better absorbed into the cells, increasing its potential to kill viral infections inside the cells. If this idea works, it would be a low-cost home treatment alternative to ozone autohemotherapy that administered by a physician can run into the thousands of dollars.

Note: A low cost ozone unit that runs on air and does not produce nitric oxide is called the Water Oz ($325). Using air eliminates the need to get an oxygen tank. Their phone # is 800-547-2294 and fax line is 208-926-0865 or write Water OZ, Rt 1, Box 104B, Grangeville, ID 83530. Magnets: 4” X6” by 1/2” ceramic magnets are available from Envirotech - 800-445-1962.

Update on the Pharmaceutical Drugs

A drug cocktail without the adverse effects of protease inhibitors is Viramune, Zerit and Epivir. Persons whose CD4 counts drop below 200 should immediately start on some prescription drug to prevent PCP. Persons who want to use self-treatment all the way are ill advised if they don’t try some drug cocktail, especially when the CD4’s drop below 50. In the past several months, several readers who are reluctant to use protease inhibitors have reported good results with Viramune, Zerit (D4T) and Epivir (3TC) with most persons reaching low or non-detectable levels. One person has used this combo for 4 years without viral rebound and without the lipodystrophy side effects associated with many protease inhibitors. As for the other drugs, the most adverse effects have been reported with DDI, Ziagen, Hydroxyurea and Agenerase. Note: Agenerase is a protease inhibitor. Other serious adverse reports (lymphomas, cancers) have come from the combination of AZT or Combivir with Crixivan. Some minor side effects have been reported with Sustiva, but not life-threatening. AZT, Combivir and DDI can damage the mitochondria in the cells. Zerit and Epivir do not have these adverse effects on the mitochondria.

Case reports: Steven Rahn who one year ago had CD4 in the single digits now has over 100 and a viral load of 400. On his initial combination of Norvir, D4T and 3TC, all his KS lesions have disappeared. DNCB responses after using Norvir were very strong indicating good antigen presentation and Delay-Type Hypersensitivity (DTH). In the past month Steven has switched to Viramune after developing diarrhea over the past 4 months thought to have been caused by the Norvir. He continues the regimen of D4T and 3TC which he tolerates well with the Viramune. He continues to use the whole lemon/olive oil drink daily along with a good diet and sublingual DMG and Methyl B12.

In a second case, Marie NaVeaux whose case I have followed through the summer did not respond to any of the alternative therapies she tried. With T cells in the single digits, she also is now on Viramune, D4T and 3TC and say she feels better and tolerates it well. In a 3rd case, another reader tried the same protocol but broke out in a rash from the Viramune. His physician gave him a short prescription of prednisone that cleared the rash and he has continued using the Viramune with D4T and 3TC without any further reoccurrence of the rash and says he tolerates it well. After 4 weeks, his viral load dropped from 100K to 6K and his CD4’s increased from 43 to 74. Both persons are continuing with a good diet and some nutritional supplements.

AZT and DDI are reported in scientific literature to damage the mitochondria in the cells. The mitochondria is essential to produce ATP, the energy currency of the cells that is also critically needed for antigen presentation and cell-mediated immune responses. Two persons taking drug cocktails who have found their viral loads creeping upwards(a failing protocol) have reported declines in their viral load after adding 2 to 4 capsules daily of Transfer Factor Plus (4-Life Products) to their present drug cocktail. The most widely used protease inhibitor among our readers is Viracept that is used along with Zerit and Epivir. This combination is usually well tolerated with few side effects. The most common side effect is diarrhea that can usually be stopped by taking 500 to 1000 mg daily of a calcium supplement.

Alternative Protocols that have produced consistent benefits (Diet, exercise, stress reduction and hyperthermia)

DIET: Benefits are more broadly defined here and go beyond CD4 counts and viral load to include appetite, a feeling of well being, energy and restful sleep. One thing that has been consistently reported over the past decade since publication of the first edition of AIDS Control Diet, the forerunner of the current book on How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction, has been the benefits of the diet program. If I haven’t been told 100 times, I haven’t been told once that of all the suggestions that I have ever written, that the diet plan has done readers more good than the supplements they have used. An important part of diet involves not only what you eat, but what you avoid eating - namely sweets. The consumption of refined carbohydrates with sugar added (soda, sweet rolls, candy bars) is very immunosuppressive and linked to AIDS and CFIDS progression and new research now indicates that sugar speeds up cancer progression as well (1).

EXERCISE: The second factor that has produced consistent results is exercise daily to the point of sweating or about one hour of aerobic exercise (bicycling, jogging, dancing or any sport or activity that involves movement of the whole body). Aerobic exercise increases serotonin, dopamine and endorphin levels. These hormone modifications likely reduce stress on the adrenal glands and improve the function of the Natural Killer cells, T cells and all the other white blood cells. Exercise is a natural anti-depressant. It is a powerful inducer of ATP production in the cells. ATP increases cell-mediated immunity by enabling cells to transport viral antigen to the cell surface that triggers a CD8 Killer T cell response against virus-infected cells. Exercise helps the cells remove toxins from the body. Contrary to aerobic exercise is weight lifting or resistance training that does not produce these effects and may even have harmful effects like increasing cortisol levels. While aerobic exercise reduces stress, resistance training increases stress on the adrenal glands. This is thought to be caused by exercise that tears new muscles and triggers the adrenal glands to secrete more hormones. All persons immune-compromised have Adrenal glands that are over-worked.

Two local examples: One is a carpenter who stopped his drug cocktail about one year ago. He takes no dietary supplements. His viral load remains below 5000 and his CD4 counts are in the 900 range. He recently told me that “you don’t need drugs to control AIDS, all you need is a good diet and lots of exercise.” He says he eats a big salad once every day and after he described it, I mean a big salad with a wide variety of raw vegetables. He told me that 4 years ago, his CD4 counts were down to 50, viral load over 300,000 and that a drug cocktail with protease inhibitors turned him around. After 3 years of taking the drugs he stopped and has remained stable ever since. For now at least, his simple self-help program is working.

In a second case and only one of its kind that I can confirm, a local person who has been HIV+ for 6 years rides his bicycle 5 miles a day. He also drinks a 6 pack of beer and eats a regular diet but no sweets and no soda. After 6 years he says his latest HIV antibody test is now negative. He never took any prescription drugs.

Note: A few years ago I wrote an article that drinking beer stops HIV progression after documenting this phenomenon in at least a dozen cases. This past summer a nurse who works in a local hospital here in Milwaukee and who has access to hundreds of medical files on persons who are HIV+ asked me: “Why do alcoholics who take the drugs have higher T cells counts than the non-drinkers?” I told him that a few years ago we documented over a dozen cases across the country where person who consumed 3 to 6 beers a day had either slowed down, stopped or reversed HIV progression but that those who drank hard liquor with soda did poorly or progressed rapidly. Persons who consumed lots of sweets also progressed more rapidly..

STRESS REDUCTION: Several times over the past several years persons HIV+ have told me their CD4 counts increased immediately after they took a vacation. This is not surprising. When people relax, get exercise, fresh air, sunshine and drinks lots of clean water, it detoxifies the body. Aerobic exercise and just plain having fun increases endorphin levels and this is thought to improve Natural Killer cell function. Reducing stress also lessens the demands on the adrenal glands and cortisol levels tend to normalize. Elevated cortisol, IL-6 and IL-10 levels are definitely linked to immunosuppression in CFIDS, cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Drinking clean purified water reduces stress by helping the cells to move toxins out of the body. Water is the universal solvent that helps carry nutrients to cells and byproducts of metabolism away. Sunshine or just plain sun tanning indoors in a salon helps increases our ability to absorb calcium, the mineral critically needed to help induce deep restful sleep. Bifido bacteria in the colon are also needed to produce short chain fatty acids that increase our ability to absorb calcium and other minerals. Calcium is the single most important mineral necessary to maintain normal pH values and carry nutrients into the cells. Soft music or rhythmic sounds like raindrops falling on a roof, a waterfalls or waves from the sea, acupuncture, massage therapy and self-hypnosis can be very helpful to reduce tension and stress. Taking long daily walks in a natural environment like a park or woods also reduces stress and increases endorphin levels.

One of the most profound healing experiences in music is a CD by Alan Roubik called HADO Music Series I, subtitled “Immunity/Pain Relief.” HADO is a Japanese word that means “resonance wave.” It was made with the help of a Magnetic Resonance Analyzer. Listening to this music induces a deep state of “dream sleep” that reduces stress and enhances immune function. Available at www.roubikrecords.com/menu.htm. Best listened to once daily in the evening before bedtime.

HYPERTHERMIA (also Hot Tubs, Saunas) Many infectious illnesses can be overcome by sweating them out. Some people are too toxic to sweat as the sodium/potassium pump inside the cells is malfunctioning. Yarrow tea, cayenne and other hot peppers, a low salt or salt-free diet, magnetized or clustered water and exercise can help reverse this condition. Certain other teas like cranberry that stimulate urination without depleting potassium levels are also very helpful.

The normal immune response to an infection is a fever that is triggered by Interluken 1, the main switch of the immune system. Once a fever reaches a certain pitch, sweating also usually occurs. If it doesn’t, the person should immediately drink yarrow tea and take cayenne capsules or eat a very hot salsa. When persons are unable to generate a fever, it can be artificially induced by spending some time in a steam room or dry sauna. Caution: if the pulse rate is over 80 before you go in, drink one or two glasses of Apple or Concord grape juice or take a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses. When in the sauna, if your pulse reaches or exceeds 120 beats per minute, it is time to get out and let yourself slowly cook down. Wet and dry saunas can be found at many health spas and private work-out clubs in most major cities. To my knowledge the use of a daily sauna (20 to 30 minutes) has never been tested as a treatment for HIV, CFIDS, cancer and other immune conditions in a clinical setting and it should be.

One case I watched several years ago was an interview on the Tony Brown Journal on national TV of a person who was apparently “cured” of AIDS with hyperthermia. This was done in a clinical setting and I would advise anyone against trying this at home. The blood was removed from the body and heated for a period of time and then returned to the body. The person reported that he became not only PCR negative for the virus but HIV antibody negative as well and sustained those results for over one year. Other than the TV program I have no information or follow-up on how he is doing now and I don’t know where to find this therapy in a clinical setting here in the US. Note: In whole body hyperthermia where the blood is heated to as high as 116°F, a few persons have died from this treatment. See Ch. 8 in my book on How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction for more information.

At home, a treatment could be done in a bath tub filled with hot water. Use a thermometer and stay in the tub until your body temperature reaches 103°F and continue for 15 to 20 minutes. Be sure to have someone there to monitor and check on you while you are doing this. A once a week treatment could give your immune system a boost. Persons with stronger constitutions might try this once daily. Note: Persons with a high pulse rate, in a very weakened state or a weak heart should not attempt this. Check with your physician before attempting this and seek more specific advice.

Herbs that induce sweating; yarrow. Herbs that increase body temperature - cayenne and Venus Fly-trap extract. Vitamins: Riboflavin and Niacin. With niacin - use 200 mg to 500 mg at one time once or twice a week. Use the type that induces a flush effect, not the flush-free niacin. Note: Using more than 500 mg of niacin daily can stress the liver. Ref: 1. CANCER’S SWEET TOOTH, by Patrick Quillin, PHD, RD, CNS (New Horizons, Brewer’s Science Library, 325 N Central Ave, Richland Ctr, WI 53581 Ph # 608-647-6513)

Healing Sounds

by Conrad LeBeau

Studies have found that soft, harmonic and classical music (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart etc.) not heavy metal, reduces pain in cancer patients and alleviates symptoms in children with autism, in adults with Parkinson’s and many other conditions. In one small study, music that reduced stress caused a small increase in saliva IgA levels. In another study, music caused a small decrease in corticosteroid levels in the urine. From Norway, Nyskja and Lindbaek state that “Research has shown that music may influence central physiological variables like blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, EEG measurements, body temperature and galvanic skin responses. Music influences immune and endocrine function. The existing research literature shows growing knowledge of how music can ameliorate pain, anxiety, nausea, fatigue and depression. There is less research done on how music, and what type of music, is utilized and administered for optimum effect in specific clinical situations.”

Sounds other than music found in nature can induce deep states of relaxation. These include the sounds of a waterfall, the waves of the ocean splashing on the shore and the sounds of rain drops falling on a roof. Some of these sounds can be found on CD’s at your local music store. I recently obtained copies of two CD’s by Alan Roubik. The first is called “Music for your Health” and the second one is called HADO MUSIC - Series 1 Immune System/Pain relief. After listening and observing the effects of both CD’s on my state of relaxation, I’ve concluded that the HADO MUSIC - Series 1 CD has some definite therapeutic possibilities and had stronger effects on me than the “Music for your Health” CD. Twice listening to the HADO MUSIC CD, I found myself asleep in a dream state and I might add - one in Technicolor. More information on both CD’s can be found at www.roubikrecords.com/menu.htm. The CD may also be available at your local music store or you can order it by calling 818-597-9358.

Note: My interest in Alan Roubik’s music came from a book published in Japan by author Masaru Emoto and Lee Lorenzen that shows the effects of different kinds of music on the crystalline structure of water at the point of freezing. While heavy metal music leaves a shattered crystal, HADO MUSIC, Bach, Beethoven and some other classical sounds produce beautiful crystalline structures like a snowflake that is called “clustered water” that is reported to have a shape that the cells want and helps detoxify the body. Ref: 1. Myskja at al, Tidssskr Nor Laegeforen 2000 Apr 10;120(10):1182-5

Reader comments on supplements

Mark Konlee


Cynthia O (Houston, TX) tells me that the first batch of MGN3 she bought a few years ago had 3 different mushrooms plus an extract from rice bran thought to be IP6. Lane Labs done a study on this original formula showing that it could triple Natural Killer cell function, an important finding for anyone with cancer and other immune compromised conditions. Then, Cynthia tells me that MGN3 was reformulated by Lane Labs with just one of the original mushrooms added - shiitake. The name, MGN3, was kept the same and the product is thought to be less expensive to produce. According to Cynthia, Lane Labs got in trouble with the FDA by citing research on the benefits of its original formula without doing a new study to determine if the revised formula could also triple the NK function as effectively as the original formula. Two other readers also told me within the past several months that Lane Labs dropped two mushrooms from its original formula.

Transfer Factor Plus

Made by 4-Life Products, this product contains transfer factor, IP6, shiitake and maitake mushrooms and beta glucan, cordyceps and other immune modulators. People notice effects at different dosage levels. In a controlled study done at Mt Sinai Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, by Seymour Levine MD, Pat Dalton MD, Diana Williamson MD and others and about to be published, 26 HIV+ persons using drug cocktails who took 2 capsules of Transfer Factor Plus daily over a 26 week period had a greater increase in lean body mass, CD4 counts and a greater decrease in viral load than a control group of 26 persons who only used the drug cocktails.

Note: There have been no controlled studies using TF+ as a monotherapy for HIV. One reader with AIDS tried TF+ as a monotherapy for 30 days (7 caps daily) and reported no decline in his viral load but reported he felt better.

Persons with CFIDS and other immune compromised conditions have had mixed reviews at 2 capsules a day. Some have reported feeling better or breaking out with a cold (a detox effect) while others have said they noticed nothing. An elderly lady with an infection in her gums got rid of the infection in 5 days when she increased the dose to 6 capsules daily. She had the infection for several months prior to using TF+. When she had previously used 2 capsules daily of TF+, it had no effect on the infection in her gums. Another person with CFIDS had a swollen lymph node in his throat and when he increased the dose to 6 capsules daily, it was gone in less than one week.

A reader in Florida, who has HIV, had a large 2 inch wide lump on the side of his neck and said when he increased the dose to 6 capsules daily early in August, it was 90% gone in just 4 days and completely gone after one week. In England, another person with HIV who is not using any drugs is taking 3 capsules 3 times a day along with Perfect Stool Formula. Says he is feeling much better but has no labs to report. There are some other published but unconfirmed reports of cancer remissions when 6 to 9 capsules of TF+ are used daily. In a small study done in April, 2000, by Rob Robertson MD, 4 capsules daily of TF+ increased Natural Killer Cell function 269% in 22 days in 9 patients increasing from an average of 10 to 26.9.


Published studies have found that Immunocal, a cold processed whey protein, can increase intracellular glutathione levels. The whitish looking powder dissolves very slowly in water, taking 3 to 4 minutes to completely dissolve. No one in the past 3 years has ever told me they didn’t feel better while using Immunocal. I’ve had one report of a person using 3 packets a day who claims this monotherapy decreased his viral load and increased his CD4 counts. While everyone likes this product, everyone complains about its price, except that the Medicare programs in some states are paying for it when prescribed.


Introduced in December, 1999, by Michael Keenan of Wellsprings, this product was received enthusiastically. The cream colored whey protein has similar slow dissolving characteristics in water as does Immunocal. Several readers with CFIDS have told me that after a few weeks they feel better on this product. However, one reader who bought one bottle of the first original batch said he loved the product but then added that subsequent batches lost some of their effectiveness. He has gone back to using Immunocal.

Last month, Wellsprings introduced a new product, called Optim-Lipoic which contains 200 mg of an emulsified alpha lipoic acid that is dissolved in triglycerides. I tried this product and can tell you that you can really feel the effects of this Lipoic acid very quickly. Alpha Lipoic acid also increases glutathione levels as does cold processed whey proteins. Also Silymarin, NAC, selenium and IP6 increase glutathione levels.

One person in Florida quit a drug cocktail she was on for the past 5 years while her viral load was 800 and her CD4 count was 160. She immediately started using 5 grams on ImmunePro 3 times a day for the past 3 months. Her viral load is now 600 and her CD4’s are 252. She credits the ImmunePro for these numbers. Note: Since this is just one case, there is no way of knowing if these results can be duplicated.

Glutathione Testing Update

I ran into one case this past summer where a lady with CFIDS, severe allergies and extreme sensitivity to all carbohydrates and fiber had normal blood levels of glutathione, yet she had frequent headaches, a symptom associated with glutathione deficiency. An article faxed to me from Wellsprings indicates a possible problem with blood tests for glutathione in that they might not be measuring intracellular glutathione levels. The author of the article who only gave his first name, “Rich,” indicated that testing urine for “lipid peroxide levels” would be a more reliable test. In addition to having high lipid peroxide values in the urine, high citrate levels and low alpha ketoglutarate levels are also found in the urine of persons depleted of intracellular glutathione.

Suggestion: Persons with serious symptoms, chronic fatigue, multiple food allergies and so forth, should have their physician test their urine for “lipid peroxide levels.” If the blood test for glutathione indicates that it is normal and the urine test for lipid peroxides is high, it means you have a high level of free radicals and oxidative stress and need specifically to take supplements to help recycle glutathione back to its reduced form - namely riboflavin, alpha lipoic acid (emulsified in a oil base) and silymarin along with a cold-processed whey protein. Don’t forget that the foods winter squash, pumpkin and avocado are also high in glutathione.

Glutathione is credited with getting rid of a rash in 3 hours. One reader who says he got a rash all over his body from using Bactrim, says he got rid of the rash in 3 hours by taking 800 mg of Glutathione. He used 8 Solaray Glutathione capsules each containing 100 mg of L. Glutathione. Can these results be duplicated? How about rashes from other drugs or supplements that sometimes occurs?

Earthrise Spirulina or Klamath Blue-Green Algae?

During the past summer, I published two reports of persons with HIV who had CD4 counts above 200 who used 15 capsules daily of Earthrise Spirulina which is the “platensi” strain. They both reported increased CD4 counts and lower viral loads over a period of several years. There are also several published scientific articles that I cited that Spirulina platensi inactivated HIV in laboratory settings. Many of these article can be found on Earthrise Farms website at www.earthrise.com. However, when 3 persons with CD4 counts of less than 50 tried taking 15 capsules daily of Earthrise Spirulina for the past few months, it neither decreased their viral loads nor increased their CD4 counts. This was disappointing.

I came up with two theories to explain these later failures. One is that the first two reports came from persons with high CD4 counts to begin with. I have consistently found that persons with higher CD4 counts respond better to all alternative therapies than those with CD4 counts in the basement. The second factor is how the blue-green algae is processed. Earthrise uses a spray drying process while Klamath Blue-Green Algae of Mt. Shasta, CA uses only the freeze drying process. Their website is www.klamathbluegreen.com. The freeze drying process is more expensive but preserves all the original proteins intact.

In the first two cases I reported where it appeared that Earthrise Spirulina has reduced the viral load and increased the CD4’s, the improvement in CD4 counts could have been due to the nutritional value of the Spirulina plus the high baseline of CD4 in these two readers and less to specific antiviral proteins in the product. There are two problems with spray drying as I see it. One is the physical force to spray dry that may in itself break up some of the active proteins. The other is that even a few seconds of temperatures that can get as high as 160°F may be enough to denature the active antiviral proteins in the product. Could this be why the Earthrise Spirulina failed to reduce the viral loads in the last 3 cases? As for the blue-green algae made by Klamath Blue-Green (Mt Shasta, CA), I am very impressed with their product and its energy value and I have had two reports of CD4 counts tripling by HIV+ persons using this product over a period of time - one or two teaspoons daily. However, I am told that there are about 6 companies that harvest blue-green algae from Klamath Lake, OR, and that some of them sell a cheaper blue-green algae product that is spray-dried. Both of the readers who reported great results used the freeze-dried blue-green algae made by Klamath Blue-Green from Mt. Shasta, CA. Their product has a blue label with a six sided geometric design on it.

Note: if it doesn’t say “Freeze dried” on the label then it most likely was spray dried. Some herbal extracts in capsules are also freeze dried and are more expensive, but what is the point of buying the less expensive spray dried herbal products if they don’t work?

Spray dried or Freeze Dried?

You can feel the difference with freeze dried.

I personally tried using both products (Earthrise and Klamath blue-green algae) to measure their energy effects. Although both products increase energy levels and well being, I found that the Klamath blue-green algae that is freeze dried gives several times more energy than the Earthrise Spirulina that is spray dried. This is a very personal and subjective evaluation. If you look at the nutritional value on the label, there is not a great deal of difference. However, we should never make the mistake of judging a book only by its cover or a nutritional product solely by its label. UNLESS THE PRODUCT LABEL SAYS THE PRODUCT WAS “FREEZE DRIED”: YOU CAN USUALLY ASSUME IT WAS SPRAY DRIED AND THAT THE SPRAY DRIED PRODUCT IS INFERIOR. Ouch! The second ouch is that the freeze dried products cost more.

I have long reported that raw vegetables have significantly more healing power than cooked vegetables. This is true most of the time but is not 100% gospel either as there are some exceptions. With herbal extracts, those made with fresh plants are usually more therapeutically effective than those made with the same dried herbs. With herbal extracts in capsule form, the freeze dried will usually be more effective than the spray dried. Then there are exceptions as some active ingredients in some herbs are not denatured by spray drying. However, more often than not, we don’t know what all the active ingredients are in each botanical and which ones are or are not denatured by heat (spray drying) and the buying public in not yet sufficiently educated to ask these kinds of technical questions.

As for costs, herbs made from fresh plants cost more than herbal extracts made from dried herbs. Now, I realize that Earthrise Farms says on their website that they use low temperature spray drying and that this preserves the nutritional value of the Spirulina. The problem is that I don’t believe them. While I appreciate all the articles on their website on the anti-HIV effects of Spirulina and the platensi strain they produce, I question whether the spray drying process they use is also inactivating the most important of the antiviral proteins in the Spirulina. When you call them (Earthrise) and ask for specific information like temperature and spray nozzle pressure, you get evasive answers or “I don’t know” or “it’s proprietary information.” I do get an honest answer when I ask why they don’t freeze dry their product. I am told it costs too much. At this juncture, I have to ask a rather sane and simple question: What is the point of buying a product at a lower price if it doesn’t give us the expected results? You might as well take the money you spend on supplements and toss it on a crap game. Why have a website with published scientific articles on the antiviral effects of Spirulina against lipid enveloped viruses like HIV, EBV and CMV and then not produce a product that can also effectively inactivate those same viruses?

Take Immunocal, they make one good product, regardless of the fact it is sold through MLM and is pricey. The product works. They caution people who mix it not to use an electric beater as it will damage the proteins in the product. I believe the mixing instructions for Immunocal are correct. Now, I have to question the value of any spray dried product when the pressure of going through a small nozzle could damage the proteins. This leads me further to question the therapeutic value of all spray dried products. The therapeutic value of any product goes beyond the nutritional value which on the label would look just the same. WHAT CONSUMERS NEED TO LOOK FOR IS THE PROCESS OF HOW THE PRODUCT IS MANUFACTURED AND NOT JUST THE NUMBERS (Nutritional value) THEY SEE ON A LABEL. Products must be minimally processed to retain the effectiveness of raw products. The heat, however minimal, and the pressure of spray drying may damage delicate proteins, particularly when the antiviral properties of certain proteins must be preserved. A final question is where does one find a freeze dried spirulina of the platensi strain (Spirulina Platensi)?

Formula for a more perfect stool

For the past 7 years, I have heard reports from readers that when the stools float on water that the CD4 cells remain the same or increase. I have found that the buoyancy of the stools to stable or rising CD4 counts has been true about 90% of the time. Sinking stools have also been consistently reported in persons with cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple food allergies, candidiasis and Lyme disease. It is thought that acidophilus and bifidus bacteria produce short chain fatty acids that make the stools lighter than water causing them to float. One short chain fatty acid called butyrate has been found to be absolutely critical to stimulating the growth of new intestinal mucus membranes. The mucus membranes are the foundation for mucosal immunity, a prerequisite for cell mediated immunity and preventing leaky gut syndrome, a condition that causes multiple food allergies and keeps the humoral arm of the immune system (TH2) constantly stimulated. It is thought that healing the mucus membranes of the intestinal tract is essential for immune balance (TH1/TH2) and restoration. Coupled with the fact that several scientific journals have in the past few years found that 86% of HIV replicates in the intestines, the introduction of friendly flora to the small and large intestines has taken on new importance.

Reuters Health News Service recently quoted an article in AIDS magazine (1) that stated that Dr. Peter Anton and colleagues for the Univ. of California in Los Angeles found that in the mucus membranes, the CD4 cells expressed the CCR5 receptors 6.2 times more often than in the blood. The researchers found that “both the CCR5 and CXCR4 HIV strains replicated to a greater extent in mucosal mononuclear cells than in peripheral blood mononuclear cells.” This latest research show why it is important to stop HIV from replicating in the intestines and the importance of the health and integrity of the mucus membranes.

The unresolved question is whether the successful implantation of friendly flora in the intestines will inhibit HIV replication enough to reduce the viral loads in the blood plasma as measured by PCR. Another puzzling observation is that several readers who had stools that were sinkers and went on a drug cocktail reported that they now have floaters. As friendly flora were not part of their protocols, it suggests that inhibiting HIV reduced certain toxins caused by the virus that were previously killing off the friendly flora.

Formula 842: The fundamental foundation of the formula can be made by mixing 2 cups psyllium with one cup pectin powder and 1/2 cup of probiotics (L. Acidophilus, B Longum etc.). A heaping teaspoon is mixed with a glass of water and taken before meals 3 times a day.

Two persons added aloe vera juice and were unable to get floaters. The problem here is that all commercially available aloe vera juice has food preservatives added that inhibit the growth of the friendly flora along with the unfriendly ones. This is because most aloe vera juice is cold processed and food preservatives like sodium benzoate are added to inhibit bacteria growth and rarely are the names of these preservatives ever listed on the product label. The same is true of ice cream. Food labeling laws do not require the listing of small amounts of food preservatives in commercially prepared products. Everyone should assume that unless it says “pasteurized” on the label or “No Preservatives added” that there are in fact unknown preservatives in the product. You should also assume that since food preservatives inhibit the growth of all types of bacteria that they do not distinguish between good and bad bacteria. The consumption of any foods with preservatives in them is counter-productive to any program to successfully implant friendly flora.

Hard cheese, for example, contains sorbic acid that inhibits not only yeast, but friendly flora as well. Two other factors, eating too much sweet fruit and boiled brown rice does not help you to get normal stools. Brown rice should never be boiled but cooked at a low temperature for 4 to 6 hours in a small Crock Pot (about 175°F) until it has the consistency of mashed potatoes. Add about 50% more water than the instructions call for. You can flavor the rice by adding a chicken wing, a little cayenne, turmeric and curry, butter and sea salt (Celtic Salt or gray salt by Eden Foods). This salt has a grayish color, is sun dried, and has all the naturally occurring minerals found in sea water. To obtain healthier stools with brown rice, first cook it in a Crock Pot for 4 to 6 hours at a low temperature. Do not eat boiled brown rice.

Formula 842 is where someone should start if they have multiple food allergies and an intolerance to fiber and most carbohydrates. Start off with a small amount like 1/4 tsp. 3 times a day and gradually increase the dose. This gives your intestines a chance to begin a gradual healing process. Week 2 - increase to 1/2 tsp. 3X, week 3 - 3/4 tsp. 3X, week 4 - 1 tsp. 3X and week 5 - 1 heaping tsp. 3X. At this point you can add other ingredients to the formula like Spirulina - 1/2 cup or Klamath blue-green algae, barley grass etc., FOS - 1/4 cup and Glucomannan - 1/4 cup. Glucomannan not only increases butyrate levels, it helps balance blood sugar levels as well.

1. AIDS. 2000;14:1761-1765

Solving Difficult Health Challenges

Chronic sinus or lung infection:

It is always prudent to see a physician for a proper diagnosis and prescribed treatment. However, sometimes, when even antibiotics don’t work, then what do you do. To share with you an experience in our own family about 5 years ago, my mother who was 81 years old at the time had a lung infection and cough that lasted over 5 months. After using antibiotics, then trying various herbal and over the counter treatments, we finally tried a small amount of hydrogen peroxide when all else failed and in 3 days, the infection was completely gone. She mixed one teaspoon of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (the kind you buy in a drug store) with a glass of distilled water and drank this every 2 hours for 3 days. Today, at 86, she remains healthy.

Around 1988, I had a stubborn sinus infection that would not go away. I got rid of it by taking 10 drops of 35% Food grade quality hydrogen peroxide in a glass of distilled water 4 or 5 times a day for about 5 days. The infection then completely went away. I would advise anyone against taking hydrogen peroxide orally on a continuous basis as it kills off the friendly along with the unfriendly. Think of it as a cheap our the counter antibiotic with anti viral properties. One precaution - never take iron tablets or well water with iron in it with hydrogen peroxide as the combination produces lots of free radicals that can damage your intestinal mucus membranes.

35% H2O2 is hazardous if accidentally consumed full strength and must never be stored in a refrigerator or in an unmarked bottle where it might be mistaken for water. 35% H2O2 is best stored in a freezer in a bottle properly labeled. Other than that, hydrogen peroxide is an inexpensive and powerful antimicrobial whose value and use is vastly under estimated. The 3% H2O2 from your local store should work as well as the 35% and is not hazardous to have around the house.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the chemicals produced by our own white blood cells to fight infections. Also, breathing some medical grade oxygen can be very helpful in fighting all kinds of infections. Oxygen and drinking a glass of water every hour are two powerful aids to help the immune system beat any infection. Clustered or magnetic water is very helpful as the cells drink and process this water quickly removing toxins as they accumulate.

A second treatment to consider when an infection persists and the body won’t produce a fever to fight it off is to take 3 cayenne capsules and drink yarrow tea to induce sweating and increase body heat. Also drink magnetic water. Hyperthermia, a sauna, steam room or sitting in a tub of hot water until your body temperature reaches 103°F will induce an immune response to help clear the infection from the body. See my earlier article in this newsletter on precautions when self treating with hyperthermia. In the lungs, a heating pad to create a localized hyperthermia (overheating) can be very effective. A hair dryer blowing hot air up the sinuses and in the throat area can help shorten tonsil and lymph node swellings due to infection.

Parasites: A stool diagnosis may be helpful in determining if parasites are bothering you. Some symptoms of parasites are constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, joint and muscle pain, anemia, allergies, rashes, granulomas, nervousness, sleep disturbances, tooth grinding/clenching, chronic fatigue, decreased production of IgA, acne, migraine headaches.

Kroger’s Wormwood Combination that contains black walnut, cloves and wormwood may help - 2 capsules 3 times a day before meals. Raw pumpkin seeds - 2 small handfuls eaten daily and frozen castor oil capsules - take 2 before each meal. This program should be done for 3 weeks and then repeated once every 6 months of if symptoms reoccur. Also helpful is raw garlic cloves - one clove sliced and eaten with each meal; black walnut tincture or Clarkia 100 - taken 3 times daily with meals. Avoid sweets. Eat raw pineapple or take digestive enzymes with meals.

Reader claims “Prime One” increased T cells counts

Randall J reports that an adaptagen herbal formula not only gave him a good sense of well being and that he felt less toxic while using a drug cocktail but that his CD4’s increased from 330 to 452, which is the highest they have been in several years. Prime One is made by Life Sciences Technologies in Orlando, FL. Life Sciences is an MLM company. The product costs about $45 for a months supply. This is an individual report. You can call Randall for more information at 941-593-5066.

Reader Reports on HIV studies with IMMUNOTONIC - Amazon Herbal Formula

Bob M, faxed an 18 month study done on 11 persons with HIV who used a herbal formula from the Amazon in South America called ImmunoTonic. The report states that 3 persons using ImmunoTonic as a monotherapy had the following results. Case 1. CD4’s increased from 325 to 500 after 6 months with viral load decreasing from 14000 to 10,000. Case 2. CD4’s increased from 110 to 170 after 3 months with viral load decreasing from 78000 to 64000. Case 3. CD4’s decreased from 835 to 632 in 6 months then increased to 1100 after 18 months with viral load decreasing from 90000 to 6300 after 3 months and 2500 after 18 months. Two persons who combined ImmuneTonic with 2 prescription drugs reduced their viral to non-detectable levels after 18 months and increased their CD4’s from 146 to 190 in one case and in the second from 420 to 1030. ImmunoTonic is made by BIOTONIX, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 888-999-2017. One bottle which lasts about one month costs from $80 to $100.

Reader with CFIDS shares his results with Transfer Factor Plus

Dear Mark,

I developed full blown CFIDS about four years ago with a combination of HHV-6a, Ebstein Barr, CMV, and Hepatitis B and heaven knows what all else. I was very sick for the first few months, and it was the therapies in your book that first began to help me feel better. Over the years since then I have had to be very careful what I eat, have had to practice mostly celibacy since that seems to build up my strength, and have really had to change my whole lifestyle in order to just stay relatively healthy. But my body had not yet completely thrown off all of the viruses I have because, prior to taking the TF Plus, I was very tired most of the time and had to take a nap in the afternoon and also I did not sleep well because my body could never relax.

I had developed allergies and had stuffed up sinuses and sinus headaches because my TH2 was overactive trying desperately to control all the viruses I was dealing with. Within just 4 hours after taking my first two capsules of the TF Plus, my sinuses drained for the first time in several months and I could suddenly smell things again and the constant headache I had had for months also went away. I had had a headache for so long that I had forgotten I had a headache. All of a sudden my head felt wonderful and it was then that I realized I had had a headache for several months solid.

I gradually increased my dose up to the 6 capsules minimum that they recommend for health challenged people. One thing that had really concerned me for the previous 6 months or so is that I had developed this cough that just would not go away. I don’t know what it was- perhaps chlamedia or clebsiella pneumonia or something like that- but it just kept getting worse and worse and I was really getting worried. The 6 capsules a day was not enough to get rid of my cough although it was causing a lot of detox. I finally decided to bite the bullet and go all the way up to 10-12 capsules a day. When I did that, my cough went away completely! I felt wonderful! I had energy again and did not even feel like taking a nap in the afternoon any more. I was so thankful to have found something that could strengthen my immune system to such a strong degree that my cough simply disappeared.

I took the 10-12 capsules a day for about a month and then I was able to cut back to a maintenance dose of about 6 capsules a day. I continue to be cough-free and I no longer need a nap in the afternoon and have more energy again almost like I did before I got sick. I also am sleeping better and I wake up more refreshed and my neuropathy is gradually improving- I used to wake up quivering and shaking in the middle of the night and I don’t do that anymore. Now I am working on a heavy metal detox as I tested high for mercury, lead and cadmium and am convinced that the metals are one reason my body has not cleared the viruses, but that is a whole other subject. Jim Mayhew 641-472-1989.

Excerpts from Progressive Health News June, 2000

Reader experiences with vinegar

New York: A phone call from Richard M around May 15th reported on the use of cider vinegar tablets in the treatment of HIV. Richard said he used 4 tablets 4 times a day since early April. He said he quit his drug cocktail around the middle of March and was using vinegar tablets as a monotherapy during April. He claims his viral load dropped from 28000 to non-detectable levels and his CD4’s increased from 270 to 390. I did not see his lab results and cannot confirm his report at this time. He said that 2 tablets of the brand he used was the equivalent of one tablespoon of liquid vinegar. 16 tablets a day would have been the equivalent of 8 tablespoons of vinegar a day.

Another person, Fred H, who used a lower dose of 2 tablets 3 times a day (the equivalent of 3 tablespoons) reported no change in either his viral load or CD4 counts when the PCR test was taken one week apart. He also reports that a brand sold in cobalt-blue bottle called “Naturally” brand was more effective in resolving a gastrointestinal diarrhea than was the Nature’s Life or Theratech brand suggested in the latest issue of Positive Health News. He has since started on liquid vinegar, 2 tablespoons 2 times a day plus 8 to 12 vinegar tablets (Naturally Cider Vinegar) and will have lab results in the first week of June. He claims that since starting on the liquid vinegar he has gained 10 pounds. He says of all the alternative therapies he has tried in the past 2 years, the ones he found most effective was the liquid vinegar and the Venus-fly trap extract.

Marie N, who used one tablespoon of liquid vinegar along with bee propolis and IP6 for two weeks before her last test reported a small increase in CD4 counts after two weeks but no decline in her viral load. At my urging, she has increased her intake to 2 tablespoons 3 times a day. She says she has more energy since using the vinegar and feels fine. She is not using any prescribed drugs for HIV at this time.

An email from Matt, (New York) had the most unusual protocol of all. After taking 6 anti-retroviral drugs for HIV during all of 1999, in January, he decided on his own to use the drugs for one week on and then take 3 weeks off in a pulsed protocol. His viral load in January was less than 50 and his CD4’s were 287. By March 15th, his viral load was 165 and his CD4’s were 220 and CD8’s were 957. He always used the 6 drug combo for one week before going in for his lab tests. In the first week of April, he started using vinegar, 2 tablespoons twice a day and did not use any drugs until the last week of April - a 5 week drug holiday. A May 1st blood draw found his viral load at 981, his CD4’s at 314 and CD8’s at 1134.

He attributes the increase in his CD4’s and CD8’s to the use of the vinegar. He said this is the first time in 2 years of using prescribed drugs that his CD4’s are over 300. He said he was pleased with the results even though his viral load increased slightly. He attributed this to being off the 6 drug combo for 5 weeks from March 15 through April 21st when he resumed their use for one week. I added the observation that had he used a higher dose of vinegar, 2 tablespoons 3 times a day that his viral load might have been lower.

CA: Michael D who has been self treating himself for HIV for the past 12 years reports that since adding 2 tablespoon of cider vinegar twice daily for the past 2 months, his viral load has dropped from 7000 to 1000.

Vinegar and Doxil not compatible?

A reader reports that vinegar is not compatible with Doxil. After using the chemotherapeutic drug, Doxil, for KS lesions, he reported the lesions stopped shrinking when he added cider vinegar to his daily regimen. After three weeks, he stopped the vinegar and continued on the Doxil and his KS lesions continued shrinking. The effect of the vinegar on his HIV is not known as no PCR test were taken at the end of the 3rd week.

I gave him my opinion that since vinegar is a powerful detoxifying agent, it may have caused the body to break down the Doxil rendering it ineffective. I told the reader that a drug addict once told me that drinking a cup of vinegar would clear all the drugs from his blood in a few hours.

Last year, another drug addict claimed that pectin could also clear drugs from the blood in a few hours. A question now arises whether vinegar is compatible with other chemotherapeutic drugs that are used in treating cancer. It may not be if it causes the body to break down these drugs more quickly. With persons using protease inhibitors and vinegar, a loss of antiviral effect from the protease inhibitors may not show up due to the vinegar’s own antiviral effects. My educated guess is that vinegar will be compatible with the non-protease inhibitor drugs like Viramune, Sustiva, D4T and 3TC.


Terry H who has HHV-6 infection said that just one tablespoon of cider vinegar with each meal has made a huge difference in how she feels.

Brien Q writes: I read the most recent Positive Health News with much anticipation. I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and food allergies with frequent digestive problems like occasional loose and putrefied bowel movements. I tried 2 tablespoons of vinegar in water and found it to be greatly energizing. At the same time, the next day my BM was a solid floater and smelled normal.

CA: Marquita writes that the “cultured cabbage drink” described in my book when used along with Vital Biotics are increasing stool diameter and that she finally has floaters, something that has not happened in years. “My intestinal health is definitely improving,” she said.

IL: Nancy who has severe food allergies, candida, chronic fatigue along with occasional severe headaches says her stomach burns when she uses even one teaspoon of cider vinegar in a glass of water. She says she has not had a normal BM, floating stool in the past 10 years. I suggested she use the vinegar with meals and use a smaller dose, if need be, because it is doing her intestinal health much good. I told her the burning means she has an inflamed and weak intestinal lining. The acetic acid in vinegar along with butyric acid (found naturally in butter) will help heal and rebuild the intestinal lining. As her intestinal membranes rebuild, she will be able to increase the amount of vinegar she uses and will tolerate it better.


Dr. Barry Neuman DDS told me last month that after drinking 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar twice a day for about a week that he had a colonic and hundreds of dead parasites could be seen in the discharge water. He said that a Dr. Lancaster MD told him that when you acidify the pH of the colon the parasites will all die.

Dr. Neumann stated that over the past several years he has tried most of the available treatments to kill parasites but found none worked as good as vinegar. He can be reached at 505-323-2129 for more information.


One of our readers, Elliot Corpus, reported that he has been on low-dose interluken-II (IL-2) injections since Feb., 1999, as an alternative to taking drug cocktails for HIV. Last summer he had an accident and an injury to the hip area that has refused to heal. There are signs of impaired circulation and some tissue is dying. The doctors are talking about surgery. I asked Elliot if there might be a connection between the hip not healing and the IL-2. He said “I didn’t think of that,” but added that his cortisol levels and TNF levels were both very elevated. He said that his doctor said that IL-2 can elevate both cortisol and TNF levels and has done so in his other patients using IL-2.

My comment: “This is ominous and alarming. In your condition, you want to lower both the cortisol and the TNF levels, not raise them.” I suggested he stop the IL-2 therapy. I also expressed the view that the IL-2 may be causing the blood cells to stick together and is impairing capillary circulation and that this could be the cause of the necrosis in the tissue in his hips.

My suggestions: cayenne, vinegar, pectin and sea minerals to stop the blood cells from sticking together and to improve circulation. If you want to do more for antivirals, add Zerit (D4T) and Epivir (3TC), but stay off the protease inhibitors for now. Elliot can be reached at 212-414-2474 for more information.

MSM for instant pain relief

This past week a reader with chronic pain in the colon and bladder reported complete relief within one-half hour after taking 1000 mg of taking MethylSulfonylMethane (MSM). He said that taking even one teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water caused his stomach to burn but after taking the MSM, he now can take a full tablespoon of vinegar in a glass of water and notices nothing - no more burning in the stomach. He said MSM has worked miracles for him.

Excerpts from Progressive Health News July, 2000

Vinegar - Monotherapy blues

Mark Konlee

Searching to find a low-cost breakthrough for treating HIV/AIDS is like country dancing. It is two steps forward and one step backward and not always in that order. In the current issue of Positive Health News, I had high hopes for vinegar becoming a low-cost monotherapy breakthrough. That it is low-cost is unquestionable; that it is a monotherapy breakthrough is now doubtful.

Within the past month, Fred H, Marie NaVeaux and Norman have all reported no change in either the viral load count or CD4 counts even after using a high dose of 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar 3 to 4 times a day for 2 to 4 weeks. This news was disappointing, especially after two earlier reports from Stephen N and Richard M who reported reaching non-detectable viral loads with vinegar using 2 tablespoon 4 times a day or in the case of Richard using 4 vinegar tablets 4 times a day.

One consistent observation in the 5 vinegar monotherapy cases (2 at low dose and 3 at a higher dose) is that all five persons reported sinking stools. These observations (stools that sink) have been linked to a deficiency of bifido bacteria in the large intestines and thus an alkaline environment in the colon that creates a favorable pH environment for HIV and other unfriendly flora to replicate. Since 1993, we have observed that persons who have stools that float on water have stable CD4 Helper cell counts or are on the increase. Some of the persons who have used vinegar and reported viral loads declining have also reported that the vinegar helped restore normal floaters.

It is still evident that the pharmaceutical drugs used to treat HIV are far more effective than any alternative low-cost treatments presently being used, even though the drugs are often accompanied by side effects and sometimes viral resistance. However, the present setback will not deter our efforts to find a low-cost treatment breakthrough that is needed now more than ever in the poorer nations.

In spite of the current disappointment with vinegar monotherapy, vinegar combined with drug cocktails has produced positive results in several cases including CD4 increases and viral load declines (some to non-detectable level such as tomkara@windo.missouri.org) and a resolution of chronic diarrhea in 3 cases. Persons with CFIDS have reported resolution of stomach discomfort and increased energy.

Encouraging results from vinegar plus IL-2 and a drug cocktail

New York: Elliot Corpus contacted me on June 20th to share his latest experiences. He had been on a study using IL-2 daily injections of 2 million units since Feb., 1999, as noted in last month’s message and had a hip injury and some necrosis in the hip area. As part of this study, he obtains weekly lab results.

In May, I suggested he try cider vinegar to help unstick the blood cells that were probably causing poor capillary circulation (i.e. blood stickiness) in the hip area. On June 20th, he told me that he had walked with a limp for several months, had aching joints all the time and chronic diarrhea but that it had now stopped. He credited the vinegar for these improvements.

To recap events, on April 5th, 2000, he had a viral load of 93, 814 and a CD4 count of 319. Early in May, he started on Ziagen (Abacavir), DDI and Viramune. He became very sick on this combination but continued with the daily IL-2 injections. On May 23rd, his CD4’s were at 300 and viral load at 45,000. On May 28th, he dropped the Ziagen and DDI and started using Viramune, D4T(Zerit) and 3TC(Epivir). He tolerated this new combination well. A PCR test on June 6th showed his viral load had dropped to 13,532 and his CD4s were now at 686; CD8’s at 1802. On June 8th, 10 days after starting on Viramune, D4T and 3TC, he still had diarrhea and constant aching joints and walked with a limp and decided to start using 2 tablespoon of vinegar 3 times a day. However, to a quart of vinegar, he had added 1/2 cup of chopped raw garlic cloves. He quartered each clove and added it to the vinegar and did not use a blender. He shook the jar a couple of times each day. This is the mixture he used - the same as was used by 3 French thieves 500 years ago that protected them from the plague.

Within 24 hours, he reported his diarrhea had stopped and that all the aches in his joints was gone. He said: “I no longer walk with a limp.” On June 13th he had another viral load test, his CD4’s were up to 1638, CD8’s up to 2711 and the viral load now stood at 378. He continued on this protocol (daily IL-2 injections, Viramune, D4T and 3TC and the cider vinegar/garlic blend). On June 20th, another set of lab results showed the CD4’s at 1150, CD8’s at 2700 and viral load at 359. This is the most pleased Elliot has been with any treatment he has tried since becoming HIV+. Among the many parts to his protocol, I wouldn’t give all the credit to any one or two, but to some unique synergism among the six components used. For more information, contact Elliot at 212-414-2474.

Blue-green algae, floaters & T cell counts

Okla City, OK: Craig F reports that about 6 years ago when he used 2 teaspoons daily of Klammath Falls Blue-green algae that it increased his CD4 counts from 400 to 900 and that his stools always floated. Craig has never used any drugs but has always self-treated. About 2 years ago he stopped using the blue-green algae and his CD4’s have dropped to 350 and he is having symptoms of immune depression. I suggested he resume what was working for him 6 years ago.

Scientific researchers find that Spirulina and blue-green algae strongly inhibit HIV and other lipid-envelope viruses (CMV etc.)

Several compounds that inhibit HIV have been found in blue-green algae (sulfoglycolipids, fucoidan, hydroquinones). In March, 2000, Schaeffer and Krylov found that sulfated homopolysaccharides in blue green algae was especially effective against the virus and wrote that “the presence of the sulfate group is necessary for anti-HIV activity.” (1) Several researchers have referred to blue-green algae as “cyanobacteria.” Ayehunie et al found that Spirulina platensi directly inactivated HIV (2).

Loya S et al identified sulfoglycolipids in blue-green algae (Spirulina) as reverse transcriptase inhibitors of HIV (3).

A research group at the National Cancer Institute identified yet another anti-HIV protein from blue-green algae called cyanoviron-N in 1997 (4).

Earlier in 1996, researchers in Japan, Hayashi et al, found that calcium spirulan, derived from Spirulina, inhibited both HIV and HSV-1. They reported that calcium spirulan also inhibited herpes. Using three different assays, they reported that calcium spirulan “is a potent antiviral agent against both HIV-1 and HSV-1.”(5)

In another article by Hayashi in 1996, he reported that Calcium spirulan inhibited several lipid-enveloped viruses including herpes type 1, cytomegalovirus, measles, mumps, influenza A and HIV-1. He found calcium spirulan to be a fusion inhibitor - preventing these viruses from attaching to and infecting new cells (6).

Does Chlorella’s have anti-viral effects?

After searching all the published scientific research, I have been unable to find a single article on chlorella. I did find a very important article by Lau AF et of the Cancer Research Center in Honolulu that indicated they tested over 900 strains of blue-green algae and found 18 that were highly effective. Lau said that they were just as effective as AZT at a dose of 668 ng/ml.(7). Since I only read the abstract and plan to retrieve the entire article, I will report more on what I find about spirulina next month.


1. Anti-HIV activity of extracts and compounds from algae and cyanobacteria. Schaeffer et al, Ecotoxicol Environ Saf 2000 Mar;45(3):208-27

2. Inhibition of HIV-1 replication by an aqueous extract of Spirulina platensi. Ayehunie S et al. J. Acquir Immune Def Syndr Hum Retrovirol 1998 May 1;18(1):7-12

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7. Inhibition of reverse transcriptase activity by extracts of cultured blue-green algae. Lau AF et al. Planta Med 1993 Apr;59(2):148-51.


The species of blue-green algae referred to in several of the published articles that was highly effective against HIV and other lipid-enveloped viruses is Spirulina platensi the type commonly sold in health food stores. One of the major drawbacks with tantalizing published research is that they usually don’t carry it to its next logical step - an in-vivo study where the product is tested on humans. Sources have told me that some pharmaceutical companies are attempting to develop new drugs for HIV that are fusion inhibitors that will be patented synthesized versions of the natural fusion inhibitors that exist in spirulina. Patented drugs carry a high price in our capitalistic society and won’t solve the world’s needs for a low-cost treatment for HIV/AIDS and other lipid envelope epidemics like HHV-6.

Since we have no controlled studies to go by, we will watch the dosage levels that work in anecdotal cases to increase the CD4’s and reduce the viral load. One case I reported earlier in this newsletter was successful using 2 teaspoons daily of the Klammath Falls Blue green algae. That would suggest a therapeutic dose of 1 gram (1000 mg) per 20 lbs of body weight per day.

For the average adult that would be about 2 rounded teaspoons of Spirulina daily - about 8 to 10 grams. If you are using capsules, use about 1000 mg per 20 lbs of body weight daily - preferably divided into 3 doses about 8 hours apart or take with meals.

What about Spirulina tablets?

There are too many binding agents in the tablets that will probably interfere with the absorption and effectiveness of the spirulina. We have ran into problems with tablets several times before with other products including olive leaf extract and glucosamine sulfate. Capsules just work better - these binding agents added to tablets just plain interfere with the absorption and effective of the products. It is unfortunate that tablets often do not work as well as capsules as the tablets usually cost less. However, what value is it to save a little money and loose out on the effectiveness of the product?

The big drawback with eating spirulina or Klamath blue-green algae powder is the unpleasant strong taste. If you can tolerate the taste, buy it by the pound and save money; otherwise use the vegicaps and be sure avoid the tablets.

Pectin + Fiber = normal stools

For several years and in the past year especially, I have observed that persons with HIV, CFIDS, FM, MCS, hepatitis, cancer and chronic candidiasis, who are not recovering from these conditions, have all consistently reported sinking stools and clear urine. It is our observations that acidophilus and bifido bacteria that produce B vitamins will cause the urine to turn a shade of yellow and that the friendly flora also produce short-chain fatty acids that cause the stools to float on water. For the past several years, the single most effective treatment to restore floating stools and yellow urine has been the “cultured cabbage juice drink” reported in my book. Its main advantage - low-cost. Its disadvantage - the smell and taste of sauerkraut juice that needs to be consumed 2 or 3 times a day to give consistent results.

A phone call early in June from a reader who had sinkers for the past two years reported obtaining floaters in 2 weeks by mixing 1 tsp. of pectin with 1 heaping tsp. of psyllium powder. Here is the formula:

1. Two cups of psyllium or other fiber blend (ie. Colon Care Formula - Yerba Prima)

2. One cup of apple or citrus pectin

3. One-half cup of Earthrise Spirulina (Earthrise only produces the platensis strain rated highly effective in laboratory tests) or Klammath Falls blue-green algae. Do not use any other strain of spirulina as most of these are not as effective against lipid enveloped viruses.

4. 1/4th cup of FOS

5. 1/4 cup of Probiotic mix (Jarrowdophilus) or take Vital Biotics 1 or 2 capsules with each dose.

Mix all five ingredients together in a bowl and pour back into a large jar and store in a refrigerator.

Dosage: Add one rounded teaspoon to a cup of water in a pint jar. Shake it and drink it immediately along with 3 vinegar tablets. Do this 2 or 3 times daily. Stools should start floating in a few days and urine should be yellow after one week.

Formula 84211. When I heard of the success is obtaining floating stools with the pectin/fiber blend early in June, I decided to give it a try as I was having sinkers at the time. Within 24 hours, the BMs were back to normal - large diameter and floaters.

I previously reported that pectin draws toxins out of the blood, liver and lymph. Toxins dumped into secondary bile from the liver is thought to be responsible for killing off the friendly intestinal flora.

Published research indicates pectin removes pesticides from the body. In animal experiments, it increased intestinal IgA, reduced IgE and reduced PGE2, suggesting an anti-inflammatory effect. Immunoglobulin type A (IgA) is known to be essential in restoring mucosal immunity. In Germany, a combination of pectin and lecithin has been used to cure gastric ulcer lesions in horses (1). Researchers in Israel report that pectin is used by colonic bacteria to produce short chain fatty acids and that this may account for its protective effects against colorectal cancer (2). Pectin is a water soluble fiber. Significant amounts of water soluble fiber are also found in oatmeal. By increasing butyrate levels, pectin increases mucin production in the colon. Mucin is that protective film necessary for mucosal immunity and to heal a leaky gut.

Food combinations: Cranberries and apples (especially green apples) are known to be high in pectin. Pectin is also found in the rinds of citrus fruits. One reader who had stools that sank all the time reports that since she started eating oatmeal with Granny Smith apple sauce for breakfast that her stools now float about half the time. Applesauce or cranberry sauce on whole grain bread would be a good combination to promote bifido bacteria. Applesauce with buckwheat pancakes should be very effective in promoting intestinal flora. By taking a few blue-green algae or spirulina capsules and a probiotic with each meal should produce even better results.

By increasing the good bacteria to the max, most of the unfriendly bacteria will be suppressed. Ultimately, stool analysis of normal stools should indicate increased butyrate levels, the strong presence of acidophilus and bifido bacteria and a more acidic colonic pH. What has been reported in lab results from persons with sinking stools and clear urine is a very alkaline stool pH, little or no butyrate, acidophilus or bifido bacteria is to be found.

1. Venner M et al; EquineVet J suppl 1999 Apr;(29):91

2. Avivi-Green C et al J Cell Biochem 2000 Feb; 77(1):18-29

Excerpts from Progressive Health News August, 2000

Vinegar Update (about half are reporting benefits)

Mark Konlee

Two more persons trying 2 tbs. 3 times daily of cider vinegar reported no change in their HIV viral load but a third person did report a drop from 1 million to 300,000 in the PCR viral test for HIV and an increase in CD4 counts from 100 to 120 after using vinegar as a monotherapy for 30 days. Another person with severe Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) tried the cider vinegar 3 times a day and reported immediate relief from all the symptoms that have bothered him for the past 2 years. So far, about half the people are reporting some kinds of benefits from the use of vinegar and the other half say it made no difference.

Formula 84211 initial results

Persons are continuing to report that the formula published in last month’s message has brought them normal appearing stools (floaters) and urine (yellow).

For persons premixing their own formulation, it is suggested that the juice of one-half lemon be added to a cup of water before adding the pectin/fiber blend called 84211. One more item of importance, I suggest only using the Earthrise Spirulina brand as they only produce the “platensis” strain that has been highly rated in laboratory studies as effective against lipid enveloped viruses.

Vinegar and Garlic

Since raw garlic has been reported in published literature as highly effective against HIV and also very effective against fungal infections and many bacterial infections, adding 1 cup of chopped raw garlic to a quart of vinegar is, in my opinion, a viable low-cost treatment option. Shake the jar and store it in a refrigerator. Take 2 tablespoons of the vinegar/garlic extract in a glass of water 3 times a day and expect results, but surprisingly no bad body odor. There is no need to eat the garlic as the vinegar absorbs its antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

Reader reports using Earthrise Spirulina for the past 5 years and a viral load for HIV that has never gone over 400

Ralph H told Keep Hope Alive in July that he has used 5 to 7 grams (5000 to 7000 mg) daily of Earthrise Spirulina continuously every day for the past 5 years. He has used drug cocktails intermittently. However, when he goes off the drug cocktails, his viral load never goes over 400. This is highly unusual as most persons will see their viral load go to 100,000 or higher when they stop the drug cocktails. It is possible, but certainly not conclusive based on one case, that the Spirulina is keeping his viral load down.

Note: Earthrise Spirulina told me in July that their tablets do break down in the intestines. However, I still say to be sure of absorption to use the capsules instead of the tablets. Earthrise Spirulina has an excellent website with several published scientific articles on Spirulina. www.earthrise.com. Ralph H’s case is unique as he only used the “platensis” strain of Spirulina (from Earthrise) for the past 5 years and maintains an unusually low viral load when he stops using the drugs. Can these impressive results be duplicated in other persons with HIV? Note: it takes 5 capsules or tablets 3 times a day to give you about 7 grams of Spirulina. This is about 1000 mg per 20 lbs of body weight daily. This might be an effective therapeutic dosage level.

Ralph H can be reached in Florida at 954-568-3209 for more information.

Salt inhibits the growth of friendly flora

Salt, as innocuous and as commonly used as white sugar, will inhibit the growth of yogurt cultures according to the results of an experiment I completed within the past few days.

A resident of my home town went on a very low-sodium diet during July to help him lose weight. He also reported that not only did he lose weight, but that the stools floated better and were more normal in appearance as a result of the low-sodium diet.

Successfully implanting friendly flora has been a major challenge for millions of people throughout the world. Several years ago, I added some of the common antimicrobials like sodium benzoate (common food preservatives found in many processed foods like canned soda) to a sample jar in a yogurt maker and found that all of the food preservatives I tested stopped the yogurt cultures from converting the milk into yogurt. I reasoned that food preservatives in general would impair the growth of acidophilus, bifidus and other strains of friendly flora. Isn’t that what food preservatives are supposed to do - stop the growth of bacteria. Unfortunately, food preservatives don not distinguish the difference between friendly and unfriendly bacteria and suppress all of them.

Earlier in the last century before refrigeration, our ancestors used to store raw meat in a salt brine to preserve it. In the Middle East, these is a sea called the “DEAD SEA” because nothing can live in it due to its extremely high content of salt. Consumption of salt has been linked in medical literature to a wide range of diseases from obesity to diabetes to kidney failure to hypertension and heart disease.

Could salt that is added to nearly all processed foods be contributing to the difficulty of implanting friendly flora, to poor gastrointestinal health, a failure of mucosal immunity and thus impair cell-mediated immunity?

Within the past week, I have completed an experiment that will forever change the way I view this common seasoning agent that I have admittedly used for years.

To 3 cups of milk, I added one-half teaspoon of Jarrowdophilus 6 strain flora mix and one tablespoon of lemon juice. I added the lemon juice to acidify the milk to stimulate the growth of the friendly flora. I poured the mix into 3 cups and placed them in a yogurt maker and labeled the 3 jars. Jar number 1 was the control, to jar number two I added 1/8th teaspoon of salt and to jar number three I added 1/4 teaspoon of salt. I mixed the salt into the milk and turned on the yogurt maker.

Ten hours later I unplugged the yogurt maker and examined the 3 jars. Jar number one, the control, had turned into a firm yogurt. Jar number 2 with 1/8th tsp. of salt has a slightly less firm yogurt but jar number 3 with 1/4 tsp. of salt added was still a liquid.

The results speak for themselves. Salt at the levels currently being used in many processed foods is sufficiently high enough to suppress the growth of the yogurt cultures, in this case, all the strains that were contained in the Jarrowdophilus probiotic blend.

Looking at the sodium content of canned soups at a local grocery store, a typical serving had about 1/4 teaspoon of salt or about 600 mg sodium. That is the equivalent of jar number 3 in the yogurt experiment. That means that most processed foods, even without adding food preservatives, may have enough salt (sodium chloride) in them to completely suppress the growth of acidophilus in the small intestines and at least partially suppress the growth of the bifidobacteria in the large intestines as the salt content of the chyme will diminish as the food passes through to the lower intestines.

What is evident is that ham, lunch meat, most canned soups, pizza and many other processed foods have enough salt added to completely suppress the growth of most of the important friendly flora that we rely upon for intestinal health and mucosal immunity.

Low-sodium alternatives are salt-free herbal combinations for seasoning food, cayenne, lemon juice, red wine vinegar and for raw or cooked vegetables, try Romano cheese - one or two teaspoons with each meal. There are 40 mg of sodium per teaspoon of Romano cheese. That is far better than just 1/8th tsp. of salt that has close to 300 mg of sodium. Since most Americans are consuming over 1 teaspoon of salt per day in the processed foods they eat, in fact, most people consume twice the RDA levels recommended by the FDA or about 5000 mg daily.

A good goal is to limit yourself to 150 mg or less of sodium added to food with each meal or to a total of 500 mg or less of salt daily. Salted butter contains as much as 85 mg of salt per tablespoon. Salt-free butter has 0 amount of salt in it. Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables have no salt added. Raw nuts like almonds and walnuts are salt-free although they contain some low amounts of natural sodium. Cheese has lots of salt added while ice-cream and milk usually have none added.

One thing is now very apparent since we know that the health of the gastrointestinal tract is the foundation for mucosal immunity and cell-mediated immunity, you cannot have a normal functioning immune system if you continue to consume the quantity of salt currently being consumed by the average American on the average diet. Since salt impairs the immune system, salt is a factor in the loss of natural immunity against cancer.

A diet high in salt will also weaken your natural immunity against HIV, HHV-6 and all other stubborn intracellular infections. In plain English, I can only conclude that salt, the innocuous seasoning that enhances the flavor of the food we eat is a poison and a toxin that damages us in more ways than we have realized.

Note: Two readers reports that a sun-dried gray salt made by Eden Foods and also another company called Celtic Salt has all the naturally occurring minerals of sea water and is naturally sun dried on clay beds on the western shores of France. They report health benefits from using this salt. If you are going to use salt at all, I think this would be the type to consider. It is sold in health food stores.

Hepatitis and “Hepato C”

One of our readers told me in July that Hepato C, a Chinese herbal formulation with 15 different herbs in it has successfully cleared Hepatitis C in a friend after 3 months. Another source has told me that the product has cleared hepatitis C is several persons. The dose was 2 capsules twice a day. Hepatitis C affects over 4 million Americans and has been called a silent killer. Symptoms include jaundice, a yellowing of the skin and a serious symptom that requires immediate attention. Stools tend to be either white or yellow and the urine will be brown, rather than a normal clear bright yellow color. The product cost about $27 for 100 capsules. The manufacturer, Pacific Biologic, can be contacted to help you find a local source at 925-673-2967. Hepato C was formulated by a Doctor of Oriental Medicine who had success treating his patients with hepatitis. I would like to hear from persons with hepatitis B or C who have used this product and their results.

Other products that have helped persons with hepatitis include Thymate, glutathione replacement (ImmunePro), Transfer Factor Plus and foods like winter squash and avocado’s that are high in glutathione, along with castor oil packs over the liver area. Parsley, dandelion root, lemon juice, beet greens and raw beet juice have helped immeasurably. I think additional benefits would come from the formula 84211 especially with lemon juice added.

Ibuprofen causes Kidney failure

One of our readers who took a considerable amount of over-the-counter Ibuprofen reported it caused his kidneys to shut down and he had to go on a dialysis machine for a few days. Fortunately, he recovered. He said the resident nurse told him a medical doctor he knew died of kidney failure after taking too much Ibuprofen.

DNCB - new source

DNCB has been hard to come by these days as the DNCB Treatment Group no longer answers their phone and the Alternative Healing Fdn of San Francisco, CA has gone out of business.

Billi Goldberg who is an avid believer in DNCB and has co-authored articles on DNCB told me that DNCB can be obtained from Dr. Stricker at 415-283-1911 or on the internet at www.usmadocs.com/05hiv/index.htm. Billi Goldberg can be reached at 415-826-4928 for more information or email at BiGoldberg@aol.com.

Twinlabs stops making BHT

In July, Twinlabs stopped making BHT, Butylated HydroxyToulene, an antioxidant that many people have used to prevent and treat herpes and other lipid-envelope infections. Several persons have called me asking where to obtain BHT and the answer is I have not been able to locate another source. Persons with herpes have had good results with LDM-100 (Lomatium dissectum) by the Spice West Co. LDM-100 can be used both topically and orally. Oral use: 40 drops in water 3 times a day. Topically: 10 drops in one tsp. of water and apply directly on the herpes lesions or shingles 3 times daily.

Update: BHT is available from www.vrp.com.

Transfer Factor Plus & ImmunePro

A reader with CFIDS called to report that 2 capsules 3 times daily made a significant difference in how she felt in about 2 weeks. She said: “my energy and well-being definitely improved.” TF Plus is made by 4-Life Products (www-4-life.com). In one study 2 caps twice a day increased Natural Killer cell function 269% in 3 weeks. Persons with cancer using TF + should work up to 6 or 9 capsules daily; with MGN3, 10 to 12 daily. A Natural Killer cell function test measures the ability of this type of white blood cell to lyse (kill) cancer cells in a lab.

A person with CFIDS who used ImmunePro said this is the best she has felt in 10 years. Persons with CFIDS are starting off with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon daily and not the full 10 grams suggested on the label. (www.immunepro.com). In my view, both TF+ and ImmunePro are a very powerful combo and even more so when combined with Formula 84211 or a similar formula.

Spirulina strains are not all equal for their anti-viral effects.

A visit to a local medical library failed to turn up the article I sought to retrieve published in 1993 in Planta Med Apr;59(2):148-51 by Lau AF et al on their testing of 900 strains of blue-green algae for their antiviral effects on HIV. The library did not even carry this medical journal. I wanted to identify the 18 strains that were mentioned in the abstract as “promising.” Anyone with access to a local medical library is encouraged to try to find this article and send me a copy.

A significant amount of research on the health effects of Spirulina platensis can be found at the website of Earthrise Spirulina at www.earthrise.com. The Platensis strain of Spirulina has been identified in several published scientific journals as highly effective against HIV in laboratory studies. It should be noted that in the studies, the researchers processed the raw spirulina in different ways and this could have affected the outcome of the experiments. No study I read indicated they used “spray dried” spirulina. Still no controlled studies have been done in persons with HIV using Earthrise Spirulina as it is currently processed. A source at Earthrise told me that they only grow and sell the “platensis” strain.

Excerpts from Progressive Health News Sept., 2000

Certain strains of blue-green algae inhibit lipid-envelope viruses including HHV-6A

A past issue of AIDS Treatment News (Issue No 87, from Sept. 9, 1989), by John James of San Francisco writes about research done at the National Cancer Institute and the University of Hawaii on the use of Spirulina in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. James talked about “sulpholipids” found in Spirulina that blocked HIV replication. Researchers in Hawaii found that 2% of 900 strains of algae were promising in laboratory tests to inhibit HIV. Unfortunately, the 2% (18 strains) that effectively inhibited HIV are contained in an article [Inhibition of reverse transcriptase activity by extracts of cultured blue-green algae, Lau AF et al, Planta Med 1993 Apr; 59(2)148-51] that I have been unable to locate at the local medical library. Another strain called “Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae” or blue-green algae comes from Klammath lake in Oregon.

In July, I reported on a case where one of our readers (HIV+) used 1 tsp. of Klammath blue-green algae twice a day for 2 years and increased his CD4’s from 400 to over 900. In August, a second reader who used a similar amount of the Klammath strain reported increasing his CD4 counts from 350 to over 1000 in 3 months. Surprisingly, neither person reported using any prescriptions antivirals during this time.

Cyanovirin-N, from blue-green algae inhibits not only HIV, but also HHV-6

May, 2000. Researchers in both the United States and Italy report in the Journal of Virology (1) that cyanovirin-n, a potent protein extracted from certain strains of blue-green algae inhibit not only HIV, but HHV-6 by blocking the gp120 viral envelope protein binding to target T cells. They also report that cyanovirin-n also blocks the binding action of some other lipid-enveloped viruses.

A commentary on this research appeared recently in The National Forum, A CFS publication. The article by Alan Cicchetto stated: “I find it interesting that HIV/gp120’s mode of infection is the same for HHV-6A/GS.” Cicchetto wrote that “Now we are into some very real science that will further our knowledge towards a solution which may finally be in our grasp. This sure beats cognitive behavioral therapy any day!”

Earthrise Spirulina (platensi) being tested in two critical cases

Marie Naveaux of Albq, NM, has for the month of August been on the following protocol: Earthrise Spirulina capsules - 5 three times a day, plus the 84211 pectin/fiber/probiotic blend 3 times daily before meals. In addition, she uses one tablespoon of vinegar/garlic extract in a glass of water 3 times a day. She also drinks a pint of freshly prepared vegetable juice made from carrots, celery, 1/2 beet and a bunch of parsley once a day. She told me she feels fine and works a full time job even though she only has 3 CD4 cells and a viral load for HIV at 259,000. She does use a prophylaxis drug to prevent PCP. On August 28th, 4 weeks into this new regimen, she had blood drawn for a viral load count and complete CDC blood count. Results are expected in the first week of September. (Marie - ph no 505-345-2092).

Note: The vinegar extract from raw garlic is made by mixing 1/2 cup of chopped raw garlic cloves with one pint of apple cider vinegar. The mixture is shaken daily and may be strained to remove the garlic after 10 days. Only the vinegar is used and it contains a sharp bite from the raw garlic cloves. Raw garlic contains “ajoene” a potent inhibitor of HIV that was reported in “Treatment Update” in 1998 as 45 more powerful against HIV than Dextran Sulfate. In August, two more readers with HIV who have made the raw garlic extract in vinegar are reporting powerful health benefits in terms of how they feel but no lab results yet. It is thought to be not necessary to eat the garlic cloves as the vinegar draws the active ingredients out of the garlic.

Update (9/5/00): In spite of her optimism and reports that she has never felt better, Marie called this evening with disappointing lab results. Her CD4 count remained at 3 and her viral load increased from 259,000 to 340,000. Yet she insists that her current protocol was a success because she feels completely normal. Update: She has now gone a non-protease combination of Viramune, Zerit and Epivir and says she is doing well.

Microhydrin and reduced surface water tension - detoxifying the cells

Marie told me that 8 capsules a day had once reduced her viral load from 225,000 to 74,000 in 30 days. She said it had cost her $160 for that 30 day treatment. However, someone in the company that sells the product told her she would have obtained the same results on just 4 capsules a day. Marie told me that microhydrin was an antioxidant and electron donor and that more information on microhydrin could be found at www.royalbodycare.com or by calling 972-893-4000.

I checked out the website and found published research that microhydrin was a mixture of silica, potassium, magnesium with lots of hydrogen added and that this product reduced the surface tension of water so it could enter the cells and help detoxify them. Published research also found that microhydrin increases ATP production, reduces lactic acid buildup and neutralizes free radicals by donating electrons. One chart found that coral calcium and raw carrot juice had a high oxidation/reduction potential but less than the redox potential of microhydrin. One of the research papers stated that raw vegetable and fruit juices had the same effect to reduce surface tension as microhydrin. The research claimed and showed actual tests that tap water and bottled water had too high a surface tension to be properly used by the cells. It blames much of this on heat, pasteurization and oxidation.

The subject of altering water in some way to reduce its surface tension and to increase its ability to donate electrons to neutralize free radicals is a subject that I have decided requires further investigation. For some time I have heard about “clustered water” “Willard Water” and “micro water” and I hear that various firms are marketing altered forms of water. Interestingly, silica is often part of the mineral formulas to alter the structure of water.

Bob Mitchell, Miami, FL. He is using the pectin/fiber/probiotic drink 3 times a day along with 15 Earthrise Spirulina capsules in 3 equal divided doses for the first two weeks of August along with 8 Transfer Factor Plus (4-Life Products) capsules that he divides into 3 daily doses (3,3 and 2) He stopped a drug cocktail he was using on July 26th comprised of Agenerase, Norvir, Epivir and Sustiva when he developed a heart murmur and chest pains. His physician took an EKG and said of the results: Most people end up in the hospital with a heart attack before their EKG looks this bad.” Bob thought that Agenerase combined with the Norvir may have caused the heart malfunction.

At the time he went off the drug cocktail, his CD4 count was up to 120 from 6 and his viral load was down from 600,000 to 77. The chest pains have subsided since he stopped using the drug cocktail.

On August 14th, he had blood drawn for a viral load test and results are imminently awaited. These results will indicate how effective the 15 Earthrise Spirulina capsules have been in stopping the resurgence of the HIV virus since he stopped the drug cocktail as well as the effectiveness of the Transfer Factor Plus. Lab results are expected on Sept. 6th.

Sept. 6th update: Bob just faxed his latest lab results. His viral load after 2 and 1/2 weeks off the drug cocktail inched up to 4500.

PCR test will measure the effects of a north pole magnetic field on the HIV virus

Bob adds whole body Magnetic Therapy Sept. 2nd.

In the last week of July, Bob Mitchell bought a 34 inch wide by 6 foot long magnetic pad from Envirotech that weighs 37 lbs. He is now sleeping on the pad every night. The pad has 300 magnets, each almost one inch thick with only the north pole field side of the magnets pointed up towards the body. The first ten minutes he laid on the pad September 2nd, he reported feeling nauseated, then very hot all over his body and then he broke out into a sweat. This all happened during the first 30 minutes. He has continued to use the pad daily and says these effects have subsided. He says the pad has caused a tranquil feeling all over his body. It had made him sleep deeper, given him mental clarity and reduced aches and pains as well. The reason for using magnetic therapy is based on research provided by Dr. William Philpott MD who has studied magnetic therapy for over 25 years and has written a book on the subject called the “Biomagnetic Handbook.”

Dr. Philpott claims that a north pole magnetic field will stop viruses, fungus and most bacteria from growing. Philpott claims, as do sources in India, that the south pole of a magnet will have the opposite effect and will actually increase the growth of microbes and other infections. For this reason, bipolar magnetic pads from Japan and elsewhere are not expected to be useful for anti-viral purposes. The Envirotech magnetic pad was chosen because it was designed by Dr. Philpott and has a deep penetrating field due to the thickness of the magnets.

About 10 years ago, a reader with HIV placed a 4 x 6 x 1/2 inch ceramic magnet under his pillow with the north pole facing up and told me that in 2 days his swollen lymph nodes had shrunk to normal size. The use of a whole body magnetic pad has never before been tested in the treatment of HIV.

Fenugreek tea for heart burn.

“I’d like to share a herbal remedy that helped to cure my acid reflux. After eating dinner one night in a restaurant, I developed excruciating pains in my chest - I thought I was having a heart attack. I was later diagnosed with hiatal hernia, and my doctor handed me a prescription for medication, which did little to relieve my pain. I decided to try fenugreek tea instead. I drank one cup of tea several times a daily. Within one week, all my symptoms disappeared. Inge B W. Hartford CT.

An important note about the whole lemon/olive oil drink, saliva pH that remains acid, weight loss and calcium deficiency.

Persons who are wasting, losing weight and are on the whole/lemon olive oil drink and also find that their saliva pH is below 6.4 especially if it is under 6.0 need to take Lime water (calcium hydroxide). Add 2 teaspoons of Lime water to a quart of water and drink this daily until saliva pH is back to 6.4. Weight gain should resume. Constant acid saliva pH indicates a deficiency of ionic calcium. After you stop using the Lime water, consider using Coral calcium and drink apricot juice or eat figs. All these, but especially the Lime water are very alkalizing on the system.

Freshly ground Flax seed and castor oil ends chronic constipation in two persons with CFIDS.

Two persons with CFIDS who have been constipated for years have found relief by grinding 2 tablespoons of whole flax seeds each day. The flax seed meal is mixed with apple sauce or yogurt. In addition, one teaspoon of castor oil taken twice daily has helped end years of chronic constipation.

Excerpts from Progressive Health News October., 2000

Ten hours a day of laying on a magnetic pad leads to an increase in the HIV viral load.

Mark Konlee

The results I reported last month from Bob Mitchell on the Transfer Factor Plus (7 caps a day) along with Earthrise Spirulina, 15 caps a day and the colon formula were encouraging on August 14th. However, after sleeping and laying on the magnetic mattress for approximately 10 hours a day from Sept. 2nd through his latest lab test on Sept. 13th, all the numbers have taken a severe turn for the worse. His CD4’s have dropped from 77 to 20 and his HIV viral load has increased from 4500 to 524,479.

Could too much exposure to the magnetic field have caused the viral load to increase? When Bob got his magnetic mattress on Sept. 2nd, the original protocol I suggested was to lay on it for one hour twice a day, twelve hours apart. I suggested one hour before noon and again one hour before bedtime. Bob changed the protocol due to a lack of space in his small apartment and placed the magnetic mattress on his bed where he normally sleeps and spends hours on it during the day as well.

The very first reaction he had to the magnetic field was positive. He felt a sensation of heat being generated throughout his body and broke out in a sweat. These effects suggested a strong Detox reaction as well as the production of ATP needed by the cells to present viral antigen on the cell surface, a prerequisite event needed to trigger a CD8 Killer T cell response against virally infected cells. But these effects (the heat and sweating) soon subsided as he laid on the mattress hour after hour for as much as 10 to 12 hours a day. Several times during the past month, I told Bob of my concerns that he might be getting too much exposure to the magnetic field and this might cause some unknown adverse effect. I told Bob that overexposure to a magnetic field had personally lowered my energy levels and it was my opinion that one hour at a time was the maximum time to obtain the best results. When the lab results came in September 29th, it was obvious that the present method of using magnetic therapy had failed. It was also apparent that the magnetic field had no direct killing effect on the virus.

Electroperforation and viral infection of cells

Several months ago, I had a conversation with the manufacturers of “The Silver Pulser” a electrical frequency unit designed by Bob Beck and based in part on the technology develop by Royal Rife of using electrical frequencies to treat infections and cancer. I told them that several readers with HIV had told me that the use of the “Silver Pulser” had led to dramatic increases in their viral loads for HIV as measured by PCR. The spokesman for the “Silver Pulser” told me that since they read Christine Maggiore book on “What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong,” that they no longer believe that the HIV virus exists and that the only thing PCR measures in lab results is cellular debris.

I told them that I had once entertained the possibility of this theory that PCR measured cellular debris, but had found too strong a correlation between PCR viral load and AIDS progression to dismiss the connection and that I had decided some time ago to give quantitative PCR the benefit of the doubt. I told the spokesman that I believed that the HIV virus existed, that PCR was relative to amount of virus in the plasma and that HIV was the principal causative agent in AIDS.

During the conversation, the spokesman for the “Silver Pulser” said that when the electrical current was passing through the body it caused the cells to be porous and for them to dump toxins. I said “that is all well and fine, but when the cells are porous (perforated), are they not also vulnerable to being infected from viruses on the outside on the cells?”

The spokesman said “yes” but that the perforation was for only a fraction of a second. I told the spokesman that those fractions of a second must have added up as the reports of big increases in viral loads had come from several readers who had used the Silver Pulser. When the spokesman told me that the CD4’s increased, I asked him to send me the proof as the same readers had told me that their CD4’s had actually decreased since using the “Silver Pulser.”

No proof of CD4 increases with the “Silver Pulser” has ever been provided. In fact, last year Hulda Clark wrote me a letter and acknowledged that the “Zapper” that she designed (runs on a battery) also increased the PCR “numbers” in persons with HIV. (Note: in conjunction with this, I would not be surprised that the use of cellular phones would also lead to an increase in viral activity in the head and brain area). Increases in brain tumors and hearing impairment have been reported with the use of cellular phones.

Even the expensive Bio-Ray unit (based on the Rife electrical frequency technology) that costs over $5000 has not been proven to be safe or effective in the treatment of HIV. When I talked to one person whom I had been told was “cured” of AIDS using the Bio-Ray machine, the person told me that they were using a triple drug cocktail at the same time, a fact that the marketer of the product conveniently forgot to mention. In fact, the person was not cured of AIDS, but has remained on the drug cocktail and uses the Bio-Ray treatment as an adjunct therapy.

Could a permanent magnetic field also cause electroperforation?

The principle of a simple generator is that the movement of a conductor through a magnetic field moves electrical current. As a person lays on a magnetic mattress, the movement of blood and lymph through the body and its mostly water content is the conductor that generates and moves billions of electrons.

My own theory on the effects of a magnetic field on a person is that the free electrons initially stimulate the mitochondria in the cells to produce a burst of energy and ATP. This burst of ATP causes a heat sensation throughout the body and the release of toxins in the cells as well as a spontaneous increase in viral antigen on the cell surface. This presentation of viral antigen causes a cell-mediated immune reaction of the Killer T cells to take out the virally infected cells. After this point of viral antigen presentation on the cell surface, the use of the magnetic field may go against the patient and in favor of the virus through a process caused by electroperforation.

The cells do not have enough nutrients inside the mitochondria to sustain the ATP burst while the billions of free electrons continue to move throughout the body. The excess electrons cause the cell membranes to be filled with tiny holes called perforations. It is through these tiny holes that free-cell virus in the blood enters and infects new cells. It is now evident that the magnetic fields do not directly kill viruses or blood tests would have confirmed a drop in viral titers. In the case of the Rife type electrical machines, they do not kill off all the viruses and the surviving viruses invade and infect new cells through tiny perforated holes caused by the electrical current or radio frequencies that pass small amounts of electrical current through the body.

My own suggestions: 30 to 60 minutes of exposure spaced 6 to 8 hours apart or twice daily exposure spaced 12 hours apart or once a day exposure done only before bedtime. Using magnetic therapy before bedtime is beneficial as it increases melatonin levels, a hormone that helps induce deeper more restful sleep. (During the treatment, spend half the time on your stomach and half on your back). Magnetic therapy can induce a deep state of relaxation in a person who finds they can never relax.

Today, Sept. 30, Bob has decided to find a different place for the magnetic mattress in an adjoining room and said he will use it one hour twice a day as was originally suggested. It now remains to be seen if the new pulsed and limited use of whole body magnetic therapy will have a positive impact on the immune system and reduce the viral load. Update: Bob Mitchells latest viral load decreased slightly to 484,000, not a significant change. He has now added Fortovase, Norvir and Epivir to his current protocol.

Osteoporosis reversed - stools return to normal

England: a person with HIV who is self-treating reports that after using Perfect Stool Formula 3 times a day for just 3 days, that his stools are now looking normal - floating and large diameter. Previously, he reports he only had sinkers. He is also using cold processed whey proteins and 3 capsules 3 times daily of Transfer Factor Plus. He reports he is feeling better. No new lab results have been taken since starting on this latest protocol.

Illinois: Nancy E, a reader with CFIDS and Osteoporosis who made up her own Colon Formula (July Report, Vol. 3, No 6) said since using it for the past 3 months, that her latest bone density test indicates an 11% increase in bone density and she is no longer classified as having osteoporosis.

Note: Published scientific research indicates that butyrate produced by bifido bacteria in the colon increases the absorption of calcium and magnesium. The butyric acid in the colon combines with calcium to form calcium butyrate and with magnesium to form magnesium butyrate. These are natural acidified forms as is Calcium lactate that is formed in the colon when lactic acid combines with calcium.

Arctic Root (Rhodiola Rosea) in the treatment of stress-related conditions

All chronically immune compromised persons, from whatever cause, are adversely affected by prolonged periods of stress. Stress overworks the adrenal glands and leads to fatigue and even exhaustion. Stress has been linked to insomnia, elevated IL-6 and a shift in the cytokine profile from TH1 to TH2 type cytokines. In the past several years, HIV+ readers who report lifestyle changes that have reduced stress have also often reported increases in their CD4 counts.

Arctic root called Rhodiola Rosea, has been used in India, China and Russia for centuries. A new book on this herb called an “adaptagen” has been published by Kensington books (www.kensingtonbooks.com). It is written by Carl Germano RD, CNS, LDN and Zakir Ramazanov Ph.D. The 170 page paperback book contains 14 pages of published scientific references on its unique and beneficial health properties.

Folk legend in Siberia is that whoever drinks Rhodiola Rosea tea daily will live to be 100. In their book, Germano and Ramazanov report that Mongolian doctors have prescribed Rhodiola Rosea in the treatment of tuberculosis and cancer and that the species contains several phytochemicals including phenylpropanoids, proanthocyandiins, flavinoids, rosin, rhodiolin, salidroside, p-tyrosol and its most active ingredient called “rosavin.” Several controlled studies have found no toxicities with the use of this herb. Studies have found that Rhodiola Rosea increases Serotonin and Dopamine levels and reduces cortisol and glucocorticoid levels in persons under stress or normalizes their values. Arctic root also is anti-mutagenic and significantly reduces cancer incidence in animals on cancer-producing diets.

Rhodiola Rosea also repairs the DNA in damaged cells, even in the bone marrow. It reduces stress on the heart and normalizes irregular heart beat (arrhythmias). It increases ATP production in all cells. It increases the sex drive. It is a powerful antioxidant and protects against lipid peroxidation. In athletes, it increases endurance and performance and increases the muscle to fat ratio. It improves memory and mental function. In diabetics, it stimulates the production of more insulin. It protects the liver against toxins. The authors of the book say the herb is contraindicated (not recommended) for persons in these states: nervous excitability, fever or high blood pressure.

The standard suggested dose for adults is 100 to 200 mg daily, usually taken before meals or about 1 mg daily per pound of body weight. Rhodiola Rosea (standardized extract) is sold in health food stores. The most common standardized extract contains 1% rosavin. Arctic root tablets and capsules are also available but more would need to be used as the rosavin content is less.

Rhodiola Rosea has reportedly benefited persons with the following conditions:

1. Stress

2. Depression

3. Parkinsons

4. Alzheimers

5. Poor memory and mental function

6. Liver toxicity

7. Low energy

8. Low immunity

9. Cancer

10. Elevated cortisol and low dopamine levels.

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