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Immuno therapy Research - Scientists immunize chickens for HIV and find antibodies to the virus in their eggs. A hands-on plan to produce your own immunized eggs.

Food allergies and intolerances

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Researchers in Mexico find eggs from chickens immunized with HIV contain antibodies against the virus

Soler Claudin C and five other researchers in Sto. Tomas, Mexico, have found that pathogen free chicken, when exposed to the HIV virus, produce IgY antibodies in their eggs. Purified HIV-1 virus was injected into 5 chickens 4 times. Blood serum and eggs were tested weekly for antibodies to the HIV virus. They report that the transfer of the IgY antibodies from the chicken to their eggs are similar to transplacental transfer than occurs in mammals. The IgY antibodies are transferred to the yolks of the eggs.

They reported that IIIb/LAV ELISA tests found the presence of high titer specific HIV-specific IgY antibodies in the serum and in the purified IgY yolk fractions of the 5 immunized chickens. Western blot assays with the same antigen demonstrated the presence of specific anti-HIV-1 antibodies against p17, p24, p31, p41, p51, p55 and p66 while no clear response was found against gp120 of the HIV virus. The researchers reported their techniques would be useful in developing a passive immune vaccine. (1)

An earlier article by Kovgan AA et al and published in Japan in 1989 found specific immunoglobulins from egg yolks of Japanese quail immunized with influenza and HIV-1 viruses (2). Curiously enough, a short abstract published in 1996 from researchers, Vodovozova EL et al, possibly from either Poland or Russia found variations of phosphatidylcholine in egg yolk that exhibited significant anti-HIV activity (3). Here, no mention was made of immunizing the chickens. Is this the possible resurrection of AL721, the egg yolk lecithin widely used in the PWA community in the late 1980, at least, until the new “AIDS cure” that arrived on the scene that is known as AZT. What would have happened if the makers of AL721 and other look-a-like egg yolk lecithin products had produced the supplement from the yolks of hens exposed to the HIV virus? Would it have worked as effectively as today’s drug cocktails? Would it have led to a cure (total viral eradication)? No adverse side effects have ever been reported from the use of AL721 and egg yolk lecithin.

Good Friday, April 13th

Mary J., from Fresno, CA, called and told me of a product she has been using for the past two weeks called Bio-Choice Immune 26. She said it was made from the eggs of chickens immunized with a variety of infections. She said she has Chronic Fatigue and that the product helped her very much. She gave me the web site www.legacyusa.com as a place to find out more information about it. Howver, when she told me that the product was sold through network marketing, I lost a bit of my enthusiasm. I did check out the web site and found several infectious agents listed to which the chickens were exposed but not HIV nor HHV-6. Whether this product would help anyone with HIV or HHV-6 is anybody’s guess. Mary J. can be reached at 559-435-0238.

Unless the chickens were immunized for HIV and its various strains, I doubt that it would be of any more value than other egg yolk lecithin products still on the market. A supplement manufacturer could secretly expose the chicken to the HIV virus, but how would this information be communicated to those who need it without the government finding out and would the government move to take the product off the market because it would then be an unapproved new drug? This publication would not be a good source to report on a secret medicine development since we mail over 100 copies of this magazine to the National Institute of Health and the CDC.

The conversation with Mary J. did set my mind to thinking of that famous farmer from Minnesota, Herb Saunders, and of a way for a consumer to immunize a chicken for their own personal benefit in battling HIV, HHV-6, possibly hepatitis and Lyme disease and other infections. Note: Saunders himself faced a jury trial several years ago for practicing medicine without a license but was acquitted by the jury. The stress of the litigation took its toll on Saunders and he passed away from natural causes about 2 years ago.

If cows can be immunized to produce specific transfer factors and antibodies, why not chickens?

A few years ago I reported in one of the past issues of Positive Health News, in fact so long ago, I forgot which issue, of a farmer in Minnesota who immunized pregnant cows with the blood from persons with various illnesses. About 6 to 8 weeks before the calf is expected, he would take about one teaspoon of blood from a customer and using a hypodermic needle with a plastic sleeve around it would inject some of the blood in both the hind teats of the cow. In a few days, the cow would get a fever and an immune system reaction. When the calf was born a few months later, the first 2 or 3 milkings of Colostrum are frozen in ice cube trays. One or two ice cubes of the frozen Colostrum is thawed out and consumed daily. Saunders reported that everyone who used this Colostrum recovered from their infections and he told me of one person with AIDS who made a remarkable recovery in health although he had no lab statistics to share at the time. In fact, PCR wasn’t yet available to the public for measuring viral loads in 1990. Saunders reported that the person did not continue the treatment and contact was lost.

The first few milkings of cows, sheep, goats and all other mammals contains antibodies and other immune factors (transfer factor) to pass on to their offspring. With species of birds who lay eggs, they have one shot to pass on their past experiences of immune resistance to their offspring and these factors are found in raw eggs. Based on the little published research I have seen, most likely these immune factors are found in the yolks of the egg.

An Experimental Plan to produce eggs to help battle incurable infections. Eggnog anyone?

After publication of the article on the Herb Saunders method, a few readers both here and abroad said they would attempt to duplicate the Saunder’s protocol. After conversations that went on for months, no one was able or willing to follow through and complete the experiment. There were several reasons for this. One being the cost of buying a cow - $2000 to $3000 dollars. Then there is the problem of finding a pregnant cow and a place to keep the animal. A cow or goat is not a small pet you can bring to live with you in a city apartment. On the other hand, a chicken is much smaller and costs less than $5.00 apiece and you could carry it into your apartment in a cardboard box. If your walls are not too thin and the hens do not cackle too much, you neighbors should not complain. You could keep the chicken in a large bird cage or a dog cage.

Where to find healthy organic chickens.

First, I would go to a few local health food stores, the ones that actually sell health foods and not just supplements. Buy a few cartons of eggs. On the carton is usually the name of the farmer and the city where they are produced. Use information from the carton and contact the phone company and get a phone number and address. Go and visit the farmer in person. While you are there, you can ask what it would cost to buy a couple of hens about to lay eggs or ones that are already doing so. If they decline to sell the hens, ask them what the hens are worth to them. When they give you a price reach for your wallet. I would avoid discussing what you plan to do with the hens except to tell them that you have the space for them and want the fresh eggs daily. Let the farmer catch the hens and place them in your cage. When you get home, cover the cage with a small blanket and carry it into your apartment.

Of course before you get to this point, find a source of feed for the chickens. In fact, before you buy the chickens, ask the farmer what he feeds them. Look for a farm co-op in a rural area or ask your local pet supply dealer. Having been raised on a farm myself, I can tell you chickens will eat just about anything from grass to earthworms to corn and other grains. Farm Co-ops sell premixed feed grains for chickens. Obtain a feed as close to organic as you can find.

How to immunize the Chicken

Since most people don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend to purchase pure viral antigens, the method of transfer of the viral antigens will be the same as the way the disease is naturally transferred - exposing the blood capillaries of the chicken to a few drops of the infected blood. There are a couple of ways of doing this but first you must immobilize the chicken. With leather gloves, pick up the chicken and lay it on its side and then tie its legs together. Then wrap a large towel around the chicken so it wings won’t flap.

1. Prick your finger with a sterilized pin until a few drops of blood come out. Draw the blood into a sterile hypodermic needle syringe. Then pinch the skin of the chicken anywhere on its body so it is raised between your fingers. Insert the needle into the part that is pinched and raised and into the chicken’s skin about 1/16th to 1/8 of an inch and inject 2 or 3 drops of blood. That should be all it takes. Withdraw the needle and place a small piece of gauze and tape over it, although this may not be necessary.

Note: you can usually buy a hypodermic needle syringe over-the-counter at your local pharmacy. You want only to place a few drops of blood just under the surface of the skin of the chicken and not deep in the muscles and you don’t want to inject too much blood or you will kill the chicken as both types of blood will fight each other. The idea is to get the infections to move into the chickens small blood vessels from the human blood. Once the viruses are in the blood vessels of the chicken, they should multiply and set off an immune reaction.

2. An alternative method, without using a hypodermic needle, is to scratch the skin with a razor blade about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length and just deep enough to draw a small amount of blood from the chicken. Then dab the chicken’s blood with a cotton swab and using two finger spread the skin apart at the point of incision and place 2 or 3 drops of the infected blood in the scratch, enough to expose the chickens blood to the human blood. Don’t put any antiseptics over the cut or it will defeat the whole purpose of the experiment. If you have more than one chicken to immunize, tag the chickens leg with some colored tape to identify whose blood it was exposed to.

If the chicken gets infected with the viruses in your blood, it should show signs of becoming heated (a fever) in a few days. If it is already laying eggs, it should stop for about a week give or take a few days. When it resumes laying eggs, the eggs should contain powerful immune factors to attack any and possibly all of the infections that have affected the person. If signs indicate that the chicken did not pick up the infection after 2 weeks, you may need to try a second immunization attempt.

When you get your first egg, find a veterinarian to test it for salmonella. If it is salmonella free, it should be safe to eat the raw egg. Wash the eggs before you crack them to remove any topical bacteria. Then find a recipe and make yourself an eggnog. One raw egg a day, yolk and whites, should be consumed.

I hope that readers with HIV and other conditions can be found to try this experiment, especially readers who have exhausted all drug treatment options due to viral resistance. What do they have to lose? If you do try this experiment, contact me and let me know the results so we can share them with others.

Note: Salmonella can be treated with prescription drugs and also with grapefruit seed extract - add about 5 drops to the water a chicken drinks once a day for 3 days. Another treatment is the probiotic L. Salivarius - sprinkle some on their food once a day for about one week. Readers who have picked up salmonella infections have told me they got rid of it with either grapefruit seed extract (10 drops in a glass of water 3 times a day) or by taking the probiotic L.Salivarius.


Reader with HIV reports on effects of eating a raw egg for one year As I was making my final changes to this article on immunizing chickens, the phone rang and I talked with a long term HIV survivor, names Shelia, who has been HIV + since 1988. She has never used prescription drugs all these years. No PCR test was taken in the past 4 years. In 1996, viral load was 20,000. Her CD4 test of two weeks ago was 258.

I thought that this was a rather high number of CD4’s to have after being HIV+ for 13 years so I inquired further. I asked her in what year since 1988 did she feel her best. She said it was 1993. I asked: What did you do during that year? Without mentioning to her at the time I was writing this article on immunized eggs, she said: “Every day I blended a handful of fresh sprouted seeds with one raw egg (organic). I would add some digestive enzymes and drink this. I did this for about one year...My skin glowed. I never felt better.”

Did you ever pick-up a salmonella infection from eating raw eggs during the year? She said; “No, I did not. It could be because I only used organic eggs.” I asked her if she felt so good drinking this mixture every day, why did she stop? She said it was because she was doing so many different things and grew tired of it all. I inquired further her if she had any lab results during this year. She said “No, as long as I am feeling good, I stay away from doctors.”

She said took up drinking alcohol about the same time she stopped her daily regimen of the raw egg and sprout mixture. In 1994, she got married and in 1996 had a child. She was under tremendous pressure to take drugs to stop the HIV virus for infecting the child, but resisted. I asked her: Is the child OK? She replied: “The child is very healthy and was born HIV negative.”

I closed our conversation by telling her about this article and she responded with surprise and was fascinated with the idea of immunizing a chicken with her own blood. She closed by thanking me for the book on the immune system I was donating to her since she is on disability.

Shelia said she was going out this weekend to buy two chickens and would inoculate them with her own blood. She is also going to buy two hens for a friend with Lyme disease.

The conversation that started me writing this article occurred on Good Friday with Mary J and ended with the phone call from Shelia. Time will tell if the results of this approach to treating HIV is effective as persons with the virus try this hands-on approach in immunology and report their results. We will wait with cautiously guarded expectations as we have been down this road before of many disappointments. Meanwhile, we must continue to pray and keep the faith. The persistance of fasting and prayer will one day bear fruit.


1. Int’l AIDS Conf. 1998;12:790 (abstract 41239).

2. Dokl Akad Nauk SSSR. 1989 Jul-Aug;307(1):229-33

3. Vodozova EL et al; Bioorg Khim. 1996 Jun; 22(6):451-7

Food Allergies and intolerances

April 19, 2001.

Mark Konlee

Food allergies affect millions of people of all ages and food intolerances affect even more. In the past few years, I have talked to a growing number of people whose lives are miserable with multiple symptoms ranging from bloating to nausea to headaches to elevated pulse rates to skin rashes and much much more. Some people have traced their problems to childhood, others to vaccinations, candiasis and leaky gut syndrome, the use of antibiotics, stress and many other factors.

Some people have reached the stage of becoming universal reactors and have become intolerant to any food they eat more than 2 or 3 days in a row.

Unsterilized vaccines linked to digestive disorders and food allergies in children

What is an unsterilized vaccine? Most vaccines used today in hospitals are unsterilized (dirty) because they contain live or attenuated viruses. This practice, that has been going on for decades, has already infected over 20 million Americans with SV40, a simian virus scientists have linked to cancer. According to medical reseracher, J. Beldekas, SV40 may cause Alzheimer’s in millions of baby boomers about to retire. He said this virus is linked to dementia in monkeys that have symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s. Already, Alzheimer’s is an epidemic in the United States with 4 millions cases and growing. Where did SV40 come from? It came form the live oral Salk vaccine for polio given in the late 1950’s to around 1962. In fact, in March, 2001, Peter Jennings of ABC News ran a special report on SV40 and the debate on its adverse effects ongoing within the scientific community.

In 1976, the US Public Health Service wanted Americans to get vaccinations to protect them from the “Swine Flu,” an epidemic that never materialized. Several of our readers have told us that they acquired “CFIDS” as a result of the Swine Flu vaccination and have never been normal since.

In 1981, a vaccine to prevent Hepatitis B was given to hundreds of gay people in the US that was contaminated with the HIV virus and spread the AIDS virus all over the country while the World Health Organization gave millions in Africa small pox vaccinations also contaminated with HIV that spread the disease all over the continent of Africa. But it doesn’t end there; within the past few months, I have spoken to 3 different parents of who said they have traced the current health problems of their children to recent vaccinations. These health conditions include food allergies and intolerances.

The solution to this ongoing problem of causing illnesses with vaccinations is for the Food and Drug Administration to stop allowing pharmaceutical companies to market “dirty vaccines.” All the pharmaceutical companies have to do is to pass their vaccines through a flat glass tube subjected to a high intensity ultraviolet light and this will kill all the live viruses and mycoplasmas in the vaccine and leave them in a pristine form so the same immunological protections can be passed on to the patient without the risk of acquiring a permanent new life long infection.


Note: Anyone who wants proof that dirty vaccines exist that are making people sick can contact me for more information.

Many parents have traced the health problems of their children to vaccinations for MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) as well as other vaccinations. Many children develop chronic digestive disorders within their first 6 months of life after they receive multiple vaccinations. These vaccines are recommended by physicians with the full backing of hospitals and the US government. In fact, the United States may end up, if we haven’t already done so, with millions of chronically-ill handicapped children because arrogant and short-sighted decision makers at the top impose their medical views on the population and do so with a lack of understanding of the serious adverse consequences of the vaccines they endorse.

They are unaware of how to make a safe vaccine that is sterile and still protect children without subjecting them to new infections that come from the vaccine itself. Haven’t any of them heard of how water and blood can be disinfected with ultraviolet light?

The problem of children being infected with new illnesses from dirty vaccines could also be avoided if the principle of “transfer factor” from the mother’s breast milk to her child was understood and applied. If a mother want to immunize her child without putting the child at risk of acquiring a new infection from a unsterilized vaccine (dirty vaccine), then she should get the MMR shots and all the other vaccinations herself while she is pregnant or even while she is breast feeding the child. Her developed immune system will produce all the necessary immune factors to resist these diseases and transfer them to her child through her breast milk. This filtering system will provide her child with a clean vaccination, via orally the breast milk. It is unhumane and unconscionable to give these dirty vaccines to babies with undeveloped immune systems. Is there anyone at the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, DC, with enough brains to figure this out?

My suggestions to readers as regards vaccines: Do not obtain any vaccination, except under life threatening emergency conditions, unless the physician or hospital obtains from the pharmaceutical company a letter that is signed by a company official that the vaccine in question is sterile and does not contain any live viruses, mycoplasmas or other pathogenic agents. Second, insist on a small vial of the vaccine for personal storage for future testing in the event they lied to you and your child gets sick so you can go to court and sue the pants off of them.

Mothers: Always breast feed your children. Do not deprive them of a normal immune system by giving them “formula.” Mothers who breast feed their children transfer their acquired immunity. When the milk stops flowing and more is needed, then you can give them cow’s milk, goat’s milk or soy milk and yes, even “formula.”

Food Allergies, Immunoglobulin Type E (IgE) and Histamines

When a true food allergy exists, the immune system over reacts and produces an immunoglobulin, called type E or IgE. Histamines are also produced. When food allergies develop, histamines are released in the intestines that in turn trigger the production of hydrochloric acid (HCL). When food allergies are severe, Acid-Reflux disease, the overproduction of stomach acid is the result. When the condition goes on long enough or is severe enough, the acid can cause ulcers and even weaken the lining of the stomach and intestines until it ruptures. The condition, if not treated, can require corrective surgery or if left untreated, can be fatal.

The most common food allergens are cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, corn, corn derived products like maltodextrin, food additives and colorings (aspartame, sodium benzoate, MSG, carrageenan, nitrates, sulfites etc.) some soy products, hydrolyzed proteins, shellfish and some types of roasted nuts. In allergies, a protein is involved. Some food allergies can cause rashes and other skin eruptions, eczema, hives and asthma. The only life threatening allergic reaction is anaphylactic shock and requires emergency treatment at a hospital. Persons with food allergies usually have elevated TH2 cytokines, especially interluken 6 and 10 and IgE as well as a lack of TH1 cytokines, Interluken 12 (IL-12), IL-2 and gamma interferon (IgA). They almost always have intestinal dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome due to a long term deficiency of friendly bifido bacteria and acidophilus.

Notice: Some information on MSG originating from www.truthinlabeling.org is incorrect. This web site has wrongly classified some good products like pectin, enzymes and even ultra-pasteurized products as sources of MSG. There is no factual or scientific evidence offered to support these statements. Writers need to be more responsible than rolling the dice before they spread erroneous information. Some people Detox when using pectin as it pulls heavy metals out of the body and this has nothing to do with MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). In fact, natural MSG is found in the seaweed, Kombu, and it is not even on their list. You can check out their web site, but I think a substantial part of the MSG list reflects the author’s own food intolerance’s and allergies. Many of the statements on this web site are not supported by any facts.

Testing for Food Allergies Self-Test.

The late J.I. Rodale, founder of Prevention magazine, in the 1950’s, wrote about the Pulse test for food allergies. The test is done by taking your pulse rate before eating a certain food, then eating some of that food (one food at a time) and taking your pulse 15 minutes later. If it rises 10 beats or more, you are most likely allergic to that food. A more conventional test is the IgG Food Allergy test for food groups. Available through your health care professional from ImmunoSciences at 800-950-4686 as well as from other sources.

Symptoms of Food Intolerance

Bloating, nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, gas, headaches and skin eruptions are all signs of food intolerance. Weight gain and water retention are also indications of food intolerance’s that indicate some flaw in the metabolic pathway of processing the food. Many people are intolerant to regular table salt as well as over-the-counter vegetable oils and gain significant amounts of weight by consuming these items in processed foods. Unrefined sea salt is balanced as it contains a full range of trace minerals and unrefined vegetable oil is not yellow and clear, but contains various colors from the pigments in their whole seed sources. These pigments are usually valuable antioxidants.

Treatments Options

1. Avoid the offending food.

2. Rotation - some people can eat the offending food if they eat it only once every 4 or 5 days.

3. Desensitization - NAET (www.naet.com) and homeopathic remedies for specific allergens (health food stores).

4. A daily fast, drink fresh vegetable and/or fruit juices for breakfast and nothing else, eat plain whole grain bread for lunch and nothing else, and a slice, if desired, for a mid-afternoon snack plus a regular meal in the evening (i.e. meat, potatoes and salad) plus fruit later on for a snack if desired. This daily fast is a powerful method of detoxifying and increasing serotonin levels, banishing depression and increasing energy and metabolism. This method is far easier than a whole day fast, is low in calories, satisfying, highly energizing and strengthening to the immune system. Fasting for one meal a day on bread and water 7 days a week is the equivalent of fasting for 2 whole days per week on bread and water. Recent research has shown that a meal of pure complex carbohydrates without any fat, butter or oil added dramatically increases serotonin levels and banishes depression.

In the last century at Fatima and Medjigorie, the Virgin Mary asked people to fast one day a week on bread and water and to pray. She said to put nothing on the bread. She never told us of any of the many health benefits we would derive from this fast. Perhaps, just perhaps, this simple fast is the last Secret of Fatima.

5. Hayfever and Asthma - an 80% cure rate has been found from using Yamoa Powder, made from the ground bark of a gum tree that grows on the west coast of Africa. For more information - www.ojibwatea.com or 303-322-7930. IMMAX B also is very effective against hayfever and asthma (available from IMMAX Corp 734-675-1752).

6. Butyrate retention enemas - one reader stated they were available through a physician. Butyrate, produced by bifido-bacteria, stimulates the growth of new mucus membranes in the intestines. An enema of ozonated water may also help as ozone stimulates the growth of new skin and mucus membranes.

7. Fiber/pectin/probiotic blend to promote butyrate, lactic acid and acetic acid from bifidobacteria in the colon. Choose a probiotic without maltodextrin added. If the concentration of active cultures is less than 100 billion per gram, call the manufacturer to find out what else is in it. Look for a formula with not only acidophilus, but B Longum (increases mucosal IgA) and L Plantarum (reduced IgE), an immunoglobulin commonly found in persons with food allergies.

8. Foods: Slices of raw white potatoes and/or pieces of raw cabbage eaten 2 or 3 times daily. Also Sauerkraut - cultured cabbage juice. Other: Flaxseed-freshly ground only, parsley, alfalfa, cooked squash and raw pumpkin seeds.

9. Herbal - small amount of licorice root tea (warning - it can raise blood pressure), slippery elm tea and marshmallow root tea, Eyebright, Ojibwa tea or Essiac tea.

10 Immunological: IMMAX B (for allergies), IP6, aged Kyolic garlic extract - 5000 mg daily.

11. Air purifiers, negative ionizers. There are certainly more treatment options available, but these should be helpful.

Web sites: www.food-allergy.org and www.aaaai.org Do an internet search for “food allergies” and you will find dozens of additional sites.

4-Life Products seeks volunteers (HIV+) for Transfer Factor Plus study

Many readers have been following reports over the past several months in Progressive Health News about HIV+ persons using drug cocktail regimens and adding 2 capsules daily of TF+ with notable increases in CD4 counts and decreases in viral loads. Five persons have reported these effects with only one using a protease inhibitor in the drug combo. However, three other persons using TF+ as a monotherapy have not had these same positive results indicating some unique synergism between the drugs and TF+. 4-Life Products is interested in contacting individuals for an expanded study. To participate, individuals will need to provide CD4 lymphocyte counts and viral load test results on a regular basis. All participants are assured complete confidentiality. If interested, contact Angela Lowe at 801-562-3652 or by email to angelal@4-life.com. Additional information will be provided by Angela.

Readers respond to “A Message from Water & Healing Music” in our last newsletter

Several readers report that they have played classical music to their gallon jugs of water and that it enhanced its flavor. With my busy schedule, my own personal preferance is to drink Reverse Osmosis water that is ozonated for 2 minutes and left to stand on the north pole side of a magnet for about 8 hours. After the ozone breaks down into oxygen, the water tastes very smooth, even at room temperature. With the effect of the magnetic field, the water is processed very quickly in the body. The Detox effects are readily apparent.

The CD called “Hado Music, Series I -Immunity/Pain Relief” by Alan Roubik was reported by several persons to help induce a deep restful state of sleep. Locally, a friend with insomnia stopped by to visit me last month. I told him about the music be Alan Roubik and started to play the CD so he could hear what it sounded like. I left for a while to go to the store and returned to find him fast asleep. He awoke shortly after the music stopped playing. Needless to say, he became a believer in the effects of this music. This person usually uses prescription drugs to get to sleep. More information on the CD can be found at www.roubikrecords.com/menu.htm or by calling 818-597-9358.


Dealing with the question of what kind of water to drink, one of our readers, Jim L, did an experiment with sprouts and four different kinds of water to see what kind of water the sprouts liked best. After all, sprouts are impartial to the results of the experiment. The results below clearly show that the sprouts responded more favorably to the north pole treated water over the other types of water tested. If the plants responded better, will people also respond better to magnetic water?

Photo of sprouts not available on the internet.

A - was filtered hard water treated with north pole magnetic energy.

B - was the same hard water not filtered and not treated

C - was the same hard water filtered with a water concentrate added that was supposed to have the "life frequencies" of Hunza water or better.

D - was distilled water with Lorenzen water concentrate added.

North pole magnetized water seems to be the type of water most favored by sprouts given they grew higher in the same time period than did the sprouts using the other types of water. Researchers such as Peter Kulish and Yoshitaka Ohno MD, Ph.D. in a presentation to the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy state that:

* magnetized water works better at doing what water is supposed to do ("wetter" water);

* magnetized water occurs naturally in mountain streams and glacial run-offs which might help to explain the longevity of people like the Hunzas and Vilcabambas who drink "glacial milk" and who live very old and stay amazingly healthy. Magnetized water is "organized and aligned"...probably because the molecules of H2O have polarity.

Dr. Ohno describes the molecules of your average drinking water as "disorganized" and "sporadic." He explains that this kind of water does not work efficiently at the cell level.

* Peter Kulish says that "the healing effects of north pole water are beneficial to all living beings". If you start to drink north pole treated water, keep in mind that you may find your supplements are working better so you may need less to do the same job. For a copy of the report on this experiment, send two first class stamps to: The Perfect Health Foundation, PO Box 395, Thiensville, WI 53092.

Note: Tapes by Dr. Ohno are available from Convention Seminar Tapes at 805-526-5436


In the Peter Kulish's book on BioMagnetism protocols are given for over 150 health problems and the use of magnets and magnetized water with stabilized oxygen added, and what Peter calls MET or Meridian Energizing Treatment. The use of MET is suggested for "advanced illness" as is the use of north pole treated water with stabilized oxygen added. MET involves treatment of the body's meridians (also known as acupuncture points). One of the meridians energized by MET is the central meridian that runs up the front of the body from the pelvis to the lower jawbone and through the thymus gland. The thymus gland makes T cells and is the master gland of a healthy immune system. The book titled The Art of Healing With BioMagnetism by Peter Kulish is available for $14.95 plus S&H at 215-249-1200.

Products in the News


A study done by William J. Saccomman MD confirms the value of sea source plants and their nutrients. Dr. Saccomman is president of the San Diego Clinic of Preventative Medicine.

Dr. Saccomman had an independent lab study done before and after blood and urine tests in a 14 day study of a small group who were all on the same institutional diet. He wanted to see what difference two ounces of a supplement called Body Balance might make in mineral and amino acid balances. Body Balance contains 9 kinds of sea vegetation taken from clean Arctic waters about 200 ft below the surface. The sea vegetation is prepared in a base of aloe vera juice. The test results showed that "both high and low mineral levels were brought into proper balance by introducing Body Balance as the only outside variable"..

Note: I tried the product and it does increases energy levels as has been reported elsewhere. This is not surprising since many sea vegetables increase the metabolic rate, but not in the same way high doses of kelp would. Body Balance is more gentle in its effects. It doesn’t make you feel speedy. Body Balance has been manufactured by Life Force Int'l for the past 20 years. More information is available from Nova (800-627-4954).

The “Maltodextrin” glitch with Perfect Stool Formula and its forerunner 84211

Formula 84211 was introduced in July, 2000, a fiber/pectin/probiotic blend that consisted of 8 parts psyllium, 4 parts pectin, 2 parts Spirulina, 1 part FOS and 1 part Jarrowdophilus. The formula worked great for most people who reported normal bowel movements and characteristics (med. brown, large diameter floating stools) except that persons with multiple food allergies could not take more than 1/4 tsp. at a time without symptoms of bloating, nausea and other symptoms of food intolerance or allergy.

It turns out that the original “Jarrowdophilus” also had maltodextrin in it and still does. Currently, hundreds of dietary supplements and processed foods on the market have maltodextrin in them. In a recent visit to a local health food store, over half of the acidophilus and other probiotic supplements had maltodextrin added and the other half had other additives, the effects of which are unknown. Manufacturers of probiotics need to be alerted to this problem and to stop adding maltodextrin and use some vegetable powder as a filler instead. One person who is intolerant of maltodextrin can eat whole kernel corn without any problems indicating the process of manufacturing maltodextrin from corn creates the allergy problem.

IMMAX Natural Immune Intelligence (NII) and Immax B (to reduce allergic reactions).

Both products are sublingual and have been designed by Charles Miller of Immune Modulation Maximum Corp. Several years ago, C. Miller made a transfer factor product that was marketed outside the US. IMMAX is processed at temperatures up to 750° F rendering it not only very sterile but with small peptones and peptides that have a transfer factor-like quality to modify cytokine responses in the body. IMMAX A and B (NII) has been used as a balancing formula for the immune system while IMMAX B is more for persons with severe allergies although persons with allergies also report benefits from using IMMAX NII.

Case report: Greg A., a 42 yr. old male with hayfever and allergies to molds, dust and pollen started using IMMAX nasal spray and took one IMMAX (NII) once a day. All symptoms are gone and he reports that while everyone around him has come down with colds and flu’s during this past year, he has not. He also reported his sister, Kelly, a nurse used an inhaler for asthma for several years and since using IMMAX NII, no longer needs the inhaler. Greg can be reached at 734-507-1789.

Other persons reporting benefits with IMMAX used in conjunction with diet and other therapies include persons with cancer, the Flu, Hepatitis C, herpes and HIV (increases in CD4’s reported). In acute or severe states, 6 tablets daily are used. For preventive maintenance only one a day is needed. The tablets are not swallowed but dissolved slowly and absorbed in the mouth.

OptumGel - Alpha Lipoic Acid dissolved in oils (medium chain triglycerides)

This form of Alpha Lipoic Acid, an antioxidant that helps increase intracellular glutathione levels is one of the most effective forms available. I tried the product and you definitely can feel an energy increase that lasts for several hours. Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that helps increase intracellular Glutathione levels. It comes in 100 and 200 mg capsules. Sources include CFIDS and FM Health Resource at www.immunesupport.com as well as ImmunePro and Thiogel. GlutImmune - a peptide bound form of Glutamine that is reported better absorbed than the L-Glutamine is also available from CFIDS and FM Resource.

Reader reports the aphrodisiac Yohimbe causes a fatal heart attack in a friend

A reader called and reported that a friend died from a heart attack this past February after using Yohimbe, a herb widely sold to men to stimulate penile erections. I have written in the past warning against the dangers of Yohimbe, a herb that can raise blood pressure to the point that blood vessels will rupture. This is the second report of a death form the use of Yohimbe. There have been several reported deaths from the use of Viagra. Both the pharmaceutical companies and the dietary supplement companies that market products are very irresponsible if they do not place warning messages on their products about possible adverse effects and especially when those adverse effects can be fatal.

Articles excerpted from Progressive Health News

from Dec, 2000 through March, 2001

Magnetic oxygenated water and Coral Calcium

December. 1, 2000

Mark Konlee

By now, most of you have received Positive Health News, Report No 21, with its message on water, healing music and the update on vinegar and other therapies. There was no issue of Progressive Health New for Nov., 2000, due to limitations on my time. Over 14,000 copies of this issue have already been distributed.

After this latest issue was printed, I continued with experiments on water and have made more progress. With oxygen being the single most important element needed for our survival and water being the second, I feel that combining the two would increase the healing potential of water. It has been reported by Peter Kulish in his book on “Conquering Pain - the Art of Healing with Biomagnetism” that exposing water to a either a north or south pole magnetic field increases the speed with which cells absorb and utilize water as well as improves its flavor. In Nov., I tried the following experiment with reverse osmosis (RO) water.

The RO water is made with a RO unit I rent for $15 a month and is installed under my kitchen sink. It can produce over 10 gallons a day of purified RO water. I placed the RO water in a one gallon glass container and bubbled ozone in the water for 3 minutes. I then took the gallon of ozonated RO water and placed it on the kitchen counter on top of a 4 inch by 6 inch by 1/2 inch thick ceramic magnet with the north pole side of the magnet facing up towards the water.

After about 8 hours, the ozone is no longer detectable but has converted into oxygen which remains in the water. The resulting water is not only purified, but very smooth and flavorful. My theory is that millions of electrons released from the ozone remain in the water after the ozone reverts to oxygen increasing its electron donor capacity and making the water an antioxidant. This theory remains to be confirmed by testing with an oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) meter.

When you make ice cubes from the RO ozonated/magnetic water and add it to a glass of water, it has the flavor as some of the best spring water found anywhere on the planet. Its detoxifying effects are apparent to me. The more you drink the more you want to drink. The water is rapidly absorbed from the stomach into the blood supply and quickly excreted through the kidneys. The water increases energy levels significantly. When you drink tea or coffee made with the water, the resulting beverage is very smooth and flavorful.

My theory, which remains to be proven, is that this water is an electron donor and an antioxidant. Within the past week, I order an ORP meter which measures the oxidation-reduction potential of a liquid. I will use the ORP meter to test and develop a water that is a powerful antioxidant. ORP tests of water to which coral calcium was added have been posted on the internet and indicate that coral calcium not only alkalizes water but increases its electron donor capacity making it an antioxidant or free radical scavenger.

Coral Calcium Update (1/3/01)

In Dec., 2000, I reported on two sources of coral calcium, Body Systems Technology and House of Gold. Unfortunately, Body Systems Technology is too slow in filling their orders. After waiting 6 weeks, I cancelled my order with them. House of Gold (Starfire Int’L) uses a product made in Japan that has metallic silver added. Silver in solution will kill off both the friendly as well as the unfriendly bacteria. Colloidal silver or or variations of silver solutions should not be consumed daily any more than antibiotics or food preservatives. All these kill off friendly flora.

A better source is Natural Health Link www.naturahealthlink.com. They sell a pure coral calcium powder called “Coral Legend” with nothing added. A 2 oz bottle costs about $20. Add 1/8th teaspoon to a gallon of reverse osmosis or distilled water or add 1 level teaspoon to a batch of fiber/pectin/probiotic blend (i.e Formula 841, 84211 or Perfect Stool Formula). The coral calcium is high in magnesium and has a full range of trace minerals. It improves stool quality by increasing mucin (intestinal mucus) production. This should help protect the mucus membranes and should lessen constipation. The published claims for benefits from coral calcium found on the internet cover over 50 health-related conditions. In my opinion, coral calcium is the most effective mineral supplement currently available. Blackstrap molasses is another great source of ionized calcium and trace minerals except that persons with yeast or candida overgrowth need to avoid the sugar in the molasses.

Free Energy

Besides my long known interest in nutrition, immunology and “alternative” medicine, I also have a strong interest in “alternative energy” but have done little research or writing on this subject.

In the current issue of Positive Health News, I mentioned Magnetizer Corp. located on the internet at www.magnetizer.org. as a source of magnets for making magnetic water. This company, like EnviroTech, is on the cutting edge of magnetic research. Not only do they sell a variety of magnets for health related purposes, they also sell a Magnetic Kit to increase gas mileage in your automobile or truck as well as a kit that dissolves and removes mineral deposits from plumbing pipes in the house.

While Magnetizer Corp. generally advises readers not to use, for most purposes, south pole or bipolar magnets directly on the body, they do use two opposing south pole magnets on a water pipe to lower the surface tension of water and dissolve mineral deposits in both household cold and hot water lines. They report this not only cleans up the pipes, but lowers the acidity and improves the flavor of the water. For automobiles and truck, they offer a kit with 4 magnets for 3 specific locations to improve gas mileage and clean up the engine from carbon and varnish buildup.

The Magnetic Maximizer Kit for cars costs $70. All magnets have both a north pole and a south pole. Two magnets in this kit are placed on the gas line (south pole), one large south pole oriented magnet is placed on a radiator hose leading to or from the radiator and the third is a north pole oriented magnet placed over the air intake to the carburetor or fuel injection system. The manufacturer claims a 10% to 20% increase in gas mileage from using the Magnetizer Kit after 1000 miles of driving. After 1000 miles of driving, you are suppose to drain the oil with the loosened debris and the radiator fluid and replace it with fresh fluids.

I bought a kit and decided to put the system to the test. I own a 1988 Mazda, 4 cylinder, 323, with 106,000 miles on the engine. I have driven the car over the past 18 months and have never tuned it up although I have had a few oil changes. My gas mileage was 28 miles per gallon with my last mileage test. After placing the magnets on the car in the locations indicated, I drove over 300 miles and refilled the gas tank. The new gas mileage was 34.3 mpg. Needless to say, I am very satisfied as the gas mileage increase was over 20%. I also noticed a lower operating temperature in the engine as indicated on the temperature gage and was told to expect this.

At my present rate of use, I expect this unit to pay for itself every 3 months I drive the car. This is about a 400% annual return on my investment. There may be other savings as well such as fewer repairs due to less stress on the engine with lower operating temperatures, better performance and longer engine life. If everyone obtained these same results and everyone with a car or truck installed one of these units, not only would we have a cleaner environment, the United States would consume 700,000 barrels less of crude oil each day and reduced demand would help keep oil prices from rising further. All this is possible while reducing air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.

A readers view on how to best use a Magnetic pad

One reader called to tell me that she has found out from experience that placing a magnetic pad between the mattress and box spring has helped her tremendously and far more than laying on it directly. This seems surprising as the magnetic field is 90% or more weaker when it is 6 or 7 inches from the body except that you obtain a pure form of north pole energy this way. When you lay directly on the magnetic pad, some south pole energy (10% or more) leaks through on the sides of the magnet. It could also be that a weaker and more uniform north pole magnetic energy has more health benefits that a very strong magnetic field. Bob Mitchell talked to her longer than I did and is planing to make this latest change when using the magnetic pad.

Magnetic Therapy for Fibromyalgia/CFIDS

In November, 2000, an article on “Multiple Attributes of the Magnetic Mattress” by Morton Walker DPM, was published in “The Townsend Letter for Doctors.” He Quotes from the research of Dean Bonlie DDS who has spent years researching magnetic therapy that the magnetic mattress should be placed between the mattress and the box spring to obtain the most therapeutic results. Dr. Walker cites the research of Dr. George Lewis MD of Toronto , Ontario, on 20 patients with fibromyalgia. Lewis report that the use of a magnetic pad placed between the mattress and box spring brought a 34.5% improvement in these 20 fibromyalgia patients. In 6 CFIDS patients, Lewis reported that the improvement was 72%.

Updates - Bob Mitchell and Marie NaVeaux Marie

NaVeaux reports that since going on Viramune, Zerit and Epivir, her viral load has declined from 390,000 to 1900 and her CD4’s have gone from 2 to 27. She reports no side effects from this non-protease combination and continues to follow a good diet and uses a daily fiber/pectin/probiotic blend to maximize the growth of friendly flora.

Miami, FL. Bob Mitchell faxed lab results after adding two protease inhibitors and Epivir to his current protocol of Transfer Factor Plus ( 6 a day) and about 20 other supplements. He reports that from Oct 15 through November 15th, his viral load has dropped from 525,000 to 1400 and his CD4’s have increased from 12 to 130. However, last week, he said that because of intolerable side effects from the protease inhibitors, he has stopped using the drug cocktail again.

Pulsed Protocols with Drug Cocktails

One reader called me in November and reported that for the past year he has been using a pulsed protocol with prescription drugs for HIV. It is one week on and on week off. After one year on this pulsed protocol his viral load increased from non-detectable to 60 and his CD4 count remains the same in the 600 range. In the week he uses the drugs, he uses 5 at a time.

This latest report adds to a growing body of anecdotal cases nationally of varying degrees of success with strategic interrupted or pulsed protocols. One strategy in using drugs in an on and off again mode is to allow the viral load to get high enough in the off mode for the immune system to be challenged, then to resume the drug cocktail until the viral load is again non-detectable. Several of these cases have been reported in GMHC and Project Inform newsletters during the past year.

The strategy behind pulsed protocols is kind of like self-immunization. It is generally agreed that when the viral load is non-detectable, the immune system sees no problem and does not attempt to respond to the very low viral levels. The pulsed protocols are kind of like teaching someone to swim. You let them swim until they are either exhausted or appear ready to go under then lift them out of the water to rest for a while before trying it all over again. Teaching the immune system to deal with HIV is like teaching someone how to swim.

There are now several success reports where these pulsed protocols have resulted in teaching the immune system to keep the viral load at very low or non-detectable levels after drug therapy has been discontinued. One very important precaution: Do not simply reduce the drug dose or you will invite viral resistance to the drugs and they won’t work at all even at high doses.

Update: Nov. 25th. Bob stopped his drug cocktail because of intolerable side effects. I suggested he try a pulsed protocol of two week off and two weeks on with the drug cocktail while continuing his immune-based, diet and nutritional therapies. He is now giving this pulsed protocol a try. He said he thought of reducing the dose of the drugs he uses and I told him of several case reports where viral resistance developed that would render his last drug treatment option useless.

For readers who have had stable viral loads that are non-detectable for several months and want to try a pulsed protocol, I think a pulsed protocol of one month on (using the drugs) and one month off would make more sense from the standpoint of teaching the immune system to control the virus naturally. It would also make sense to use immuno-therapy in the off month.

Readers adding Transfer Factor Plus to their regimen of drug cocktails report CD4 increases and/or viral load decreases.

Jim H of Chicago reports a viral load decrease (17000 to 15000) since adding Transfer Factor Plus (TF+) to a current drug cocktail that has been failing him (5000 to 17,000) over the past 9 months. He used TF+ for a few weeks just prior to his latest test.

In Virginia, Susan A reports that after using 2 capsules daily of TF+ (4Life Products) for the past 6 months along with a drug cocktail, that her viral load not only remains non-detectable, but that her CD4 count has increased from 350 to 476. She attributes the increase in CD4’s to the TF+. She said: “this is the highest my CD4’s have been in 5 years of using the drugs...my doctor said that my most recent lab tests indicate my cell-mediated immunity is exceptionally good and now he wants me to interrupt the drug cocktail to see if my immune system can handle the virus on its own.”

Note: The TF+ is expected to improve cell-mediated immunity. Initial efforts in one case of full blown AIDS to use a high dose of TF+ monotherapy failed to either reduce the viral load or increase the CD4’s. However, no one with CD4’s above 200 (non-AIDS) has tried TF+ in a high dose (6 to 9 capsules daily) as a monotherapy so we don’t know what the outcome would be.

IMMAX “Natural Immune Intelligence”

Within the past month, a new sublingual product that acts like transfer factor called “Natural Immune Intelligence” (NII) has been brought to my attention. The product is dissolved in the mouth and contains certain proprietary proteins designed to stimulate TH-1 cytokine responses. I have seen some impressive data on this product reducing viral loads of hepatitis and increasing CD4 counts in persons HIV+. My preliminary impression is that NII may rival the effectiveness of Transfer Factor Plus. It is suggested that just one tablet daily will prevent most viral infections and 6 a days are needed if a person has hepatitis, AIDS or heavy viral load from other sources. Since these products (NII and TF+) come from different manufacturers, a combination of the two at a reduced dose may be more effective than using either one alone at a higher dose. I’m making an intuitive judgment call here but I think that two “TF+” plus along with one “Natural Immune Intelligence” taken twice daily might be a powerful immune cocktail worth exploring.

Both TF+ and “Natural Immune Intelligence” cost about the same - about $1.00 a capsule or tablet. Cost is a factor that will unfortunately limit the number of people who will have access to either of these cutting-edge products.

Note: Another immune modulator, Naltrexone, has been found by Dr. Bihari, MD, to keep CD4 cells above 300 for several years when used as a monotherapy providing the use of Naltrexone (3 mg each) is started when the CD4’s are still above 300 and the product is used consistently once a day before bedtime. “Natural Immune Intelligence” is manufactured by IMMAX, 20925 Newman Dr, Brownstown, MI 48183. IMMAX stands for Immune Modulation Maximum Corp. Manufacturer sells to health care professionals.

Yamoa Powder for allergies, asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis.

Yamoa powder comes from Ghana in Africa from the “Funtumia Elastica Gum” tree. The gum tree has been used as a folk remedy for asthma and allergies for several years in Africa.

Mrs. Poole writes. “I started having asthma at the age of two and suffered very badly until my early teens, when I gradually improved. Now, after 30 years of inhaling my husband’s cigarette smoke, my chest gradually became bad again. Having read about Yamoa powder I decided to try it and began feeling better within a few days. I took two bottles of the powder and am amazed at how much better I am. Also, my peak flow reading has gone up from 100 to 225.”

Another person, Clive Cable, with hay fever and allergies to various pollens tried Yamoa powder and says that after mixing the Yamoa powder with a one pound jar of honey and taking one teaspoon twice daily until it was gone and has been free of all symptoms for over one year.

Yamoa powder is imported into the United States by Ojibwa Tea of Life, PO Box 200041, Denver, CO 80220. Email: mkalevik@usa.net.

Bridging the gap between man and God.

January 1, 2001

“what has been, what is, and what is to be”

Like the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the past, present and future merge into one - what has been, what is and what is to be. It is only in the present, this living moment of our consciousness that give us joy or pain, love or anger, despair or hope. Our mind and heart, our thoughts, our self-image and feelings are intricately related to our physical and emotional well-being. While anger can be as destructive as a raging river, forgiveness can be as cleansing and healing as bathing in a waterfalls on a warm sun-lit day.

In this new year, let us fast and let us pray to release the negative influences of the past (anger, grudges, the quest for power and wealth, addictions and compulsions) and enhance our consciousness for a higher purpose and spiritual awareness. Let us prepare for the coming rainbow - a sign from above - of forgiveness, peace, love, and healing for all. Mark Konlee

The foundation for rebuilding health

Had we existed before we existed we might have chosen parents with a genetic code that would have given us immunity from all disease. Not having the privilege of pre-existence and the choice of a new body, we are like carpenters seeking to remodel an existing home - a home for our soul and consciousness. In seeking answers to our individual needs of health and daily concerns, we need to be aware that all our concerns and consciousness are part of the larger consciousness of a greater and invisible force in the universe known to native Americans as “the Great Spirit” and by other names to other believers. Irrespective of what we call “God,” the direct connection of our mind to our Creator’s mind is never interrupted by flood or storms, electrical power failures, failure of personal health, fortune or misfortune.

There is no monthly bill to pay for this direct connection to our Creator. The connection is free if our mind and heart “desire to connect.” Our conscious relationship with our Creator is part of the foundation for building and rebuilding health as this is the prime source of all knowledge and wisdom for healing the body, the heart and the soul. A common mistake persons with chronic illness make is to fail to ask God for direction in making treatment choices or in finding a health care professional who will make safe and effective treatment choices. An even greater error is ingratitude - when healed, to forget to return and give “Thanks.”

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

John Kennedy (1960 inaugural address)

Our relationship with God is much like our relationship to our political leaders - we come to them with “needs.” While politicians often seek to out promise each other to satisfy our “needs” in order to obtain our votes, there is only one God, not running for this position in competition with other “gods.”

John Kennedy’s message in his 1960 inaugural that I heard on live television was more spiritual than political: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Kennedy inspired a new generation of Americans and founded the “Peace Corps” a living community for people to serve other people both at home and abroad. Like the new relationship Kennedy sought to inspire with our country, is it not time that we should seek a new relationship with God by asking daily this simple question: “God, what can I do for you?”

The relationship God desires from each of us is like that of children to their parents. While children need to be obedient to their parents, it is the love of a child for his parents and the appreciation that is shown that is most endearing to the parents - so it is for God. For a Christian, the simple words of “Thank you, Jesus” said daily for all the good things that have happened in our life and when said sincerely are like a prayer with wings carried on to the most high. We all have needs and should, when necessary, ask for them, but it is appreciation that most of all we too often forget to give from our hearts to our Creator.

Daily Words that can transform our lives

Before eating: “Bless this God (Jesus, Lord, Great Spirit, Yahweh, Mohammed) and these they gifts which we are about to receive from thy bounty, through (Christ our Lord), Amen”

Before drinking a glass of water or beverage: “Thank you, (Jesus)” Our words transform the water into a crystalline structure for our cells to drink.

When in pain: “I offer this pain to you, (Jesus) in reparation for the pain you feel for the offenses and ingratitude of all your children.”

When fatigued: “I offer this fatigue for the weakness you felt when you carried your cross for the love of all of us in reparation for our offenses against you.”

Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other religion, the one God hears all words (prayers) that we offer him.

Both pain and fatigue can be released from the body through these simple words of offering. This is not some gimmick. The release comes when the offering is made sincerely and not as some test of our Deity. When a miracle happens in our lives, let us “Give thanks and remember,” for we are all of God’s children (and that includes all adults and senior citizens as well). Requests for our “needs” can also be directed to those angelic spirits (intervenors - St Joseph, the Virgin Mary and the Saints) who are close to God. When these requests are answered, however small, ask the angelic spirit who intervened for you to thank God for responding to your request.

For the non-believers, the next time you lose something, ask St Anthony to help you find it and when it is found, remember to express words of appreciation. When this happens to you several times, you will find yourself becoming less of a non-believer. God and the angelic spirits that surround him have chosen to be invisible to us for most of our lives so as not to interfere with our privacy and free will. Spirits are like the wind. We cannot see the wind but we can see and experience its effects.

The path that opens before us

For those who are chronically ill, ask one of the angelic spirits each day to intervene for you to give you direction to help you recover from whatever chronic ailment affects you. Then, prepare for a miracle - like Noah waiting for the great flood to end - a path will open before you - a rainbow will follow. + + +

A Self-Help Guide for the immune-compromised

Several times each week, people call me from across the country affected by various chronic conditions like constant fatigue, multiple allergies, chemical sensitivity, HIV, cancer, hepatitis and Lyme disease and ask for help on what to do.

Often there are basic problem areas that need addressing before real progress can be made. These are basic areas of the body that if not in proper balance undermine most efforts at recovery of the immune system. These include:

1. Gastrointestinal health

a. Good intestinal flora

b. Stools -floaters and not sinkers.

c. Stool diameter - large or small and narrow - large diameter is normal - small indicates intestinal inflammation.

d. Yellow urine that is also clear.

e. One or two bowel movements daily

f. Digestion - is all food digested or are raw vegetables found in the stools?

g. Good appetite or poor appetite

2. Acid/alkaline balance - saliva and urine pH. pH controls the activity of enzymes throughout the body. Normal saliva pH between meals is 6.4. If it is too high (alkaline), you are going to have problems digesting proteins and are likely to have allergies. If too low, below 6.4, you are likely to have upper respiratory problems and a toxic liver.

3. Body Temperature - normal 98.6. Low body temperature is associated with Anergy and a non-responsive immune system. Are your hands and feet cold?

4. Stress reduction - do you get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested or is your sleep interrupted?

5. Exercise - do you get enough?

6. Dietary Supplements - are you getting too little or too much?

7. Skin - soft and smooth or dry and aging in appearance?

8. Water - do you drink enough and what kind do you drink?

9. Faith: Do you believe in a Supreme Being? Do you ask for his help in guiding you in the right direction daily? Do you thank him when your life goes smoothly?

10. Diet: Do you eat processed foods with preservatives added, prepared at very high temperatures or living foods?

This gives you a general guideline for self-evaluation, but more specifics are needed. Having friendly intestinal flora is not an option just for a healthy gastrointestinal tract but for a healthy immune system as well. Why observing the quality of stools is so important is that when the stools are not healthy in appearance, neither will be the patient. Obtaining healthy stools is a pre-requisite for recovery from most of the illnesses of civilization. Briefly, when you have unhealthy stools and bad flora in the gut, you will have an excess of ammonia produced by those unfriendly flora and this will throw your saliva and urine pH out of balance and along with it hundreds of vital enzymes throughout the body - enzymes that not only control digestion but help in the production of energy in the body and the removal of waste matter and toxins. Toxemia (self-poisoning) is the result of having an intestinal tract loaded with e-coli, candida, parasites and other pathogens.

There is more. You need friendly flora to produce short chain fatty acids like lactic, acetic, butyric and others that create an internal environment hostile to the flora that cause illness and you need these same friendly flora (acidophilus and bifidobacteria) to produce these short chain fatty acids to stimulate the growth of mucus membranes throughout the intestinal tract and mucin, the intestinal lubricant. You need healthy mucus membranes as much as you need healthy skin. The mucus membranes of the gastrointestinal tract (GI) tract are critical to prevent leaky gut syndrome, acid reflux syndrome, ulcers, allergies, etc. You can’t have mucosal immunity without healthy mucus membranes. When the intestinal tract has insufficient mucus membranes, it leads to absorption of foreign proteins (byproducts of digestion) and to a TH2 cytokine immune response (IL-6 and IL-10). The resulting overload of toxins absorbed from the intestines overstimulates your humoral immunity and weakens your cell mediated immunity.

Failure to have an adequate amount of butyric and acetic acid in the colon impairs the absorption of calcium, magnesium and dozens of trace minerals leading to endocrine and hormonal imbalances, conditions like insomnia, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and many other imbalances. Bifido bacteria and the short chain fatty acids are virtually non-existent in all persons with AIDS, cancer, lyme, hepatitis, multiple allergies and chemical sensitivities and chronic fatigue syndrome. Because the short chain fatty acids are not in the stools is why they sink. Taking yet another multiple vitamin and mineral supplement is not the answer. Most of the fiber supplements and friendly flora supplements on the market are helpful but the best formula we have discovered is the fiber, pectin and probiotic blends like 841, 84211 and other variations. (See July - 2000 report)

Diet must be free from a daily intake of antibiotics, food preservatives, colloidal silver and all antimicrobials that kill off the good bacteria. Eating yogurt alone is helpful except there is no bifido bacteria in yogurt and the bifido bacteria like B Longum and Bifidum that reside in the colon are just as important as the acidophilus that resides primarily in the small intestines. Kefir and butter milk are actually healthier for your colon than yogurt. If yogurt were more sour and less like a sweet pudding, it would be more beneficial.

Some raw vegetables and fruits should be consumed with each meal to provide live active plant enzymes to help the digestive process. Consider parsley or raw ripe pineapple. Honey is a healthy food and a good infection fighter but to be effective, it must be eaten raw, not added to hot foods or used in cooking. Cooked foods that are easiest to digest are cooked at a low temperature, simmered or cooked at the low setting in a crock pot or slow cooker.

Urine should have a clear, yet yellow color at least once a day, although if you drink a lot of water, it will be lighter in color. Friendly flora produce B vitamins that turn your urine yellow. For those of you who are not completely sugar intolerant, a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses in a cup of hot water is a rich source of calcium and over 60 trace minerals. Moreover, these minerals are ionized, that is, completely dissolved in water and completely absorbable, better than most of the calcium supplements on the market.

Saliva pH below 6.4 can also be an indication of a calcium deficiency. Without ionized calcium, nutrient delivery across the cell membranes is impaired and fatigue and toxemia result. A small amount of coral calcium powder dissolved in water is a great source of ionized calcium and trace minerals. This is far better than the colloidal mineral supplements on the market that most often have too many toxic metals (lead, mercury) in them. Pectin, especially in the fiber/probiotic blend removes heavy metals from the body and is a great detoxifier.

Insomnia is related to toxemia, colon toxicity, calcium malabsorption and stress. Insomnia leads to higher IL-6 (Interluken 6) levels that throws your immune system to the humoral or TH2 side.

Exercise - take a walk for half an hour before bedtime, eat some cottage cheese, a natural source of calcium lactate or take 3 to 5 calcium lactate capsules before bedtime and this will help you sleep better. Hops or chamomile tea may be helpful also but avoid adding any sugar. Sun tanning indoors in a salon for 15 minutes twice a week will help and take one or two teaspoons of natural Cod Liver Oil (not emulsified) daily will help also as will the whole lemon/olive oil drink.

Glutathione levels: Cold processed whey proteins like ImmunePro or Immunocal are very helpful as are winter squash and avocados for increasing glutathione levels. Silymarin, alpha lipoic acid, and brewer’s yeast as a source of selenium are also very helpful is supporting glutathione levels. Co-enzyme Q10 found in broccoli, kale and other dark green vegetables help with energy production. Natural vitamin C from beets, rose hips and acerola cherries is more beneficial than corn derived or manufactured Vitamin C. Avoid high potency vitamin and mineral supplements sold in drug stores and even in health food stores. Get your vitamins from whole natural sources and not in such high doses. A few exceptions - vitamin E - up to 400 i.u daily is beneficial for heart and circulatory problems, Methyl B12 and folic acid are very beneficial and help reduce homocysteine levels.

Note: Beet derived vitamin C is available from Nutricology. One reader said that while regular vitamin C upset his stomach and he did not notice any benefits, he got rid of all his infections as soon as he started taking beet derived vitamin C (about 1000 mg daily).

Specific supplements that can help

Lyme disease: try a herbal product called Spiro Kete (Kroeger Herb Co, also Venus fly-trap extract, fiber/pectin/probiotic blend and Transfer Factor Plus.

Candidiasis: Coconut oil, raw garlic, caprystatin, Ojibwa tea, sugar free diet, Perfect Stool Formula or make your own fiber/pectin/probiotic blend and Transfer Factor Plus.

Cancer - any treatment prescribed by your physician along with a good diet, lemon/olive oil drink, fiber/pectin/probiotic blend and Transfer Factor Plus. Note: if you choose chemotherapy, do not take vitamin C and other antioxidants as they will neutralize the oxidative effects of the chemotherapy that are needed to kill the cancer cells. Drink freshly prepared vegetable juices instead and fresh flax oil/cottage cheese combination once daily.

Hepatitis - Transfer Factor Plus, fiber/pectin/probiotic blend, parsley, lemon/olive oil drink, castor oil packs over liver area, silymarin, IMMAX (Natural Immune Intelligence). Avoid pork and beef.

HIV/AIDS - take 2 or 3 prescription antivirals along with fiber/pectin/probiotic blend and 2 Transfer Factor Plus caps daily.

Parasite Cleanse - Almost everyone would benefit from doing this for 3 days per month. There is no need for most people to do a parasite cleanse every day especially if you have floating stools. Parasites like an alkaline colon, not an acidic colon teaming with friendly bifido bacteria. To do a 3 day cleanse, take 3 black walnut capsules or 3 Wormwood Combination capsules (Kroeger Herb Co) 3 times a day before or with meals plus 3 castor oil capsules just before bedtime. Repeat this 3 day regimen once a month before, during and after the full moon. The full moon is the time of the month when most parasites replicate.

Coral Calcium Update

In Dec., 2000, I reported on two sources of coral calcium, Body Systems Technology and House of Gold. Unfortunately, Body Systems Technology is too slow in filling their orders. After waiting 6 weeks, I canceled my order with them. House of Gold (Starfire Int’L) uses a product made in Japan that has metallic silver added. Silver in solution will kill off both the friendly as well as the unfriendly bacteria. Colloidal silver or variations of silver solutions should not be consumed daily any more than antibiotics or food preservatives. These non-specific antimicrobials kill off the friendly flora. A better source is Natural Health Link (www.naturahealthlink.com.

They sell a pure coral calcium powder called “Coral Legend” with nothing added. A 2 oz bottle costs about $20. Add 1/8th teaspoon to a gallon of reverse osmosis or distilled water or add 1 level teaspoon to a batch of fiber/pectin/probiotic blend (i.e. Formula 841, 84211 or Perfect Stool Formula). The coral calcium is high in magnesium and has a full range of trace minerals. It improves stool quality by increasing mucin (intestinal mucus) production. This should help protect the mucus membranes and should lessen constipation. Published claims for many health benefits from coral calcium can be found on the internet. Coral calcium may be one of the most effective mineral supplement currently available.

Blackstrap molasses is another great source of ionized calcium and trace minerals except some persons will need to avoid molasses because of its sugar content.

Transfer Factor Plus with Zerit & Epivir reduce viral load from 15000 to 50

Chicago, IL: Jim H. Last month I reported that Jim H from Chicago who has been using Zerit (D4T) and Epivir (3TC) for the past 5 years had been failing his protocol during the year 2000 with each test showing an increase in viral load going from non-detectable to 17,000. It is amazing that these 2 drugs alone, without ever using protease inhibitors, worked this well for so long. Jim gives some credit to Naltrexone that he used once daily for several years along with the 2 drugs and a herbal formula called “Composition A” that he stopped using about 2 years ago when he could no longer afford it.

Last fall, he took 2 Transfer Factor Plus capsules for just 5 days before a lab test and noticed a very slight drop in viral load form 17,000 to 15,000. In December, he started using the TF+ daily - just 2 capsules and had blood drawn on December 23rd. When his latest lab results arrived, he called me to report that his viral load had dropped to 50. “I am delighted,” he said.

Then he added, another unexpected result is that both his cholesterol and triglyceride levels returned to normal as well. His triglycerides dropped form 300 to 180. I asked him what his doctor had to say about his latest labs: [He replied “it’s a miracle.”]

Note: This is the 3rd case where a small dose of just 2 capsules of TF+ along with a drug cocktail has either decreased the viral load or increased the CD4 counts in persons HIV+. I am hopeful that this kind of good news continues. Also, last month, I mentioned Yamoa Powder for persons with asthma and allergies. One reader with chronic asthma called to tell me that she had not been able to breathe this easy for several years. Yamoa is imported from Ghana by Michelle Kalivek. For more inf., call 303-322-7930.

Also, a reader using IMMAX - a sublingual transfer factor - 3 tablets daily said that a soreness in her intestines and head disappeared after using the product for just 5 days. She suffers from candidiasis and multiple allergies. IMMAX-Natural Immune Intelligence 734-675-2224.

MONOLAURIN - low cost, non toxic anti-microbial

February 1, 2001 Readers report effects against various lipid viruses (HIV, HHV-6, CMV, EBV, Herpes).Mark Konlee

Australia, Sydney: A reader, Mark C, who used Monolaurin, a modified form of lauric acid found in coconut oil, for the past 3 months reported a drop in HIV viral load form 40,000 to 7,000. Monolaurin is sold by Ecological Formulas and is a patented product. It is sold in some health food stores and no prescription is required.

The reader also used a local botanical formula with 47 herbs in it. As both were used at the same time and were new additions to his protocol, it is an open question whether this significant drop in the viral load can be attributed solely to the Monolaurin. He reported he used 3 capsules 2 or 3 times daily. He did not use any prescription drugs for HIV.

Another reader reported that Monolaurin got rid of his cold sores and herpes lesions. Christina White B.A, in the latest issue of New Horizons, dedicates this special issue to Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She reports that people with HHV-6 infection are getting benefits from the use of Monolaurin. She also reports that in the central nervous system, that in one study, 73% of MS patients were infected with HHV-6.

Monolaurin has been around for over 20 years. It is a low-cost antiviral and antimicrobial and there are over a dozen patents on it filed by various researchers like Kabara, Peterson, as well as corporations like Proctor and Gamble. Published research in a laboratory setting has found Monolaurin effective against lipid-enveloped viruses like HIV, HHV-6, CMV, EBV, herpes and others. Other scientific studies indicates its effects against viruses that also includes influenza, helicobacter pylori, rhinoviruses, staphylococcus, strep, listeria, chlamydia, enterococcus and dental plaque (1, 2, 3,4, 6, 7)

In laboratory studies, two studies reported that a highly effective dose was 5 micrograms per ml while another study stated that 10 micrograms per ml was in inhibitory dose. Wicker KJ et al report that at a concentration higher than 5 micrograms per ml, Monolaurin inhibited T cell proliferation and at concentrations of 0.1 micrograms/ml optimally induced proliferation of T cells (5). At higher concentrations, Monolaurin did not inhibit B cell proliferation.

Monolaurin has also been found in alcohol extracts of Saw Palmetto, a herb that is widely used for prostate infections and inflammations.


1. J. Food Prot 2000 Nov;63(11):1503-10

2. J Med Microbiol 2000 Aug; 49(8):719-23

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What is the difference between Monolaurin and Coconut oil?

The difference is that while coconut oil will act against some viruses through components like lauric acid and capric acid, Monolaurin is a modified form of lauric acid with glycerol that is reported to be more effective as an anti-viral agent. With coconut oil, some persons with HIV who have used up to 3 tablespoon daily had significant drops in viral loads, while others reported it had no effect at all.

We still don’t know what is the optimal dosage level for using Monolaurin in treating HIV, HHV-6, CMV, EBV and other viruses. I think that possibly an effective dosage range is from 9 to 12 capsules daily for adults, but until it is tested as a monotherapy by several persons who obtain before and after lab results, we won’t know for sure.

Volunteers needed to test Monolaurin

For HIV, anyone who is on a structured interruption protocol using drug cocktails and is in the off mode, that is, currently not using the drugs and planning to resume their use. In this off period, viral rebound is expected in most cases. If the use of Monolaurin can suppress the viral rebound as shown by PCR or other tests, it will be a positive development. Other persons who have a viral load who have never used prescription drugs for HIV/AIDS. The 3rd group are those using drugs who are on failing regimens and are seeing consistent increases in their viral loads. This group could try either Monolaurin (3 or 4 capsules 3 times a day). Until we obtain more volunteers and lab data, we are in no position to draw any conclusions..

Other persons who may benefit from Monolaurin are those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), HHV-6, variant A or B and CMV. Note: if CMV Retinitis is present, check with your physician for using it along with prescribed treatments. There are no known adverse effects from using Monolaurin even in high doses.

Note: Monolaurin (Ecological Formulas) costs about $17 per 90 capsules. Also, each Monolaurin capsule contains 100 mg of calcium so additional calcium supplement may not be needed if 9 to 12 capsules are used daily. At 9 capsules per day, 3 bottles will last 30 days. At 12 capsules per day, it will take 4 bottles for a month’s supply. In CFIDS, Monolaurin, plus Transfer Factor Plus and the fiber/pectin/probiotic blend may be a promising treatment combination worth trying.

Persons who try Monolaurin are asked to let us write to Keep Hope Alive, PO Box 270041, West Allis, WI 53227. Be sure to include your phone number.

Update: Phillipine study with coconut oil and monolaurin in the treatment of HIV

A study done in the Phillipines using Monolaurin in different dosages in two groups and coconut oil in a 3rd group for HIV can be found at www.apcc.org.sg/newinfo.htm. I’m not certian if I am interpreting the data correctly, but the group using coconut oil, about one tablespoon 3 times a day appeared to do as well or better than the two groups on Monolaurin. One reader suggested taking a digestive enzyme with lipase in it along with the coconut oil to increase its effectiveness. No one has tried this to my knowledge. Lipase is a fat digestive enzyme.

Multiple Sclerosis

The Winter 2000 and Spring 2001 issue of “New Horizons” published by Christina White B.A. is a 24 page report on several treatments for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This report has several extensive articles on treatments for MS including the use of injectable B1 and liver extract, pathogens involved including HHV-6, low-dose Naltrexone, Calcium EAP, essential fatty acids, Histamine treatment, DHEA, Methyl B12, Progesterone, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin B3 as Niacinamide, NADH and vitamin D. Christine White, who is also a member of Keep Hope Alives’ Medical Advisory Board, reports that HHV-6 infection has been found in the CNS tissues of 73% of a group of MS patients. In addition, 100% of MS patients in this study has antibodies to Epstein Barr Virus and 64% had Chlamydia pneumonia exposure. Testing for HHV-6 is available by calling ViraCor at 800-305-5198.

This 24 page report is the most extensive and concentrated research report on Multiple Sclerosis that I have ever come across. Anyone with MS would do themselves a service by obtaining a copy. Write to Brewer Science Library, 325 N Central Ave, Richland Center, WI 53581. Include $5.00 for the report on MS plus $1 for shipping ($6.00 total). website: www.mwt.net/~drbrewer. Ph no. 608-647-6513.

Government Website for persons with disabilities


The US government has expanded its website to help person with disabilities. A new Employer’s Resource and Media Resource section has been added to www.disAbility.gov.

www.disAbility.gov offers extensive information and local and national resources on employment opportunities, housing, health, education, recreation and transportation. The new website addition will help job seekers with disabilities and employers meet. Also, the Presidential Task Force on Disabilities can be reached at 202-693-4939 TTY:202-693-4920. Additionally, US Labor Dept. releases are found at www.dol.gov Another very useful private website is www.disabilityresources.org

DNCB and Transfer Factor Plus

Topical weekly application of DNCB (DiNitroChloroBenzene) have been used for years to stimulate Type 4 Delayed Hypersensitivity Reactions. DNCB is an immune modulator that stimulates antigen presentation and cell mediated immunity. The type 4 reaction (Delayed Type Hypersensitivity) induces the CD8 cytotoxic lymphocytes to destroy virus-infected cells. One reader with CFIDS tried to sensitize herself with the 10% application of DNCB but got no reaction to the 10% and the 2% solution she applied 2 weeks later. She then started taking Transfer Factor Plus (4-Life Products) at the rate of 4 capsules 3 times a day. After one week, all her DNCB patches reacted like a 4th of July fireworks.

She now has 2 very itchy patches but is very happy with the results. For some time, we have known that transfer factor can stimulate strong DNCB reactions. I advised her to lay off the transfer factor for now and continue the weekly DNCB treatments until the original reactions have subsided. No one should attempt to use DNCB without first reading the material in my book on How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction. Note: The only current source I know of for obtaining DNCB is through Dr. Stricker at 415-283-1911 or at www.usmadocs.com/05hiv/index.htm. Note: ACT-UP SF & Healing Alternatives Fdn no longer sell DNCB.

Reader with FibroMyalgia (FM) obtains relief by increasing Serotonin levels.

Mary Jones who had FM reports she found 3 books at amazon.com on Serotonin. She reportedly talked to a health care professional who told her that FM is caused by a deficiency of the hormone serotonin. She reports that 5HTP increases serotonin levels or eating a meal of exclusive carbohydrates without any added fat (butter) or any protein also increases serotonin levels.

Note: Aerobic exercise can also increase serotonin levels along with dopamine and endorphin levels. Weight lifting does not have this effect and worse, may increase cortisol levels. Total body exercise that induces sweating is aerobic and involves motion of both hands and feet. Other aerobic activities are dancing, playing basketball, ping pong and tennis.

Fasting on Bread and Water

Carbohydrates and serotonin: A meal of strictly carbohydrates sounds to me like a fast of bread and water, something the saints and the Virgin Mary throughout the ages have asked Christians to do one day per week. I have long wondered if a fast for one day per week on whole grain bread and water might have physical benefits along with the spiritual ones.

In August, 2000, a national televised report showed Pope John Paul II meeting Sister Lucy of Fatima in Portugal. Sister Lucy was 11 years old in 1917 when she was visited by the Virgin Mary along with her sister Jacinta and brother Francisco. In the year 2000, she was 94 years old. One thing that struck me in the televised coverage was Sister Lucy’s youthful appearance as she greeted the Pope. At 94 yrs old, her face had no lines in it. She walked tall and straight. She smiled gently. She looked like a middle aged women in their late 40’s and wore no glasses. Has she been fasting on bread and water? In 1917, the Virgin Mary asked the seers of Fatima and the world to fast (on bread and water) and to pray. Are we missing something?


Allen Graves has developed a self-treatment protocol for HIV based on the Marc Correa protocol and information derived from Keep Hope Alive and other sources. He relies heavily on the use of a garlic and vinegar mixture. He reports that his viral load has declined from 55,000 to 14,454 and that this was accomplished without antiviral prescription drugs. His website protocol is about 20 pages and is best accessed with Internet Explorer. email: cured@wellfinally.net.

Free Energy News

Conrad LeBeau (West Allis, WI Feb., 2001)

With a cold winter and natural gas prices doubling in most parts of the nation and rolling blackouts in California, what is now a national energy crisis is rapidly becoming a financial crisis as well. When people cannot afford to stay warm in winter and cool in summer, it adversely affects their health and peace of mind. Free Energy News will appear from time to time as part of this newsletter, but not on a regular monthly basis.

Living in a ranch style block house I bought here 4 years ago, I added 12 inches of fiber glass insulation in the attic about 2 years ago. As I watched my gas bills more than double this winter reaching $291 in January, I decided I needed to add insulation to my walls. I looked at my gas bills for last year and watched the price of natural gas climb from 67 cents a Therm in May to $1.14 in early Jan., 2001. I was told the prices in February would go even higher.

Calling an insulation contractor, he told me that because I had a block house and there was some original insulation in the walls, he could not, as a practical matter, add more. He offered me no new energy saving ideas.

Digital Programmable Thermostats

Digital programmable thermostats can save you from 10 to 25% annually on your heating and air conditioning costs. I found one at Menards. There are several different models, 2800 - the economy model, and 3200 and 3400. I chose the 3200 model. It is designed for both heat and AC. There are two groups of programs built into the thermostat. One is for Monday through Friday and the other is for Saturday and Sunday. In the Mon through Fri program, there are 4 daily time period to set the desired temperature. They are wake, leave, return and sleep. The settings control all five days simultaneously. You need to set the temperature you desire for each time period. The daily cycle for each program is from 12 am to midnight. Separate setting are required for the Sat/Sun program. There is also a manual over-ride for temp. settings that runs until the next time period.

Ideally, you set the temperature to a comfortable setting (i.e. 68°F while you are at home and awake) and lower while you sleep (i.e. 64°F). Your biggest savings occurs during the day while you are gone to work. You can set the thermostat for 56°F and set it to warm the house up 30 minutes before you get home. The digital thermostat has kept the house within one degree of the thermostat setting. The old thermostat had too wide a cycle range - over 4 degrees - causing the room to feel either too cold or too hot. This wide cycle range wasted a lot of energy causing the furnace room to overheat when the thermostat called for heat.

“Time of Use” Electricity

Around the middle of January, I called Wisconsin Electric and had a time of use meter installed Jan. 17th which gives me cheap electricity for 12 hours a day (7pm to 7 am) and all weekend, but more costly for 12 hrs daily Mon through Fri (7am to 7pm). On the 7pm to 7am period, I use an electric heater in each room with a programmable timer to turn it on when it is cost effective and off when it is not. The electricity costs only 2.5 cents per kW at night and weekends or half the cost of the natural gas for the same amount of heat. During the day when electricity costs 14 cents a kW, the digital thermostat turns on the gas heat which is cheaper to use. I have estimated that this combination heating system (gas during the day and electric heat at night and on weekends) will cut the heating cost about 50%.

Insulation - If you could just paint it on Well, you can!

As I estimated the cost of natural gas, I anticipated my gas bill by February 15th could reach close to $400 a month. I said to a friend: “Why hasn’t someone invented an insulating paint that you can paint on your walls and insulate it at the same time?” He said; “never heard of such a thing.” I called several local building and heating suppliers and hardware stores and no one heard of any such product. “You’r dreaming,” said one salesman.

In January, I did an internet search using the word “insulation” and made a surprising discovery. Two websites offered an insulating paint with microporous ceramic particles and one offered the powdered ceramic particles that could be added to any kind of paint and applied on walls, pipes, inside or outside the house. The product is called “insuladd.” I printed out about 20 pages of information from this website located at www.insuladd.com (Ph No 888-748-5233).

This product has been out for several years and is the outgrowth of the Space Shuttle program. NASA found that ceramic tiles had tremendous insulation value during re-entry of the space module. Two coats of paint with insuladd added have a conduction R value or 5 and a radiation R value of 20. This is a better overall R value than 2 inches of Styrofoam. The R value measures the insulation value for resisting heat transfer, the higher the R value, the better is the insulation material. Not including the paint, I calculated the cost at 4 cents a sq. ft for applying insuladd. An insulation product with a comparable R value at a local hardware store cost 40 cents a sq. ft. It costs about $8.00 to treat a gallon of paint with insuladd (covers 200 sq. ft). For indoors, you need only paint the ceilings and the outside walls. Manufacturer reports a 40% savings in heating and cooling costs. This weekend, Feb. 3rd, I am painting my home with Insuladd. I will let you know the results I obtain next month.

Update: Combined gas and electric bills dropped about $100 per month with the use in Insuladd and the implementation of “Time of Use” electricity for heating in the off hours when the rates are 2.6 cents per KW while using gas during the day when the electical rates are around 14 cents per KW and the gas cost is a constant. Natural gas prices declined in late February or even greater saving would have been realized.

Mad Cow Disease

March 1, 2001

Mad Deer and Mad Cows BSE, TSE’s. CJD, nvCJD, Scrapie and Kuru

Mark Konlee

For the past few years, Americans have heard news on television and in newspapers of a fatal brain disease affecting cows living in Great Britain called “Mad Cow Disease.” Mad Cow Disease is known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or BSE. Over 180,000 cows in Great Britain were found to be infected with BSE and over 4 million have been killed and replaced with “apparently clean” imported animals. BSE is thought to have been passed on to persons who ate beef from the infected cows.

There are now 94 persons in Great Britain that have been diagnosed with the bovine derived version of Creutfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) called (nvCJD). I’m not sure what the “nv” stands for, but keeping track of all the names is a task in itself. Regular CJD kills about one person in every million each year in countries all around the planet, but the media is paying little attention to this problem and neither is anyone else.

Medical researchers state that they don’t know what causes CJD, but suspect either misfolded proteins called prions, a virus or some other pathogen. In reference to all forms of prion diseases in all species and animals, they are called Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies or TSE’s. Today, little attention is being paid in the media to the epidemic of TSE’s in deer, antelope, elk and other animals in the wild.

When the disease first appeared in sheep 200 years ago, it was called “Scrapie.” Early in the last century, when it was found among cannibals living in New Guinea, it was called “Kuru.” The incubation time for the disease has been estimated by one source to be 5 to 10 years while another claimed 1 year to 30 years.

A local pathologist told me that most persons diagnosed with the disease (CJD) die within one year and that the symptoms are indistinguishable from Alzheimer’s. With recent news of infected cows showing up in Germany, France and Switzerland, panic has swept throughout Europe. Sales of beef have plummeted and concern has spread around the globe. In January, France banned the sale of T bone steaks, because of their close proximity to potentially infected meat in the spinal cord.

The origin of the problem in Great Britain is thought to have been caused by feeding parts of sheep infected with Scrapie to cows in their feed. The most infected part of any animal with Spongiform encephalopathy is the brain and spinal cord and all tissues that are near it. One article at the Center for Disease Control’s website (www.cdc.gov) reported a change in processing animal parts in the 1980’s may have rendered the feed meal less sterile.

CJD (not beef related) is killing one person in every million each year.

Regular CJD kills about one person in every million each year, most over the age of 60, while the beef derived version called nvCJD affects people is all age groups including children. Regular CJD is now taking about 300 lives annually in the United States. While the media has reported deaths from Mad Cow Disease in England and the spread of the disease to France, Germany and Switzerland, it has not reported that people are dying from CJD in the United States each year - an average of 238 per yr. over the past 20 years..

Medical authorities seem less concerned about these cases because they are not apparently related to consumption of contaminated beef but the cause of regular CJD is reportedly unknown. However, the facts as I observe them are that regular CJD is an even greater threat than nvCJD and is coming from infected deer and other animals in the wild that are either undercooked or handled in an unsanitary way to cause cross-contamination with other foods like salads, bread, etc.

Cattle infected with BSE have also been reported in Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Albania, Oman, Croatia and the Falkland Islands. Genetic predisposition in people Researchers have found that about 40% of the population has a genetic predisposition to develop the disease due to a gene called PRNP codon 129 M/M genotype, that confers a faster incubation time. All cases of nvCJD in England have thus far carried this gene also called the “Met/Met gene.”

New York Times reports that the US Deer population has an Epidemic of Spongiform Encephalopathies (chronic wasting disease)

While Spongiform Encephalopathy (Scrapie) was first observed in sheep about 200 years ago, other TSE’s have affected other animals including deer, antelope, elk, mink and squirrels that live in the wild. In some states, estimates are that 10% or more of the deer population are infected with spongiform encephalopathy.

On January 4, 2001, The New York Times on its front page reported the following:

“Although mad cow disease has not been detected in cattle in the United States, a related malady called chronic wasting disease is spreading rapidly among deer and elk herds, captive and wild, in six Western states and in Canada. In laboratory dish experiments, chronic wasting disease has been shown to infect human cells, in principle, hunters who ate infected deer or elk meat could have the disease and if they donate blood, could pass it on.”

Last month, a local women called to tell me that her brother who lives here in Wisconsin ate venison from a deer they killed this past fall. They had the deer examined to see if it had any diseases but didn’t wait for the results of the examination to eat their first meal of venison. After having a few meals of deer meat, they got the bad news that the deer had “chronic wasting” or a brain infection of spongiform encephalopathy. Now, they are worried that they will get the disease.

I told the reader that if they cooked the venison well that they need not worry, but to be wary of handling the infected meat and then make a salad without washing their hands in soap and water and preferably water with bleach in it.

NOTE: Be Aware that knives and cutting boards not properly bleached and washed could spread the infection to other foods. There is a big risk factor is using the same cutting board for both meat and also bread and salads. Everyone should have two cutting boards with one used exclusively for meats and the 2nd one for other foods. The same goes for knives, and finally, hands touching raw meat must be washed in bleach water with soap added and then rinsed well under running water to avoid the risk of cross contamination.

Research Letter in the Journal of the Am. Medical Assn. (Nov. 8, 2000) by Robert Gibbons et al from the Center for Disease Control reports 4,751 deaths from CJD in the United States from 1979 through 1998.

That is an average of 238 deaths from CJD per year with a slow gradual increase in the number of cases reported by 1998 when they reached about 1 in every 779,000 people. The article also reported 10 cases in persons under 30 years of age. In the United States, the median age of deaths from CJD was 68. In England, the median age of deaths was 27.5 years of age. In the 10 cases in the US involving persons under 30 years of age, one was linked to the use of “human growth hormone” and nvCFD was ruled out in 2 other cases. No evaluation of the other 7 cases was mentioned in the article. Normally, CJD only affects people over 60 years old. After the age of 60, the odds of developing CJD increase to about one in every 160,000 persons.

Medical “experts” state one in a million cases of CJD occurs each year

It may be unknown, but it is not spontaneous. It is coming from somewhere. In my opinion, 99%+ of all the CJD cases in the United States and throughout the world are coming from undercooked animals killed in the wild (deer etc.) and from the mishandling of these raw meats in kitchens that results in cross-contamination. It could not be coming from the prions or we would have had a world wide epidemic long ago. The prions are not destroyed by cooking the meat, but the infectious agent is likely destroyed by boiling or proper cooking. CJD must be coming from a virus or other infectious agent co-mingled with the prions or a strain of mycoplasma that is destroyed by the cooking process.

What causes spongiform encephalopathy? (prions, mycoplasma or virus?)

Scientists cannot agree on what actually causes the disease or how to treat it. The most common theory is the “prion” theory. A prion is a misfolded protein that is thought to be pathogenic and self replicating. The prion is not destroyed by heat as is a virus, mycoplasma or bacteria. It takes a very strong acid like formic acid or an alkali like sodium hydroxide to break it down. Prions have been observed in all cases of spongiform encephalopathies in different species. The prion theory contributes to the public panic but other researchers believe that the prions are the result of an underlying infection from a virus or mycoplasma. After evaluating available data from various sources, I no longer believe that the prion proteins are the infectious agents in any type of spongiform encephalopathy but that the real infectious agent is a virus or mycoplasma that co-mingles with the prions.

More information on CJD and Mad Cow Disease can be found at the CDC website at www.cdc.gov. In the “search” box, type in either CJD or Mad Cow and you will turn up a long list of articles on the subject.

The Food and Drug Adm (FDA) has taken a significant number of steps over the past few years to prevent the spread of BSE to the United States including banning the importation of glandulars and gelatin from countries where BSE outbreaks have occurred and in 1997 banning the feeding of animal parts including bonemeal to other animals except for cat and dog food. The problem I see is that they don’t have enough inspectors to enforce the new regulations. By the way, I would not buy cat or dog food cereal that contains either lamb or beef parts. It is safer for your pet to buy a turkey or chicken based formula or if you want to feed beef parts to your cat or dog, used canned pet food only which would be cooked and therefore sterile.

Researcher links Spiroplasma, a type of mycoplasma, to Spongiform Encephalopathies

Frank Bastian MD, professor of pathology at the University of So Alabama College of Medicine, Mobile, AL, quoted in an article published in JAMA, Aug 14th, 1996, first reported his research that Spiroplasma, a type of mycoplasma, is the likely infectious agent that causes Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE’s) in sheep and other animals.

JAMA: “Bastian, on the other hand, regards the prion theory as a red herring. the cause of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs), he says is a conventional microorganism - a mollicute or, more specifically, a spiroplasma. The infection-related protein (prion) is produced by the host in response to the infection.”

Following the 8/14/96 JAMA article is a media article by Ed Gherman titled “Spiroplasma and Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies.” Bastian based his views on 20 years of research. He reported evidence of spiroplasma-like inclusion bodies seen in brain biopsies from patients with CJD. He reports that spiroplasma internal fibril proteins are identical morphologically to those seen in TSEs and that the spiroplasma proteins show cross reactivity with the TSE proteins and that spiroplasma, when injected into rodents, produced the brain disease.

Bastian also stated that there are numerous reports of separating the prion protein from the infectivity. Finally, he reports that the immune system is involved and that in both naturally occurring TSEs and in experiments, there are autoantibodies and leukopenia. He said that the infectious agent, a spiroplasma, is dangerous because it can jump species. He said that we need to develop a test to find the presence of the spiroplasma, and that just looking for the prion proteins is not enough.

The article by Ed Gherman, revised on June, 1998, reported the size of the transmissible agent (Spiroplasma) to be 42 nanometers (nm) in size. The molecular weight of the spiroplasma is 27,000 to 30,000 daltons. Spiroplasma affinity is for nerve and brain tissues.

The research of Bastion indicates that an ultra filtering system that would remove particles of 42 nm or greater would be needed to completely remove the transmissible agent. A filtering system of 30 nm would certainly remove the transmissible agent.

In my opinion, the infectious agent first sets up housekeeping in the intestines, probably in nerve tissues. Normally, friendly flora and healthy mucus membranes in the gut will prevent the infection from ever taking root. However, when mucosal immunity in the intestines and cell mediated immunity fail is when the infection can spread inside the body and eventually reach the brain. Since spiroplasma is a mycoplasma, an infectious agent that is between a virus and a bacteria, some wide spectrum antibiotics that have killed other mycoplasmas might also inactivate spiroplasma. For an immune defense, the CD8 Killer T cells would likely be the most effective defense internally. Maintaining a colony of friendly flora, acidophilus, bifidus and infection fighting strains like L Salivarius in the intestines would be a good natural defense against accidental exposure.

My own analysis of the spread of CJD from the cannibals in New Guinea to the British experience with nvCJD to naturally occurring CJD cases worldwide indicate that bringing any food up to the boiling temperature of water will kill the infectious agent (spiroplasma or virus) even though the prions themselves are not destroyed. Once cooked, stomach acid breaks down the prions. The most likely cause of disease spread is through the handling of raw infected meats in an unsanitary manner (hands, knives, cutting boards etc.) that transfers the infectious agent to other foods.

Are Vaccines Safe?

New York Times reports 5 Drug makers with Mad Cow Link Feb. 8, 2001.

Today the New York Times reported despite the Food and Drug Administration asking pharmaceutical companies that they not use materials from cattle raised in countries where there is a risk of mad cow disease that “regulators discovered last year that five companies, including some of the world’s largest drug concerns, were still using ingredients from those countries to make nine widely used vaccines.”

It is not known if any of the nine vaccines involved in the investigation are actually contaminated. The vaccines include nine common ones given to millions of children. The Times article reported these include vaccines to prevent polio, diptheria, and tetanus as well as anthrax, given to soldiers serving in the Persian Gulf. FDA officials say there is only a very slight chance of a vaccine being contaminated.

They calculated the odds of being infected with CJD at one in 40 million to one in 40 billion in a worst case scenario. No details were provided on how they came up with these numerical odds. The Times article named GlaxoSmithKline, Aventis and American Home Products who have now agreed to stop using the suspect products that include bovine blood, fetal calf serum and meat broth.

FDA officials found out last year in interviews that some of the pharmaceutical companies were not complying with the earlier FDA requests. In one investigation, the Times reported that the “FDA discovered that the company, which it will not identify, was using cattle parts from a high-risk country.” The FDA has not recalled the suspected vaccines that are currently on pharmacy shelves and in hospitals.

Dietary supplements with glandulars in them were also questioned in the Times article. The FDA has asked supplement manufacturers not to use materials derived from cows in suspect countries but only inspects 60 of 1000 supplement manufacturers each year. No one can say for certain that all supplement manufacturers are complying with the FDA request. The big question in the minds of consumers is who to trust and what to trust? So far, I haven’t seen one major dietary supplement magazine write an article on this subject.

What is apparently safe to eat?

Milk and products derived from milk (butter, cheese, ice cream, whey proteins, transfer factor, etc.): No evidence has emerged either in experiments or in the natural environment of vertical transmission from milk to offspring. Pasteurization may offer more protection.

Gelatin is boiled and highly processed so as to be sterile. Gelatin capsules are considered safe. Beef and lamb well cooked should be safe. Beef soup, stew and roasted beef and lamb with no pink on the inside is safe. Do not eat any beef or lamb cooked rare or medium rare. No TSEs have been found is fish or poultry.

Vegetarians, be aware that cross contamination occurs in restaurants every day and that a salad prepared next to a raw chicken with salmonella may also contain salmonella. Thousands of people get salmonella from eating salads in restaurants each year from poor hygiene by busy cooks in some of the finest restaurants. I know from personal experience getting a salmonella infection over 2 years ago from a salad prepared in a local Greek restaurant that also handles a lot of raw meat products.

Glandulars - Are consumers at risk?

Freeze dried glandulars (thymus, spleen, pituitary etc.) unless sterilized by some means may carry a potential risk even if they come from countries where no BSE has been found, because not all cattle have been tested. Products that I have recommended in the past like Lysozyme and Thymate do carry a small potential risk (less than one in 10 million) even though both manufacturers claim that they do not use any glandulars from any country on the FDA banned list. If you are not willing to take this extremely small risk, consider other options.

Update 3/7/01: Ed Calloway of Thymates says he was told by his supplier yesterday that all glandulars sent to him have been of porcine origin (swine) since 1997. A concern that remains with me is that his supplier has not furnished him with a written statement to that effect and no written statement on his suppliers letterhead has been received by us. Literature from Thymate has stated until recently that the glandulars are of bovine origin (cows). I cannot with any degree of certainty know what species of animals the glandulars are coming from or what country.

In January of this year, I discontinued using Thymate as a dietary supplement because of my concerns of a possible risk factor for nvCJD. You may contact Ed Calloway at 770-935-0012 for more information.

Safer Options

The safest thymus product on the market today is BioPro Thymic Protein A (Longevity Science) because it is a lab grown cell culture taken from the thymus of a single healthy cow 10 years ago.

IMMAX Natural Immune intelligence. Contains immune modulating peptides and peptones from bovine sources that are processed at temperatures of 750 degrees F. rendering this product completely sterile.

4-Life Products: Transfer Factor Plus is packaged in pharmaceutical grade gelatin capsules. I had concerns about the Thymus extract in the formula. Dr. Bill Hennan, who developed the product, told me that the Thymus comes from young calves grown in the US only and that it is boiled in an acid. In the highly unlikely event that a thymus gland was contaminated, the boiling and the acid would destroy both the prions and any infectious agents. 4-Life also makes a plain transfer factor without the thymus added.

Very Safe Choice combinations for immune enhancement: BioPro Thymic Protein A, plain Transfer Factor from 4-Life Products or IMMAX, Beta Glucan, IP6, shiitake and/or maitake extract.

Foods: Try organic butter, yogurt, cheese and ice cream from your local health food store. Of course, there are also lots of soy-based products on the market.

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