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Report No 24 .......................................Spring Issue, 2002

San Damiano Well

Lisa Custodio (Natick, MA) travels to San Damiano, Italy, to draw water from this well. She distributes it from the San Damiano Center in Natick, MA, to the sick and the dying. Thousands of people have used the water in the past 30 years. Many have reported that they have been cured of cancer and other illnesses.

(See Story on page 7)

Dr. Bihari reports on results of treating 150 HIV patients with two drugs, Kaletra & Viramune plus Naltrexone and Selenium

He states there is

Non-detectable viral loads

No Adverse effects

No Lipodystrophy

No Viral resistance

in all patients with the exception of a few non-compliant cases.

25 illnesses may be linked to selenium deficiency

Selenium deficiency - have you been tested?

HPV (Papillomavirus) - new treatments for

Borrelogen for Lyme disease

EDTA cures Cataract

Hydroxygen for skin tumors

Keep Hope Alive’s Website goes interactive with a Message Board, Chat room and now a Search-Box.

Mark Konlee ( April 14, 2002)

Our website, www.keephopealive.org, became interactive on December 1st, 2001 when we obtained a Message Board from Online Institute. Readers can now post messages, ask questions, seek answers and share personal testimonials on the Message Board. Readers can also write a reply to any posted message and read it almost instantly by clicking the reload or refresh button on their computer. Each reply and replies to posted messages are linked together or threaded as a group. Posting a new message always gets placed on the top of the page whereas replying to a message is linked beneath it. Since December 1st, more than 300 messages have been posted.

I scan the Message Board frequently and may quote from some of the posted messsges that have useful information in them. I’ve tried to answer some of the questions posted that have not been answered by someone else, except that several questions remain unanswered and will require time to find the answers.

Before posting a question, I suggest readers do a search on our website with the Search Box and also check the Symptoms and Remedies section in our book on the immune system (How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction). Also, all health care professionals are invited to take a crack at answering one or more of the many questions posted. Everyone who posts a message is also encouraged to give their phone number or email address so direct person to person contact can be made.

The link to the Message Board is found on our home page. It is a fun place to visit, exchange information and share experiences.

The Chat roomMost chat rooms are places people meet on the internet to engage in small talk, socialize and entertain or be entertained. Occasionally, some deep and thoughtful discussions take place. Unfortunately, much of the net focuses on trashy pornography, gambling and get rich quick schemes.

Our Chat Room is set up for “All Health Topics” and is open 24 hours a day for any health, emotional or spiritual topic anyone wants to discuss.

In Dec. 2001, I started out with the goal of filling 5 chat rooms. However, the 90 to 100 people that visit the web site each day drop in all different times of the day and at different parts of the web site and because the site itself is so large, I reduced the number of chat rooms to one as it has been difficult getting 2 or more people into any Chat room at any random time.

Presently, the Chat room has sort of become another Message Board and the Message Board has sort of become a Chat Room with several short comments that have been posted. With a little time and patience, things should sort themselves out. By the way, messages posted in the Chat room stay there for 30 days and then are automatically deleted, so if you want to remain anonymous, use a pen name or nick name or make up a name for use in the chat room.

Also, there is no way to correct typo errors in either the Message Board or Chat room, except that you can send an email to keephope@highstream.net to remove a specific message from the Message Board. Enjoy!

The Search Boxwas downloaded for free and set up late in March. It does a search of the entire Keep Hope Alive website that contains about 7 years of entered data and over 800 pages of information. Talk about a useful tool. It is like having an Index at your fingertips. The links to the Search Box, Chat room and Message Board are all found on the home page. www.keephopealive.org takes you right there.

The links you recover will take you to some very big files 30 to 50 pages long. If you are using Netscape or Internet Explorer, you may need to do a secondary search with each link using the edit, then find button on the top of your computer screen. After clicking on the first link, choose “edit” (top left corner of your computer screen) and then “find” in the drop down menu and type in the same word or phrase as your original search and it will take you to the exact point or phrase in each file where that word or phrase can be found. Repeat this procedure until you have surfed through the file and then go to the next link and so on. You can also use the search box to search the world wide web (www).

Language Conversion - Go to www.google.com or Altavista.com and select “language preferences.” Then enter the http:// address of the file on our website you want converted and check the foreign language you want it converted to. This way, you can convert any or all the files on our website to any of over 100 languages, but you will need to store them on your computer to access them again (until such time as we find someone to set up a complete foreign language website). You can search each file stored in your computer by using the “edit” and “find” button in your browser.

Notice: Anyone who wants to set up a complete affiliate Keep Hope Alive website in a foreign language should contact us for assistance in converting the existing files, transfering them and setting up the new website. (i.e English to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese etc). email: keephope@highstream.net

Dr. Bihari claims unqualified success in treating 150 of his HIV patients with Naltrexone, Selenium and two HIV drugs

For some time, Dr. Bihari has successfully used a two drug combination of Kaletra with Viramune and the immune modulator Naltrexone and reports non-dectectable levels for HIV in most of his HIV clients (about 150) and no side effects and no viral resistance. Not bad ah?

On April 9th, I spoke with Dr. Bihari and the subject of selenium came up. He told me that he recommends his HIV clients to take 400 mcg of selenium daily. This was a surprise to me as this was the first time he had mentioned selenium. I cited research in the last issue of this magazine that selenium prevents viral mutations.

While from our standpoint, 400 mcg of selenium daily is a low dose, it could be high enough to prevent the development of HIV drug resistance to Bihari’s two drug cocktail. Meanwhile, about 50 of his 200 HIV patients are not using any of the FDA approved anti-HIV drugs and are using Naltrexone and 400 mcg daily of selenium and other antioxidants and are, for the most part, stable and non-progressors, according to Bihari.

The 400 mcg of selenium daily is significantly more than the 50 mcg daily he had recommended 10 years ago. The other antioxidants Bihari recommends are Vitamin E - 400 iu daily, beta carotene - 60 mg daily, CoQ10- 150 mg daily, NAC - 500 mg 3 times daily, quercetin - 1000 mg and vitamin C- 1000 mg daily and selenium 400 mcg daily.

Persons who have reportedly “failed” protease inhibitors, genotyping, phenotyping or any other markers to indicate probable drug failure should waste no time having their physicians test their serum blood levels of selenium. Anyone with less than 150 mcg/l or 150 ng/ml is a prime candidate for developing viral resistance to prescription drugs due to a serious selenium deficiency.

It is possible that those on failing drug regimens could restore the effectiveness of those drugs by taking over-the-counter selenium on a daily basis and taking enough of it to raise the blood serum levels to 300 mcg/l or higher where significant benefits are thought to occur.

At any rate, until those who are failing drug cocktails get tested for selenium deficiency, they cannot rule out the possibility that inadequate selenium levels are a factor in the development of drug resistant strains of HIV.

For more information on Dr Bihari treatments for AIDS, cancer and Multiple Sclerosis using Naltrexone, go to


Is the sky falling?

Viral resistance, mounting side effects says POZ magazine, GMHC & others

I never have seen such a pessimistic crew writing for all the Hivers out there in the HAART-land. Increasingly the choices are too limited because of the arbitrary eliminations of low-cost non-FDA approved treatments many of which are compatible with most of the FDA approved drugs.

Some immune-based therapies have been studied to death. What ever happened to low dose interlukin II? Why has IL-2 never been approved and what about all those other immune modulators from DNCB to transfer factor to aged garlic extract to pro TH1 probiotics like L Plantarum to certain mushrooms like Maitake or Shiitake etc and now selenium? Are not there any progressive thinkers creative enough to combine immune modulators with a smaller leaner regimen of drugs to increase the effectiveness and reduce the side effects? It is not exactly earth shaking to combine immune modulators like interluken II, Naltrexone and selenium with prescription drugs. It is already being done.

If you only need 2 drugs instead of 4 or 6, you are eliminating 50 to 70% of the side effects right there and if selenium in moderate doses of 400 mcg daily can stop viral resistance, you won’t need to stay on that roller coaster ride of constantly changing drugs. From our perspective, the sky is not falling.

Two readers I know have stopped using the drug cocktails for over 6 months and are using high doses of organic selenium and Brazil nuts consuming 1000 to 1200 mcg daily along with several other immune modulating supplements that they previously had been on. Each Brazil nut has about 100 mcg of amino acid bound seleniuum. Neither person has had any major health problems since doing this. I’ve encouraged both to get lab results soon to monitor the effectiveness of their immune-based protocol.

4 Part Immune-based Protocol

Another person who has been on a drug cocktail with Crixivan for 5 years is about to stop the drugs for 30 to 60 days and use Naltrexone, along with a high dose of Selenium plus 5 grams daily of Kyolic (Formula 100) aged garlic extract plus 40 billion active cultures of L Plantarum daily. This should be a very interesting 4 part immune-based therapy. There is good data published on the aged garlic extract and L plantarum in treating persons with AIDS.

Lab test measures selenium levels in blood serum. Are You deficient?

NIH criticized for making inadequate selenium recommendations

My interest in selenium started last summer when two unexpected email messages arrived from individuals on two different continents with Hepatitis C who reported up to a 94% decline in HCV viral load using selenium at 1000 mcg daily and with no adverse effects to report after one year of use.

Ordinarily, I would never spend this much time talking about a single nutrient, selenium, except that more and more published scientific articles arrive with almost endless references to scientific studies that support the role of selenium in the prevention of cancer, heart disease and HIV progression to AIDS. Just last month, the Journal of AIDS reported that in persons HIV+ whose selenium blood levels drop below 135 mcg/l that the risk of developing a mycobacteria (MAC) infection increased 13 fold. This story made national news wires.

NIH Questioned


The NIH has acknowledged in its own article quoted elsewhere in this newsletter that an adult could take 400 mcg of selenium indefinitely with absolutely no risk of ever experiencing any side effect from taking too much selenium. The NIH also acknowledges that selenium deficiency is linked to cancer, arthritis, heart disease and HIV progression. WHY THEN DOES THE NIH CONTINUE TO RECOMMEND TRIVIAL AMOUNTS OF SELENIUM THAT DO NOT PROVIDE MINIMAL PROTECTION AGAINST THE MAJOR KILLER DISEASES OF CIVILIZATION? 50 to 70 mcg daily of selenium would certainly have preventive and therapeutic benefits for a Canary or a Sparrow, but does not meet the threshold of minimal effectiveness for adult humans.

What selenium there is in the food supply is lost in the bran removed from the grains to give us white flour and in the molasses removed from the raw sugar cane to give us white sugar. As a result, selenium deficiency, more than any other nutrient on the planet, is contributing to the deaths of untold millions of persons worldwide each year from cancer, AIDS, heart disease and possibly many other illnesses as well.

Nothing in any of the peer-reviewed scientific articles they quote from justify the use of such trivial amounts of selenium. Also, the amounts of sodium recommended each day is very high and damaging to the health of millions of people.

The problem as I see it is that the NIH is afraid to tell the people the truth because of concerns it will upset them and make political waves. By endorsing the status quo, the NIH is clearly showing a lack of leadership in the arena of medicine and science.

Daily nutrient recommendations should be determined by good science and not by the politics of poor eating choices that are the daily regimen of a majority of people. With the obvious failure of the NIH to make adequate selenium recommendations to the general public to help prevent more cases of cancer and heart disease, confidence in the NIH recommendations of other nutrients will be called into question.

Where to get tested for blood serum selenium levels?

Monitoring selenium levels. A blood serum test for selenium measured in ug/L is the same as micrograms per liter and is available from Specialty Labs, 2211 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404 Phone 310-828-6543 or 800-421-4449. www.specialtylabs.com The code number for the test is 4875.

This is the preferred test as it is a blood serum test. They also can test selenium levels in whole blood or in just the RBC's. However, the reference ranges are different for all three types of tests. I suggest you request the Selenium Serum trace metal test only (Code 4875). The Serum test for selenium is the most commonused test. Retail cost is $121. Some physicians may discount the price. The reference ranges for the serum test are 100 to 170. These are Specialty Labs reference ranges and they are very low and we are basically disregarding them. Any reading below 150 places you in a danger done of very low selenium levels placing you at immediate risk of developing HIV drug resistance and several kinds of opportunistic infections from candidiasis to mycobacteria.

Our "normal" reference range starts at 150 and goes to 300. Our suggested therapeutic reference range starts at 300 mcg/l and goes up to 600 mcg/l. Note mcg/l is the same as ug/l Possible mild side effects might occur if the selenium levels go over 900 ug/l. Lab results expressed as ng/ml (nanograms per milliter) is the same proportion of selenium as mcg/l (micrograms per liter).

Periodic monitoring of blood serum selenium levels will allow persons to measure not only the amount in their blood but the effectiveness of the selenium supplements they are taking. Seleniun in tablets where di-calcium phosphate is used as a binder are difficult to absorb and should be avoided. In fact, because di-calcium phosphate as a binder acts like cement, all dietary supplements in tablet form containing di-calcium phosphate should be avoided.

Based on data I recently received, I estimate that taking 800 to 1000 mcg daily of selenium should increase blood serum levels to around 500 mcg/l or ng/ml, however it is expressed. It is extremely unlikely any side effects would occur until the selenium levels go over 900 mcg/l. Published reports indicate some persons have had as much as 3000 mcg/l and had no side effects from the selenium derived from natural sources.

It is important to avoid the synthetic sodium bound forms of seleniun - sodium selenite or selenate. There are known side effects from using these forms. L selenomethione or L-selenocysteine are the naturally occuring forms we want to use. Brazil nuts and seafood remain the most abundant sources of natural selenium. High selenium yeast if you can find it is excellent. Beacuse of the strong taste of the yeast, it is easier to take in it in capsule form.

The highest amount of selenium taken by a reader with CFIDS so far is 1800 mcg daily as reported on the Message Board. No side effects have been reported/ although one person said the selenium gave him garlic breath. He did not indicate what kind of seleniun he was using or how much he was taking.

The highest amount considered safe in the natural forms is in a range from 100 to 300 mcg per 20 pounds of body weight daily. For a 160 pound person, that would be from 800 to 2400 mcg of selenium daily. Persons doing more than 1000 mcg of selenium daily should have their physician monitor blood serum levels of selenium. This information is helpful in correlating blood serum levels of selenium to both the benefits derived and any side effects that might develop after prolonged use of selenium at these higher doses.

Readers are advised to avoid the sodium salts of selenium (i.e. sodium selenite or selenate) due to known adverse effects.

There are several thousand published medical articles where sodium selenite was used in experimentation and several of these have reported toxic effects from sodium selenite. Results of experiments using sodium salts of selenium where adverse effects were indicated such as damage to tooth enamel in one study cannot be automatically transferred to another selenium compound. Organic forms of selenium are bound to sulfur based amino acids - either L methionine or L cysteine. Sodium selenite is not a organic form of selenium found in fish or plant life. It should not be sold or used as a dietary supplement. L-methylselenocysteine and L-selenomethionine are the natural forms found in yeast, Brazil nuts, fish and plants and are the only over the counter forms that should be used as dietary supplements. Unfortunately, sodium selenite is cheap and is still sold as a source of selenium in pharmacies and even some health food stores.

Anyone with a basic understanding of chemistry knows that when you change one element in a compound, you have a different compound and its beneficial, metabolic and adverse effects at the cellular level may vary substantially for better or for worse.

Errors of judgment are frequent in published medical articles when the authors make the classic error of going from a particular observation to a general conclusion. This violation of Aristotle’s principles of logic occur more frequently than the casual reader may observe. I have no intention of focusing my time and writings on artifical selenium compounds like sodium selenite.

My emphasis is to focus on finding the maximum safe level of the organic forms of amino acid bound selenium. What we know now is that there is a pletora of ignorant and incorrect advice on selenium coming from “experts” who themseves are not well informed on this subject. This incorrect advice is coming from sources that should know better, starting with our own National Institutes of Health and a copious number of writers who rubber stamp their approval of what is bad advice that is costing the lives of thousands each year who have HIV, cancer or heart disease.

Ma Lan MD and Joel Wallach ND on Illnesses linked to selenium deficiency.

An excerpt from a book published in 1994 titled RARE EARTHS: FORBIDDEN CURES has some intriguing information on selenium. While I don’t have the whole book, I will quote from what one of our readers, Claryce from Minneapolis, MN sent me.

“The school of pharmacy from the University of Georgia released a report in August of 1994 that concludes a human selenium deficiency is related to the onset of full blwn AIDS in chronically infected HIV patients.....The HIV patient actually dies of selenium deficiency encephalopathy, liver cirrhosis or cardiomyopathy. Long term HIV patients (20 years or more) that never developed full blown AIDS had supplemented with relatively large amounts of selenium.”

Ma Lan and Wallach cited a long list of illnesses linked to selenium deficiency and backed it up with a litany of references to published medical literature. Here is their list.


HIV progression to AIDS

Anemia (RBC fragility)

Age spots and Liver spots


Muscular weakness



Muscular Dystrophy

Cystic Fibrosis (congenital)


Multiple Sclerosis (linked to mercury poisoning)

Heart palpitations

Irregular heart beat

Liver cirrhosis


Pancreatic atrophy

Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)

Parkinson’s Disease (associated with mercury poisoning)

Alzheimer’s (associated with high vegetable oil consumption or poly unsaturated fatty acids)

Adrenoleucodystrophy (ALD)


Low birth weight

High infant mortality

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)


Sickle Cell anemia

The authors state that “high intakes of vegetable oils including salad dressing, margarine and cooking oils concurrent with a selenium deficiency is the quickest route to a heart attack and cancer....The clinical diseases associated with selenium deficiency are diverse and to the uninformed allopathic physician shrouded in mystery. Selenium deficiency is one of the more costly mineral deficiency complexes affecting embryos, the newborn, toddlers, teens and adults.”

‘Hydroxygen Plus’ for benign skin tumors, growths and zits. Will it treat Papilloma viral warts?

I am besieged weekly, sometimes daily, with literature on dietary supplements. I read most of this literature with a great amount of skepticism. In February, a friend sent me some literature on a tincture called “Hydroxygen Plus” and I read some wild claims about the results people had using the product. In fact claims so incredible that I won’t repeat them here as I cannot verify them.

My curiosity did reach a point that I decided to try the tincture and see what effects it would have on me.

The product contains a variety of acids and minerals that are, from my standpoint, a mystery. I tested the pH and it was zero. That’s right - zero, the same as sulfuric acid. I thought, do I really want to put this stuff in my body. I added 5 drops to a glass of water and the pH tested at 3.0, which I found tolerable like lemon juice or vinegar. So I took 5 drops 3 times a day; they recommend 7 drops 3 times a day. I found 7 drops just a little too acid for me. I noticed a small increase in energy and thought “nothing earth shaking here” so why am I taking this stuff?

I stopped using the product orally then read of someone who got rid of a small skin growth by applying it topically. Well, for about 20 years, I have had a small growth on two of my fingers, each about 1/8 inch in size, about half the size of a small pea. Ordinarily, they never bother me so I leave them alone - just a couple of common benign skin growths.

About this time, I bumped one of them and it began to bleed at the edge and was sore to the touch. I decided I had nothing to lose by applying a drop of this Hydroxygen to it. So I did this once a day for about 10 days. I can tell you that except for some stinging that lasts for about 1 minute, the growth completely vanished and totally normal skin has replaced it.

I then applied it to the second growth - just 1 drop a day for only 5 days and this growth has now completely vanished. Both have healed up and are completely normal. I find it amazing since both of these small growths had been on my hand for the past 15 to 20 years and have completely healed in such a short time.

Recently, several people have been asking for answers to PAP, Papillomavirus that can lead to cancer affects both men and women. In men, they can be in the mouth, penal or colon area and in women in the cervix.

It is possible that by mixing 3 drops of Hydroxygen Plus with a tablespoon of aloe vera juice once a day and used as a douche or suppository might treat internal Papilloma viral warts. I think it is an idea worth pursing considering the effectiveness of this stuff topically. You can find out more about Hydroxygen at Michelle’s website- www.globahealthtrax.com/25853 or call her at 303-322-7930.

Persons who have used Hydroxygen Plus for PAP or benign skin growths should give us feedback or post their results on our Message Board.

A separate article of additional treatments for HPV (PAP) is on page 8 of this issue.

San Damiano miraculous healing water- a gift from God for spiritual and physical healing

In Positive Health News, Report No 12, I wrote about a healing water brought to the US from a well in San Damiano, Italy. The well was dug at a location designated by the Virgin Mary who appeared to a seer by the name of Mama Rosa Quattrini in the 1960’s. In her first appearance, the Virgin Mary touched Mama Rosa and cured her instantly of an affliction - abdominal wounds that would not heal. Following this was a series of apparitions with messages from Mary to the world - messages that pleaded for people to fast and to pray - to prepare the way for her Son to return to Earth and shorten the trials and tribulations of mankind.

Recently I talked with Lisa Custodio, whose mother, Claire LeBlanc, had been asked by Mama Rosa to bring the water and the Virgin’s messages from San Damiano to the United States. This she did with her husband Edgar from the mid-1960’s until her death on August 10th, 2001. In her final days, Claire told her daughter that she would have died 30 years ago were it not for this water. Claire was a very devoted and shy person and never made any claims about the healing powers of the water. Often, she told Lisa, “the water is not for me, it is for others who are in need.” Today, Lisa continues the work of her late mother who made many trips to Italy since the mid-1960’s to bring back several large containers of the water to the United States for distribution.

In February, I returned a phone call to Lisa and she told me that she had participated in many phones calls along with her mother and that many cancer patients said they had been cured using the water and some AIDS patients said they had been helped as well. Lisa said her mother had accumulated 5 cardboard boxes full of testimonial letters from persons who had used the water in the past 30 years. She could not however, give me these testimonial letters without their permission and said she does not have the time to contact them. She said she receives more than 200 phone calls a week from persons seeking help with many requests for a bottle of the water. According to Lisa, the Virgin Mary told Mama Rosa that the water is to be used throughout the whole world and given to the sick and the dying. The Virgin stated that as more water is drawn, more would flow from this well to serve the needs of all mankind.

In God’s infinite love for all humans on this planet, I am certain he did not intend this water and its healing properties (physical, emotional and spiritual) to be just for Catholics and other Christian denominations, but also Muslims, Hindus, Jews, persons of all races and religions, non-believers and even atheists. No restrictions on its use are to be found in Mary’s message. The site where this water is drawn is located in the middle of a tomato patch in north central Italy in an area where St. Francis of Assisi lived centuries ago. 14 persons may draw the water at the same time and it is given freely at its source. The only cost is in the transportation and bottling to bring it to the United States. Hospitals throughout the world should draw this water and give it to their terminal patients. Many will be cured and can return home. Those who die will do so with less pain and with the presence of God's love. The water is a gift from God for all mankind to the believers of all nations and races and to the non-believers as well. According to instructions in a book written about the water and the apparitions, only a couple drops are needed when used with prayer. I am convinced that non-believers including atheists will receive physical and spiritual benefits from using the water from inherit healing energies already placed in the water by the hand of Divine Providence but those who pray when using the water are far more likely to receive miraculous benefits.

Lisa told me of one phone conversation with a lady from New York whose daughter had several small brain tumors and was receiving radiation treatments. The lady was in church and another parishioner saw her crying on a Sunday morning (around January, 2001). When approached she asked her what was wrong. When the lady told her that her daughter had brain cancer, the stranger said I think I have something that will help you and gave her a small bottle of San Damiano water. According to Lisa the lady told her that she said a few prayers that accompanied the water and poured some on her daughters forehead that same Sunday evening. Immediately, the daughter screamed to “stop” saying that it was burning her head.

The following morning the lady took her daughter to the hospital for her 7th radiation treatment and the Oncologist ordered new X-rays. When he looked at the x-rays, he said he had been brought the wrong ones belonging to someone else. The nurse told him they were the right x-rays. The doctor then stated that he could not find any tumors on this xray. The lady then told the doctor about the water she had used from San Damiano and the doctor said that this was possibly a miracle that is not explainable by modern science.

Lisa told me of another case (from another phone call) about a lady whose husband had colon cancer and he had been bleeding daily for nearly 2 months. She received a bottle of the water the day before her husband was scheduled for surgery for a colostomy. She gave him the bottle and he drank a capful and said the prayers. Immediately, the bleeding stopped. The following morning he went in for the surgery as scheduled. The doctor took new x-rays to examine him before the surgery. When the doctor read the x-rays, he could find no trace of the cancer; it had simply vanished.

In an hour long conversation, Lisa told me of several cases that had been relayed to her and her mother in phone calls from persons who had used the water. She said the parents of a small boy told her their son had drank a bottle of lye (sodium hydroxide) while they had their heads turned and were in a conversation. The lye was supposed to have been poured down a drain to help unclog it. When they realized what happened they rushed the boy to the emergency room of a local hospital. The doctors treated the boy to neutralize the lye and told them he would be in the hospital for many weeks and would require surgery. His esophagus, stomach and mouth were badly burned. That evening, the parents were told about the healing water of San Damiano and they received a bottle and the prayers. They went to the hospital where their son was all bandaged with a swollen face and unable to talk and in much pain. They placed a few drops of the water on his lips and prayed for a while after which they left and went home for the evening.

The following morning they returned to the hospital to see their son and to their surprise found him laughing. When the doctor arrived, he looked into the boy’s mouth and found that the mouth was completely healed. He examined the boy further and found the esophagus and stomach were completely healed as well. The boy had been cured of the tissue damage by the few drops of San Damiano water placed on his lips.

Lisa has a non-profit organization that obtains the water, small cloths that are blessed by the Virgin Mary in her monthly appearances on the first Friday of each month at San Damiano and distributes the prayer books as well. A book that gives all the messages from Mary is called “Call of the Virgin...” and is available. There is also another book with the messages from Mary at San Damiano.

I’ve attempted to find a source to obtain the San Damiano water by the gallon but can find no other source in the United States or on the internet other than the San Damiano Center in Mass. The water is free at the well in San Damiano. You would think that someone in Italy would be bottling the water and shipping it overseas.

If anyone uses this water and is cured or helped in any way, please post your results and experiences on our Message Board. I recently gave my last bottle that was half full to a relative with bone cancer. She is not cured but seems to be doing better since she has started using the water - only 3 drops daily. She is not a Catholic and did not tell me what prayers she is using while taking the water and I did not ask.

Water from Lourdes, France

Recently, we have been able to obtain water from Lourdes, France, through the Marist Fathers in Boston. Many people have reported miraculous healings using the water along with the prayers. The water comes from a well where the Virgin Mary appeared to St Bernadette I believe sometime in the 18th century. I don't have readily available information on this apparition at this time. For 2 small bottles of water and prayer instructions, send a $5 donation to Marist Fathers, The Lourdes center, Kenmore Station, PO Box 5575, Boston, MA 02215. When writing, ask for the newsletter that gives recent reports of persons who have been healed of health afflications.

Aldara, Oralmat or Beta-mannan for HPV (papillomavirus)

Aldara cream. There is a cream FDA approved that is reported to be about 50% effective for treating HPV called “Aldara” cream available on prescription. It is not recommended for internal use. Oralmat: Another immune modulator, Oralmat, used widely and with good results for asthma, might also be useful in treating PAP warts. One reader using Oralmat topically reported a 75% reduction in the size of the warts after 4 weeks. The product is imported from Australia and is distributed by Nutricology (www.nutricology.com) in the US. It is a mild tasting product that can be applied topically or sublingually.

Beta-Mannan. Extracted from Aloe Vera, Dr. J. Glickman claims a 95% success rate with his product in treating HPV and abnormal PAP smears. The product in capsules is said to be used orally, topically or as a douche. More inf. may be found at www.alotek.com. I just discovered this product on the net and would be interested in feedback.


Amy J from NY writes the herbal product was very effective against a relapse of Lyme she had recently.

She writes: “I consider myself to be plugged into the alternative health community even years after my devastating bout with Lyme. Natural approaches to health just seem to make the most sense.

It’s been over a year since I finished working for my Lyme doctor., but while there I came across a product called “Borrelogen” made by Jernigan Nutraceuticals (Wichita, KS). The doctor used it for children, but I used it to help me through a short Lyme relapse and found it effective.”

Borrelogen is a complex formulation of botanicals that is formulated to de-cloak “stealth” bacteria such as Borrelia burgdorferi, Babesia micoti, and Ehrlichia so the immune system can see and attack the foreign bacteria. It is also designed to restore function to organs and nerves damaged by spirochetes. More inf. can be found at www.jnutra.com or 877-456-8872 or 316-683-7800

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Excerpts from Progressive Health News - Nov- 2001 to March, 2002

Selenium increases CD4 counts Maitake for cancer & KS.

United Kingdom


Dear Mark,

Simon Caleb here. I have some amazing results I'd like to share with other HIV sufferers. Since 1997 I have suffered from sinking stools which were small in diameter (pencil width).

I read some article that the above combo would improve Seborohic Dermatitis, which I suffer from more often than not, esp. when I over do the sugar & get stressed. Anyhow I started on the following,

Selenium liquid (sodium selenite)- 900 mcg daily in divided doses.

L-Methionine - 500 mg - one a day.

E-400 i.u. - one a day

Three days later I noticed my first floaters, it's now 46 days since starting the above & they have increased in diameter to normal size, I did stop the above protocol for 6 days & my stools stopped floating & reduced in size, so I'm sure it's the above that works.

My scalp Dermatitis has also improved & continues to do so. Blood wise my CD8 count has reduced somewhat to a mid-normal range from being extremely high for the past 4 years. Since using the higher dose of selenium, my CD4s have increased from 350 to 460. I also take zinc sulfate and magnesium sulfate.

Sincerely, Simon Caleb.



In the current issue of Positive Health News (No 23) Fall, 2001, I proposed a triple therapy consisting of a therapeutic dose of selenium with just two of the FDA approved drugs for treating HIV. In November, after publication of the current issue, I received an email message from Simon Caleb who lives in the UK and in an exchange of emails found out he had already done successfully what I had proposed. The following are excerpts from a recent phone interview.

Mark: First, I want to thank you for sharing your experiences with our readers. It is interesting that the combination of selenium, methionine and vitamin E would lead to larger diameter stools and floaters. As you know, floaters are always a good sign. In persons HIV+ floaters are usually associated with an increase in CD4 helper T cells. Before I get in to the subject matter too deeply, why don’t you tell us a little about your past.

Simon: OK. I was first diagnosed in 1996 with a CD4 count of 17 and a viral load of 300,000. I tried different combinations of prescribed drugs. By November of 1999 I had a non-detectable viral load. By January, 2000, my CD4 count was up to 190. I decided I needed to do more and started taking selenium, about 400 mcg daily. I also did the whole lemon/olive oil drink, but not on a regular daily basis. Gradually my CD4 count increased up to 350 by August of 2001.

Mark: What drug combination were you on in August, 2001?

Simon: I was on Sustiva, Zerit and Epivir.

Mark: I understand that you are now using just two drugs along with selenium, vitamin E and L-methionine. When did you double the daily dose of selenium to 900 mcg and what two drugs are you now using?

Simon: Since September, 2001, I’ve been on Videx (DDI) and Sustiva along with 900 mcg daily of selenium and the vitamin E and L-methionine. About the middle of October, I had the lab test done that indicated a significant increase in the CD4 counts.

Mark: Videx (DDI) is quite toxic. I think Epivir (3TC) would have been a better choice to use with Sustiva. How are you tolerating it?

Simon: So far no problem.

Mark: What made you decide to use two drugs instead of 3 and then double the dose of selenium?

Simon: I read Richard Passwater’s book on “Selenium Against AIDS and Cancer” and did an internet search on the subject and concluded that 900 mcg was not at a level to cause any problems. Besides, I was getting adverse effects from the Zerit and needed to make a change. Like many others living with this problem, I am searching for a way to survive without the drugs and ultimately find a cure.

Mark: Unless lightning strikes, the whole process of working toward a cure is evolving in steps. From our perspective, we need to validate an effective hybrid cocktail of nutritional/immune-based therapies with just 2 FDA approved drugs to treat HIV. Selenium is a prime candidate for a two drug cocktail as researchers have found it prevents viral mutations and thus drug resistance. Reduce the number of drugs and you reduce the side effects. If we validate that selenium plus 2 drugs works as or more effectively than 3 to 5 drugs to keep the viral load at low or non-detectable levels, then we are making very significant progress and are reducing the side effects by 50 to 75% or more. I think we will need at least a dozen sustained success reports, that are made public, before we experiment with a hybrid cocktail that uses only one prescription drug. There is no point getting ahead of ourselves. For now at least, we have broken out of the holding pattern we have been in for the past year. The wheels of progress are turning.

I would like now to direct my attention to your experiences with the Maitake mushroom for your KS lesions. Could you tell me what lead up your decision to use Maitake mushrooms.

Simon: First, let me tell you that in 1999, even while I was taking the drugs and had a non-detectable viral load, I had Kaposi Sarcoma lesions all over my body from my head to my toe. I stopped counting after 50 lesions. The doctors wanted me to use chemotherapy but I decided to try the Maitake mushrooms instead. I was told I was playing with my life.

Mark: Why did you choose Maitake mushrooms to treat your KS instead of the chemotherapy?

Simon: The chemo has serious side effects and is not a guarantee of success. I had a friend who had KS lesions in 1999 and he took chemotherapy for two years but eventually it stopped working. When the chemo quit his physician told him there was nothing more he could do for him. My friend went home expecting to die. About a month later, he attended a local AA meeting and learned about a study being planned for persons with HIV, hepatitis C and breast cancer. My friend volunteered for the study to use the Maitake (Grifon) for the KS. He took 7 capsules (300 mg ea.) 3 times a day (21 capsules total). Within 2 months I saw all his KS lesions disappear. It was a healing miracle, if I can call it that. After I seen what the Maitake mushrooms did for my friend, I decided to give it a try.

Mark: How long did it take to get results?

Simon: It took 8 weeks for all the lesions to be gone.

Mark: What did your doctor say?

Simon: I went to see him about one month after starting on the Maitake when you could clearly see the lesions fading. The doctor folded his arms and his body language was defensive. He said it was fine if I did want the chemo. He said if I would not take the chemo there was nothing he could do for me. A few months later, after my last visit, I found out that he wrote in my medical records that the KS had gone into spontaneous remission.

Mark: Spontaneous remission?

Simon: Yes, can you believe that? What troubles me is his lack of curiosity as to why the KS lesions went away. Remember, my whole body was covered with these lesions and now they are gone. I mean all gone. I felt like the leper Jesus cured 2000 years ago.

Mark: Do you know of anyone else besides you and your friend who used high doses of Maitake mushrooms (2100 mg 3X or 6.3 grams total daily) to treat Kaposi Sarcoma?

Simon: No, I do not. I searched the internet and could not find anyone else with KS who used Maitake to treat it.

Mark: What I find remarkable is that the Maitake mushroom (Grifon) not even the D fraction, was able to accomplish this as a monotherapy. The dose you took is higher that anyone ever suggested - that is remarkable. I don’t know of another person who ever took 21 capsules of Maitake mushroom powder every day to treat any disease.

The lesson we learn from these experiences and those of the two persons who used selenium to treat HCV is the dosage used is a ciritical factor in the success of the treatment. It has got to be high enough to reach a therapeutic dosage level, but low enough so as not to produce side effects. If the dose is too small we just won’t see those miraculous results.

Maitake extracts and their therapeutic potential.

by Mayell M.

Altern Med Rev. 2001 Feb;6(1):48-60.

Former editor of Natural Health magazine and the author or co-author of five books on alternative medicine, most recently Depression Free for Life with Gabriel Cousens, M.D.


email: mmayell@mediaone.net

Maitake (Grifola frondosa) is the Japanese name for an edible fungus with a large fruiting body characterized by overlapping caps. It is a premier culinary as well as medicinal mushroom. Maitake is increasingly being recognized as a potent source of polysaccharide compounds with dramatic health-promoting potential.

The most recent development is the MD-fraction, a proprietary maitake extract its Japanese inventors consider to be a notable advance upon the preceding D-fraction. The D-fraction, the MD-fraction, and other extracts, often in combination with whole maitake powder, have shown particular promise as immunomodulating agents, and as an adjunct to cancer and HIV therapy. They may also provide some benefit in the treatment of hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and hepatitis.

Maitake for Prostate Cancer

Induction of apoptosis in human prostatic cancer cells with beta-glucan (Maitake mushroom polysaccharide).

by Fullerton SA, Samadi AA, Tortorelis DG, Choudhury MS, Mallouh C, Tazaki H, Konno S.

Mol Urol. 2000 Spring;4(1):7-13.

Department of Urology, New York Medical College, Valhalla, New York 10595, USA.

PURPOSE: To explore more effective treatment for hormone-refractory prostate cancer, we investigated the potential antitumor effect of beta-glucan, a polysaccharide of the Maitake mushroom, on prostatic cancer cells in vitro.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Human prostate cancer PC-3 cells were treated with various concentrations of the highly purified beta-glucan preparation Grifron-D(R) (GD), and viability was determined at 24 h. Lipid peroxidation (LPO) assay and in situ hybridization (ISH) were performed to unravel the antitumor mechanism of GD.

RESULTS: A dose-response study showed that almost complete (>95%) cell death was attained in 24 h with GD > or = 480 microg/mL. Combinations of GD in a concentration as low as 30 to 60 microg/mL with 200 microM vitamin C were as effective as GD alone at 480 microg/mL, inducing >90% cytotoxic cell death. Simultaneous use with various anticancer drugs showed little potentiation of their efficacy except for the carmustine/GD combination (approximately 90% reduction in cell viability). The significantly (twofold) elevated LPO level and positive ISH staining of GD-treated cells indicated oxidative membrane damage resulting in apoptotic cell death.

CONCLUSION: A bioactive beta-glucan from the Maitake mushroom has a cytotoxic effect, presumably through oxidative stress, on prostatic cancer cells in vitro, leading to apoptosis.

Potentiation of GD action by vitamin C and the chemosensitizing effect of GD on carmustine may also have clinical implications. Therefore, this unique mushroom polysaccharide may have great a potential as an alternative therapeutic modality for prostate cancer.

Functional properties of edible mushrooms.

by Chang R.

Nutr Rev. 1996 Nov;54(11 Pt 2):S91-3.

Department of Medicine, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA.

Edible mushrooms such as shiitake may have important salutary effects on health or even in treating disease. A mushroom characteristically contains many different bioactive compounds with diverse biological activity, and the content and bioactivity of these compounds depend on how the mushroom is prepared and consumed. It is estimated that approximately 50% of the annual 5 million metric tons of cultivated edible mushrooms contain functional "nutraceutical" or medicinal properties.

In order of decreasing cultivated tonnage, Lentinus (shiitake), Pleurotus (oyster), Auricularia (mu-er), Flammulina (enokitake), Tremella (yin-er), Hericium, and Grifola (maitake) mushrooms have various degrees of immunomodulatory, lipid-lowering, antitumor, and other beneficial or therapeutic health effects without any significant toxicity.

Although the data for this functional food class are not as strong as those for other functional foods such as cruciferous vegetables, because of their potential usefulness in preventing or treating serious health conditions such as cancer, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), and hypercholesterolemia, functional mushrooms deserve further serious investigation. Additionally, there is a need for epidemiological evidence of the role of this functional food class.

Moducare relieves anxiety caused by Sustiva.

Hi there,

Thank you very much for this site. I find it's presence supportive and helpful. To be brief: I started on Sustiva 600 mg daily in last year after liver toxicity with nevirapine (Viramune). Since about the spring of this year I have been troubled with anxiety both in the middle of the night and on waking in the morning. Increased heart rate, paranoia and insecure feelings. They would eventually disappear after an hour or so, but would return if I took an afternoon nap.

As a result of information provided on this site by another person suffering anxiety, I tried their recommendation of ' Moducare '. They suggested doubling the daily dose from 3 to 6 caps. Amazingly it works, I feel much calmer, no more palpitations, paranoia etc. I would just like to thank that person and also endorse 'Moducare'. At £40 for a months supply it is not cheap, however the results are well worth it.

Please feel free to print my email address so that others can contact me should they require more info. Thanks Pav

I live in the UK.


Editor’s Note: Magnesium supplement (500 mg) or coral calcium should also reduce anxiety and reduce palpitations.

Selenium helped increase CD4s from 910 to 1407. Selenium may have suppressed viral load for 11 weeks after drug cocktail was stopped. Vitamin A for immunity against AIDS & Cancer.

Dec 2001

Mark Konlee

Massachusetts, USA:

This past summer, Karen M wanted to get off of the drug cocktail she was on not liking the side effects, especially from the Sustiva. However, her stats looked good on the drugs. In May, 2001, her CD4 count was 910 and her viral load was non-detectable. In spite of this, she wanted to try a different treatment as she did not like how the drugs made her feel. She told me she wanted to try immunized eggs with personal transfer factor.

I told her that to produce the immunized eggs, she would need to expose the chickens to her own blood but that with a non-detectable viral load, there was little chance of success. I told her she would need to go off the drug cocktail for 2 or 3 weeks until the viral load was 5000 or higher before attempting to immunize the chickens.

She said that should not be a problem adding: “about a year ago I did this and the viral load jumped to over 100,000 in 4 weeks.” Karen made arrangements to send a blood sample to a farmer who would inoculate the chickens with a few drops of her blood, but first she decided she would stop the drug cocktail she was on and wait for the viral load to come back so she could proceed with the plan to produce personal immunized eggs.

On August 1, 2001, Karen stopped the drug cocktail. She called and I suggested she wait 3 weeks and get retested to see what the viral load was. She hadn’t been tested since May and wanted a base line for the planned experiment. Around August 21st she had blood drawn for a viral load test and T cell count.

About a week later, Karen called me and said we had a problem. She told me that viral load came back at 100.

At first I replied: 100,000? She NO, just 100. I said: Well that is puzzling. It doesn’t look like you will need or are able to produce any immunized eggs at this time. I told her there was nothing she could do at this time except to wait for the viral load to come back before proceding with the experiment. I suggested she wait until early October and get another lab test. She also said her CD4 count had increased to 1094.

On October 23, she returned to her physician having remained off the prescription drugs for HIV since August 1st. She visited her physician for the results about a month later. The last week of November, she called to give me some startling news.

Her CD4 count had further increased from 1094 to 1407 and her viral load was now 256. I said: in eleven weeks, your viral load inched forward to 256 and your CD4 count jumped by over 200 to 1407. Incredible, I said. What are you doing?

Karen: I don’t know. I’ve been taking 2 Transfer Factor Plus capsules daily since early this year; also 500 mg of Beta glucan (Chisolm Biologicals).

Mark: How much selenium?

Karen: I take 200 mcg and I get another 200 mcg in a Multiple Vitamin formula I use almost every day.

Mark: Are you doing anything different in the past several months that you were not doing one year ago?

Karen: Well, let me think. Yes, I have been eating a handful of raw nuts daily. I eat a mixture of Sunflower seeds, Almonds and Brazil nuts that I snack on 2 or 3 times daily to help control my blood sugar.

Mark: Brazil nuts have the highest amount of selenium of any food in nature. When did you start eating Brazil nuts?

Karen: I started eating the mixture with the Brazil nuts in May.

Mark: How many Brazil nuts do you eat daily?

Karen: I would say 6 or 7 total.

Mark: Lets add it up. The Brazil nuts contain from 50 to 100 mcg of selenium per nut or an average of 75 mcg per nut. 7 x 75 = 525 mcg of selenium. Add this to 400 mcg from the supplements you take plus about 75 mcg from other food sources and your total selenium intake daily is about 1000 mcg or one milligram daily. That is a therapeutic dose. Now, your CD4 count has increased from 910 in May to 1407 in October. After going off the drug cocktail for 11 weeks, your viral load is not over 100,000 as would be expected but a mere 256.

Brazil Nuts may have contributed to Karen’s high CD4 count

Something extraordinary is happening here - either the selenium, the transfer factor plus or the beta glucan or all three are causing your immune system to control the HIV naturally without using the drugs. Published research states that selenium in Brazil nuts is bound to either methionine or cysteine. Brazil nuts may turn out to have functional value in treating AIDS and just possibly hepatitis and cancer too. What about CFIDS and candidiasis?

Karen: I am very pleased with the recent lab results. I have never had a CD4 count this high. My doctor is floored.

Mark: Let us hope these results can be duplicated in other persons with HIV/AIDS. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

Karen wishes to remain anonymous. Hopefully, we will start see more success with selenium at therapeutic dosage levels and more persons will go public with their name and email address. The good news is that selenium is a low-cost treatment; no adverse side effects have been reported and none are expected at these doses. The formula we are using for prevention/maintenance is 50 mcg per 20 lbs of body weight. For a therapeutic dose, double it to 100 mcg per 20 lbs of body weight.

The Scoop on Vitamin A

“A” is the single most important vitamin for immunity against cancer and infectious disease

The research uncovered so far indicates that if selenium is the most important mineral for immunity and preventing cancer, then vitamin A is the most important vitamin for these purposes as well. In his book “Complete Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements,” Dr. H. Winter Griffith MD states that vitamin A:

“aids in treatment of many eye disorders, including prevention of night blindness and formation of visual purple in the eye; promotes bone growth, teeth development, reproduction; helps form and maintain healthy skin, hair, mucus membranes; build body’s resistance to respiratory infections; helps treat acne, impetigo, boils, carbuncles, open ulcers when applied externally.”

Vitamin A is essential for normal function of the retina; may act as a CO-factor in enzyme systems; necessary for growth of bones, testicular function, ovarian function, embryonic development and differentiation of tissues.

Vitamin A should not be confused with beta carotene. Beta carotene found in carrots and many other vegetables is a precursor to making vitamin A. However, in today’s toxic world, the liver may be unable to make the conversion of beta carotent to A. Many people who have a toxic liver and take high doses of beta carotene may actually be deficient in vitamin A.

Vitamin A prevents and treats cancer

A study done on 98 persons with various types of gastrointestinal malignancies against a control of 40 healthy persons measured the levels of vitamin A, lutein, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin and alfa and beta carotene(1). Of the 98 persons, 44 had colon cancer, 21 gastric cancer, 15 liver cancer, 8 with esophagus cancer and 10 with pancreatic cancer. It was found that the serum level of vitamin A and zeaxanthin were significantly lower in the patients with gastrointestinal malignancies. The healthy patients had nearly 3 times as much vitamin A and 5 times as much zeaxanthin as the persons with cancer. The other carotenoids were basically the same in both groups.

Yang wl et al at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Phildelphia, PA, found that exposure of human colon cancer cells to retinoid compounds derived from vitamin A increased the apoptosis (destruction) of the cancer cell as well as inhibited the COX-2 enzyme(2). The results of these experiments suggest that the use of vitamin A at therapeutic dosage levels will inhibit colon cancer as well as some auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Researchers have found that retinoids derived from vitamin A inhibited breast cancer lines and even pancreatic cancer. Contreras Vidaurre et al found that both synthetic and natural vitamin A derivatives suppressed head, neck and lung cancer(3).

Researchers at the University of Chicago have found that a deficiency of vitamin A has been associated with a shift in the cytokine profile from Th1 to Th2 in children with TB and that vitamin A therapy could help shift the cytokine profile in the Th1 direction (4). A predominance of Th2 cytokines, IL4,5,6 and 10 have been associated with both AIDS and cancer progression.

There are hundreds of published scientific articles that show a relationship between vitamin A deficiency and a tendency toward cancer but just as importantly that vitamin A therapy can suppress the growth of many types of cancers alone or in combination with other treatments.

1. Rumi G et al, J Physiol Paris, 2001 Jan; 95(1-6):239-42

2. Yang WL et al, Carcinogenesis. 2001 Sep;22(9):1379-83

3. Med Oral. 2001 Mar-Apr;6(2):114-23

4. Hanekom WA et al; Program Abstr Intersci conf Antimicrob Agents Chemotherapy. 1996 Sep 15-18;152

Researchers in India find Vitamin A deficiency increases risk of HIV transmission 21 fold

In persons recently exposed to the HIV virus, it has been found that they become deficient almost immediately in vitamin A, E and B12 and that falling serum levels of these vitamins correlated to the CD4 counts (1).

Low serum levels of vitamin A have been found to increase the risk of heterosexual HIV transmission in patients attending STD clinics in Pune, India, in 1996. In fact, persons with the lowest amounts of vitamin A (less than .075 m moles/l) were 21 times more likely to get infected with HIV than those with vitamin A levels higher than .075 m moles/l (2).

Combine vitamin A deficiency with selenium deficiency and bare backing (sex without condoms) and you have a prescription for an AIDS epidemic.

A study done at John Hopkins University in 1993 on 179 intravenous drug users found that vitamin A deficiency was associated with a decrease in CD4 helper cell counts and increased mortality (death) during HIV infection (3).

In Tanzania, Africa, 687 children were involved in a study using vitamin A in 3 single doses of 400,000 iu each spaced 4 months apart. At the end of the study, Fawi w et al stated that in HIV positive children, vitamin A reduced all-cause mortality by 49% (4).

1. Int Conf AIDS. 1993 Jun 6-11;9:528 (abstract no PO-B36-2357).

2. Int conf AIDS 2000 Jul9-14;13:abstract no MoPeB2149

3. Semba Rd et al, Int Aids Conf 1993 Jun 6-11 abstract no PO-C04-2639

4. Fawi w et al, Int AIDS Conf, 1998; 12:840 abstract no 170/42331

How much Vitamin A is safe to take and for how long?

If we believe the government, then we should not take more than 5000 i.u. of vitamin A daily as adults. I, for one, do not believe in these fickle doses that are not supported by good scientific research. With the possible exception of pregnant womem, the published research does not support going to these ridiculously low levels.

The owner of a local health food store told me recently he has taken 50,000 iu of vitamin A daily for several years and has had no side effects from it. He did tell me of one lady who developed vitamin A toxicity because she did not follow directions. Here is what he said:

“She came into my store and complained about a chronic respiratory infection that would not go away. I suggested she take 200,000 i.u. of vitamin A for 2 months and then stop. A year and a half later, she walked in my store and told me her hair was falling out and the skin on her hands was peeling. I remembered her and asked her if she had stopped taking the vitamin A. She said she had not and had been taking it at the 200,000 i.u. daily dose for the past year and a half. She immediately stopped taking the vitamin A and in 3 weeks all her symptoms subsided and she is fine.”

Needless to say, I am told the respiratory infection was gone within a few weeks of mega-dosing on the vitamin A. In another report, a health care practitioner in Tennessee told me of a client who came to him with 5 lumps in her breast. He suggested she take 250,000 i.u of vitamin A for 2 months and then to stop. Four months later she walked in the store and he asked her how she was doing. She said: “fine, the lumps were gone within two weeks. Now I got another problem, my hair is starting to fall out.” The store owner then asked if she had stopped taking the vitamin A. She said: was I suppose to stop? He said Yes. That’s why your hair is starting to fall out. She stopped mega-dosing on the vitamin A and in a few weeks, her hair was normal again.

The lessons to learn her is that you can use a vitamin or mineral as a drug but you need to know when to reduce dosage or stop for a while to clear excess buildup then resume a safer therapeutic dosage level. From all my research a safe therapeutic dosage level is 25000 to 50000 i.u daily for adults. If using Cod liver oil, one or two tablespoons daily. Two tablespoons of Cod Liver oil give you about 25000 iu of vitamin A and adequate vitamin D to go with it.

If taking capsules, a good formula for preventive maintenance is 2500 iu per 20 pounds of body weight. A safe therapeutic dosage level is 5000 i.u. per 20 pounds of body weight. Every 6 months, take two weeks off and use none at all. If you have any concerns about vitamin A toxicity, have your physician monitor blood levels of vitamin A every 6 months and also selenium if you decide to also use it at therapeutic dosage levels.

How about this triple combo - Selenium, Vitamin A and Maitake mushrooms?

Within the past few months, the success reports of using selenium at therapeutic doses (100 mcg per 20 lbs of body weight) have been electrifying in the hepatitis cases and now in two HIV+ persons. Now as we seek to build on this success, adding vitamin A at a therapeutic or even preventive dosage level seems like the next logical thing to do. Finally, if someone needs more, they can top off this with Maitake mushroom capsules, 7 three times daily. (300 mg ea.) Total 6300 mg daily. Remember the 2 guys in England who got rid of the KS lesions with the Maitake? I really think this would be a high powered combination for immune restoration.

No Place To Hide - Cellular phone Towers and Electrical Sensitivity

Electromagnetic radiation blankets the planet from the earth and sky. Persons with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) often report they have electrical sensitivity (ES). These people develop a number of debilitating symptoms if they are near a Cellular Phone Towers or high power transmission lines. Many cannot stand to be near microwave ovens or even computer screens.

Dr. Roger Santini in France analyzed responses to a questionnaire of 530 residents who live a varying distances to Cellular Phone Towers. The closer persons lived to a Cellular Phone Tower, the more symptoms were reported.

Symptoms reportedly due to ES include fatigue, irritability, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, depressive tendency, loss of memory and concentration, skin problems, visual disturbances and dizziness.

Dr. Santini found that 72% of those who lived less than 10 meters from a tower complained of fatigue very often compared to 27.2% who lived over 300 meters away. Fatigue was the number one symptom reported followed by sleep disturbances. The further away from the tower someone was, the fewer were the symptoms.

These excerpts were taken from the Cellular Phone Task Force, PO Box 1337, Mendocino, CA 95460 718-434-4499 written and published by Arthur Firstenberg. For a copy of Vol. 3, No 2, include $4.00. There are a number of informative articles in this 32 page magazine like one on Computer vision and memory loss, attention deficit disorder, and asthma increasing in children at an alarming rate world-wide that is linked to an increase in radio waves.

The Faraday Cage - to block electromagnetic pollution

Some time ago, one of our readers, a health care professional, suggested that persons with electrical sensitivities build a “Faraday Cage.” Apparently, this is a cage above or surrounding an individual that is made of copper screen or foil (sheet metal) and is grounded. It blocks most radio, television, satellite, cellular phone transmissions and other electromagnetic pollution.

A search of the internet found www.hollandshielding.com/eng-faraday.htm that offers a “Instant Faraday Cage” and also a MU-Copper foil with adhesive that is 1000 mm wide and shields electrical fields up to 120db. The company is located in the Netherlands. Ph no 31-78-6131366. The foil is used to cover the ceiling and walls of a room to create a Faraday Cage that offers almost complete protection against electromagnetic frequencies.

A search for copper foil wallpaper has turned up nothing. A search in the local Phone directory Yellow pages under “copper” turned up some interesting leads as was one under “sheet metal.” Possibly, a copper cone, canopy or “roof” over the sleeping area could be built to block out undesired electrical, radio and microwave frequencies.

Emanuel Revici -the doctor who cured cancer and successfully treated persons with AIDS used high doses of lipid-bound selenium.

January 2002

Mark Konlee

The articles on selenium that started with the September, 2001, issue of this newsletter and subsequently in Positive Health News (#23) have brought us mail about the work of the late Emanuel Revici, MD, whose used extremely high doses of selenium attached to lipids (fats) in the treatment of cancer, AIDS and Alzheimer’s. Revici, born in 1896 in Romania, developed more than 100 treatments for various illnesses and conditions during his career.

Revici fled from Paris, France, in 1941 and escaped the Nazi occupied area. He and hundreds of other refugees later took a boat that landed in Havana, Cuba. He first settled in Mexico and later moved to New York. Revici was fascinated with research all his life. It has been said that in his 74 years as a physician, he never turned away a patient because they were too ill or had no money. In 1937, Revici submitted 5 scientific papers to the Pasteur Institute in Paris on lipids and cancer. All 5 papers were accepted for publication. Revici’s growing fame and unconventional ideas brought him critics.

In the late 1940’s, the AMA in its official publication, JAMA, criticized Revici for his unconventional “lipid” theories. Revici may have fallen into disfavor with the establishment as he manufactured most of the medicines he used on his patients in his own lab. His career lasted until 1997 when he celebrated his 100th birthday. Among persons sending him congratulatory letters were Rep. Charles Rangel, Gov. Petaki and then President Bill Clinton. Revici passed away at 101 years of age in 1998.

As I read this 350 page book (The Doctor who Cures Cancer by William Kelley Eidem), I marvel at Revici’s ingenuity and what he accomplished and yearn to learn more. I admire the convictions of this man who swam against the tide of current opinion and developed new and promising treatments and did not buckle before critics.

Revici on Selenium and AIDS

The book “The Doctor Who Cures Cancer,” by William Kelley Eidem has a forward by a retired Oncologist, Seymour Brenner MD. Brenner who acknowledged earning a 7 figure salary for several years before he retired says this about Revici:

“Dr. Revici has cured many people who were otherwise considered incurable. It is my professional opinion that his medicines have worked for many of the patients whose records I have examined.”

Eidem writes about Revici that he “has given patients doses of selenium thousands of times above the level considered safe without any signs of a toxic reaction.”

Revici would bind selenium to the middle of a lipid molecule to make his treatment non-toxic when

used at extremely high doses. Precisely how he did this or made his more than 100 other discoveries is not disclosed except in bits and pieces. What is reported is that high doses of selenium were used in the treatment of cancer, AIDS and even Alzheimer’s. Eidem reported that Revici cured many people of brain, pancreatic and breast cancer. Many of Revici’s lipid compounds were injected while others were taken orally.

Revici had a theory that the lipid layers in the membranes of cells had a protective role to play in the function of the cell and that the structure of the lipids or fats could either impair or support that function. Revici considered the health of the individual cell as the foundation of the persons health and of the cells inherit immunity.

Revici’s Success with AIDS

Eidem reports in his book about Revici that in 1987, Revici wrote a 5000 word article in the Townsend Letter for Doctors on his method of treating AIDS patients and included several case histories. According to the author of the book, Revici done tests to show that while sterols promoted viruses, certain fatty acids inhibited them.

Revici’s methods reportedly involved injections of fatty acids bound with other substances like selenium. According to Eidem, Revici used fatty acids that had either a double negative or double positive bond. He compared the bonds to two magnets with the same polarity. You have to exert considerable force to keep them together. Thus, such fatty acids were considered a source of extra energy. Eidem identified one such fatty acid as “glycerol” and reported that it had triplet formation and that according to Revici had effective value in countering problems caused by abnormal fatty acids. Glycerol is also known as glycerin. Did Revici bond selenium to glycerin?

Glycerin has been used for years by various pharmaceutical companies in the manufacture of different medicines. Some vegetable oils and notably olive oil contain glycerol. Revici also used phospholipids without specifying the type such as lecithin.

While I haven’t had the time to locate the Revici article on AIDS, I will be searching for it to review and report on in the future. I am fascinated by Revici’s research because his treatments hold the promise of not only safety, effectiveness and low cost but have the markings of components of a future AIDS cure.

In Eidems book, he discusses a case of an AIDS patient treated by Revici whose CD4/CD8 ratio increased to 1.6 (normal is 1.8) after several months with restoration of normal CD4 cell counts going from 188 to over 900. In Zimbabwe at the James Mobb clinic, Revici’s treatments are reported by Eidem in 1997 to be more effective even than the protease inhibitors. Today Revici’s therapies are being carried on by Joseph Carozza MD at The Revici Center, 200 W. 57th St, #1201, NY, NY 212-246-5122.

The book “The Doctor Who Cures Cancer” by Eidem can be obtained from the Book Clearinghouse - 914-835-0015 or www.bookch.com.

Revici Therapy with Selenium

“Options, The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book,” by Richard Walters (Avery Publishing, 1993) discusses Revici’s use of selenium in treating cancer. He states:

“Revici’s use of selenium in the treatment of cancer predates mainstream interest in this mineral by more than twenty years. Selenium is one of the major trace elements always found deficient in cancer-prone populations. Research has shown that it is of value not only in preventing cancer but in treating it. Revici used a special molecular form of selenium (bivalent-negative selenium) incorporated in a molecule of fatty acids. In this form, he can administer up to 1 gram of selenium per day, which corresponds to one million micrograms per day, reportedly with no toxic side effects.....In a 140-patient study of cancer victims treated with selenium, Dr. R Donaldson of the St. Louis Veterans Adm Hospital reported in 1983 that some patients deemed terminal with only weeks to live were completely free of all signs of cancer.”

Could the Revici method of binding selenium to lipids already exist naturally in fish, seafood and Brazil nuts? Could this be why no recorded cases of selenium toxicity have ever been reported by persons eating these selenium rich foods? For example, in Japan, consumption of selenium from food sources averages 600 mcg daily while in Northern Greenland, it is over 1300 mcg daily. There is nothing in the published literature to suggest any adverse effects even after decades of consuming these amounts. To date, selenium toxicity has been relegated to inorganic sodium selenite and other sources that are not bound to lipids.

Seleniun and BHT used to treat Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Case report: Last month, one of our readers called to learn of suggestions for treating HPV. This is not an area that we have had much success with in recent years. Considering the dramatic reduction in hepatitis C viral loads with therapeutic doses of selenium and the subsequent apparent success with HIV, I thought, why not test it out on HPV and even other persistent intracellular viral infections (HHV-6 A and B, CMV, EBV etc.). I suggested that the reader, a married women, who weighed only 120 lbs try 600 mcg daily of selenium, taking 400 mcg daily in the capsule form of high-yeast selenium (SelenoMax) plus 3 Brazil nuts that would have an average of 75 mcg of selenium per nut including some in the form of L seleno-cysteine, thought to be a highly effective form.

Calculating TDA: The estimated amount is based on our present working formula of taking 100 mcg of selenium per 20 pounds of body weight. Example - a person weighs120 lbs. 120 divided by 20 = 6. Six times 100 = 600 mcg of selenium for a Therapeutic Daily Amount or (TDA).

Her husband wanted to do even more and asked about adding BHT (Butylated Hydroxy Toluene), a powerful antioxidant. I told him it was used mainly for herpes types infections and thought it would not hurt to give it a try since the alternative to uncontrolled HPV eventually is cervical cancer or surgery. Early in December, his wife began using the 600 mcg daily of selenium and took one 250 mg BHT capsule once a day with a meal that contained fat. The fat is to help with the absorption of the BHT. Some people pre-dissolve BHT in olive oil before using it.

After two weeks, she returned to the physician who expressed surprise that the HPV warts had reduced in size. He said: “this is rare; usually they stay the same or get worse.”

Note: This is the first reported case of reducing HPV using selenium and BHT together. Hopefully, the good results will continue.

Selenium for HIV - a 3rd case report

Robert W. who has never used a prescription drug cocktail for HIV sent me his lab results over the past 4 years. Over this 4 year period, he had been taking 200 mcg of selenium daily but the dose was not sufficient to stop a gradual decline in his CD4 counts or the slow increase in the viral load that fluctuated from 400 to 32,000. In November, when his CD4 count dropped to 220 and his viral load was 18,624. He told me he planned to go on a 3 part drug cocktail (Viramune, Zerit and Epivir) after Jan 1, 2002. Meanwhile, he decided to increase his selenium to 1200 mcg daily starting after this last result. On December 13th, after using the selenium at this higher dose for 5 weeks and making no other changes to his protocol, he had labs done and these are the results.

Nov 8th- CD4-220 CD8-492 bDNA-18,624

Dec 13th CD4- 221 CD8-618 bDNA-12,703

While increasing the selenium from 200 mcg to 1200 mcg daily only increased the CD4’s by 1 (220 to 221), he added 126 to his CD8’s (492 to 618) and decreased his viral load by 5,921 (from 18624 to 12703).

While the results were nowhere as dramatic as Karen M as reported in December, 2001, Robert W has never used any prescription drugs to treat HIV since his diagnosis in February, 1996. What we see today are the results of a 5 week span of time using 1200 mcg daily of selenium. We also have to consider that the mere 200 mcg of selenium he used daily over the past 5 years may have contributed to his being a slow progresser and delaying the need to use prescription drugs to treat his HIV until now.

While Robert has apparently made up his mind to start on a drug cocktail after 1/1/02, he said he will also continue to use the 1200 mcg of selenium daily. It would have been interesting if he had tried the higher dose of selenium earlier and we would have had a longer period of time to observe the results of this higher dosage level to determine if a higher dosage level could completely stop HIV progression to AIDS when the CD4 counts are 300 or higher. Robert W can be reached by email at poshealth@hotmail.com.

Note: At this juncture I doubt that high doses of selenium alone will reverse AIDS when the CD4 count has dropped below 200, but I could be wrong. If the results of Karen M (December, 2001, monthly report) can be duplicated, then the possibility that therapeutic doses of selenium could be used in place of a drug cocktail allowing for a very extended treatment interruption from the use of drug cocktails becomes a tantalizing possibility.

June Wiles (Nutritional Counselors of America) on Selenium (removes tumors)

June Wiles who teaches the Carey Reams method of diagnosis writes in a December newsletter that

“Selenium will remove ferritin from white blood cells (ferritin helps gobble up asbestos). With ferritin gone asbestos can be gone too - but more importantly, with ferritin gone, phenol and ascaris parasites will be disabled and discarded as well as flushing bacteria and toxins. It may require up to 3000 mcg of selenium daily to unload the enemy. Fresh coconut meat for four days will help with removal of all ascaris. Using 1000 mcg of selenium per day for 3 to 6 months may also assist removal of tumors.”

June Wiles - ph no. 813-977-1000

Note: What is interesting is that independent of Keep Hope Alive, June Wiles, who has been a nutritional consultant for over 20 years, claims 1000 mcg of selenium daily may help get rid of tumors and 3000 mcg daily to help unload parasites and asbestos. Wow! I am also waiting to hear from Jose from Brazil about an email message he received in the Spring of 2001 that 2000 to 3000 mcg of selenium daily can cure Hepatitis C. So far, Jose has been unable to find the original email with that message.

Note: As long as the blood levels of selenium do not exceed 600 mcg per liter of blood, there should be no side effects, even from higher doses of 2000 to 3000 mcg of selenium daily as long as natural selenium is used and not sodium selenite. Selenium that is derived from yeast or garlic is bound to the amino acids methionine or cysteine or both as in Brazil Nuts and fish. Liquid Selenium usually has sodium selenite in it and should be avoided in high doses (more than 1000 mcg daily). A physician can monitor the blood levels of selenium.

Selenium may cure Hepatitis C. EDTA for Cataract

February, 2002

Selenium Synergy (Jarrow Formulas) plus Immax credited with reducing viral load from 19000 to 400

Mark Konlee

Utah, Gerry K reports that he has been using 8 capsules of Jarrow Formulas Selenium Synergy daily since early October, 2001, along with about 7 Immax tablets (Natural Immune Intelligence). He reports his viral load has declined in increments from 19,000 in August to 13,000 in October to 7000 in November and now the latest results of 400 taken just before Christmas. He also reports his CD4 counts have increased from 367 to 436. He has not used any prescription drugs to treat HIV since 1999 when the use of protease inhibitors decreased his viral load from 775,000 to non-detectable levels. After reaching non-detectable levels he stopped using the drugs after developing side effects.

He states that in the past 2 years his viral load never went over 19000. He has tried many alternative therapies in an attempt to control the virus without going back to the drug cocktails. His latest lab results indicates he is making progress toward this goal.

Gerry reports he uses the lemon/olive oil drink twice a week and also does an enema with garlic and vinegar added about once a week. He also uses a Rife technology unit that emits light frequencies called a Plasma Jr. The device is suppose to kill infections in the person with light waves. He had earlier used an expensive device called the Bio-Ray that he now says was not effective. Occasionally he also uses ozone. His diet is average. He takes B-12, Beta carotene, a multiple vitamin/mineral formula and once a day Bio Pro Thymic Protein A. He says he drinks dark imported beer in moderation. For more information, Gerry can be reached by email at kweiveler@yahoo.com. Gerry reported that before adding the selenium, high doses of IMMAX had brought down his viral load, but the decline in viral titers picked up speed when Jarrow Formulas Selenium synergy was added (8 capsules daily).

It should be noted here that Gerry did not eat Brazil nuts, something I have recommended for several months. The next article analyzes and suggests that the Riboflavin and vitamin E in the Selenium formula used by Gerry may have contributed to his extraordinary results.

Riboflavin/Vitamin E enhance the effects of Selenium

Several published sources report that Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and Vitamin E enhance the effectiveness of selenium and may decrease the need for the amount of selenium in the diet. Riboflavin has been reported to help recycle oxidized glutathione back to its reduced form where it can again function as an antioxidant.

Research in India found that vitamin A, Riboflavin, selenium and zinc supplementation in 150 persons reduced pre-cancerous lesions in the palate as compared to controls. (1)

In Israel, rats exposed to oxidative stress (hyperbaric oxygen) and supplemented with vitamin E, Selenium and Riboflavin showed higher levels of glutathione reductase, glutathione peroxidase, SOD and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PD) than controls. Increases in G-6-PD were only observed in rats supplemented with Riboflavin. (2)

Rafal P et al report that in growing pigs fed selenium, Vitamin E and riboflavin, cell mediated immunity improved and stated:

“Feed supplementation exerted a beneficial ....influence on the indices of cell-mediated immunity. The proportion of rosette-forming cells and blastogenic transformation induced by specific (horse globulin) and nonspecific (PHA) mitogens underwent the most expressed and most significant increase in pigs fed 5 mg selenium, 100 mg vitamin E and 5 mg riboflavin per KG of feed.” (3)

Note: The feed contained 5 mg selenium per 2.2 pounds (Kilogram). 5 mg is the same as 5000 mcg. I am pointing this out because of the trivial amounts of selenium recommended in many mainstream or “alternative” and “nutritional” publications. Unfortunately, too many writers copy each others ideas, even if erroneous and don’t do their own homework. There are probably a million cases of cancer in the US alone that could be prevented each year if the amount of vitamin A and selenium that people consumed daily were tripled over their present levels.

Keeping the public misinformed on the subject of using more vitamin A and selenium will only benefit the multi-billion dollar cancer industry (chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) while driving up the cost of national health care.

Researchers found that in young pigs, riboflavin caused a decrease in urinary secretion of selenium thus increasing the retention of the trace mineral. (4) This suggests that when vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) is taken with selenium, that it will increase its effectiveness and decrease the amount needed to be used for therapeutic results. The Jarrow Formula called Selenium Synergy contains 2 mg Riboflavin and 30 i.u. vitamin E per capsule along with 100 mcg of yeast-derived selenium per capsule. Jarrow Formulas “Selenium Synergy” will likely be more effective than taking selenium alone because of the added riboflavin and vitamin E. If a supplement contains only selenium, then riboflavin and vitamin E should also be taken at the same time to increase the effectiveness and create a synergistic result.

Considering that Riboflavin increases ATP production in the cells and ATP helps transports viral antigen to the cell surface, the use of Riboflavin alone would improve cell-mediated immune responses and vitamin E has been reported to help preserve glutathione levels in the cells. It makes sense to combine all three and maximize the benefits.

1. Krishnaswamy K et al; Eur J Cancer Oral Oncol. 1995 Jan;31 B(1):41-8

2. “Effects of dietary factors on antioxidant enzymes in rats exposed to hyperbaric oxygen” Boadi WY et al; Vet Hum Toxicol. 1991 Apr; 33(2):105-

3. “Effect of selenium, vitamin E and riboflavin supplementation of the feed on the humoral and cell-mediated immune responses of growing pigs,” by Rafai P et al.; Acta Vet Hung. 1989;37(3):201-17

4. “Effects of riboflavin supplementation and selenium source on selenium metabolism in the young pig” Parsons MJ et al; J Anim Sci. 1985 Feb;60(2):451-61

Paul Kangas claims 2000 mcg of selenium daily along with vitamin E and C cured him of hepatitis C.

A web site referred to by Jose Garcia of Sao Paulo claims that taking 2000 mcg of selenium daily along with vitamin E and C cured him of hepatitis C. The author of the report, Paul Kangas, also reports he used urine therapy in which he places a lot of credit.

However, in the two cases I reported on in Pos. Health News No 23, where 1000 to 1200 mcg daily of selenium was used and reduced hepatitis C viral load up to 94%, urine therapy was not used. While he claims he was cured, I didn’t see any published lab results to verify those claims. He is selling an audio cassette tape for $9.00 that describes his experiences. His web site is


Because he used very large type size on his web site, I was unable to print it out and review it more closely. You can also write to Paul Kongas ND, PO Box 422644, San Fran, CA 94142. Include a SASE for reply and free audio tape.

EDTA cures Cataract in 3 weeks

Don W., now 72 years of age, is a resident of Franklin, WI. For several years I had known that he had avoided bypass surgery for a partially blocked artery by taking an oral chelation product called Formula No 1 that is high in an amino acid abbreviated as EDTA. For the past half century, EDTA has been used to chelate lead out of the body of persons who have been over exposed to this heavy metal. Many progressive physicians have also used I.V. EDTA to remove calcium plaque from the arterial walls to improve blood flow and circulation and as an alternative to bypass surgery.

In a recent visit, however, Don shared another part of his experiences with Formula 1 (EDTA chelation) that I had previously been unaware of. He stated that in 1993, he had developed a cataract in his left eye and that over a period of a few months, had lost all his sight in the left eye. He had heard that Formula 1 with EDTA could heal Cataracts, so he obtained a bottle and took 4 teaspoons daily. Within 3 weeks, his eyesight was completely restored. Now 9 years later at age 72, his physician recently examined him and found he had 20/20 vision and no change in his eyes.

Don reports that his wife who began to develop a cataract successfully treated it by taking the EDTA oral chelation formula as well. In fact, he said that her vision that was 20/40 four years ago has improved and is now 20/25. Eyesight improving with age!?

Now to tell you about my personal experience with Formula 1; I have used it off and on for the past 6 years. Around 1995, I got a prescription for glasses to use when I drive at night. During this period of time, Formula 1 with EDTA is a supplement that I have taken off and on and not on a regular basis. However, I now believe that my eyesight has actually improved slightly since 1995 as I rarely need my glasses when I drive at night and never wear them during the day. Could the EDTA have been a factor in helping to keep my eyes from deteriorating in the past 6 years?

When the doctor recently examined Don, he told him that his eyes had not changed in 9 years and should have gotten worse. He said “I don’t understand what is happening here......this is an exception.” EDTA is also reported to be an antioxidant. Formula 1 with EDTA is made by Golden Pride/Raleigh. For more inf., call Don at 414-529-1787.

Excerpts from a Fact Sheet on Selenium by the National Institute of Health http://www.cc.nih.gov/ccc/supplements/selen.html

Selenium: What is it? (NIH)

Selenium is an essential trace mineral in the human body (1). This nutrient is an important part of antioxidant enzymes that protect cells against the effects of free radicals that are produced during normal oxygen metabolism. The body has developed defenses such as antioxidants to control levels of free radicals because they can damage cells and contribute to the development of some chronic diseases(2). Selenium is also essential for normal functioning of the immune system and thyroid gland (3-5).

What foods provide selenium? (NIH)

Plant foods are the major dietary sources of selenium in most countries throughout the world. The amount of selenium in soil, which varies by region, determines the amount of selenium in the plant foods that are grown in that soil. Researchers know that soils in the high plains of northern Nebraska and the Dakotas have very high levels of selenium. People living in those regions generally have the highest selenium intakes in the United States (6). Soils in some parts of China and Russia have very low amounts of selenium and dietary selenium deficiency is often reported in those regions.

Selenium also can be found in some meats and seafood. Animals that eat grains or plants that were grown in selenium-rich soil have higher levels of selenium in their muscle. In the United States, meats and bread are common sources of dietary selenium (7, 8). Some nuts, in particular Brazil nuts and walnuts, are also very good sources of selenium. The table of food sources of selenium suggests many dietary sources of selenium.

When can selenium deficiency occur? (NIH)

Selenium deficiency is most commonly seen in parts of China where the selenium content in the soil, and therefore selenium intake, is very low. Selenium deficiency is linked to Keshan Disease. The most common signs of selenium deficiency seen in Keshan Disease are an enlarged heart and poor heart function (11). Keshan disease has been observed in low-selenium areas of China, where dietary intake is less than 19 mcg per day for men and less than 13 mcg per day for women (12). This intake is significantly lower than the current RDA for selenium.

Selenium deficiency also may affect thyroid function because selenium is essential for the synthesis of active thyroid hormone (4). Researchers also believe selenium deficiency may worsen the effects of iodine deficiency on thyroid function, and that adequate selenium nutritional status may help protect against some of the neurologic effects of iodine deficiency (5).

Selenium deficiency has been seen in people who rely on total parenteral nutrition (TPN) as their sole source of nutrition (13, 14). TPN is a method of feeding nutrients through an intravenous (IV) line to people whose digestive systems do not function. Forms of nutrients that do not require digestion are dissolved in liquid and infused through the IV line. It is important for TPN solutions to provide selenium in order to prevent a deficiency (15). Physicians can monitor the selenium status of individuals receiving TPN to make sure they are receiving adequate amounts. Severe gastrointestinal disorders may decrease the absorption of selenium, resulting in selenium depletion or deficiency (16). Gastrointestinal problems that impair selenium absorption usually affect absorption of other nutrients as well, and require routine monitoring of nutritional status so that physicians can recommend appropriate treatment (16).

Who may need extra selenium? (NIH)

Selenium supplementation is essential for anyone relying on TPN as the sole source of nutrition, and selenium supplementation has become routine during TPN administration since the relationship between selenium deficiency and TPN was discovered (15). Gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohn's disease can impair selenium absorption. Most cases of selenium depletion or deficiency are associated with severe gastrointestinal problems, such as in individuals who have had over half of their small intestines surgically removed (17). A physician, who will determine the need for selenium supplementation, should evaluate individuals who have gastrointestinal disease and depleted blood levels of selenium (18).

Selenium and cancer (NIH)

Some studies indicate that mortality (death) from cancer, including lung, colorectal, and prostate cancers, is lower among people with higher selenium blood levels or intake (19-25). Also, the incidence of nonmelanoma skin cancer is significantly higher in areas of the United States with low soil selenium levels (22). The effect of selenium supplementation on the recurrence of these types of skin cancers was studied in seven dermatology clinics in the US from 1983 through the early 1990s. Supplementation with 200 mcg selenium daily did not affect recurrence of skin cancer, but significantly reduced total mortality and mortality from cancers. In addition, incidence of prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer was lower in the group given selenium supplements (26).

However, not all studies have shown a relationship between selenium status and cancer. In 1982, over 60,000 participants of the Nurses Health Study with no history of cancer submitted toenail clippings for selenium analysis. Toenail analysis is thought to reflect selenium status over the previous year. After three and one-half years, researchers compared the toenail selenium levels of nurses with and without cancer. They did not find any apparent benefit of higher selenium levels (27).

(Comment inserted by Mark Konlee: The devil here lies in the details. If the nurses only had slight differences in selenium levels, then it is possible no statistical differences in cancer might result and the conclusions from such a study would be misleading. Example - Compare 50 mcg daily intake to 60 mcg selenium and both are probably insufficient to prevent cancer).

These conflicting results emphasize the need for additional research on the relationship between selenium and chronic diseases such as cancer. A study that may help answer some of the questions about the effect of selenium supplementation on cancer risk has started in France. The Supplementation en Vitamines et Mineraux AntiXydants, or SU.VI.MAX Study, is a prevention trial that is providing doses of antioxidant vitamins and minerals that are one to three times higher than recommended intakes, including a daily supplement of 100 mcg selenium. More than 12,000 men and women are being followed for eight years to determine the effect of supplementation on the incidence of chronic disease, such as cancers and cardiovascular disease (28).

Selenium and heart disease (NIH)

Some population surveys have indicated an association between a lower antioxidant intake with a greater incidence of heart disease (29). Additional lines of evidence suggest that oxidative stress from free radicals may promote heart disease (30). For example, it is the oxidized form of low-density lipoproteins (LDL, often called "bad" cholesterol) that promotes plaque build-up in coronary arteries (31). Selenium is one of a group of antioxidants that may help limit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and thereby help to prevent coronary artery disease (30, 32). Currently there is insufficient evidence available to recommend selenium supplements for the prevention of coronary heart disease.

Selenium and arthritis (NIH)

Surveys of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic disease that causes pain, stiffness, swelling, and loss of function in joints, have indicated that they have reduced selenium levels in their blood (33, 34). In addition, some individuals with arthritis have a low selenium intake (35). The body's immune system naturally makes free radicals that can help destroy invading organisms and damaged tissue, but that can also harm healthy tissue (36). Selenium, as an antioxidant, may help control levels of free radicals and help to relieve symptoms of arthritis (37). Current findings are considered preliminary, and further research is needed before selenium supplements can be recommended for individuals with arthritis.

Selenium and HIV (NIH)

HIV / AIDS related malabsorption can deplete levels of many nutrients. Selenium deficiency is commonly associated with HIV / AIDS, and has been associated with a high risk of death from this disease (38, 39). Of 24 children with HIV who were observed for five years, those with low selenium levels died at a younger age, which may indicate faster disease progression (40). An examination of 125 HIV positive men and women also associated selenium deficiency with mortality (39). Researchers believe that selenium may be important in HIV disease because of its role in the immune system and as an antioxidant. Selenium also may be needed for the replication of the HIV virus, which could deplete host levels of selenium (38).

Researchers are actively investigating the role of selenium in HIV / AIDS, and see a need for clinical trials that evaluate the effect of selenium supplementation on HIV disease progression (41).

End of NIH Article

In this article, the NIH reports that at 400 mcg daily or less of selenium, there is absolutely no risk of ever overdosing on selenium and having side effects (i.e. hair loose falling out) . I couldn’t agree more, except that not all selenium supplements are created equal and that the great curative potentials of using natural selenium compounds for treating cancer, AIDS, hepatitis and arthritis is in the range of 1000 to 2000 mcg daily. That issue is not addressed by the NIH.

Salt - Poison on the Kitchen Table

Several years ago, a local holistic dentist told me that the Chinese used to commit suicide by eating large amounts of salt (sodium chloride). Now, when we researched the subject of sodium, we found it was involved in obesity, insulin resistance, high blood pressure and heart disease. Now, we don’t see a warning label on a box of salt, but we should because salt and excess sodium consumption is a real destroyer of health and it kills people.

When sailors are lost at sea, they are warned not to drink sea water as it will kill them, but rather to drink their own urine if there is no fresh water available. Sea water kills because the sodium in it causes kidney and heart failure.

Scientists at Oregon State University downplay selenium toxicity, explore deficiencies


By Joe Marks, 541-737-3380

SOURCES: Philip Whanger 541-737-1803

Judy Butler, 541-737-1803

CORVALLIS - Oregon State University scientists, who just developed a better method for assessing selenium metabolism, say concerns about the trace mineral's toxicity are usually unwarranted.

"You'd have to consume more than 60 of the usual-strength (50 micrograms each) pharmaceutical selenium tablets a day for years before you'd even get sick," said Philip Whanger, an OSU professor of agricultural chemistry. (Note: that would be 3000 mcg daily!)

Still, the improved toxicity test Whanger and colleagues developed is important because there are incidences where humans and animals get overdosed. In the 1980s, for example, a now-defunct pharmaceutical company produced tablets that contained 1,000 times more selenium than advertised. There have also been cases where injections into farm animals exceeded recommended doses tenfold. Research is also being done on the reverse side of the problem - selenium deficiency.

Whanger's selenium toxicity assay method uses albumin, a blood protein, as a marker. A ratio of selenium to albumin exceeding nine nanograms per milligram in the blood plasma is toxic.

The assay's accuracy and precision makes finding a needle in a haystack seem like child's play. There area 28 billion nanograms, or 28 thousand milligrams, in an ounce. In humans, there are less than three drops of selenium in an individual's 10 liters of blood. "It's like measuring a shot-glass of vermouth in a railroad tank car of gin," Whanger joked.

Soil in parts of the Pacific Northwest, the upper Midwest and the northeastern United States, New Zealand and China are known to be deficient in selenium. Prior to the 1970s, selenium deficiencies caused thousands of deaths in China, particularly to children and young adults. Selenium-related deaths seldom occurred after scientists there identified the problem and started putting selenium in table salt.

Whanger said some soils in the Pacific Northwest are among the lowest in selenium of any areas in the United States. In some years early in the century, a disorder called “white muscle disease," which is caused by selenium deficiency, killed as many as half of the lambs and calves born to ewes and cows raised on crops grown in Oregon.

OSU researchers started working with farmers and ranchers on the cause and treatment of white muscle disease in the 1920s. By 1960, white muscle disease was eliminated and researchers estimated that the Oregon livestock industry saved $10 million a year by giving selenium supplements to their animals.

There is strong evidence that selenium supplements are good for humans as well, according to Whanger. A recent study by Cornell University scientists showed several selenium compounds reduce the incidence of prostrate, colorectal and lung cancer.

"Selenium is only needed in very small amounts, but it is essential for animal life," she said. Butler's studies of pregnant women in Oregon and New Zealand showed selenium levels decline during pregnancy until birth, when they rise again to normal levels. Selenium supplements maintained normal levels throughout pregnancy until just prior to delivery.

She and Whanger said similar patterns were found in Chinese women suffering from selenium deficiency. Their children suffer from Keshan disease, a cardiomyopathy heart ailment. "The problem is greatest after the children have been weaned," Butler said. "Until then the mother's milk, which contains a beneficial enzyme, offers some protection to the child. But the mother's selenium level goes dangerously low. In effect, the mother sacrifices her own body reserves to put the enzyme in the milk for her child."

The enzyme is glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px). It converts peroxides to other compounds that are not harmful. Peroxides are breakdown products of fatty acids that damage cell membranes, causing rapid aging and damage to the skin. Selenium supplements reduce these problems, Whanger said.

Last Update:Tuesday, 12-Aug-1997 17:23:20 PDT


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Sterilization of Brazil Nuts - a rich source of organic Selenium

Brazil nuts, like peanuts, can become contaminated on the surface with molds and mildew. This can happen, when the nuts stay on the ground for too long before being harvested. Here is how you can remove most of the mold and toxins that may be present.

Place one or two pounds of Brazil nuts into a large sieve or strainer. Pour either of the following solutions over the nuts

a.Two quarts of ozonated water or

b. add 1/4 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide to 2 quarts of warm water.

Pour either solution over the nuts, stir and mix. Let stand one minute.

Then, pour two quarts of hot tap or boiling water over the nuts to rinse them. After letting them drain for a few minutes. Then, quickly dry them with any of the following methods:

1. Spread nuts single layer in a pan and sun dry or preheat oven to 300 degrees F and place in oven for 4 minutes. Remove and let air dry for 30 minutes. A hair dryer should also work to dry them quickly.

2. Store in a glass jar in the freezer until ready to use.

Once you sterilize, rinse and dry the Brazil nuts, you will find that the flavor of the nuts improves. You are less likely to bite into an occasional bitter nut. You can now use the Brazil nuts alone or with almonds to make fresh nut milk. An easy recipe is 1/4th cup of sterilized Brazil nuts and 1/4 cup of almonds. Add to blender with 2 cups of filtered water, one teaspoon of lecithin granules and 1/2 tsp. of vanilla. Blend at high speed for 2 minutes. Strain through a fine mesh strainer for a fine milk. Refrigerate until used. Enjoy.

Source of Brazil Nuts 5 lbs $17.50 - go to Organicfruitsandnuts.com or call 760-749-1133

Selenium in animal studies that are the equivalent of 3700 mcg of selenium daily in humans stopped the growth of several types of cancer.

Paul M, who lives in West Allis, walked into my office last week with a book by John Boik titled “Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy.” This book is, in my opinion, one of the most carefully researched books on natural cancer treatments ever written. Published by Oregon Medical Press LLC., 315 10th Ave N, Princeton, MN 55371 763-389-0768. www.ompress.com.

The book has the endorsement of 6 medical doctors, 5 of whom are oncologists that specialize in cancer therapy. This book likely has more scientific analysis of natural therapies for cancer than any other that has been published to date. The 500 plus pages covers a wide range of topics supported by good clinical and scientific data. What a great treasurehouse of information. I highly recommend it for the health care professional and the informed public and certainly friends of cancer victims. In a nutshell, here is what Boik states about the action of selenium in preventing or treating cancer

Selenium induces apoptosis at the cellular level, inhibits PKC, inhibits NF-KB/AP-1 activity, improves cell to cell communication, inhibits angiogenisis, inhibits histamine, inhibits tumor necrosis factor, inhibits VEGF effects, inhibits insulin resistance, inhibits invasion and metastasis, inhibits collagenase effects and supports the immune system.

At the average equivalent of 3700 mcg daily, Boik cites scientific studies that in animals selenium inhibited metastasis of melanoma cells, Ehlrich ascites cells in mice, several different cancer cell lines, brain cancer, some types of leukemia, breast cancer and lung cancer. Other researchers have found selenium inhibits prostate cancer.

In support of the position that sodium selenite, the inorganic form, should not be used as a dietary supplement, Boik states that the sodium selenite has been “reported to cause DNA strand breaks in cancer cells in vitro, probably via free radicals and/or SAM deficiency, and to induce p53 dependent apoptosis. In contrast, methylselenocysteine and organic related forms act through a different means: they appear to induce apoptosis independent of DNA damage and p53 activity.”

Boik also states: “Of the organic forms, methylselenocysteine, and.........selenomethionine, are among those causing the least adverse effects at high doses, since they can be converted directly to methylselenol without methyl donors......Methylselenol is of prime importance to us, since this form seems to be responsible for selenium’s anticancer effects in vivo.”

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