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December 1, 1994 ……………………………………Report No. 7

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Name Change -HIV Treatment News changed to Positive Health News

Mark Konlee Dec 1, 1994

HIV Treatment News has been changed to Positive Health News. This is the first issue. The Tenth International Conference on AIDS, was held in Yokohama, Japan, from August 7 to 12 this year. One significant news item that came out of the conference is the number of HIV+ survivors of 12 years or longer who, without the benefit of conventional drugs, are alive and well and with no apparent signs of a damaged immune system. Speculation has surfaced that this is due to a weak strain of the virus or to a unique protein found in HIV survivors that is not found in those with symptoms. However, there is a largely unnoticed item from the Yokohama conference that was published in GMHC Treatment Issues Vol. 8, No. 8 on HIV IN THE LYMPH SYSTEM. This item is of particular interest because I have introduced, in this newsletter, a new theory of HIV progression being linked to a buildup of toxins in the Lymph system. Here is a verbatim quote from the GMHC newsletter of Sep. 1994:


The new viral burden tests so far have been used almost exclusively to measure HIV levels in the blood. Yet, researchers have come to realize over the past few years that much of the early HIV replication occurs not in the blood, but in the lymph system. Dr. Ashley Hasse presented data suggesting that approximately 25 % of the CD4 cells in the lymph nodes are infected by HIV. This is a much larger portion than previously thought. Using a new type of molecular technology, Hasse detected a "staggeringly large" amount of HIV-infected CD4 lymphocytes and macrophages in the lymph system.....Yet, a small study by NIH researchers suggested that current antiretroviral therapies may have a minimal impact on HIV levels in the lymph system.

When asymptomatic, HIV positive individuals were given AZT monotherapy, the amount of HIV found in the lymphoid tissue remained largely unchanged. In more advanced patients who added DDI to AZT therapy, there was a "temporary reduction" in HIV replication in the lymph tissue in four of six patients."

The article in GMHC raises the following question: Is there not a better way of administering drugs or other HIV antivirals to reach the prime center of HIV activity - the lymph system? Why not inject HIV antivirals directly into the lymph nodes? This is something for the manufacturers of nucleosides to consider.

HIV comes first in the domino chain reaction that leads to AIDS. The second stage is toxicity caused by blockage of fluid in the lymph system and/or a deficiency of new lymph fluid being produced for circulation in the lymph vessels. Third, the build-up of toxins in the lymph vessels impairs the functioning of the liver, pancreas and thymus through a process of self-poisoning. Fourth, toxicity and impaired functioning of the liver leads to digestive disorders and malabsorption while toxicity in the thymus gland causes a decline in CD4 production. All other symptoms of HIV progression are part of the cascade of domino effects that follow.

Free radicals, I now believe, are an effect of HIV progression and not its cause, as I first reported in the April-94 Report on Free Radicals and Pycnogenol. The kidneys, lungs and large intestines are the major organs of elimination. The lymph system is a lessor understood mode of eliminating toxins from cells. For comparison, the kidneys and large intestines could be considered the toilet of your body, while the bathroom sink is the lymphatic system. It is easy to understand how a blocked drain in your house can cause a build-up of waste matter. The same thing can happen in your body when fluid in the lymph system is not moving.


The following is a summary of protocols and products where anecdotal reports indicate a reduction in swollen lymph nodes.

Ozone - I.V., or autohemotherapy or sauna bag


DMSO combination massaged directly into swollen lymph nodes

Detox for Viruses

Castor oil packs

Pancreatin-taken with meals

Aloe Vera Juice

raw vegetable juices

Herbs:Mullein and Echinacea

Exercise - walking or trampoline

Deep muscle or lymphatic massage.

For anti-HIV activity, ozone is the most effective; second is LDM-100; that pancreatic enzymes taken with meals help reduce swollen lymph nodes suggests that an unidentified amino acid has anti-HIV activity.

Note: L-Glutathione may have better anti-HIV activity than NAC in the lymph system. Note: the 7th edition of the AIDS Control Diet book is expected to be ready in Feb., 1995. An announcement will be made on our voice mail message update when the new edition is completed. Our next newsletter is planned for March - 95.

Castor Oil Heals

On October 7th, (1994) I received a phone call from Robert M. (name reprinted with permission), from Brooklyn, NY, one of nearly 100 phone calls that I respond to each month from Keep Hope Alive's voice mail messages. He told me that after using castor oil topically on his lymph nodes for just 10 days, his T4 counts increased from 360 to 420 and his T8's increased from 670 to 1050. He attributed the increase solely to the use of the castor oil.

Robert then told me of his interest in castor oil when a friend of his had 100% success with castor oil on his cat that had a large cancerous tumor growing on the outside of its body. The friend's veterinarian told him to try rubbing castor oil on the tumor and said it might shrink it and added that castor oil stimulated the immune system. Robert told me he had seen the cat before the castor oil treatment started and that the large tumor had completely shrunk and disappeared in just 30 days.

Robert M "All my friend did was to rub castor oil on the tumor each day for one month. It sounds unbelievable, but the tumor is completely gone."

I decided to try rubbing the castor oil on my swollen lymph nodes on August 15th to see if it would reduce the soreness and swelling. Ten days later, I still had swollen lymph nodes, although slightly reduced. However, the blood test results of August 25th showed this rather sharp increase in both T4 and T8 cells."

That evening, I told Jim, who has HIV, about Robert's experience with castor oil. I said: "Jim, I don't know much about castor oil, except that it comes from the castor bean plant. Do you know anything about it?"

Jim replied: I never used castor oil myself, but in 1991, several PWA's in Houston, TX were using castor oil packs and reported that they were feeling better."

I replied: "Jim, I have known you for 18 months and you never mentioned this to me before." (Jim had traveled with me to Houston, TX in March, 1994, to attend the IBOM Ozone conference and was the person who used the Schiff brand of Pycnogenol reported in our last newsletter)

Jim: "I completely forgot about it, until you mentioned it just now."

Mark: "Tell me everything you know about PWA's who used castor oil and the benefits they received."

Jim: "I'll tell you about a friend of mine, Dean. Dean heard about castor oil from Ed Jamail, who belonged to A.R.E. (Assn for Research and Enlightenment). A.R.E. has a library in Virginia Beach, VA with all the reading on the late psychic, Edgar Cayce. Cayce frequently recommended castor oil packs and a heat pad applied topically for wide range of health related problems. Dean had heard that persons doing the castor oil packs were reported to be feeling better. So he decided to give it a try. He had impressive results. In 30 days, his T4 counts increased significantly.

Mark: How much?

Jim: I believe from 140 to 263. At the time, he was under the care of Dr. Patricia Salvato, M.D.. His T4 counts had been continuously dropping for several months and Dr. Salvato thought the test results were in error and ordered a second test. The second test confirmed the T4 count increase was correct. Dean never told Dr. Salvato that he was doing the castor oil packs.

Mark: Did Dean take any drugs, supplements or follow any special diet?

Jim: No, he ate whatever he felt like - no special diet. He was not on any drugs or medications. He had been taking some vitamins and anti-oxidants, but had been on them for some time while his T4 counts kept dropping.

Mark: How did Dean do the castor oil treatments? Jim: He used the method recommended by A.R.E., the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Edgar Cayce was a psychic who would go into a trance like sleep and give readings on a persons health problems. It would be best to call Ed Jamail in Houston, TX. Ed was a member of A.R.E. for several years and worked with Dean to design the protocol. Ed can also place you in contact with A.R.E.

Second interview

Mark: (To Ed Jamail): Jim told me about Dean's use of castor oil packs in 1991. Can you tell me the protocol he used with the castor oil packs?

Ed: I'd be glad to. It was in September, 1991, that Dean tried the castor oil packs for one month. He did 28 treatments total over a 4 week period. Four days each week, the castor oil packs were done over the abdomen area and 3 days each week, they were done over the thymus gland area - the upper part of the chest. It was thought that the castor oil would detoxify and stimulate the Thymus gland to maturate T cells produced in the bone marrow.

Protocol for using the Castor Oil Packs

ED: An electric heat pad is placedon a table. A piece of plastic, about 12 by 14 inches, cut from a garbage bag, is placed on top of the heating pad. (The plastic is used to prevent the castor oil from getting on the heating pad.) On top of the plastic sheet is placed a 9 by 12 inch piece of woolen flannel or cotton terry cloth. Castor (about 1/4th cup) is poured over the woolen flannel or terry cloth. Then, the heating pad with the plastic sheet and cloth soaked in the heated castor oil is picked up and placed over his abdomen from his naval to the right side under his right rib cage. The last step is to wrap a bath towel over the heating pad and around the body and to use a safety pin to hold it in place.

Note: Do not sit on fine furniture as the heated oil may soak in and cause stains.

The heat pad is turned on high until it feels very warm, then is reduced to medium. It is left on for one hour each day. When the heat pad is removed, the warm oil is massaged into the skin.

When you are finished, place the plastic sheet and heating pad in a box or plastic tray until it is used again. The oil soaked wool flannel or terry cloth should be discarded. Castor oil, once heated, should not be used again. The least expensive cloth is white cotton terry cloth purchased by the yard from a local fabric store. Baking soda with warm water can be used to clean any oil remaining on the skin or accidental spills. A shower may be taken after the treatment is completed.

Mark: What results did Dean have?

Ed: Dean was not looking very well at all when he started on the castor oil packs. In 30 days, he looked and acted like a new person. He told me his T4 counts increased from 60 to 190. According to Dean, his physician, Dr. Patricia Salvato, M.D., thought the test was a mistake and ordered a second test. The second test confirmed the first one - that his T4's had increased to the level indicated in the first test.

Mark: They tripled in 30 days? Jim said they increased from 140 to 263.

Ed: No, I disagree. I recall that they increased from 60 to 190.

Mark: I don't know who is right. Jim said they doubled. You say they tripled. Either, way, the news is very good.

Mark: What is the phone number of A.R.E., the Edgar Cayce Foundation and how do you join them? Ed: There phone number is 804-428-3588. They will send you a newsletter and catalog free of charge.

Editor's Note: During our conversation with Ed, he gave us the phone number of a friend in Seattle, WA, who attended a PWA meeting in Houston, TX in 1991. When we spoke to his friend from Seattle, he told us that at the meeting, a PWA, who had used castor oil packs, with the heat pad, on a daily basis, reported a continuous and sustained increase in his T cell counts, including his T4's. He did not remember the name of the person who spoke and could not provide specific numbers on the increases. Ed's friend, who wanted to remain anonymous, recently joined an organization called "People Curing AIDS." Several of its members in the Seattle area have been doing ozone therapy (I.V. and authohemotherapy) for a number of years.

People Curing AIDS Ph. No. is 206-233-8048.

Scientific Tests verify T-cell increases from Castro Oil Packs

An article appearing in VENTURE INWARD, published by A.R.E., Box 595, Virginia Bch, VA 23451 discusses two double blind studies, one on 11 persons and a 36 person study with 18 persons using a placebo in place of the castor oil. All persons in the study were HIV negative.

The article is written by Harvey Grady of A.R.E. Clinic, 4018 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85018. Eleven persons using the castor oil packs had their blood analyzed before and after using the castor oil packs. The person doing the treatments did not know if they were using castor oil or the placebo - paraffin oil.

In the 11 person study, Grady reported a significant increase in T-Lymphocytes, particularly T-11's in the persons using the castor oil. No change was observed in T cell levels in the persons using the placebo.

In the 36 person study, Grady reported: "in the second phase of the study, we used 36 people - six men and 30 women. The test results for this larger group, analyzed by an independent statistics firm, found that the group treated with castor oil showed significant results in the total production of lymphocytes and T-cells. Specifically, the analysis of variance revealed increases in the T-11 cell counts for the castor oil group at the significance level of p=.01, which the paraffin group did not evidence, and multiple analysis of variance upheld these findings at a significance level of p=.008 for the T-11 cell increase, ruling out possible age, sex, and circadian effects."


by William A. McGarey, M.D.

Dr. William McGarey founded the A.R.E. Clinic in Phoenix, AZ over twenty years ago. In his book, Dr. McGarey relates to the reader experiences using castor oil in his clinical practice over the past two decades. He is the author of a earlier monograph on the medicinal properties of castor oil called EDGAR CAYCE AND THE PALMA CHRISTI.

Many other books have been written about Edgar Cayce, such as Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, by Jess Stearn. Edgar Cayce frequently recommended castor oil packs and heating pads in his readings, which occurred in a sleep-like state. Cayce's readings often occurred in persons living thousands of miles away. Of the 14,306 readings Cayce gave in his lifetime, 9,604 were given for people who were ill, often seriously.

Remarkably, castor oil was recommended and benefited hundreds of conditions that were seemingly unrelated. Dr. McGarey states that castor oil contains a unique fatty acid found no where else in nature - Ricinoleic acid. It has a "hydroxyl group on the twelfth carbon"....This relationship of hydroxyl group and unsaturation exists only in castor oil."

In his book, Dr. McGarey states the following medicinal properties of castor oil: Increases eliminations; stimulates the liver and all organs and glands including the colon; reduces toxemia, inflammation, pain, nausea and swelling; dissolves adhesions, lesions and gallstones; increases lymphatic circulation, relaxation and lacteal duct circulation. This is only a partial listing.

Dr. McGarey cites experiences of skin cancers disappearing with topical applications. On the immune system he writes:

"From our own research at the A.R.E. Clinic, the major findings included: 1. total lymphocyte count increased significantly in the group using castor oil packs; 2. T -pan lymphocyte count (T-11) increased significantly in the group using castor oil packs...Our clinical experience with the castor oil packs applied over the abdomen led us to understand that the packs enhanced the function of the thymus gland and other components of the immune system."

Dr. McGarey's observations that castor oil packs over the abdomen restores the flow of lymph fluid through the thoracic duct. In HIV progression, swollen lymph nodes is indicative of a lymphatic system that is dammed up or shut down. This blockage of lymph fluid leads to a back-up of toxic waste in the body and a general state of toxemia - self poisoning. There are no drugs available today to treat a non-functional lymph system.

Dr. McGarey states: "the lymph is the first stage of elimination (of waste matter) from the cells of the body...body wastes, substances which are the result of cellular metabolism and extruded from the cell, must be removed through the lymph."

The build up of toxins, when the lymphatic system is impaired and partially blocked, may be a contributing cause of acid blood and acid saliva PH. The toxins from an impaired lymphatic system affect the functions of all organs and glands and may be an underlying cause of mental depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, neuropathy, wasting syndrome and dropping T-cell counts. Castor oil packs, by stimulating the flow of lymph fluid through the thoracic duct and the lacteals of the small intestines, will help restore assimilation of essential fatty acids, and may set-off a domino-like chain reaction that could help reverse the above conditions in PWA's.

Dr. McGarey states that the lymphatic vessels of the small intestines absorb fats and lipids from the food we eat. It is well known that in HIV progression, essential fatty acids are not well absorbed. The failure to absorb essential fatty acids contributes to wasting syndrome and a reduced capacity to produce essential hormones like Testosterone, which is needed to use amino acids from protein to build up muscle mass.

We can see a step by step domino-like chain reaction where lymphatic blockage leads to toxemia which impairs assimilation of nutrients and contributes to indigestion, fatigue and weight loss. A lymph system loaded with toxins, with no place to go, creates an acid environment in the lymph system and in the veins which causes a condition favorable for the growth of many kinds of viruses and pathogens.

Impairment of the normal functioning of the lymphatic system and the flow of the lymph fluid leading to an increase of toxins in the thymus and liver, may be the controlling mechanism of how HIV causes AIDS. Abdominal pain is frequently indicated in AIDS along with swollen and sore lymph nodes. Often, these symptoms exist from the earliest stage through the last stages of AIDS.

When specific pathogens are not found to be the cause of abdominal pain, the likely cause is an impaired lymphatic system where the lymph fluid is not moving. The lymphatic system from the Peyer's patches and lacteals in the small intestines is linked to the Thymus gland and the Liver and every other organ and gland in the body. Regular daily exercise, like walking, which moves lymph fluid, removes toxins from the body.

Dr. John Pittman M.D. says that one study shows that regular exercise in one group of PWA's increased T4 cell counts. Drinking lots of water, and particularly potassium-rich vegetable and fruit juices, also moves lymph fluid and toxins from the body. Drinking Coco-cola and other types of soft drinks may add to the toxic overload because they contain artificial substances which increases the work load for the liver. Tobacco and excess alcohol consumption can have the same toxic effect.

Dr. McGarey also discusses the beneficial effects of castor oil on the Autonomic Nervous System and its properties in relaxing the autonomic nerves, the majority of which are concentrated in the abdominal region. Dr. McGarey has prescribed castor oil packs for persons with cancer, colitis, ulcers, gallstones, hepatitis, neuritis, lymphitis, uremia, gastritis, Hodgkin's disease, sluggish kidneys and cirrhosis of the liver. Dr. McGarey's book - THE OIL THAT HEALS (232 pages) is published by A.R.E. Press in Virginia Bch, VA. Cost is $12.95 ea. plus $2.00 shipping.

WHERE TO OBTAIN CASTOR OIL. Local sources: For castor oil - drug stores and health food stores; White Cotton Terry cloth - fabric shops; heat pads - drug stores and department stores. Mail order sources: Heritage Store - 804-428-0100


Persons doing the Castor oil packs are asked to keep records of two items: First - increases in T4 cells and other T cell parameters and Second - P24 antigen levels. P24 antigen is a measure of the HIV virus and its level of activity in the body. If castor oil builds up T cell counts and lowers P24 antigen levels, it will be the best of both worlds and would be a substance capable of single-handedly reversing HIV progression. Until we obtain data from our readers on both sets of numbers, we will not know how significant a discovery castor oil really is as a low cost, non-toxic treatment for HIV.

Volunteers are needed who have KS lesions, lymphoma and other forms of cancer to try direct topical applications, hot or cold, on a daily basis, directly on the lesions, to determine their effects. I would suggest doing the castor oil packs with heat pads over the Abdomen and Thymus as indicated in the protocol, plus direct application, hot or cold, over problem areas such as KS lesions and Lymphoma.


Hippocrates diet, C-Herb and Castor oil packs used. Reports of being P24 antigen negative with a T4 count of 343.

Note: In this interview, Paul was used as a pen name.

Mark: When were you diagnosed HIV+?

Paul: In 1989, I tested positive on both the Elisa and Western Blot test. At the time, my CD4 (T4) count was in the 300 range. By 1991, my T4 count dropped to below 100 and my spleen was inflamed. The doctor wanted to cut it out.

Mark: Did you have the operation?

Paul: No, I didn't like the idea of them cutting into me. I heard about the Hippocrates Institute and went there for three weeks. The institute was founded by Ann Wigmore, known as "the wheat grass lady." I want on a raw vegetarian diet and drank wheat grass juice daily. About the same time, I learned of a product called C-Herb, formulated by an Indian.

Mark: What is C-Herb?

Paul: It is a formula with powerful anti-cancer properties. I know of two women with breast cancer who had complete remissions using this herbal combination. As you know, Federal law prohibits manufacturers from giving to customers any anecdotal reports on the beneficial results of herbal medicine. I started using C-Herb formula along with the Hipprocates diet, which is about 70% raw vegetables. I also used Essiac tea and a parasite cleansing formula with black walnut, pumpkin seeds, garlic and wormwood. I also took a product called "para-Cleanse" by Nature's Sunshine - 6 capsules 3 times a day. I used no tobacco, no alcohol, no drugs and avoided associating with negative people.

Mark: What effect did this whole program have on you?

Paul: The soreness in my spleen went away and my T4 count which was below 100 increased to 311 in 8 weeks. That was in 1991. About 1 year ago, my T4 count stood at 343. My P24 antigen test at that time was negative. Because I feel so good and do not have insurance, I have not gone back for any more tests.

Mark: Have you heard of castor oil packs?

Paul: Yes, I have. I started doing the packs daily about the same time I did everything else in 1991. Today, I do them occasionally, when I feel I need one.

Mark: As of Nov 2nd, 1994, I have confirmed 4 reports of T4 increases with the use of castor oil packs used alone or in combination with other therapies. Yours would be number 5. Do you know of anything beneficial for ITP - low platelet count?

Paul: Yes. C-Herb formula increases platelet counts. My platelet count was 333,000 on my last test and I have normal WBC and RBC counts. Also, castor oil packs over the chest area used along with C-Herb are good for T.B. I also know a friend who took C-Herb for K.S.. His KS has not advanced in several months. He rubbed some of the herb on a K.S. lesion and it had dried up and scabbed off.

Mark: Where do you obtain C-Herb?

Paul: Call 1-800-867-7353.

Mark: Do you pray a lot?

Paul: I pray every day, but I also believe that we should not expect God to do for us what we can do for ourselves. We must make a good faith effort to avoid destructive life styles - unsafe sex, drugs, tobacco and alcohol. I enjoy life without these. I am at peace with myself.

Mark: Thank you for this interview.


Nov. 14, 1994 In 1990, I came down with Scarlet fever, severe colitis, lung infections, nail infections, asthma and lost 35 lbs. I also had severe nausea. My lymph glands were swollen. Doctors tested me for HIV after 1.5 years on antibiotics. They told me I was HIV+ (Oct., 1990) and suggested I start taking AZT. They also gave me Bactrim for P.C.P. I reacted to the Bactrim violently and took it only once. My T4 cells were 230 at the time. I decided to look elsewhere - on my knees - then the pathway to my journey began. I must stress that everything I found I believe was a result of prayer and God's personal love for us all. This is what I did:

I became a vegetarian, but do eat some deep sea fish. I started taking oral H2O2 drops - one month on and then two weeks off. The dose was 5 drops of 35% H2O2 in distilled water 3 times a day taken on an empty stomach. I increased the dosage by 3 drops per day until after 15 days I was taking 20 drops 3X.. I then gradually reduced the dosage over the next two weeks and then stopped for two weeks before resuming the cycle.

I also took Co Q10, Garlic, Citricil (grapefruit seed extract), Primrose Oil, Bilberry, Hepisil, EPA 1000, Cell Guard and Herbal Fiberblend (by AIMS - makers of Barley Green). This Herbal Fiberblend is a very good product. Two months later, my T4 cells were 430. Six months later, they were 460. Over the next three years, my T4 cells ranged in the 450 to 550 range. However, I frequently had genital Herpes outbreaks.

In 1993, I heard about Castor Oil. My method of using it was as follows: I used a bathtub Jacuzzi setup. I filled the tub about half full of hot water. I rubbed castor oil all over my body and on my lymph nodes. I stayed in the hot tub with the castor oil rub down for 30 to 40 minutes each day. I did not use any soap until at the end of the session. After two months of doing this, I was tested and my T4 Cells had risen to 780. Since this, I have been doing the complete castor oil rub-down 2 to 3 times a week along with the hot water soak.

In September, 1994, I started using ozone at home - Rectal insufflation, Sauna Bag and drank ozonated water. I feel wonderful! My weight is normal now. My Herpes is gone as of Nov., 1994. I have ten times more energy and strength than I had before. My eyesight has improved - no more night blindness. I'm excited about working again. I feel perfectly normal. I'm serious. I've also lost about 10 years in age off my looks. I follow the 30 days on and 10 days off with the ozone protocol.

For Herpes lesions, try this: Rub Castor oil on affected area, then lightly spray 99.5% DMSO over the oiled area. Then sit in the Sauna Bag for a 30 minute ozone treatment. My ozone machine is a double corona from Cleanwater Systems (800-837-8655). It cost me $910. I plan to go back to my doctor and get another test soon. I will work on this and get some new numbers to share with you. I admire you for your efforts in this battle of the times.

Respectfully, Gerry K Laguna Bch, CA

PS: My lymph nodes were swollen until I started on the ozone, Now, they have gone all the way down.

Editor's Note: Gerry is the 5th PWA to increase his CD4 counts significantly with castor oil. I called him on Nov 19th. He told me that in his last blood test, where the T4's were 780, that the T4/T8 ratio was also normal - 1.8. He was told he had normal levels of NK cells as well and all his blood number s were normal.

His doctor told him: "From your blood work, I could not tell that you had AIDS." Gerry told me that in 1990 when his T4 were at 230, he was very ill and was vomiting blood. He said the bleeding stopped in the first two weeks of self-treatment. He credits God with giving him direction for his recovery. He said that he has incredible energy and can run all the way up a small mountain in his backyard. He no longer uses the oral H2O2 since starting on the ozone.

He said the castor oil rub-downs has removed all the brown spots from his skin and that his skin is beautiful. I'm 35 years old, but many people think I am 21. I asked him for permission to print his phone number, but he declined because his roommate objected. He said that of the supplements he took, he received a lot of benefit from Herbal Fiber Blend, which contains a mix of some 20 herbs and psyllium. The product is sold through American Image Marketing - 800-456-2462). He advised against using the one Tablespoon per day recommended on the label and said that this is too strong. He uses only 1/2 to 1 teaspoon daily in water.

BOOK REVIEW: THE CURE FOR HIV/AIDS by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D.

This 430 page book arrived in early October and I skimmed through it and initially placed it aside due to its length and the unusual theories of its author - Hulda Clark. Hulda Clark blames the chemical benzene and an intestinal fluke - Fasciolopis buskii, as the cause of AIDS. She claims the HIV virus grows inside the fluke. She claims that if the fluke is killed, the virus disappears from the body in 24 hours. It is my view that many of the author's theories are supported more by her opinions than by good science. She cites 53 cases where persons following her protocol to purge the intestinal fluke have converted to HIV P24 antigen negative. However, only one lab test result is published - that of Roy Ferguson. An unanswered question is whether the other 52 cases reported were tested with her unconventional testing methods or confirmed by independent labs.

Based on the evidence presented in the book, I would say the title - THE CURE FOR HIV/AIDS is premature. The reason is that there were no PCR tests that were given for the 53 cases cited. Unless, you are PCR negative, you are not cured. I already know from anecdotal reports that some people with AIDS test P24 antigen negative, but test positive for the presence of HIV on the PCR machine.

However, as unusual as her theories are, H. Clark's belief that flukes, parasites and worms play a role in HIV progression is credible. For the sake of discussion, let us give her the benefit of the doubt that she has successfully converted 53 persons with AIDS from P24 antigen reactive to P24 antigen negative. The book contains no information on how this effects T cells counts. There is no information on total T cell counts and T4 cells before and after using her protocol to eradicate the HIV virus, F.B. fluke, parasites and worms.

However, if H. Clark is right is being able to bring P24 antigens down to zero, then even if all her other theories are wrong, she will have made an invaluable contribution to solving the AIDS problem. The three herbs she uses to eradicate the F.B. fluke and the HIV virus are black walnut tincture, wormwood and ground cloves. She advises patients to remain on her program for 6 weeks before being tested for the P24 antigen.

The P24 antigen test is commonly used by Physicians to determine the effectiveness of drugs such as AZT against the HIV virus. The drug is considered effective against the HIV virus if P24 antigens significantly drop. Her book, THE CURE FOR HIV/AIDS is published by ProMotion Publishing in San Diego, CA


D.S.,a PWA from Milwaukee in his mid-twenties, has been fighting diarrhea caused by cryptosporidium for 2 and 1/2 years and is one of a few survivors of the original epidemic that has killed nearly 100 PWA's. D.S. attributes his survival to his strong faith in God and his personal relationship with Jesus. With 17 T4 cells and 40 lbs underweight, he started on the castor oil packs with a heat pad on Nov. 2nd. A week later, he added Hulda Clark's 3 herbs. As of Nov 8th, he told me that after doing the castor oil packs for the past week, that "this is the best I have felt in two months."

About one week later, on Nov. 17th, he said that "for the past week I have had no diarrhea - only solid stools," I spoke with D.S. again on Nov. 27th and he said that he still had solid stools since I last spoke to him. He also reported a weight gain of 7 lbs. The diarrhea has now been stopped for 17 days. He weighed 120 on Nov. 2nd and as of Nov. 27st, he says he now weighs 127 lbs. Less than one month ago, his doctor confirmed the presence of the Cryptosporidium protozoan again with a stool specimen test. D.S. did not take any castor oil orally. The dose he is currently taking of the 3 herbs are 5 drops of black walnut tincture 3X and 1 clove capsule 3X. and 2 Wormwood Combination 3X a day before meals.

Note: If I had cryptosporidium, I certainly would give both protocols a try since conventional treatments have had little success to date. Recently, I spoke to a lady who moved here from Brazil several years ago. She said that when she was a child living with her parents in San Palo, her parents would wake her up at 1 am in the morning to give her a capsule filled with castor oil. It was given to prevent and treat pinworms. She told me that just one capsule of the castor oil was given for the treatment and only once a year. I find it difficult to believe that just one capsule of castor oil would knock out pinworms. She told me that the castor oil taken orally would not work unless the stomach was empty.

The more I learn about castor oil, the more I marvel at what it can do and the more I am mystified as to its mode of action. If castor oil is effective against pinworms, what about other kinds of worms and what about parasites, and protozoans like cryptosporidium? Being a combination protocol, it could be H.Clark's 3 herbs that stopped the cryptosporidium and not the castor oil.


Castor oil is sold in drug stores as a remedy for constipation. You would think that the last thing that someone with diarrhea would want to take is a product with laxative properties. However, if the castor oil knocks out the pathogen that is causing the diarrhea, then truth may be stranger than fiction. An idea occurred to me that if a teaspoon of castor oil was added to a glass of water along with 1 teaspoon of psyllium powder and shaken in a pint jar and then consumed on an empty stomach in the morning, it might clean up the entire gastro-intestinal tract and clear out a lot of pathogens, parasites, worms, etc. Note: Castor oil is available (from NCI) in capsules and is found in some health food stores.

At least 4 people I spoke with this month have told me their mother or grandmother would make them take a teaspoon of castor oil by mouth whenever they came down with a cold or flu. One person told me his great grandmother who is over 100 years old and still going strong takes one teaspoon a day and has for several years.

In working with 4 PWA's in the Milwaukee area who started doing the castor oil packs in Nov., I am convinced for now that this is the best way to use it - 4 days a week over the abdomen area and 3 days a week over the Thymus gland. One local lady with breast cancer and the mother of a PWA who is now using the castor oil packs, has, on her medical doctors advice, been rubbing cold castor oil over her breast and told me the pain and swelling went down, but not completely. However, when she added the heating pad over the woolen flannel soaked in castor oil, all the pain and swelling went away. In her most recent biopsy, the doctor told her the cancer is gone and all that remains is a fibroid mass.


Three local PWA's reported that in their first castor oil treatment over the abdomen, they experienced movement in the intestinal area about half an hour into the treatment. There was a slight pressure feeling and a sensation of something moving inside the stomach area under the oil. There has also been reported some liquid discharge in the feces after the first treatment. I am speculating here that the castor oil may be opening the lymph ducts and releasing toxic lymph fluid into the intestines. Since this is what castor oil is suppose to do - open and drain the lymphatic system, this is good and is to be expected. This sensation lessens in subsequent treatments.

One PWA did the treatment before bedtime and had a good night's sleep afterwards. The next day, he had a very strong appetite at noon, which is unusual for him. With detoxification, I would expect an increase in both appetite and energy. I am convinced that a buildup of toxins in the liver and in the lymph ducts is the primary cause of loss of appetite and fatigue.

In Gray's Anatomy, I read that the Thoracic lymph duct is linked to every gland and organ in the body. It is possible that in PWAS' with normal white blood cell counts and little or no T4 cells, toxins from the lymph vessels of the Thymus are literally poisoning that gland's ability to maturate the T4 cells produced in the bone marrow. If this theory holds, draining toxic lymph fluid out of the Thymus gland area should lead to a rapid increase in the T4's. It is hoped that the castor oil packs will do this.

Keep Hope Alive Voice Mail Message Updates


Aug 1st, 1994: We had received reports of weight loss of 2 to 3 lbs from the use of ozone in a Sauna Bag in July, 1994. In our original August Voice Message update, we suggested that persons underweight not use the Sauna Bag method. However, I personally tried the Sauna Bag method of ozone for 30 days to see if I could lose some weight. In the first 10 days, I lost 3 lbs. In the following two weeks, I regained the 3 lbs I lost and ended up at the same weight I started at after using ozone in the Sauna Bag method 20 minutes a day for 30 days. It is my opinion that the initial weight loss occurs usually in the first 10 days of using ozone.

This slight loss is due to the toxins excreted by the body as a result of ozone therapy and does not reflect loss of muscle mass. Appetite often increases in the second or third week of ozone therapy. Detoxification can cause a slight loss of weight. However, who would want to carry 2 or 3 lbs of toxins in their body if it makes them ill? Raw vegetable juice therapy often has the same effect in the first few days due to the dumping of toxins from the lymphatic system. These toxins are often excreted via the G.I. tract or kidneys.

An unexpected problem with the Sauna bag method of ozone are 2 reports of persons falling asleep while doing it. One person woke up 1 and 1/2 hours later with his ozone unit still running. Fortunately, the exhaust fan was on the entire time and no ill effects were reported. Persons doing the sauna bag method should have someone else present in the house so they can shut off the ozone unit in the event that they fall asleep. Also, the constant use of an exhaust fan will help prevent inhaling too strong a dose. Further, an electric timer set for 30 minutes to shut off the ozone unit is another safety precaution worth taking.

NEW BOOK: "STAYING HEALTHY WITH HIV" by David Baker and Richard Copeland

This little 100 page book is a small gold mine of information on more than 60 subjects including natural products and some drugs and their good and bad effects on HIV. It complements the AIDS Control Diet book as it contains many subjects we have not covered such as reading and understanding lab test results. It costs only $10.00 plus $3.00 for postage and handling. Make check out to CNTN/Staying healthy with HIV and mail to: Staying Healthy with HIV, 273-A States St., San Francisco, CA 94114. Ph NO. 415-255-2327. I recommend this little book to everyone who is HIV+.


Persons with low T4 counts often find severe digestive disorders will follow a meal containing complex proteins like fried fish, chicken, meat and hard cheese. There are two main causes for this. First, is often a lack of hydrochloric acid and a lack of pancreatic enzymes. Second is an inflammatory reaction in the mucosal lining of the gastro-intestinal tract caused by macrophages lodging in the mucus membranes to stop foreign antigens from getting into the blood.

Formula C1 found in Chapter 3 (6th ed ACD) on Detoxification has a long tract record for its anti-inflammatory properties. Also, Formula C2 and C3 will help in many instances. Taking one or two Hydrochloric acid tablets and 1 or 2 enteric coated Pancreatin tablets with each meal is advised when stomach pain follows eating any meal. Do not take a multiple enzyme tablet with HCL mixed with Pancreatin as the HCL breaks down the Pancreatin in the tablet. Take the HCL at the beginning of the meal and the Pancreatin at the end of the meal.

The HCL works in the stomach to began the breakdown of proteins. The Pancreatin works in the small intestines to complete the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Persons with sensitive stomachs should consider eating baby food until their digestion improves. They should eat slowly and salivate each mouthful well. Digestion starts in the mouth. Consider the easy to digest Cooked Foods Diet in Chapter 7. The use of lemon juice and Tabasco sauce with each meal will also improve digestion. Consider following the Rapid Recovery Procedures for one week. September 1st, 1994


Reduction in swollen lymph nodes and increases in body temperature reported. Six HIV+ persons with Lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes), whose condition had not responded to conventional treatment tried the homeopathic, "Detox for Viruses." They took one teaspoon under the tongue and held it in the mouth for 3 minutes before swallowing what was not absorbed. This was done twice a day.

The formula contains Interluken II and 4 botanicals - leguminous jack bean, Ginkgo Biloba, Red Algae or Dulse and the castor bean plant.

The following results were reported to Keep Hope Alive by persons trying the product after using it for 14 days:

No. 1: Lymph nodes reduced 60%; higher body temperature; more energy.

No. 2: 40% reduction in lymph nodes; increased urination.

No. 3: 70% reduction in swollen lymph nodes; some fever initially reported.

No. 4: 70% reduction in swollen lymph nodes; body temperature which was low returned to normal.

No. 5: 60% reduction in swollen lymph nodes; increase noted in body temperature.

No. 6: 30% reduction in swollen lymph nodes after using product for 10 days; slight increase in body temperature.

Conclusion: All six volunteers reported varying degrees of reduction in swollen lymph nodes after 10 to 14 days. Five of the 6 persons reported an increase in body temperature. Our previous observation is that chronic low body temperature is related to immune dysfunction. One person reported slight fevers initially which then subsided. This is a short term study and does not let us draw long term conclusions. The initial results in reducing swollen lymph nodes was the response we were looking for as an indication of immune stimulation and justification for further study.

All participants were sent a second bottle to expand the study to 4 weeks. Participants were on various protocols, some including prescribed drugs while others were only on the protocols published in the AIDS Control Diet book. No one reported any negative or adverse effects.

"Detoxosode for Viruses" is distributed by Metabolic Management (708-946-3070). The product costs $16.00 a bottle, about a two week supply. It can be obtained through any health care practitioner. It is not sold in health food stores. . Based on initial results, "Detoxosode for Viruses" looks promising, in its capacity, to stimulate immune response to systemic viral infection in the lymph system. Possibly, better results could be obtained if the dosage were increased to 1 tsp. 3 times a day.


Of the six persons who participated in the study, the minimum reduction in lymph node size was 50% while the maximum was 70%. The average reduction in swollen lymph node size for all six participants was 60%.


Neuropathy is a painful disorder affecting the nervous system that causes numbness, burning or aching sensations in various parts of the body. On September 1, 1994, a friend, Jim, with visible AIDS-related neuropathy was limping along toward a country style farmers market and complained how difficult and painful it was to walk. He used a cane but had to frequently stop to let the aching and burning sensations subside. His face showed the anguish and despair at his condition.

I asked him if he were taking Vitamin B-12 and other B vitamins. He replied that he was and that the supplements were not helping him. I offered to help him research how to treat his condition. When we returned home, I checked his saliva PH and found it was very acid - registering 5.5 on the PH tape. Jim asked me what saliva PH would have to do with the pain he was experiencing in this legs. I told him I wasn't sure, but that persons who were assimilating essential fatty acids, proteins and minerals usually had a normal saliva PH of 6.4. I had noticed that he had been losing weight. I told him that indicated he had a malabsorption problem.

A condition similar to neuropathy is called "Neuritis" and is described in Dr. James Balch M.D.'s book Prescription for Nutritional Healing as an "inflammation or deterioration of a nerve or group of nerves." Supplements deemed essential for recovery are lecithin, which repairs nerve membranes, multiple vitamins with emphasis on all B vitamins including B-12. Very important are Calcium chelate, Magnesium Chloride and Free Form Amino acids, the latter of which is important in nerve cell repair.

I suggested that Jim try the following diet and supplements. First, to give up all grains, including gluten free grains like rice, corn and spelt. His diet would consist of a variety of vegetables both cooked and raw. Cooked were yams and squash, baked or boiled beets and onions. Raw was Romaine lettuce, parsley, carrots, beet greens, onions, avocado, broccoli, celery, red bell pepper and garlic in a tossed salad with ripe or green olives added and seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil. Some cooked white potatoes were used. For proteins, he used cottage cheese with flax oil added, yogurt, pea soup or lentil soup.

With each meal, he drank a whole lemon drink. This drink was made by placing 1/2 of a whole lemon (rind, seed and pulp) in a blender with one cup of water. It was blended at high speed for one minute, then passed through a strainer to remove the pulp. This was consumed along with two 19 grain lecithin capsules three times a day. Other supplements includes a multiple liquid vitamin formula high in all the B-vitamins and two magnesium chloride tablets (500 mg ea.) each day.

After 5 days, his saliva PH increased to 6.0 and his neuropathy lessened. On the 5th day, I suggested he take 1 tbsp of blackstrap molasses 3 times a day to speed up the process of restoring his saliva PH to 6.4, which is normal. By the 10th day, his saliva PH was at a normal 6.4. He no longer used his cane and told me his condition was 90% improved.

He then reduced his blackstrap molasses to 1 tbsp daily and has added some grains to his diet. His saliva PH has remained at 6.2 to 6.4 and he has gained 3 lbs. Three weeks later, he stopped taking the lecithin and the lemon drink for several days and reported an increase in joint pain associated with neuropathy. He said he was going back on the supplements and is convinced they helped him immensely.

Note: Acid saliva PH is a an indication of an acid blood and lymph system and is associated with two conditions: 1. toxins and waste matter from cells that is not being eliminated from the body 2. Failure to properly absorb essential fatty acids, proteins and minerals from ingested food. 3. Food moves rapidly through the G.I. tract when saliva PH is acid. The acid environment is conducive to growth of viruses and many pathogens and is oxygen deficient. The color of the blood is often of the blue side, even in the arteries. The acid person is likely to fatigue easily.

When saliva PH is normal at 6.4, it indicates absorption of most nutrients from food is occurring; the blood and lymph are not excessively acid and transit time for food through the G.I. tract is at a slower and normal pace. Normal saliva PH indicates the blood is more highly oxygenated and an unfriendly environment for growth of most viruses and other pathogens. The blood is red in color. Energy levels are higher and digestion occurs normally.


Oct 13-14, 1994 Over 500 health care professionals attended the "Symposium on Nutrition and AIDS" along with a number of PWA's. The event was sponsored by Philadelphia Fight; Physicians Assn for AIDS Care and PA AIDS Education and Training Center. Speakers reported on products to stimulate appetite and weight gain. Pharmaceutical companies provided information on Megace, Testoderm (transdermal source of Testosterone), Marinol and nutritional drinks like Advera (Ross Labs) and a product with a similar composition made in the form of a candy bar, called NuBar which is about half the cost of Advera.

MARINOL (Dronabinol) A Synthetic Derivative of Marijuana


Results of a 6 week study reported in literature provided by Roxane Laboratories, Columbus, Ohio, on 139 AIDS patients who were suffering weight loss showed the following: For some persons, appetite increased after two weeks of use. For most patients, a significant increase in appetite occurred after 4 weeks. Side effects include hypertension and Tachyardia in some persons. Adverse effects are reported when it is mixed with alcohol. More consumer information can be obtained by calling 800-848-0120. Clinical/Medical information 800-327-4865.

Editor's Note: Side effects may be due to a lower level of potassium in the blood induced by the detoxifying effects of the drug. Avoiding caffeine (coffee, Coca Cola, Pepsi) would be well advised. All fruit and vegetable juices are excellent sources of potassium and other electrolytes that will usually lower a high pulse rate. High pulse rate may also be quickly lowered by taking 500 mg. of Magnesium Oxide and 1 Tbsp of Blackstrap molasses. The herb, Marijuana, used as a tea, may have a similar effect as an appetite stimulant. However, the strength of the herb varies with the source so dosage will be a matter of trial and error. Some weight gain with Marinol used alone was indicated in the literature. Marinol is available from your doctor by prescription.


Low testosterone levels may be indicated by loss of sperm production, loss of libido and muscle wasting. Dr. Gary Cohan M.D. writing in the Journal of the Physicians Assn. for AIDS Care discusses symptoms in PWA'S with hypogonadism: "At least 67% of these patients will note a decreased libido. Some may be impotent....they may complain of muscle wasting (hence, the misnomer "AZT butt"), severe fatigue, and body hair loss...Our anecdotal experience has shown consistently that testosterone replacement therapy addresses many of these symptoms quite effectively." Dr. Cohan indicates that the drugs, Nizoral (Ketoconazole) and Ganciclovir may decrease Testosterone production and inhibit the Adrenal glands.

Testosterone is available by injection. However, at the Third Int'l Symposium, Dr. Cohan highly recommended the Testoderm Transdermal patch which is placed on the bottom of the scrotum in males. About 4 mg of Testosterone is absorbed daily. Dr. Cohan stated: "Many patients will gain muscle mass, and may also show improved sexual function and increased appetite." Dr. Cohan warned against using the oral alklyoid form of Testosterone (sold over the counter in some health food stores). This form, known at Methyltestosterone, has caused serious liver damage.

The main side effect of the Testoderm patch is that it lowers Cholesterol levels. Anyone considering using the Testoderm patch should have their Cholesterol levels checked first to make sure that they are in the normal reference ranges before getting a prescription for the Testoderm patch. A check of cholesterol levels, both for LDL's and HDL's, should be done one month after starting the use of the Testoderm patch to determine if any problems exist in this area. For medical information on the Testoderm Transdermal System, call 800-634-8977.

Editor's Note: Dr. Cohan M.D. and Dr. Donald Kotler, M.D. speakers at the Symposium had reservations about Megace. The main problem indicated is that Megace (Megestrol acetate) stimulates uptake of fat and there is little evidence of increased uptake of amino acids, which builds muscle and antibodies to fight infections.


Ginseng and Sarsaparilla both contain small amounts of testosterone. Sarsaparilla also contains progesterone (Today's Herbal Health - L. Tenny). Siberian Ginseng is reported from several sources to stimulate the sex drive. Increased libido is an indication of testosterone activity. Liquid Testosterone, sold in health food stores, is advised against as it may be in an aklyoid form, which has been reported to cause liver damage.

The advantage of using Ginseng and Sarsaparilla is that they are whole foods and safe to use in reasonable quantities. These herbs may contain natural synergistic factors that work with the naturally occurring hormones. The disadvantage is that we do not know how much of the hormones are in a given quantity of each herb. A potent source of Ginseng is called "Siberian Ginseng Power" (Certified Potency) by Nature's Herbs. A suggested dosage is one Siberian Ginseng Power capsule and two Sarsaparilla capsules before each meal or workout.

Another product that may stimulate weight gain is Colostrum. Bovine Colostrum in the first milk from a cow after it gives birth to a calf. It contains powerful anabolic (to stimulate weight gain) and immune stimulating properties. Dose: Try 1/2 oz. of the liquid twice a day. An article appearing in "THE TOWNSEND LETTER FOR DOCTORS", Nov., 1994, by Jim McPherson is titled "My Personal Experience with AIDS" discusses the use of Colostrum and other supplements in stimulating T4 cell increases.


At the Third Int'l Conference on Nutrition and AIDS in Phildaelphia,PA (Oct 13-14, 1994), DR. Rowan Chlebwski MD discussed the results of a 6 month study using Advera with Ensure as a control. The group using two cans of Advera daily had 4 lb weight gain and significantly fewer hospital visits than did the group using the product - Ensure. Advera is gluten and lactose free and is considerably lower in sugar than Ensure.

Each can of Advera contains 303 Calories with 14.2 grams of predigested protein; 5.4 grams of Canola, Coconut and deodorized sardine oil; 51.1 grams of carbohydrates consisting mainly of hydrolyzed corn starch. Advera is high in fiber and has beta-carotene added. It contains a complete mix of vitamins and minerals. It comes in flavors of chocolate and orange cream.

Advera is sold in local Drugstores. It may also be ordered by calling 800-544-7495. A case of 24 cans costs about $85.00. I would recommend anyone underweight purchasing Advera to choose the Orange Cream flavor since chocolate will sometimes stimulate the Herpes virus. In Wisconsin, clients of the Milwaukee AIDS Project in Milwaukee, WI have been receiving a free case of Advera on request. I am convinced that Advera is an excellent choice for a protein and nutritional supplement. Its cost is the only drawback, since Title 19 may not cover it. It is a better choice than plain soymilk. Soy protein isolate is the source of the protein. The taste is pleasant.

NuBar is a product formulated close to Advera in composition. It is not a liquid, but resembles a candy bar. It comes only in a Vanilla-caramel flavor. I believe that this is also an excellent choice as a source of digestible protein, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and a mix of vitamins and minerals. It costs about 1/3 less than Advera. It can be ordered by calling 800-869-1515. Both Advera and NuBar are easily digested and are made especially for persons with HIV malabsorption problems, who are underweight and need to increase muscle mass. Either product would be good to use along with Testoderm or the herbs - Sarsaparilla and Siberian Ginseng.


Dr. Gregg Coodley, MD: "Malabsorption is a small intestinal dysfunction...Vitamin B-12 deficiency is a causative factor in Neuropathy, Anemia, Encephalatrophy and cognitive dysfunction...intrinsic factor is needed to absorb B-12....Vitamin B-6 deficiency decreases NK cell activity....Vitamin A deficiency increases the rate of infection...In a study in Africa on 300 pregnant mothers deficient in Vitamin A, the rate of transmission of HIV to their babies was 32%....in a group supplemented with Vitamin A, the rate of transmission was 7%....Vitamin A more favorably reduced HIV transmission than AZT....deficiencies of selenium have been linked to lower T cell counts....Beta-carotene in one study on 21 patients boosted CD4 (T4) counts, WBC counts and increased NK cells compared to a control group...the dosage used was 50 mg twice a day....beta-carotene is one of 600 carotinoids that exist in highly pigmented (colored) vegetables and fruits...

....in another study, beta-carotene increased Interluken II levels....breakdown of skin blamed on a deficiency of Vitamin A and C." Dr. John Turner, MD: "High triglycerides levels are predictive of HIV progression...as amino acids levels drop, so do albumin levels...elevated Prolactin levels found in many patients - linked to long eye lashes on eyelids." D

r. William Kassler, MD: "Vitamins B1, B2, B6, Niacin and Vitamin C made a difference in malabsorption...especially B-6." Dr. Douglas Dieterich MD: "the standard drug protocol for persons with less than 50 T4 cells is 14 drugs....DDI does not absorb with acid foods....side effects of some drugs are: lower appetite, change of sense of taste and smell, decrease in saliva, gastric irritation, nausea and vomiting....lactose is poorly absorbed in HIV patients....Zentel (Abendazole) used to treat Microsporidia needs fat to be absorbed....Pentamidine can cause diabetes....standard drugs used for Tuberculosis (TB) cause Hepatitis...Tylenol can be toxic...the antidote for Tylenol toxicity is NAC....some persons are allergic to Bactrim...L-Glutathione binds to free radicals and destroys them."

Dr. Donald Kotler MD: "At the intermediate stage of HIV, protein deficiency is noticeable, patients tire easily...gastro-intestinal tract infections may contribute to weight loss...other factors are low appetite, diarrhea, bloating, flatus, fatigue, tachycardia and fever.....low testosterone levels are caused by low protein levels..... we need to use common sense in making prescriptions...I wouldn't give a Testoderm patch to someone who is fighting an active infection, has nausea or who has no appetite....."

Note: in an off the record remark, Dr. Kotler told Keep Hope Alive that Zentel did not work against Cryptosporidium. He said: "the problem with Crypto is that it keeps breaking out of the small intestines 24 hours a day....there is no effective treatment for it at the present time."

In an article on "HIV WASTING SYNDROME," published in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 7:681-694, 1994, by Gregg Coodley, Mark O. Loveless and Theresa M. Merrill, is listed a number on pathogens that can cause wasting syndrome. They are: Cytomegalovirus, MAI, Cryptosporidia, Isospora belli, Campybacter jejuni, Giardia, Microsporidia, Entamoeba histolytica and Enteric viruses (picobirnavirus, adenoviruses, astrovirus). Conditions causing weight loss are Lymphoma and Kaposi Sarcoma. Other causes: HIV enteropathy, infection with (salmonellae, shigellae or Clostridium difficile), Pancreatic insufficency, medication-induced diarrhea, protein calorie malabsorption leading to mucosal atrophy, gluten intolerance and intestinal autonomic neuropathy.


W. W. (initials), Milw, WI weighed 128 lbs on Oct 28, 1994. He had a T4 count of 10 and a saliva PH of 5.5. In a meeting with him, I suggested he make a drink to help reverse the malabosorption he was experiencing. I told W.W. that this drink would also help to detoxify the liver. I told him that the normal saliva PH was 6.4 and that when it fell below 6.2, I had never known anyone with low T4 counts to gain weight. He agreed to give it a try. His body temperature was also running 2 degrees F. below normal.

To raise his body temperature, he must completely avoid the following vegetables - Bok Choy, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Rutabagas, Turnips and Mustard greens. Soy products, which stimulate the Thyroid, should be included in his daily diet. I suggested he drink two cans daily of Advera or eat two NuBars, which are soy based products. I also suggested that to increase his body heat (higher ATP production) that he take two pure Norwegian Kelp capsules with each meal along with one Cayenne capsule. For the lemon drink, I gave him the following recipe.

RECIPE FOR WHOLE LEMON DRINK (Promotes rapid weight gain by detoxifying the liver and normalizing saliva PH values)

Into a blender, cut up one whole lemon, rind and pulp. Be sure to first wash the lemon well and scrape off markings from artificial coloring. Add 1 and 1/2 cups of water; one Tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 4 rounded Tablespoons of frozen Orange Juice concentrate. Blend at high speed for one minute. Pour through a strainer (screen type) to remove pulp. Use a spatula to press the pulp. Discard the pulp. Divide the resulting drink into 3 or 4 portions.

Drink one portion, about 1/2 cup with each meal. If you have problems sleeping, drink the last portion just before you retire to your bedroom at night. It will help you get a good night's sleep. The therapeutic value of this drink comes from the whole lemon and the extra-virgin olive oil. The orange juice concentrate is added as a sweetener. Other fruit juice concentrates of Nutrasweet may used in place of the orange juice concentrate. Olive oil may be discontinued from the drink once you regained your normal weight and as long as your saliva PH remains at 6.4 when read between meals.


Using the Whole Lemon Drink with the olive oil added and following the AIDS Control diet, W.W. began gaining weight rapidly in Nov., 1994. His saliva PH increased to 6.0 in the first 24 hours. After 48 hours, it was completely normal - 6.4. To help get rid of the excess acidity in his system, he stopped using all grains and followed an alkaline diet high in both raw and cooked vegetables, and home-made soups. He continued to eat some boiled meats, but did not start on the Advera or NuBar which I had recommended.

In the following three weeks he gained 6 lbs and now weighs 133. He says he sleeps soundly every night and has good energy and an appetite during the day. This is a guy with only 1 CD4 cell. On Nov. 29, he called to tell me that he gained two more lbs and now weighed 135. His local doctor shakes his head every time he sees him. In May, 1994, his doctor had given him two weeks to live . That was 6 months ago.

In June, he contacted me for advice on what to do. At that time he weighed 110 lbs and had a serious lung problem. For his lung condition, he drank yarrow and mullein tea twice a day. W.W. also takes 2 tsps of Colloidal Silver daily to prevent a wide range of opportunistic infections and takes liquid vitamins and minerals. The only drug he is currently on is Bactrim - to prevent PCP. In June, when W.W. had left the hospital, he had been given 14 drugs to take home with him. However, they made him deathly sick and for awhile, he stopped using all of them. Besides Colloidal Silver and the herbs, he uses a 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel called Oxygel, which he applies topically every day.

On Nov. 20th, W.W. started doing the castor oil packs daily. His next blood work will be in Jan. ,1995. Will his CD4 counts come back? I hope so. With the Whole Lemon Drink, W.W. has gained 8 lbs in the past 4 weeks. Jim, a PWA with about 90 T4 cells, also had very acid saliva PH who tested out at 5.5 or lower. He is 25 lbs underweight. Jim had extreme difficulty sleeping at night. However, the first night he drank a glass of the "Whole Lemon Drink," he sleep continuously for 10 hours. Twelve hours later, when I tested his saliva PH, it had risen to 6.2, almost normal. The previous day, it had been 5.5. I have never seen acid saliva PH reversed so fast before. In the next two weeks, he reported a 3 lb weight gain.


Lemon Juice and Olive Oil Flushes Toxins from the Liver It is common knowledge that in HIV progression, fat and essential fatty acids are not well absorbed. It is also well known that any normal overweight person who goes on a very low fat diet will lose weight - mostly fat. Fats and oils raise saliva PH while grains lower the saliva PH. Essential fatty acids are needed by the body for the production of various hormones (Preston). Pectin from citrus rinds and from apple sauce (not the juice), helps in the assimilation of fats and oils. When oil is added to water, it will not mix. However, you will notice that the Olive oil is totally dispersed throughout the Whole Lemon-Orange drink. This dispersion of the oil is caused by the pectin in the rind of the lemon. The proof of absorption of the oil could come from a blood test, but is also indicated by the rapid return of saliva PH to normal-6.4.

In addition, the lemon juice acts on proteins to break them into a free form, which are more easily assimilated. Also, the lemon juice helps to dissolve minerals in the food for better assimilation. This drink should be used with all dietary supplements to improve their assimilation.


The primary cause of toxicity in the body is the buildup of toxins and waste matter from cells in the liver and in the lymphatic system. This creates a condition of acid blood and often a higher pulse rate. Saliva PH is on a parallel track with blood PH. This is why a simple saliva PH test can indicate the PH of your blood. Toxicity impairs the functioning of the liver and most other glands and organs. Toxicity can cause mental depression, nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite and lowered output of digestive acids and enzymes.

In all PWA's who have tested their saliva PH, acid PH levels have been found in all cases of depression, fatigue, poor appetite, neuropathy and all cases of wasting syndrome not linked to a specific pathogen (i.e. cryptosporidium). Lecithin is the most important nutrient to take to prevent or reverse neuropathy. However, lecithin that is swallowed, but not absorbed will do no good. When painful neuropathy is present, a tablespoon of Lecithin granules should be added to the "Whole Lemon" drink and consumed each day. In addition, castor oil packs with a heating pad should be used over the abdomen area for one hour each day. Also, a good liquid B vitamin formula should be taken along with sublingual B-12.


Nov. 2, 1994: Dear Mark, It was good to speak to you last week, albeit briefly. I wanted to let you know how helpful I have found your book in maintaining good health and also my experiences with Albendazole. A year ago, I was HIV+, symptomatic with a T cell count of 55. My main problems were Thrush and Stomach problems. After going on a sugar free diet, the Thrush cleared up. I then started drinking one glass of cultured cabbage juice daily, used night time garlic suppositories and improved my diet by cutting out all sugars, yeast, salt and eating more squash, broccoli, carrots and corn. I also cut back on red meats. I take a range of vitamins and health supplements in modest doses.

My T4 Cell count is now 90 and I have been able to cut back substantially on medications. My general health has been good although I was recently diagnosed with Microsporidium. For your records, I managed to get a course of Albendazole (Zentel) and am taking 400 mg twice a day. After 3 days, I noticed a real improvement - upper gas and diarrhea stopped and by the 5th day, the sore stomach cleared. By the 7th day, the endless hunger ended. Today is the 14th day on Albendazole and all symptoms are gone. I have gained 6 lbs in weight. I intend to stay on Albendazole until I return to London (England) in 3 weeks and get myself retested. For your information, my doctor at St. Thomas's hospital in London has advised me that Abendazole is an English product and is an approved drug. I trust that this information will be helpful to others. Keep up the good work. Alan C Provincetown, MA


In Nov., the City of Milwaukee approved an 89 million dollar program to update the filtering system and to add ozone to both of the water treatment plants. The cost of updating water purification with ozone will be 51 million with an additional 38 million for a new filtration system.

The Milwaukee Sentinel reported that ozone kills cryptosporidium, bacteria, fungus and viruses. The decision to approve the ozone disinfection project was widely approved in the local PWA community. The Milwaukee AIDS Project has advised its clients not to drink the city water for the past 2 and 1/2 years or any other public water supply. Nearly 100 MAP clients have died from Crytosporidium since the outbreak.

Cryptosporidium is a protozoan that causes diarrhea. In HIV Treatment News, No. 6, I asked for the help of medical professionals to develop a low cost home treatment protocol for reversing HIV using ozone. However, no one has volunteered to help on this research project. Because we are lacking in funds, I have been unable to proceed with any further ozone research at this time. However, I will continue to provide any information I can verify from the experiences of others. No FDA approved safety study with ozone yet.

Dr. Charles Farr M.D., of IBOM was premature in announcing that the FDA had approved a safety study using ozone in major autohemotherapy. In HIV Treatment News, Report No. 6, I quoted Dr. Charles Farr at the Dallas, TX IBOM convention in March, 1994, in which he invited Physicians to participate in the study. However, the CDC contacted Keep Hope Alive and told us that the FDA told them no safety study using ozone had been approved. Further, the FDA official indicated that they were considering a safety study using I.V. H2O2. Dr. Charles Farr was out of town when we tried to contact him this week.

It is the opinion of several persons I have spoken with over the last several months that the most effective forms of ozone treatment are Autohemotherapy or I.V. However, there are two drawbacks to these treatments. One is its availability and the other is the cost. I recently compiled the names and addresses of over 100 medical doctors who attended the 1993 and 1994 IBOM convention on ozone and oxygen therapies.

Assuming that Autohemotherapy is available from someone on the list, costs vary considerably, depending on who offers the service and how much they value their time and services. The few cases where PCR conversions have occurred required up to 70 consecutive treatments with Major Autohemotherapy. The total cost to have this done in a medical clinic could be as high as $15,000. With many PWA's on disability and no coverage for this treatment paid for by Title 19 or by insurance, the treatment is for the well-to-do only. The cost of conventional drugs, like AZT and some 13 others frequently prescribed, is even higher over a longer period of time. The cost of treating AIDS must be brought down. Home treatments with ozone are more affordable, but less effective. Setup costs for home ozone treatments run from $800. and up. After this initial investment, the cost is about $3.00 a month. In comparison, the set up cost to start castor oil treatments is about $35.00 or less if you already have a heating pad. After that, it costs about $5.00 a month to replace the castor oil that is used up during the daily treatments. I hope consistent favorable results in building up CD4 and T cells are obtained.

If you are also doing ozone treatments, I would keep on doing it. The combination should be more effective. If you are not doing ozone, a possible good combination would be the use of Detoxosode for Viruses along with the castor oil packs. Detox for Viruses is affordable.

Two PWA's have told me they obtained symptomatic benefits from 714X, (by Gaston Naessens) which is injected into the lymph nodes in the groin. However, the cost of 714X is simply too high for most PWA's. More information on 714X can be obtained by calling 819-564-7883.

Ozone in a Sauna Bag: Two PWA's recently told me that the ozone in a Sauna Bag method reduced the size and soreness of their swollen lymph nodes. Both did the Sauna Bag method for 45 minutes to one hour per day and ran the ozone unit continuously at concentrations ranging from 20 to 30 mcg/ml. Since I now believe that moving lymph fluid is critical to reverse HIV, the Sauna Bag, used more aggressively, should be considered a worthy option.

I need to hear from our readers who have used ozone rectal insufflation alone or who have tried drinking ozonated water, as to the results it has had on the swollen lymph nodes. Ed McCabe, author of the book Oxygen Therapies, told Keep Hope Alive that he knows PWA's doing the Sauna Bag method for one hour daily and getting very good results. No specifics or numbers were available, however. Ed McCabe is the publisher of Family News. A sample copy can be obtained by calling 800-284-6263 or 305-759-9500.

Several books and video tapes on ozone and oxygen therapies are available through The Family News. The Brisbane Tape from Family News, includes interviews with PWA's who used ozone, and who share the experiences they obtained.


Persons with a computer and modem and a member of "Internet" can join and subscribe to a free mailing list about oxygen therapies. OxyTherapy is an Internet Mailing List dedicated to exploring oxygen/ozone and its related therapies for the prevention and treatment of immune disease. OxyTherapy has over 100 members worldwide who can communicate directly with each other on their experiences using ozone and other oxygen therapies for HIV and other immune conditions. To subscribe to the mailing list, send a request to "OxyTherapy-request@Blade.com" and in the body of your message make sure that you include one of the following three words: SUBSCRIBE, JOIN OR ADD and on the first line of your message , input GET FILENAME.EXT; or to get a list of all OxyFiles available, input GET OXYLIST.TXT. For more information, call Richard at 905-731-1948.


Rectal Insufflation: Some persons have reported small leakage of ozone gas from a stainless steel shut off valve in the Gas Sampler bags purchased through Cole Parmer Instrument Co of Niles, Il. A better Teflon bag with a Teflon shut off valve may be obtained through Viebahn in Germany. Renate Viebahn, Ph.D. is the author of THE USE OF OZONE IN MEDICINE - 2nd edition (available by calling Medicina Biologica - 503-287-6775). This book is a must for all medical doctors and health care professionals who want the latest technical information on how to use ozone in their practice.

Persons interested in learning how to obtain the Teflon Bags from Germany should call Tim at 404-664-5799. As far as I know, the Gas Sample bags are not medical devices, since they are not made specifically for ozone rectal insufflation, but for storing gas samples. However, they can be easily adapted for rectal insufflation. Some persons have recently suggested retaining ozone gas in the colon for 40 minutes. However, at a 98 degree F temperature found in the colon, most of the ozone is either absorbed or broken down into oxygen after 20 minutes, so retaining it longer than 20 minutes, is, in my opinion, a waste of time. Twenty minutes of retention of ozone gas in the colon at a concentration of no more than 22 mcg/ml should be sufficient. This should be preceded with a warm water enema.

Ozone gas should never be bubbled through a Humidifier before using it as the water in the Humidifier will absorb most of the ozone, rendering the treatment ineffective. One PWA, from St. Louis, MO, recently wrote that he has been doing rectal ozone insufflation since 1989 - about 5 years. He uses about 27 mcg/ml - a half liter three times a week and retains it for 20 minutes. He says his T4 count was in the 600 range 5 years ago and is in the 400 range today. He says he rarely uses prescription drugs and is in good health. Once a year, he does rectal insufflation every day for 21 days, then reduces treatment to 3 times a week.


On Oct 8th, Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. It was later signed into law by President Clinton. The Bill guarantees the right of consumers to have access to all dietary supplements currently in use, unless the FDA can prove they are unsafe. However, an amendment tacked on by Rep Waxman, then Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, denies the right of consumers to obtain information and scientific evidence on the health benefits of dietary supplements, from the manufacturer of the supplements. It delays for at least 4 years the resolution of this very important issue while it is studied by a Presidential Commission. Rep. Waxman will lose his position as Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee due to the recent election results. The bill does allow third party literature to be distributed if its contents are truthful and not misleading and are presented in a balanced way.

However, DHEA requires a physical separation of the literature from the product. Physical separation of truthful information from the supplements used by consumers makes it more difficult for consumers to locate a product with the ingredients described in the literature. DHEA is a half-step in the right direction. However, until consumers can have unrestricted access to current scientific evidence on the health benefits of dietary supplements and obtain that information directly from the manufacturers, the law will continue to discriminate against the consumers' right-to-know.


On July 26, 1994, New York state passed an Alternative Medical Practices Act, thereby joining Alaska, North Carolina, Washington and Colorado. The new state laws protect medical doctors who practice alternative therapies, such as ozone and EDTA from losing their licenses. The New York law requires that at least two members of the State Board for Professional Medical Conduct must be Physician-practitioners of non-conventional medicine.

The New York law was designed to prevent a repeat of cases like the years of investigation and harassment of Dr. Warren Levin, M.D. for his unconventional treatment modalities (vitamin and mineral therapies, EDTA chelation and other orthomolecular therapies). After 13 years of investigation and harassment, Dr. Warren was cleared of all charges. Other high profile cases were Dr. Emmanual Rivici, M.D. and Dr. Robert Atkins, M.D.

Dr. Atkins had his license suspended for using ozone on a cancer patient that other doctors had given up on after using all the radiation and chemotherapy her body could take. When Dr. Atkins had his license reinstated by a State Judge, the judge said: "I have never seen a such capricious and malicious act by a regulatory agency over a matter as inconsequential."

1992: In North Carolina, Dr. John Pittman M.D. was threatened with the loss of his medical license if he continued using ozone therapy on his AIDS patients. He moved his clinic to Haiti for awhile in 1993, then closed it down due to the deteriorating political situation in that country. After North Carolina passed an Alternative Medical Practices Act early in 1994, Dr. Pittman was advised by the Medical Board, that he could come back to North Carolina and practice ozone therapy.

Dr. Pittman opened "The Carolina Center for Bio-Oxidative Medicine," in Raleigh, NC in October, 1994 and has resumed offering Ozone Major Autohemotherapy for PWA's. His phone number is 800-539-9812 or 704-857-0073. In Spartanburg, South Carolina, Dr. H. Fudenberg M.D. has offered ozone and has done ozone research for PWA's for some time.

Dr. Fudenberg monitors T4 counts weekly and adjusts concentration and dosage of ozone to attain maximum buildup of the T4 counts. He can be reached at 803-576-0988. Dr. Frank Shallenberger M.D. continues to offer ozone therapy in Minden , NV (702-782-4164).

Citizens for Health, Tacoma, WA, a national grassroots health freedom organization, plans to lobby Congress in 1995 for passage of national legislation that will protect medical doctors in all 50 states who practice non-toxic alternative therapies like ozone or EDTA chelation therapy.


As an addition to remedies already suggested in the ACD, an article by Charles Caulfield suggested the use of BHT for CMV. BHT (Butylated Hydroxytuolene) is a food preservative used to prevent rancidity in fats and oils. It is sold over the counter in health food stores (Twinlabs). Caulfield writes: "Researchers believe that 250 mg. taken daily with a fat containing meal will prevent outbreaks of Herpes. 500 mg. daily during acute outbreaks will shorten the length and decrease the severity of the outbreak. Higher doses may be needed in the case of shingles...It is thought that 2,000 mg of BHT will stop the progression of symptoms of CMV., and that after a period of treatment for acute symptoms, the dosage may be decreased to 1,000 mg per day to prevent reactivation."

Caulifield suggests taking BHT with olive oil. Taking it with the "Whole Lemon Drink" that has olive oil added to it would be good combination. Caulifield also suggests supplementing the diet with the amino acid L-Lysine (1,000 to 2,000 mg daily) and avoid L-Arginine rich foods such as chocolate, barley beer, fresh corn and many kinds of nuts. Avoid all foods (canned soda, pastry, candy bars) containing white sugar, corn syrup, dextrose and all other forms of sugar. These will feed the growth of CMV and Herpes. Ozone: I.V. or autohemotherapy has shown itself to be effective against CMV. Since CMV is a herpes type virus, this is not surprising.

One PWA with a T4 count below 10 told us that he takes 4 BHT capsules every evening to prevent CMV. He has done this for the past 6 months and has had no problems with his eyesight. I should add that no controlled study using ozone or BHT for CMV has been undertaken. Ganciclovir and Foscarnet are effective drugs against CMV, but can have depressing effects of the CD4 levels. A better treatment for CMV is needed. 500 to 1,000 mg of BHT should be taken daily as a CMV preventative in PWA's with CD4 counts below 100. BHT (by Twinlabs) is sold in health food stores.


An article written by Neenyah Ostrom in The New York Native (Oct 10, 1994) cites an article appearing in The Lancet (Sep. 17, 1994, by K. Kitamura "Idiopathic Thrombocytenic Purpura after Human Herpesvirus 6 infection." Ostrom reports that HHV-6, variant B is in 90% of the population and is not the troublemaker in question. It is HHV-6, variant A that is causing widespread damage in AIDS progression. Ostrom reports that HHV-6 (a) can infect and kill natural killer cells and CD4 cells, can infect and damage the brain, spinal cord, lymph nodes, heart, bone marrow, liver, kidney, spleen, tonsils, adrenal glands, pancreas and thyroid.

Ostrom believes that HHV-6(a) and not HIV is the cause of AIDS. Dr. Robert Gallo has also written articles on the role of HHV-6 that were published in The Lancet. Dr. Gallo believes that HHV-6 has a major role to play in AIDS progression, but believes that it interacts with HIV. Two PWA's who have had ozone autohemotherapy have told us that they started out with very low platelet counts which climbed rapidly within 3 weeks and returned to their normal reference ranges. I have insufficient data from persons doing home treatment with ozone to determine what effect it has had on platelet counts. One PWA, Paul, whom I interviewed in this newsletter told KHA that the formula C-Herb is very effective for increasing platelet counts. Possibly, it may be effective against HHV-6 (variant a and b). C-Herb is available by calling 800-867-7353 or 202-265-8239.


A PWA from Toronto, Canada, has sent us a copy of his lab test results from Feb., 1992 through June, 1994. It show his CD4 levels have increased from 670 to 1010. His initials are J.S.R.. He is an artist and declined to let us publish his full name. He had his lab tests ordered by R. Tommasini, M.D. of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. J.S.R. says the only medication he has taken for the past two years was 300 mg of Lithium 3 times a day, which he obtains on prescription from his doctor. He was prescribed Lithium for manic depression.

He says he has taken no other drugs of any kind. He takes no dietary supplements and follows no special diet. He told KHA that when he started taking the Lithium, he had swollen lymph nodes, fatigue and night sweats. Within a few weeks of using Lithium, all these symptoms disappeared and have not returned. He gives the full credit for his good health to the Lithium. Keep Hope Alive is interested in learning from any other PWA's who have taken Lithium and what effect it has had on their symptoms and their CD4 levels. J.S.R. told me that he found just "one reference to Lithium in a book by Dr. Robert Bernstein, Rethinking AIDS, in which he said that Lithium may have a beneficial effect on HIV." No other information on this subject is available.


From Balmain, Australia, Herbalist Peter de Ruyter (B.Sc Ag, Reg. Nurse, Med. Herb.,Homeopathy, Cert. Reiki II and Iridology) writes: "Night sweats are extremely easy to stop with common Sage herb (Salvia officinalis). Use 1 Tablespoon of Sage per 3 cups of boiling water. Leave the cover on the teapot and let it stand overnight. The next day, have the person drink 2 or 3 cups of the tea.

The night sweats will stop within a few days. Sage tea is very drying and should not be used continuously, but used only when needed. Persons with chronic night sweats should have their Physician check for T.B. or syphilis as these infections can also cause night sweats. Sage is a seasoning sold in grocery stores and in health food stores. The Australian Herbalist also recommended a Spice tea to put the fire (heat) back into the stomach made from Fennel seeds, Dill seeds, Caraway seeds, Anise, Coriander seeds and Slippery Elm. One tsp of each herb is added to a 2 cup teapot and brought to a boil, then allowed to stand for 1 hour or more.

Peter de Ruyter recommends this tea (1 or 2 cups daily) for any kind of gastro-intestinal inflammation or ulceration. He warns against using an aluminum teapot as the herbs can inter-react with the soft aluminum metal. He recommends using stainless steel, porcelain or glass. On Tagament and DDI, de Ruyter says both drugs decrease the production of Hydrochloric acid which is need for the digestion of protein and advises against using these drugs. Peter de Ruyter can be reached at 236 Darling St, Balmain, Australia 2041. (Ph No 02-810-6100)


Two PWAS told Keep Hope Alive that the use of the prescription drug -Trental - reduced the size of their K.S. lesions and also lowered the Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) and Triglyceride levels. See your Physician for a prescription for Trental if you have K.S. TNF and triglyceride levels are often elevated in PWA's.

High triglyceride levels may be caused by low levels of HDL's, the good cholesterol. The liver produces cholesterol and a liver in a toxic state may not be able to produce the quantity needed for normal metabolism. A suggestion that may help lower triglyceride and TNF levels is the Whole Lemon drink with extra virgin olive oil added, which removes toxins from the liver. While this drink has restored saliva PH to normal is as little as 24 hours and promoted weight gain of 2 lbs per week in one PWA with 1 T4 cell, no blood tests results are yet available on what effect this will have on the good HDL's and lowering the triglyceride levels.

A copy of a fax from America On Line was received that discussed the effects of the amino acid, L-Carnitine on triglyceride and TNF levels. An except is as follows: "De Simone, Claudio, et al., Carnitine depletion in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients with AIDS: effect of oral L-carnitine," (1994) AIDS 8:655-660. ...This study looked at people with advance AIDS. They showed that triglyceride levels were strongly reduced with L-carnitine. Carnitine has long been known as a good approach for cardiomyopathy which can be induced by AZT and possibly HIV. One study on HIV+ persons with normal serum levels of carnitine took and high triglyceride levels took oral L-carnitine. The TNF and triglyceride levels normalized- they were not wiped out, just normalized. Another article by DeSimone C, et al in Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology 15 (1):1-12, 1993 reports that up to 6,000 mg of L-carnitine given daily for 2 weeks to PWA's showed a reduction in triglyceride and TNF levels along with a reduction in beta 2 microglobulin levels.

Note: Since L-carnitine lowers triglyceride and TNF levels like the drug- Trental- and Trental reportedly reduces K.S. lesions, the next question is: what effect will L-carnitine have on K.S. lesions? Is there anyone with a few stabilized K.S. lesions (not life threatening) who wants to give it a try? Suggestion: Try 1,000 mg of L-carnitine 3 times a day for 30 days. Call or write me if you get results.


Cutting Edge Catalog lists several books on the health benefits of sunlight. They include: Health and Light, by Dr. John Ott $9.95 Sunlight, by Dr. Zane Kime. An in depth study on the health benefits of sunlight in general and U.V. light in particular. $14.95 Daylight Robbery, by Dr. Damien Downing, an English Physician. $12.95 Sunbathing Today, by Friedrich Wolff. $9.95. To order, call, 800-497-9516.


One of our readers reports that after drinking a 1/2 glass of Kombucha Tea for 2 and 1/2 months, that he has better digestion, appetite and improved skin integrity. David, from Atlanta, GA told us that he has not had any new test results since he started drinking the Kombucha Tea. (David: 404-875-7786).

The tea is a fermented drink made from green or black tea, brown sugar and water and a species of fungus called Saccharomyces ludwiggi in symbiotic growth with other species such as Bacterium xylinum, Bacterium gluconicum (Tea Fungus Kombucha, by Rosina Fasching). I was sent an article claiming that PWA's have had big increases in T4 counts by drinking Kombucha Tea. However, with no names and phone numbers to contact and no lab test results to review, I am not convinced. That doesn't mean that the tea is not beneficial to your health. It probably has many benefits to your health, as does yogurt and cultured cabbage juice.

Two books written about the Kombucha tea are available through Valentine Communications - 800-321-0416. Keep Hope Alive would like to receive copies of lab test results of PWA's (before and after tests) who have used this tea consistently for 2 months or longer to analyze what effect it may have had on the immune system.

The story on Lithium and Kombucha tea are included in this newsletter because they are newsworthy. However, there are only so many thing a person may be willing to do to improve his health . If the castor oil packs work, it will, along with the AIDS Control Diet, make the job to treating this condition a lot simpler. Affordability and simplicity is our goal. Conventional treatment for PWA's with below 50 T4 cells now involves 14 drugs. Holistic treatments should not try to outdo this number, but simplify it and reduce its costs, otherwise, many people will simply give up hope. If the castor oil packs can consistently build up T4 counts in all PWA's who use them, it will be the functional equivalent of an AIDS cure and an answer to our prayers. Let us pray together that these efforts are successful. With God , all things are possible.

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