Positive Health News

Report No. 8



April 27, 1995: Mark Konlee

The latest edition of the AIDS Control Diet book was completed early in March, 1995. It has been given a new title: HOW TO REVERSE IMMUNE DYSFUNCTION. The new title is intended to appeal to a wider audience than the HIV community and include those suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candidiasis and others with immune dysfunction. The book is updated through Positive Health News, Report No 7. The book is better organized than the previous edition of AIDS Control Diet. It has a new chapter, “New Discoveries in Immune Stimulation” which discusses extensively the use of castor oil and the whole lemon/olive oil drink to reverse immune dysfunction. Of the fifteen cases discussed in this chapter, the new ones are reprinted in this newsletter. To introduce some of the most important discoveries to date in immune stimulation, a small 32 page booklet titled: AIDS ANSWER FOUND? is now available. It contains selected reprints from HOW TO REVERSE IMMUNE DYSFUNCTION. (See page 15 for information on ordering copies.). Over 7000 copies of Positive Health News, Report No 7 (Dec. 1994), were distributed including one to every HIV support organization in the United States. The newsletter has been well received. Report No. 8, which you are now, reading has a printing of 8,000 copies.


First, a word about a glitch that developed in the castor oil treatments. Initially, the news was positive on the results persons were receiving with castor oil packs - CD4 and CD8 counts went up. Then, in April, as I began making phone calls to persons using castor oil packs, I discovered three cases where there was no increase in the CD4’s. It took about a week to figure out the source of the problem. The persons who used the castor oil whose CD4 counts increased were all using cold pressed castor oil, while the persons whose CD4 counts were dropping were using product not labeled “cold pressed.” After several phone calls, I learned high temperatures are used by some manufacturers to increase the total volume of castor oil produced. Unfortunately, the high temperatures are destroying the immune stimulating properties of the castor oil. Our earlier experiences with Pycnogenol should have caused me to pay more attention to the brand being used. It is a fact that the quality of a product depends more on the manufacturing process than the name or cost.

Dr. Budwig of Germany discovered years ago that Flax oil had to be cold pressed to be effective as an immune stimulant for her cancer patients. In olive oil, only the Extra Virgin is cold pressed. Other grades are processed with varying degrees of heat. The only sure place to buy cold pressed oils is in a health food store. The label must say “cold pressed.” High temperatures damage oils by inducing lipid peroxidation which reduces the number of unsaturated bonds.


The news on the Whole Lemon/Olive Oil drink has been dramatic. Ten people with swollen lymph nodes using this drink have uniformly reported a total reduction in the size of the lymph nodes and a return to normal as long as they continue the drink on a daily basis. Eight persons have reported weight gain from 1 to 2 pounds per week. Saliva pH usually returns to normal in a few days. So far the very best results have been obtained by combining the daily castor oil packs with the whole lemon/olive oil drink. Two persons have reported a very significant reduction in elevated liver enzymes applying castor oil packs over the liver area. One medical doctor suggested to a patient with inflammation of the spleen to apply a castor oil pack over that area (left side near bottom of rib cage under left armpit).


In order to further document the total effects of our current protocols (castor oil packs/Whole lemon/Olive oil drink) and others like New Life Formula on the immune system, I need 25 volunteers to send us a copy of their labs results each time on a regular basis. They are free for the asking from the medical secretary that manages your files. I will keep them strictly confidential. I also need a handwritten description of your current total protocol - holistic, drugs, diet etc. The time has come to ask more questions than just where your CD4 counts are at. We need to know the total WBC count, Neutrophil, Monocyte and NK cells levels as well. The results of your participation will be a great personal benefit to you and to others.

The next newsletter is planned for September, 1995. For updated information, call 414-548-4344 after the 1st of each month. A special thanks to all of you who have said the Pieta prayers. Your efforts are not in vain. Enjoy the summer.


In Positive Health News, Report No. 7 (Dec., 1994), the use of castor oil packs in five cases was introduced to our readers for the first time. At the time, I was not aware that castor oil was processed in different ways and that this could effect its therapeutic value. Until early April, 1995, about 12 cases I was following were all obtaining significant immune stimulation with castor oil packs. Then, as I began making phone calls around the country, I ran into three cases where castor oil failed to increase CD4 counts, white blood cell counts, monocytes and neutrophils. The discovery about the different kinds of castor oil came following a phone call from Robert M. of Brooklyn, NY. His phone call on Oct., 7, 1994, originally led to the story on castor oil.

During the winter, Robert had used one brand of castor oil in the packs and in 30 days found his CD4 counts increasing along with an improved CD4/CD8 ratio. He then switched to a generic brand and in the next 30 days, his CD4 counts dropped. He asked about Chris from Cloverdale, IN, inquiring as to the brand originally used. After several phone calls and tracking down the source of the castor oil, I discovered that all the brands of castor oil that failed to increase CD4 counts were not “cold pressed.” I also checked with Jim, whose friend Dean from Houston, TX had increased his CD4 counts from 140 to 263 in 30 days in 1991. “Dean used the Heritage brand of castor oil.” The Heritage brand is “cold pressed.” Adding to the confusion is that some brands of castor oil not labeled “cold pressed” are in fact cold pressed while some others are processed at high temperatures which destroys much of its therapeutic value. There is no certainty of determining whether castor oil is cold pressed unless it states so on the label. To date, 100% of the PWA’s that I have spoken with using cold pressed castor oil have had increases in one or more of the following areas: CD4’s, White Blood Cell counts, Monocytes and Neutrophils.

Besides using only the cold pressed castor oil, it is essential to use a sufficient quantity of castor oil to obtain increases in WBC’s, CD4’s, Monocytes and Neutrophils. The minimum quantity to use is one tablespoon daily. The ideal amount is to absorb two tablespoons daily into the skin. One quart of castor oil should last you 32 days as you absorb it at a rate of 2 tablespoons per day. On April 5th, I had one person tell me he had used cold pressed castor oil packs daily for 4 months. He said his CD4 counts started at 68, increased to 97 and then decreased to 68. I asked him how many pints of castor oil he had used. He said he was still on his first pint. I told him he should have finished his 4th pint by now. For the very best results, he should be on his 8th pint. When castor oil packs are done properly and especially in conjunction with the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink, there have been very rapid upward movements in white blood cell counts, CD4’s, monocytes and neutrophils. Chris (from Cloverdale, IN) reported that the Castor Oil he used at the outset (Dec., 1994) had a slight yellow tinge. This was the Castor oil that initially increased his CD4 count from 90 to 210 in 32 days and increased his white blood cell count from 2600 to 12,900 in two weeks. He purchased another brand at a discount store late in Jan., 1995. This castor oil was clear in color. After using it for two months, his CD4 count dropped along with his white blood cell count. After calling the manufacturer, he found out that high temperatures had been used in processing the castor oil. On April 17th, 1995, he started using the Castor Oil from Heritage Store which is cold pressed. He told me the color of the Castor Oil from Heritage had a slight yellowish tinge, the same as the original castor oil that had produced such good results. Along with these changes, he is also starting on the Jarrow Paks and the New Life Formula.

Updated on Aug. 1, 1995

1. Use only cold pressed castor oil. 2. Use 1/4 cup of castor oil per treament. 3. Use only pure white woolen or cotton flannel for the packs. 4. Always use castor oil over a clean flannel cloth. Do not add cold castor oil to a flannel that is soaked in castor oil used in a previous treatment. 5. Use the packs with the heat pad 2 days a week over the abdomen area to the right of your naval, 2 days a week over the spleen area (bottom of left rib cage) and 3 days a week over the Thymus gland (just above the heart). Use the packs one hour to 1 1/2 hrs.daily. Do the treatments daily for the first 4 weeks, after which, do the treatments every other day, once over the three target areas - liver, thymus and spleen.


1. Place a heating pad (Sunbeam - sold in drug stores) which is about 14” by 16” on a table.

2. Cut a piece of plastic from a heavy gauge garbage bag about 14 inches by 16 inches and place it on top of the heating pad.

3. Fold the wool or cotton flannel so it is two layers thick and measures 12” by 13.” Place it on top of the plastic sheet which is on the heating pad.

4. The first time you use castor oil, pour about 3/4 cup of cold pressed castor oil on the flannel and spread evenly until the flannel is completely saturated.

5. Turn the heating pad on high for 5 minutes.

6. Pick up the heating pad with the plastic sheet and flannel soaked in castor oil and use both thumbs to hold it together and place against your abdomen area, spleen area or the upper part of your chest where the Thymus gland is located.

7. In order to hold everything in place, wrap a large bath towel around your body on top of the heating pad. Use 2 or 3 large pins to hold it snug against your body. Reduce heat if it feels too warm. After one hour or even longer, remove the heat pad and the flannel which will stick to the plastic sheet. Massage the warm castor oil into your body. Use a dry hand towel and massage the remaining castor oil into the skin. Wait 5 minutes, then take a bath or shower if desired.

When you are done with the treatment, wash the flannel in 2 quarts of warm water with 1/4 cup of baking soda added. Then rinse the flannel well before you use it next time. Do not reuse castor oil once it has been heated. The continuous reheating of castor oil causes it to form lipid peroxides and to become rancid. Rancid castor oil may be immuno-suppressive.

First time users weekly schedule: Use the castor oil packs over the thymus gland 3 times a week; 2 times a week over the spleen and 2 times a week over the liver area. Do the treatments for one hour each day for the first 4 weeks. After the 4th week, do the treatment 3 times a week, every other day over the three target areas - the liver, thymus and spleen for one hour per treatment.

I am of the opinion that the amount of castor oil you absorb into the skin may be more important than the length of time you use the heat pad. DO NOT APPLY A CASTOR OIL TREATMENT OVER NEW FURNITURE. IF CASTOR OIL GETS ON THE FURNITURE, USE CARPET SHAMPOO AND WARM WATER AND SPONGE THE AREA. USE A DRY TOWEL TO SOAK UP IT THE EXCESS.. Either place a plastic sheet over new furniture or use an old chair that does not have much value in case some castor oil drips onto it.


Local sources: Health food stores. Woolen flannel - fabric shops; heat pads - drug stores and department stores. A wholesale and/or retail mail order source for cold pressed castor oil, wool or cotton flannel is Heritage Store, PO Box 444, Virginia Bch, VA 23458. Phone No: 800-862-2923 or 804-428-4941. Note: Persons allergic to woolen flannel should substitute white cotton flannel for applying the castor oil packs. Sunbeam heat pads sold in drug or department stores is suitable for doing the castor oil packs. The temperatures of the heat pads are not so high as to render the castor oil ineffective.


The sixth case was from New York. Judy used the Castor oil packs 3 times a week for 3 months. Her CD4’s increased from 180 to 220. She also used Chinese Herb’s but took no drugs. In April, I phoned her and she told me she had used the cold pressed castor oil during the 3 months her CD4 count increased. I asked her if she had any new lab results since our last conversation. She said she had not. She had stopped doing the castor oil packs because of her busy schedule. She said she feels fine and plans to restart the castor oil packs soon and will inform us of her results. NO. 7 The 7th case was from St. Louis, MO. Mike used the Castor Oil packs daily for 5 weeks increasing CD4’s from 6 to 13. Neither Case No. 6 or 7 had used the Whole Lemon/Olive oil liver flush drink. There was a setback in case No. 7 in Feb. 1995 when the CD4 count dropped from 13 to 8. In Dec. and Jan., he used three drugs - Biaxin, Sporanox and Dapsone. He thinks the Biaxin and Dapsone may have depressed his immune system, and preventing good results with the castor oil. Being asymptomatic, on Feb. 15, 1995, he stopped these three drugs and is daily using the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink and Castor oil packs. He added 25,000 i.u of Vitamin A daily to his regimen. His WBC count is low at 3,800. He will have his WBC count tested in March to look for an increase which would indicate a boost in his immune system. Mike also uses ozone in a Sauna bag treatment daily. He follows the ACD diet and takes a number of supplements. He continues to work full time. (Ph. No. 314-367-4841) reprinted with permission.

Update on Mike’s results of March 15, 1995: His CD4 count dropped from 8 to 3. However, his white blood count increased from 3800 to 7500. His absolute monocytes doubled and his absolute neutrophils tripled moving them above the upper end of the normal reference range. Both monocytes and neutrophils act like natural killer Cells in the sense they do not need CD4 cells to function as infection fighters. In April, when the problem of using castor oil processed at high temperatures surfaced, I called Mike and asked him if he had used cold pressed castor oil in the previous 4 months? He said he had not. The increase in his WBC’s, monocytes and neutrophils might be attributable to the Whole Lemon/Olive Oil drink and the Vitamin A supplementation. The high levels of white blood cells, monocytes and neutrophils still leaves him with a partially functional immune system despite of the fact he has virtually no CD4 cells.

Neutrophils produce hydrogen peroxide which kill viruses, bacteria and other foreign antigens. Because his neutrophils were unusually high, I suggested he stop ozone therapy for a while and increase his anti-oxidants, especially Pycnogenol, to protect his healthy cells from the oxidative stress of the infection fighting neutrophils. I see no point in over-oxidizing the blood with ozone or hydrogen peroxide when neutrophils are at the upper end of the normal reference range. He switched to the cold pressed castor oil on April 19, 1995. Despite of his low CD4 count, he says he has never felt better and continues to work full time. We are hoping his CD4 counts will increase to restore a fully functional immune system.


Dear Mark, I was happy to receive “Positive Health News” (No. 7) and read about the Castor Oil packs as well as the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink. I have had some dramatic results within the first two weeks of starting both protocols. I have enclosed over one years blood work results. As you can see, my white blood counts and my CD4 counts have been steadily dropping since Jan. 1994. On December 8th, my WBC count was at 2,600; my CD4 count was at 90 and my CD8 count was at 690.

On Dec. 14th, I started both the daily Castor Oil packs for one hour plus drank the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink each day. I am on no other protocol, supplements or drugs at this time. I followed the procedures exactly as outlined in Positive Health News.

On Dec. 30th, I had new blood test results. My WBC (white blood cell count jumped to 22,300! On Jan 3rd, I had another test done and the WBC count stood at 12,900. That is about 500% higher than it was on Dec. 8th. On Jan. 6th, I had CD4 test results. The CD4’s increased from 90 to 150 and my WBC’s stood at 15,800, well above the normal reference range of 4,500 to 11,000. There were also increases in RBC’s, HGB and HCT as well as higher Platelet counts, all moving in a normal direction. On Jan. 16th, CD4’s increased further to 210 and my WBC’s are at 12,600. My CD8’s are at 700.

My doctor, John R Black M.D. of Indianapolis, said this was the best my blood has looked in over 1 year. Twice he asked me what I was doing. Twice I told him and twice he shook his head in disbelief. Christopher D.. Cloverdale, IN 317-795-3711 (Phone reprinted with permission) Note: Christopher D is the eighth PWA to report CD4 increases with the use of Castor Oil packs. His is the most dramatic case to date. The impressive results are likely attributable to the combination of the Whole Lemon drink used along with the daily Castor Oil packs. Chris takes no prescription drugs of any kind. He eats a wholesome diet and avoids recreational drugs. He sent us his lab results for the previous 12 months, which showed a gradual decline in his CD4 counts and other numbers.


Matthew from Green Bay, WI. started using castor oil packs five days a week on Dec. 1, 1994. He followed the AIDS Control diet and ate a lot of raw and steamed vegetables, boiled meats and a daily serving of cooked yams.. For the next two months, he did the Whole Lemon/Olive drink about 14 times intermittently. In Feb., he called to tell me his CD4 count had increased form 42 to 90. His CD8 count had increased from 420 to 1146. His doctor told him all his other numbers on his blood test had improved and that “this is the best set of numbers I have seen in a year.” While following this protocol, he also took the following three drugs: Diflucan for thrush, Septra for PCP and Diphenhyram for itching. He took no other drugs. He also drank daily a tea made from Mathake, Purple Lapacho and White Oak Bark for thrush. While on the Lemon/Olive oil drink, he reported his saliva pH increased from 5.5 (acid) to 6.4 (normal). He gained 8 pounds.

The improvements in his immune system occurred despite his use of cigarettes and alcohol. He reported: “this is the first time in a year and one-half that my CD4 count has gone up.”

Update: Matt reduced the number of times he used the castor oil packs from 7 days a week to 3 times a week. He also does the whole lemon/olive drink only 3 times a week. In April, 1995, he said his CD4 count increased to 98. The modest increase in his CD4’s suggest that he is not doing enough of either protocol. He is not aware of his WBC or Neutrophil count in this latest test.


Feb. 23, 1995: J.P. called me from Milwaukee to tell me of a phone call he received from Jim H. of Chicago this week concerning the results of two PWA’s who used Castor Oil packs daily for 6 months. His friend told him that one PWA he knows increased his CD4 counts from 35 to 700 in 6 months and the second person increased his CD4 counts from 80 to 900 in five months. A third person with 3 CD4 cells died of an MAI infection in the first month of doing the castor oil packs.


Dan, from Milwaukee, has been HIV+ for 4 years. He has tried a number of treatments including alpha-interferon. The interferon did not curtail his weight loss. On Feb. 7th, 1995, he discontinued all other treatments and started a daily regimen of castor oil packs and the whole lemon/olive oil drink. By March 1st, he had gained 6 lbs. His CD4 count in Oct., 1994 was 257. His March 1st CD4 count increased to 328. On March 10th, he stated he had gained another 2 lbs. Update: News of persons feeling better and experiencing increases in CD4 counts after using castor oil packs is spreading rapidly through the PWA community in Milwaukee. Most Physicians in Milwaukee County are being asked by patients what they think of their using the castor oil packs. The response of one Physician recently was “go ahead and do it..it is harmless...but it probably won’t do any good.”


Chris D of Cloverdale, IN, told me an acquaintance of his gained 11 pounds in 30 days using the Whole Lemon/Olive Oil drink daily. This weight increase occurred without the use of the castor oil packs. He is now using the castor oil packs daily.


Robert M (Case No. 1) told me a friend of his massaged castor oil over this chest and abdomen area before bedtime for two weeks and that his CD4 count increased 120 points (from 540 to 660). He estimates he used about 1 tablespoon daily. He did not use the heat pad. I asked him about the problem of getting the castor oil on the sheets. He said it was no problem as his friend changed his sheets daily. In Oct., 1994, Robert M initially reported an increase in his CD4 and CD8 counts by rubbing castor oil over his lymph nodes. However, in Feb., 1995, his CD4 counts dropped after using castor oil that was processed at high temperatures.


Lehman, PA: A PWA used cold pressed castor oil packs for one hour each day with the heat pad. He did it over the abdomen area to the right of his naval three times a week and three times a week over the Thymus gland. In 12 weeks, his CD4 count increased from 525 to 699. He also took Pycnogenol, garlic tablets and GE132. He is a cigarette smoker. He says he feels too good to strictly adhere to the AIDS control diet.


In Jan. 1995, I spoke with Jeremy Selvey, Chief Executive Officer of Project AIDS Int’l (8033 Sunset Blvd., Suite 2640, Los Angeles, CA 90046., Ph No. 213-857-0809). I had called him in response to an article he wrote. In our conversation, I asked him if he knew of anything new that was consistently effective for treating AIDS. He told me of a herbal extract containing 36 botanicals sold under the trade name - “New Life Formula”. He stated that Project AIDS Int’l was following 20 cases of PWA’s using the new herbal formula. He said there has been small increases in CD4 counts in eight PWA’s who used the product. No decreases have been reported. The largest increase in CD4 counts was in an eight year old boy whose CD4 count increased from 250 to 350 in 30 days. Other increases were less dramatic and no other specific figures were given. In a letter, dated Jan. 5, 1995, to Anthony Fairchild, President of SOPHISTA-CARE, manufacturers of New Life Formula, Jeremy Selvey writes: “While we have only been studying your product (NEW LIFE FORMULA) for around 6 months, we have been aware of its use for over a year. The results reported by our clients have been outstanding, and I can offer an endorsement without reservation. Your product is superior to the product known as “Essiac”, and much more cost effective.” Locally, in Milwaukee, WI, I am aware of three PWA’s who are using the NEW LIFE FORMULA and are reporting higher energy levels. However, there are no lab test results available at this time. The NEW LIFE FORMULA contains the following herbal extracts in a water base (no alcohol is used): Gota Kola, Aloe Vera, Angelica root, Ginseng, Hawthorne, Saw Palmetto, Sarsaparilla, Shepards Purse, Celery seed, Echinacea, Red root, Watercress, Thyme, Kelp, Eucalyptus, Cascara Sargada, Chamomile, Peppermint, Burdock, Pasiflore, Yellowdock, Fenugreek, Horehound, Alfalfa, Slippery Elm, Licorice, Chickweed, Anise, Dandelion, Senega, Gentian, Black Currant Leaf, Golden seal root, Rosemary, Glycerin, Potassium Citrate, Astragalus, Vitamin C, Chlorophyll, Barley juice, L-Glutamic acid, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, Potassium Sorbate and Citric acid. Each two tablespoon serving provides 500 mg potassium.

NEW LIFE FORMULA is sold in quart size only. Manufactured by Sophista-Care, 74-940 Highway 111, Suite 311, Indian Wells, CA 92210. Ph No. 619-345-5919. In my opinion, this product would be a good compliment to use in conjunction with the Whole Lemon/Olive Oil drink and the daily Castor Oil packs. The combination should produce a very high rate of immune stimulation.

DHEA - increases in CD4 counts reported

Other supplements worthy of consideration are DHEA, a master hormone that affects many bodily functions. It is available on prescription from your Physician. Suggested dose for adults is 25 to 50 mg. daily. It is also found in Wild Yams and in domestic Yams sold in local grocery stores. However, I have no definitive information on the quantity of DHEA found in Yams or in Wild Yam Extract (sold in health food stores). DHEA is safe to use and has no known side effects. DHEA makes your skin and hair look younger. It has been called the youth hormone. In “Notes from the Underground” (Issue 28) - 150 W 26th St., No 201, NY, NY 10001), they reported on a small study done by a researcher in Texas on 12 AIDS patients using DHEA. They said that after one year, “nine out of the ten remaining patients had an increase in CD4 counts.” However, more detailed information is needed to evaluate the actual benefits of DHEA as in immune stimulant. Dr. Patricia Salvato in Houston, TX prescribes 50 mg. of DHEA daily for her HIV+ patients. Dr. Donald Kotler M.D. of (NY) has spoken frequently about DHEA and the need for controlled studies. However, since DHEA is inexpensive, plentiful and unpatentable, it is doubtful much funding will be made available to properly evaluate its benefits. At Keep Hope Alive, I certainly would recommend a daily serving of cooked Yams and I would encourage PWA’s to get a prescription for DHEA. Adult Dose: 25 to 50 mg. daily.


Feb. 18, 1995: Dave called to tell me of a protocol that increased his CD4 counts from 8 to 198 in 12 weeks. His white blood count increased from 400 to 2500, which is still substantially below the normal reference range of 4,500 to 10,800. In Oct., 1994, he was given a single injection of Neupogen to increase the white blood cells. Within a few days, they were up to 2,500. At the same time, he began receiving daily subcutaneous injection of Interluken II (ILII) at a dose of one million units, five times a week for two weeks on, then with two weeks off. At the end of the fourth week, his CD4 count increased to 13. No CD4 tests were taken at the end of the second two week series. At the end of the third series in December, his CD4 count had increased to 198.

Dave also consumed a diet of wholesome foods, used daily implants of bitter melon made from whole fresh plants that were frozen until used. He also used nightly rectal implants of one serrated raw garlic clove dipped in olive oil and applied DNCB topically once a week. He has followed the ACD diet and daily used a soy based protein shake with Echinacea.

There are several reports of DNCB increasing CD8 counts and Natural Killer (NK) cells, but none resulting in large increases in the CD4’s. Even Interluken II by itself in not known to produce big increases in CD4 counts when the baseline is very low but has produced impressive increases in CD4 counts when the baseline of CD4’s is over 200. In China, injections of raw garlic in HIV+ persons are reported to produce good results in AIDS patients, but I have been unable to get more specific information on the details. Several sources have reported garlic or shittake mushrooms can build up NK cells. In the Whole Lemon drink, olive oil is used and the combination has dramatically reduced swollen lymph nodes in two cases, suggesting powerful anti-HIV activity. The use of Neupogen and IL II in conjunction with the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink and the daily castor oil packs should be considered in PWA’s starting with less that 50 CD4 cells as a baseline. Neupogen could be discontinued once the WBC’s reach 5,000 and ILII could be stopped when CD4 levels reach 100, leaving the whole lemon/olive oil drink and castor oil packs to continue the process of recovery. Dave can be reached at 619-265-7489. Note: Neupogen is available only from your doctor. It is traditionally used by Physicians on cancer patients after Chemotherapy to rebuild the immune system (white blood cells).

VITAMIN/MINERAL AND ANTI-OXIDANT SUPPLEMENTATION is very important if saliva pH is under 6.2

Saliva pH, taken between meals in a resting mode, is a very important indicator of how well you are absorbing nutrients. A healthy person has a Saliva pH reading of 6.4, when taken before meals. In readings taken immediately after a meal, the normal saliva pH value is 7.2. The AIDS Control diet, with its emphasis on alkaline vegetables, and particularly, the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink, will restore saliva pH to a normal value faster than anything else known.

If you eat only wholesome foods, whole grains, vegetables, easily digested proteins (yogurt, cottage cheese, poached eggs, sprouts, pea soup, boiled meats etc.), and foods high in natural carotenes like yams and squash, then most of you may not need to take dietary supplements. However, if you drink canned soda (coke, Pepsi etc.), eat white bread, pasta, pizza and other products made from white flour, sweets, pastry, cakes, etc., you certainly need vitamin and mineral supplementation. Because, there are so many different vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants, I would like to suggest the JARROW PAK PLUS. It is an almost complete vitamin, mineral, anti-oxidant and Chinese herbal formula. The Jarrow Pak is not expensive. You may call the company at 310-204-6936 for a catalog which list the ingredients in the formula. Dr. Joan Priestly M.D. has recommended the Jarrow Pak to her HIV clients for some time. One packet (about 8 pills and capsules each) is taken daily. In addition, I recommend one emulsified vitamin A (25,000 i.u.) and D (1,000 i.u.) daily (Schiff brand - sold in health food stores) and one zinc sulfate each day (220 mg each) Windmill brand - sold in Pharmacies. For free radical scavengers (sic: antioxidants), see the chapter on “The Role of Free Radicals in HIV Progression.” Zinc sulfate stimulates the Thymus gland to produce the hormone, Thymulin. The Thymus gland matures the CD4 cells produced in the bone marrow.

An alternative to the Jarrow Pak is to consider whole food concentrates and individual nutrients. These include brewer’s yeast, kelp, spirulina or blue-green algae, Vitamin A and D, C and E plus Magnesium Oxide and Calcium Lactate plus antioxidants like beta-carotene, CO Q-10, Pycnogenol or grape seed extract. Brewer’s yeast is naturally high in selenium and kelp, blackstrap molasses, blue-green algae and spirulina are rich sources of other trace minerals.

Vitamin A: In a study in Africa (Lancet, June 25, 1994, page 1593), pregnant women with the highest serum levels of Vitamin A reduced HIV transmission to their offspring to 7% compared to those with the lowest blood levels of Vitamin A who had a HIV transmission rate of 32% to their offspring. The authors of the article, Semba, Miotti, Saah at al, wrote: “The underlying biological mechanisms concerning vitamin A in mother-to-child transmission may include the essential role vitamin A plays in immunity and maintenance of mucosal surfaces...Lack of vitamin A is associated with compromised T-cell and B-cell function which may contribute to higher viral loads...” In contrast, a study with AZT(Zidovudine), in HIV+ pregnant women showed that the group receiving the AZT reduced the rate of HIV transmission to 8.3% compared to 25.5% in the control group. Vitamin A certainly was as effective as AZT in reducing the rate of HIV transmission. The unasked question is whether vitamin A reduced the rate of HIV transmission because it activated the immune system to produce more white blood cells which in turn produced antibodies to inactivate the HIV virus. On a side note, one person I spoke with recently told me that several years ago, when he had low white blood cells, his physician prescribed vitamin A supplementation to build up the white blood cells. He told me his white blood cells returned to normal values. Increasing white blood cell counts through vitamin A supplementation, suntanning or through the use of the drug, Neupogen, available from your Physician, increases White Blood Cells, the foundation of most immune system cells. Shark Liver Oil increases the production of gamma interferon, which increases CD4 counts.


1. Whole Lemon/Olive Oil drink daily. (Liver Detox, balances Saliva pH, restores nutrient absorption, inactivates HIV virus, reduces swollen lymph nodes, stimulates white blood cells) Especially recommended daily for everyone with CD4 counts below 200 or a saliva pH reading of less than 6.2.

2. For everyone every day: Castor oil Packs (increases white blood cells and CD4’s and CD8’s. When done before bedtime, it restores deep restful sleep).

3. Detoxosode for Viruses (Metabolic Management) - increases body temperature and CD4's

4. NEW LIFE FORMULA daily. (reported by Project AIDS Int’l to increase CD4’s and energy levels.

5. Clarkia-100 (Spice West Co) - inactivates HIV and other viruses and parasites.

6. AIDS Control diet recommended for everyone (wholesome foods daily for the very best results) and/or Jarrow Pak Plus supplements daily. When using the Jarrow Pak, extra Vitamin A should taken to help increase white blood counts. However, do not exceed 25,000 i.u. daily for adults. Very high doses of Vitamin A can damage the liver. Best Source of Vitamin A is Cod Liver Oil, which also has other immune stimulating factors in it. One to two tablespoons daily is suggested.

PWA’s starting with CD4 counts over 50, this should take about 6 months using the combination of 1 and 2 above and even faster if 3 and 4 are added. Preliminary lab results show that when the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink is used daily along with the castor oil packs, it produces a higher CD4/ ratio than when the castor oil packs are used alone.

More Options for even better results:

*DHEA supplementation: 25 to 50 mg daily (youth hormone - unconfirmed reports of CD4 increases) Food source: yams. *Suntanning in a Salon twice a week (to build up white blood cells). *Exercise - one to two hours of walking daily. *Ecomer Shark Liver Oil - 2 capsules 3 times a day. Contains Alkyglycerols which help maintain normal white blood cell counts.


Mark Konlee:

On April 3, 1995, I interviewed Kerry C of Passaic, N.J. who shared the experiences of a close friend and the experiences she had over the past 2 and 1/2 years in reversing HIV progression. Kerry was a pre-med student who dropped out of college after 4 years due to financial hardship. For purposes of this interview, to protect her privacy, I will call his friend “Kim” which is not her real name.

Mark: When did Kim first find out she was HIV+ and what were her symptoms?

Kerry: In Oct., 1992, she was very tired all the time, had oral thrush and came down with Pneumonia - PCP. I took her to the Emergency room of a local hospital. She was diagnosed HIV+ and with a CD4 count of 20. On Nov., 8th, she came out of the hospital. She had lost a lot of weight. She took Bactrim to prevent the recurrence of the PCP.

Mark: What kind of protocol did you start her on?

Kerry: I decided not to start her on the multi-drug regimen, except for the Bactrim. I seen too many people die. I decided to use a holistic approach with diet, herbs and nutrition. We got out our Bible and prayed daily for guidance. She started on a diet of a lot of raw vegetables and one glass of fresh squeezed carrot juice daily. She ate boiled meats and some whole grains, but not much. She took six capsules of Beta-carotene daily each containing 50,000 i.u. of beta -carotene; Vitamin C - 4,000 i.u. daily; Vitamin E - 400 i.u. daily; a Multi-Vitamin and Mineral formula from a health food store; Immune Action (Nature’s Plus) contains Chinese herbs - 2 capsules 3X; Ecomer Shark Liver Oil - 2 capsules 3X (stimulates gamma inteferon). She also took Germanium. Because of the cost of the Germanium and the Shark Liver Oil, this was only done for the months of Nov. and Dec., 1992. In Dec., 1992, Kim returned to her doctor for another lab test and her CD4 count had increased to 59.

Mark: What changes did Kim make in her protocol in Jan., 1993?

Kerry: She went to see a Chinese Medical Doctor in New York City - Dr. Fu Zang (396 Broadway, Suite 803, Ph. No. 212-966-6015) He gave her a mixture of Chinese herbs to take home and boil. They were suppose to build up CD4 counts. She started using them intermittently. In addition, she started taking Super Blue-Green Algae - 9 tablets a day; Resistance Tea Capsules (containing Chinese herbs) from General Nutrition Center - 2 twice daily; Maitake Mushroom - 500 mg twice daily; Immunoplex (Enzymatic therapy) - one 2X; NAC 600 mg 3X; continued a multiple vitamin formula from a health food store and started taking Supreme C, a powder sold by Gary Null and Ester -C - 500 mg daily. She also took Kali Phosphate - 9 tablets a day for nerves. She had stopped taking the Germanium and the Shark Liver oil capsules but continued on all the other supplements she originally started on and continued on the diet along with a glass of raw carrot juice daily. In March, 1993, her CD4 count increased to 86. She continued on the same protocol and in June, 1993, her CD4 count increased to 112. By Dec., 1993, her CD4 count had increased to 465.

Mark: Were there any setbacks?

Kerry: Yes, in Jan., 1994, she caught Chicken Pox and her CD4 count dropped to 362. In Feb., 1994, she developed PCP. She took aloe vera juice along with the Bactrim to lessen its toxicity. In June,.1994, she added PCM-4, which contains extract from spleen and Ginseng; and 100 mg daily of COQ-10, the juice of a raw lemon and fresh garlic to her daily protocol. She continued on all the diet of raw vegetables, boiled meats, carrot juice, herbs and all the other supplements. In August, her CD4 count increased to 650.

Mark: It is very impressive that her CD4 counts made such a significant comeback. Everyone seems to follow CD4 counts religiously, but what were her white blood cell counts, her Natural Killer cells, Monocytes and Neutrophils?

Kerry: I don’t know. I will have to get copies of her lab test results going back to 1992 to find out.

Mark: These are just as important for a functional immune system as the CD4’s. Did you know that Natural Killer cells, Monocytes and Neutrophils can kill viruses and bacterial infections without any help from the CD4’s? The book HOW YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM WORKS, by Jeff Baggish, M.D. is a real eye opener. Did you know that the total amount of white blood cells is a measure of the foundation of 90% of your immune system? All the subsets of T cells, the B cells, the Plasma cells that produce antibodies, the Natural Killer cells, the Monocytes, Macrophages, Basophils and Neutrophils are all subspecies of White Blood Cells. I talked to a medical doctor from Key West, FL, who told me he personally knows several PWA’s with zero CD4 counts that have been alive and well for several years and still are. We need to study the lab test results of these “healthy” PWA’s with zero T4 cells and find the anomalies. The T4 cells work with the B cells to direct the production of anti-bodies. If the body has no B cell function, it would seem to be a waste of the persons resources to produce more T cells, since they would be like commissioning a lot of generals without an army. It is possible that there is link between B cell production and T cell production. It could be that restoring B cell function may be a prerequisite to activating T cell function. This brings us back to the other arm of the immune system that is not dependent on either the T cells or the B cells. I am talking about the Neutrophils, Monocytes, Macrophages and Natural Killer cells. According to Dr. Jeff Baggish M.D., in his book, these white blood cells do not need signals from the CD4 cells to swing into action as active infection fighters. Could it be that the anomaly in healthy PWA’s with zero CD4 counts is that they have high white blood cells counts and that the majority of these are the Neutrophils, Monocytes, Macrophages and/or NK cells?

Kerry: You have a good point. A few years ago, when I was in medical school, I purchased a book by Arthur Guyton called “Medical Physiology.” In this book, they say that 62% of your white blood cells are Neutrophils, 30% are the Lymphocytes composed of T cells, B cells and Natural Killer cells, 5.3 % is Monocytes and Macrophages, 2.3% is Eosinophils and 0.4% is Basophils. I know that even if you have high levels of CD4’s and if your Neutrophils are low, you may have trouble combating a bacterial infection. When a doctor checks for an active infection by taking total WBC test, the big jump in white blood cells is mostly Neutrophils.

Mark: Has the medical profession been sleeping on the job or what? Are not these numbers of immune system cells trying to tell us something? If our immune system, created by God, a Supreme Intelligence, thinks that Neutrophils are so important that they comprise 62% of our white blood cells, why do not we look for ways to increase the Neutrophil count? Dr. William C Douglass, M.D. in his book “Hydrogen Peroxide - Medical Miracle” says that Granulocytes produce hydrogen peroxide as the immune systems first line of defense against infections. Dr. Baggish says in his book that there are three types of Granulocytes: Eosinophils, Basophils and Neutrophils. Baggish also says that NK cells, Monocytes and Macrophages literally eat and digest foreign antigens (viruses, bacteria etc.). NK cells are also known for their anti-cancer powers. They attack and destroy cancer cells. The pieces of the immune system puzzle are coming together.

Kerry: Explain what you mean.

Mark: First, if you have high levels of Neutrophils, that is, if your lab tests show that they are at the upper end of the normal reference range and there is a sufficient quantity of them as indicated by high levels of white blood cell counts - 7000 or higher, then you have an immune system that is 62% functional with the capabilities of destroying viral and bacterial infections, even if you have low or no CD4 cells. This also means that there are powerful oxidative reactions going on in your blood to kill infections. The release of hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidative reaction. Having high levels of Neutrophils would be more desirable than taking hydrogen peroxide orally or even using ozone as the site of the release of the reactive oxygen by the Neutrophils is where the infection is actually located. This is preferred to flooding the blood with large quantities of ozone or H2O2, that would subject healthy cells to unnecessary oxidative stress. Persons with high levels of Neutrophils or who are doing ozone or H2O2 therapy should increase their intake of anti-oxidant nutrients to protect the healthy cells while the damaged ones are being destroyed. It also suggests that the person who would most benefit from oxidative therapies is the one who has low WBC counts along with low levels of Neutrophils. The person who would receive the least benefit is the one who has high levels of WBC’s and Neutrophils and who probably should not do oxidative therapy.

Kerry: Why do you say that having high Neutrophil levels gives you an immune system that is 62% functional?

Mark: You just read to me the total percentage of white blood cells that comprise Neutrophils and that was 62%. 62% is a ball park figure. Dr. Baggish, in his book, claims that Neutrophils are capable of destroying viruses as well as bacteria. Now that covers a lot of area. How about CMV, PCP, MAC and all the others - ad nauseum? Would not high levels of Neutrophils render them incapable of causing life threatening infections?

Kerry: How would you increase your Neutrophil count?

Mark: That is where the Castor oil packs come in and the Whole Lemon/Olive Oil drink. They build up the White Blood cell counts. So does Vitamin A, Sunshine and heat therapy. Increased body heat stimulates the bone marrow to produce more red and white blood cells. I met a person two months age who was HIV+ for 12 years. He takes no drugs, no vitamins, minerals, herbs or dietary supplements, eats whatever he wants, smokes cigarettes and drinks alcohol. He says he feels fine, and while his CD4 count is low, it has never bottomed out. He has never had any symptoms. The first thing I asked him is: what is your normal body temperature? He replied: “Oh - that always run about half a degree above normal. Usually, it is about 99.1 degrees F. It has been that way since I was a child.” I asked his lab test results and he says he never looks at them and has never asked his doctor for a copy. Here is a case of a person who, because of a genetic anomaly, has been blessed with an immune system that is very active or even overactive. I would like very much to see his lab test results and that of other long term PWA’s who are free of symptoms and infections. I would expect to see higher than usual levels of WBC counts, Neutrophils and probably Monocytes. I also would like to see the NK cell counts. Garlic and Shittake mushrooms are suppose to increase NK counts, according to some studies. Also, DNCB, applied topically. That could explain why PWA’s using DNCB live so much longer and healthier - they have active NK cells and a partially functional immune system.

"By the way, Kerry, there is a drug that has been used by Physicians for years to bring back the immune system of cancer patients treated with Chemotherapy. It is “Neupogen” which is known to rapidly build up white blood cell counts. The big question is: why are not doctors treating AIDS patients with this drug? Would it not make more sense to use Neupogen to increase the Neutrophils and give naturally immunity to a person against hundreds of viral and bacterial infections? Would that not be preferred to the 14 drug protocol currently in use for PWA’s with less than 50 CD4 cells? Consider what a small number of infections are targeted with Forcarnet, Bactrim, etc. , and their toxic side effects- ad nauseum? Is it not time for use to end our obsession with CD4 counts and look at the whole immune system with its backup components of Neutrophils, Monocytes, Macrophages and NK cells? Dr. Baggish says that some Monocytes mature into Macrophages. He says that Macrophages work with CD4 cells but can also work independent of them to eat and digest viruses and bacteria.

Kerry: I think our understanding of the immune system and how it works is still in its infancy. We have a long way to go but we are making progress. I want to tell you about a doctor who had AIDS related Kaposi Sarcoma. I call him Dr. V. He used a simple protocol and all the KS lesions were gone in two months.

Mark: What did he do?

Kerry: I read a book called “Sharks Don’t Get Cancer.” I suggested to Dr. V. that he take 6 capsules daily of Ecomer Shark Liver oil, rub Shark Liver Oil directly on the KS lesions. Also, that he take 6 capsules daily of Shark Cartilage - 750 mg each and 300,000 i.u. daily of Beta Carotene. Two months later, he told me that all the KS lesions had disappeared.

Mark: That sounds incredible, but it is just one case. Would you try to locate Dr. V’s phone number so I can call him and verify what you said?

Kerry: I will talk to someone at the hospital where he used to work and see If I can locate him.

Mark: Thank you for taking the time for this interview and for allowing us to publish your phone number.

End of interview. Note: Kerry can be reached at 201-472-0848. At the time of publication, Kerry had not been able to locate where Dr. V had moved. Update: April 22, 1995. Kerry told me that in the past 3 weeks since the interview his friend, Kim, has started doing the whole lemon/olive oil drink daily. He says that color has returned to her cheeks, her appetite and energy has increased and that she has gained weight. He says she plans to start the castor oil packs soon.


I started this interview to discuss the effects of doing castor oil, but the subject quickly shifted to Dr. Hulda Clarks’ three anti-parasite herbs (Green black walnut tincture, cloves and two kinds of wormwood).

David: In Nov., 1994, I was down to 94 lbs. My normal weight is 130. My doctor sent me home to die. They had given me every drug in their arsenal and nothing was working. I had lost a lot of weight because of an infection from microsporidium. Albendazole did not even stop the diarrhea and it usually effective against microsporidium. When I received Positive Health News, Report No 7, I read about Dr. Clark’s three herbs and ordered them from the Self-Help Resource Center. Within 4 days, I noticed some solid stools. I stopped all the drugs I was taking except for DiFlucan (for thrush). I gained 12 lbs in the next 2 months, but have been unable to gain any more weight since then.

Mark: What are your lab test results as far as CD4, White Blood Cell counts? P24 antigen levels?

David: Since taking Dr. Clarks 3 herbs, my P24 antigens have drooped from 2800 to 17. My CD4 count remains at 3. My white blood count increased from 3200 to 4800. The increase occurred after starting the whole lemon/olive oil drink daily.

Mark: Dr. Princetta of Georgia told me he spoke to 8 PWA’s who said their P24 antigen levels went to zero after taking the 3 herbs for 2 months. However, there may be a downside with the wormwood. I once took it for a cold and found it lowered my saliva pH. I repeated this experiment with one species of wormwood known as artemesia annua. It always depressed the saliva pH. I know from several PWA’s whose saliva I checked in Wisconsin that you will not gain weight unless it reaches 6.2. What is your saliva pH?

David: On the acid side. It jumps around, but is usually around 6.0.

Mark: You may have a dilemma here. You may need the wormwood to kill the microsporidium to stop the diarrhea so you can gain weight. However, if the wormwood depresses the saliva pH, you might not be able to gain more weight. I might offer you a suggestion here. Keep on using the green/black walnut tincture and the cloves capsules, but stop the wormwood and in its place substitute a whole garlic clove cut in small pieces. Swallow the cut garlic pieces with a glass of water to which you add one teaspoon of psyllium powder (Metamucil). The garlic should also kill the microsporidium and unlike the wormwood, will not suppress the saliva pH. Since you are doing the whole lemon/olive oil drink daily, your saliva pH should come up to normal in a few days. On another point, a lot of people in our position are gluten intolerant and glutens cause diarrhea. Can you still be certain that the microsporidium is causing the diarrhea and not something else like glutens?

David: What are glutens?

Mark: Glutens are a kind of protein found in wheat, oats and barley. Do you eat a lot of bread?

David: I eat whole wheat bread and I like pasta.

Mark: This may be part of your problem. Whole wheat bread has glutens like white bread. Pasta, macaroni and spaghetti are made from seminole wheat and are loaded with glutens. With you immune depression, I would almost bet your are gluten intolerant and it may be contributing to your diarrhea. I suggest you follow the meals from the AIDS Control Diet book or the new edition - How to Reverse Immune Dysfunction.

David: I do not have a copy of either edition. All I have is Positive Health News, Report No. 7.

Mark: I will send you a copy of the latest edition by priority mail tonight. I suggest you focus on the chapter on the diet and meals. Also the chapter on Candidiasis and the one on Symptoms and Remedies.

The interview ended with a promise he would send me his lab test results in May. He switched from the Humco brand of castor oil to the cold pressed type from Heritage Store about April 15th. Ph. No. 407-340-4437 (reprinted with permission).

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) affects millions of Americans. Symptoms include extreme fatigue, aches and pains, flu-like symptoms and nervous symptom disorders (being in a fog, attention deficit disorder). Consider following Rapid Recovery Procedures until your condition has improved, then phase in the AIDS Control Diet. Take supplements to return your body temperature to normal. Balance your pH - use the Whole Lemon/Olive Oil drink. Avoid sugar and white flour products. Supplements: Lomatium Dissectum (LDM-100 - Spice West Co.) has given good results in some cases. The oral use of an extract of the Venus Fly-Trap plant should be given a trial as it is effective against the Herpes virus (variant B) and may be effective against variant A. Dr. Patricia Salvato MD (Houston, TX) has told her patients that Kutapressin is very beneficial in CFS. HHV-6(A) is currently suspected of being a cause of CFS. Consider asking your Doctor to administer Kutapressin injections. It is FDA approved for HHV-6 (B) and may be effective against HHV-6, variant A.

Organizations to contact: CFS Foundation, 965 Mission St (425), San Fran, CA 94103- 415-882-9986. Note: CFS Foundation has a complete list of CFS related symptoms. A second organization is: The CFIDS Association, PO Box 220398, Charlotte, NC 28222 Fax - 704-365-9755.

Promotes weight gain by detoxifying the liver and normalizing saliva pH values. Twelve PWA’s reported their swollen lymph nodes have returned to normal using this drink.

Into a blender, cut up one whole lemon, rind and pulp. Be sure to first wash the lemon well and scrape off markings from artificial coloring. Add 1 and 1/2 cups of water or fruit juice (i.e. orange juice) one Tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Blend at high speed for one minute. Pour through a strainer (screen type) to remove pulp. Use a spatula to press the pulp. Discard the pulp. Divide the resulting drink into 2 or 3 portions.

To gain weight, drink one portion with each meal. Otherwise, you may drink it all at once or at anytime during the day. If you have problems sleeping, drink the last portion just before you retire to your bedroom at night. It will help you get a good night’s sleep.

The therapeutic value of this drink comes from the whole lemon and the extra-virgin olive oil. The orange juice concentrate is added as a sweetener. Other fruit juice concentrates or Nutrasweet may used in place of the orange juice concentrate. In place of the fruit juice concentrate and water, you may add 1 and 1/2 cups of any kind of fruit juice that you desire. However, if you have thrush or yeast overgrowth, avoid fruit juice which stimulates growth of yeast and use plain water. You may add Nutrasweet to make the drink less bitter.

Note: Extra Virgin Olive Oil is usually cold pressed. Light olive oil is heat processed and may not have any benefits as an immune stimulant. One reader reported getting excellent results with a brand found in most groceries stores - “Beratelli’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil.” I would suggest using this brand which has given excellent results or checking with your local health food store for a quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

by Jeff Baggish M.D.

For some time, I have been searching for a single source in one book or publication that gives broad as well as detailed information on the components of the immune system and how they function. HOW YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM WORKS is the answer to my search and prayers. It is the only comprehensive book I have located to date on the immune system. The 153 page book is loaded with illustrations on the various subsets of immune system cells and how they interact and some unique components that act alone as infection fighters. Dr. Baggish sums up what I had long suspected when he said; “White blood cells ...are the backbone of the immune system.” White blood cells are divided into various subsets. These include the T cells (CD4, CD8, CD11 etc) and the B cells which mature into Plasma cells that produce antibodies.

The largest number of white blood cells are the neutrophils, which may be the immune systems’ most important infection fighters. For most people neutrophils comprise 60% of our white blood cells. The T cells, which include CD3, CD4, CD11 and other subsets of T cells and the B cells which produce antibodies comprise about 30% of our white blood cells. When you think you have an infection and your physician takes a blood test for WBC counts, a big jump in WBC counts can be an indication of an active infection. A large increase in white blood cells to fight active infections consists primarily of neutrophils. Neutrophils kill viruses, bacteria and fungal infections by zapping them with reactive oxygen - hydrogen peroxide. (Sources: Hydrogen Peroxide-Medical Miracle, by Wm Douglass MD; also Fighting Disease, by Rodale Press). What is most significiant about neutrophils, monocytes and natural killer cells is that they do not need the CD4 Helper cells to be effective as infection fighters. They act alone. It is possible to have a functional immune system with zero CD4 cells if you have high white blood cell counts with normal amounts of neutrophils, monocytes and NK cells.

Why has all our attention for the past several years been mainly focused on the T4 Helper cells, while ignoring the other army of infection fighters? They are just as important in terms of having a functional immune system.

The book HOW YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM WORKS is essential reading for every health care professional. This book is published by Ziff-Davis Press, 5903 Christie Ave, Emeryville, CA 94608. To order, call 800-688-0448


The HIV virus has been shown to target at least one cell of the immune system - the CD4’s. So much attention has been focused on the CD4’s, also called T4 Helper cells, that the PWA community has often equated the strength of their immune system on the CD4 count. The closer their CD4’s are to zero, the closer they think they are to checking out. However, Dr. Baggish MD has identified four other components of the immune system called “Nonspecific Effector Cells” which can act independently to kill viruses, germs and other pathogens without any interaction or help from the CD4”s. They are Natural Killer Cells, Monocytes, Macrophages and Neutrophils. You read it right! It is possible to have a functional immune system without any CD4 cells if you have high levels of the Nonspecific Effector cells

This will come as a surprise to many of you, since old concepts- the idea that your total immunity depends solely on the amount of CD4 cells your have - dies hard.

An Interview:

Tom, a medical doctor who lives in Key West, FL, whom I interviewed told me he personally knows several PWA’s with zero CD4 cells who are healthy and alive and have been that way for several years. I asked him: why do not we look at the lab test results of PWA’s with zero CD4 counts who can actively fight off infections without the help of drugs and find out what the difference is between them and those who are susceptible to every infection that comes down the pike?....Could it be that the person with zero Helper cells who has a functional immune system has high levels of white blood cells, high levels of Neutrophils, Monocytes, Macrophages and/or Natural Killer cells?

Tom replied: “That is a good question....if we had spent some of those billions of dollars of AIDS research money on learning how the immune system works, we probably would have found the answer to AIDS by now...we are spending too much money on long term studies of this drug or that drug and not enough to enhance our basic understanding of how the immune system functions, interacts with other components and those portions of it that can function independently.”

Mark: Why aren’t medical doctors, the CDC, the FDA and others taking a serious look at the drug Neupogen, which has been available for years to build up the white blood cells? Would not one drug that builds up and restores a functional immune system be better than pouring a dozen or so drugs with toxic side effects into the body to kill this or that infection? The patient would certainly feel a lot better. I think it time to abandon the 14 drug standard protocol for PWA’s whose CD4 counts are between 0 and 50 in favor of a new approach that simply restores a functional immune system. I am proposing a whole different approach. Essentially, it is this:


Use only the minimum drugs necessary to treat active life threatening infections. The primary treatment is to use Neupogen to rapidly build up the white blood cells. Keep on with the Neupogen until the white blood cells reach a minimum of 7000 per MCL. Give injections of Interlukin I and any other drug known to induce a fever. There is no need to spend $30,000 for Hyperthermia treatments. Give injections of one million units of III, to build up the CD4’s - two weeks on, then two weeks off. Place the patient on a wholesome diet and have them do the Whole Lemon/Olive oil drink and the daily Castor Oil packs. If ILII is too expensive, then use Detoxosode for Viruses (Source: Metabolic Management - 708-946-3070). Detox for Viruses is a lost cost homeopathic form of ILII. I think with this protocol, we can send Foscarnet, Ganciclovir and a whole host of other drugs down the pike. There could be no faster way to prevent infections and rid the body of infections than to restore a functional immune system. I am addressing the FDA, CDC and medical AIDS researchers. A good substitute for the AZT etc is Clarkia- 100, which rapidly reduces viral load.


Cod Liver oil - 2 tablespoons daily; Beta-carotene - 50 mg 3 to 5 times a day; Shark liver oil (Ecomer brand from Scandinavian Natural Products) - 3 capsules twice a day - contains Alkyglycerols which help maintain normal white blood cell counts; Suntanning naturally or in a Salon twice a week; exercise - one hour of walking daily. Foods: raw garlic - 3 to 5 cloves daily ( for more NK cells), shittake and/or maitake mushrooms. Other: DNCB - applied topically to activate the Natural Killer cells.

Cholesterol Level Ratios of HDL to LDL

The total cholesterol count is less important than the ratio of HDLs to LDLs. LDLs stand for "Low Density Lipids". If the ratio is 4 or less, you are in good shape and your arteries are not being plugged up with LDLs. To determine the ratio, divide the HDLs into the total cholesterol count. For example, if your total cholesterol count is 200 and your HDL's are 50, your ratio is 4. (200 divided by 50 = 4). If you have these numbers, you are in good shape. However, if your total cholesterol count was 180 and your HDLs were 30, your ratio is 6 (180 divided by 30 = 6). This means your arteries are being plugged up with cholesterol as you have an insufficient amount of HDLs to dissolve the LDLs. The higher the number (ratio), the greater is the risk of your arteries plugging up. The normal amount of HDL’s should be 35 or higher on a lab test. You had better follow a program to raise your HDLs. Here are some suggestions:

Go on a low fat diet. Eat little or no animal fat and no fried foods. Follow the AIDS control diet. Do not drink decaffeinated coffee or tea - it lowers the HDL’s. A good substitute for butter is a new product sold in stores in a spray bottle called “I Can’t Believe Its not Butter.” It tastes great and has little or no fat in it. If you lose a few pounds on this diet, you will be much healthier than having your arteries plug up.

Supplements: L-Carnitine 500 mg three times a day; lecithin granules - mix one tablespoon in the Whole Lemon drink and skip the olive oil. Add One Tablespoon of Grape seed oil to the drink or use this oil on a salad. Grape seed oil increases HDL’s. Use one tablespoon of cold pressed flax oil daily mixed with low fat or non-fat yogurt or cottage cheese. Foods: Green tea, raw grapefruit, fresh lemon juice, apple cider vinegar will lower fat levels in the blood. Get plenty of exercise. Exercise will raise you HDLs and lower your Triglycerides. Eat lots of bran and foods high in beta-carotene and fiber. If you follow these procedures, your numbers will start looking better in a short time. Grape seed oil is sold in health food stores or through The Heritage Store.

High triglycerides also predispose to heart attack. Get off Megace or any other hormone that increases your body fat. The Whole Lemon drink will increase your muscle mass, not body fat. The same protocol for raising the HDL’s should also lower your Triglyceride levels.


The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine has funding available (about $30.000) for a small scale trial of Hyper-Augmentive Immune Therapy and wishes to solicit researchers, who are University affiliated, to conduct the study. There are three phases to the therapy. 1. Immunostimulant Therapy - a supplemental program of nutrients to replenish the body’s supply of immune cells. 2. Anti-viral Inhibition Drug Therapy. 3. Plasmapheresis Therapy. - At appropriate intevals, units of the patients blood are centrifuged to separate the “augmented” antibodies, immune-modulating blood cells, and blood serum compounds. After Phase 2, these immune system agents are reinfused into the patients blood at several times the normal circulating volume.

If you are interested Fax your name, address and credentials to Dr. Steven Novil at 312-975-4034.

Update: I have located a source of cold pressed castor oil capsules. For volunteers wish to try it in place of the heat pad method to determine its effects on immune stimulation, write to keep Hope Alive for more information.

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