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by Mark Konlee, September, 1995

This summer, more than any other time, I have been contacted by manufacturers of various products for persons with immune dysfunction. The options seem to be growing endlessly creating a bigger Smorgasbord of drugs, supplements and services, and the costs continue to soar.

Unfortunately, most of the high tech products and services are beyond the reach of persons living on disability and limited income. There is a hospital in Germany offering Hyperthermia treatments for $15,000. One of our readers said she was told that the hospital would guarantee that she would turn PCR negative. YES, BUT, what part of my $600 a month disability check will you take for a down payment? Will you send a carrier pigeon to pick me up and fly me over the Atlantic and transport me to the free food and housing facility in your backyard tent city? Enuf said. The cost of treating AIDS has got to come down! People need low cost answers today, not some elusive pie in the sky promise of a new effective treatment years down the road and at a cost beyond reason.

That is why I was very excited to receive a copy of a Press Release by Dr. Bernard Bihari MD of New York on the lost cost, non-toxic drug - Naltrexone. Dr. Bihari has proven from his own clients over an 8 year period that Naltrexone is 85% effective in stopping HIV progression. He reports that he has clients whose CD4 counts are as high now as they were 7 or 8 years ago. Naltrexone alone may be all that anyone will need if they have high CD4 counts and are asymptomatic. However, if you have symptoms and low numbers on your CD4, WBC and NK counts, add Colostrum to build up the CD4s, DNCB and/or Garlic to build up the Natural Killer Cells and the new updated Castor Oil protocol to build up the White Blood Cells and you may have a winner that may actually reverse AIDS and immune dysfunction due to other causes.

Naltrexone has demonstrated a long term ability to substantially reduce HIV viral load. No resistance to this drug has developed in PWAs using it as long as 8 years. In fact, Dr. Bihari claims 3 of his clients are now PCR negative! Today, there is no combination of nucleosides or even the new upcoming protease inhibitors that can even come near to accomplishing this feat. When a substantial discovery such as Naltrexone comes along, there is no point in reinventing the wheel or chasing wild geese in pursuit of finding one that lays a golden egg. It is time for all PWAs to use this time proven product which is safe, effective and low cost. For more information, see Keep Hope Alive’s latest protocol recommendation at the end of this newsletter.


On July 10th, Keep Hope Alive set up a web page on the Internet. If you have access to the world wide web via the Internet, you can access our home page at: http://www.execpc.com/~keephope/keephope.html Our web page includes files on copies of Positive Health News No 8 and soon will contain this newsletter as well; copies of our monthly voice mail messages; articles on the whole lemon drink; ozone and late breaking news as well as information on how to order our book: How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction, now in its 3rd edition as of August 1st, 1995.

The next newsletter will be the winter issue of Dec., 1995 -Jan, 1996. I encourage medical doctors along with other health care professionals to submit articles on research topics. I especially welcome letters from the readers sharing their experiences and results for publication in the next issue. Thanks and God Bless each of you. Positive Health News, Report No. 9 Copyright, September, 1995, by Keep Hope Alive. All Rights Reserved. Excerpts may be quoted from this publication provided the publisher, Keep Hope Alive, name and address are included and credited as the source of the information.


by Dr. Bernard Bihari M.D.

I am a New York City Physician specializing in HIV/AIDS. Recently a patient showed me an article by Craig Horowitz [“Has AIDS Won?”], which had terrified him. Saying that if protease inhibitors “fail, there are no other drugs in the pipeline” is both frightening and inaccurate.

There are several other types of promising anti-viral drugs in early development. There is an immune-stabilizing drug, Naltrexone, which is already FDA approved for the treatment of heroin and alcohol addiction and is in use by several thousand people.

In two studies I have led, my findings have been that Naltrexone, when taken in the 3 mg dose, has completely stopped the progression of the disease and the decline in the immune system in 85 percent of the patients who take it consistently. It has no side effects. More importantly, development of resistance to Naltrexone does not occur. Some patients in my private practice have had stable immune systems (with regard to T4 numbers) for as long as seven to eight years. This inexpensive, currently available treatment, used in conjunction with good medical care and appropriate drugs to prevent opportunistic infections can keep most people with HIV alive and well until more effective, anti-viral drugs provide the basis for a cure. The 1985-86 Trial with Naltrexone on 38 PWAs carried out by Dr. Bernard Bihari, M.D. and his colleagues.

The trial was based on a large body of research in basic immunology which demonstrated that endorphins are the key hormones involved in the body’s regulation of the immune system and in communications between the brain and the immune system. A survey of serum beta endorphin levels in 10 AIDS patients showed that they were one-third normal. Naltrexone was chosen for its ability to induce increased production of two endorphins, beta endorphin and metenkephalin. A 3 mg dose of Naltrexone was chosen to be taken at bedtime. Higher doses were not given due to concern that they might block endorphin production.


The 12 week trial showed a significant difference in the incidence of opportunistic infections. Five out of 16 patients in the placebo group got O.I.s while none of the 22 patients on Naltrexone got opportunistic infections. In the placebo group, lymphocyte mitogen responses declined, but there was no decline for those taking Naltrexone. Finally, pathologically elevated levels of acid labile alpha interferon declined for those taking the drug, but no decline was noted for those on the placebo.

After the trial, Dr. Bihari began to use Naltrexone in his HIV/AIDS practice. He and other physicians were able to do so since the drug is FDA approved for another use - the treatment of heroin addition at 50 mg/daily. Compliant Naltrexone Users Show No Drop in CD4 Counts

Recently, Dr. Bihari evaluated the use of Naltrexone in 158 patients. The results were stunning. Those patients who had taken the drug regularly as prescribed showed no drop in CD4 cell counts. The average CD4 count in the group taking Naltrexone regularly was 358 in the beginning and after 18 months was 368. The 55 patients who had taken the drug sporadically showed a drop in CD4 count from an average of 297 in the beginning to 176 after 18 months. In the group of 103 using Naltrexone consistently, there was no drop in CD4 levels. The stabilization of the CD4s arrested the disease progression. The 55 noncompliant patients had 25 opportunistic infections while the 103 compliant patients had a total of 8 O.I.s. Survival was also significantly different between the two groups. There were 13 deaths among the noncompliant group and only one in the 103 compliant patients. Three Patients on Naltrexone become PCR Negative Some patients in this study have been on Naltrexone for as long as 8 years, with no disease progression or CD4 declines. Also, there is no evidence of viral resistance to the drug. None of the patients experienced side effects. In addition, 9 patients on Naltrexone for more than 6 months have had plasma viral titers, as measured by PCR, with extremely low levels of the HIV RNA plate counts. In 3 cases, patients became PCR negative. Low dose Naltrexone is readily available with a Physicians prescription. The cost is about $25.00 a month for a supply of thirty 3 mg. capsules. Dr. Bernard Bihari M.D. can be reached at 29 West 15th St., New York, NY 10011. Ph. 212-929-4196 Fax 212-229-9371. Your local Physician can prescribe Naltrexone for you. It is available in liquid or capsule form. The daily dose is 3 mgs, taken before bedtime.

Editor’s Note: A friend of mine from Milwaukee recently told me of an end stage PWA he knew 5 years ago in Houston, TX, who did very well while he was on Naltrexone. At the time he started on the drug, his Physician estimated that he would die within two weeks. When he stopped using the Naltrexone 13 months later, his health rapidly deteriorated and he died one month later. This very impressive record of life extension suggests that no one should rule out using this drug because they have little or no CD4 cells. The very impressive record of Dr. Bernard Bihari strongly suggests that Naltrexone should be on the top of the list of any protocol being considered by persons living with HIV.

Update: Persons wanting prescription filled for Naltrexone in 3 mg. capsules should call Bigelow Pharmacy in New york City at 212-533-2700. They will ship through the mail. Cost is $24.00 for 30 capsules, $48.00 for 60 capsules and $72.00 for 90.


Preliminary results of a new protocol show a rapid build up in WBC counts and modest gains in CD4s.

Mark Konlee Sept. 7, 1995.

Although initially reporting very positive results, three PWA’s who used castor oil with the heating pad (the Edgar Cayce method) for eight months on a daily basis showed no improvement or a decline in their total White Blood Cell counts and CD4 counts by July, 1995. All three had initially had increases in WBC and CD4 counts when first starting the castor oil protocol in Dec., 1994 and in Jan., 1995. Chris, from Cloverdale, IN, Case No 8, reported in Positive Health News, Report No 8, initially increased his CD4 count from 90 to 210 and his WBC’s from 2,600 to 12,600 in a period of less than 6 weeks. Chris began using castor packs daily in Dec., 1994 and continued through July 15, 1995, when he told me his CD4 count had dropped to 10 and his WBC’s to 4,400. After talking to two other long term users reporting similar disappointing results, I concluded that something was wrong. I knew it wasn’t the type of castor oil, as all three persons had switched from heat processed castor oil to the cold pressed variety.

In July, I said: “God, this is the Palma Christi - the Palm of Christ oil - what are we doing wrong?” Several hours later, after some deliberation, I decided to recommend two changes in the castor oil protocol. It occurred to me that since we already knew that castor oil processed at high temperatures failed as an immune stimulant (Positive Health News, No 8), could the continuous reheating of the castor oil in the wool flannel be causing the castor oil already in the flannel to form lipid peroxides or to become rancid and have a toxic or negative effect on the immune system? After all, persons were only washing out the wool or cotton flannel once every 3 or 4 weeks. The Heritage Store suggested washing the flannel once every 24 days. Could the Edgar Cayce people be wrong? A second consideration was that doing the packs daily might be too high a dose.

The protocol published in Positive Health News, Reports No 7 and 8, called for persons to add 1 or 2 tablespoons of cold pressed castor oil to the wool or cotton flannel before each treatment. However, the castor oil was being mixed in with old castor oil that was already in the wool soaked flannel - old castor oil that was reheated 20 or 30 times before the flannel was washed clean. I already knew from discussions with other persons doing the packs that as little as 3 treatments a week would initially produce immune stimulation - increases in both WBC and CD4 counts.

I knew that if we were to obtain results that would benefit our readers in their lifetime, we must find the answer fast. Time was of essence. In July, I suggested to Chris that he reduce the number of castor oil treatments with the heating pad from one a day to 3 per week.


The suggested schedule was as follows: Monday: One hour over the Liver area. Wednesday: One hour over the Thymus, and Friday - one hour over the Spleen. The second and probably even more important change was to completely wash out the wool or cotton flannel after each treatment or before the next treatment. This is done by adding 1/4 cup of baking soda to 2 quarts of very warm water and squeezing out the castor oil completely, then rinsing it in clear warm water. This can be done manually in a kitchen sink. After rinsing it thoroughly, you can either let the flannel dry before the next treatment or do a wet pack by adding 1/4 cup of cold pressed castor oil to the clean but moist wool or cotton flannel.

The treatment is done as described in our last two newsletters except for minor changes. The flannel, 1 or 2 layers thick, is placed on top of a slightly larger plastic sheet (may be cut from a garbage bag) and both are then placed on the heating pad. After this, 1/4 cup of castor oil is poured over the flannel and the heating pad is turned on high for about 5 minutes or until the castor oil is lukewarm. When you are ready to start the treatment, lift the plastic, flannel and heating pad and apply against the area of the body to be treated. Wrap a large bath towel around the body and over the heating pad and pin it in place. The heat is turned as high as you can tolerate and left in place for one hour. When the treatment is finished, the pack is removed and a dry course cloth is used to massage the oil remaining on the skin into the body. The flannel is then thoroughly washed and rinsed before it is used again Also, once the castor oil bottle is opened, it should be refrigerated to maintain freshness.

On August 1st, I announced on the monthly voice mail message update a protocol being used by a local PWA (Lee). Chris had learned of his initial results a few weeks earlier and had started on the same protocol early in July. It consisted of the following items: 1. Clarkia - 100 (Spice West Co.) 50 drops 3 times a day. This extract contains the four herbs recommended by Dr. Hulda Clark that have brought P24 antigen levels to zero in over 14 cases I have followed. 2. Nu-Life Formula (Sophista Care) - 2 tablespoons twice a day. 3. Detoxosode for Viruses (Metabolic Management) 1 teaspoon twice a day. 4. Mega-Beta Carotene - 50 mgs 3 times a day. In addition, Chris added: 5. Jarrow Pak Plus - multiple vitamin/mineral formula with Chinese herbs. 6. Whole lemon/olive oil drink daily. 7. The new castor oil protocol which is done 3 times a week and in which the wool flannel is completely washed out after each treatment.

First Test Results of Aug 21st. The voice mail message of August 1st was about a local PWA from Milwaukee, whom I have known for the past 2 years. In early June, 1995, he had a CD4 count of 17, a WBC count of 2100 and a weight of 148 lbs. He also had severe swollen lymph nodes and neuropathy requiring the use of a cane. He would not go through the bother of doing the castor oil packs or make the whole lemon/olive oil drink, but agreed to take supplements donated to him. At the time, he used 4 items: Mega-Beta-Carotene (Twinlabs); Detoxosode for Viruses; Nu-Life Formula and Clarkia-100. He used these products in the same doses as indicated for Chris’s protocol and reported that after 10 days, his neuropathy and lyphadenapathy were gone. He started to gain weight at an incredible rate and was up to 175 lbs by the end of July, 1995. Shortly after the August 1st, I visited him and during a conversation, I asked him if he had ever used a bottle of cold pressed castor oil capsules I gave him in May. He said: “They’re all gone.” I inquired: “ When did you take them”? He said he started to take 3 a day late in May and finished them at the end of July. I asked him why he had not told me this prior to my August 1st voice mail message announcement. He said he had forgotton.

At the end of July, Lee had lab test done for CD4 and WBC counts. On August 21st, his Physician told him his CD4 count had increased from 17 to 23 and his WBC’s from 2100 to 5700. After learning of this, I suggested to Lee that he increase his castor oil capsules to 6 a day. I told him that I was disappointed that the CD4’s climbed so little, but was pleased that the WBC’s took such a big jump. Results of Christopher’s Lab Test On August 22nd, Chris faxed me his new lab test results: His CD4 count increased from 10 to 30 and his WBC count increased from 4,400 to 7,300. Chris said that he had done everything for 4 weeks prior to the lab test, except that he had only used the new castor oil protocol for the last 2 weeks prior to the test. He said he felt fine and that his weight was back to normal. Case No 3. Oral Castor Oil increased WBC counts from 4.5 to 7.4.

On August 25th, I spoke to Vince of St. Louis, MO. He told me that for the past two months, he had orally taken one teaspoon of liquid cold pressed castor oil each day for two months and that his white blood cell count increased from 4500 to 7400. I said: “This is great, now tell me what has happened to your CD4’s and your Natural Killer cells?” Vince replied: I didn’t have either of them tested. My CD4’s have been staying steady in the upper 200 range for the past year. I don’t know what my NK count is at this time. I asked him: what else are you doing? His reply was that he uses ozone rectal insufflation 2 or 3 times a week, drinks one glass of whole aloe vera juice which he makes from fresh aloe leaves according to the recipe in my book, takes 400 mg daily of Tagamet and uses 3 teaspoons of colloidal silver twice a day. I asked him: Is that it? Vince: “That is it. That’s all I do.” Vince and Lee are the first two persons I know who have taken castor oil orally in small quantities and both have reported very significant increases in their total white blood cell counts. While the numbers are too small to be statistically significant, more persons are encouraged to try either the new castor oil heating pad protocol or take 1 teaspoon of castor oil daily or its equivalent in capsules (about 6) and watch what happens to the white blood cell counts, CD4 counts and Natural Killer cell levels. When you get results, whatever they are, please send a copy to us or write or phone, as I am not a mind reader. I need to know what is working or is not working. Only by networking and exchanging information, can we make progress together.

The 7 part protocol followed by Chris from Cloverdale, IN has initially yielded good results. The protocol may be a good starting point for anyone with severe immune compromise.

Case No 4. On September 18, Mike from St. Louis, MO, reported his WBC count increased from 2500 on 8/2 to 4900 on 9/6 after he added one teaspoon daily of cold pressed castor oil to his protocol and also applied castor oil topically with the heat pad 3 times a week. No CD4 test was taken. He continued to use a previous protocol which included SPV-30, Clarkia-100, Detoxosode for Viruses, Beta-carotene and 1000 mg daily of BHT and numerous other nutritional supplements. He also does ozone rectal insufflation 5 times a week. However, he had done these other protocols previously and it had not increased his WBCs. The increase in WBCs is believed due to the new castor oil protocol.


About 2 weeks ago after the last newsletter was in print, I received a call from Phil, a PWA from Fairmount, IN. He shared with me the results he had using the whole lemon/olive oil drink along with castor oil packs done alternately over the thymus gland and the liver area on a daily basis. When he started on this new combination protocol, he said he had very large inflamed lymph nodes and a CD4 count of 237. Phil stopped taking DDI and all other drugs early in April and immediately started doing the daily castor oil packs and the whole lemon drink. He reports his CD4 count increased to 441 in 6 weeks. As additional benefits, he gained 11 pounds and his swollen lymph nodes completely disappeared. His energy level and appetite have substantially improved also. Phil faxed us his last lab results and gave us permission to release his phone number which is 317-948-4268.

Yesterday I received a letter from a PWA from Ft. Myers, FL, who had just recovered from a bout with PCP when a friend lent him a copy of our latest book - How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction. He immediately started on the diet along with a number of dietary supplements. On March 12th, with a weight of 152 pounds, he started on the whole lemon/olive drink which he did faithfully each day.. In his letter, he stated as of May 20th that his weight increased from 173 pounds, a 21 pound gain in just 9 weeks. He said his doctor was shocked when he saw him and was amazed at how much weight he gained and how good he looked. He had no lab test results to report and had not even used the castor oil packs. He said he was starting the castor oil packs in another week. While both of these results are electrifying, I also talked to one PWA who had followed this combination protocol and said he had a slight decrease in his CD4’s. However, there were two things he did differently. One - he did not do the castor oil packs over the thymus gland and only did it over the liver area. Second - he was a long term user of AZT - over 3 years. It is possible that the toxic effects of the AZT canceled the benefits of the castor oil packs and the whole lemon drink. Another possibility is that castor oil packs applied over the Thymus gland may be more beneficial in stimulating increases in T cell counts than when applied over the liver area.

JULY 1, 1995

In June, I introduced an updated protocol for using castor oil packs which targets the spleen along with the liver and thymus. The spleen is an important area because it filters and removes defective T cells from the blood. It is also the location where plasma cells produce antibodies. Some persons HIV+ have had to have their spleen removed because of infection or inflammation. The spleen, along with the bone marrow and lymphatic system are the primary sites of HIV activity in the body. It makes sense to target the spleen when doing castor oil packs. The spleen is located at the bottom of your left rib cage, just below your left armpit. The thymus is just above your heart on the upper part of your chest and the liver is just below your right rib cage.

On the Whole lemon/olive oil drink, more amazing reports are coming in. So far, well over 12 PWAs have reported a complete reduction in swollen lymph nodes, usually in 5 to 7 days. Persons underweight are gaining 1 to 2 lbs per week. Three persons overweight have reported weight loss of 1 to 2 lbs per week. The lemon/olive oil drink apparently moves the body towards balance or homeostasis. Increases in energy and body temperature are also being reported. The full range of benefits from this drink have yet to be discovered. One person from MA with Neuropathy said it was all but gone after using the drink for two weeks. He also took lecithin with the drink. One person reported a reduction in lymph nodes by just drinking lemonade.

On June 30th, Dr. Charles Hallmark of Sulfur, OK told me that 6 HIV+ clients of his who used Hobon Detoxosode for Viruses all reported increases in their C D4 counts in the second month of use. This low cost product contains IL2 and results of our study was discussed in PHN No. 7. More information on Detoxsosde for Viruses also is found in my book How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction. On T cells, I just received a published report on 4 studies that conclusively proves that regular daily exercise increases T cell counts in PWA’s. This message will be updated again on Aug 1st. Thank you for calling. Enjoy the summer.

AUGUST 1, 1995

In the past two months, Lee, a local PWA has followed a simple 4 part protocol that has resulted in a weight increase of 27 lbs and the disappearance of chronic swollen lymph nodes and neuropathy. This PWA has never taken AZT or any other nucleoside in the past 8 years he has been HIV+. His turnaround has been dramatic and sustained. The protocol he used is as follows: Clarkia-100 - 50 drops in water 3 times a day; Detoxosode for Viruses - 1 tsp. twice a day under the tongue; Nu-Life Formula - 2 Tablespoons in water twice a day and Beta-carotene - 50 mg 3 times a day with meals. He did not do the castor oil packs or the whole lemon/olive oil drink, although he did drink 2 glasses of lemonade each day. His CD4 count in May was 17 and his White Blood Cell count was 2100. His weight was 148. As of August 1st, his weight is 175 lbs. He is having lab tests done today, August 1st. His CD4 counts and WBC counts will be known on August 21, when he visits his physician. His lab test results will be published in Positive Health News, Report No. 9, which will be out early in September.


The protocol for doing castor oil packs has been changed after observing the results of 3 long term daily users of castor oil packs. The daily use of castor oil packs for long term use has been discontinued after observing in 3 cases that CD4 counts dropped over a period of several months when the treatment is done daily. Two changes have been made in this new protocol. One is that instead of doing the treatment daily for weeks and months on end, it is now done only 3 days a week for one hour per treatment over 3 targeted areas. The second change is that there is concern that the continuous reheating of flannel soaked in castor oil may cause the oil to form lipid peroxides and turn rancid. Rancid castor oil could have a negative effect on the body’s immune system. The original protocol called for washing the oil soaked flannel once every 3 weeks. The new protocol is to wash the flannel completely after each treatment to remove the heated castor oil. This can be done by adding 1/4 cup of baking soda to 2 quarts of warm water. After removing the old castor oil, rinse the flannel out in warm water before reusing it. The new treatment protocol is done 3 times per week according to the following schedule: Monday - 1 hour over the liver area; Weds - 1 hour over the Thymus area and Friday - one hour over the spleen area. The number of treatments have been reduced because of concern that too much castor oil absorbed over a period of several months may be immuno-suppressive.


Hello, Thank you for calling Keep Hope Alive. Today is September 1st and the following is a prerecorded message. Anytime during this message you wish to bypass it, press the pound sign. After listening to this message or pressing the pound sign, you may leave your name and telephone number and a short message. Be sure to speak slowly when giving your phone number. Now, for updated news.

Last month, I reported on the case of a local PWA who followed a 4 part protocol that resulted in a weight gain of 27 lbs and the disappearance of chronic swollen lymph nodes and neuropathy. The 4 items were Clarkia-100, from the Spice West Co), which contains the 4 herbs of Dr. Hulda Clark, Detoxosode for Viruses, Nu-Life Formula and Beta Carotene. Shortly after this announcement, I learned from this PWA, whose first name is Lee, that he had forgot to mention that he had taken 3 cold pressed castor oil capsules daily during this period of time. So he really was on a 5 part protocol, not 4 as first indicated. On August 21st, his doctor told him his CD4 has slightly increased and his white blood cell count had significantly increased. His CD4’s went from 17 to 23 while his white blood cell count increased from 2100 to 5700. After hearing of these results, Lee followed my suggestion and increased his castor oil capsules to 6 a day, which are taken on an empty stomach. The next day I received a fax from Chris, from Cloverdale, IN, who had been doing castor oil packs with the heating pad daily for 8 months, since Dec., 1994. Initially, Chris had beautiful results with the castor oil applied daily with a heating pad. His CD4 count increased from 90 to 210 in 30 days and his WBC count increased from 2600 to 12,600. However, by March, 1995, both these numbers were slowly and steadily dropping. By July 15th, his CD4 count had dropped to 10 and his WBC count was 4,400. I talked to Chris on July 15th and suggested two changes. First, reduce the number of hourly treatments from one a day to 3 per week and target the three main areas for one hour of treatment each - the liver, the thymus and the spleen. Second, I suspected that the castor oil in the wool flannel that was reheated daily might have become rancid and useless as an immune stimulant. I suggested washing out the flannel in baking soda and water after each treatment and then rinsing it thoroughly. Chris did this and also took the 4 items mentioned earlier used by Lee. In addition, he also used the whole lemon drink daily and the Jarrow Pak. After 4 weeks on this new protocol, his August 10th test results showed his CD4’s increased from 10 to 30 and his white blood count increased from 4,400 to 7,300. So far, the results are very encouraging.

Product Sources Manufacturers: Nu-Life Formula - Sophista Care - 1-619-345-5919. Detoxosode for Viruses - Metabolic Management - 708-946-3070 Clarkia-100 - Emphermeral Herb Co (formerly Spice West), PO Box 70-1352, SLC, UT 84170 Castor Oil Capsules - NCA - 813-977-1000 Jarrow Pak Plus (multi vitamin/mineral formula) Jarrow Formulas - 310-204-6936 Cold pressed castor oil/wool flannel/heating pads - Heritage Store - 804-428-4941 or Home Health at 800-284-9123

Mail Order/Retail Sources: Mega Beta-Carotene - Twinlabs (local health food stores) Hobon Detoxosode (Product No 8222) - Health Watchers -800-321-6917 Castor oil caps/Clarkia-100; Clarkia 100 - Dr. Phillip Princetta - 404-873-6888 Dr. Hulda Clarks herbs in capsule form: Clearwater Herbs- 813-449-0772 or Self-Help Resource Center - 619-429-4408. Keep Hope Alive Voice Mail Messages: 414-548-4344 - updated on the first of each month.


by Mark Konlee

Neuropathy is a painful disorder of the nervous system causing numbness, burning or aching sensations in various parts of the body. Swollen lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy) affects 80% of all persons with AIDS at some point in the disease progression. Wasting syndrome is a progressive loss of muscle mass. In Africa, AIDS-related wasting syndrome is called “Slim’s disease.”

In Dec., 1994, I reported in Positive Health News (1) on the case of a friend who reversed neuropathy, lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes) and wasting syndrome with a home drink made from whole lemons, fruit juice and olive oil. After 10 days, my friend said his swollen lymph nodes and neuropathy were 90% gone. He no longer needed his cane.

Since this initial report was published, I have talked to 20 HIV+ persons who have used the drink daily. They have all reported a complete cessation of swollen lymph nodes in 5 to 7 days. What is most surprising is that no one reported that the drink failed to reduce lymphadenopathy. In addition, 11 of 13 persons with wasting syndrome have reported a weight gain of 1 to 2 pounds per week. Persons who were of normal weight or who were overweight when they started the lemon drink have not reported any weight gain. One PWA from Ft. Myers, Fl, who was 30 pounds underweight, recently wrote that he has gained 21 pounds in 8 weeks using the whole lemon/olive drink daily. Two persons with neuropathy have reported that 90% of the symptoms were gone within two weeks and completely gone within three.

Other benefits being reported are an increase in energy, increased appetite and a more normal body temperature. Presently, there are no controlled scientific studies being done with lemons or olive oil in the treatment of AIDS or symptoms associated with the disease progression.

Certainly, no claims are being made that this simple home remedy will cure anyone of AIDS. A single anecdotal case that is successful is no basis for thousands of people to try a new treatment. However, from all reports I have received, the treatment is safe and effective. The number of persons reporting benefits is becoming statistically significant. This treatment is not patentable. No Pharmaceutical company will make money on this simple and inexpensive discovery. The Whole Lemon/Olive Oil drink is made as follows:

1. Cut up one medium lemon into quarters. This includes the rind and seeds. Place in a blender.

2. Add 1 and 1/2 cups of orange juice or other fruit juice or water.

3. (Optional) Add one tablespoon of cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Recommended if bile production from the liver is low; not recommended if bile levels are high. If bile production is normal, add the olive oil 3 times a week and on the other days make the whole lemon drink without it.

4. Blend at high speed for 2 minutes.

5. Pour mixture through a strainer to separate the juice from the pulp. Discard the pulp. The remaining liquid may be consumed all at once or divided into 2 or 3 daily portions. For neuropathy, two 19 grain lecithin capsules are taken with the drink three times a day.

In all three conditions, neuropathy, lymphadenopathy and wasting syndrome, I have found saliva pH to be on the acid side (5.5 to 5.8). pH is a measure of the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a substance. The whole lemon/olive oil drink usually causes saliva pH to return to a normal range of 6.2 to 6.4 within 2 to 3 days. In 6 cases I observed, weight gain starts when saliva pH reaches 6.2. The whole lemon drink quickly brings very tangible benefits to its users that improve the quality of their lives.

Note: The above article was sent to over 200 newspapers and released for publication in August, 1995.


Olive oil was part of the original liver flush formula mailed to us in 1994. Published studies have shown that women who use olive oil daily have a lower incidence of breast cancer. Olive oil increases the production of bile from the liver. Bile helps emulsify fats and also help the liver get rid of toxins and waste products of metabolism. However, some persons may have excess bile production. When this is apparent from a diagnosis from your Physician, you should not use olive oil and you should go on a low fat diet to reduce bile production.


by David Stokes

Alyn Toler and Michael Sullivan both suggested that I contact you and let you know about this project. Dr. Beth E. Mestman and I have recently enrolled 550 individuals from across the country in an informal study of SPV-30, a boxwood evergreen extract that showed promising results for HIV positive individuals in a Phase I study in France. A Phase II study is now underway in France with Dr. Luc Montagnier as the scientific advisor and chief virologist.

I am a 32 year old HIV positive gay male and am currently on disability from my professional career in consulting. After I took my disability last year, I began searching for alternative, nontoxic, immune-enhancing therapies. Dr. Beth Mestman, a friend and chiropractor from New York with a large HIV practice and a strong interest in alternative approaches to HIV, told me about a clinical trial underway in Europe on a promising herbal extract from the boxwood evergreen, known as SPV-30. I contacted the manufacturer, Arkopharma, to find out how I could gain access to the product. My persistent inquiries with Arkopharma convinced them to make the product available and allow us to establish informal studies in the United States. I told them that skepticism is rampant among those of us hoping for nontoxic, alternative therapies and that the only way to create an awareness of the product in this country is to provide it free for a large number of individuals nationwide to try it for themselves. Arkopharma agreed to provide enough free product to establish a nationwide informal study with 500 individuals for six months. The SPV-30 phase I study was a double blind, placebo controlled study and included patients with CD4 counts between 250 and 500. Twenty-two patients received a placebo. No patients had ever used other antivirals or immune modulators. At baseline, the average values for the variety of parameters were assessed: both groups were about the same, except the active treatment group had a slightly higher CD8 count. An average increase of 94 CD4 cells after 30 weeks was reported. This gain was statistically significant (p=0.0001). The placebo group saw an average decrease of 43 CD4 cells by week thirty. No serious side effects were seen. Toxicity testing was conducted in mice and rats showing no significant hematological toxicities or other biomechanical markers at dosages much higher than used clinically. Additionally, there was no evidence that the compound was mutagenic.

Of notable interest is the status of the first individual to use boxwood which prompted Dr. Durant and Arkapharma to conduct the 1992 study. This women who was diagnosed as HIV+ in 1986 had PCP in 1989, with CD4s at 256. She continues to use SPV-30 as have many others over the years, has developed no other opportunistic infections, and as of September 1994 had a CD4 count of 482.

These data encouraged Dr. Luc Montagnier of the Institute Pasteur to act as scientific advisor and chief virologist for the multicenter Phase II/III study in France sponsored by the French Ministry of Health. This study, currently underway, will enroll approximately 180 patients in a randomized, double-blind placebo controlled trial. There will be 3 groups. One placebo, one group receiving 990 mg daily and one group receiving 1980 mg daily. Test tube studies show that SPV-30 inhibits HIV by targeting the reverse transcriptase enzyme, the same target as AZT and other nucleoside agents.

The U.S. study is now full with 550 participants. 250 enrolled in the past few weeks. After two to four months, most participants have shown increases in CD8 counts and decreases in viral load. CD4 increases are generally being noted after for the majority of participants after the fourth month.

We know that this informal study is a bit unusual. By asking individuals to add SPV-30 to their current regimen, we hope to determine whether this gives participants an added boost to their immune system.

We have received much support and encouragement from buyer’s clubs and other activist groups as well as HIV physicians, clinicians, treatment advocates and HIV afflicted individuals. Our goal is to collect data which prove or disprove the efficacy of SPV-30 as an alternative, natural therapy for those suffering with HIV and AIDS. Anyone interested in more information regarding SPV-30 and the progress of the U.S study should call me at 617-424-9195 with their mailing address and I will forward them information. To discuss our findings, contact Dr. Beth Mestman at 516-472-5507. SPV-30 is available for purchase through select buyer’s clubs, pharmacies and health professionals. Call the Health Connection at 800-783-5050 for sales information and locations. Sincerely, David Stokes Comments on the “Confidential SPV-30 Progress Report No 1”

Mark Konlee: How does an investigative reporter such as myself receive a “confidential” report on the SPV-30 U.S. study and not leak some of it out? The standard dose is 330 mg taken 3 times a day - 8 hours apart. A considerable amount of data has been received indicating that reductions in viral load as measured by PCR occurs in about 2/3rds of the test cases with the remainder having small increases. The biggest decreases in viral loads are occurring in patients with PCR viral plate counts over 40,000. Most persons have increases in CD8 levels immediately but not in the CD4’s. Considerable data suggests most persons have a slight decrease in CD4’s in the first 2 months Small increases in CD4’s occur in some persons after 4 months and in most participants by the 6th month.

Some subjective benefits being reported are an improved sense of well being, increased appetite, weight gain, fungal infections clearing up and less diarrhea. Over 500 persons on the U.S. study are taking SPV-30 in conjunction with whatever other protocols they are currently using. No information was available on Natural Killer cells or total white blood cell counts. The apparent value of SPV-30 is in reductions in HIV viral load, but may also be in the stimulation of non-specific effector (white blood) cells (Neutriphils, Natural Killer Cells etc.). However, data is not currently available on NK cells and total WBCs. Many people who write on this subject do not know that CD4 and CD8 cells are particular types of white blood cells. It baffles me why total WBC counts are not included in all controlled studies and why more attention is not being paid to NK cells, the most powerful and independent infection fighting white blood cells we have. With CD4s, it is equally important to know if B cell function is improving, as without B cells, CD4s are not of much value in fighting infections.


Bovine Colostrum is the first milk taken from a cow after she gives birth to a calf. In humans, Colostrum is the first liquid found in a mother’s breast in the first 3 days after giving birth. First born humans and animals do not have a developed immune system and are vulnerable to infections. In his book on Colostrum, Bernard Jensen, Ph.D. calls it “white gold.” Colostrum provides a defense against disease in the newly born until they can develop their own functional immune system.

Colostrum contains many immune modulating components including immunoglobulins, lysozyme, lacteferrin, transferrin, antibodies, beta-carotene, polypeptides, protease inhibitors, leukocytes, lymphocytes and even natural killer cells. (Source: Colostrum ISBN 0-932615-28-70, by B. Jensen. Published by Bernard Jensen, 24360 Old Wagon Rd, Escondido, CA 92027).

In 1980, an article appearing in the Journal of Medical Virology, 5, pp. 123-129 titled “Antiviral Activity of Colostrum and Serum Immunoglobulins A and G” by Palmer, E.L. et al. says that Colostrum has enteric virus secretory antibody that acts against viruses excreted from the bowel. A wide range of antiviral factors were acknowledged to be present in Colostrum. The research was done by the Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA. Peyer’s Patches

In his book on Colostrum, Dr. Jensen discusses the “Peyer’s Patches” in the intestines and writes: The Peyer’s Patches in the intestine and a similar system in the lungs constantly work to protect the tissue by responding to pathogenic organisms, toxins and allergens.” Jensen also states that B-cells are located in the Peyer’s patches, spleen, lymph nodes and in the lungs, some of which are activated to produce antibodies. Edgar Cayce, in his readings on the benefits of castor oil said that it helped the Peyer’s Patches in the intestines in important immune functions. In 1983, John Elridge wrote in the Annals of N.Y. Academy of Sciences, 409, pp. 819-821 that the Peyer’s patches, a group of cells in the mucosa of the intestines, produce immune factors. The immune factors include antibodies made from plasma derived B-cells.

In his book, Dr. Jensen warns that the only Colostrum he uses is from cows that have given birth to at least 3 calves. He says that some brands are not effective. He did indicate in his book what brand he uses or where to purchase it.

There are several brands of Colostrum on the market that have been brought to my attention. These include Reticulose, Lacteferrin, Colostrum with Transfer Factor and IMU-Plus by (Vitality Labs).


Significant CD4 Increases Documented

Reticulose is an injectable product derived from Colostrum with RNA added that comes in 2 ml ampules. The only contra-indications are tuberculosis and severe bovine serum allergy. Reticulose is effective for the following conditions: AIDS, Hepatitis A, B and C, Herpes, Influenza A, Mononucleosis, Encephalitis, Dengue fever and upper respiratory infections. The standard dose is one injection daily of a 2 ml ampule for 7 days. Then none for the next seven days. The third week - one injection daily for 7 days and one then week off. The Fifth week is the last treatment in the series. Blood work is done in the 8th week.

There are several Physicians that have used Reticulose in their practice with excellent results. They are: Ralph Thompson, MD of Alexandria, VA; Margaret Reynolds, MD of Petersborough, NH; Morris Kuckku, MD of Miami, FL; Oden Schaeffer, MD of Miami, FL; Frank Seydel, MD of Boulder, CO; Stanford Cooke, MD of Miami, FL; Lawrence Medoff, MD of Miami, FL; Robert Anderson MD of Alexandria, VA; S.J. Plucinski, MD of Miami Shores, FL; Reticulose’s Effects on CD4 Counts 9 out of 10 show significant increases In 1992, Angelo Chinnici, MD of Ashbury Park, NJ wrote of the results of a 6 week evaluation of Reticulose in 10 AIDS patients. The most dramatic case was one PWA whose CD4 count increased from 27 to 193 in 6 weeks. The average CD4 count of all 10 patients was 246 at the beginning of the study. After 6 weeks, the average CD4 count was 407. Nine out of ten also had increases in the CD4/CD8 ratios. No evidence of toxicity was observed in any of the patients. All ten patients who were P24 antigen positive at the beginning of the study were P24 antigen negative after 8 weeks. No PCR tests were done in this study. PCR is the most accurate test for HIV viral load known today. The P24 antigen test is not nearly as accurate. One test result showed a person was cured of Hepatitis C after one series of shots.

Reticulose was once legally available in the United States, but the FDA has since determined that it is an unapproved new drug. However, under the FDA’s new compassionate use policy, it may be legally imported into the United States with a Physicians prescription. For more information, write, Commonwealth Pharmaceuticals, PO Box 1792, Grand Cayman, British West Indies or call their agent Charles Miller at 800-801-9276 Fax 800-259-0758. Reticulose comes 21 vials to a case. For HIV , sources familiar with the product suggested that the treatment series be repeated once every 6 months. These same sources tell me that if the person is also taking AZT, 3TC, D4T, DDC or other similiar drugs that they will be wasting their money on Reticulose as these treatments are not compatible. AZT used long term is known to suppress the stem cells in the bone marrow which is immuno-suppressive. Other drugs like Bactrim and Septra, used to prevent PCP, are also known to suppress both the red and white blood cell counts.

Update: Oct 14, 1995: One PWA who quit AZT 6 months ago and with a CD4 count of 142 used Reticulose for 6 weeks and increased his CD4 count to 576. His CD4/CD8 improved as well. This PWA did not use any immuno-suppressive drugs with the Reticulose. The phenomenol results he obtained speaks for itself. More details will be forthcoming in the next newsletter.

Note: Michael S. of San Diego, CA reports he has had very good results with an injectable Colostrum. However, he provided no specific data. He can be reached at 619-299-5414.


I learned about Lacteferrin in July. Lacteferrin is derived from Colostrum and comes in capsule form. Reports, which I have not been able to confirm, claim that it will increase CD4 counts from 19 to 150% in 6 weeks. It also is reported to be beneficial in treating Cryptosporidium induced diarrhea and hepatitis. It is only sold to health care professionals. For more information, call 800-545-9960 or call Earl Ettienne Ph.D. at 415-456-8292. Lacteferrin or Reticulose in combination with Dr. Hulda Clark’s 4 herbs should be an effective treatment for Cryptosporidium.


This product is available in capsule form and is sold only to health care professionals. The product is called Chol-ostrum A and contains Colostrum with DLyE-TFs specific for Herpes 1 and 2, CMV and EBV viruses and is also indicated for HIV/AIDS. Call Immuno-Dynamics at 803-582-4441 to order. For more information on the product, call 803-591-4236.

IMU-PLUS (Vitality Labs)

There are several brands of Colostrum sold in health food stores. However, I have no information on how they were manufactured or if they are effective as anti-viral and immune stimulating agents. Dr. Scott Widdecombe has used the Vitality Labs brand of Colostrum (IMU-Plus) for 4 years and as an HIV+ person, he believes in its effectiveness. At one time when his CD4 count increased from 180 up to 640, he took 10 tablets daily - 4 in the morning, 2 at noon and 4 in the evening. He also followed a comprehensive holistic program developed by Dr. Robert Preston. It should be noted, however, that there are no other anecdotal cases of PWA’s who have used this relatively inexpensive form of Colostrum. Vitality Labs also sells a liquid Colostrum in 2 oz size. For more information or to order IMU-Plus, Call Vitality Labs at 702-882-6611 and refer to No. 62186 or call Dr. Scott Widdecombe at 213-851-2538 or his pager at 310-576-5293.

In the order of documentation of the product’s effectiveness, Reticulose is clearly number one at this time. It initially costs $645 for the series of 21 vials. Depending on how your blood test results look after 8 weeks and your PCR results for viral load, you may need to repeat the series every 6 months. Lacteferrin costs $75.00 a month and would probably be my second choice if I could not afford Reticulose. My third choice would either be Colostrum with Transfer factor or IMU-Plus or both. IMU-Plus costs less than $30 a month retail or less than $16.00 to a distributor.

Note to Readers: If you decide to use any of these products, please do so consistently between lab tests and let us know what results you obtain in terms of CD4’s, total WBC counts and NK counts increases or decreases, both before and after using the product. Your input is critical for our evaluation process. Keep Hope Alive does not have the funds to evaluate any of these products and is relying primarily on reader input.


Deadline, Dec. 1, 1995.

Indicate if we can publish your name, address and phone number or just your first name and phone number or as anonymous. Share your protocols, feelings, results and experiences with other readers. Write: To the Editor - Keep Hope Alive, PO Box 27041, West Allis, WI 53227


Some of the side effects of both Bactrim and Septra are that they cause low white blood cell counts. This is alarming as white blood cells are the foundation of our immune system. If you destroy the foundation to stop just one infection, you subject the person to a whole lot more infections, any of which could be life threatening. The verdict is: No, you did not get PCP, but you got illnesses A thru Z. This trade off is hardly a benefit to a patient. There is another name for this kind of medicine. It is called AIDS by PRESCRIPTION. Fortunately, there are better choices.

Several persons have reported excellent results in both preventing PCP and other forms of pneumonia as well as treating the conditions with a herbal formula called SEES-2000. To prevent PCP, these sources recommend one capsule daily. To treat PCP and pneumonia, one capsule is taken every 4 hours or a total of 4 daily. A local PWA told me of a friend in the Houston, TX area who never had another bout with PCP as long as he took one capsule daily. Another source claims that 3 PWA’s in the hospital with PCP recovered in 3 to 5 days taking one capsule every 4 hours. SEES-2000 can be obtained mail order from Dr. Philip Princetta at 404-873-6888. Three individuals who do know one another highly recommended this product. It is recommended for almost any lung condition. So far, no failures and no side effects have been reported.

Update 11/30/95: One person got a rash after using Sees-2000 for 10 days and discontinued use of the product. The rash, an allergic reaction, went away in 5 days. Allergic reactions may occur is a small number of persons using SEES-2000. In that event, check with Keep Hope Alive for a alternative protocol.

Editor’s Note: an 81 year old relative of mine has a partially collapsed lung and has shortness of breath when walking. After taking SEES-2000 for 5 days (one a day), she claims she believes it is helping her. She now can walk several city blocks without getting out of breath. Possibly, SEES-2000 may help other chronic conditions like bronchitis or emphysema. It would be worth a try.

Colloidal Silver Fails to prevent PCP in Two Cases

Note on Colloidal Silver: Two cases have been reported to me where colloidal silver failed to prevent PCP. Both PWA’s had taken one teaspoon twice a day. Colloidal silver is effective against most kinds of infections but its power should not be overestimated. One person had to take 6 teaspoons a day to get results for a lung infection. Colloidal silver should not be relied upon alone as a prophylactic to prevent PCP.



Pharmaceutical grade DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is the mother of all hormones produced in the adrenal glands. Several sources have reported that the hormone has anti-aging effects, anti-obesity, anti-tumor and anti-cancer effects; that it enhances the immune system, improves cognitive functions and makes people look younger. DHEA has no side effects.

Dr. Arthur Schwartz, A Temple University biologist reports that DHEA supplementation given to mice extended their life span by 20%. Dr. William Regelson of the Medical College of Virginia has called DHEA a “Mother steroid” as it gives support to the production of a wide range of hormones used by the body. DHEA is reported to be thermogenic and increases the production of ATP and body heat. In one small study in Texas on PWA’s who used DHEA for one year, 9 out of 10 reported increases in CD4 counts. LIFELINK now sells pharmaceutical grade DHEA by mail order. They said they were able to sell the product since Congress passed the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994). DHEA comes 25 mg to a capsule. The current standard adult dose is 50 mg daily. One bottle of 180 capsules costs $40.00, about a 3 month supply. To order, call LifeLink at 805-473-1389 (445 Lierly Lane, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420). Pharmaceutical grade DHEA is also available by prescription from your Physician.

Wild Yam Extract contain a sterol that mimics DHEA in molecular structure and is reported by several sources to give the same results as pharmaceutical grade DHEA. The sterol in wild yam extract is not really a DHEA precursor, but a look-a-like. Information on comparative dosages of wild yam extract to pharmaceutical grade DHEA is not available at this time or is at best, confusing. There are several sources available for wild yam extract, including health food stores and multi-level companies.


Founded by Alyn Toler Chicago, IL.

Positively Natural is a new magazine on natural, holistic and nutritional healing options for persons who are HIV+. In the summer premier issue, Positively Natural published an article on the recipe for making cultured cabbage juice and a self-test for the health of your colon - floating stools and yellow urine by yours truly. (The recipe for the cabbage drink actually originated from Robert Gray who wrote The Colon Health Handbook, sold in health food stores). The fall issue featured articles on the pros and cons of drinking milk, HHV6, Kombuchu Tea, Basics of Chinese Therapy, Expounding Headaches, Malnutrition, Malabsorption and Wasting, Colloidal Silver, and the toxin - Dioxin. 10,000 copies were printed in the second issue. The magazine has been well received.

The 24 page magazine is printed on glossy paper in 3 colors and has excellent graphics. I have accepted a request from Alyn Toler to write a feature column in Positively Natural. Subscription rate is $20 for 4 issues. Positively Natural, 4101 North Sheridan Rd, Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60613. Ph No. 312-296-4817 Fax 312-296-6051.


Medline: A recent computer search turned up a controlled study on DNCB published in Immunology Letters, April, 1993 by Stricker, Zhu, Elswood, Dunlac, Van Elk, Berger, Tappero, Epstein and Kiprov of the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.

Here is part of what it said: “DNCB (Di-nitrochlorobenzene) is a contact sensitizing agent that acts as a potent immune modulator of dendritic cells. In this pilot study, we examined the safety and efficacy of topical DNCB application in patients with early HIV disease. Topical DNCB was well tolerated by these patients with an adverse reaction rate of 10%. CD4 T-cell counts remained stable with repeated DNCB use. CD8 T-cell counts and Natural Killer cells increased significantly following DNCB sensitization. This increase in CD8’s and Natural Killer cells was accompanied by a decrease in HIV replication as measured by serum HIV RNA levels.

Ten more studies on the value of DNCB also showed up on the medline printout including one where a man with Kaposi’s Sarcoma lesions received a nearly 100% remission of the KS lesions by applying DNCB topically to the lesions once every two weeks. In 3 months, all lesions except one were in complete remission.

Several of the studies indicate that regular users of DNCB live longer and get far fewer opportunistic infections that non-users or non-compliant users. This treatment costs about $2.00 a month. It is not expected to interest any large pharmaceutical companies as the product is not patentable and no market monopoly can be secured with FDA approval. A DNCB Starter Kit (6 month supply) can be obtained by writing to DNCB NOW, 2261 Market St., Suite 499, San Francisco, CA 94114. Refrigerate after opening. Instructions come with the kit. Price includes postage.


Natural Killer cells are the most powerful infection fighting cells in the white blood cell arsenal. NK cells kill cancer cells, viruses, fungus and bacteria. They are independent (non-specific effector) cells not requiring assistance from the presence of CD4 Helper white blood cells.

A study published in the German Medical Journal "Deutsche Zeitshrift" in Oct, 1989 by T.H. Abdullad, D.V. Kirkpatrick and J. Carter, reports on the results of 7 AIDS patients taking 5 grams of garlic daily as an aged extract, similar to Kyolic garlic. They said that 6 of the 7 patients had normal NK cell activity after 6 weeks and that all had normal NK activity after 12 weeks. Five of the 7 had significant improvements in their T4/T8 ratios after 12 weeks with 3 returning to normal reference ranges of 1.0 or higher. They also reported a lessening of diarrhea in one patient with Cryptosporidia, fewer outbreaks of Herpes, Thrush, Candidiasis and Sinus infections.

KHA recommends 5 grams of garlic to be taken daily, either raw or in the form of an aged garlic like Kyolic. If raw garlic does not cause intestinal distress, then 4 to 6 cloves daily is recommended. Never eat it straight, but with something like a salad or on rye crisp. Four capsules of the Kyolic brand of garlic taken twice a day gives you about 5 grams. For enhancement of NK cell function, an aged garlic like Kyolic works as well as fresh raw garlic and is not socially objectionable. However, as an natural antibiotic, raw garlic is the most effective. Garlic’s enhancement of natural killer cells make it a very important supplement for persons with low T4 counts. Garlic’s effect on CD8 cells is unknown at this time.


Dr. William Philpott MD in his Bio-Magnetic Handbook reports that the north pole (negative side) of a permanent magnet induces the production of Melatonin, a hormone that promotes deep restful sleep. Melatonin is widely available in health food stores. It helps in restoring deep restful sleep.

Three PWAs who had trouble getting a good nights sleep tried placing a 4 inch by 6 inch by 1/2 inch thick ceramic magnet under their pillow. The north (negative) pole is placed on the mattress with the side labeled green in color facing up. The pillow is then placed on top of the magnet. All three PWAs report getting a good night’s sleep. Additional benefits reported are a complete reduction in swollen lymph nodes in the back of the neck area, less brain fog and an ability to think clearer. According to Philpott, the north pole magnetic field inhibits the replication of viruses, fungus and bacteria in the immediate area. Magnets should be very helpful to PWAs with low immunity to help prevent infections in the brain area as well as beneficial to the sleep cycle.

Source: Enviro-Tech Products, 17171 SE 29th St., Choctaw, OK 73020 Ask for product no 201125 (4x6x1/2 ceramic magnet). Ph No. 405-390-3499 or 800-445-1962. Update: Because infections in the brain area are so difficult to treat, I am recommending a magnet for nightly use by all PWAs in the 0 to 50 CD4 range as a preventive measure.


A bill has been introduced in the Assembly’s Health Committee to protect the right of medical doctors and other health care professionals to use nutritional and alternative therapies in their practice without having to face the threat of having their license revoked by the State Medical Examining Board. One physician, Dr. Rathna Alwa MD of Lake Geneva was forced into early retirement because she used ozone therapy in her practice. Other states have passed similar measures including New York and North Carolina. Earlier, Dr. John Pittman MD was forced to take his practice to Haiti because he used Ozone Major Autohemotherapy for persons immune compromised. Since passage of a freedom of choice in medicine bill in North Carolina, Dr. Pittman has resumed his practice in Raleigh, NC at the Carolina Center for Bio-Oxidative Medicine (4505 Fair Meadow Lane no 111). AB 478 needs the support of all residents in Wisconsin. You are encouraged to write of call your state representative and urge him or her to support this bill. For more information, contact Citizens for Alternative Medicine at 414-242-4529.


Naples, FL: Robert Willis writes: I manufacture sauna bags and ozone suits and specific garments for those who wish to ozonate a particular part of the body such as boots, shorts, gloves, jackets, body tents and wraps. For more information, contact Willis Vending, 1304-4 Wildwood Lakes Blvd, Naples, FL 33942 Ph No: 941-352-2872


In a book titled: How I Cured Myself of AIDS, William Lamb writes: “In August, 1989, I had a fully developed case of AIDS and was near death. I had developed a condition known as Kaposis Sarcoma and reddish-purple splotches had appeared all over my body. My lungs were black on the x-ray due to massive amounts of pneumocystis carinni pneumonia.

In a telephone interview, Dr. Lamb told me that at his worst, he was 60 lbs. underweight and had swollen lymph nodes and night sweats. He claims his recovery was due to taking large amounts of all the B vitamins and particularly niacin, which he claims generates a heat reaction and breaks down the HIV virus. He also said he tanned in a salon for 1/2 hour each day continuously to receive ultraviolet light to kill the HIV virus. He said he ate 10 raw lemons each day and also took quinine sulfate tablets. There are some other details on supplements in his book. He claims that 3 weeks of this treatment got rid of all his KS lesions. For more information, you may contact him at RR1, Box 298, Jerico Springs, MO 64756 Ph No 417-398-2501.


Nutrition World offers a low cost source of (proanthocyanidins) derived from pine bark and grape seed extract. Each tablet contains 45 mg of proanthocyandins from pine bark and grape seed along with 100 mg. of Blue-green algae. 60 tablets costs $12.25. For more information, call 800-493-2328 Ext 26059.


The most extensive reference source of HIV/AIDS related care and services in the country contains over 12,000 listings and 500 pages. The sixth edition will be published in September, 1995. Copies can be ordered by calling AHISC at 800-825-7638.


Oxygel is a 6% hydrogen peroxide gel in a base of aloe vera and glycerine and is used topically for a wide range of conditions. These include pain relief, aching joints, skin infections, arthritis, bad circulation, fungal infections, rashes, scabies and tumors. For breathing difficulties and even angina pain, rub directly over the chest area one or more times daily. For information on how to make Oxygel, see my book on How To Reverse immune Dysfunction.


Natur-Earth is a product that has useful concentrations of Lactoferrin, an ingredient also found in Colostrum. Lactoferrin has an afffinity for sequestering iron in the body and making it available to the cells and expecially the hemoglobin. By sequestering iron, lactoferrin prevent it from being used by viruses, fungus and bacteria in their metabolic life process, thus inhibiting replication of these pathogens. Lacteferrin is thus valuable in inhibiting the replication of HIV and all other viruses, fungal and bacterial infections in the body. These pathogens need iron to replicate and exist. Inorganic iron, not bound to lactoferrin, is available to viruses, fungal and bacteria for their replication whereas iron bound to the amino acids in lactoferrin is only available to the body's cells when needed. Confidential clinical studies done with Natur-Earth has found it to be effective in most chronic conditions of viral and fungal infections, chronic fatigue syndrome and some forms of leukemia.

There are unconfirmed reports of increases in CD4 counts in PWAs with its regular use and of significant benefits to persons with CFS. This product should be considered by persons with HIV, chronic fatigue syndrome, any chronic infection not responding to the current therapy, candidiasis as well as cancer and leukemia patients as an adjunct therapy. Dosage: One capsule is opened up and its contents allowed to absorb in the mouth once a day for 3 minutes before swallowing about 1 hour before breakfast. Also, an additional 3 capsules should be taken with a full glass of water up to 1/2 hr. before meals three times a day. After 30 days, the dose is reduced to 2 capsules 3X and in the third month 1 capsule 3X. A sample bottle of 90 capsules can be ordered from Jim Jordan, 5110 Williams fork Trail, Apt 207, Boulder, CO 80301. (Ph No. 303-530-9826) Cost $40 for one 90 capsule bottle which includes postage. The manufacturer can be reached in Albq, NM at 505-266-7374.


There are four basic minimum goals that need to be addressed to reverse immune dysfunction from HIV progression and other causes. They are:

1. To substantially reduce the HIV viral load and/or other pathogens with non-toxic treatments. 2. To build up the White Blood Cells, the foundation of immune system. 3. To restore Natural Killer cells to their normal reference range 4. To restore CD4 cells to their reference range. Most of the important diet, attitude and lifestyle changes and detoxifying techniques are discussed in How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction, so I will not repeat them here. In a nutshell, AIDS is reversible if we can accomplish all the above 4 goals.

No 1. Non-toxic options to reduce the HIV viral load are : Naltrexone and/or Dr. Hulda Clarks 4 herbs in capsule or liquid form or SPV-30. No 2. To build up the White Blood Cells - Castor oil taken orally or applied topically. Also beneficial are beta-carotene and regular daily exercise with plenty of sunshine added. No. 3. To build up the Natural Killer cells: DNCB applied topically and/or 5 grams of aged garlic daily. The best brand is Kyolic - take 4 capsules twice a day. No. 4. To build up the CD4s: First choice is Colostrum. Take as recommended by the manufacturer. It is important to undertake all 4 goals simultaneously. Using CD4 counts as a guideline, more specific advice is as follows:



CD4 count is above 500 and you are asymptomatic: Naltrexone.

CD4 count is between 200 and 500 and you are asymptomatic: Naltrexone, Castor oil, DNCB, Garlic and Colostrum.

CD4 count between 100 and 200 and you are asymptomatic: Naltrexone, Castor oil, DNCB, Garlic and Colostrum plus one SEES-2000 daily to prevent PCP and 500 to 1000 mg daily of BHT dissolved in olive oil to prevent CMV. BHT is a powerful anti-oxidant sold in health food stores by Twinlabs. Consider adding it to the Whole lemon/olive oil drink daily. Follow the diet in How to Reverse Immune Dysfunction.

CD4 count is between 0 and 100 and you are asymptomatic: Do everything the group between 100 ands 200 does and add the following: a 4x6x1/2 inch ceramic magnet under your pillow. Naturally, if you have symptoms, you need to review my entire book and amend your protocol as needed and consult with your Physician. Recite the Pieta Prayers or a similar set of prayers daily. Ask God to guide you and to give you direction in your life. Thank him for His Blessings and his love which reaches out to all of us.


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