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Sleeping better with mirrors over bed that deflects cell phone signals - Murrieta CA

I live in a trailer park where recently a new cell phone tower was erected. After reading your book on "Insomnia and Cell Phone Towers," I hung aluminized mylar blankets around my bedroom and on the ceiling. While the mylar blankets blocked the cell phone signals from the tower from getting into my bedroom and waking me up at night, I found that after a few weeks, I developed a sensitivity to the mylar blankets so I had to take them down.

Apparently small aluminum particles flake off of them over time. I then tried another suggestion of yours to deflect the cell phone signals that would wake me up every night after 3 or 4 hours of sleep. I bought a used canopy bed. I placed long mirrors on the top of the canopy bed. I first placed plywood over the canopy and attached it to the canopy frame with small sheet metal screws. I then placed 4 ft long mirrors reflective side up on top on the plywood and attached them to the plywood with double sided tape. I felt instant relief like a weight was lifted from my chest. I sleep very well now. Thank you for this idea. Jack Fristoe, Murrieta, CA

Editor's note: I first discovered that mirrors deflect microwave radiation from cell phones and towers when a resident in Hawaii placed a large mirror at the head of his bed. His sleep improved from 3 hours a night to 5 hours before first waking up. Other research has validated that shiny surfaces including mirrors and reflective stainless steel will reflect cell phone signals.

Drinking Green Tea daily leads to 20 lb weight loss over two months.

Salt Lake City UT I am 80 years old and losing weight when you are a senior citizen can be challenging. A local weight loss shaman told me to drink one cup of Green Tea every morning right after I get up. I did and I noticed my energy level was improved all day and my appetite declined. My weight dropped gradually from 160 lbs to 140 after about 8 weeks. I did not do anything different so I attribute the weight loss to the Green Tea. Lori Stonebraker, Salt Lake city, Utah


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