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Selenium helped increase CD4s from 910 to 1407.

Selenium may have suppressed viral load for 11 weeks after drug cocktail was stopped.

Vitamin A for immunity against AIDS & Cancer.

VOL. 4, NO 10 ..........................................................December, 2001

Mark Konlee

Massachusetts, USA:

This past summer, Karen M wanted to get off of the drug cocktail she was on not liking the side effects, especially from the Sustiva. However, her stats looked good on the drugs. In May, 2001, her CD4 count was 910 and her viral load was non-detectable. In spite of this, she wanted to try a different treatment as she did not like how the drugs made her feel. She told me she wanted to try immunized eggs with personal transfer factor.

I told her that to produce the immunized eggs, she would need to expose the chickens to her own blood but that with a non-detectable viral load, there was little chance of success. I told her she would need to go off the drug cocktail for 2 or 3 weeks until the viral load was 5000 or higher before attempting to immunize the chickens.

She said that should not be a problem adding: “about a year ago I did this and the viral load jumped to over 100,000 in 4 weeks.” Karen made arrangements to send a blood sample to a farmer who would inoculate the chickens with a few drops of her blood, but first she decided she would stop the drug cocktail she was on and wait for the viral load to come back so she could proceed with the plan to produce personal immunized eggs.

On August 1, 2001, Karen stopped the drug cocktail. She called and I suggested she wait 3 weeks and get retested to see what the viral load was. She hadn’t been tested since May and wanted a base line for the planned experiment. Around August 21st she had blood drawn for a viral load test and T cell count.

About a week later, Karen called me and said we had a problem. She told me that viral load came back at 100.

At first I replied: 100,000? She NO, just 100. I said: Well that is puzzling. It doesn’t look like you will need or are able to produce any immunized eggs at this time. I told her there was nothing she could do at this time except to wait for the viral load to come back before proceding with the experiment. I suggested she wait until early October and get another lab test. She also said her CD4 count had increased to 1094.

On October 23, she returned to her physician having remained off the prescription drugs for HIV since August 1st. She visited her physician for the results about a month later. The last week of November, she called to give me some startling news.

Her CD4 count had further increased from 1094 to 1407 and her viral load was now 256. I said: in eleven weeks, your viral load inched forward to 256 and your CD4 count jumped by over 200 to 1407. Incredible, I said. What are you doing?

Karen: I don’t know. I’ve been taking 2 Transfer Factor Plus capsules daily since early this year; also 500 mg of Beta glucan (Chisolm Biologicals).

Mark: How much selenium?

Karen: I take 200 mcg and I get another 200 mcg in a Multiple Vitamin formula I use almost every day.

Mark: Are you doing anything different in the past several months that you were not doing one year ago?

Karen: Well, let me think. Yes, I have been eating a handful of raw nuts daily. I eat a mixture of Sunflower seeds, Almonds and Brazil nuts that I snack on 2 or 3 times daily to help control my blood sugar.

Mark: Brazil nuts have the highest amount of selenium of any food in nature. When did you start eating Brazil nuts?

Karen: I started eating the mixture with the Brazil nuts in May (2001).

Mark: How many Brazil nuts do you eat daily?

Karen: I would say 6 or 7 total.

Mark: Lets add it up. The Brazil nuts contain from 50 to 100 mcg of selenium per nut or an average of 75 mcg per nut. 7 x 75 = 525 mcg of selenium. Add this to 400 mcg from the supplements you take plus about 75 mcg from other food sources and your total selenium intake daily is about 1000 mcg or one milligram daily. That is a therapeutic dose. Now, your CD4 count has increased from 910 in May to 1407 in October. After going off the drug cocktail for 11 weeks, your viral load is not over 100,000 as would be expected but a mere 256.

Brazil Nuts may have contributed to Karen’s high CD4 count

Something extraordinary is happening here - either the selenium, the transfer factor plus or the beta glucan or all three are causing your immune system to control the HIV naturally without using the drugs. Published research states that selenium in Brazil nuts is bound to either methionine or cysteine. Brazil nuts may turn out to have functional value in treating AIDS and just possibly hepatitis and cancer too. What about CFIDS and candidiasis?

Karen: I am very pleased with the recent lab results. I have never had a CD4 count this high. My doctor is floored.

Mark: Let us hope these results can be duplicated in other persons with HIV/AIDS. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

Karen wishes to remain anonymous. Hopefully, we will start see more success with selenium at therapeutic dosage levels and more persons will go public with their name and email address. The good news is that selenium is a low-cost treatment; no adverse side effects have been reported and none are expected at these doses. The formula we are using for prevention/maintenance is 50 mcg per 20 lbs of body weight. For a therapeutic dose, double it to 100 mcg per 20 lbs of body weight.

The Scoop on Vitamin A

“A” is the single most important vitamin for immunity against cancer and infectious disease The research uncovered so far indicates that if selenium is the most important mineral for immunity and preventing cancer, then vitamin A is the most important vitamin for these purposes as well. In his book “Complete Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements,” Dr. H. Winter Griffith MD states that vitamin A:

“aids in treatment of many eye disorders, including prevention of night blindness and formation of visual purple in the eye; promotes bone growth, teeth development, reproduction; helps form and maintain healthy skin, hair, mucus membranes; build body’s resistance to respiratory infections; helps treat acne, impetigo, boils, carbuncles, open ulcers when applied externally.”

Vitamin A is essential for normal function of the retina; may act as a CO-factor in enzyme systems; necessary for growth of bones, testicular function, ovarian function, embryonic development and differentiation of tissues.

Vitamin A should not be confused with beta carotene. Beta carotene found in carrots and many other vegetables is a precursor to making vitamin A. However, in today’s toxic world, the liver may be unable to make the conversion of beta carotent to A. Many people who have a toxic liver and take high doses of beta carotene may actually be deficient in vitamin A.

Vitamin A prevents and treats cancer

A study done on 98 persons with various types of gastrointestinal malignancies against a control of 40 healthy persons measured the levels of vitamin A, lutein, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin and alfa and beta carotene(1). Of the 98 persons, 44 had colon cancer, 21 gastric cancer, 15 liver cancer, 8 with esophagus cancer and 10 with pancreatic cancer. It was found that the serum level of vitamin A and zeaxanthin were significantly lower in the patients with gastrointestinal malignancies. The healthy patients had nearly 3 times as much vitamin A and 5 times as much zeaxanthin as the persons with cancer. The other carotenoids were basically the same in both groups.

Yang wl et al at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Phildelphia, PA, found that exposure of human colon cancer cells to retinoid compounds derived from vitamin A increased the apoptosis (destruction) of the cancer cell as well as inhibited the COX-2 enzyme(2). The results of these experiments suggest that the use of vitamin A at therapeutic dosage levels will inhibit colon cancer as well as some auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Researchers have found that retinoids derived from vitamin A inhibited breast cancer lines and even pancreatic cancer. Contreras Vidaurre et al found that both synthetic and natural vitamin A derivatives suppressed head, neck and lung cancer(3).

Researchers at the University of Chicago have found that a deficiency of vitamin A has been associated with a shift in the cytokine profile from Th1 to Th2 in children with TB and that vitamin A therapy could help shift the cytokine profile in the Th1 direction (4). A predominance of Th2 cytokines, IL4,5,6 and 10 have been associated with both AIDS and cancer progression.

There are hundreds of published scientific articles that show a relationship between vitamin A deficiency and a tendency toward cancer but just as importantly that vitamin A therapy can suppress the growth of many types of cancers alone or in combination with other treatments.

1. Rumi G et al, J Physiol Paris, 2001 Jan; 95(1-6):239-42

2. Yang WL et al, Carcinogenesis. 2001 Sep;22(9):1379-83

3. Med Oral. 2001 Mar-Apr;6(2):114-23

4. Hanekom WA et al; Program Abstr Intersci conf Antimicrob Agents Chemotherapy. 1996 Sep 15-18;152

Researchers in India find Vitamin A deficiency increases risk of HIV transmission 21 fold

In persons recently exposed to the HIV virus, it has been found that they become deficient almost immediately in vitamin A, E and B12 and that falling serum levels of these vitamins correlated to the CD4 counts (1).

Low serum levels of vitamin A have been found to increase the risk of heterosexual HIV transmission in patients attending STD clinics in Pune, India, in 1996. In fact, persons with the lowest amounts of vitamin A (less than .075 m moles/l) were 21 times more likely to get infected with HIV than those with vitamin A levels higher than .075 m moles/l (2).

Combine vitamin A deficiency with selenium deficiency and bare backing (sex without condoms) and you have a prescription for an AIDS epidemic.

A study done at John Hopkins University in 1993 on 179 intravenous drug users found that vitamin A deficiency was associated with a decrease in CD4 helper cell counts and increased mortality (death) during HIV infection (3).

In Tanzania, Africa, 687 children were involved in a study using vitamin A in 3 single doses of 400,000 iu each spaced 4 months apart. At the end of the study, Fawi w et al stated that in HIV positive children, vitamin A reduced all-cause mortality by 49% (4).

1. Int Conf AIDS. 1993 Jun 6-11;9:528 (abstract no PO-B36-2357).

2. Int conf AIDS 2000 Jul9-14;13:abstract no MoPeB2149

3. Semba Rd et al, Int Aids Conf 1993 Jun 6-11 abstract no PO-C04-2639

4. Fawi w et al, Int AIDS Conf, 1998; 12:840 abstract no 170/42331

How much Vitamin A is safe to take and for how long?

If we believe the government, then we should not take more than 5000 i.u. of vitamin A daily as adults. I, for one, do not believe in these fickle doses that are not supported by good scientific research. With the possible exception of pregnant womem, the published research does not support going to these ridiculously low levels.

The owner of a local health food store told me recently he has taken 50,000 iu of vitamin A daily for several years and has had no side effects from it. He did tell me of one lady who developed vitamin A toxicity because she did not follow directions. Here is what he said:

“She came into my store and complained about a chronic respiratory infection that would not go away. I suggested she take 200,000 i.u. of vitamin A for 2 months and then stop. A year and a half later, she walked in my store and told me her hair was falling out and the skin on her hands was peeling. I remembered her and asked her if she had stopped taking the vitamin A. She said she had not and had been taking it at the 200,000 i.u. daily dose for the past year and a half. She immediately stopped taking the vitamin A and in 3 weeks all her symptoms subsided and she is fine.”

Needless to say, I am told the respiratory infection was gone within a few weeks of mega-dosing on the vitamin A. In another report, a health care practitioner in Tennessee told me of a client who came to him with 5 lumps in her breast. He suggested she take 250,000 i.u of vitamin A for 2 months and then to stop. Four months later she walked in the store and he asked her how she was doing. She said: “fine, the lumps were gone within two weeks. Now I got another problem, my hair is starting to fall out.” The store owner then asked if she had stopped taking the vitamin A. She said: was I suppose to stop? He said Yes. That’s why your hair is starting to fall out. She stopped mega-dosing on the vitamin A and in a few weeks, her hair was normal again.

The lessons to learn her is that you can use a vitamin or mineral as a drug but you need to know when to reduce dosage or stop for a while to clear excess buildup then resume a safer therapeutic dosage level. From all my research a safe therapeutic dosage level is 25000 to 50000 i.u daily for adults. If using Cod liver oil, one or two tablespoons daily. Two tablespoons of Cod Liver oil give you about 25000 iu of vitamin A and adequate vitamin D to go with it.

If taking capsules, a good formula for preventive maintenance is 2500 iu per 20 pounds of body weight. A safe therapeutic dosage level is 5000 i.u. per 20 pounds of body weight. Every 6 months, take two weeks off and use none at all. If you have any concerns about vitamin A toxicity, have your physician monitor blood levels of vitamin A every 6 months and also selenium if you decide to also use it at therapeutic dosage levels.

How about this triple combo - Selenium, Vitamin A and Maitake mushrooms?

Within the past few months, the success reports of using selenium at therapeutic doses (100 mcg per 20 lbs of body weight) have been electrifying in the hepatitis cases and now in two HIV+ persons. Now as we seek to build on this success, adding vitamin A at a therapeutic or even preventive dosage level seems like the next logical thing to do. Finally, if someone needs more, they can top off this with Maitake mushroom capsules, 7 three times daily. (300 mg ea.) Total 6300 mg daily. Remember the 2 guys in England who got rid of the KS lesions with the Maitake? I really think this would be a high powered combination for immune restoration. Possibly this combination will effectively replace the drug cocktails, chemotherapy too? All this remains to be seen.

No Place To Hide - Cellular phone Towers and Electrical Sensitivity

Electromagnetic radiation blankets the planet from the earth and sky. Persons with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) often report they have electrical sensitivity (ES). These people develop a number of debilitating symptoms if they are near a Cellular Phone Towers or high power transmission lines. Many cannot stand to be near microwave ovens or even computer screens.

Dr. Roger Santini in France analyzed responses to a questionnaire of 530 residents who live a varying distances to Cellular Phone Towers. The closer persons lived to a Cellular Phone Tower, the more symptoms were reported.

Symptoms reportedly due to ES include fatigue, irritability, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, depressive tendency, loss of memory and concentration, skin problems, visual disturbances and dizziness.

Dr. Santini found that 72% of those who lived less than 10 meters from a tower complained of fatigue very often compared to 27.2% who lived over 300 meters away. Fatigue was the number one symptom reported followed by sleep disturbances. The further away from the tower someone was, the fewer were the symptoms.

These excerpts were taken from the Cellular Phone Task Force, PO Box 1337, Mendocino, CA 95460 718-434-4499 written and published by Arthur Firstenberg. For a copy of Vol. 3, No 2, include $4.00. There are a number of informative articles in this 32 page magazine like one on Computer vision and memory loss, attention deficit disorder, and asthma increasing in children at an alarming rate world-wide that is linked to an increase in radio waves.

The Faraday Cage - to block electromagnetic pollution

Some time ago, one of our readers, a health care professional, suggested that persons with electrical sensitivities build a “Faraday Cage.” Apparently, this is a cage above or surrounding an individual that is made of copper screen or foil (sheet metal) and is grounded. It blocks most radio, television, satellite, cellular phone transmissions and other electromagnetic pollution.

A search of the internet found that offers a “Instant Faraday Cage” and also a MU-Copper foil with adhesive that is 1000 mm wide and shields electrical fields up to 120db. The company is located in the Netherlands. Ph no 31-78-6131366. The foil is used to cover the ceiling and walls of a room to create a Faraday Cage that offers almost complete protection against electromagnetic frequencies.

A search for copper foil wallpaper has turned up nothing. A search in the local Phone directory Yellow pages under “copper” turned up some interesting leads as was one under “sheet metal.” Possibly, a copper cone, canopy or “roof” over the sleeping area could be built to block out undesired electrical, radio and microwave frequencies.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Progressive Health News

Selenium increases CD4 counts from 350 to 460 in 6 weeks on a 2 drug cocktail while maintaining a non-detectable viral load.

Maitake for cancer & KS.

Message Board added to our home page

VOL. 4, NO 9 ............................................................................November 1, 2001

Selenium and Vit E/ L-methionine cocktail success!

United Kingdom 11/13/01

Dear Mark,

Simon Caleb here. I have some amazing results I'd like to share with other HIV sufferers. Since 1997 I have suffered from sinking stools which were small in diameter (pencil width). I read some article that the above combo would improve Seborohic Dermatitis, which I suffer from more often than not, esp. when I over do the sugar & get stressed. Anyhow I started on the following,

Selenium liquid - 900 mcg daily in divided doses.

L-Methionine - 500 mg - one a day.

E-400 i.u. - 100 caps, natural mix Vit E - one a day

Three days later I noticed my first floaters, it's now 46 days since starting the above & they have increased in diameter to normal size, I did stop the above protocol for 6 days & my stools stopped floating & reduced in size, so I'm sure it's the above that works. My scalp Dermatitis has also improved & continues to do so. Blood wise my CD8 count has reduced somewhat to a mid-normal range from being extremely high for the past 4 years. Since using the higher dose of selenium, my CD4s have increased from 350 to 460. I also take zinc sulfate and magnesium sulfate. Sincerely, Simon Caleb.


In the current issue of Positive Health News (No 23) Fall, 2001, I proposed a triple therapy consisting of a therapeutic dose of selenium with just two of the FDA approved drugs for treating HIV. In November, after publication of the current issue, I received an email message from Simon Caleb who lives in the UK and in an exchange of emails found out he had already done successfully what I had proposed. The following are excerpts from a recent phone interview.

Mark: First, I want to thank you for sharing your experiences with our readers. It is interesting that the combination of selenium, methionine and vitamin E would lead to larger diameter stools and floaters. As you know, floaters are always a good sign. In persons HIV+ floaters are usually associated with an increase in CD4 helper T cells. Before I get in to the subject matter too deeply, why don’t you tell us a little about your past.

Simon: OK. I was first diagnosed in 1996 with a CD4 count of 17 and a viral load of 300,000. I tried different combinations of prescribed drugs. By November of 1999 I had a non-detectable viral load. By January, 2000, my CD4 count was up to 190. I decided I needed to do more and started taking selenium, about 400 mcg daily. I also did the whole lemon/olive oil drink, but not on a regular daily basis. Gradually my CD4 count increased up to 350 by August of 2001.

Mark: What drug combination were you on in August, 2001?

Simon: I was on Sustiva, Zerit and Epivir.

Mark: I understand that you are now using just two drugs along with selenium, vitamin E and L-methionine. When did you double the daily dose of selenium to 900 mcg and what two drugs are you now using?

Simon: Since September, 2001, I’ve been on Videx (DDI) and Sustiva along with 900 mcg daily of selenium and the vitamin E and L-methionine. About the middle of October, I had the lab test done that indicated a significant increase in the CD4 counts.

Mark: Videx (DDI) is quite toxic. I think Epivir (3TC) would have been a better choice to use with Sustiva. How are you tolerating it?

Simon: So far no problem.

Mark: What made you decide to use two drugs instead of 3 and then double the dose of selenium?

Simon: I read Richard Passwater’s book on “Selenium Against AIDS and Cancer” and did an internet search on the subject and concluded that 900 mcg was not at a level to cause any problems. Besides, I was getting adverse effects from the Zerit and needed to make a change. Like many others living with this problem, I am searching for a way to survive without the drugs and ultimately find a cure.

Mark: Unless lightning strikes, the whole process of working toward a cure is evolving in steps. From our perspective, we need to validate an effective hybrid cocktail of nutritional/immune-based therapies with just 2 FDA approved drugs to treat HIV. Selenium is a prime candidate for a two drug cocktail as researchers have found it prevents viral mutations and thus drug resistance. Reduce the number of drugs and you reduce the side effects. If we validate that selenium plus 2 drugs works as or more effectively than 3 to 5 drugs to keep the viral load at low or non-detectable levels, then we are making very significant progress and are reducing the side effects by 50 to 75% or more. I think we will need at least a dozen sustained success reports, that are made public, before we experiment with a hybrid cocktail that uses only one prescription drug. There is no point getting ahead of ourselves.

For now at least, we have broken out of the holding pattern we have been in for the past year. The wheels of progress are turning.

I would like now to direct my attention to your experiences with the Maitake mushroom for your KS lesions. Could you tell me what lead up your decision to use Maitake mushrooms.

Simon: First, let me tell you that in 1999, even while I was taking the drugs and had a non-detectable viral load, I had Kaposi Sarcoma lesions all over my body from my head to my toe. I stopped counting after 50 lesions. The doctors wanted me to use chemotherapy but I decided to try the Maitake mushrooms instead. I was told I was playing with my life.

Mark: Why did you choose Maitake mushrooms to treat your KS instead of the chemotherapy?

Simon: The chemo has serious side effects and is not a guarantee of success. I had a friend who had KS lesions in 1999 and he took chemotherapy for two years but eventually it stopped working. When the chemo quit his physician told him there was nothing more he could do for him. My friend went home expecting to die. About a month later, he attended a local AA meeting and learned about a study being planned for persons with HIV, hepatitis C and breast cancer. My friend volunteered for the study to use the Maitake (Grifon) for the KS. He took 7 capsules (300 mg ea.) 3 times a day (21 capsules total).

Within 2 months I saw all his KS lesions disappear. It was a healing miracle, if I can call it that. After I seen what the Maitake mushrooms did for my friend, I decided to give it a try.

Mark: How long did it take to get results?

Simon: It took 8 weeks for all the lesions to be gone.

Mark: What did your doctor say?

Simon: I went to see him about one month after starting on the Maitake when you could clearly see the lesions fading. The doctor folded his arms and his body language was defensive. He said it was fine if I did want the chemo. He said if I would not take the chemo there was nothing he could do for me. A few months later, after my last visit, I found out that he wrote in my medical records that the KS had gone into spontaneous remission.

Mark: Spontaneous remission?

Simon: Yes, can you believe that? What troubles me is his lack of curiosity as to why the KS lesions went away. Remember, my whole body was covered with these lesions and now they are gone. I mean all gone. I felt like the leper Jesus cured 2000 years ago.

Mark: Do you know of anyone else besides you and your friend who used high doses of Maitake mushrooms (2100 mg 3X or 6.3 grams total daily) to treat Kaposi Sarcoma?

Simon: No, I do not. I searched the internet and could not find anyone else with KS who used Maitake to treat it.

Mark: What I find remarkable is that the Maitake mushroom (Grifon) not even the D fraction, was able to accomplish this as a monotherapy. The dose you took is higher that anyone ever suggested - that is remarkable. I don’t know of another person who ever took 21 capsules of Maitake mushroom powder every day to treat any disease. The lesson we learn from these experiences and those of the two persons who used selenium to treat HCV is the dosage used is a ciritical factor in the success of the treatment. It has got to be high enough to reach a therapeutic dosage level, but low enough so as not to produce side effects. If the dose is too small we just won’t see those miraculous results.

Maitake extracts and their therapeutic potential.

by Mayell M.

Altern Med Rev. 2001 Feb;6(1):48-60. Former editor of Natural Health magazine and the author or co-author of five books on alternative medicine, most recently Depression Free for Life with Gabriel Cousens, M.D. Correspondence email:

Maitake (Grifola frondosa) is the Japanese name for an edible fungus with a large fruiting body characterized by overlapping caps. It is a premier culinary as well as medicinal mushroom. Maitake is increasingly being recognized as a potent source of polysaccharide compounds with dramatic health-promoting potential.

The most recent development is the MD-fraction, a proprietary maitake extract its Japanese inventors consider to be a notable advance upon the preceding D-fraction. The D-fraction, the MD-fraction, and other extracts, often in combination with whole maitake powder, have shown particular promise as immunomodulating agents, and as an adjunct to cancer and HIV therapy. They may also provide some benefit in the treatment of hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and hepatitis.

Maitake for Prostate Cancer

Induction of apoptosis in human prostatic cancer cells with beta-glucan (Maitake mushroom polysaccharide).

by Fullerton SA, Samadi AA, Tortorelis DG, Choudhury MS, Mallouh C, Tazaki H, Konno S.

Mol Urol. 2000 Spring;4(1):7-13. Department of Urology, New York Medical College, Valhalla, New York 10595, USA.

PURPOSE: To explore more effective treatment for hormone-refractory prostate cancer, we investigated the potential antitumor effect of beta-glucan, a polysaccharide of the Maitake mushroom, on prostatic cancer cells in vitro.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Human prostate cancer PC-3 cells were treated with various concentrations of the highly purified beta-glucan preparation Grifron-D(R) (GD), and viability was determined at 24 h. Lipid peroxidation (LPO) assay and in situ hybridization (ISH) were performed to unravel the antitumor mechanism of GD.

RESULTS: A dose-response study showed that almost complete (>95%) cell death was attained in 24 h with GD > or = 480 microg/mL. Combinations of GD in a concentration as low as 30 to 60 microg/mL with 200 microM vitamin C were as effective as GD alone at 480 microg/mL, inducing >90% cytotoxic cell death. Simultaneous use with various anticancer drugs showed little potentiation of their efficacy except for the carmustine/GD combination (approximately 90% reduction in cell viability).

The significantly (twofold) elevated LPO level and positive ISH staining of GD-treated cells indicated oxidative membrane damage resulting in apoptotic cell death.

CONCLUSION: A bioactive beta-glucan from the Maitake mushroom has a cytotoxic effect, presumably through oxidative stress, on prostatic cancer cells in vitro, leading to apoptosis. Potentiation of GD action by vitamin C and the chemosensitizing effect of GD on carmustine may also have clinical implications. Therefore, this unique mushroom polysaccharide may have great a potential as an alternative therapeutic modality for prostate cancer.

Functional properties of edible mushrooms.

by Chang R.

Nutr Rev. 1996 Nov;54(11 Pt 2):S91-3. Department of Medicine, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA.

Edible mushrooms such as shiitake may have important salutary effects on health or even in treating disease. A mushroom characteristically contains many different bioactive compounds with diverse biological activity, and the content and bioactivity of these compounds depend on how the mushroom is prepared and consumed. It is estimated that approximately 50% of the annual 5 million metric tons of cultivated edible mushrooms contain functional "nutraceutical" or medicinal properties.

In order of decreasing cultivated tonnage, Lentinus (shiitake), Pleurotus (oyster), Auricularia (mu-er), Flammulina (enokitake), Tremella (yin-er), Hericium, and Grifola (maitake) mushrooms have various degrees of immunomodulatory, lipid-lowering, antitumor, and other beneficial or therapeutic health effects without any significant toxicity. Although the data for this functional food class are not as strong as those for other functional foods such as cruciferous vegetables, because of their potential usefulness in preventing or treating serious health conditions such as cancer, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), and hypercholesterolemia, functional mushrooms deserve further serious investigation. Additionally, there is a need for epidemiological evidence of the role of this functional food class.

Moducare relieves anxiety caused by Sustiva.

Hi there, Thank you very much for this site. I find it's presence supportive and helpful. To be brief: I started on Sustiva 600 mg daily in last year after liver toxicity with nevirapine (Viramune). Since about the spring of this year I have been troubled with anxiety both in the middle of the night and on waking in the morning. Increased heart rate, paranoia and insecure feelings. They would eventually disappear after an hour or so, but would return if i took an afternoon nap.

As a result of information provided on this site by another person suffering anxiety, I tried their recommendation of ' Moducare '. They suggested doubling the daily dose from 3 to 6 caps. Amazingly it works, I feel much calmer, no more palpitations, paranoia etc. I would just like to thank that person and also endorse 'Moducare'. At £40 for a months supply it is not cheap, however the results are well worth it. Please feel free to print my email address so that others can contact me should they require more info. Thanks Pav I live in the UK.

Editor’s Note: Magnesium supplement (500 mg) or coral calcium should also reduce anxiety and reduce palpitations.

Message Board added to Keep Hope Alive Web site (

In the last week of November, a message board was added to our web site for readers to write, leave messages, comment on existing messages or post new messages. Simon Caleb, whom I interviewed for this months report also posted a message on his experiences with selenium and maitake on the message board. I am also considering adding a “Live Chat” room to the web site. When readers visit the message board, post a message if you want me to add the “live chat room” to our web site. Return to home page and click on the link for the Message Board. Don't forget to check out Positive Health News, Report 23, now on line.

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Nov. 14, 2001. The fall issue of Positive Health News, Report No 23, November, 2001, is now online, click here for the latest news and updated information.

Progressive Health News

Lab results from the use of hyper-immunized eggs and milk. Selenium Against Cancer, Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS

VOL. 4, NO 8 --------------------------September, 2001

Important Notice

Posting of this publication has been delayed due to the tragic events of 9/11/01 in Manhattan, New York, and the distress caused by the senseless acts of violence from Islamic extremists who have killed over 5000 people in the World Trade Centers. Your prayers are needed for the deceased, the wounded, their friends and relatives and for peace and justice for all. Mark Konlee

HCV viral load declines after use of immunized eggs

Sao Paulo, Brazil: Aug. 24th: After using the immunized eggs for about 17 days in July, the PCR results of July 26th that arrived on August 24th showed a decline from last years level of 200,000. Jose writes: My PCR test results (from July 26th, 2001) was 150,000 for the HCV. That is a log 5 but close to log 4. I used to have log 6 or 1.5 million. I probably did not give enough time for the immunized eggs to work properly. I shall try again later. I am happy with the results however. Jose.

In another email message, Jose credits a high selenium intake with a significant decline in HCV viral titers

“I had a viral load of 1.5 million or log 6 when I was first diagnosed 3 years ago. I started on a high selenium dose intake of 1200 mcg daily which I did for 45 days. The viral load dropped from 1.5 million to 200,000 and has stayed there since. 200,000 is low for HCV by NIH Hepatitis Consensus Conference.

I haven’t taken the viral load very often for HCV as I consider the enzyme levels to be a more important indicator of the health of my liver. No elevated enzymes means no inflammation and no damage to the liver regardless of the viral load. I have seen people with HCV viral loads over 5 million and with normal liver enzymes. Also, I have seen people with low viral loads and high enzymes and resulting damage to the liver.

I don’t consider the 200,000 viral load of last year to be a reliable baseline as it was done so long ago. The best I can do is to look at the 150,000 viral load, after using the eggs for 2 + weeks, as a baseline and see what happens in the next few months when I am retested.

I still think the hyper-immunized eggs I have been using are superior to many other treatments I have tried.” Jose

Jose also reports his wife has the same viral type of HCV that is “1a.” He says “she cannot take the eggs every day because she has gall stones and the egg yolks cause discomfort and bad digestion. Besides the reaction seems stronger with her with lots of running nose, head aches and low grade fevers.” Jose:

Note: An article I read some time ago reports that pure lemon juice will dissolve gall stones eliminating the need for surgery in many cases. The article suggested about 1/4 cup of lemon juice mixed with an equal amount of water and taken on an empty stomach twice daily. The article was from a book on Chinese remedies but I don’t recall the title or how many days you had to do this to dissolve the stones, but I thought it was just a few days. Some readers have reported gall stones have been eliminated from their gall bladder with the daily or twice daily use of the whole lemon/olive oil drink.

Update: Jose sent an email message in which he stated that after 45 days of using 1200 mcg daily of selenium, he reduced the dose to 200 to 400 mcg daily for the past two years. Recently, he increased the dose to 600 mcg daily.

Update on immunizing chickens. He also reported he immunized his chickens for a third time. This time, he mixed 2.5 ml of his blood with distilled water, shook it and allowed it to settle. The blood cells ruptured and then settled to the bottom of the tube. He drew a clear reddish solution from the top of the tube and injected .4 cc into each of the chickens. This time, the chickens stopped laying eggs for a few days, indicating possibly a more effective immunization than in the previous attempts.

Immunized Goat’s milk for HIV. Reader reports increase in CD8’s along with weight gain but no decline in viral load

USA: Update on Barbara who we reported immunized her goat on July 25th, 2001. On August 14th, she immunized the goat again subcutaneously with 6 drops of blood in 3 cc of distilled water. The fevers and night sweats that started on July 26th have lasted the whole month of August along with severe fatigue.

On August 27th, she had blood tests done for T cell counts and viral load for HIV. The results were disappointing when the viral load remained above 500,000. Both PCR tests had this limitation as neither the baseline test or the August 27th test could measure viral loads above 500,000. The CD4’s decreased from 21 to 13 while the CD8’s increased from 183 to 324. The red blood cell count was low and the hemoglobin levels were subnormal.

In spite of this disappointing news, Barbara reported a gain of 8 pounds since the last week of July. At my urging, she decided to ask her physician for a prescription of Viramune, Zerit and Epivir, a non-protease combo that a number of readers have had very good results with. She is expected to start on the drug combo sometime in the week of September 10th.

Meanwhile, she said the goat has been impregnated and will have a kid in January or February next year. She plans to keep some of the Colostrum for herself. The Colostrum is thought to have the highest concentration of immunoglobulins, transfer factor and other immune factors.

Note: Last month I had serious doubts about Barbara doing this experiment when her CD4 count came back so low (21) and her viral load was so high (over 500,000). I felt that the experiment would stand a better chance of success if the CD4 count was 200 or higher. In spite of the disappointing lab results, Barbara indicated no regrets in pursuing this experiment and is looking forward to using the Colostrum next year.

Update: Sept. 14th: Barbara reports that on 9/13, her physician drew blood for yet a third set of lab tests for viral load and T cell counts. Barbara reports that although she has stopped drinking the immunized goat’s milk for the past two weeks, she is still getting the daily fevers and night sweats. The new lab results will be known in the 3rd week of Sept., just before starting on the anti-HIV prescription drugs.

She has been very reluctant to start on the meds but knows this is what she must do, at least for now. I suggested she also start eating foods rich in selenium.

Reader with HIV to use immunized eggs

In August, Ray, who lives in Florida, had his physician mail a sample of blood to a farmer (a contact of ours) to immunize 3 chickens subcutaneously to produce for him hyper-immunized eggs. Ray has been on a drug cocktail for several years but can no longer tolerate the side effects. He is willing to try any other treatment, even eating raw eggs, if that is what it takes to control this disease. His CD4 count is 400 and the viral load is 1000. He is expected to start using the immunized eggs within the next week. He has gone off the drug cocktails and plans to get another viral load test as a baseline on the same day he starts to use the immunized eggs.

In my opinion, Ray has a chance of greater success than did Barbara. While he is HIV+, he does not have AIDS as his T cell count is high enough to give him a relatively functional immune system at this time. Now we will just hope and wait to see if the personal immunized eggs will strengthen his immune system and help keep the virus at bay.

Vaccines, transfer factor, patents, profits and trade secrets

The business of producing vaccines has been going on for decades by pharmaceutical companies that keep their methods patented, proprietary and of course for-profit. There is a correlation between the functional purpose of vaccines and transfer factor. You could call transfer factor an oral vaccine.

At Keep Hope Alive, we do not have the advantage of all the knowledge, experience and research of the past several decades in producing vaccines or transfer factor. Dietary supplement companies that make transfer factor are not publishing do-it-yourself manuals for the general public any more readily than the pharmaceutical companies will tell the public how to make their own drugs and vaccines.

Research to develop a vaccine to prevent or treat AIDS is now in its 15th year and recently published reports hint of significant progress. Still, published reports add it will be a decade or more before such vaccines are widely available. Why? Is it becasuse these firms want to milk all the profits they can first from the existing drugs before they introduce better products?

The public can expect a very high price tag on these vaccines when they finally do become available. At Keep Hope Alive, we will continue on course with our limited resources and an abiding faith in the guiding hand of Divine Providence until our mission is accomplished.

We welcome all researchers and readers to do searches at the US patent office website and other sources on vaccines and transfer factor and the methods of production and share their findings with us.

Colonic or Mammary gland infusion of blood proposed as an improved method of immunizating goats and chickens

Until the fat lady sings, nothing I have written here at Keep Hope Alive is set in stone. Our ongoing efforts to develop a low-tech oral vaccine or personal transfer factor are both a learning experience and evolving process. Not every idea we try is going to work and a number of failures can be expected. An idea proposed last month can easily be replaced with a better one this month and so on it goes. What is ultimately important is that a sound idea emerges one day that works very effectively and constitutes a significant breakthrough in the ongoing war against chronic infectious disease.

In the evolving methods of immunizing chickens and goats, there are reasons for suggesting an infusion in the colon of the chicken or in the case of a goat in the udder might be an improvement over a subcutaneous injection.

First, a rectal or mammary implant eliminates the risk of human blood entering the blood vessels of the animal which could cause unnecessary stress to the immune system of the chicken or goat and second, because this risk is eliminated, you can increase the amount of blood from one or 2 drops to 20 drops or more and increase the viral exposure significantly to produce a more potent immunized egg or milk. Third, the membranes of the intestines of the chicken or goat will act like a fine filter to keep out the human blood cells, thus preventing the chicken from producing antibodies against human blood cells. At the same time, the intestines allows the viruses and other pathogens to penetrate the intestinal walls and to expose themselves to immune cells in the intestines.

The Herb Saunders method of mammary infusion while the mammal is pregnant has had 20 years of experience behind it. However, as chickens do not have udders (mammary glands) a colonic infusion is the logical alternative. A syringe with a Cannula sleeve can be used to give either a colonic or mammary gland infusion in either a chicken or a goat.

Note: Athough antibodies directed against human blood cells that might have formed in these first experiments are too large to be absorbed in the human gastrointestinal tract, the main reason for using a colonic or mammary gland infusion is the more efficient use of the chicken or goats immune system to produce a potent immunized egg or milk that has only positive effects (antibodies and transfer factors directed only against the pathogens and viruses) and eliminating all risk of unnecessary negative effects such as antibodies directed against human blood cells.

A second reader with Hepatitis C (HCV) reports a significant drop in viral titers using high doses of selenium daily.

“Let me preface my thoughts by saying that the current minimum RDA for Selenium in the US is around 70 mcg daily for adults. The typical dose in dietary supplements is about 200 mcg daily. I have read that selenium from dietary sources alone range from near zero to a high of 1100 mcg daily, depending on where you live and the amount of selenium found in the soil and eventually in the food. So far, we can assume that selenium levels vary widely among the populations of the world.

While in normal individuals, over exposure to selenium may be toxic causing gastrointestinal problems, hair loss and nerve damage, in persons with AIDS or hepatitis whose selenium levels are usually depleted because of the disease process, the normal and safe levels are thought to be much higher than the 200 to 300 mcg used daily by normal healthy individuals.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, I have supplemented with selenium at 1000 mcg daily with occasional lapses for over a year now without any noticeable ill effects, other than faster than normal hair and nail growth. During this time, I’ve seen my viral load for HCV drop from over 10,000,000 to around 600,000 along with a corresponding improvement in my overall condition.”


Note: Selenium in a mineral that is required for the production of Glutathione peroxidase, one of the most important antioxidants needed to support cell mediated immunity and CD8 killer T cell function.

Selenium deficiency linked to HIV progression, dropping T cells counts and increased heart disease in persons HIV+

A substantial amount of published scientific research has linked selenium deficiency to AIDS progression, increased HIV replication, weight loss, heart disease and elevated beta2 microglobulin levels. Supplementation with selenium has been reported to increase interluken 2 levels, increase T cell counts, reduce tumor necrosis factor, reduce the risk of cancer, reduce HIV replication, reduce beta2 microglobulin levels (measures rate of cell destruction), reduce depression and decrease the risk of death from HIV infection. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Selenium also is reported to help increase thyroid hormone production. (6). In AIDS, selenium deficiency has been linked to weight loss, heart disease and poor prognosis for toxoplasmosis.(7).

Selenium against AIDS and Cancer

Richard Passwater first published his research on selenium in the December, 1971, issue of Prevention magazine and has been researching the benefits of selenium ever since. His 48 page book “Selenium Against Cancer and Aids” is published by Keats Publishing and is found in health food stores. In reading through his book and in a partial review of hundreds of scientific abstracts and references to over 600 scientific studies, here is a useful but incomplete summary of what I have learned.

Selenium -

1. reduces mutations among viruses and other pathogens.

2. Increases glutathione peroxidase levels, the main antioxidant that our cells use to protect us from free radicals.

3. helps prevent most types of cancer including prostate cancer.

4. is used to produce an enzyme that helps the thyroid convert the hormone T4 to T3. (may help normalize body temperature)

5. low levels have been associated with depression and schizophrenia.

6. reduces the toxic effects of mercury and cadmium in the body.

7. protects the liver

8. improves cell mediated immune responses.

9. helps cellular respiration.

10. works synergistically with vitamin E in preventing cancer.

11. At therapeutic doses, reduces HIV and Hepatitis viral replication up to 90% and helps shrink cancers.

12. levels of selenium found to be subnormal for all types of cancer tested.


1. J Infect Dis. 2000 Sep;182 Suppl 1:S69-73

2. J assoc Nurses AIDS Care. 2000 Mar-Apr;11(2):103

3. J. Neurovirol. 1998 Jun 3-6;4(suppl):343

4. Conf Retroviruses Oppor Infect. 1996 Jan 28-Feb1;3rd:122

5. Annu Conf Australas Soc HIV Med. 1997 Nov 13-16;9:133

6. Lancet. 2000 Jul 15;356(9225):233-41

7. Int Conf AIDS 1996 Jul 7-12;11(1):124

Update: A reader (D.D.) with HCV, variant 1b, in California reported last week a viral load of 36 million. She has since started on 600 mcg of selenium daily. Within a few weeks, she also plans to immunize 3 chickens using the colonic infusion method described earlier in this newsletter.

Selenium - Questions and Answers

Q: What is the normal level of selenium in the blood?

A: Richard Passwater reports in his book that the normal level in the blood is greater than 180 mcg per liter. Cancer patients have less than 150 mcg per liter.

Q: What is the RDA for selenium?

A: The RDA is rated at 50 to 200 mcg per day but is most likely too low for preventing most cancers or to stop AIDS progression. In the United States, diet alone provides about 100 mcg daily. In the UK, the average daily intake is 60 mcg. In Japan, where selenium rich seafood’s are consumed and cancer and AIDS are substantially lower than in the US, the average intake of selenium is 600 mcg daily.

Q: What about toxicity?

A: Passwater states that organic forms of selenium (i.e. selenomethionine - derived from yeast) may be toxic at a dose over 3,500 mcg daily while inorganic forms like sodium selenite may be toxic at 1200 mcg daily. The most common symptom of toxicity is hair falling out. The symptoms are reversible when dosage is reduced or stopped temporarily.

Q: If a person is healthy, how much organic selenium should be taken daily as a supplement to prevent selenium deficiency?

A: I think the Japanese consumption level would be a good mark to emulate and that is 600 mcg daily. Passwater reports that in Greenland, many residents consume 1,300 mcg daily with no known side effects.

Q: How much selenium is needed to have a therapeutic effect if you have AIDS, hepatitis or cancer?

A: Our two readers who reduced their HCV viral load by 90% did it by taking 1000 to 1200 mcg daily or about 100 mcg of selenium per 20 pounds of body weight daily.

Q: What foods are highest in selenium?

A: Brazil Nuts (100 mcg per nut), then Brewers yeast, fatty fish (salmon, tuna, sardines), oysters, clams, wheat germ, mushrooms and whole grains.

Note: If you weigh 180 lbs, eating 3 Brazil nuts 3 times daily would give you 900 mcg of selenium and a therapeutic dose that could even be increased under a physicians supervision and monitoring of blood levels. Brazil nuts have the highest concentration of natural organic protein-bound selenium of any food on the planet.

Note: There will be no monthly report in October as I will be working on the next issue of Positive Health News

© 2001 Keep Hope Alive, PO Box 270041, West Allis, WI 53227 262-548-4344

Progressive Health News

Experiments in immunizing chickens to produce hyper-immunized eggs to treat HCV and another experiment to immunize a goat to treat HIV/AIDS is now underway.

VOL. 4, NO 7 August, 2001

Sao Paulo, Brazil: June 29th. Jose, who has Hepatitis C (HCV) immunizes 5 hens with his blood. First notifies us by email on July 15th

Since the Spring issue of Positive Health News and the article I wrote on immunizing chickens to produce immunized eggs to treat HIV and other infectious diseases, I have been waiting to hear from someone who actually would carry out this experiment. The email from Jose who lives near Sao Paulo, Brazil, was most welcome news when it arrived on July 15th. Here are some excerpts from his letter:

“This is the first report on my experiment with Hyper immunized chickens eggs in Sao Paulo, Brazil. On June 16th, I purchased 10 hens from a large chicken farm. The chickens had been kept in individual cages. I placed them in large chicken houses with 5 square meters of lawn so they get in contact with the soil and resume their chickens habits. I let them adapt to their new environment for 13 days and fed them organic grains, natural minerals and vegetables.
On June 29th, I drew some of my own blood and injected subcutaneously 2 or 3 drops or about .2 ML under the skin in the thigh area of each of the 5 chickens. The syringe I used was a 1 ML, that is used for insulin injections. Since the inoculation, the chickens have continued to lay eggs every day.
On July 7th, I did a second immunization in the same five chickens with about the same amount of blood. This time, I had a friendly nurse draw 10 ml of my blood in a vacuum tube. The eggs from July 9th gave a very strong reaction. I eat one egg daily. The effects were a low grade fever, sore throat, running nose and body aches (flu-like symptoms).
I add the egg to some cold milk plus a little honey and whip it in a blender. After a few days of using the immunized eggs, the only symptom that remained was a sore throat after eating the raw egg. “ Jose email:

On Monday, July 16th, I called Jose and we had a brief discussion:

Mark: I was very happy to receive your email and glad to see that someone has actually taken a concept beyond the idea and discussion stage and acted upon it.

Jose: I have read your publications for a long time and admire your tireless efforts. I am very excited and hopeful about this experiment.

Mark: That makes two of us who are optimists. Has your energy level been affected by the immunized eggs?

Jose: Yes, I would always wake up feeling like I have a hang over and then there is fatigue that lingers all day. I can say that for the past week I don’t feel this any more. I wake up without the hang-over feeling and I have more energy.

Note: In our conversation, I suggested that he eat two eggs daily instead of one. He began doing this on July 17th.

On July 25th, I received an email from Jose who reported on his first lab result since eating the immunized eggs. He reported his platelet counts have increased from 113,000 to 153,000. He wrote that the increase is a more marked one. He added: “I intend to run a PCR for HCV tomorrow. I just can’t stand it. I will let you know as soon as any results become available.”

Note: Jose told me that the nurse that drew 10 ml of blood for the second inoculation of the chickens added some anti-coagulant to the blood. I have reservations about adding an anticoagulant to the blood as one anticoagulant, “heparin” is reported to inactivate lipid enveloped viruses. Blood drawn at room temperature usually remains a liquid for a few days. If the person drawing the blood feels an anti-coagulant is needed, it would be better to add an equal amount of distilled water.

In our discussions, Jose talked about doing an IM (intramuscular) injection of his blood or using larger amounts in a third inoculation of the chickens. I advised him against using more blood or an IM injection. I reasoned that too much blood could cause excess stress on the immune system of the chickens and possibly do permanent damage to its immune system as the blood cells will battle each other. Doing the injection subcutaneously is done to prevent the human blood cells from getting into the animals veins and arteries. What we want is to get the viruses and other infectious agents into the capillaries of the chicken and not foreign blood cells. In my opinion, a single drop of blood is all that is needed to inoculate a chicken or a goat. With a chicken, you could add up to 1/2 cc of distilled water to one drop of blood and with a goat 2 drops of blood to one cc of water.

Note: Jose has offered to immunize his other five chickens for anyone in Brazil with HIV, hepatitis or any other chronic infection to produce their own personal hyper-immunized eggs. You may contact him be email at

Note: Robert Carson MD, told me that adding distilled water to blood would lead to a breakdown of the blood cell walls and a release of viral particles into the blood serum. He concurred with the theory that adding distilled water to a few drops of blood might increase the inoculations effectivenss as more viral particles are released from the infected cells. This turned out be be the method that Barbara used on July 25th.

July 25th, 2001. Barbara immunizes her goat to treat her HIV condition. The inoculation sets off an immune reaction fireworks.

United States: somewhere on the East coast. Last month I reported a planned immunization of a goat with HIV-infected blood from one of our readers. Barbara was diagnosed with AIDS about 5 years ago in 1996. Before immunizing her goat, she had blood drawn for lab tests on July 23rd. Her numbers were sobering. CD4 count was 21 and her viral load for HIV was listed in excess of 500,000. This is because the test used only measures up to a 500,000 viral load.

Last month, Barbara, who lives on 2 and 1/2 acres with her 5 children, had planned to infuse her blood in the hind teat of the goat using a syringe with an attached Teat Infusion Cannula. On Wednesday, July 25th, at 9 am, she pricked her finger and drew out about 6 drops of blood that she added ato about 1/2 teaspoon of distilled water. I had suggested to her a few days previous that if she could not get enough blood by pricking her finger to just add it to a small amount of distilled water.

She drew the blood and water mixture into a 3 CC needle syringe. Then she placed the Cannula over the needle and inserted the Cannula into one of the hind teats of the goat. As she began pressing on the syringe plunger, the blood and water mixture started comming out of the bottom of the Cannula instead of going into the udder.

Seeing that this method was not working, she withdrew the syringe and Cannula from the udder and looked for an area of loose skin on the goat to inject the animal subcutaneously. She found a spot on the left side, midsection near the belly that had some loose skin. She inserted the needle at an angle and injected the blood and water mixture under the skin. Immediately, the goat began to dance and stomp around thinking it had been bit. She injected the full 3 cc that was in the syringe.

After the inoculation was over, she noticed that the needle was removable from the syringe and that the Cannula fit over a tube that the needle had occupied. Never having used a Cannula before is why the teat infusion attempt failed. Never-the-less, with the subcutaneous injection, the goat was now exposed to the HIV in her blood and events would soon take their course. She called me shortly after doing the immunization of the goat to tell me what had transpired.

I told her that for now all we could do is wait for a sign that the goat was fighting an infection. The sign we were waiting for was for the goat to develop a fever. I told Barbara that there would not be any immune modulating value to the milk until this happened. I said: “with the chickens in Brazil, it took 7 to 10 days before the eggs started producing immune reactions, so I wouldn’t expect anything to happen too soon.”

On Thursday morning, July 26th, Barbara called to tell me that by 7pm Wednesday evening, just 10 hours after the inoculation, the goat was showing signs of being heated and was feeling hot. She said: “the goat had a major fever last night.” My first reaction was one of complete surprise. I had expected a reaction from the goat, but not this soon, and not on the same day of the inoculation.

I inquired as to how the goat was doing this morning. She said the goat was not as lively as it usually is. It is eating less and acting tired.

After we got off the phone, Barbara drank her first cup of milk that she had obtained from the goat on Wednesday evening at the same time the goat was breaking with a fever. Later that day, only a few hours after drinking the first glass of immunized mik, she called to report that she too had developed a low grade fever. It was Thursday evening and this story was just beginning to unfold. For the next several days, she would drink one cup of goat’s milk in the morning, the milk have been drawn on the previous day. With strong reactions setting in, there was no need to up the dosage.

On Friday morning, I called Barb to see how she was doing and she reported that she had developed night sweats last night and had not had these in years. She had a headache, her nose was running, her muscles were aching and her throat was sore. She said her temp was just over 100° F. I told her that these were flu-like symptoms and a sign of strong immune activation and that her symptoms were similar to Jose’s in Brazil, except hers were much more intense.

Saturday, July 28th: Barbara said that Friday night was kind of scary. Her temperature reached nearly 102° F and she sweated profusely in bed until by 3am in the morning, the sheets were saturated. She had a pounding headache along with aching muscles. Late Friday evening, doubts began to set in as to whether she should have started this experiment and she prayed and asked God for a sign if she should continue. On Saturday morning, she told me that her head was felt “clear” for the first time in years. She took that as a sign to continue.

She continued to drink one cup of the goats milk each morning from the previous days milking and all the symptoms persisted but slightly less intense on Saturday evening and Sunday evening. On Sunday, she reported that her urine turned brown in color and emitted a very strong odor. By Monday morning, the headaches stopped and the aching muscles were gone and the color of the urine had returned to normal - clear and slightly yellow.

By Tuesday morning, her appetite was returning and she began eating normally. However, a few hours after her morning drink of the goat’s milk, a low grade fever will develop. By late evening each day, the temperature will reach 101 or 102° F. When it reaches 102, she takes a Tylenol and it drops about 1 degree.

On Thursday, August 2nd, the night sweats stopped. This morning, August 3rd, the 9th day into this experiment, Barbara reports that the only symptom remaining is the fevers that are most noticeable in the evening. In the morning, her temperature is either normal or just slightly elevated. She continuse to eat normally and has no more headaches, night sweats or aching muscles.

Sunday, August 5th. A phone call found Barb not feeling well. Concerned that she might be overdosing on the immunized milk, I suggested she stop using the goat’s milk for a few days and to resume at a reduced dose when she feels back on track. Barb has also been taking Diflucan for a yeast infection. It is not also beyond the range of possibilities that she may be developing an allergy to the goat’s milk or there still could be yeast overgrowth or die-off causing her to feel “not well.” I suggested she get a new diagnosis from her physician to determine if other factors have been overlooked.

Two sources have offered to produce personal hyper-immunized eggs

Two sources have now offered to produce personal hyper-immunized eggs. Persons interested in participating should write to Keep Hope Alive and write the letter PTF in the lower left corner of the envelope. Be sure to include your phone number. So far, we have had about 6 inquiries and two persons with HIV are reported going ahead with the hyper-immunized egg experiment.

BioChoice Immune 26 Detroit, MI

Update: The mother whose 15 yr. old daughter has been using Bio Choice Immune 26, the hyper-immunized egg product since early April, 2001, reported that the viral load declined slightly from 600,000 in Feb., 2001 to 492,000 in a test taken on, June 11, 2001. The small decline is a disappointment but not a surprise to us as we anticipated viral resistance might develop to the egg product after a few months. In a further sign of declining effectiveness, there was some slippage in the CD3, CD8 and WBC counts in a test done June 25th.

One of the drawbacks of a mass produced hyper immunized product is that the HIV antigen does not come directly from the patient and if the evolving strain of the virus is not re-implanted in the chickens, the eggs will lose their antiviral effectiveness. This is particularly true of HIV as it rapidly mutates. Other pathogens may not mutate so rapidly and the product could maintain its effectiveness against those pathogens. For these reasons, I believe the most efficacious transfer factor product will come when the chickens immune system is challenged with viruses coming from the patients own blood and then the chicken is re-immunized with the patients blood at the first signs of viral resistance. This called “Personal Transfer Factor” and is the most promising immune-based currently treatment currently on the horizon.

Doctor changes drug cocktail for no apparent reason, leading to side effects. Was a bonus check involved in the protocol change?

Houston, TX, July 13, 2001: A reader (Patrick) called and reported that for the past five month his skin has been covered by small red dots and the doctor said it was a fungal infection. He had this condition for the past 5 or 6 months. Prior to January, the patient has been using Norvir, 2 capsules 3 times daily along with Zerit and Epivir. On this protocol, he experienced no side effects and his viral load was non-detectable and his CD4 counts were normal. In January, for no apparent reason, his doctor said: “Let’s try Ziagen (Abacavir) and Combivir (AZT and 3TC), two products made by GlaxoSmithKline. By the end of February, a rash developed and not even a month’s worth of antibiotics could budge it nor could any treatments offered by the dermatologist nor did a home made garlic oil ointment with coconut and oil olive oil help. In addition the patient developed insomnia.

My opinion was that the patient might have an excess of histamines causing the red skin condition. Since the condition developed after he started on the new drug cocktail, I suggested he go back to the cocktail of Norvir, Zerit and Epivir he used last year before this condition developed. I have very high regards for this combination.

For some time I have heard that physicians are offered bonus checks by some pharmaceutical companies for meeting prescription quotas for certain drugs. Was a bonus check a factor in the physician’s decision to change the patients protocol? The patient had been doing very well on Norvir, Zerit and Epivir. His viral load was non-detectable. His T cells were normal and he had no side effects. So why did the physician make the change? Was it to get a bonus check? These unethical practices need more exposure. Physicians should give prescriptions to patients based on what is most beneficial to the patients and not their pocket book. I have heard about these promised bonus checks from various sources and some practicing or retired physician needs to come forward and spill the beans on these unethical practices.

KS remissions credited to Maitake mushrooms. Moducare linked to CD4 increases

Hello Mark, I’m writing first to say thank you for such a helpful and inspirational site. I’ve used the whole lemon/olive oil drink on and off for several years now with great success, normal liver function being one, despite the heaviest drug regime.

For the past 3 years I have been taking liquid zinc, magnesium and selenium ( with amazing results (instant genital herpes healing with no recurring outbreaks, increased energy, libido, sense of well-being, increased CD4 counts etc.) from a scientist I befriended at a clinic here in London.

This past May (2001), I added Moducare, 2 tablets 3 times a day which I feel has stopped my anxiety and given me a feeling of calm like nothing I experienced before. My MAI/MAC infection of neck and abdominal lymph finally cleared within two months after two years on antibiotics. Had no improvement prior to taking Moducare.

Previously to 1999, I suffered from KS cancer pretty much all over my body. On the advice of a friend who had total remission of his KS from Maitake tablets (7 X 3 a day) I took the plunge and started the Maitake, with a CD4 count of 17 and after 3 months on the tablets, my KS stopped and faded. No one was more surprised than me. I say this because I have NO faith in any type of medicine/remedy/herbs etc. My feeling is that this stuff has to prove itself to me. This same friend lent me your manual on How to Reverse Immune Dysfunction.

I would love to hear from anyone using Moducare, Maitake or liquid zinc. Simon or

Transfer Factor Plus Update

Chicago, IL: One reader on a drug cocktail (Crixivan, Zerit and Epivir) for HIV took 2 TF+ (4-Life Products) capsules daily for 6 days prior to his latest lab test resulting in a doubling of his CD4 counts form 219 to 434. This was his first use of TF+. He credits the TF+ for the sudden increase in the CD4’s since he had been on the same drug cocktail for several months with no upward movement in the CD4’s although his viral load was non-detectable.

Meanwhile, one of 6 HIV+ persons using 2 capsules daily of TF+ and using a combination of Viramune, Zerit and Epivir, who had reported earlier increases in his CD4’s, recently reported a small decrease in his CD4’s in the 4th month of using the product although his viral load remains non-detectable.

Kaletra vs. Norvir - Is Kaletra really better?

Both Norvir and Kaletra are protease inhibitors made by Abbot Labs. Kaletra, the most recent drug, is supposed to be an improvement over Norvir. However, we have had two readers who used Kaletra in combination with other drugs for treating HIV and both said that Kaletra did not work. Their viral loads have increased significantly. Norvir is still available and has a history of remitting KS lesions, cancers and strongly promotes antigen presentation and DTH responses, indicative of strong cell mediated immune reactions. In our opinion, we are not convinced that Kaletra is an improvement over Norvir and Norvir remains our number one choice as an FDA approved immune modulator and anti-viral for treating AIDS.

Norvir works well in combination with Zerit and Epivir. Norvir works with fewer side effects if used three times daily in smaller doses instead of twice daily in the standard dose of 6 caps 2X as originally recommended by Abbot Labs - a dose too high to be tolerated by most persons.

For dosing, we suggest dividing the total body weight in pounds by 20 to equal the total number of capsules to use daily and then divide this into 3 portions. Example: 180 lbs divided by 20 = 9 capsules. This equates to 3 capsules taken 3 times daily.

Update: South African Potato (Hypoxis Rooperi). The phone number published last month for the source of encapsulated Hypoxis Rooperi in the UK has changed. The correct phone number from the US for Hypoxirol is 011-44-188-782-0121.

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Progressive Health News

AIDS in Africa - Sister Rucira offers homeopathic remedies in Nairobi, Kenya.

African Potato with sterinols and sterols improves immune function.

Palm oil and olive oil for improved HDL/LDL ratios

VOL. 4, NO 6 July 1, 2001

Mark Konlee

In the heart of Nairobi’s worst slums, Sister (Didi) Rucira opened, in July 2000, the first homeopathic clinic in Kenya to treat persons living with AIDS. The ABHA LIGHT HEALTH CENTRE uses homeopathy as the main treatment but will apply any natural treatment that is affordable. In an email message to me, Didi (means Sister) Rucira requested a copy of our book on reversing immune dysfunction. We have mailed her 2 copies, one for the clinic and one for her classes on healing and health services that she offers in Kenya.

Didi writes on her web site that official statistics says that one in every 8 persons in Kenya is infected with HIV, but at her clinic, she reports that 40% of her clients have HIV. Didi reports that the decimation of the family structure is spreading at an alarming rate as one or both of the parents die of AIDS. She says that AIDS is ostracized here and that if a family member is known to have the disease, they are thrown out and are also rejected by their own friends and community. Even children are thrown out of homes if they are thought to have HIV. Didi states: “It is beyond comprehension what Africa will look like in 5 or 10 years time.”

To complicate matters, hospitals, clinics, doctors and nurses, do not tell the patients of their HIV diagnosis even when they know it and the patients are not told what they are being treated for. Didi: “I see many HIV+ patients, but it’s never about HIV. It’s always: I’ve got a cough, a headache and a belly ache. I’ve got diarrhea, don’t have any appetite and I’m losing weight. HIV is never mentioned.” Then there is PCP and Tuberculosis that Didi describes as “a painful, dry, hacking cough with bloody expectoration.”

Her clinic treats several hundred patients each week and a mobile health service that reaches rural areas has given health services to thousands of afflicted persons. On her web site, she is asking for volunteers to come and work at her clinic and well as donations to support it. The website is

The address to write or send donations is

Abha Light Health, PO Box 6919 Nairobi, Kenya.

A link to her web site has been placed on our home page at There are 8 homeopathic remedies that Didi refers to as the “big 8” on her web site that she gives all her AIDS clients for starters. They are phosphorus, arsenicum alb, pulsatilla, mercurius sol, thuja, medorrinum, lycopodium and silcea. She also uses a lot of herbal tinctures, alfalfa and echinacea. She gives “the big 8” for persons with HIV on the first visit as there are so many people and so limited resources to diagnosis and recommend more specific treatments. One volunteer, Tim describes a typical day at her clinic:

“waking up around 6:30 am, taking a bucket bath (there is only electricity starting from about 11 pm till 6:30 am), packing up our medical equipment, medical books, laptop and lunch and getting into a taxi to take us to the slums. We arrive at 9 am at the clinic, and are besieged with patients of every variety till about 5 or 6 pm.

We leave on a “matatus” which are minivans packed with passengers which costs about 10 cents for a ride. The ride is incredible as there are no rules. There are no stop signs or traffic lights, so drivers simply vie for right of way randomly, it is incredible chaos. Drivers routinely go up on sidewalks and over top of everything. There is virtually no pedestrian right of way. Once we arrive home, we eat some fruit or whatever Didi has prepared, usually delicious and nutritious. Then we get to solving the cases of the day which usually takes many hours. Then we go to sleep and the next day start all over again. We have Fridays off, teach all day Saturday, and 3 hours on Sunday. Over all, Tish and I feel so privileged to be here. The people are beautiful, the children are so free and wonderfully alive. It is also exciting to see some of these wonderful cases. Warmly, Tim.

Table of Contents added to Keep Hope Alive web site for past issues of Positive Health News

Finding particular articles in past issues of Positive Health News on our web site became easier on July 1st, when I added a paragraph under each issue describing the title of most of the articles published in issues of Positive Health News published since 1995. The summary was made possible thanks to the help of Eusibo, one of our readers who helped prepare the table of contents. The summary of the contents comes up when Positive Health News is double clicked on the home page. When printed out, this 3 page summary gives your an overview of some of the most important articles published in the last 5 years and makes locating the information a whole lot easier.

Reader will attempt to make a personal transfer factor by immunizing a goat and 2 chickens

USA: Barbara, who is divorced and has AIDS, lives in a home with her 5 children on 2.5 acres. Last month, her ex-husband bought her two milking goats and plans to pick up two laying hens this week. She told me in June that she plans to use the Herb Saunders methods to immunize one of the goats and to use a pin-prick method to immunize the two chickens.

Saunders implanted about one teaspoon of blood in each of the two hind teats of cows that were pregnant about 6 to 8 weeks before the calves were expected. He used a hypodermic needle that had a plastic sleeve over it called a “Cannula” and after drawing blood in the syringe would inject it into the udder of the two teats. Saunders said that the cow would develop a fever within a week or two. When the calf is born, the first 2 or 3 milking called Colostrum were saved and frozen in ice cube trays. About 2 cubes were thawed out and used daily.

In this experiment, the goats are already producing milk and it is thought the immunoglobulins and transfer factor will still be present in the milk although less concentrated than found in the first few milkings of the Colostrum. Therefore, Barbara plans to drink one pint of the immunized raw goats milk daily. The immunization of the goats in planned for this month after a milking when the udder of the goat has been emptied. If this variation of the Saunders method works, it will open to door for others to immunize goats without waiting for them to get pregnant.

The Pin-prick method of immunizing chickens

In a second experiment and as a back-up to the goat, she plans to immunize two chickens by placing a drop of her blood on the chickens and then use a sewing needle that will be placed in the middle of the drop of blood to puncture the skin. The puncture will be made at a narrow angle about 1/4 inch long so it enters just under the skin like a sliver of wood. The needle will be withdrawn after the first puncture and a small amount of blood placed on the tip and then re-inserted into the puncture hole to force a portion of a drop of blood under the skin.

The technique of a needle and a drop of blood is similar to how a doctor might pick up an infection from one of his patients in a hospital when a drop of blood accidentally touches his skin. If the skin has a cut or puncture, it is highly likely that the infection will be transferred. Preventing accidental exposure to a patient’s blood is one of the headaches of today’s surgeons.

The ideal way to infect a chicken is to purchase the pure virus in a vial from a lab that markets antigens for research purposes. Two problems are involved. One is the cost - several thousands of dollars and second, these labs will only sell these viruses to health care professionals and pharmaceutical companies and firms making specialized transfer factor products and not to the public. In Africa and Asia, the cost factor alone makes this ideal method impractical. Low-tech methods such as the Saunders method or the Pin-prick method could be done by just about anyone who knows how to read. Once the host animal is exposed to the blood of an infected patient, it may take 2 to 6 weeks or longer for enough viral replication to occur to trigger a systemic immune response in the animal. After this occurs, the milk of a goat or the egg yolk of the chicken should have some real medicinal value. How much and how effective remains to be seen.

As of today, the actual immunizations have not been done. She is waiting for the two chickens to arrive and the plastic sleeve (Cannula) that will be placed over the needle syringe for insertion in the goats hind teats. The Cannula called a “Teat Infusion Cannula” can be obtained at Valley Vet Supply, 1118 Pony Express Hwy, Marysville, KS 66508 800-360-4838. The product number is 16439. Cost is $4.25 for 100 plastic cannulas. The web site also list Dr. Larson Plastic Teat Tubes.

Note: Barbara was diagnosed with AIDS 5 years ago and has self-treated during this time. She currently has serious yeast overgrowth and thrush. She has not seen a doctor in 2 years. I advised her to get an immediate checkup and lab tests and depending on results to consider using a prescription drug cocktail at least for a few months to stabilize her condition before proceeding with this experiment. If she does, there may be a further delay in this experiment.

We are looking for more volunteers for this experiment in making low cost TF using goats or chickens, but want volunteers with CD4 counts above 200 who are not using drug cocktails or someone who has developed drug resistance to all the pharmaceutical drugs and has nothing to lose by participating in this research. In Africa, it doesn’t matter as most of the population is too impoverished to afford the drugs, but in the US, no one should place their life at risk when there is available effective drug combinations that do work.

Barbara recently said that her children are excited about the planned experiment. She said her 9 yr. old son told her: “I know what you are doing. You are giving the virus to the goat and the goat will make the cure that ends up in the milk.” She replied: “that is how we hope it works.” We wish her the best of results and improved health whatever she does.

Detroit MI - BioChoice Immune 26 Detroit, MI:

Last month, we reported on the case of a 15 yr. old girl who has AIDS and has been using Bio Choice Immune 26, the immunized egg product from Legacy USA, 3 servings daily and her mother’s claim of improved health for her daughter. In a lab test done on June 11, about 2 months into this therapy, her mother reports an increase in CD8’s from 154 to 296, CD3’s from 187 to 343, CD4’s from 5 to 8 and WBC’s from 2.4 to 3.5. Her viral load that she said measured in the hundreds of thousands last year was also taken on June 11 but the results will not be known until July 10th.

The mother remains convinced that the immunized egg product has help her daughter very much. She reported that her daughter had been in a wheel chair when she started using the product early in April, 2001. She said: “then I saw death approaching; now I see life.” She said that yesterday her daughter wanted to go swimming.

Two readers offer to send their blood samples to anyone who will immunize the chickens and send them back the eggs.

Several readers have told me that the idea of keeping a couple chickens in their house or apt is not practical and are willing to pay someone to do this for them.

In a conversation with a small manufacturer of dietary supplements who also makes transfer factor products, I was told that he might be able to offer this service in about one month. He asked me to gather the names of 5 or 6 persons who might be interested in having personal immunized eggs produced for them. The plan is to have separate pens for 3 chickens per person that should produce between 2 to 3 dozens eggs every 2 weeks. The eggs would be marked with a felt pen with a number assigned to that person and kept in a refrigerator and shipped out by overnight air twice a month. The postage alone would cost $20 to $25 per shipment plus other fees for feeding the chickens and gathering the eggs daily, marking and storing them as required. Eggs under refrigeration usually have a 6 week shelf life. Anyone interested should write to Keep Hope Alive and place the letters PTF on the envelope in the lower left corner and be sure to include your phone number.

We have reasons for interviewing each person who might want to participate in this experiment that I will not enumerate here. PTF stands for Personal Transfer Factor. Do not send emails on this subject. Also, contacts are being made with a farmer on our mailing list who raises chickens and might possibly be a second source for this type of service. Also, there are some safety and legal issues involved in this PTF project that need to thoroughly studied before any action is taken.

Moducare - sterols and sterinols and a source found for the South African potato

In Positive Health News, Report 19, we published an article on sterols and sterinols found in the South African potato and their immune modulatory effects. What researchers found is that the sterinols and sterols in the South African potato could reduce IL-6 and increase IL-2 and gamma interferon, three very desirable effects needed in persons with HIV, HHV-6, CFIDS and other conditions where the TH2 arm of the immune system is overactive and the TH1 is anergic (inactive).

Some readers have used a product called Moducare that reportedly has helped them feel better. One person with HIV wrote recently that his CD4 counts have increased since starting on Moducare. Moducare, however, is made with sterols from soy and the sterolins come from pine.

This past week, one of our readers located the product from which all the original research started - the South African potato. He told me that he and 3 other persons with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have used it with favorable results. Everyone has reported more energy and less fatigue. He reported moderate to significant improvements. He uses 2 capsules daily. The scientific name for the most widely used strain of the South African potato is called “hypoxis rooperi.” One site offers 90 capsules to a bottle at a cost of 20 British pounds. More information can be found at The importer is Sangoma Naturals in London. From the US dial 011-44-181-959-1508 email

Note: It is almost impossible to find a source of the So. African Potato in the US. The product is in growing demand from persons with HIV, CFIDS and Cancer. Some sources on the internet offer tinctures but I have had no luck thus far getting a reply to email messages. A search of the word “hypoxis” on the web produced 1600 hits. Good luck fishing through all this. There are some strains of the African potato other than “rooperi” but I would avoid using them until more is known about their effects.

Palmitic Acid from Palm oil increases the good HDL cholesterol

Research published as long ago as 1990 at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA, discovered that dietary palmitic acid found in Palm oil increases the good HDL cholesterol and reduces excess levels of LDL (1). Researchers Lindsey, Benattar , Pronczuk and Hayes stated: “Replacing 12:0 plus 14:0 from coconut oil with 16:0 as palm oil induced a significant increase in high density lipoprotein (HDL) with a trend toward decreased LDL.”

Note: 16:0 is Palmitic acid whereas 14:0 is Myristic acid and 12:0 is lauric acid.

HDL, known as High Density Lipoproteins are responsible for keeping LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins) in solution and preventing them from depositing on artery walls. In fact, HDL counts below 35 are considered to place a patient at risk for developing CVD (Cardio -Vascular Disease). The ratio of LDL to HDL or LDL/HDL should be 4 or less. The ratio is determined by dividing the total HDL into the LDL’s. The higher the resulting number is above 4, the greater the risk of developing CVD. In other words, if the LDL is 160, the HDL should be 40 or higher.

Researchers have found that vegetable oils high in polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) decrease LDL cholesterol which is good but also decrease the HDL cholesterol which is bad (2). The vegetable oils high in PUFAs are commonly found in grocery stores and include corn oil canola oil, sunflower oil and others.

Researchers at the University of Montpellier have found that Crude Palm Oil used in conjunction with fish oil produced a better lipid profile in rats to prevent CVD than fish oil used in conjunction with refined Palm oil. They found the HDL/LDL ratio to improve, lower triglycerides, and apoB and apoA1 to be depressed and enhanced, respectively (3)

Other than Palm oil and fish oil , researchers have found that olive oil promotes a good lipid profile. In Venezuela, researchers found, in animal experiments, trying various combinations of fats that “platelet aggregability was lower in animals fed with palmitic acid rich diet.” (4) Platelet aggregation or blood stickiness is responsible for strokes and blood clots in CVD. Several other products have been found to stop blood cells from sticking together ranging from Aspirin to cayenne to cider vinegar to some antioxidants like Pycnogenol and olive leaf extract. In Spain, researchers found in humans that after a diet high in Palm oil called Palmolein, that lipid peroxide value were lower than those for sunflower oil. (5)

Research done is Africa of two groups of rats, one fed fresh Palm oil and the other fed oxidized Palm oil. Both oils increased the HDL’s but the oxidized oil increased the blood pressure and also higher LDL levels than the fresh Palm oil. (6)

Smart Balance - a patented margarine with Palm oil and olive oil that claims to increase the HDL to LDL ratio

A new margarine has reached grocery shelves in the United States that uses current guidelines from the American Heart Assn. for lipid blends and is not hydrogenated and has no trans fatty acids. The AHA has found that the best lipid profiles in the blood to prevent CVD come from using 1 part Saturated oils, 1 part Mono-unsaturated fats and 1 part Polyunsaturated fats. Smart Balance is made by Heart Beat Foods in Cresskill, NJ 201-568-9300. This is the first good tasting margarine on the market that contains no trans fatty acids and may help prevent CVD.

On his website, Paul Newman, reports that Palm oil that comes from the fruit should not be confused with Palm Kernel oil that comes from a nut. The present research support the use of Palm oil, not Palm Kernel oil.

A possible good combination is to use Palm oil and Olive oil together. To decrease the lipid peroxides even further, take olive leaf extract capsules with 20% oleuropein. Two to four capsules daily have reduced the LDL cholesterol and along with Palm oil and Olive oil should improve the HDL/LDL ratio and lower the free radical lipid peroxides. Salmon, Sardine and Cod Liver oil high in DHA/EPA also significantly improve the HDL/LDL ratio and lipid profiles. Elevated homocysteine levels have also been linked to CVD. B12 and Folic acid are known to lower homocysteine levels.

Note: For several years, I have looked at lab results of persons doing poorly (with HIV, CFIDS etc.) and have always observed a low level of HDL’s. Low HDL’s may be linked to a failure of cell-mediated immunity and improving the HDL/LDL ratio might also improve immune function.

1. Proc Soc Exp Biol Med 1990 Nov;195(2):261-9

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6. Afr J Med Sci 1996 Dec; 25(4):335-40

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Progressive Health News

L. Plantarum improves immune function in children with HIV with one seroconverting to negative status

VOL. 4, NO 5 ...............................June 1, 2001

Probiotics and Immune Response

Mark Konlee

An article by Susanna Cunninghan-Rundles and 10 other researchers at Cornell Medical Center in New York City titled “Probiotics and Immune Response” was published in the Am J. of Gastroenterology (1) in January, 2000. The research was done to determine if giving children born with HIV the probiotic L. Plantarum orally would improve nutrient status and promote growth. The researchers stated that some probiotics produce nutrients, absorbable peptides and vitamins essential for the host. The colonization of the intestines with friendly bacteria may prevent overgrowth of the unfriendly bacteria

The first child to be tested with oral use of L Plantarum was 11 years of age and had candidal esophagitis and chronic diarrhea. He was given L Plantarum (299v) for one month. After one month of treatment, his “mouth ulcers, candidiasis, and diarrhea resolved. The child’s appetite improved markedly, he ate three full meals a day and he was able to enjoy playing again. The improvement in weight was statistically significant. “

As a result of this one case a double-blind controlled study was undertaken involving 17 children to test the effects of the oral administration of L Plantarum. Rundles et al state that “no child was withdrawn from the study because of side effects or problems with taste.” Colonization is reported to have taken place in 2 weeks. The amount of L Plantarum taken was not stated in the article.

Of 17 children studied, the researchers stated that 10 were responsive and 7 were non-responsive. Responsive meaning that positive results were noted. No information in the article was given as to the diet of the children, any medicines they may have been taking and no mention of whether any prebiotics (fiber and non-digestible carbohydrates) were taken.

Interestingly, the article states that “a child with marked growth failure born to an HIV positive mother, was subsequently found to be HIV negative by PCR and eventually showed seroconversion of the previously positive HIV antibody reactivity. “ Of this child they also observed gains in height and weight and “a marked augmentation in immune response.” They further added: “This difference reflected a change from generalized anergy to normal immune response within 1 month and occurred in the absence of any other intervention or treatment.”

The authors reported on other studies that showed that lactobacillus improved phagocytic activity in peripheral blood cells. Phagocytic means the ability of certain white blood cells to engulf and destroy bacteria and viruses in the blood. The authors concluded that L Plantarum has the potential to improve growth, development and immune response in HIV+ children.

The authors did not claim that one of the 17 children in the study was “cured” of HIV infection although they reported in the absence of any other treatment, the blood levels of HIV by PCR were non-detectable and the HIV antibody status that was positive became non-reactive or negative.

The big question for us is whether these kinds of results can be duplicated. Unknown and not mentioned is whether the HIV antibody status of this child will remain negative if the use oral use of L Plantarum is discontinued. Other researchers report that L Plantarum produces a two peptide antibiotic that they call a “lantibiotic.” (2) Researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, report that “Vaginal colonization with lactobacilli should be evaluated as potential interventions to reduce a woman’s risk of acquiring HIV-1, gonorrhea and trichomoniasis.” (3)

1. Am J Gastroenterology 2000 Jan;95(1 Suppl):S22-5

2. Microbiology, 2001 Mar;147(Pt 3):643-51

3. J Infect Dis 1999 Dec; 180(6):1863-8

An interview with a long term HIV survivor who has used a probiotic formula with L Plantarum for the past 5 years

The following exchange took place on May 30, 2001

Mark: You left a phone message with me the other day that after 14 years of being HIV+ and only using prescription drugs once for 2 months several years ago, that your CD4 count is 524 and your viral load is 8000. When was this test taken?

Tracy: Last week of April (2001). It had been 5 years since my last lab test.

Mark: Sounds like you don’t like to see a doctor very often.

Tracy: That’s right. I have never been sick with any opportunistic infection in the past 14 years. I’ve had two ex-lovers die of AIDS and I have buried 75 friends from this disease. Since 1987, I’ve only used the prescription drugs for HIV for 2 months and that was 5 years ago.

Mark: The trauma of living and dying from AIDS has hit the gay community very hard since the mid 1980’s. In the past few years, a great portion of society has reached a stage of mental “burn-out” on this subject. Today, an increasing number of married (heterosexual) women are becoming HIV+ and are contacting us for help. In the US, it is harder for heterosexuals to deal with HIV than gays, especially when it comes to peer support. This is because of the myth that only gays, bisexuals, drug addicts and prostitutes get the disease. Worldwide, the majority of persons infected are heterosexuals (especially in Africa and Asia). This virus follows the Army’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. It doesn’t ask our sexual preference, it just infects anyone when the opportunity is provided. Tell me something, in the past 14 years, when was your viral load the highest and your CD4 count the lowest?

Tracy: That was about 5 years ago. I had a lab test that showed my viral load at 50,000 and my CD4 count had dropped to just under 300. The doctor told me that I needed to start on the drugs immediately or I would die. So I relented and started on Zerit and Epivir. I took it for two months and it made me real sick so I quit.

Mark: Most of our readers tolerate these two drugs very well but people react differently. What did you do then?

Tracy: I took lots of herbs.

Mark: What kind of herbs?

Tracy. Well, let me take you back to the first year, 1987. For about one year, I took oral hydrogen peroxide, 35% food grade quality solution. I used 10 drops in a glass of water twice a day. I did this for about one year and then stopped. Then I took Essiac tea for several years and also took acemannan. In fact, I still use Essiac tea from time to time, but not on a regular basis.

[Note: Essiac is the herbal tea discovered by the Ojibwa Indians in Canada that has been used for treating cancer for the past 80 years.]

Mark: What is your current protocol?

Tracy: For the past 5 or 6 years, I have done the following: Aloemannan (Royal Body Care) 3 caps 2X Colostrum (Royal body Care) 3 caps 2X Spirulina (Royal Body Care) 3 caps 2X Maximizer Enzymes (R-Garden) 3 caps 2X Inner Garden Flora (R Garden) 3 caps 2X For the past year I’ve taken 2 capsules daily of MSM. I also take a multiple vitamin formula from Sunrider. Once every two weeks for 3 days I take Colloidal silver 500 ppm) - 1 teaspoon in a pint of water each day for 3 days, then I stop.

Mark: What kind of diet are you on?

Tracy: Average. It could be a lot better. I have eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast, nothing for lunch and for supper I eat a regular meal of meat, potatoes, a salad and vegetables. I also eat lots of fruit.

Mark: About your intestinal health, do your stools float on water?

Tracy: Always, at least for the past 5 or 6 years.

Mark: Interesting. About 10 years ago we discovered that persons HIV+ who consistently had “floaters” were non-progressors. In the last few years we learned that stools that floated on water was directly linked to the amount of friendly flora in their intestines. Also, we found that persons with CFIDS, Lyme disease, hepatitis, cancer, candidiasis and multiple food allergies had stools that would sink in water, just like most persons with AIDS do. This correlation was true in about 90 to 95% of the anecdotal cases reported but surprisingly not 100%. By the way what kinds of flora are in R’Garden?

Tracy: I’ll read it off the label. It has L. Acidophilus, B. Bifidum, B Longum, L Plantarum and L. Salivarius.

Mark: What an interesting coincidence. These are the same five strains that we have found to be most important for intestinal health. They are also found in a product called “Green Probiotics” that is in a base of parsley powder. Persons with food allergies have told me they tolerate this very well. Where did you learn about R Garden?

Tracy: It was in your publication several years ago.

Mark: I do recall writing about it. It must have been 6 or 7 years ago. Too bad we let this one get away from us. What is encouraging is that you have had such incredible results for the past 5 years with your protocol and it would be unfair to give all the credit to R Garden. We have had other isolated and good reports on the Ojibwa tea and the vegetarian digestive enzymes as well. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

Persons who want to contact Tracy can send an email to-

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A Report on Bio-Choice Immune 26

Detroit MI: A mother and her daughter have been HIV+ for the past several years, her daughter since she was born 15 yrs ago. While the mother is doing fine on a drug cocktail (combination of 3 or more anti-HIV drugs) the daughter cannot tolerate any of the drugs for HIV. In mid April, 2001, her daughter had a red blood count (RBC) of 2.6, very anemic and spent most of her time in a wheel chair, unable to walk.

In April, she started on Bio Choice Immune 26, the immunized egg yolk product. Her mother says, she now can walk without assistance, has more energy and her RBC is up to 3.6. The daughter is trying to help herself with natural methods. Recently, she used 6 Monolaurin capsules daily to get rid of a shingles infection. She is using 3 doses a day of BioChoice Immune 26 and believes it has helped her tremendously. She will get CD4 and PCR tests early in June. I will update our readers when more information becomes available.

Note: The mother, who relayed this report, wishes to remain anonymous. While the web site for BioChoice Immune 26 does not state that the chickens from whom the eggs were derived to make this product were immunized with HIV, other sources report that HIV is one of 26 pathogens to which the chickens were exposed. Only a few of pathogens are listed at One distributor told me that the complete list would only be given to medical doctors on request and not in writing.

I suggested to the mother that she consider buying a couple live chickens, immunize them with her daughter’s blood and make their own immunized eggs at a cost of about $5.00 a month. She said they will think about it. I would really like to see it both ways: persons try the Bio-Choice Immune 26 product while others can try immunizing their own chickens to produce immunized eggs and then compare the results.

Another question is whether eggnog and “immunized ice cream” (recipe published last month) are the only ways to use immunized egg yolks. Maybe, a poached egg or one cooked lightly and sunny-side would retain the transfer factor and antibodies in the yolks. I know of one local restaurant that serves eggs this way - half raw. Just possibly, you could have breakfast and at the same time deal with a multitude of infections at the same time. Imagine going into a restaurant and asking for two immunized eggs (sunny-side) with toast?

Mary Sue Jones who has CFIDS and uses BioChoice 26 is now a distributor (ph no 559-435-0238). The product costs about $50 a can and 3 doses daily requires about 3 cans a month (about $150 a month total). In an updated phone conversation during the past week, Mary Jones told me that when she first used BioChoice Immune 26 in April, that she stopped using the Transfer Factor Plus (4-Life Products) but is now using both products as the Immune 26 product is not enough to make her feel totally normal again. I told her that with the amount of money she is spending, in one year she could buy a cow, a goat and over a dozen chickens and could immunize them with her own blood and get transfer factor from all 3 sources. The procedures to do this are outlined in the current issue of Positive Health News (#22).

One reader from NM writes that he has been ill with an undiagnosed condition for 20 years and the doctors have not been able to help him. He adds “this chicken thing sounds so crazy it might work.” Another lady on disability in Montana has CFIDS and says she use to inject animals with antibiotics and other medicines when they had a farm and is considering getting a few chickens and trying the experiment as she cannot afford many of the dietary supplements on the market due to her limited income. One reader with HIV in San Francisco already has 4 chickens and a rooster and enjoys fresh eggs for breakfast daily. I asked him why he doesn’t immunize them? He said he was a procrastinator and preferred the convenience of having someone else do it. I told him that for that convenience he also has to be in a position to pay the “piper.” He is also thinking about it.

Eggs from immunized hens could treat millions of poor people in Asia and Africa for HIV, TB, malaria and other illnesses for pennies.

In Asia, Africa and even Latin America, immunizing millions of chickens could be a low cost way of stopping suffering and death from several types of infections including HIV. When the first person follows through with this, and assuming the experiment is successful, it will generate interest in others to follow. At least a dozen or more readers have indicated an interest in doing this “immunizing chicken” experiment, but everyone is asking whether someone else has done it and what the results are. So far, the answer is no one, to my knowledge, has attempted to use the methods outlined in the latest issue of Positive Health News (#22) and produce their own immunized eggs, an idea that occurred to me while I attended church service this past Good Friday. If everyone waits for someone else to try this experiment to find out the results, then just possibly, no one will find out.

Many people claim that the product, BioChoice Immune 26 and other transfer factor products have helped them. Think of how much more effective a personalized transfer factor would be, one that contains antibodies and immune factors that are specific to the strains of infections in your blood. Don’t expect the popular media to promote this idea; it sure is not going to generate any advertising revenues. The media can tantalize the public with teasers, tidbits of research that do not lead to practical results, and of course, someone always has some proprietary secret methods or patents and the bottom line (rarely discussed) is how much profit it can generate. With self-help information, the public is not entirely dependent on the “experts.”

Like the journey of Christopher Columbus, it takes one person to make a discovery that leads others to the promised land. When will infectious diseases no longer be a plague upon our planet? Who will be that one person to not only make history, but change it? The answer is “that person could be you.”

A Reader comments on the latest article on Food Allergies

Shelia, who read the last issue of PHN, says she gets headaches when she uses onion powder or garlic powder and reacted negatively 15 years ago to liquid Kyolic garlic extract. Yet, she says, she can eat raw garlic and raw onions without any problems. Just possibly, her allergy has gone away or some products may contain additives to which she reacts. Note: Persons have reported getting rid of migraine headaches by taking a L Glutathione capsule. Possibly eating a ripe avocado (high in glutathione) might do the same thing.

Mad Cow Disease - Vegetarians get CJD

Is the prion theory dead?

Some time ago, I read an article on the internet from a farmer in Great Britain that two vegetarians, one in England and one in France who contracted and have died from “Mad Cow” disease. I did not keep the article, but today I found another report from the United Kingdom at that states that several vegetarians have contacted this disease.

The article quotes a Prof. Ebringer who rejects the “prion protein” theory of how the disease spreads and finds the disease is caused by a bacteria called “Acinetobacter” which lives in soil and contaminated water. His theory is at odds with Frank Bastian MD a pathologist who has found a type of mycoplasma called a “spiroplasma” causes the disease. What the two researchers have in common is that they both reject the “prion” theory as do I. The prion theory is that folded proteins are the infectious agent and are virtually indestructible. However, as I reported in March, the facts do not support the prion theory as the infectitious agent but the result of an infectious agent.

Prof. Abridger “points out that several long-term vegetarians have contracted CJD (human versions of mad cow) including Clare Tomkins, 24, who died last year. She has not touched meat in 13 years.”

How could a vegetarian get Mad Cow disease? Simple, if the infectious agent is separable from the infected meat. In a restaurant, a cook who handles contaminated meat and then makes a salad without wiping his hands could transfer the infectious agent to the salad or it could be ctransferred through a knife or cutting board. A cloth used to wipe the hands or a knife can easily become contaminated if just once the cook wipes his hands without first washing them in bleach water. When cooks are busy is a popular restaurant, how often are sanitary rules violated? The answer is probably several times each day.

In Milwaukee last year, a deadly strain of e-coli got transferred to a watermelon by a cook who handled both the raw meats and made salads and cut fruit. When the cook is busy, they don’t have the time to dip their hands in bleach water each time they touch raw meat. As a result of this incident, one 4 year old girl died from the e-coli infection.

The lesson here is that if you are a vegetarian, don’t eat a salad in any restaurant where the cooks also handle raw meat products like beef (in Europe) that could be contaminated with the infectious agent that causes mad cow disease or raw chicken contaminated with salmonella. I know from personal experience of getting a salmonella infection from eating a salad in a restaurant that handles a lot of raw chicken. Vegetarians who eat in restaurants are no more immune from mad cow disease that heterosexuals are from HIV when having unprotected sex with a new partner. In fact, if you are going to eat in any country where mad cow disease is a problem, it would be safer to eat a meal of entirely cooked food including the meat rather than risk eating a salad made in a restaurant that handles contaminated raw meat products.

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Your donations in response to my request last month has enabled us to pay all our current and past obligations. As a result, we have resumed mailing out copies of the immune system book to persons financially indigent. To each of you who has been so generous and for your prayers, I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation. Mark Konlee

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Progressive Health News

Eggs from immunized hens might solve the worlds AIDS crisis for the cost of chicken feed.

Natural food sources of Glutathione - a powerful antioxidant

VOL. 4, NO 4............................................... May 1, 2001

Ad Correction for Positive Health News

Bob Brunsman of CFIDS and FM Resource called to tell us of an error in their 1/2 page ad in the latest issue of Positive Health News, Report No 22. The ad listed the solubilized Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) at $69.95 when it should have been $39.95. This is the form of ALA called OptumGel that is most effectively absorbed as it is predissolved in fatty acids. For more information call CFIDS and FM resource at 800-366-6056 or check the ad on the back cover of the latest issue. Note: The ad was sent to us camera ready so we did not proof read it.

Immunized eggs - Low tech methods may yield high-tech medicines

Mark Konlee

Several of the largest pharmaceutical companies that make drugs used for treating HIV have offered to cut the cost to the bone for millions in Africa. While the publicity has generated lots of hope, we are waiting to see if even at the reduced prices the drugs will be affordable to the millions of people who live in abject poverty. Then there is the question of a support system and if there will be adequate numbers of health care workers to properly train and instruct persons on how to use these drug combinations and how to deal with other problems like side effects and drug resistant strains of the virus. Somehow, a more simple and effective answer is needed.

In Africa, even chicken feed at $5 a month might not be affordable. However, if chickens are turned loose, they will fend for themselves, eating grass, earthworms and bugs, just like they have for generations. In Africa and throughout the world, chickens are plentiful. What we need first right here in the USA is to find a dozen or more volunteers to try immunizing a few chickens with a few drops of their own blood and wait for the immunized eggs to be laid, then consumed on a daily basis and of course,before and after lab results. While future lab results are unknown at this time, what is known is that scientists in Mexico and elsewhere have found several antibodies to HIV in the egg yolks of hens when they are immunized with the virus.

The potential of this simple hands-on plan that I described in detail in the current newsletter is staggering. We are not just talking about a low-cost way to treat HIV infection, but most of the infections of civilization. It all depends on the immune system of the chicken being capable of producing neutralizing antibodies and transfer factor against these infectious diseases.

On the other hand, there are other birds that lay eggs that could be used as well and then there are goats, lamas and other mammals. If we can find an animal that can produce an immune response strong enough to completely eradicate the infection, then found in either the egg or the milk will be a potential cure for that disease in humans.

Who will support research for a possible cure for HIV and other infections that does not make anyone a profit?

I clearly do not expect any support for this effort from either the drug companies or the slick multilevel dietary supplement companies or scientists who make a career out of applying for and spending millions of dollars of research grant moneys they get from the government each year, much of it wasted to restudy what has already been studied over and over again or to publish segments of tantalizing research always ending with the suggestion that more research is needed. Each party to these financial benefits involved has an interest in keeping the drama going - the song and dance routine that people are helpless to defend themselves when infected, that they need to keep sending their money to the insurance companies, the hospitals, the researchers, AIDS service organizations with deep pockets and tunnel vision and other “professionals.” I’m not condemning the whole nine yards here, but if the shoe fits, wear it.

Our immediate challenge is to find persons who have either failed on all the current drug combinations being offered or the dwindling few who have never used any drugs from the beginning and are willing to do more than be arm chair observers and be participants in a research effort that may not only benefit them, but possibly all mankind.

Factors that could lead to failure in immunizing chickens, cows, goats etc.

There are two factors that might lead to failure in an experiment to produce immunized eggs from poultry or Colostrum from cows, goats, etc. They are:

1. If the blood from the person used as a source of the infection does not contain enough of the pathogen to infect the animal. In other words, if a person with HIV had a non-detectable viral load from using a drug cocktail and tried to immunize a chicken then the chicken might not pick up the infection and thus not produce eggs that would contain transfer factor for HIV. The same would apply if the virus or bacteria were tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis, syphilis, Lyme disease or Human Herpes Virus 6 or any other pathogen or

2. If the animal subjected to the infection did not have strong enough of an immune system to produce neutralizing antibodies or other immune factors to eradicate the infection.

On the other hand, if the immune system of the animal was strong enough to totally eliminate the infection, then the egg or Colostrum would have the potential to cure the disease in humans. Thus, it may be possible to find the goose that will lay the golden egg. On the flip side of the coin, the animal with a weak immune response could be left with a life long infection after exposure to the virus or other infection. An example of this would be bovine tuberculosis. At this point a Veterinarians expert advice on which animals have a reputation for being resistant to all or nearly all diseases would be helpful. For mammals, are goats a better candidate than cows? We just don’t hear about diseases affecting goats, and chickens seem very resilient. Even if there are some diseases that affect these animals, they may be highly resistant to a number of human diseases and that immunity could be passed back to us.

“Bio Choice Immune 26” The immunized egg product from Legacy USA

On their website,, they claim to hold a number of international patents on their immunized egg product. This product may work great for some people and do nothing for others. I have seen some testimonial results that are sensational from persons using BioChoice Immune 26 including one person with HIV. The big problem I have with these types of anecdotal results is verification of the report from the original source. I won’t use second or third hand stories in this publication as my experience has been frequently in the past that when you get to finally talk to the original person or starting point of the report, the facts often change and thus our opinion as to the what contributed to these results also changes. Information that is withheld in a report will often lead to erroneous conclusions.

Flawed vs. good anecdotal reports and flawed vs. good controlled studies

Anecdotal reports have great value especially if the results can be independently verified and if there is a cluster of similar results from various persons. A single case report can have value as a starting point for further research and a controlled study. Controlled studies, if properly designed, are the best criteria to evaluate a product or protocol. However, I have seen some poorly designed studies where the doses used were too low to attain the expected results. Contrary to what some people think, controlled studies are not infallible and in some cases the results may be erroneous due to corrupting influences from biased parties who do not disclose their true motives for doing a study that has within it a flawed design.

I’ve read about one highly publicized study debunking the value of magnetic therapy by doing a study on persons who have been in chronic severe pain for 20 years or longer. It concluded that the magnets were useless for relieving pain. Three factors I know from my own experiences and those of others in the past ten years are that persons with long standing chronic pain usually don’t respond to magnetic therapy and two, if the wrong polarity is used, magnetic therapy could make the pain worse instead of lessening it and three, if the proper gauss strength is not used, little or no results can be expected. In fact, I have read a number of flawed controlled studies that I am convinced were deliberately designed to slander good treatments and legitimately honest research. One of the problems our readers need to be aware of is that part of the invisible “corporate government” that is world wide has media connections to widely publicize these flawed studies and mislead the public. Usually these kinds of flawed studies are done by competitors who feel their bottom line threatened.

Frankly, I am annoyed by both anecdotal studies that cannot be independently verified and flawed controlled studies. Some controlled studies are flawed as the researcher did not have the insight and logic to properly construct the study. Sometimes, opinions of researchers of these flawed studies result in an overreach of conclusions that are misleading and are contrary to Aristotle’s principles of logic. To be a bit less diplomatic, some well heeled (financed) writers who snub their noses at good and verifiable anecdotal cases and cover their behinds with some of these flawed controlled “scientific” studies, are carrying a lot of baggage with a stench.

Pharmaceutical companies who want FDA approval for any new drug almost always select a batch of patients that are “virgins.” By virgins, I mean patients with a disease (cancer, AIDS, etc.) that have not been through the mill with a variety of other drug treatments. They will never pick persons for “controlled studies” that are terminal and in the last stages. They know that by prepicking the patients who are drug naive they will get the most impressive results to obtain FDA approval and tantalize the media. One example of media manipulated studies is AZT. Burroughs-Welcome always had a new crops of short term studies with AZT in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. I have never seen a study with AZT that lasted more than 12 months that was financed by Burroughs Welcome. This corporation knew that the long term studies would yield dismal results in terms of survival with AZT monotherapy. Yet in these years, many ASO’s and organizations on the take from Burroughs dutifully allowed themselves to become conduits for their research propaganda pipeline while their clients marched onward to their graves.

Not every pharmaceutical company has been as ruthless and dishonest at Burroughs Welcome ( Now Glaxo - Welcome) is their marketing methods. In fact, with the exception of Monsanto Corp. and their ruthless methods of promoting Bovine Growth Hormone to increase milk production, few other pharmaceutical companies have stooped this low.

Immunized Ice Cream anyone?

The following recipe was sent to me be email about two weeks before the phone call on Good Friday, April 13th on Bio-Choice Immune 26, a phone call that led me to write the article on eggs from immunized hens as a low-cost way of treating HIV and other “incurable” infectious diseases.

Recipe from Australia for making home made ice cream with raw eggs

From Les O’Neil

Ingredients: 5 eggs, 1 pint of whipping cream, 1/2 cup of honey.

Separate eggs yolks from the whites. Place the white in a separate dish. Blend the yolks with the honey.

Whip the cream until stiff and then fold in the honey/yolk mixture.

Whip the egg whites until they form stiff peaks and then fold in the mixture.

Pour the mixture into a glass or stainless steel dish and put into the freezer until you are ready to enjoy the best tasting ice-cream ever. Note: you could add 1/2 tsp. of vanilla to the honey/yolk mixture if desired.

What I need now is a recipe for Eggnog and about 6 volunteers who are either complete failures on all the current pharmaceutical drugs for HIV or are “virgins” who have never used any drugs to date and have a CD4 count higher than 200. I don’t want anyone with low CD4 counts who is drug naive to try this. There are several drug combinations that work with minimal side effects that I have discussed in the past several issues of Positive Health News that can be used. No one should place their life at risk for research proposes.

If you are a person who meets these conditions and wants to immunize a few chickens with your own blood, see my article on how to do this in the latest issue of Positive Health News and please write to me with your phone number so I can call you from time to time and monitor your results. If you are a person with CFIDS and HHV-6 infection, CMV, HBV or even hepatitis, go for it but don’t deprive yourself of other known effective treatments.

Avocados and Papayas help detoxify by inducing Glutathione

Researchers in Kyoto, Japan at the Graduate School of Agriculture screened several fruits for their ability to induce Glutathione S-transferase and detoxify polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a rat liver cell line. They found both “papaya and avocado as significant sources” of Glutathione S-transferase inducing ability. (1)

Note: Adding fresh avocado or papaya fruit to the daily diet may be an effective way to increase Glutathione availability and activity in the cells. Increased glutathione is known to improve antigen presentation and cell-mediated immune responses.

I have found that avocados imported to Wisconsin are usually green and hard. To ripen, place on a south facing window sill for a few days until they turn from green to a blackish color and the flesh soften when pressed. If you place a green avocado directly in the refrigerator, it will never ripen and will always be hard.

With Papaya, do not eat the seeds. They contain a powerful enzyme that can actually eat a hole in the lining of the intestines. Extracts of the seeds are used in hospitals to digest damaged spinal discs. The fruit is very safe to eat and very healthy also and contains a much lower level of enzymes that is not at the extreme level found in the seeds. Researchers have found that papaya fruit scavenges free radicals and the fresh fruit and leaves heals burns when applied topicly.

1. Nakamura Y et al, Cancer Lewtt 2000 sept 1;157(2):193-200


Jean Carper in her book “FOOD - YOUR MIRACLE MEDICINE” states the following about Avocados: “Benefits arteries. Lowers cholesterol, dilates blood vessels. Its main fat, monosaturated oleic acid (also concentrated in olive oil) acts as an antioxidant to block artery destroying toxicity of bad-type LDL cholesterol. One of the richest sources of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, shown to block thirty different carcinogens and to block proliferation of the AIDS virus in test tube experiments.

According to Jean Carper, asparagus and watermelon also are high in glutathione. Persons dealing with chronic infections including HIV, HHV-6, candidiasis and cancer are all depleted in glutathione. These foods - fresh papaya, avocado, asparagus and watermelon could be very beneficial in supporting cell-mediated immune function in persons with these conditions.

Louise Tenney in her book “Today’s Herbal Health” writes about avocado and states: “Good for diabetic and hypoglycemic.” Julia Lawless in her book on “Aromatherapy” states the following about avocado oil: “Unrefined avocado aids dermal regeneration and is highly nutritious. It is recommended for dry, dull, dehydrated, aging skin and eczema.” She recommends avocado for psoriasis also.

Recipe for Guacamole

Take one ripe Avocado (you can ripen green avocados by placing them in a south facing window sill until the skin turns black in color and the flesh softens slightly when pressed) and place the green edible portion in a blender or food processor.

Add 3 tablespoon of lemon juice, 3 tablespoons of chopped onions, 1 fresh garlic clove, one fresh hot pepper (cayenne, jalepeno etc.), 2 tablespoons of Cilantro and 1/2 ripe tomato, a dash of black pepper and sea salt. Blend until smooth. Refrigerate and use within 3 days.

This is the best tasting guacamole you will have ever eaten. Use it on baked potatoes in place of butter, on rye crisp and with baked organic corn chips. Use it as a dip for raw vegetables or as a spread on whole grain bread. Watch you skin glow after using it for a week or so. Dry, aging, stiff skin is often a sign of glutathione deficiency and free radical activity. Avocados are also high in lauric acid. Try eating 1/2 avocado daily along with one serving of another glutathione rich food like cooked asparagus or a slice of ripe watermelon or papaya.

Try to add raw foods in your diet to increase enzyme levels and further reduce stress on the immune system. Try to always eat some raw enzyme rich foods with each meal of cooked foods. Good digestive aids besides papaya are raw ripe pineapple and kiwi fruit.

Cash shortage delays mailings to international readers of Positive Health News

Loss of a full page ad in our latest magazine for a glandular based product due to our concerns about “Mad Cow Disease” plus an increased demand for free copies of our book on the immune system has delayed foreign mailing of the latest issue of Positive Health News. The newsletters and books requested will be mailed out when funds become available (books sales, donations).


Wayne Martin writes an interesting article on “Heart Disease and Cancer” in the April, 2001, issue of the Townsend Letter for Doctors.

He reports on research that shows that the polyunsaturated vegetable oils have been used to prevent rejection in renal transplants and another reference for treating multiple sclerosis, thought to be an autoimmune disease. Martin cites the research of Dr. R.A. Newsholme of Oxford University on “Mechanism for Starvation Suppression and Refeeding Activation of Infection.”

Quoting Newsholme, Martin states: “in the absence of starvation, we get in our diet immunosuppressive polyunsaturated fatty acids, and hence are prone to having bacterial and viral infections. When we starve, our body store of polyunsaturated fats is depleted and then our immune system activates and will tend to abolish an existing infection while preventing other infections.”

Martin quotes from Oncology Times in January, 1982, that mice fed polyunsaturated fats were more prone to develop melanoma and in 1980 the same publication reported that polyunsaturated fats fed to cancer prone mice increased the number of cancers formed. Wayne Martin, Fairhope, AL 334-928-3975.

For some time, I have been warning about the use of nearly all the refined vegetable oils currently sold on the market. They are contributing to both cancer, heart disease and now immune suppression. The dangerous effects occur when high heat is used in processing these oils altering their molecular structure and turning these oils into toxins.


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Note; There is no monthly report for Progressive Health News for April, 2001. For the latest news, see Positive Health News, Report No 22, Spring issue.

Progressive Health News

Deer meat - a far greater risk than beef in transmitting CJD.

Mad Cow Disease - the Media, the Myths & the Facts

Vaccines with possible Mad Cow link

VOL. 4, NO 3 March 1, 2001

Mad Deer and Mad Cows BSE, TSE’s. CJD, nvCJD, Scrapie and Kuru

Mark Konlee

For the past few years, Americans have heard news on television and in newspapers of a fatal brain disease affecting cows living in Great Britain called “Mad Cow Disease.” Mad Cow Disease is known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or BSE. Over 180,000 cows in Great Britain were found to be infected with BSE and over 4 million have been killed and replaced with “apparently clean” imported animals.

BSE is thought to have been passed on to persons who ate beef from the infected cows. There are now 94 persons in Great Britain that have been diagnosed with the bovine derived version of Creutfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) called (nvCJD). I’m not sure what the “nv” stands for, but keeping track of all the names is a task in itself. Regular CJD kills about one person in every million each year in countries all around the planet, but the media is paying little attention to this problem and neither is anyone else. Medical researchers state that they don’t know what causes CJD, but suspect either misfolded proteins called prions, a virus or some other pathogen. In reference to all forms of prion diseases in all species and animals, they are called Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies or TSE’s. Today, little attention is being paid in the media to the epidemic of TSE’s in deer, antelope, elk and other animals in the wild.

When the disease first appeared in sheep 200 years ago, it was called “Scrapie.” Early in the last century, when it was found among cannibals living in New Guinea, it was called “Kuru.” The incubation time for the disease has been estimated by one source to be 5 to 10 years while another claimed 1 year to 30 years.

A local pathologist told me that most persons diagnosed with the disease (CJD) die within one year and that the symptoms are indistinguishable from Alzheimer’s. With recent news of infected cows showing up in Germany, France and Switzerland, panic has swept throughout Europe. Sales of beef have plummeted and concern has spread around the globe. In January, France banned the sale of T bone steaks, because of their close proximity to potentially infected meat in the spinal cord.

The origin of the problem in Great Britain is thought to have been caused by feeding parts of sheep infected with Scrapie to cows in their feed. The most infected part of any animal with Spongiform encephalopathy is the brain and spinal cord and all tissues that are near it. One article at the Center for Disease Control’s website ( reported a change in processing animal parts in the 1980’s may have rendered the feed meal less sterile.

CJD (not beef related) is killing one person in every million each year in most countries.

Regular CJD kills about one person in every million each year, most over the age of 60, while the beef derived version called nvCJD affects people is all age groups including children. Regular CJD is now taking about 300 lives annually in the United States.

While the media has reported deaths from Mad Cow Disease in England and the spread of the disease to France, Germany and Switzerland, it has not reported that people are dying from CJD in the United States each year - an average of 238 per yr. over the past 20 years.. Medical authorities seem less concerned about these cases because they are not apparently related to consumption of contaminated beef but the cause of regular CJD is reportedly unknown.

However, the facts as I observe them are that regular CJD is an even greater threat than nvCJD and is coming from infected deer and other animals in the wild that are either undercooked or handled in an unsanitary way to cause cross-contamination with other foods like salads, bread, etc.

Cattle infected with BSE have also been reported in Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Albania, Oman, Croatia and the Falkland Islands.

Genetic predisposition in people

Researchers have found that about 40% of the population has a genetic predisposition to develop the disease due to a gene called PRNP codon 129 M/M genotype, that confers a faster incubation time. All cases of nvCJD in England have thus far carried this gene also called the “Met/Met gene.”

New York Times reports that the US Deer population has an Epidemic of Spongiform Encephalopathies (chronic wasting disease)

While Spongiform Encephalopathy (Scrapie) was first observed in sheep about 200 years ago, other TSE’s have affected other animals including deer, antelope, elk, mink and squirrels that live in the wild. In some states, estimates are that 10% or more of the deer population are infected with spongiform encephalopathy. On January 4, 2001, The New York Times on its front page reported the following:

“Although mad cow disease has not been detected in cattle in the United States, a related malady called chronic wasting disease is spreading rapidly among deer and elk herds, captive and wild, in six Western states and in Canada. In laboratory dish experiments, chronic wasting disease has been shown to infect human cells, in principle, hunters who ate infected deer or elk meat could have the disease and if they donate blood, could pass it on.”

Last month, a local women called to tell me that her brother who lives here in Wisconsin ate venison from a deer they killed this past fall. They had the deer examined to see if it had any diseases but didn’t wait for the results of the examination to eat their first meal of venison. After having a few meals of deer meat, they got the bad news that the deer had “chronic wasting” or a brain infection of spongiform encephalopathy. Now, they are worried that they will get the disease. I told the reader that if they cooked the venison well that they need not worry, but to be wary of handling the infected meat and then make a salad without washing their hands in soap and water and preferably water with bleach in it.

NOTE: Be Aware that knives and cutting boards not properly bleached and washed could spread the infection to other foods. There is a big risk factor is using the same cutting board for both meat and also bread and salads. Everyone should have two cutting boards with one used exclusively for meats and the 2nd one for other foods. The same goes for knives, and finally, hands touching raw meat must be washed in bleach water with soap added and then rinsed well under running water to avoid the risk of cross contamination.

Research Letter in the Journal of the American Medical Assn. (Nov. 8, 2000) by Robert Gibbons et al from the Center for Disease Control reports 4,751 deaths from CJD in the United States from 1979 through 1998.

That is an average of 238 deaths from CJD per year with a slow gradual increase in the number of cases reported by 1998 when they reached about 1 in every 779,000 people. The article also reported 10 cases in persons under 30 years of age. In the United States, the median age of deaths from CJD was 68. In England, the median age of deaths was 27.5 years of age. In the 10 cases in the US involving persons under 30 years of age, one was linked to the use of “human growth hormone” and nvCFD was ruled out in 2 other cases. No evaluation of the other 7 cases was mentioned in the article. Normally, CJD only affects people over 60 years old. After the age of 60, the odds of developing CJD increase to about one in every 160,000 persons.

Medical “experts” say that one in a million cases of CJD occurs spontaneously each year

It may be unknown, but it is not spontaneous. It is coming from somewhere. In my opinion, 99%+ of all the CJD cases in the United States and throughout the world are coming from undercooked animals killed in the wild (deer etc.) and from the mishandling of these raw meats in kitchens that results in cross-contamination. It could not be coming from the prions or we would have had a world wide epidemic long ago. The prions are not destroyed by cooking the meat, but the infectious agent is likely destroyed by boiling or proper cooking. CJD must be coming from a virus or other infectious agent co-mingled with the prions or a strain of mycoplasma that is destroyed by the cooking process.

What causes spongiform encephalopathy? (prions, mycoplasma or virus?)

Scientists cannot agree on what actually causes the disease or how to treat it. The most common theory is the “prion” theory. A prion is a misfolded protein that is thought to be pathogenic and self replicating. The prion is not destroyed by heat as is a virus, mycoplasma or bacteria. It takes a very strong acid like formic acid or an alkali like sodium hydroxide to break it down. Prions have been observed in all cases of spongiform encephalopathies in different species. The prion theory contributes to the public panic but other researchers believe that the prions are the result of an underlying infection from a virus or mycoplasma. After evaluating available data from various sources, I no longer believe that the prion proteins are the infectious agents in any type of spongiform encephalopathy but that the real infectious agent is a virus or mycoplasma that co-mingles with the prions.

More information on CJD and Mad Cow Disease can be found at the CDC website at In the “search” box, type in either CJD or Mad Cow and you will turn up a long list of articles on the subject.

The Food and Drug Adm (FDA) has taken a significant number of steps over the past few years to prevent the spread of BSE to the United States including banning the importation of glandulars and gelatin from countries where BSE outbreaks have occurred and in 1997 banning the feeding of animal parts including bonemeal to other animals except for cat and dog food. The problem I see is that they don’t have enough inspectors to enforce the new regulations. By the way, I would not buy cat or dog food cereal that contains either lamb or beef parts. It is safer for your pet to buy a turkey or chicken based formula or if you want to feed beef parts to your cat or dog, used canned pet food only which would be cooked and therefore sterile.

Researchers links Spiroplasma, a type of mycoplasma, to Spongiform Encephalopathies

Frank Bastian MD, professor of pathology at the University of So Alabama College of Medicine, Mobile, AL, quoted in an article published in JAMA, Aug 14th, 1996, first reported his research that Spiroplasma, a type of mycoplasma, is the likely infectious agent that causes Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE’s) in sheep and other animals.

JAMA: “Bastian, on the other hand, regards the prion theory as a red herring. the cause of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs), he says is a conventional microorganism - a mollicute or, more specifically, a spiroplasma. The infection-related protein (prion) is produced by the host in response to the infection.” Following the 8/14/96 JAMA article is a media article by Ed Gherman titled “Spiroplasma and Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies.”

Bastian based his views on 20 years of research. He reported evidence of spiroplasma-like inclusion bodies seen in brain biopsies from patients with CJD. He reports that spiroplasma internal fibril proteins are identical morphologically to those seen in TSEs and that the spiroplasma proteins show cross reactivity with the TSE proteins and that spiroplasma, when injected into rodents, produced the brain disease.

Bastian also stated that there are numerous reports of separating the prion protein from the infectivity. Finally, he reports that the immune system is involved and that in both naturally occurring TSEs and in experiments, there are autoantibodies and leukopenia. He said that the infectious agent, a spiroplasma, is dangerous because it can jump species. He said that we need to develop a test to find the presence of the spiroplasma, and that just looking for the prion proteins is not enough. The article by Ed Gherman, revised on June, 1998, reported the size of the transmissible agent (Spiroplasma) to be 42 nanometers (nm) in size. The molecular weight of the spiroplasma is 27,000 to 30,000 daltons. Spiroplasma affinity is for nerve and brain tissues.

The research of Bastion indicates that an ultra filtering system that would remove particles of 42 nm or greater would be needed to completely remove the transmissible agent. A filtering system of 30 nm would certainly remove the transmissible agent.

In my opinion, the infectious agent first sets up housekeeping in the intestines, probably in nerve tissues. Normally, friendly flora and healthy mucus membranes in the gut will prevent the infection from ever taking root. However, when mucosal immunity in the intestines and cell mediated immunity fail is when the infection can spread inside the body and eventually reach the brain. Since spiroplasma is a mycoplasma, an infectious agent that is between a virus and a bacteria, some wide spectrum antibiotics that have killed other mycoplasmas might also inactivate spiroplasma. For an immune defense, the CD8 Killer T cells would likely be the most effective defense internally. Maintaining a colony of friendly flora, acidophilus, bifidus and infection fighting strains like L Salivarius in the intestines would be a good natural defense against accidental exposure.

My own analysis of the spread of CJD from the cannibals in New Guinea to the British experience with nvCJD to naturally occurring CJD cases worldwide indicate that bringing any food up to the boiling temperature of water will kill the infectious agent (spiroplasma or virus) even though the prions themselves are not destroyed. Once cooked, stomach acid breaks down the prions. The most likely cause of disease spread is through the handling of raw infected meats in an unsanitary manner (hands, knives, cutting boards etc.) that transfers the infectious agent to other foods.

Are Vaccines Safe? New York Times reports 5 Drug makers with Mad Cow Link

Feb. 8, 2001. Today the New York Times reported despite the Food and Drug Administration asking pharmaceutical companies that they not use materials from cattle raised in countries where there is a risk of mad cow disease that “regulators discovered last year that five companies, including some of the world’s largest drug concerns, were still using ingredients from those countries to make nine widely used vaccines.”

It is not known if any of the nine vaccines involved in the investigation are actually contaminated. The vaccines include nine common ones given to millions of children. The Times article reported these include vaccines to prevent polio, diptheria, and tetanus as well as anthrax, given to soldiers serving in the Persian Gulf. FDA officials say there is only a very slight chance of a vaccine being contaminated. They calculated the odds of being infected with CJD at one in 40 million to one in 40 billion in a worst case scenario. No details were provided on how they came up with these numerical odds.

The Times article named GlaxoSmithKline, Aventis and American Home Products who have now agreed to stop using the suspect products that include bovine blood, fetal calf serum and meat broth.

FDA officials found out last year in interviews that some of the pharmaceutical companies were not complying with the earlier FDA requests. In one investigation, the Times reported that the “FDA discovered that the company, which it will not identify, was using cattle parts from a high-risk country.” The FDA has not recalled the suspected vaccines that are currently on pharmacy shelves and in hospitals.

Dietary supplements with glandulars in them were also questioned in the Times article. The FDA has asked supplement manufacturers not to use materials derived from cows in suspect countries but only inspects 60 of 1000 supplement manufacturers each year. No one can say for certain that all supplement manufacturers are complying with the FDA request. The big question in the minds of consumers is who to trust and what to trust? So far, I haven’t seen one major dietary supplement magazine write an article on this subject.

What is apparently safe to eat?

Milk and products derived from milk (butter, cheese, ice cream, whey proteins, transfer factor, etc.): No evidence has emerged either in experiments or in the natural environment of vertical transmission from milk to offspring. Pasteurization may offer more protection.

Gelatin is boiled and highly processed so as to be sterile. Gelatin capsules are considered safe.

Beef and lamb well cooked should be safe. Beef soup, stew and roasted beef and lamb with no pink on the inside is safe. Do not eat any beef or lamb cooked rare or medium rare. No TSEs have been found is fish or poultry. Vegetarians, be aware that cross contamination occurs in restaurants every day and that a salad prepared next to a raw chicken with salmonella may also contain salmonella. Thousands of people get salmonella from eating salads in restaurants each year from poor hygiene by busy cooks in some of the finest restaurants. I know from personal experience getting a salmonella infection over 2 years ago from a salad prepared in a local Greek restaurant that also handles a lot of raw meat products.

Glandulars - Are consumers at risk?

Freeze dried glandulars (thymus, spleen, pituitary etc.) unless sterilized by some means may carry a potential risk even if they come from countries where no BSE has been found, because not all cattle have been tested. Worse yet is products coming from countries where BSE outbreaks have occurred. Products that I have recommended in the past like Lysozyme and Thymate do carry a small potential risk (less than one in 10 million) even though both manufacturers claim that they do not use any glandulars from any country on the FDA banned list. On the other hand, this is one lottery, no one wants to win. If you are not willing to take this extremely small risk, consider other options.

Safer Options

The safest thymus product on the market today is BioPro Thymic Protein A (Longevity Science) because it is a lab grown cell culture taken from the thymus of a single healthy cow 10 years ago.

IMMAX Natural Immune intelligence. Contains immune modulating peptides and peptones from bovine sources that are processed at temperatures of 750 degrees F. rendering this product completely sterile.

4-Life Products: Transfer Factor Plus is packaged in pharmaceutical grade gelatin capsules. I had concerns about the Thymus extract in the formula. Dr. Bill Hennan, who developed the product, told me that the Thymus comes from young calves grown in the US only and that it is boiled in an acid. In the highly unlikely event that a thymus gland was contaminated, the boiling and the acid would destroy both the prions and any infectious agents. 4-Life also makes a plain transfer factor without the thymus added.

Very Safe Choice combinations for immune enhancement:

BioPro Thymic Protein A, plain Transfer Factor from 4-Life Products or IMMAX, Beta Glucan, IP6, shiitake and/or maitake extract.

Foods: Try organic butter, yogurt, cheese and ice cream from your local health food store. Of course, there are also lots of soy-based products on the market.

Note: Due to space limitations, the follow-up report on Free Energy News will occur next month in the next issue of Positive Health News, Report No 22. There will be no issue of Progressive Health News in April. I am planning and researching an article on new treatments for persons with multiple food allergies and chemical sensitivities for the next Positive Health News (#22)

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Progressive Health News

MONOLAURIN - low cost, non toxic anti-microbial

Free Energy News - Reduce your heating/cooling costs by 50%

VOL. 4, NO 2 February 1, 2001

MONOLAURIN Readers report effects against various lipid viruses (HIV, HHV-6, CMV, EBV, Herpes).

Mark Konlee

Australia, Sydney: A reader, Mark C, who used Monolaurin, a modified form of lauric acid found in coconut oil, for the past 3 months reported a drop in HIV viral load form 40,000 to 7,000. Monolaurin is sold by Ecological Formulas and is a patented product. It is sold in some health food stores and no prescription is required.

The reader also used a local botanical formula with 47 herbs in it. As both were used at the same time and were new additions to his protocol, it is an open question whether this significant drop in the viral load can be attributed solely to the Monolaurin. He reported he used 3 capsules 2 or 3 times daily. He did not use any prescription drugs for HIV.

Another reader reported that Monolaurin got rid of his cold sores and herpes lesions. Christina White B.A, in the latest issue of New Horizons, dedicates this special issue to Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She reports that people with HHV-6 infection are getting benefits from the use of Monolaurin. She also reports that in the central nervous system, that in one study, 73% of MS patients were infected with HHV-6.

Monolaurin has been around for over 20 years. It is a low-cost antiviral and antimicrobial and there are over a dozen patents on it filed by various researchers like Kabara, Peterson, as well as corporations like Proctor and Gamble. Published research in a laboratory setting has found Monolaurin effective against lipid-enveloped viruses like HIV, HHV-6, CMV, EBV, herpes and others. Other scientific studies indicates its effects against viruses that also includes influenza, helicobacter pylori, rhinoviruses, staphylococcus, strep, listeria, chlamydia, enterococcus and dental plaque (1, 2, 3,4, 6, 7)

In laboratory studies, two studies reported that a highly effective dose was 5 micrograms per ml while another study stated that 10 micrograms per ml was in inhibitory dose. Wicker KJ et al report that at a concentration higher than 5 micrograms per ml, Monolaurin inhibited T cell proliferation and at concentrations of 0.1 micrograms/ml optimally induced proliferation of T cells (5). At higher concentrations, Monolaurin did not inhibit B cell proliferation.

Monolaurin has also been found in alcohol extracts of Saw Palmetto, a herb that is widely used for prostate infections and inflammations.

Ref: 1. J. Food Prot 2000 Nov;63(11):1503-10

2. J Med Microbiol 2000 Aug; 49(8):719-23

3. J Bacteriol 2000 May;182(9):2668-71

4. J Food Prot 1996 Mar;59(3):249-52

5. Modulation of immune cell proliferation by glycerol monolaurate, Wicker et al, Clin Diagn Lab Immunol 1996, Jan;3(1):10-3

6. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 1998 Sep;42(9):2290-4

7. J Bacteriol 1998 Jan;180(1):182-5

What is the difference between Monolaurin and Coconut oil?

The difference is that while coconut oil will act against some viruses through components like lauric acid and capric acid, Monolaurin is a modified form of lauric acid with glycerol that is significantly more effective as an anti-viral agent. With coconut oil, some persons with HIV who have used up to 3 tablespoon daily had significant drops in viral loads, while others reported it had no effect at all. Could glycerol be the missing component? In an attempt to find out how lauric acid is modified, I reviewed a number of patents on Monolaurin on file at the US patent office. A reading of patents gives some insights into how the product is made and the rationale for making it but not detailed information on how to make it yourself.

What I found is that various glycerol compounds and even some sugars like sucrose and fructose formed bonds with the lauric acid that modified it in a way to make it more antimicrobial and anti-viral. In patent no 4,002,775, John Kabara wrote on January 11, 1977 the following:

“In the preferred embodiment, the fatty acid is the saturated straight-chain twelve-carbon atom, lauric acid, and the polyol is glycerol. This combination exhibits activity at a level surprisingly higher than the general activity of the present esters.”

What is Glycerol?

Glycerol is Glycerin, a fatty substance that naturally exists in our body’s fat cells. Glycerin is a natural component of olive oil. Pure glycerin is sold over the counter in health food stores and in pharmacies. Does this mean that I can mix olive oil or glycerin with coconut oil and get Monolaurin?

That is a good 64 dollar question. Will mixing alone create the bond or does heat have to be applied or some other process? One idea is simply to mix pure vegetable glycerin with coconut oil, such as 2 part coconut oil and one part glycerin. However, until this mixture is tested at various dosage levels for its antimicrobial effects, we won’t know how it compares to the product “Monolaurin” for effectiveness. We still don’t know what is the optimal dosage level for using Monolaurin in treating HIV, HHV-6, CMV, EBV and other viruses. I think that possibly an effective dosage range is from 9 to 12 capsules daily for adults, but until it is tested as a monotherapy by several persons who obtain before and after lab results, we won’t know for sure.

Before we try to make up our own Monolaurin in a kitchen sink, we should use what is already manufactured under existing patents and with a demonstrated record for effectiveness. If we can prove the efficacy of Monolaurin against HIV and other lipid enveloped viruses, we can then attempt to make a lower-cost kitchen sink version for people financially strapped here and abroad.

Volunteers needed to test Monolaurin

Who should volunteer?

For HIV, anyone who is on a structured interruption protocol using drug cocktails and is in the off mode, that is, currently not using the drugs and planning to resume their use. In this off period, viral rebound is expected in most cases. If the use of Monolaurin can suppress the viral rebound as shown by PCR or other tests, it will be a positive development. Other persons who have a viral load who have never used prescription drugs for HIV/AIDS. The 3rd group are those using drugs who are on failing regimens and are seeing consistent increases in their viral loads. This group could try either Monolaurin (3 or 4 capsules 3 times a day) or Transfer Factor Plus (2 to 4 capsules per day). Until we obtain more volunteers and lab data, we are in no position to draw any conclusions.

Other persons who may benefit from Monolaurin are those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), HHV-6, variant A or B and CMV. Note: if CMV Retinitis is present, check with your physician for using it along with prescribed treatments. There are no known adverse effects from using Monolaurin even in high doses.

Note: Monolaurin (Ecological Formulas) costs about $17 per 90 capsules. Also, each Monolaurin capsule contains 100 mg of calcium so additional calcium supplement may not be needed if 9 to 12 capsules are used daily. At 9 capsules per day, 3 bottles will last 30 days. At 12 capsules per day, it will take 4 bottles for a month’s supply.

In CFIDS, Monolaurin, plus Transfer Factor Plus and the fiber/pectin/probiotic blend may be a promising treatment combination worth trying.

Persons who try Monolaurin are asked to let us know and update us with your results. You can fax them to me at 414-329-0653 or send an email to or write to Keep Hope Alive, PO Box 270041, West Allis, WI 53227. Be sure to include your phone number.

Multiple Sclerosis

The Winter 2000 and Spring 2001 issue of “New Horizons” published by Christina White B.A. is a 24 page report on several treatments for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This report has several extensive articles on treatments for MS including the use of injectable B1 and liver extract, pathogens involved including HHV-6, low-dose Naltrexone, Calcium EAP, essential fatty acids, Histamine treatment, DHEA, Methyl B12, Progesterone, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin B3 as Niacinamide, NADH and vitamin D. Christine White, who is also a member of Keep Hope Alives’ Medical Advisory Board, reports that HHV-6 infection has been found in the CNS tissues of 73% of a group of MS patients. In addition, 100% of MS patients in this study has antibodies to Epstein Barr Virus and 64% had Chlamydia pneumonia exposure. Testing for HHV-6 is available by calling ViraCor at 800-305-5198.

This 24 page report is the most extensive and concentrated research report on Multiple Sclerosis that I have ever come across. Anyone with MS would do themselves a service by obtaining a copy. Write to Brewer Science Library, 325 N Central Ave, Richland Center, WI 53581. Include $5.00 for the report on MS plus $1 for shipping ($6.00 total). website: Ph no. 608-647-6513.

Government Website for persons with disabilities

The US government has expanded its website to help person with disabilities. A new Employer’s Resource and Media Resource section has been added to offers extensive information and local and national resources on employment opportunities, housing, health, education, recreation and transportation. The new website addition will help job seekers with disabilities and employers meet. Also, the Presidential Task Force on Disabilities can be reached at 202-693-4939 TTY:202-693-4920. Additionally, US Labor Dept. releases are found at Another source of help is

DNCB and Transfer Factor Plus

Topical weekly application of DNCB (DiNitroChloroBenzene) have been used for years to stimulate Type 4 Delayed Hypersensitivity Reactions. DNCB is an immune modulator that stimulates antigen presentation and cell mediated immunity. The type 4 reaction (Delayed Type Hypersensitivity) induces the CD8 cytotoxic lymphocytes to destroy virus-infected cells. One reader with CFIDS tried to sensitize herself with the 10% application of DNCB but got no reaction to the 10% and the 2% solution she applied 2 weeks later. She then started taking Transfer Factor Plus (4-Life Products) at the rate of 4 capsules 3 times a day. After one week, all her DNCB patches reacted like a 4th of July fireworks.

She now has 2 very itchy patches but is very happy with the results. For some time, we have known that transfer factor can stimulate strong DNCB reactions. I advised her to lay off the transfer factor for now and continue the weekly DNCB treatments until the original reactions have subsided. No one should attempt to use DNCB without first reading the material in my book on How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction. Note: The only current source I know of for obtaining DNCB is through Dr. Stricker at 415-283-1911 or at Note: ACT-UP SF & Healing Alternatives Fdn no longer sell DNCB.

Reader with FibroMyalgia (FM) obtains relief by increasing Serotonin levels.

Mary Jones who had FM reports she found 3 books at on Serotonin. She reportedly talked to a health care professional who told her that FM is caused by a deficiency of the hormone serotonin. She reports that 5HTP increases serotonin levels or eating a meal of exclusive carbohydrates without any added fat (butter) or any protein also increases serotonin levels.

Note: Aerobic exercise can also increase serotonin levels along with dopamine and endorphin levels. Weight lifting does not have this effect and worse, may increase cortisol levels. Total body exercise that induces sweating is aerobic and involves motion of both hands and feet. Other aerobic activities are dancing, playing basketball, ping pong and tennis.

Fasting on Bread and Water

Carbohydrates and serotonin: A meal of strictly carbohydrates sounds to me like a fast of bread and water, something the saints and the Virgin Mary throughout the ages have asked Christians to do one day per week. I have long wondered if a fast for one day per week on whole grain bread and water might have physical benefits along with the spiritual ones.

In August, 2000, a national televised report showed Pope John Paul II meeting Sister Lucy of Fatima in Portugal. Sister Lucy was 11 years old in 1917 when she was visited by the Virgin Mary along with her sister Jacinta and brother Francisco. In the year 2000, she was 94 years old. One thing that struck me in the televised coverage was Sister Lucy’s youthful appearance as she greeted the Pope. At 94 yrs old, her face had no lines in it. She walked tall and straight. She smiled gently. She looked like a middle aged women in their late 40’s and wore no glasses. Has she been fasting on bread and water? In 1917, the Virgin Mary asked the seers of Fatima and the world to fast (on bread and water) and to pray. Are we missing something?

Allen Graves has developed a self-treatment protocol for HIV based on the Marc Correa protocol and information derived from Keep Hope Alive and other sources. He relies heavily on the use of a garlic and vinegar mixture. He reports that his viral load has declined from 55,000 to 14,454 and that this was accomplished without antiviral prescription drugs. His website protocol is about 20 pages and is best accessed with Internet Explorer. email:

Free Energy News

Conrad LeBeau (West Allis) (Report No 1, Feb., 2001)

With a cold winter and natural gas prices doubling in most parts of the nation and rolling blackouts in California, what is now a national energy crisis is rapidly becoming a financial crisis as well. When people cannot afford to stay warm in winter and cool in summer, it adversely affects their health and peace of mind. Free Energy News will appear from time to time as part of this newsletter, but not on a regular monthly basis.

Living in a ranch style block house I bought here 4 years ago, I added 12 inches of fiber glass insulation in the attic about 2 years ago. As I watched my gas bills more than double this winter reaching $291 in January, I decided I needed to add insulation to my walls. I looked at my gas bills for last year and watched the price of natural gas climb from 67 cents a Therm in May to $1.14 in early Jan., 2001. I was told the prices in February would go even higher.

Calling an insulation contractor, he told me that because I had a block house and there was some original insulation in the walls, he could not, as a practical matter, add more. He offered me no new energy saving ideas.

Digital Programmable Thermostats

Honeywell Model 3200

Digital programmable thermostats can save you from 10 to 25% annually on your heating and air conditioning costs. I found one at Menards. There are several different models, 2800 - the economy model, and 3200 and 3400. I chose the 3200 model. It is designed for both heat and AC. There are two groups of programs built into the thermostat. One is for Monday through Friday and the other is for Saturday and Sunday. In the Mon through Fri program, there are 4 daily time period to set the desired temperature. They are wake, leave, return and sleep. The settings control all five days simultaneously. You need to set the temperature you desire for each time period. The daily cycle for each program is from 12 am to midnight. Separate setting are required for the Sat/Sun program. There is also a manual over-ride for temp. settings that runs until the next time period.

Ideally, you set the temperature to a comfortable setting (i.e. 68°F while you are at home and awake) and lower while you sleep (i.e. 64°F). Your biggest savings occurs during the day while you are gone to work. You can set the thermostat for 56°F and set it to warm the house up 30 minutes before you get home. The digital thermostat has kept the house within one degree of the thermostat setting. The old thermostat had too wide a cycle range - over 4 degrees - causing the room to feel either too cold or too hot. This wide cycle range wasted a lot of energy causing the furnace room to overheat when the thermostat called for heat.

“Time of Use” Electricity

Around the middle of January, I called Wisconsin Electric and had a time of use meter installed Jan. 17th which gives me cheap electricity for 12 hours a day (7pm to 7 am) and all weekend, but more costly for 12 hrs daily Mon through Fri (7am to 7pm). On the 7pm to 7am period, I use an electric heater in each room with a programmable timer to turn it on when it is cost effective and off when it is not. The electricity costs only 2.5 cents per kW at night and weekends or half the cost of the natural gas for the same amount of heat. During the day when electricity costs 14 cents a kW, the digital thermostat turns on the gas heat which is cheaper to use. I have estimated that this combination heating system (gas during the day and electric heat at night and on weekends) will cut the heating cost about 50%.

Insulation - If you could just paint it on

Well, you can!

As I estimated the cost of natural gas, I anticipated my gas bill by February 15th could reach close to $400 a month. I said to a friend: “Why hasn’t someone invented an insulating paint that you can paint on your walls and insulate it at the same time?” He said; “never heard of such a thing.” I called several local building and heating suppliers and hardware stores and no one heard of any such product. “You’r dreaming,” said one salesman.

In January, I did an internet search using the word “insulation” and made a surprising discovery. Two websites offered an insulating paint with microporous ceramic particles and one offered the powdered ceramic particles that could be added to any kind of paint and applied on walls, pipes, inside or outside the house. The product is called “insuladd.” I printed out about 20 pages of information from this website located at (Ph No 888-748-5233).

This product has been out for several years and is the outgrowth of the Space Shuttle program. NASA found that ceramic tiles had tremendous insulation value during re-entry of the space module. Two coats of paint with insuladd added have a conduction R value or 5 and a radiation R value of 20. This is a better overall R value than 2 inches of Styrofoam. The R value measures the insulation value for resisting heat transfer, the higher the R value, the better is the insulation material.

Not including the paint, I calculated the cost at 4 cents a sq. ft for applying insuladd. An insulation product with a comparable R value at a local hardware store cost 40 cents a sq. ft. It costs about $8.00 to treat a gallon of paint with insuladd (covers 200 sq. ft). For indoors, you need only paint the ceilings and the outside walls. Manufacturer reports a 40% savings in heating and cooling costs. This weekend, Feb. 3rd, I am painting my home with Insuladd. I will let you know the results I obtain next month.

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Progressive Health News

Bridging the gap between man and God

A Self-Help Guide for the chronically immune challenged

VOL. 4, NO 1 January 1, 2001

“what has been, what is, and what is to be”

Like the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the past, present and future merge into one. It is only in the present, this living moment of our consciousness that give us joy or pain, love or anger, despair or hope. Our mind and heart, our thoughts, our self-image and feelings are intricately related to our physical and emotional well-being. While anger can be as destructive as a raging river, forgiveness can be as cleansing and healing as bathing in a waterfalls on a warm sun-lit day.
In this new year, let us fast and let us pray to release the negative influences of the past (anger, grudges, the quest for power and wealth, addictions and compulsions) and enhance our consciousness for a higher purpose and spiritual awareness. Let us prepare for the coming rainbow - a sign from above - of forgiveness, peace, love, and healing for all. Mark Konlee

The foundation for rebuilding health

Had we existed before we existed we might have chosen parents with a genetic code that would have given us immunity from all disease. Not having the privilege of pre-existence and the choice of a new body, we are like carpenters seeking to remodel an existing home - a home for our soul and consciousness. In seeking answers to our individual needs of health and daily concerns, we need to be aware that all our concerns and consciousness are part of the larger consciousness of a greater and invisible force in the universe known to native Americans as “the Great Spirit” and by other names to other believers. Irrespective of what we call “God,” the direct connection of our mind to our Creator’s mind is never interrupted by flood or storms, electrical power failures, failure of personal health, fortune or misfortune. There is no monthly bill to pay for this direct connection to our Creator. The connection is free if our mind and heart “desire to connect.”

Our conscious relationship with our Creator is part of the foundation for building and rebuilding health as this is the prime source of all knowledge and wisdom for healing the body, the heart and the soul. A common mistake persons with chronic illness make is to fail to ask God for direction in making treatment choices or in finding a health care professional who will make safe and effective treatment choices. An even greater error is ingratitude - when healed, to forget to return and give “Thanks.”

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” John Kennedy (1960 Inaugural address)

Our relationship with God is much like our relationship to our political leaders - we come to them with “needs.” While politicians often seek to out promise each other to satisfy our “needs” in order to obtain our votes, there is only one God, not running for this position in competition with other “gods.”

John Kennedy’s message in his 1960 inaugural that I heard on live television was more spiritual than political: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Kennedy inspired a new generation of Americans and founded the “Peace Corps” a living community for people to serve other people both at home and abroad. Like the new relationship Kennedy sought to inspire with our country, is it not time that we should seek a new relationship with God by asking daily this simple question: “God, what can I do for you?”

The relationship God desires from each of us is like that of children to their parents. While children need to be obedient to their parents, it is the love of a child for his parents and the appreciation that is shown that is most endearing to the parents - so it is for God. For a Christian, the simple words of “Thank you, Jesus” said daily for all the good things that have happened in our life and when said sincerely are like a prayer with wings carried on to the most high. We all have needs and should, when necessary, ask for them, but it is appreciation that most of all we too often forget to give from our hearts to our Creator.

Daily prayers and words that can transform our lives

Before eating: “Bless this God (Jesus, Lord, Great Spirit, Yahweh, Mohammed) and these they gifts which we are about to receive from thy bounty, through (Christ our Lord), Amen”

Before drinking a glass of water or beverage: “Thank you, (Jesus)” Our words transform the water into a crystalline structure for our cells to drink.

When in pain:“I offer this pain to you, (Jesus) in reparation for the pain you feel for the offenses and ingratitude of all your children.”

When fatigued: “I offer this fatigue for the weakness you felt when you carried your cross for the love of all of us in reparation for our offenses against you.”

Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other religion, the one God hears all words (prayers) that we offer him.

Both pain and fatigue can be released from the body through these simple words of offering. This is not some gimmick. The release comes when the offering is made sincerely and not as some test of our Deity. When a miracle happens in our lives, let us “Give thanks and remember,” for we are all of God’s children (and that includes all adults and senior citizens as well).

Requests for our “needs” can also be directed to those angelic spirits (intervenors - St Joseph, the Virgin Mary and the Saints) who are close to God. When these requests are answered, however small, ask the angelic spirit who intervened for you to thank God for responding to your request. For the non-believers, the next time you lose something, ask St Anthony to help you find it and when it is found, remember to express words of appreciation. When this happens to you several times, you will find yourself becoming less of a non-believer. God and the angelic spirits that surround him have chosen to be invisible to us for most of our lives so as not to interfere with our privacy and free will. Spirits are like the wind. We cannot see the wind but we can see and experience its effects. The path that opens before us

For those who are chronically ill, ask one of the angelic spirits each day to intervene for you to give you direction to help you recover from whatever chronic ailment affects you. Then, prepare for a miracle - like Noah waiting for the great flood to end - a path will open before you - a rainbow will follow.
+ + +

A Self-Help Guide for the immune-compromised

Several times each week, people call me from across the country affected by various chronic conditions like constant fatigue, multiple allergies, chemical sensitivity, HIV, cancer, hepatitis and Lyme disease and ask for help on what to do.

Often there are basic problem areas that need addressing before real progress can be made. These are basic areas of the body that if not in proper balance undermine most efforts at recovery of the immune system. These include:

1. Gastrointestinal health

a. Good intestinal flora

b. Stools -floaters and not sinkers.

c. Stool diameter - large or small and narrow - large diameter is normal - small indicates intestinal inflammation.

d. Yellow urine that is also clear.

e. One or two bowel movements daily

f. Digestion - is all food digested or are raw vegetables found in the stools?

g. Good appetite or poor appetite

2. Acid/alkaline balance - saliva and urine pH. pH controls the activity of enzymes throughout the body. Normal saliva pH between meals is 6.4. If it is too high (alkaline), you are going to have problems digesting proteins and are likely to have allergies. If too low, below 6.4, you are likely to have upper respiratory problems and a toxic liver.

3. Body Temperature - normal 98.6. Low body temperature is associated with Anergy and a non-responsive immune system. Are your hands and feet cold?

4. Stress reduction - do you get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested or is your sleep interrupted?

5. Exercise - do you get enough?

6. Dietary Supplements - are you getting too little or too much?

7. Skin - soft and smooth or dry and aging in appearance?

8. Water - do you drink enough and what kind do you drink?

9. Faith - Do you believe in a Supreme Being? Do you ask for his help in guiding you in the right direction daily? Do you thank him when your life goes smoothly?

10. Diet - Do you eat processed foods with preservatives added, prepared at very high temperatures or living foods?

This gives you a general guideline for self-evaluation, but more specifics are needed. Having friendly intestinal flora is not an option just for a healthy gastrointestinal tract but for a healthy immune system as well. Why observing the quality of stools is so important is that when the stools are not healthy in appearance, neither will be the patient. Obtaining healthy stools is a pre-requisite for recovery from most of the illnesses of civilization. Briefly, when you have unhealthy stools and bad flora in the gut, you will have an excess of ammonia produced by those unfriendly flora and this will throw your saliva and urine pH out of balance and along with it hundreds of vital enzymes throughout the body - enzymes that not only control digestion but help in the production of energy in the body and the removal of waste matter and toxins. Toxemia (self-poisoning) is the result of having an intestinal tract loaded with e-coli, candida, parasites and other pathogens.

There is more. You need friendly flora to produce short chain fatty acids like lactic, acetic, butyric and others that create an internal environment hostile to the flora that cause illness and you need these same friendly flora (acidophilus and bifidobacteria) to produce these short chain fatty acids to stimulate the growth of mucus membranes throughout the intestinal tract and mucin, the intestinal lubricant. You need healthy mucus membranes as much as you need healthy skin. The mucus membranes of the gastrointestinal tract (GI) tract are critical to prevent leaky gut syndrome, acid reflux syndrome, ulcers, allergies, etc. You can’t have mucosal immunity without healthy mucus membranes. When the intestinal tract has insufficient mucus membranes, it leads to absorption of foreign proteins (byproducts of digestion) and to a TH2 cytokine immune response (IL-6 and IL-10). The resulting overload of toxins absorbed from the intestines overstimulates your humoral immunity and weakens your cell mediated immunity.

Failure to have an adequate amount of butyric and acetic acid in the colon impairs the absorption of calcium, magnesium and dozens of trace minerals leading to endocrine and hormonal imbalances, conditions like insomnia, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and many other imbalances. Bifido bacteria and the short chain fatty acids are virtually non-existent in all persons with AIDS, cancer, lyme, hepatitis, multiple allergies and chemical sensitivities and chronic fatigue syndrome. Because the short chain fatty acids are not in the stools is why they sink. Taking yet another multiple vitamin and mineral supplement is not the answer. Most of the fiber supplements and friendly flora supplements on the market are helpful but the best formula we have discovered is the fiber, pectin and probiotic blends like 841, 84211 and other variations. (See July - 2000 report)

Diet must be free from a daily intake of antibiotics, food preservatives, colloidal silver and all antimicrobials that kill off the good bacteria. Eating yogurt alone is helpful except there is no bifido bacteria in yogurt and the bifido bacteria like B Longum and Bifidum that reside in the colon are just as important as the acidophilus that resides primarily in the small intestines. Kefir and butter milk are actually healthier for your colon than yogurt. If yogurt were more sour and less like a sweet pudding, it would be more beneficial.

Some raw vegetables and fruits should be consumed with each meal to provide live active plant enzymes to help the digestive process. Consider parsley or raw ripe pineapple. Honey is a healthy food and a good infection fighter but to be effective, it must be eaten raw, not added to hot foods or used in cooking. Cooked foods that are easiest to digest are cooked at a low temperature, simmered or cooked at the low setting in a crock pot or slow cooker.

Urine should have a clear, yet yellow color at least once a day, although if you drink a lot of water, it will be lighter in color. Friendly flora produce B vitamins that turn your urine yellow. For those of you who are not completely sugar intolerant, a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses in a cup of hot water is a rich source of calcium and over 60 trace minerals. Moreover, these minerals are ionized, that is, completely dissolved in water and completely absorbable, better than most of the calcium supplements on the market. Saliva pH below 6.4 can also be an indication of a calcium deficiency. Without ionized calcium, nutrient delivery across the cell membranes is impaired and fatigue and toxemia result. A small amount of coral calcium powder dissolved in water is a great source of ionized calcium and trace minerals. This is far better than the colloidal mineral supplements on the market that most often have too many toxic metals (lead, mercury) in them. Pectin, especially in the fiber/probiotic blend removes heavy metals from the body and is a great detoxifier.

Insomnia is related to toxemia, colon toxicity, calcium malabsorption and stress. Insomnia leads to higher IL-6 (Interluken 6) levels that throws your immune system to the humoral or TH2 side. Exercise - take a walk for half an hour before bedtime, eat some cottage cheese, a natural source of calcium lactate or take 3 to 5 calcium lactate capsules before bedtime and this will help you sleep better. Hops or chamomile tea may be helpful also but avoid adding any sugar. Sun tanning indoors in a salon for 15 minutes twice a week will help and take one or two teaspoons of natural Cod Liver Oil (not emulsified) daily will help also as will the whole lemon/olive oil drink.

Glutathione levels: Cold processed whey proteins like ImmunePro or Immunocal are very helpful as are winter squash and avocados for increasing glutathione levels. Silymarin, alpha lipoic acid, and brewer’s yeast as a source of selenium are also very helpful is supporting glutathione levels. Co-enzyme Q10 found in broccoli, kale and other dark green vegetables help with energy production. Natural vitamin C from beets, rose hips and acerola cherries is more beneficial than corn derived or manufactured Vitamin C. Avoid high potency vitamin and mineral supplements sold in drug stores and even in health food stores. Get your vitamins from whole natural sources and not in such high doses. A few exceptions - vitamin E - up to 400 i.u daily is beneficial for heart and circulatory problems, Methyl B12 and folic acid are very beneficial and help reduce homocysteine levels.

Note: Beet derived vitamin C is available from Nutricology. One reader said that while regular vitamin C upset his stomach and he did not notice any benefits, he got rid of all his infections as soon as he started taking beet derived vitamin C (about 1000 mg daily).

Specific supplements that can help

Lyme disease: try a herbal product called Spiro Kete (Kroeger Herb Co, also Venus fly-trap extract, fiber/pectin/probiotic blend and Transfer Factor Plus.

Candidiasis: Coconut oil, raw garlic, caprystatin, Ojibwa tea, sugar free diet, Perfect Stool Formula or make your own fiber/pectin/probiotic blend and Transfer Factor Plus.

Cancer - any treatment prescribed by your physician along with a good diet, lemon/olive oil drink, fiber/pectin/probiotic blend and Transfer Factor Plus. Note: if you choose chemotherapy, do not take vitamin C and other antioxidants as they will neutralize the oxidative effects of the chemotherapy that are needed to kill the cancer cells. Drink freshly prepared vegetable juices instead and fresh flax oil/cottage cheese combination once daily.

Hepatitis - Transfer Factor Plus, fiber/pectin/probiotic blend, parsley, lemon/olive oil drink, castor oil packs over liver area, silymarin, IMMAX (Natural Immune Intelligence). Avoid pork and beef.

HIV/AIDS - take 2 or 3 prescription antivirals along with fiber/pectin/probiotic blend and 2 Transfer Factor Plus caps daily.

Parasite Cleanse - Almost everyone would benefit from doing this for 3 days per month. There is no need for most people to do a parasite cleanse every day especially if you have floating stools. Parasites like an alkaline colon, not an acidic colon teaming with friendly bifido bacteria. To do a 3 day cleanse, take 3 black walnut capsules or 3 Wormwood Combination capsules (Kroeger Herb Co) 3 times a day before or with meals plus 3 castor oil capsules just before bedtime. Repeat this 3 day regimen once a month before, during and after the full moon. The full moon is the time of the month when most parasites replicate.

Coral Calcium Update

In Dec., 2000, I reported on two sources of coral calcium, Body Systems Technology and House of Gold. Unfortunately, Body Systems Technology is too slow in filling their orders. After waiting 6 weeks, I canceled my order with them. House of Gold (Starfire Int’L) uses a product made in Japan that has metallic silver added. Silver in solution will kill off both the friendly as well as the unfriendly bacteria. Colloidal silver or variations of silver solutions should not be consumed daily any more than antibiotics or food preservatives. These non-specific antimicrobials kill off the friendly flora.

A better source is Natural Health Link ( They sell a pure coral calcium powder called “Coral Legend” with nothing added. A 2 oz bottle costs about $20. Add 1/8th teaspoon to a gallon of reverse osmosis or distilled water or add 1 level teaspoon to a batch of fiber/pectin/probiotic blend (i.e. Formula 841, 84211 or Perfect Stool Formula). The coral calcium is high in magnesium and has a full range of trace minerals. It improves stool quality by increasing mucin (intestinal mucus) production. This should help protect the mucus membranes and should lessen constipation. Published claims for many health benefits from coral calcium can be found on the internet. Coral calcium may be one of the most effective mineral supplement currently available.

Blackstrap molasses is another great source of ionized calcium and trace minerals except some persons will need to avoid molasses because of its sugar content.

Transfer Factor Plus with Zerit & Epivir reduce viral load from 15000 to 50

Chicago, IL: Jim H. Last month I reported that Jim H from Chicago who has been using Zerit (D4T) and Epivir (3TC) for the past 5 years had been failing his protocol during the year 2000 with each test showing an increase in viral load going from non-detectable to 17,000. It is amazing that these 2 drugs alone, without ever using protease inhibitors, worked this well for so long. Jim gives some credit to Naltrexone that he used once daily for several years along with the 2 drugs and a herbal formula called “Composition A” that he stopped using about 2 years ago when he could no longer afford it.

Last fall, he took 2 Transfer Factor Plus capsules for just 5 days before a lab test and noticed a very slight drop in viral load form 17,000 to 15,000. In December, he started using the TF+ daily - just 2 capsules and had blood drawn on December 23rd. When his latest lab results arrived, he called me to report that his viral load had dropped to 50. “I am delighted,” he said.

Then he added that another unexpected result is that both his cholesterol and triglyceride levels returned to normal as well. His triglycerides dropped form 300 to 180. I asked him what his doctor had to say about his latest labs: [He replied “it’s a miracle.”]

Note: This is the 3rd case where a small dose of just 2 capsules of TF+ along with a drug cocktail has either decreased the viral load or increased the CD4 counts in persons HIV+. I am hopeful that this kind of good news continues.

Also, last month, I mentioned Yamoa Powder for persons with asthma and allergies. One reader with chronic asthma called to tell me that she had not been able to breathe this easy for several years. Yamoa is imported from Ghana by Michelle Kalivek. For more inf., call 303-322-7930.

A reader using IMMAX - a sublingual transfer factor - 3 tablets daily said that a soreness in her intestines and head disappeared after using the product for just 5 days. She suffers from candidiasis and multiple allergies. IMMAX-Natural Immune Intelligence 734-675-2224.

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